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“Choose Me” (ft. BTS’ Suga)

Before you could answer his text, your phone lighted up and flashed that Min Suga was calling you. He was always the impatient kind; the type to call instead of waiting for a text reply.

“Hi…” he barely breathed into the receiver, but there was no doubt that the voice on the other line was Min Yoongi. “…so, are you free?”

“I can be in your studio in 20 minutes, but again, why me?” Somehow, talking to him like this made your legs want to stand up and walk around your small dorm room. 

“Why not you? You were the one who heard it first and said that it lacked desperation and sadness…” He paused and you could almost imagine him pursing his lips in thought. “I think I know those feelings now. I made the song the way you described it, a song that would break your heart and still, you’d listen.”

“If you know that it already gives off that feeling, why do I need to listen?” you didn’t mean to sound so frustrated, but the pent up feelings just needed to burst out. 

“Because I wrote it while thinking about you.” As if he regretted admitting it, he immediately followed with, “…and you said it yourself, you’d listen… even if it breaks your heart.”

You remained silent, chewing on your lip as you looked at the photo of you, Yoongi and Jimin sitting on your cluttered desk. Jimin was in the middle, clad in his dance recital attire, while he had an arm over each of you with Yoongi clearly looking like he had been pulled into the photo while you were looking at the grinning younger boy. 


Your heart felt like it had been shot, hearing such a word being whispered by Yoongi’s low register, “It’s the only excuse I have left to see you.”

Finally, you nodded, even when he couldn’t see you and answered, “Okay, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Thank you.”

You found the road towards Yoongi’s shared studio much easier than you thought and even your steps were much lighter than you thought they would be. With your scarf (or Jimin’s?) scarf tucked securely around your neck, you pressed the buzzer. 

Yoongi opened the door, with his hair disheveled and back to his original black, greeted your with a controlled your smile. “Y/N, long time no see.”

Trying to smile, you stepped inside the studio and unraveled your scarf. “Y-Yeah, it feels like ages have passed since I’ve been here. Not much has changed, huh?” 

“Except you and I…” he muttered and caught your startled gaze. “A-Anyway, take a seat.” 

He led you to the chair that he usually occupied, the high-backed computer chair was once a familiar sight to you when you spent your days listening to Yoongi’s music with Jimin either playing games beside you or napping on your lap. As you took the seat, you were reminded of simpler times… those short, sweet, golden days when you weren’t in love with Yoongi and Jimin was just your bestfriend. 

Yoongi handed you the headphones quietly and you closed your eyes just as the song began. Slowly, your heart constricted in your chest as you the song progressed. Compared to what you listened to months ago, this song felt completely different, as if it was a different song entirely and each word spoke to you on a deeper level. 

Just when the last beat dropped, a tear fell off the corner of your eye.

Removing the headphones from your ears, you slowly raised your eyes to meet his. “Wow… what can I say, Yoongi? It’s beautiful.”

“Wh-Who sang the demo? His voice is beautiful…” you commented, breaking eye contact and the long silence that followed, wiping your tears away with your sleeve.

“A freshman named Jeon Jungkook. He owed me a few things, so I made him sing.” Yoongi answered from the seat in front of you.

“And you wrote everything?” 

“Every note, every word.” he exhaled, looking past your eyes and straight to your soul. “I meant all of it too, Y/N. Even when you’re in front of me like this, I miss you. You’ve been avoiding me and I don’t know how else I can reach you.”

Yoongi gingerly took one of your hands in his. “I’m not good with words… but that’s nothing new, so I wrote a song instead. I hope it reached you, Y/N.”

You contemplated for long while and Yoongi knew that you needed the silence more than he did. Thinking back to that day when you stood in the hallway on the phone with Namjoon, unintentionally remembering the whole conversation and the way the late afternoon light created colors in his hair, and how that moment felt like the answer to the question looming over your head, but now, you weren’t so sure. 

“봄날. That should be the title.” you squeezed Yoongi’s hand and added, “It reached me well, Yoongi.”

Yoongi brushed his thumb over your knuckles, “So what happens now?”

“I don’t know.” You sighed, answering his question by another, “Someone once told me that you can choose who you can fall in love with. Do you believe that?”

“No.” he paused. “Well, actually… I don’t know.”

“Why? Why not?” you pressed, trying to meet his eyes which were looking at your hands. 

“I’ve never loved anyone but you.” his gaze was sincere and warm in contrast to his cold touch. “Y/N, you’re my best friend and it took me a while to realize, but I know it now. I made you wait for such a long time, but we’re here now and you don’t have to do anything, I will come for you this time.”

Dachi’s words suddenly manifested itself in your head. 

‘He just doesn’t know how to love anyone including himself.’

You inhaled with closed eyes, his words brought back the answer that you lost, “Jimin… He… He once said that we all do unfair and selfish things for love. Do you also believe that?”

6 Months Later…







Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxYoongi/ReaderxNamjoon/ReaderxJimin/Readerx?

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

a/n: If there’s 2 things that you need to know about this chapter, it’s that I didn’t intend for it to end like this and this was a DEAD GIVEAWAY about the ending. :) hit me with your best theories! I suggest listening to spring day while reading this!!! (I know I did.)

A Sweet Dare

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, fluff, crack (not the drug guys…)

Word count: 931

Summary: Dean tries to change the reader’s opinion on something that is very very important to him…

A/N: This fic was not planned whatsoever. I had this idea and simply had to write it down. I hope you like it!

Originally posted by devoiddean

“You can’t be serious Y/N!” Dean hollered at you.

“Dean… so what? You’re totally overreacting!” you rolled your eyes in annoyance. The older Winchester had a tendency to be overprotective when it came to things he loved dearly but enough was enough.

He put his hand on his hip like an offended middle aged women with hot rollers in her hair. His eyebrows shot up as he opened his mouth to continue on with his rant.

“Umm, I personally don’t think I’m overreacting at all. In fact Y/N, my entire view on you just changed. I don’t get how you could ever say something like that?! Seriously, I’ve never met someone who thinks the way you do. I currently doubt whether or not you’re even friggin human!”

“DEAN! Just calm the fuck down! It’s just my opinion. You can have your own. Can’t we simply agree to disagree? This is getting ridiculous…” with open arms you took a step towards him but all he did was putting his index finger up, signaling that he was nowhere near done.

“You. said. that. pie. tastes. gross,” Dean punctuated every word as if doing that would make you understand why he was reacting the way he did. Of course, you knew how much he loved pie but you simply didn’t. Why was he making such a big deal out of it?

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Books and Throwing Knives

My title is so damn creative, I astound myself. So this is for a @twh-sss Ragnarok!Loki with his flippy flippy knives…..and I’m not sure if it’s smut-tastic enough… I dunno. It got away from me, but I still liked it…. so here.

Warnings: Nothing really. Oh, a little smutty smut smut. 

Let me know if you want on/off my tag list :)

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Part 5 - Aussie Sausage Dairy.

Note : all the stories I wrote are true :) happy reading !

I’ve been pretty busy with life recently. Didn’t really have the mood for hookup. But I always like to share my sexual experience to people I chat with vise versa as much as I like to hear about theirs as well. Typically : The first time and the best ones :) 

For me I’m actually having a hard time picking which one was the best, Previously in Part 2 I shared about Calvin the Chinese hunk with a Shih Tzu stole my heart, definitely a boyfriend material and A grade fuck buddy lol. Well this time in Part 5 I would call it one of my Wildest Adventures. 

it was 2 years ago I could recall. I was 18 and horny.

