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one time it took both me and my co worker a collective hour to explain to an old white couple how prepaid phones work.

My husband knows that feel with computers. He used to do it professionally with a small business but when it went under the customers continue to call him so I guess he’s technically freelance now. All of them are old as balls. Whenever he goes to help them, often with something he’s already explained, it takes him two or three hours. They pay him a lot, though. Some even make him cookies or candy for our kids. So it’s a good trade off. I’m sure its not the same in your situation though. Big box stores and all. :( -Abby

26/02/17 || I’ve been taking a well deserved break, I’ve been studying non stop for the lost three months and I can’t even remember the last break I took, so I’m enjoying these few days off that I got. The second semester starts tomorrow and I have a crazy day ahead of me, not more than four hours of lessons but too many hours of break in between, but as always I’m gonna do it 💪🏼. Today I’m reading a book just because I wanted to (I love reading so much and I missed reading books that aren’t uni related, definitely need to do that more this year) and I’m working on a new blog post for next week.

Soulmate AU Story Ideas

Because I am complete trash for Soulmate AUs, I decided to try and make a post about them. Hope you guys like it! ♥

✖ Soulmate AUs involving measurement

[ Time // Countdown ]

  • Where for whatever reason, your clock is stuck/frozen/it’s not counting down anymore but it hasn’t reached 00:00:00:00 yet and you’re freaking out because this hasn’t happened to anyone before.
  • Reverse one where the clock starts at 00:00:00:00 from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate, so it’s like a reminder that “It took me 19 years, 11 months, 20 hours, and 13 seconds to meet you, you fuck, and you do it by spilling coffee on me, thanks, now my laptop’s broken—what, you’re buying me a new one? Okay.”
  • Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left (for angst maybe).
  • Alternate version of above where your clock is a countdown of how long you and your soulmate have left to find each other or else you both will die because the universe is sadistic af—and if you find your soulmate you get to live longer.
  • Another alternate version of above where you and your soulmate’s clocks have each other’s life spans on it but you can give your time to your soulmate if you want to so they can live longer. Again, because the universe is sadistic af.
  • The soulmate clock is actually something breakable and you accidentally break yours or vice versa.
  • Alternate version of above where someone purposely breaks their soulmate clock so they can be with someone they fell in love with that isn’t their soulmate/they are strongly opposed to the whole soulmate idea and want to defy the system.
  • Your clock is counting down too fast (as opposed to everyone else’s) and you have no idea what’s going on anymore.
  • It’s been a busy week and after finally having some time to yourself, you just happened to look at your soulmate clock and see that it’s already at 00:00:00:00 and you don’t know when that happened because you don’t religiously check your clock either.
  • Your soulmate clock is actually telling you what time it is where your soulmate is currently at (could include AM/PM/time zones or not, for example 3:46:31 MDT).
  • I already wrote something similar to this but a countdown au where your soulmate has died and you two still happen to meet each other (one is a ghost, one is alive) and the other finds peace after the meeting.

[ Distance ]

  • Where you actually have a compass instead of a clock, and it leads you to where your soulmate should be.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving colors

[ Eyes ]

  • Reverse colors AU where you can see in color but once you meet/marry your soulmate your world turns black and white, this is how people can tell that married couples really love each other because they’re willing to give up a world of colors for their soulmate. If your soulmate dies you get to see color again.
  • Between you and your soulmate, only one of you can see other colors and the other sees black and white. Like you can see all the other colors except black/white/grays, and the other one can only see in black/white/grays. If you two meet, you’ll get to see all the colors.
  • You can see colors but realize that recently, with each passing day, your world of colors is becoming a little duller and you’re panicking because you don’t know what’s going on, or what it means, or if your soulmate is okay.
  • You can see colors and your world turns black and white but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean your soulmate is dead. There can be other factors that will result in a black and white world like losing eyesight, but you don’t know that.
  • You will be able to see the world in full color once you meet your soulmate but until then, you can only see the world in the eye color of your soulmate. However, you can alter the color your soulmate can see, for example, by wearing contact lenses. Like if you wear blue contact lenses, your soulmate sees the world in blue, purple makes them see the world in purple and etc. And you realize each day/week you get to see the world in a different color because your soulmate is being all cute and would want you to see every color there is and they probably have a huge collection of contact lenses by the time you both meet.
  • Everyone is born color blind and their sights are fixed once they meet their soulmate, or your soulmate is blind and you have the choice to give them your sight, but it’s irreversible and if they die, they take your sight with them.

