it took me too much time t.t

Does anyone notice that the background song says “I won’t ever say goodbye” right on this scene:

And when Davie asks America to go home to his mother and father, America’s just like:

And then when England returns, America’s just like, “What took you so long? Why you always leave me alone for such a long time?”

And England’s just like:

“I’m sorry. Here’s the flowers you’ve asked for.”




I love Italy but this is just too much T.T

anonymous asked:

hello! i was wondering if you've watched the first ep of haikyuu season 2 yet and what you thought of it // how do you feel about more ushi and oikawa may or may not be what i am asking ahah you're my fav artist for them. actually you're my fav artist for all the shows you've drawn for tbh ily (and ur ocs!!)

THANK YOU SO MUCH T.T to be honest i wasn’t sure if i was even going to watch s2 bc im very preoccupied w literally everything else int he world LMFAO but your kind msg really motivated me to watch it!!!! SO SORRY FOR REPLYING SO LATE I JUST WATCHED THE FIRST 2 EPS TODAY *screaming wildly at ushiwakas face* in the back of my mind wishing maybe the hot way ushiwaka says oikawas name and praises him will make ppl want ushioi— /SLAPPED

i really too so many screen shot i couldnt stop myself so it took a long time to watch lOOOL  lOOK AT HOW MANY TIMES THEY APPEAR TOGETHER!!!! GYAAAAAAA