It was a Friday night. Desperately wanted a dick right up in my ass. Shaved my ass, cleaned my hole, put on my Hugo Boss cologne, wore a super revealing singlet (my nipples are exposed on the side if I move too much) and a super short shorts, comb my hair nicely, chewing eclipse mints make sure that my breath smells nice.

Off I went. Took a ride to the city center of Kuala Lumpur. Pavillion alone. Found myself in Tom Dick’s and Harry Bar, ordered a pint of Carlsberg, scrolling through JackD and Grinder hoping to encounter someone decent for hookup but it seems like ladyluck wasn’t on my side tonight. Most of them were staying with friends, busy or just not my type. I was depressed and disappointed obviously I came here with an objective which was clearly to have a fine dick right up in my ass. Thank god he heard my prayer lol. 

A fine ass looking Caucasian caught my attention when he walked into the bar. He’s 6 Feet Tall (180cm+), Broad Shoulder with dark brown hair, that’s all I could remember the details of him. He was in a suit with a loosen tie ( I guess he just got off from work and came for drink) I was staring at him the whole time since his arrival. He was looking at me at one point, I smiled at him :) He stood up took his drink and moving towards my direction. (you cannot imagine how excited I was in that moment.) I was in Cloud 9. 

Hot Guy : Mind if I buy you a drink ? 

Me : hello sure. I’m alone anyway. :)

We were sitting by the Bar on the high chairs drinking and just introducing each other and found out that he was actually from Australia and he came here for working purpose and he’s flying back tomorrow afternoon. Until he hit that jackpot question.

Leonard : anyway. What are you doing here alone by the bar in this hour ? is it common for an 18 to drink here 

Me : Well I could give you the answer on your bed if you wanna know what am I doing here in this hour :)

Leonard : (Chuckles) you’re pretty straightforward little boy . I like that. I’ll go get the bill.

Me : alright. Be right back, I’ll head to the washroom.

Washing my drunk face in the washroom. Chewing to my eclipse, looking in the mirror telling myself don’t screw this up. Thinking a way of impressing him so I went in to one of the toilet cubicle and I took off my underwear and I put in inside my man pouch. 

I had about 3 pints of beer and I wasn’t drunk, just a little tipsy as we were heading towards his hotel Pullman in a walking distance.

Leonard : So do you do this often ? you don’t look like its your first time.

Me : (Chuckles) Believe it or not its actually my first time looking for hook up in a bar. I guess lady luck was on my side after all.  How old are you btw ? 

Lenaord : I’m 45.

Me : That’s not a funny joke. You look like late 20′s instead of 45 !

(I Swear he don’t look like 45!, I never fuck with a man in his 40′s btw)

As we reached the hotel. We were in the elevator just the 2 of us he was standing behind me. And it started. He sneaked his left hand from behind right into my shorts touching my bubble butt. We both were shocked for god sake. I didn’t expect him to do that in the elevator.

Leonard : fuck boy where’s your undies ? (Laughing)

Me : I think I lost it somewhere. Maybe its on your bed ? (smirks)

As I undress myself in his room we started kissing slowly and passionately. Until he went shirtless I swear his body was priceless. Firm chest with broad shoulders I worship it immediately touching it and licking his hard nipples. He knew I love his chest when I couldn’t stop worshiping it.  From the chest slowly right down to his hard Aussie Sausage. It was HUGE. It was longer than 5inch (12cm+) and its thick. As I stroke it I when next to his ear and whisper.

Me : Can I call you Daddy ? (whispering softly)

Leonard : anything for you Baby Boy.

Me : Am I allowed to suck it ? (whispering softly)

Leonard :  show me what you got boy.

Me ; Yes daddy.

His hard dick was huge that I couldn’t suck it all the way through, he likes me sucking his dick obviously from the head to the balls making it wet with my saliva. Sucking his dick while by tongue is doing the job on the inside. Again. I used the ace up my sleeves. Swirling his dickhead with my tongue like drawing a circle. he was impressed :)

Leonard : oh boy you’re good at blowjobs even better than my boyfriend.

Me : well I hope he wasn’t jealous. (smiling)

As we switch position I found my ass facing his face as he rims me it felt so good especially when I shaved my ass so it would be smooth. He likes it alot licking my hole and spanking me lightly as I moan. We were in 69 Position where I was sucking his big dick while he was enjoying my pink hole. He took the lube and started to loosen my tight hole gently. I love it when my top takes the time to lube my hole as I moan softly. He wore a condom and I started riding his dick all the way through. I’ve never felt so good. While riding his big dick I rest my hands on his chest and play with his nipple he was moaning as well.

Leonard : Fuck you. Yes baby boy 

I was just moaning the whole time and make sure my hips are moving up and down to make us feel good. Switching position time to time from Military to Doggy to Standing and against the bathroom mirror.

I was leaning against the bathroom’s basin facing the mirror moaning as he fucks my hole from behind with his left hands on my shoulder and right hands on my hips pounding my hole gently making sure that I moan like his slut. My dick was hard as fuck and my precum was leaking all over the bathroom floor.

Leonard : enjoying the view of me fucking you ? 

Me : yes Daddy fuck you’re so hot. Can I cum now ?

Leonard : I’m close too cum for me Baby.

Me : Im cumming ! (Cum all over the floor it was a mess)

Leonard : fuck ! I’m close kneel down I wanna cum on your cute face.

As I kneel down quickly looking into his eyes with his huge dick wanking infront of me removing the condom and there it is. With his babies all over my face and body. It was surreal. Mind blowing indeed.

Me : Can I stay for the night ? its 3am now if you dont mind.

Leonard : As if I am going to allow a cute boy leaving on his own in this hour. bunk in with me tonight. Don’t worry I’m dead tired couldn’t start a second round even if you want too (chuckles) 

It was heart warming of him to do that. Most of the guys would just ask me to leave or fetch me home after the sex. The next morning we had breakfast together, took him to have some local food nearby and he was cute because he couldnt stand the heat from the Curry sauce for the Naan. 

He gave me some money for the Cab (which was way more than enough) but I refused to accept. We part ways every since then. xoxo

Deadlines. [Jinyoung x reader]

request by inyournightmares97 Yayy! I wasn’t really expecting that angsty twist to the Mark scenario, but I loved it!! I’m curious if you have a bias? Also, for another request… Maybe something with Jinyoung scolding his s/o for being lazy? Lol, I really need something like that now. Your writing is awesome! Love! <3

A/N Thank you so much for the support omg you are a babe :) Also it’s so hard to pick a bias in GOT7 it’s  JB or Yugyeom (but Mark and Youngjae are bias wreckers for me). 


genre: fluff/ smut

Jinyoung was reading his book on the couch looking relaxed as ever. On the other hand, you had a paper due in 2 days and an exam in a week. Without even looking up he asks “Have you even started?” You look at your screen and all you have written is a title. You had pretty much been watching dramas the whole the whole afternoon. “Of course I’m almost done. I’ve been working all day.” You don’t know why you lied. He knows everything. “Then Let me see what you have written.” His expression was solid, you could never tell what he was thinking. He put down his book to walk over. “No, you can read it when I’m done!” You panicked not wanting to disappoint him. “No I took this course in college I can help.” You could tell you were busted by his tone. He always got this dad-like attitude when you were in trouble. 