[ Hair ]

  • If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored like a rainbow and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck. Oh, and your best friend just took a picture to post online and wait—what, how many likes is that?
  • Like the above AU but you only get highlights for the dyed color of your soulmate’s hair. If your hair color returns to normal, it means your soulmate has returned to their natural hair color too.
  • Related to the first two AUs—you decide to get revenge on your soulmate by dying your hair the most absurd color combination you can think of and the exchange goes back and forth until you meet each other. It can be that if you meet, you two can dye your hair without affecting the other anymore.
  • If your soulmate dyes their hair your fingernails turn into that color (like nail polish?) and you’re hoping your soulmate isn’t bald by the time you meet because it’s the fifth time the past two months that your nails have changed colors.
  • If your soulmate dyes their hair, your eyes turn into that color and you wish your soulmate wouldn’t change it again because you really like this shade in your eyes.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving any kind of body mark

[ Tattoos ]

  • You and your soulmate have identical tattoos on your wrist about the date when you’ll meet each other. Place and time can be included (as opposed to the countdown AUs).
  • Like the countdown AU, an alternate version where it’s your soulmate’s date of death that’s tattooed on your skin.
  • Where a tattoo isn’t set from the moment you’re born and whatever tattoos your soulmate gets, you get it too and it’s all cool because you kind of like the designs, except you also feel the pain of getting a tattoo and that sucks because you’re kind of in the middle of an exam right now and it’s getting harder to concentrate on your work.
  • You remove your tattoo because you hate the idea of someone dictating who you can be with for the rest of your life and the person who’s removing it happens to be your soulmate and they’re torn between letting you know and just not bringing it up because you kind of went there because you didn’t want a soulmate and vice versa.
  • Your tattoo is only half complete and it completes itself the moment you find your soulmate, like if you had half a heart, you’d get a full heart on your skin.
  • You’re not sure if the other half of your tattoo should end with this person’s words, or that one’s—wait, I think it might end with the phrase of that other person too. It’s just a very open-ended sentence…
  • You don’t have a name tattoo on your wrist, meaning you probably don’t have a soulmate but you didn’t want your friends to tease you about it so you had a tattoo made on your wrist about some name you picked at random because your friend said she wanted to see it soon. And then somehow there’s a person claiming to be your soulmate and they’re kind of cute and sweet so you don’t know what to do.
  • Because the universe is sadistic af, it only gave you the first letter of your soulmate’s name.
  • Your tattoo is like a mood ring, it changes its color depending on what your soulmate is feeling at the moment and you’re not sure exactly what rainbow means.

[ Scars ]

  • The only way for your scars to disappear is when your soulmate kisses them goodbye.

[ Others ]

  • Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.
  • Imagine the above point but like, your soulmate maybe falls off a bike and you write on your arm what happened, and your soulmate replies to reassure you everything’s okay. Yes, you always carry a non-permanent marker to write on your skin at all times.
  • You accidentally fell down the stairs and broke a leg, oh, and fate must love you because it seems your soulmate also broke the other leg (or something else) and whatever happens to the other, you feel it too (no actual injury but you feel the same amount of pain) so now you’re in the hospital and you happen to meet your soulmate in the waiting area.
  • Wait, imagine the above point but way into the future and you’re about to give birth and your soulmate must be cursing you and rolling on the floor by the operating table or the waiting area screaming murder and punching walls while crying. Also periods, yes periods. Okay, I’ll shut up now.
  • You can choose to take the pain of your soulmate away. Like if they’re sick or even if they just have a paper cut, you can choose to transfer the pain/sickness to yourself instead and they’ll heal. You can only do it once you meet them though, since what happens to them doesn’t happen to you, unless you transfer it to yourself.
  • Like above but what if the pain becomes two times or more worse. Imagine someone afraid of pain, and the other soulmate shouldering everything or maybe you can half the pain your soulmate feels if you can’t handle taking everything on your own.
  • Alternate version of above two points where you can also transfer your pain to your soulmate. Imagine the payback you can do.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving reincarnation

