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Harsh Words Pt. 3

Requested By: Some people and I just wanted to make a part three oops

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You and Peter had finally resolved things, only for you to be taken away too soon, leaving Peter distraught, not knowing if you’d come back to him or not.

Warnings: Just a big rollercoaster of emotions, swearing, and it’s a real tear jerker, I legit cried while writing it, I’m sO sorry omg..

Also, I listened to this song while writing it, so if you’d like to listen to it while reading, you may.

Word Count: 5,107 (my longest imagine ever written so far..)


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A/N: WOWOWOWOW okay so, it means so much to me that everyone enjoyed this little series so much??? Like I never thought it’d get this huge and it has and I just feel so warm and bubbly asdlkfjfh. I’m so thankful for all of you that read it and commented and just overall enjoyed it so much! You are the amazing and I just love you so much. :)))))) Thank you for going on this emotional rollercoaster with me, and I hope you enjoy Harsh Words Pt. 3. this is also the last part, enjoy.

Part two

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Sirens engulfed New York, the sound blaring through Peter’s ears, the only thing he heard that night, before the lights of the police cars and fire and rescue crew arrived to the scene, Peter screamed out your name in frustration and sadness, it coming out in strangled sobs, his face flushed red in panic trying to find you.

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