He stood behind you. And you both stared back at the virtually empty screen. “[Y/N] this is due in 2 days. You’ve been here all afternoon and have done about 3 minutes worth of work.” You look to the ground between your feet. “I know but I still have a couple days so it’s not that bad. And the exa-” He gave you a look so cold it could kill. “Wouldn’t you rather be done early so you don’t stress later on. I can’t understand when people leave things so last minute.” He sits in the chair next to you. For a moment neither of you move. He buries his face in his hands out of frustration. But he collects himself calmly and looks at you and suddenly there is a twinkle in his eyes. 

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I'm not sure If anyone writes you poems but you deserve one

I can still taste
you with my finger
tips when I put my
after sitting on one
hand so it feels like
I’m touching someone

how we met the semester
before we fell in love
seeing something in the other
but too afraid of each other
to let those initial feelings
rise above

I remember the art building
3AM, caramel macchiato
my triple shot americano
unventilated room
and permanent marker
highs tracing on the light table
we giggled about our head
aches and that mistake
we made

antique tea sets
trees and especially

tree houses
with rope swings

that princess cut diamond
ring you wanted
but never got

every vanilla coke
every figure drawing
every bottle of Jack Daniels
following you in the dark
Death Cab for Cutie

anytime I see an old beautiful
house that should be a landmark

like that house we drove by
you want to buy
you showed me those
places that made you
who you were

cigarettes on second story stairs
that night we fell on the kitchen
floor after dancing, how we just
laid there, how we fell into love

that night in February when
we went to your cousin’s
we watched the puppet
funny man and then
we went back and we
discovered how much
in love we were

you stayed
in your room
three days after
I waited in your
dorm courtyard
like a star crossed lover
underneath an empty

I remember a rooftop we snuck
up one night so we could drink
and see Abilene like we never did

we peed in the corner together
because of the beer
we had no fear or disgust
for each other

we laid on a blanket after drinking
and watched the stars fade away
doing other things

we learned all the Beatles songs
driving around the loop
we bought a dog named
Jude who stayed
with you

we slept in cars in parks
we showed up together
closed down bars
opened uncountable bottles
whataburger, red lobster

your nerdy short outburts
of laughter and my nerdy
neverending jokes no one
laughed at

taco bell drive throughs
and all those other places
we went to

the night I broke the key
to your heart when I ripped
it from my key ring and threw
it past you into the bathroom

cops, apologies, live shows
and our anthologies I wrote
you illustrated pictures on my
heart no one has matched since

that time on my birthday the cops
the year before when I was alone
and wrinked leopard print left
on the floor

the night I showed up
drunk to get the rest of my stuff
you tried to protect me
demanded I stayed with you
we took each other
to the ground and wrestled for glasses
and keys, never knowing the whole
time that you still loved me

I did too that’s why I was drinking

I went home that night and lined
up on the side of highway I-20
and felt the eighteen wheeler wind
blow by me as I debated being
an Olympic gold medalist about
to lose a race

the look on your face in my bedroom
that summer afternoon when I tried
to kill us and you tried

how quickly regret can turn hearts
from Juliet and Romeo
to Joker and Harley Quinn

how we sped down that alleyway
slamming gears and watched the
wall approach with no fear

I was with you and I was fine
with whatever

all these billion pieces
of evaportaing molecules
that build homes in my heart
and commute to my brain
on a soul highway

how they show themselves
with simple phrases we trade
and our somewhat awkward hands

as we reach out with text messages
touching fingertips.


"Stop stepping on my feet!"-Robb Stark x Reader One Shot

(A/N: Who would have thought that I was a huge need for Game of Thrones too?)

Summary: The Starks have to travel to attend a ball hosted by their close friends. Robb has been set up in an arranged marriage with a childhood friend (the reader) who he will be seeing but does not know how to dance and knows that this will be expected of him when he arrives. Hours before the gathering, (Y/N) decides to help, bringing them closer together.

Characters: Robb Stark x Reader, mentions of the Starks

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Nothing but fluff (everyone is alive in this Game Of Thrones imagine. I wish that was true.)

“Lady (Y/L/N), the guests have arrived. Your parents have requested that you greet them in the yard.” one of my ladies in ladies informed me.

I thanked her as she curtsied. Quickly looking into the mirror, I made sure that I looked presentable before squealing. The Starks were here to attend our annual ball, they were close friends of ours. Their eldest child Robb was my fiance and I couldn’t be happier. When I was first told that my arranged marriage had been sorted, I prayed that they would be at least kind to me. Many girls had stories of marrying men much older and were very cruel. The Gods must have been graciously looking down on me to pair me with such a handsome, lovely, brave man such as Robb Stark.

I stood with my parents in the yard in front of our castle. The staff were also stood behind us, ready to greet our guests. As they arrived in their carriages and on their horses I spotted my mother looking down at me through my peripheral vision. Glancing up, she smiled down at me, seeing how excited I was to see my fiance again. There he was, right behind his father. Our eyes locked onto each other, sharing a small smile. We had definitely missed each other.

After greeting each other we left the Starks to get settled into their rooms. My parents were checking up on the final preparations for the ball, they wanted everything to be perfect. They held this ball every year as a way to bring close friends and families together, to celebrate the good times for once; it was also a great way for matches to be made. Whilst they were busyl, I wandered towards the guest rooms, knowing that Robb would be in the one he always was in. I knocked on the door before his voice called out.

He turned to face me, a huge smile evident.“(Y/N)!”

I giggled as he ran forward and embraced me, lifting me off of the ground as he spun us around. He quickly and unexpectedly kissed me as soon as my feet touched the floor. I never thought that I could feel like this, it was such a lovely feeling. As we pulled away, it took us a few moments to catch our breath.

A quiet bark brought me back to the real world. Looking down, I saw Greywind at my feet, staring up at me with a grin and tongue poking out. Leaning down to his height I made a fuss of him. He rested his head on my knees before Robb drew the attention back on himself. I stood back up, Robb immediately taking me back into his embrace.

“I can’t believe you’re here. I’ve spent too many months without you.” my hands absentmindedly played with his curly hair as I looked into his blue eyes.

“It does seem a little strange. We shall soon be together though. Just think, we’ll be married soon.”

I let out a breathy laugh.“It’s too exciting. We will hold a ball such as this, invite all of our friends and dance all night together.”

“There is one small problem.” he wouldn’t look at me.

I started to panic. What on earth could he be on about? He wasn’t having second thoughts was he?

“W-what’s that?”

“I cannot dance.”

I let out a sigh of relief before laughing.

He scolded.“It is not funny. I did not pay attention to my mother or Septa during those lessons. I was far too busy learning how to weild a sword.”

“I’m sorry my love, I am not laughing at you. I’m just relieved that it was not something bad. But we have a ball tonight and we must change the fact that you cannot dance.”

“I was so nervous coming here. I’ve been to balls before but I somehow always got out of the dancing part.”

“Well we still have a few hours before it starts.” I held out my hand.

“You are going to teach me?” he hesitantly took it.

“Of course. I can’t have my future husband step all over my toes on our first dance at our wedding.”