  • There wasn’t a soulmate system in place before, now it’s about a thousand and more years later, and—wait, aren’t you the person that killed me in that back alley?
  • Where you’re reborn with the memories of your soulmate and you can only get your past memories if you meet each other again in this lifetime.
  • You somehow find a diary/journal of your old self and read through the contents of how you met your soulmate centuries ago.
  • Your soulmate was an artist of centuries ago, and currently, you’re an art student at university (or not but you’re taking an arts class). Then one day for a field trip, you go to a far-away museum and you just find yourself staring at what was your reflection, wearing different clothes to fit the timeline but it was definitely a split-image of you, on one of the framed displays.
  • Alternate version of the above where your soulmate still was an artist of centuries ago but you were there too, and you both were able to meet again in this lifetime. You don’t remember anything but you’d be at the museum, looking at the picture that looks like you with curiosity until your soulmate (who remembers everything) comes by and asks you what you think of the painting.
  • You’re sent to an insane asylum because everyone is convinced you’ve lost your hold on reality since you’re the only one that remembers everything from your past life. Also, that new doctor is your soulmate.
  • Your soulmate from the past life is not your soulmate in this life.
  • You become a writer and your series of novels become extremely popular, but what they don’t know is that you’re retelling your previous life where certain circumstances made it so you and your soulmate did not end up together but your soulmate promises to be with you the next lifetime. At a book signing you open the book cover of a fan’s copy to see something written on the front page: “I’m sorry I took so long.”
  • You don’t remember anything from your previous life but your soulmate does—your first meeting under the tree with the broken swing in summer, the way you smiled when you met each other again at the start of the school year, your eyes that were filled with such mirth and depth and beauty, even the way your hands fit together like missing piece of a puzzle—everything, even the gasps for air, the coarse little pleas, the way you stared with a look of betrayal until your bright eyes became nothing but a dull sheet of color at the hands encasing your neck in a vice grip.
  • You keep going to this place, and you always notice another person here too. Neither of you know that this is the place where the both of you had died/first met in the past life.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving dreams

  • Kind of a reincarnation AU where you’re losing the distinction between reality and dreams because when you’re asleep, you actually relive your past life, and you’re not sure if you’d much rather stay in the past or in the present anymore.
  • If you’re on separate time zones, when you sleep, you see the world in the eyes of your soulmate at present time. You see the world through your soulmate’s eyes, what they’re eating, who they’re talking to, the contents of the essay paper they’re trying to finish, but if they look into a mirror/reflective surface/picture, the image is blurred so you don’t really have a clue what they look like.
  • You see your soulmate in the eyes of their friend instead.
  • Imagine that soulmates just have this ability to dream together/meet each other in your dreams regardless of whether or not you two meet in real life. Your dreams could then be like a real-life video game, for example, you two could be in a zombie-apocalypse type of dream and you both would try your best to help each other out. If one gets bitten/dies you wake up and your soulmate is there to tell you everything is alright or tease you how you couldn’t shoot fast enough and then you’d both go back to sleep and maybe start round two.
  • Just like the above point, imagine how you and your soulmate could pretty much be with each other even after you’d both gone to your separate homes/shared bed.
  • Your soulmate is dead and the only way you two can see each other again is in your dreams and everyday your soulmate tries to make sure you know they love you and will always be there for you the moment you close your eyes and retire for the night.

✖ Other Soulmate AUs

  • You and your soulmate can communicate with thoughts and your soulmate happens to be a math major and you really need help with this test right now.
  • On some days, whatever your soulmate thinks of is something you can hear in your mind and your soulmate is currently reading really hardcore smut fics and you’re trying so hard not to mess up this class presentation which shoulders half your mark for the semester.
  • You get to share the same talents as your soulmate and you probably hit the jackpot because it’s the first time you’ve ever touched this instrument but you’re quite the professional at it, what? Shredding? I don’t know what that is but—oh… hey okay, I just did it I think.
  • The Red String of Fate exists, and only some people have the ability to see the strings, and these people can actually cut strings and knot other people’s strings in to alter the soulmate laws. Your best friend’s wedding is tomorrow and they know you can see the string. They ask you to help them defy the laws of the universe and help them be with the person they love even though they know that’s not their soulmate. You know they love each other so much so you help them, even though the person your best friend’s marrying/your best friend is your soulmate.
  • How about like the colors AU except it can be your voice or your hearing instead that comes and goes when your soulmate dies. Imagine how your soulmate’s voice is the first and the last thing you’ll ever hear.

So I decided to just make a post of all the ideas I’ve thought of so far for each theme! I tried to think of things I haven’t read before but I’m pretty sure with tons of people out there, some of these are sure to exist already. I was also planning to write more but maybe next time, my heart hurts already from typing these ;////;)’

I hope you guys like it though and please feel free to add on to this or make these into stories please I’ll love you forever and tag me please I’d love to read them.

++ justfandomwritings is queen of Soulmate AUs, and I’d like to dedicate this to her because she’s amazing and so much more ♥ ^^

  • chirrut: (doing nothing)
  • baze: hey, it's your night to make dinner.
  • chirrut: i am one with the force and the force is with me i am one with the force and the force is with me-
  • baze: chirrut, i know you're not really mediating.
  • chirrut: i am one with the force and the force is with me-
  • chirrut: i can't cook dinner i'm blind.
  • baze: you took out twenty-three stormtroopers by yourself just an hour ago.
  • chirrut: and it was very tiring, thanks for making dinner, my love.

Here’s to honor among thieves. We almost pulled it off despite what everybody thought. Worst part of it is they’re going to blame us for the whole thing. They can’t have people knowing the truth. We’re the patsies; the cover up. Don’t forget, we’re the bad guys.”

It occurs to me that Moftiss were probably watching to see how long it took us to get the reference to TJLC in this episode.

Mark: A hundred quid says it takes our kids less than four hours to figure out we put JLC in the @kinklock look-alike’s mobile number.

Steven: I’ll take that bet. They’ll do it in less than three.

Both: *aggressively search various Sherlock tags while muttering “c'mon, kids, make your Dad proud.”*

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how did you make that animatic??? o.O and how long did it take?? it looks so cool!

(the animation)

I drew the background/most of the assets in around 3-5 hours. the animation that was frame by frame probably took a solid 3-4 hours mostly because I tried a couple of techniques before settling on rotoscoping jun’s walk. converting this all to AE and still learning the program took a good 3 hours, but it’s a long shot so it was worth all of this. 

It didn’t feel long to do because nothing was busy work, really

I started with the main composition, drawing everything in photoshop and then getting ready for after effects.  

I used the kitchen to frame everything and figure out what I needed to draw extra of, because really the canvas looks like this:

there’s a lot of overlap/hidden parts, these parts will move more in the panning motion so stuff like the table in the front needs to be completely made.

each bit is on its own layer so it can move at different rates when putting it into AE. The really bright red bits are for masks so I don’t forget, the red on the stove is for their reflections, and the red on the TV is for green screening the news later (need to put it into premiere… lol).

I also did some rotoscoping and animation in photoshop to be carried over.

bai’s head is a couple of drawn heads turning off and on. I added a bit of give to them too.

jun’s walking is a rotoscope (drawn ontop of video) of myself walking.

again! each bit is on its own layer, and it basically turns off and on as the animation goes on. this also applies for their reflections!

now for the after effects bit:

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Boredom that isn’t overrated (Sherlock x reader)

A/N: Okay so I was requested to do another part for Replacement of John Watson and I did. This can be read as one shot or as continuation of the other, doesn’t actually continue from where I ended the last one. Took me three hours, don’t even know how, maybe I’m just so tired. Also, hopefully will be up to continue The Heartless soon, though I’m still stuck with the plot… So yeah. Requests are open for ideas and requests on one shots, ships and fake texts. Thank you all for still following my blog even if it’s a mess and the repeating hiatuses I’m on…… Really don’t deserve you as my readers.

Sherlock had been moody and cranky for a couple of days now. He didn’t even bother to cloth himself properly, only in his pajamas and his robe he kept sulking around firing nasty remarks at any unfortunate’s way he encountered which was mostly you and Mrs. Hudson. This really ate your own patience on wasting your time at Baker Street and you wanted nothing more than to take your leave and go out until it would be dark out, then heading straight forward to bed. Mrs. Hudson of course didn’t much mind, at times replying to his rude remarks with snapping wittily back at him.

You had called John for advices on what to do to get Sherlock back to his even slightly merrier way, but got nothing much out of him, well nothing you didn’t already know. He instructed you to find a case for him. Simple as that. How hard could it be? Well, to your disappointment all the cases you found were pathetically easy or they had nothing in them. Just an assault, abuse, bar night ending up as a fist fight and so on. John also declined on visiting for he knew how impossible Sherlock got when he was bored. He also warned about how recklessly Sherlock would be using his gun on those days.

So desperate you were that you called even Mycroft, begging him to try and find something for Sherlock. Mycroft rarely heard from you, directly that is since you never answered his calls or texts. Mycroft was surprised you called him and amused you were in need of assistance on with his brother’s behavior. He of course teased you how you would only need to get him ’on the mood’ and how the two of you were just having one of those famous fights couples were on about after being so close for so long. You immediately regretted on calling him, telling him to piss off if he really cared so little of his brother’s well being.

You started to give up on finding a case for Sherlock, knowing one would come to your way in time sooner or later. Then again it didn’t put your mind at peace. You still were living under the same roof with Sherlock who was such a lousy company. You really missed seeing friends and family, but all were always so busy you were left with the depressed detective as your only companion.

You were sitting on John’s chair reading a news paper and even if you had given yourself such a luxury of not trying to find a nice crime for your flatmate to solve you couldn’t help but eye the section of the news paper that announced all the missing people not to mention the articles about murders and just anything that required a police.