We stayed in his room for the whole afternoon. I was determined to teach him some steps in order for at least one flawless dance tonight. He listened intently, trying to remember the moves I showed him, he started to get frustrated at one point; even giving up. But I too was stubborn, there was no way he was going to just stop because he couldn’t do it. Greywind was laying on the bed, watching as these humans moved around the room in a silly fashion.

He was starting to get the hang of it after two hours of non stop dancing. However Robb got over confident, hurting me in the process.

“Ow!” I cried out as he stepped into my foot.

“I am so sorry! I did not mean that.” he jumped away from me.

I softly smiled, ignoring the pain.“Stop stepping on my feet!”

Unfortunately the lesson had to stop. We were to get ready for the ball as it was not far away now. My mother was constantly asking me questions about where I was the whole time. When I told her the truth she only giggled, happy that I was spending time with my fiance. After an hour of my handmaidens preparing me for the ball I was finally set to go. We were to walk in with the Starks, announcing our arrival to everyone. As we made our way down the ballroom, I started to feel nervous. This was mine and Robb’s first time appearing together and for some reason it was making butterflies appear in my stomach. As soon as I saw him though, I knew I would be safe with him.

The night was filled with laughter and chatter, food and wine hogged the table space. Decorations decked the walls to add a splash of colour, brightening the room alongside the beautifully lit chandeliers. There were so many people here, no one ever missed this event; houses sometimes even begged to be invited. It was difficult to move in some places as the crowds were so big. Robb and I had somehow been operated after the meal was over, I desperately wanted to spend time with him. All that I heard were ‘congratulations’ and how excited everyone was for my wedding. At any other time I would have happily talked about it but my actual fiance was no where to be seen.

“Looking for me?” a hushed voice spoke into my ear, making me jump.

Spinning around in shock, I playfully hit Robb on the arm.“You startled me! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“And I, you.” he linked our hands together.

After a few seconds of silence, I raised an eyebrow at him.“So?”

“So what?”

“Aren’t you going to ask me to dance?”

He let out a nervous laugh.

“I didn’t spend all afternoon teaching my fiance to dance for nothing. Please, we’ve never danced together before.”

He looked away for a moment but smiled at me. Tugging me along, we made our way to the centre of the room where the dancing was being held. Robb didn’t look too comfortable. Instead of letting him chicken out at the last second, I placed one if his hands I’m my waist and the other in my hand. Craving my neck up at his tall figure, I tried to send a reasurring smile his way before the music started up again.

“Everyone is watching.” Robb whispered.

“They’re watching everyone dancing, not just us. Smile, look at me and please don’t step on my feet.”

How could Robb go head on into battle without even blinking but the thought of dancing scared him? He had worried himself too much because it turned out that he was an excellent dancer (all thanks to his great teacher), actually swooning me quite a bit. We laughed together as he dipped me, or spun me and even when he lifted me into the air unexpectedly. Once the song was over, I expected him to walk away from the dance floor but that was not the case. We ended up dancing for a majority of the night, both breathless. One thing was certain, our first dance at our wedding was going to be amazing.

Fake Girlfriend 4 || Dan Howell

A/N: The response to part 3 was just overwhelming! thanky ou so much 💕


Word Count: 1.5K 

POV: Dan

MASTERLIST // PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 // PART 4 // PART 5

Originally posted by salaiiinspire

“I wasn’t acting.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She actually wanted to kiss me? My eyes widened as I intensively looked at her. My heart was suddenly racing. Y/N stopped staring at her feet and our gazes met. Her eyes spoke of surprise just like mine did. We just stood there in the middle of the woods, our faces cold and hands sweating. The girl in front of me with the cute red nose was the same one I used to fight with whenever we met. I used to despise her and my hate was returned. So, what happened to us?  Because right at that moment I longed to kiss her sweet pink lips even if it were the last thing that I did.

I swallowed hard. I should’ve probably said something but all I could think about was kissing her. I moved closer to her, leaving footprints in the snow with every step I took. Since she was shorter than me she lifted her head to look up as soon as I stood right in front of her, our chests almost touching. I could feel my body already prickling. She was so damn beautiful. Y/N got on her tiptoes. There were only inches between us. I could feel her warm breath on my cold skin. The spark was almost there. I leaned in to close the distance between us and then?  Shouts.

“Daniel, Y/N! Where are you?” Aunt Sarah’s voice echoed through the forest.

We had fallen behind a while ago and had last seen my relatives more than ten minutes ago. They probably thought we were lost somewhere around here since there were a lot of different paths.

I groaned in annoyance, seeing my aunt and her soon to be husband. ‘We were about to kiss god damn it.’ I wanted to angrily shout in their faces. Maybe I groaned a bit too loud because Y/n started giggling at my exasperation. Just the sound of her little laugh made me calm down.

“We are here!” I shouted back.

After less than 5 minutes we had caught up to my relatives.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to worry you. We just.. uhm needed a minute to ourselves.” I apologized, scratching the back of my head.

“You both know that the fertility luck of that squirrel you saw lasts longer than just a few minutes, right?” my grandma asked, winking again.

Oh my god. Here she goes again. Why does she always have to do this? I mentally facepalmed myself and just laughed it off while Y/N stayed silent in embarrassment.

“I hope you didn’t search for us too long?” I asked with a slight feeling of guilt. Unfortunately, Harry was the first one to answer.

“Well Dan, Auntie Sarah was actually quite worried about you. You must know Y/N, that when Dan and I were 12 we used to play hide and seek here in the woods and Dan got lost for a whole afternoon. When we found him in the evening he was crying his eyes out and since then we weren’t allowed to play here anymore.” Harry ended his anecdote with a bitter laugh and I wondered how many stories that make me seem like the biggest loser on Earth there were.

Much to my liking though Y/N was on my side and not his. Her way of killing was kindness. She just laughed at my 12 year old self and took my hand in hers. Her small fingers felt cold under her knitted gloves so I tried to rub some warmth into her hands.

“Is that why you are scared of trees and the dark?” she wanted to know with a grin and I was surprised that she knew that about me.

Since it was way past midday we soon returned to my aunt’s mansion. Sarah made hot chocolates for all of us to warm up. Later today most of my other relatives would arrive since the wedding was tomorrow. Me and Y/N walked up to our room in silence. My thoughts were racing though. We weren’t even friends when we got here, she was just my fake girlfriend and now? What were we now?

Instead of talking about what happened during our little walk we just talked. About how we both met Phil, what are favourite movies were, what we were scared of as children and topics like that. The only thing we didn’t talk about was our first kiss, our second kiss and our almost kiss. I think we were both unsure of what the other would say and we just didn’t know how to address it. At five in the afternoon there was a knock on our door, making me stop talking mid-sentence.

“Hey, lovebirds. Most of your aunts, uncles and cousins have arrived, Dan. Why don’t you two come downstairs to have dinner with all of us?”

“Sure, auntie.” I said while Y/N sweetly smiled at Sarah.

We got up from the armchairs near the big window that we were sitting on. Y/N checked her hair in the mirror on the wall before she approached the door.

“I can’t believe that out of all girls in the world, it’s you who is my fake girlfriend.” I uttered with astonishment.

My words made Y/N stop in the middle of her tracks. She turned around to look at me and when I saw her face I realized that she had completely misunderstood what I had said. I was trying to compliment her. I was simply expressing my amazement because the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world agreed to act like she is my girlfriend. She had interpreted what I said differently, in a negative way.  