The cloudy weather was blocking the sun, but it wasn’t raining outside and even if you weren’t able to see it the light still came through the white cotton blocking it’s view on earth. It was the only light that illuminated your flat, but then again it was enough.

You had your face hid behind the paper when Sherlock stumped in the room. You saw from the corner of your eye he was in his usual clothing. Pajamas and a robe. He walked over the window and gave a quick look to the outside before he walked next to you and snatched the paper from you. You sigh in frustration, wanting nothing more than to just snap at the detective but knowing he’d only shoot you down with his remark. That didn’t stop you though since you went and glared at Sherlock, with a bored tone informing him ”There is nothing in that paper that will be of any interest for you.” And to this Sherlock scoffed, walking over the couch right opposite from the fire place and over the coffee table, laying down and opening the paper wide open. ”You probably have missed something.” He muttered bluntly. You sighed yet again.

After about fifteen minutes of sitting in silence Sherlock groaned and threw the paper over the coffee table and it opened on the floor, all the paper splattering around the floor. You got up and cleaned the mess, placing the news paper once it was back in order on Sherlock’s workshop and went to the kitchen. Sherlock had rolled on his right side and was back faced to you, but you didn’t mind. He did that on almost a daily basis by now.

You made yourself a cup of tea, ignoring the new human parts in the fridge as you took a snack to company your tea. You ate in peace, eyeing out side and wondering would it rain later. You doubted. It had been such a nice day and though the news almost every time got the weather wrong you counted on it today.

The sink in the kitchen was filled with dirty dishes and the kitchen table with Sherlock’s chemistry set which gave you no room to place the plate you had taken for your food. You glared around the messy kitchen and huffed. To top the already bored Sherlock and the overwhelmingly dull atmosphere there just had to be a mess in the house. That does it for you and you decided to just leave it all.

Finishing your snack and tea as quick as you could, becoming giddy about your plan of leaving the flat for the next hours until the sun would go down you hurried with placing the dishes in the sink and went to get your coat. Your fast and loud movements earned Sherlock’s attention and he studied you over his shoulder while you made your leave.

You sat on John’s chair and tied your shoelaces, fixing your hair and pulling your coat on. You couldn’t help but look happy for the thought of going outside to where there were other people, ordinary people who just enjoyed their day with no worries.

”Where are you going?” Sherlock finally asked when he became suspicious you would be going out for a long amount of time.

”Out. Don’t worry I’ll be long so you won’t have to worry me getting on your way.” You told him without making eye contact. You were too distracted by finally deciding to leave the house you nearly forgot you weren’t alone.

You heard Sherlock scoff and turn his back to you again. You rolled your eyes at his act, but didn’t let it affect you. Standing you looked around the house to try and figure did you have everything you needed. You had your phone, wallet and keys. That would do it. You were probably just going to visit a shopping center and maybe for a coffee or if you’d get really daring you’d go to a restaurant.

You said your good byes to Sherlock even if you knew he wouldn’t answer and went to the stairs. You got only three steps forward when you heard a deafening sound. You covered your ears and made a sharp turn, now jogging up the few stairs and tip toeing to the living room. There Sherlock stood on the coffee table and was pointing the gun towards the window. Your eyes widened and you made dash towards the gun, snatching it from Sherlock’s hand and emptying it from bullets. You then turned to see a stunned Sherlock.

”What the hell are you doing?” You snapped and put the gun in your pocket.

”Thought you left…” Sherlock muttered when the relation hit him. He hadn’t even heard you close the door behind you so you clearly hadn’t left.

”No, but I was about to!” You kept yelling, stepped forward towards Sherlock, the bullets on the floor rolling further around on the floor of the flat while your shoe pushed them aside. ”You were going to fire a bullet through the window!” You held your finger high as if scolding a child and you really were working hard on remembering Sherlock really was a grown man.

”I wasn’t going to shoot, I was simply aiming.” Sherlock corrected as if it really made any difference. He then got off the table and went to lay on the sofa again. You let yourself relax slightly.

”I really should call Mycroft.” You didn’t actually like tattle, not to mention of Sherlock to Mycroft, but you really didn’t have a choice. He was becoming dangerous to everyone around. This had to stop. Sherlock of course only rolled his eyes at you statement. ”What the heck.” You shrugged and pulled your phone from your pocket.

”What are you doing?” sherlock asked as he eyes you tapping your phone, then pulling it close to your ear and waiting for the call to start.

”I’m calling Mycroft.” You stated. To this Sherlock reacted, bolted up from his seat and charged towards you, snatching the phone from you and then throwing it down the stairs. You watched with your eyes wide as your phone flew through the air and down the stairs, hitting almost every step as it went down to the front door.