“Y/N I didn’t mean it like-“ I defended myself trying to make this, whatever this was, okay again.

“Let’s just go meet your family.” She snapped and walked out of the door.

 Smooth Dan Howell. Real smooth.

I headed after her, wanting to apologize, but it was already too late.

“Daniel dear!” various relatives exclaimed with glee when they saw me and I shook a lot of hands instead of kissing Y/N.

What I soon learned was that Y/N was indeed a really good actress. She acted like the perfect girlfriend and made us seem like we were the happiest couple on Earth. Only I knew that she was actually mad at me. What was I even thinking when I said that? Why didn’t I ask her to be my girlfriend already?

The horror that I might have ruined whatever we could have had made my heart want to explode. We sat at the table talking and chatting with everybody, eating dinner and answering questions about our fake relationship.

“Looking at you two makes me want to be young again.” My grandma said with a smile.

Y/N blushed and squeezed my hand underneath the table.  It was just an act but I wanted it to be real so badly.

So I plunged in at the deep end.  I moved closer to her, my palms sweaty.

“I’m  I am – uh.. falling for you, Y/N.” I whispered into her ear, my heartbeat almost louder than my words.

I watched her face lose colour at my words. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to say something but then closed it again.

I could tell that she was shouting “Dan?!” inside of her head right now.

Dessert couldn’t be served soon enough and we nearly jumped up from our seats when we were finished. We took two stairs at the same time, nearly sprinting to our room. When I shut the door behind me, there was nothing and nobody holding us back anymore.

“CAN WE FINALLY TALK ABOUT THIS?!” Y/N screamed, but just as those words had left that pretty mouth of hers I had stumbled forward to where she stood and crashed my lips onto hers. I was finally kissing her, no acting just real feelings. She immediately kissed back and there was that famous spark again. My whole body was on fire as I wrapped my arms around her waist and she tangled her fingers in my hair. There was no space between our bodies left as we moved our lips in perfect rhythm.  

We broke apart staring at each other in sheer amazement.

I was still out of breath but she was right, we had to talk about his. So I swallowed hard and talked.

“Okay so, first of all I just want you to know I am not acting right now. It’s all real and I never should have lied.

The second thing I want you to know is that what I said before dinner was supposed to be a compliment, but it looks like I am just freaking dumb.

The third confession is that I have fallen so hard for you and every time I kiss you it feels like I am actually on fire.”

Y/N and I had the biggest smiles on our faces as I finally spoke my mind.

“Oh and fourth, I’m tired of this fake girlfriend thing. The ‘fake’ part just doesn’t work out for me.”

Starting Over Again

“request: “HEY! so i just wanted to request an angsty kihyun fic in which he is a member of an assassin group and it just so happens that you are his target but he does not that you are actually an assassin as well. TYSM😘!!” -anon

ship: Kihyun x [y/n]

genre: angst

word count:



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“Caught you by surprise, didn’t I?” 

Kihyun’s breath hitched when he felt the cold surface of your blade on his throat. It was an unexpected turn of events. He was supposed to be in your position right now but sadly, he was in your position, the one who’s probably gonna lose his life.

“You’re also an assassin, huh?” His voice was filled with bitterness that he could even taste the metallic taste of his blood seeping out from his busted lip. “I am and I think it’s a bad decision for you to choose me as your target, Yoo Kihyun.”

Totally bewildered at the fact that you know his name, his eyes stared right into yours while staring at both of your reflections in the mirror right in front of the two of you. “You seriously don’t remember me, do you?

Do I know her? Kihyun mentally asked himself, trying to recall any particular memory to give him some hints of who you really are. Glancing down at your hand, the sight of a silver ring got all of his memories rushing back like a current.

“[y/n]?” His voice trailed off as he reaches up to your hand, slowly wrapping his fingers around your hand with tears welling up on the corner of his eyes.

Kihyun listlessly dragged his whole body towards the conference room where he was summoned by their leader, Shownu. Having the doors opened for him, he wasn’t too happy to see the red folder right in front of Shownu. 

He knew he was gonna get his hands covered with blood again. It has always been that way. Kihyun, the most wanted assassin for killing hundreds of well-known people. “What is it this time, Hyunwoo?”

It was rare to hear Kihyun call Shownu by his real name, and when Kihyun calls Shownu by his real name, it was obvious that Kihyun didn’t want to do the work that’s being thrown at him. It has actually reached to a point that Kihyun was sick and tired of taking away countless lives when he, himself, doesn’t even know why they had to be killed.

“I need you to kill her for me.”

Shownu didn’t waste any time and showed Kihyun a picture of you and a list of information about you. Glancing down on your picture, he felt his heart skip a beat for a second and that really bothered him.

There was something about your picture that he couldn’t pinpoint. Was it because he was reminded of someone whom he had long forgotten about? Was it because you looked too familiar for him? His eyes read all of the information written down on the piece of paper, pushing it away after memorizing a couple of information.

“When do you want me to start?” Kihyun leans back in his chair, an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. The sun was still up and he just got back from another mission last night. Shownu somewhat had a miserable look on his face when he stared at Kihyun.

Doesn’t he remember her? Shownu thought as he took a hold of the folder. “You can start whenever you feel like it.” 

“Alright, I’ll be heading out tonight and I think I might need that information sheet for me to study this afternoon.”

Nodding his head in approval, Shownu rips the paper off the clip and hands it directly to Kihyun. Turning around to leave the place, Kihyun was brought to a stop by Shownu’s question.

“Doesn’t she look familiar to you?”

Shaking his head in disapproval, Kihyun didn’t think twice but to continue his way out. Sadly looking at Kihyun’s retreating back, Shownu slumps his whole body in his chair and lets out a deep sigh, wishing that Kihyun had never taken the job.

“Isn’t it sweet of you to finally remember me, Kihyun?” You blatantly asked as you just let his warm hands take a hold of yours but despite his sudden skinship, you never brought your guard down.

Memories of the two of you came rushing into Kihyun. The time when the two of you were happy in each other’s arms, enjoying each other’s warmth and touch…. but only to be destroyed once he entered MX. 

“You’re still wearing our wedding ring?” Kihyun sadly asked as he looked over to his wife, wondering why he never seemed to remember you when he saw your picture. Was it because his mind decided to bury that happy memory at the back of his head to keep him emotionally stable? Was it to keep him at bay? or was it to keep him away from hurting himself over and over again?

Scoffing at his own words, you only pressed the blade harder on his throat, slowly cutting through the first layer of his skin. “Pathetic, isn’t it? Even though here I am, holding a knife around your neck ready to kill you, I’m still wearing our damned wedding ring… knowing that our marriage had already died five years ago.”

Both of your chests were burning with sadness. It was a tragic ending for the two of you. You were taken away by people whom he never knew and he was taken away from you by MX. “What happened to you? Why are you an assassin?”

Glancing back at your reflection, he knew that the old [y/n] was long gone and was replaced by someone whom he never expected to meet. A new [y/n] who’s practically fine with killing people, having her hands stained with corrupted blood, and being heartless. 

You hated things like killing people when the two of you were still young and happy. But now, it was different… especially when Kihyun left you. You trained so hard in order to just meet him one day during some mission. You hoped that one day the two of you might meet with hearts still beating for each other and now is actually that day.