”What the hell, Sherlock?” You yelled.

”No calling Mycroft!” Sherlock snapped back at you, his finger lifted and inches away from your face.

”You could’ve just said so!” You snapped back your arms tensed and shaking from rage. You wanted to punch Sherlock so bad.

”Like you would’ve listened.” Sherlock straightened his back from towering you and scoffed.

”True. But no need to break my phone.” You crossed your arms over your chest and glared at Sherlock who went to lay on the couch again. You sighed at the state you two were in. Both of your patience waring thin and it already made you two get frustrated with the other.

”Are you still going out?” Sherlock asked over his shoulder, his back facing you once again. You groaned. ”Yes of course I will.” You told him like it was obvious, though it wasn’t. You were second guessing would it be good to leave the house when he was like that. You had never thought it to get this bad. Not ever. Not even in your worst nightmares.

”Then can I have the gun back?” Sherlock dared to ask, not showing any signs of remorse what so ever. He lifted his left hand in the air to accept the gun, but never receiving it since you told him in a very cold tone ”No.” Sherlock let out a breath and lowered his hand.

You sighed how complicate everything had turned out for the two of you. How did you end up sharing an apartment with a crazy sociopath in the first place? Oh, right. John had put you through it.

You sat next to Sherlock’s laying body, your hand placed on his left side and rubbing the fabric of his robe. Sherlock gave you a quick look, but let his head rest on the couch, not wanting to make you think he didn’t want you there or that he didn’t want you touching him.

”We’ll have a new case in our hands in no time, Sherlock.” You assured him to which he nodded. ”But in the mean time we don’t need you to be make new ones on your own.” You told him almost sadly. Sherlock was concentrated on your tone since he was laying on his side and tired not to held his head up to stare. ”And you know how I hate to see Donovan be right about anything.” You added which made Sherlock smirk. ”So please, don’t do something she’d love to see you do. I can’t bare hearing her say ’I said so’ or I’d strangle her.” You were now grinning too at your own words, but it wasn’t about making jokes. You really needed Sherlock to stay sane. For you both.

You stood up from the couch, Sherlock turning to look at you and ask ”Are you leaving now?” He sounded worried and as if pleading. You shrugged all the thoughts of the sort off you and let your coat fall off you on John’s chair.

”No. I can’t leave you on your own after what I just witnessed. You’d probably end up blowing up the house.” You said tiredly but still smiled.

Sherlock shifted on the couch so he was on his back, waiting for you to take your shoes off and when you had done so he gestured you to company you on the couch. ”Come here.” He spread his arms and wrapped them around you, pulling you to him and making you lie on top of him, his other hand on your waist and the other buried in your hair.

You two fell asleep on the couch, you on top of him and him holding onto you. You both had calmed down and would be spending the rest of the boring days just snuggling close to each other. You wouldn’t need to even talk, just comfort each other on those rough times. That is until Sherlock’s phone rang, informing that there had been a murder that Lestrade needed your assistance with.

Seagulls Down
  • Seagulls Down
  • Adam Young

Wheels Down in the left ear, Seagulls in the right ear. Wheels Down is completely untouched, but Seagulls is edited to match.

this was not as easy as I thought it was going to be

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Girl:</b> Hahaha look at his hair, he probably worked even harder on his hair today than I did. I bet he took like three hours on it.<p/><b>Me:</b> Haha<p/><b>Me internally:</b> maybe taking care of himself like that makes him feel good about himself shut the fuck up and let him do his hair. Why is doing hair seen as a feminine thing. Why is caring about your looks seen as a feminine thing.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

so the suits in halo are, like, ridiculously complex, and i like drawing red vs blue fanart. so, what do i do? i make simplified versions of them

i even colored it to make it easier to interpret (green is armor, pink isnt). feel free to use it however you like- make it more detailed, make it less detailed, tweak it, i dont give a fuck. i do, however, want a lot of people to be able to use this since oh my GOD are the refs for the actual suits complex. like, holy shit. im doing you such a favor right now

so spread it. use it. for the love of god, save yourself the three hours this took me


first row: run #1 // second row: run #2

i’m not where i want to be and that’s the fun part. another day, another run (and then another). talked to my dad for a while after the first, about ways to improve the accuracy of the heart rate monitor on my watch and ways to mix up my training. we got some good ideas floating around. then i went hiking for a few hours with a friend. as we were getting back to the parking lot we came across a high school cross country club and they were doing hill sprints. watching them filled me with so much love and joy for running, and took me back to middle school which is when my passion for running really came to life. if my friend wasn’t there i definitely would have just started running. so when i got home i did wind sprints till i wanted to die. moving that fast felt incredible and my legs felt like jello after only three (so i did way more). happyhappy wednesday, i hope your hearts are full <3


Can you do imagine reid x reader based on 5sos song amnesia? Thankyouu

Yes, I can!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted.  I thought about our last kiss, how it felt the way you tasted.  And even though your friends tell me you’re doing fine, are you somewhere feeling lonely even though he’s right beside you?  When he says those words that hurt you, do you read the ones I wrote you?