But the day when the two of you are up on each other’s throats, trying to kill each other. You fell silent when you heard his voice filled with concern and sadness. Why did you become an assassin in the first place, though? Was it because you wanted to run away from the pain that he’s caused you?

“I don’t know…” you whispered against his ears before making your hand go limp, pulling the blade away from his throat. “I… I can’t do this.” You angrily muttered as you tried to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall.

Feeling a lump in his throat, Kihyun wipes away the blood on his neck before pulling you into his arms. Oh, how long have he yearned to have you in his arms once again. Burying your face into his chest, you unconsciously wrapped your arms around him and burst out crying. 

“Why did you leave me?” Your cry was muffled in his chest, only to bring Kihyun to tears. “I never meant to leave you, [y/n].” Kihyun whispered as he slowly remembered why he left you in the first place.

“Kihyun, you do know that [y/n]’s in danger because of you right?” Wonho asked as he roughly places both of his hands on his shoulder. “I know…” Kihyun lifelessly replied with his eyes lowered to the ground. “And you do know how to keep her safe?”

Of course, Kihyun knew how to keep you safe but it was in a harsh way. If he joins MX, then he would be reassured that you’d be taken care of their sister assassin group, a group of people that he doesn’t even know about. But it also meant that he wouldn’t be able to see you again.

“Okay fine….” Kihyun gave up at the thought of you being in danger. Glancing towards your sleeping figure, Kihyun heaves out a sigh and mutter a sorry before glancing back up to Wonho.

“I’m in.”

Kihyun then tightens his grip around your, his shaky breath glossing over your neck as his tears have already betrayed him. “I’m sorry… but it was only one way to keep you safe, [y/n]…”

“Safe?” you scoffed as you pushed him away. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He never knew what happened to you. He never knew what struggles and beating that you’ve gone through to become an assassin… which you never wished to become.

“Do you call having my back whipped by some woman safe?! Do you call having my body filled with bruises safe?! Tell me, Kihyun, is everything that I’ve been through safe to you?!”

Gaping at the words that he just took in, Kihyun looks at you with eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “They did that?”

“They freaking did, Kihyun, they freaking did! And you know what, I had to freaking fight for this wedding ring so that I wouldn’t lose the only thing that reminded me that you were mine and you loved me.”

Looking down at his hands, he sadly twists the ring on his left hand before he softly mutters a sorry. “This is pointless..” you exasperatedly said as you walked towards him, grabbing his hand before placing the knife on his palm.

Just end it here, honey. I know what’ll happen if you don’t finish your mission.” 

Kihyun’s eyes widened in fear as he frantically shook his head in disapproval, throwing the knife away from the two of you. “No. I’m not gonna kill you…. [y/n], please, we can fix this. Let’s run away!”

You sadly smiled at him before letting out a shaky breath, “We can’t… we both know that they’ll be able to track us down and punish us once they find us.” Kihyun takes a hold of your hand, his vision blurred by the tears in his eyes.

“Let’s leave everything behind, [y/n]! We can be that happy couple we used to be and grow a family together!” 

Hearing those words were comforting enough to make you smile at him sincerely. You slowly remove his hands off of yours before cupping his cheeks. His tears were brimming down his cheeks, his lips were starting to swell from crying and you’ve never felt so broken to see him like that.

“I love you so much, honey, but I can’t do that… I know that we’ll be both dead if we ever try to run away.” 

“We can change our identity, [y/n]! We can fucking change it…. please… Let’s just live a normal life with mini me and mini you running around our house, I’m sick and tired of this life… please… just run away with me.”

Kihyun was literally sobbing as he leaned into your touch. He was right… the thought of that having a family with him felt magical that it sent butterflies in your tummy. Imagining what Kihyun just said made you change your mind. Taking his lips with your own, you couldn’t help but smile at the feelings of his on yours after how many years.

Pulling away from the kiss, Kihyun leaned his forehead against yours before sniffing. His gaze was soft and was filled with so much emotions. Tracing your fingers on his lips, you couldn’t help but smile before letting the words, that could change both of your lives, out from your mouth, making him burst out into a smile.

“Alright.. let’s run away and leave this all behind us.” 

Wedding Hero (Zico)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request:Could you do a Zico scenario where a girl in the streets of L.A asks him to be her date to a siblings wedding that afternoon because she found out her boyfriend who she was gonna take was cheating on her?

You sat across fron the man you had been dating for three years. His face still had a large smile on it “sorry princess” he spoke as you looked around. You understood why he picked to meet you in a public place so you wouldn’t cause a scene. “I’ll see you at the wedding. I mean I am the best man and you’re the maid of honor. Maybe we could hook up one last time” he teased. You sat back “asshole” you said as he got up. “Oh well have fun” he said moving away from you after patting your shoulder.

You quickly pulled out your phone and dialed your sister’s fiance’s number. “Hello” you heard you looked around the area hoping no one would understand you “Jerry’s a dick” you told him in Korean. “What happened?” he responded back in the same tone. Sukwoo had been a friend since you were an exchange student in Korea and you two had been in touch since. And as of this afternoon he was to be your brother in law.

“He’s been cheating on me” you tell him as he makes a sound. “I’m sorry” he said as rush was clear in his voice “I have to go” “sorry sorry” you say ending the call before looking up. You quickly met with eyes who seemed to be listening the whole time.

You stood up glancing down at your phone seeing you had to get going soon but glanced back up at the man who was sitting with his friends. You took a deep breath before heading over. You tapped his shoulder “hello” you spoke to him in English as he said hello back. “You speak Korean right?” you ask him switching languages quickly. He nodded. “So you heard what I said?” you ask as he nods again. “So wanna be my date?” you ask as you give a smile.


“Hello” Jiho said to one of the people who gave him a smile “I um looking for Y/N” he said as clearly as he could. “She’s with the bride” “bride?” “Where can I go?” he then asks “you’re Korean yeah?” she asks as he nods quickly. She looks off at someone before calling a name “my friend speaks Korean” she said a she man offers a smile. “I am I guess the plus one of Y/N” he spoke as the male nods. “I though she was the best man’s girlfriend” he said but guided him.


“You can’t be serious” Jerry spoke looking between you and Sukwoo “leave. You’re only the best man because you were with Y/N. Since you’re not you leave” Sukwoo states as you give Jerry a proud smirk. “Who’s gonna be your best man then?” Jerry asks “my date” you say “his name is Jiho” you tell them as you head off into the reception hall. You quickly spotted Jiho and headed over. “You really came” you say as he stood up. You looked him over. he looked handsome in a suit. “You sounded like you needed me” he said as you nod. “I need you again” you say as you pull him off.


He couldn’t believe it he went from just being the plus one to a random woman who he wanted to help, to the best man at the wedding where he knew no one. “Dude” Sukwoo says looking at him “Zico is the date?” he asked you as you looked confused “huge fan” Sukwoo spoke as they shook hands “this dude is a Kpop idol” he told you as you made a sound. “Well Zico thank you for doing all this” you tell him as you straighten his tie. “My wedding just got a billion times better” Sukwoo says ruining the moment. You gave him a look “come on we both know this is for the bride not the groom” he says as you nod in agreement.