Spencer had been in his car for well over three hours.  He was remembering the road trip you guys took three months ago.  You had begged him to get out of the city, just a little bit of time away together from the terrors of his job.

But he wouldn’t go, so you had to force his hand.

You had left your cell phone behind with an address taped to it, and he had gone chasing after you

It had taken you scaring him to death to get him out of the city with you

And now he was driving it to remember you.

Remember the last few minutes of passion with you.

Sometimes I start to wonder, was it just a lie?  If what we had was real, how could you be fine?  'Cause I’m not fine at all.

He knows better.  When the streams of tears rip-roar down his cheeks, he knows better than to question if it was real.  He knew your love for him was immense.  He knew the respect you had for him.

And yet, he couldn’t hurt but be angry at the fact that you left.

Angry at the fact that you wouldn’t talk to him one last time.

Wouldn’t fight with him one last time.

Wouldn’t fight for him one last time.

I remember the day you told me you were leaving.  I remember the make-up running down your face.  And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them, like every single wish we ever made.  I wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things. Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you, and the memories I never can escape.  'Cause I’m not fine at all…

As Spencer checks into the hotel he had chased you down to, he remembers how angry he was.  His hands trembling as he demanded to know which room you were in.

He wished he would have known that he would have been requesting that specific room again by himself.

As he walks up the stairs, he remembers moving in haste and fury, his fist coming down hard on your door as he slowly slips the key-card in.

He has to pause.


Take a moment.

Because when he opens the door, he won’t find you behind it in the beautiful pink lingerie you had picked out for their weekend.

Your beautiful body wouldn’t be there for him to ignore again.

The pictures that you sent me they’re still living in my phone.  I’ll admit I like to see them, I’ll admit I feel alone, and all my friends keep asking why I’m not around.  It hurts to know you’re happy, yeah, it hurts that you’ve moved on.  It’s hard to hear your name when I haven’t seen you in so long.

As he steps into the room, his mind throws him back to the fight.  The fight where, for the first time in the two years you two had been together, you were so alienated, so bombarded, that you felt the need to cover yourself up.

He pauses the image in his mind, so clearly impressed upon his eyes.

Your body, curled from him in fear as the tears began to crest your eyes.

You had never looked so beautiful and so vulnerable at the same time.

He should have tasted every inch of you.  He should have thrown you on the bed and ravished you.  He should have bruised your hips with his fingertips and ached you with his thrusts.  He should have showered with you and ate with you…ate his fill of you and slept with you.

But instead he yelled at you, and called you selfish.  Pointed his finger at you, and called you insolent.

He sat on the bed as he drew his phone out, tears streaking his cheeks as he flipped through photo after photo of the two of you.

And the sobs came heavily as he slowly watched the light die from your eyes with every picture he swiped through.

It’s like we never happened, was it just a lie?  If what we had was real, how could you be fine?  'Cause I’m not fine at all.

He swore, as he drew in ragged breath after ragged breath, that he could smell your scent in the room.  Your honey lavender body spray that you bathed yourself in every morning.

He would give anything for that smell on his sheets again.

I remember the day you told me you were leaving.  I remember the make-up running down your face.  And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them.  Like every single wish we ever made.  I wish that I could wake up with amnesia, and forget about the stupid little things.  Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you, and the memories I never can escape.

It was the last thing the two of you ever did as a couple.

And he squandered it by picking a fight.

He chose being right over seeing your side.

But now he sees the choice.

The real choice he made.

For, in that moment, when you were standing before him in nothing but sheer fabric and smoothly-shaved skin, he chose fighting over loving.

Fighting over understanding.

Fighting over enjoying.

He chose fighting over you.

If today I woke up with you right beside me like all of this was just some twisted dream.  I’d hold you closer than I ever did before and you’d never slip away…and you’d never hear me say…

He would never be able to tell you that he loved you again.

He would never be able to caress your skin with his lips again.

He would never be able go on vacation with you again.

Or see the shining sun reflected in your eyes again.

He would never be able to smell your scent of arousal again.

Or feel your small, soft hands on his chest again.

Or sit across from dinner with you and get lost in your smile again.

Or whisper in your ear how much he loved you again.

But in his heart of hearts, he hoped that you would see.  He hoped that you would see the message he had sent you before he started on this journey, hoping that someone up above would grant him one more chance to make things right.

One more chance to use the knowledge he had gained.

I remember the day you told me you were leaving.  I remember the make-up running down your face.  And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them, like every single wish we ever made.  I wish that I could wake up with amnesia.  And forget about the stupid little things.  Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you, and the memories I never can escape.

And as he laid down in that bed, wriggling his body down beneath the covers that he never got to climb in with you, he puts his phone on the bedside table as he watches for it to light up.

Any acknowledgement that you had gotten his message.

His message of where he was traveling, and what room he was in, and that there was a key at the desk waiting for your arrival.

And his heart soared when his phone lit up and buzzed.

Sitting up and ripping it open, he opens the message, his eyes scanning the words as his heart plummets to his toes and his jaw drops in disbelief.

The number you have messaged is no longer in service.

You were gone.

You were really, and truly, gone.

‘Cause I’m not fine at all.  No, I’m really not fine at all.  Tell me this is just a dream, ‘cause I’m really not fine at all.

Savior Saeran

*breathes in and out* Okay. After many hours of thinking and thinking Bang PT 4 was legit my worse work I ever done in my writing history. I reread it on my computer so many times that I found ever mistake to the last dot. It was ugly, it was nasty and it was because I felt like I needed to get Bang PT 4 out for you guys that I didn’t feel it. Honestly it took me 5 hours to write that small piece of shit because I felt pressured to do it because some of you anons were telling me “ when are you gonna upload, hurry up, why are you taking so long, where is my request” and being the people pleaser my ass is, I fell for the pressure and created something shitty like BANG PT 4. The other three parts probably didn’t have that many mistakes but JESUS CHRIST bang 4 was something. In another note, I’m honestly really disappointed with some of the people that even follow me. How can you tell someone to kill themselves? I was legit disgusted with tumblr and my phone in general I didn’t touch it for a good few hours. Like how can people be that cruel to writers who give out their content for free ? LEGIT FOR FREE AND WE DONT EXPECT SHIT BACK. I’m just wow. Now, I’m not even going to be afraid to block anons. I know there is a way because someone showed me and I’m going to find how to do it, so I can start blocking anons. UPDATE: my dog is doing much better he is moving around and doesn’t need my help that much, but he still needs my love and care. Tomorrow I start work because the high school starts tomorrow and well I only work 2 days a week. I already started writing last night and that piece of writing…..I put my whole heart and soul into it. It’s not finish yet and won’t finish till tomorrow probably. I’m sorry for everything and I’m sorry for failing to bring a good ending to the Bang for those who read it. I’m not sure when BANG will be updated with the last chapter but I know for sure it won’t be till I feel better and confident in myself again for writing smut. Yes, my self esteem went down and I’m not afraid to say it. Well that is all :) I love you munchkins and damn I’m hurt 😂 remember to keep smiling and to drink water :). - Savior Saeran

Help Me: Pt.8/?

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader is shutting herself out, frustrated with her memory loss. When a training session takes an unexpected turn, it makes the situation even more complicated.

Word Count: 3,687

Warnings: Steve angst, Protective!Steve, tons of angst, language

Notes: Bucky’s POV, Readers POV. Sorry for being late at posting this, I hit a writing block. Sorry also if my Russian translations are crap. Thank you so so so much @shes-a-little-weird-but-perfect for helping me with this part! What would I do without you?

Get caught up here: Part 7

Three days. It’s been three days, and (Y/N) refused to leave the comfort of our room. The shelter of our bed. Nights were hard. She usually ended up shaking and shivering underneath the numerous amounts of blankets, clinging onto me as if I was her last lifeline. It took me a good half hour and comforting words just for her to let me get out of bed. But it took even longer for me to leave the room completely. However, (Y/N) quickly calmed down a great deal when I asked her if she wanted to make breakfast with me. Thankfully she did.

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Can you not

Okay so last night (11/13) this guy comes in. He’s not really a regular but comes in often enough that everyone knows him or heard stories about this guy. Basically he’ll come in with like two carts overflowing with stuff, returns it (waaaay past the return period by the way) and rebuys it all. No one knows why. One of the last times I did this, it took me THREE HOURS. He always wants me to do it and says I’m his favorite cashier then tries tobe my friend while I’m doing all this crap. I hate him so much I can’t even be civil anymore. I don’t even bother trying to hide my hatred. But the best part? He comes in right before we close without fail.