“I really don’t know how to thank you” you tell him as you two slow danced “you really don’t have to. This was fun. Food was good. Your sister married a good man. I think its enough” he said as you looked him in the eyes. “But I literally desturbed your brunch with friends-” “it’s fine they told me to call you and come” he said as you nod. “I didn’t tell you this but you look really pretty in your dress” he says as you look down. “Its an ugly color” you tell him “you make it work” he promises. “Thanks” you say as he nods. “You wanna ditch?” you ask him as he raises a brow “there’s this joint down the block that makes really good food” you start as he laughs “sure why not” he says as you two link hands and slowly but surely made you way out of the wedding without getting caught.


In only a week you went from not even knowing Jiho to sleeping with Jiho. “So like you don’t live in L.A either?” he asked as you two sat on his hotel bed eating fries “yeah. I live in Busan” you tell him as he smiles. “You flew here for a wedding?” he asked “well yeah. My sister and one of my best friend” you say as you stuck another fry into your mouth. “How does that work?” he asked. “Have you ever seen FRIENDS?” you ask him “sorta” he said “well there’s this couple, Chandler and Monica. The best friend Chandler hooks up with his best friends sister aka Monica during Ross, the brother’s wedding and it spawns a relationship which leads them to getting married and having a family” you say as he raises a brow. “They met at your wedding?” he asked confused.

“No I have an older brother who befriended Sukwoo and he introduce him to my sister. He was my plus one for our older brothers wedding but ditched me for my sister when her date ditched her” you continue “that seems wrong” he states. “It ended well didn’t it?” you ask as he smiles nodding. “I need to thank watch FRIENDS some more” he says as you chuckle “its on Netflix I bet the TV has it” you say grabbing the guide on the side and the remote. “We’ll watch together then?” he asked as you nodded “its a great show” you confirm as he brings the plate up with him and lays beside you.

I’m still left in a state of unease. I can’t seem to come to terms with the death of Chris Cornell, but I think there are various reasons why.
Nobody expected it.
No one.

I woke up Thursday morning, rolled over in my bed to the gleaming light of my phone with my father informing me at 5:37 AM he passed away. And it left me stunned. Not to say I did not have a similar reaction when I found out about Scott Weiland, but upon realizing the incident was drug related, it shook me, but did not take me for surprise. It made me upset that he returned to the path of that demise. Which all ties into why this incident hurts me so much. I saw Cornell (and Vedder) as the two who were to grow of age and overcome, crawling out of the desolate path of grunge apathy and drug fueled scene that struck Seattle in the 90’s taking out loved souls.
Andrew Wood.
Stephanie Sargent.
Mia Zapata.
Kurt Cobain.
Kristen Pfaff.
Shannon Hoon.
Demri Parrott.
Layne Staley.
Scott Weiland.

(And I’m sure I’m missing others.)
I saw Cornell as the man who made it out.
So hearing on Thursday afternoon that suicide was called into question took a jab at the heart. We need to sit down and consider poor mental health, since the silent killer of depression took him. This man, and Soundgarden as a whole played an integral part of me growing up, despite me only existing for a blink of an eye in the 90s. I’m a ‘99 kid. But my parents launched me into the music, mainly my father, and I caught it all in a second hand wave– the aftermath of most of it. Driving down the beach with my family in the early to mid 2000’s, cranking “Burden in my Hand” or “Blow Up the Outside World” through the worn speakers of our Toyota. The sun beating down on us. Asking my father “When is Soundgarden ever getting back together?“ Then seeing my face light up at 11 years old when I saw on a music channel they were finally back together. I tried convincing my father after seeing Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains that it was our absolute mission to catch Soundgarden live. But time just didn’t work out that way. This is what resonates time again when I’m feeling nostalgic.

This summer I’ll still be driving down to the beach in my car, (now turning 18 in June) to my old Soundgarden A-sides compilation album my father gave me a long time ago. Windows down, and a smile on my face. I’m hurt. But like others who passed in the 90s, they are apart of me. The music created here, made me realize who I am.

Request 37-fuck boi

This is so long and took me the whole day to write?

From the first moment I spoke to him on that warm April afternoon I knew I’d end up fucking him only a matter of days later. After all, he was Dan Howell, the boy who did it with every girl who entered his apartment, at least once.

My friend and I giggled as we stood outside the coffee shop; catching our breath while resting our hands on the top of our thighs. “How far was that?” I stuggled out between pants. Katie twisted her watch around her wrist; the result making her eyes widen.
“3 miles.” She panted, swiping the loose hair from her face.

I walked into the dimly lit room, the smell of coffee mixed with berries knocking me back a little. Making my way to the queue I saw him from the corner of my eye, smirking back at me. He knew I saw him, causing me to roll my eyes. As I approached he ran his hand through his gorgeous brown curls. “Howell.” I stated making eye contact with him.
“Peppermint tea?” He guessed noting my running outfit. His eyes wondered down to my tightly covered ass which he’d had his hands on more than once.
“Eyes up here.” I laughed, letting my lips form a smirk.

Scanning the room I spotted a free table near a large window. The chocolate eyed boy followed me to my seat, holding a large white mug filled with green peppermint liquid. “Mine, 8pm, Saturday.” He mentioned with a wink. I knew what the wink ment: any other time I would have dismissed him but I felt like playing along.
“Hmh, I’ll have to dig out my matching underwear for you babe.” I responded with a giggle.

collect the bad habits that you couldn’t bare to keep. “Fall out boy.” I stated to the 20 year old in front of me, recognizing the familiar tune and voice. I could smell the alcohol radiating off him; the smell wasn’t too strong signalling he wasn’t too pissed.

After a short, and dare I say flirtatious, conversation with Dan I realised where we’d found our way to.
“Gin?” He asked already with my favourite pink bottle in his hand.
“Classy. Almost like you knew I’d be here.” I pushed my hand through my hair at took the gin and tonic from him.
“Babe, I know you’d never let me down.” He winked, sipping from what smelled like vodka and coke. We were leaning against the kitchen counter, watching as people neither of us knew wondered past.

Every time I looked to his direction Dan’s eyes where studying my body as if I was  a work of art.  I’d opted for a simple pair of black jeans and a blue and white striped button up. It wasn’t the easiest outfit to get off in a hurry but the past two times we’d fucked Dan got it easy. Dan had gone for black jeans with a long grey sweatshirt that hung off his body perfectly.

“What y'thinkin?” I questioned, turning to pour myself another drink.
“I’m thinkin’ about how quickly I can get you out of that shirt if I’m honest.” He answered, never taking his eyes off my waist.
“Hmh, honesty. I like it.” I smiled a little. His eyes lifted to meet mine; both of us smiling at our own minds. He had his side and elbow leaning against the counter making him shorter than me. I was still smiling as I looked down at him; examining his body.

His hair floated above his forehead like a cloud in the sky, his eyes like pools of hazel asking me to dive in, his skin soft and pale snow that hid beneath the black cloth. I wanted to hold him and feel every inch of his skin; his eyes showed he felt the same about me.

“By the way” I started, leaning down to his ear “I don’t mind if you want to see how fast you can get this thing off.” My sentence ended with a smirk as I pulled at my shirt.

With that his lips where on mine, both of us moving in sync to eachother. His thigh stood between my thighs as one of his hands held my jaw, the other rested on my waist. Dan’s tongue ran over my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I allowed less than a second later. We both fought for dominance before I gave in and allowed him to take over.

I was now pinned to the back of his bedroom door where we’d stumbled to not breaking away from eachother. Dan’s lips moved down to my jaw and neck leaving wet kisses wherever he went. The more his lips moved the more moans left my mouth. His hands fumbled with the small white buttons of my shirt which caused me to giggle. Upon hearing me giggle Dan pushed his knee against my clothed core making me moan again. Dan’s lips contiued their work before he muttered “fuck this” and ripped my shirt open.

He stepped away from my body letting me move to the monochrome sheets. “Fuck I forgot how good you look in black.” He breathed before climbing atop of me, his lips crashing onto mine again. Our lips moved together again until his left and made their way to my boobs.

Dan pushed the black lace material from my boobs so my already sensitive nipples were exposed to the cold air. Almost immediately he took the right boob in his mouth and began playing with the skin with his tongue and teeth. The other was cared for by his soft hand, massaging it slowly, earning many moans to escape from my mouth.

I felt his hands on the top of my jeans, my hands tugging on the bottom of his shirt, which he soon removed. The light hit his perfectly pale body making it glow like the sun. After his shirt joined the pile with mine both pairs of black jeans soon followed. His large palms ran up my legs sending a shiver down my spine. “Never let you down babe.” I laughed as he noticed my matching black bra and panties which I knew would both be removed soon.

The gorgeous pools of hazel ran over every inch of my body his hands following the route. When they reached my waistband they bought my underwear down with them. My clothed heat was hit by the cool air causing a sharp intake of breath.

Before I could fix my breathing Dan’s finger ran up my slit, stopping before touching my clit. The same finger sunk inside of me moments later, thrusting in and out. He soon picked up pace adding another finger in the process. My back arched off the bed, immense amounts of pleasure coursing through my veins. “Fuck Dan.” I screamed out once his thumb began moving my clit in cirlces. I felt the familiar fire gather in my stomach and Dan must have felt how close I was because seconds later he removed his fingers. He smirked as I moaned from loss of contact before he bought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them both dry

Sitting up on my elbows I pouted my lips, unhappy with Dan’s actions. He flashed his signature smirk as he reached behind me and un-clasped my bra leaving me fully naked. Dan crawled back over me, his lips sucking on parts of neck and collarbone as he searched for my sweet spot. Moans flooded from both of our lips before Dan couldn’t wait any longer.

My y/e/c eyes met Dan’s hazel eyes as he asked for consent. I nodded my head letting him reach for a condom from the drawer. He rolled it on before hovering above me, one hand holding himself up, the other lining up with my entrance. Both of our moans filling up the room as Dan’s dick filled me.

After allowing me to adjust to his size he began thrusting into me, each thrust bringing me closer to the edge. Ecstasy took over my body making me buck my hips to meet Dan’s. My legs wrapped around Dan’s back for more contact. The familiar fire returned to the pit of my stomach. I felt Dan’s thrusts get sloppier signalling he was close too. “Oh. Oh my god Dan Im so cl-close.” I moaned out, my fingers gripping the sheets beneath me. His thumb returned to my clit drawing figures of eight on it causing my walls to clench around Dan and fireworks to go off around me. I heard Dan mumble something along the lines of oh fuck before releasing into the condom.

Dan climbed back onto the bed behind me after disposing of the condom. His arm wrapped around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I thought about my escape route for the morning; a night with Dan was never anything more than a night.

Anon Submission

I (15/m)was home alone with my sister. My parents went out of town for the week and the neighbor was supposed to check on us every other day. Our family is not extremely but somewhat open about sex. My sister (whos 14) obviously has lost her virginity but she doesnt really talk about it. Being the annoying brother i am i spied on her while she was masturbating in her room.

It was so hot, she shaves her pussy already and that turned me on so much i couldnt resist. I whipped out my dick standing behind the door. And watched my own little private show.

Later on she asked me if she wanted to play a game, i asked what game and she said truth or dare. I agreed and she started, at first it was just random questions and stupid dares. Eventually it was my turn and i chose truth, she asked “have you ever masturbated before?” Which i have almost on a regular basis. I said yeah.. and she glanced down for a millisecond at my crotch.(I was sitting in my foldable gaming chair on the floor and she was kind of leaning against the wall) she chose truth and i asked, have you ever used a dildo? She surprisingly said yes, i dont know how she did it.

Id also like to addon she has some mega nice tits. Little on the petite side but god they were like minature domes on her chest. It was my turn and i said dare to spice it up. She said “i dare you to take off your clothes for the rest of the game.” I mustve had a really skeptical look on my face because she said what? You dont want to show me your cock? I glanced at her tits again and did as she said.

I went to sit back down and she said “no no no, hold on.” She came up really close to me i started backing up against the wall. She leaned against me and gently glazed her palm against my scrotum. She pressed me against the wall and straight up kissed me. It was a solid 6 second kiss id say. She must have thought i felt disqusted by a look on my face or something. Because she stood back and ran up to her room.

I felt really bad because i felt like i made her cry because she just wanted to love her brother. Truth is i wasnt disqusted, i was surprised, my heart was racing a million miles a minute and my lustful sister just kissed me. I decided to make it up to her. We stayed away from each other the rest of the afternoon. She was in her room most of the time. I made her dinner because i knew she wouldnt come downstairs so i tapped on her door and left it there.

About 11 oclock i figured she was asleep because she obviously didnt want to stay up. I crept upstairs and went into her room. Sure enough she was asleep. I kneeled down next to her and kissed her. She opened her eyes and pulled me down onto her. She normally sleeps naked so she threw off the sheet and we kissed a whole lot. She took off my gym shorts and held my cock in her hand like she did before.

I sat up a bit took off my shirt and gently rubbed my scrotum on her body. It seemed to really turn her on because she was biting her lip and i could tell one hand was underneath her fingering her butt. I leaned down and kissed her, i kept kissing her down her neck and her body. I kissed down her thigh and her tightly shaved pussy. I rested my cock on her pussy lips and just rubbed up and down. I pushed lightly inside of her going deeper.

Once i got as far as i could, i went faster. We ended up fucking really hard that night. Both did oral, and anal (note shes already had many a dick before me)but boy when her lips let go i blew a load bigger than i ever have. After that we got in bed together and curled in the sheets. Naked under the sheets without a care in the world, just rubbing our boddies together making love.

Best. Night. Of my. Life.

Schrodinger’s Soulmate

Chapter 1;

Set post Winter Soldier, Pre Age of Ultron

For the most part Steve forgot about his soulmark. Not because he didn’t want it, or didn’t want to finally meet them, but it was a distraction he could rarely afford these days. His time and his mind were better spent on hunting HYDRA and finding Bucky than dwelling on that fateful meeting.

So of course it had to happen when he was completely unprepared and focused on the mission.

Focused on Bucky, really.

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What a relaxing, day. Also, knowing that I have the whole week off work makes it that much more enjoyable.

We aren’t going anywhere until the end of the week, but the husband has vacation days he had to use up before his fiscal year ends, so I took it off too. Hopefully relax and get stuff done around the house.

2 treadmill miles done this afternoon.

I ordered this book off Amazon to maybe give me some perspective on my binge eating. I received it Friday, started reading it yesterday, and finished it this morning. It was a very good read.
There were a lot of good points in this book. I took notes and have been trying to implement them into my life. Maybe just maybe I can conquer these demons that constantly ruin the progress I’ve made.
It’s all about changing my mindset.

Had a Cobb salad for dinner and watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean.