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i don’t want to reblog it because i don’t want naked hisoka on my blog more than he should be, but i saw a comparaison post of his naked scene in the greed island arc and i’m fucking crying, 1999 gave him no abs but ma n they took some time to work on that ass, meanwhile 2011!Hisoka is so ripped it’s too funny, and yet he has an ass as flat as a board

And I’m here horrified because in the manga his ass is super flat until the vol 34′s cover (bungee gum butt theory confirmed) and he doesn’t have as much abs as 2011 pictured him with

and I’m laughing because I just woke up and amazing my first thought of the day was the ration abs-butt of Hisoka in every adaptation of hxh and I want to yell. 

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What are your top ten fluffy MakoHaru hcs? And your top ten smutty MakoHaru hcs?

This is such a hard question! There are so many things that I adore so to have to pick my favourites? That’s nearly impossible, but I’m going to try my best. Some of these things might be headcanons that some of my friends once told me and I adopted them, or headcanons that I’ve told my friends before. I’m not sure if these are really my all-time favourites but they are the things that come to mind first when I see this question. These are all my personal headcanons. They’re also in no particular order.

Fluffy headcanons:

1. Makoto proposed to Haru at their special spot (the one where they had the fight) beside the sea during the yearly festival and he was incredibly nervous. He didn’t really know why, because it wasn’t like he was afraid that Haru would turn him down, but it’s such an important moment that he can’t help but be a bit nervous. When Makoto tried to speak up, Haru spoke at the same time but he allowed Makoto to go first. So Makoto gives his little speech and goes down on one knee and pulls out the box with the ring. “Haru, will you marry me?” Makoto asked and at first Haru looked shocked before he started to laugh loudly. Makoto was a bit bewildered because he has no idea why Haru’s laughing, but Haru’s laugh is so beautiful and contagious so he can’t help but laugh as well. When Haru stopped laughing he reached inside his pocket and took out his own box, opening it to reveal a matching ring inside. “Only if you’ll marry me, too.” was his response and at that moment everything clicked together and Makoto began to laugh as well and he got up and hugged Haru tightly against his chest. Haru returned his embrace and they shared their first kiss as fiancés while the fireworks exploded behind them.

2. Lazy mornings spent in bed together are their favourite. Haru is the one who usually wakes up first and although he normally goes to take his morning bath, when they have nowhere they need to be during the day he will stay in bed and slowly run his hand through Makoto’s hair, pressing tiny kisses against his skin while he patiently waits for Makoto to wake up too. When Makoto does wake up, he’ll smile drowsily at Haru before pulling him closer, kissing his forehead while he murmurs “good morning”. They’re content just lying there for as long as they can, drifting in and out of sleep while they feel nothing but love and comfort and warmth and security enveloping them.

3. Next to a usual birthday present, they always make those coupons (one free hug, one free kiss, etc.) for each other and give them to each other for their birthday. Haru always uses all of his on his birthday, while Makoto is always really careful with them and keeps them for a long time. Haru honestly doesn’t know why, because it’s just a cute little thing they do for each other, it’s not like he won’t get a kiss if he doesn’t have a coupon for it, but Makoto still values them and Haru respects that and doesn’t question it any further. Then, when Makoto’s had a particularly rough day, he’ll come home and wordlessly walk to his bedside drawer, after which he gives Haru a coupon like “one free cuddle session on the couch” and Haru just smiles in understanding and pulls him over to the couch, where the cuddle for the rest of the afternoon. Makoto uses his coupons when he needs them most.

4. There was no big confession scene, no big moment of realisation of love, no spectacular first kiss (although I love all of those things so much and I will keep writing and consuming them for the rest of my days.) Throughout the years, their relationship naturally developed into something more, it grew with them. Their first kiss was one that they shared while they were cuddled up and watching a movie together; their eyes met and their lips were naturally drawn to each other in a sweet and chaste kiss, after which they smiled at each other before cuddling even closer together and continuing to watch the movie as if nothing had happened. Simple, natural, and familiar.

5. This is not really a headcanon since it’s half-canon but Haru is a very jealous person. There are times when Makoto gets jealous too but he’s very subtle about it. Haru is not. He can and will show everyone that Makoto is taken and that they need to back the hell off. This always results into him pouting and glaring and clinging to Makoto. Even if Makoto wished that Haru didn’t feel the need to become jealous because it’s not like Makoto even sees anyone else when he has Haru, but he can’t deny that his Haru-chan is incredibly cute.

6. They’re usually pretty discreet about PDA but they love walking hand-in-hand (and just holding hands in general) and that is usually as far as they’ll go when they’re out in public, but sometimes, if one of them is feeling bold, they’ll steal a quick kiss when no one is looking. The only exception to their rule is when they’re drunk, and Haru is a very clingy drunk. Makoto, on the other hand, is a very quiet, happy type of drunk, like he’ll just sit there and smile and let everything happen. So whenever they’re out at a party of one of Makoto’s college friends or something, Haru is half in Makoto’s lap, nuzzling his head into his chest while Makoto just smiles and lets it happen because he doesn’t have a care in the world.

7. There are moments in their daily lives when time suddenly stands still as they’re overwhelmed with how much they love each other. Like Haru will just be cooking and Makoto’s heart just skips a beat because wow, Haru is so cute and beautiful and he loves him so so much and he could practically cry because there are too much emotions to contain within him. Or Makoto has fallen asleep on the couch with his glasses on and Haru’s belly just starts tingling with butterflies because even after all these years, he’s still so in love with Makoto, he falls in love with him over and over again every single day and he realises that he’s so lucky to share a life with his best friend. Their relationship is natural and incredibly beautiful and they never fail to realise how much they love each other and how happy they are together.

8. Haru loves drawing Makoto. He has dozens of sketchbooks throughout the years that have Makoto’s image plastered all over them, in all kinds of scenarios; of Makoto swimming, of Makoto sleeping, of Makoto smiling, anything you can imagine, really. Makoto never looks at his drawings if Haru doesn’t show them to him because he respects Haru’s privacy and boundaries, but sometimes Haru does share these drawings with him and Makoto is so amazed at how incredible Haru is at literally everything he does. Haru always blushes and brushes his compliments off, but he’s secretly really happy with Makoto’s praise.

9. They love to cuddle. In bed, on the couch, in bath, it really doesn’t matter where they are as long as they get to hold each other. It’s always a bit conflicting though, because they both love being the little spoon AND the big spoon, and they can’t decide what’s their favourite; they both love being held but also holding the other. So usually they cuddle based on what mood they are in, but if they still can’t decide then they’ll just face each other, tangle their limbs together and bury their face in the other’s hair or chest.

10. Haru knows where the key to his university’s pool is and they sometimes sneak into the building at night so they can swim together without any disturbance and just the pool for the two of them. At first Makoto was scared to get caught but he eventually relaxed the more often they did it. It’s in those moments that they feel really calm, truly themselves during the hectic Tokyo life and they spend the nights swimming together, floating in together, kissing each other tenderly.

I’ll put the smutty headcanons under the cut because this is getting longer than I anticipated.

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Now, in midsummer, Finnish people are celebrating this thing called Juhannus: it’s basically a celebration of midsummer and light, which we indeed have a lot of this time of year. I’m sure other countries have similar celebrations, but I thought I’d tell you how we celebrate it here in Finland!

So, first, the name juhannus actually comes from Christianity: some people say it’s the birthday of that guy who baptized Jesus. I think his name was John or something. The Finnish form of the name John is Johannes, so johannes, juhannus, see where the name comes from? However, I know exactly 0 people who really celebrate juhannus because of that. It used to be a festival related to the old religions here, from the time before our neighbours made us Christian.

When do we celebrate it, exactly? Well, since 1955, juhannus has been celebrated - in Finland and also in Sweden, but probably not as juhannus - on the Saturday between the 20th and 26th of June. This year juhannuspäivä (”juhannus day”) falls on 24th of June, while juhannusaatto (”juhannus eve”), which, according to my mom, is when most of the celebration takes place, is 23rd of June, the Friday before. Also known as yesterday at the moment I’m writing this. 

How do we celebrate? The most common way is to get together with friends, maybe go to a summer cottage, by the sea or one of our 187 888 lakes, and get drunk. Of course. Finns love all the holidays that give us a reason to get drunk. It’s a little sad, really. 

Of course, when you’re drunk, it’s a great idea to go for a swim, especially if you can’t actually swim while sober! That is why many people drown during juhannus, I checked the news just a while ago and already two people had done just that. It’s… also pretty sad, really.

Anyway, there are also people who don’t get terribly drunk on juhannus. I know, because most of my family belongs to this category. The way we usually spend juhannus is that we go to our summer cottage in the beautiful Turku archipelago, usually our grandparents and cousins are there too. We go swimming - while sober because we’d prefer not to drown - go to sauna, roast or barbecue sausages, and just enjoy the summer with the whole family. 

And, of course, a crucial part of celebrating juhannus is the juhannuskokko. Bonfires are burnt around the country. It’s a tradition! It was originally used to fend away evil spirits, I’ve heard. 

There are also specific ways to decorate your house during juhannus. The most common and simple way is perhaps the juhannuskoivu. People cut down small, young birch trees and tie them to the doorposts of the front door of the house. Wikipedia tells me that the same thing is practiced in Sweden, too, which is not a big surprise since we have been influenced by Sweden quite a lot. I mean, also not a surprise, since we were a part of it for ~600 years. Another common decoration are just… flowers. In my experience, at least.

In Finland’s Swedish-speaking areas and in Åland juhannussalko is a tradition too. It’s also used in Sweden, as well as similar things being used in other European countries, but usually during some other time than midsummer. It’s called a maypole in English, a tall, wooden pole decorated with flowers and such. People dance around it, and, I’m sure a lot of people know what they’re for. 

I mentioned sauna very quickly, but it is a tradition to go to sauna on juhannus. It’s called juhannussauna. You’re supposed to make a fresh vihta or vasta  - there is a lot of debate on which is the correct word - from the branches of the juhannuskoivus you just cut from the forest, though any birch tree is fine. When the vihta/vasta is made around juhannus, the leaves are as big as they’ll get but also still soft, so they’re perfect for what you’re supposed to use them for - hitting yourself and everyone else in the sauna with you. 

Yes, that is really their purpose, but you’re not supposed to hit them so hard it hurts, just… Hit them. Carefully. Not as if you were whipping them to death with a bunch of birch sticks and leaves. People do this other than on juhannus, too, by the way. I’ll make a post about saunas someday, so I’ll talk more about vihtas/vastas too. 

There are also a lot of music festivals in Finland during summer, and juhannusfestarit is a thing. A quick Google search tells me that this year alone there are at least 8 of these. There are other, smaller celebrations too, of course, and there is the event called juhannustanssit. People get together to… dance, really, and probably also to drink. I don’t know, I’ve never been to one, as far as I remember.  (Below a painting by Anders Zorn, called Midsommardans, the Finnish name is Juhannustanssit. Zorn was Swedish, though, but he was friends with a couple of famous Finnish artists, so it goes. It also has a juhannussalko in the background.)

Then, there is also the most important part of juhannus… Juhannustaiat! Juhannustaika is like a “spell”, usually to try to find our your future spouse or to get a good harvest. For most spells you had to be naked for them to work, had to run around fields and saunas and look into wells and jump over brooks and stuff, all while naked. There is, however, one juhannustaika that is still practiced to this day (not saying that the others aren’t, but I personally haven’t done any of those) though probably not that seriously. 

It’s very simple, and I’ll tell you how to do it, so you can use it some juhannus, wherever you live! If you can find flowers nearby, I mean. Anyway, it goes like this:

  1. Go outside.
  2. Find 7 different types of flowers.
  3. Pick at least 1 of each type of flower. (Some versions say you have to be naked while picking them, but it’s not necessary.)
  4. Go back inside.
  5. Place the flowers under your pillow.
  6. Go to sleep with the flowers still under your pillow.
  7. Dream.
  8. You should see your future spouse in the dream. 

Dating tips from DREV to you all. <3 And happy midsummer, hyvää juhannusta! (Or what’s left of it!)

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You can't help everyone. No matter what you do some people will like it and some people won't. Personally I love your use of words. I love the idea of a tumblr mom especially because I have a rocky relationship with my dad and my own mom isn't always supportive. I get notified whenever you post and sometimes if I've been about to break down (I just found out I'm aro) your letters have come just in time to help me feel better. Please don't stop what you are doing. Lots of love -your tumblr kid.

My dear aro kid, 

Thankyou so much that you took time out of your day to send me such a encouraging, kind message! I have to admit that I felt pretty discouraged and sad when people told me i do more harm than good for the lgbt+ community, so it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up to sweet messages like yours <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: I’d like to use this chance to say a big thankyou to everyone who left a reply on my post yesterday, your words were so heartwarming and i really appreciate them! 

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hey could you reccomend some tumblrs with good content (do not matter which fandom) and that are decent (like do no sexualize minors or supports rasism etc) basically non toxic people. thank you also my spelling is bad because english is my second langueg so im sorry if its hard to read and understand

Could you make a blog roll? ❤️

ps. your English is great. 

i’ll try to split it by group. I did this in a hurry but there are other blogs though. sorry I forgot. some of these blogs aren’t really that active 

my fave and most hated mutual: @kingdonghyun she’s trash but likable.

highlight/b2st: @highlight1219  @mykpassion  @halloweenpumkin @beastoids @b2st-nes

bap: @26byg @heongs @bap-ftw

my #1 big bang source: @thekoreanbigbang

infinite: @inpinitaize (also now youngmin trash ha) @woohyun-ssi @kimseongkyu

btob: @ddonggeun @jungilhoon @luxingjae @borntobeast (but also highlight)

bts @holdmehoseok @bwipsul (also post winner)

cnblue, n.flying and mark ha : @ceohan

dean/khh: @clubeskimo (SERIOUSLY one of my fave gif makers. gifs always look so nice) @groovyroom @onejaewon @streetrapshit @fy-jay-dok2 @jayfatuasian @seoulpimpin 

hotshot: @choigiraffe

ikon: @ikonis @bobhwa 

girl groups <3 @infinitblaq (and also n.flying but makes some of the best gifs out there)

knk: @lnsoeng @youjinslover

monsta x: @m-onstax  @song-gun-hee @madtwn @chiqkihyun

nuest: @kangbaeks (suchhhh good gifs)

pentagon : @pen1ag0n @yeo1

b1a4: @orange-sandeul

wanna 1: @minhwangs @minsbugi @swoojin @emperorhwangs 

zico: @nyaaaaaw

multifandom : @jiaerrs @yuhwan @alittlepessimistic (where are you?) @softsnuper @wow-pandastic-baby @caelvms @weirdawn @jeupstan  @localshutterbug @aceyng (i just started following them and I really like them!) @fatenumberfor  @atoms-abooty @kanqkyunqwon @rainyloneliness @eternalsquee @shineeworldvinla

I’ve been looking at the collection of ‘real’ (not manipped) Beneloo pictures that I have saved on my phone (yes, I have a collection; unfortunately, it’s a rather small one), and I came to this. I looked at it for a second and was about to skip it for the next picture when I remembered an old comment about how it looked like Loo was sitting on Benedict’s lap. I looked closer, while thinking to myself that it definitely seemed that way from afar, then that got me truly noticing: Loo’s wedged between Benedict and the chair’s arm-rest. We know how small the space of Sherlock’s black leather chair is (correct me if I’m wrong, but whenever Sherlock sat in it, he seemed to take up almost all the space, and in that HLV scene with Janine sitting in his chair with him, she looked also wedged in the space), so why would Loo be sitting in what seemed to be a tight spot? Unless it was a spur-of-the-moment one-time thing (Loo saw Benedict sitting in it and suddenly decided ‘oh I’m gonna take a picture with him and post it online’ and then took the picture and then presumably immediately left the chair). But they just seemed so…comfortable in the picture. Which led me to think that maybe they had been sitting in that position for quite some time already, and someone decided to take a ‘candid’ picture of them. Why Loo decided being wedged in the same chair as Benedict was a great place to sit in, we’ll never know. But you ain’t hearing me complainin’. Also I just love how they both linked their fingers. *shrugs*


oh gosh! okay, i’m finally posting these, it’s taken me far too long: i got to commission the lovely @kirkwallgirl a while back for some chibis of my rell ryder with liam - who he carries a torch for the entire game, like a true hopeless case. i’m a sap and wanted them to have some happy times anyway, and ida was kind enough to indulge me. ‘v’

most of you know that my relationship to andromeda has been uuuuhhhhhtenuous, but i do love these two and i felt i desperately needed to show off ida’s work  (look at the colors on that top one! aaah!!!) so i am posting them regardless. <3 thank you so much for working with me, dear!

Well, that was a cathartic episode. 

It read like a poem when I transcribed it. WTNV often does. 

“And a bit of the sky returned.” 

I love how happy Cecil was describing his weird town and acknowledging everything. He started out so sad, and it was like he came back to life as Night Vale became his Night Vale again. 

“Alice Isn’t Dead” had an episode where Keisha and (as i call her) Watcher alternated. On WTNV, Steve and Cecil alternated. Coincidence? Probably not. I loved this structure in both shows, it gives us the events in two people’s eyes. Parallel narration is cool. 

I could have done with a few more episodes of this storyline, because there are endless possibilities in the different parallel universes. But you never know when they explore something like this again. (LOL at the reality where cars are Stilton cheese, and the insurance agent consider living in that reality. I mean, I guess the cars would break down much more often and insurance guys would get richer?) Also I feel so sad for Cal. I know he was only in one episode, but damn, what a sad story. 

CECIL AND STEVE FEELS. That was beautiful. I love when Cecil takes off his radio presenter hat and just gets vulnerable and real, like at the end of “Ghost Stories”. Also, we get more detail of Janice’s disability. It’s actually very believable that Cecil felt replaced by Steve. (What happened to Janice’s father?) 

Cecil is finally acknowledging a lot of things Steve has wanted to talk about, in terms of Night Vale, the arrows and lines, etc. Steve, who has spoken openly about everything else, is finally acknowledging that Cecil’s mean words do hurt him. Just like Night Vale is finally acknowledging the angels, people are showing their true feelings, voicing them and being heard. Showing your heart and being vulnerable is a huge thing.(maybe especially for cis men?) You’re taking the risk that the other person doesn’t care and just laughs at your hurt feelings, or tells you to just toughen up. (Personal note: my family does this, and it sucks.) Cecil isn’t exactly subtle about it, and Steve had to put up a facade of self-deprecation, because it was so hurtful. He probably thought Cecil is just mean-spirited and would never take him seriously. But Cecil was able to finally acknowledge the reason he hated Steve so much. This is character development, for both of them. The Steve Carlsberg hating bits have been hilarious, but this just made me feel warm and fuzzy like a little..fangirl..caterpillar? That’ll do. 

I would have preferred hearing the various Hiram voices. We’ll hear from Hiram again, right? I really really like Hiram. 

I had an actual Russian Matryoshka doll, and all the dolls had the same hair and face. Design wise, it got simpler, but it was always the same hair color, so I was a bit confused by blonde and brunette dolls mentioned. I guess US ones have different hair colors and stuff? I’ve seen a South Park doll once, so maybe there are different designs. 

The part before the weather though, OMG. “Goodbye.” Have you no decency, Finknor?!! They even added the usual end music and TOTAL SILENCE. Stop toying with our hearts! 

Five years of WTNV. I should probably make a post about how I’ve been a fan for four years and all that it has meant to me. I don’t know if I can muster a coherent post right now. I’ll try to say something briefly. I can’t really fully express it. 

This show is a thing of beauty. You can just tell the creators and cast love doing it. The writing is carefully thought out and poetic, wonderfully whimsical and weird. All the characters are lovingly crafted and have their own voice, both in the writing and the acting. 

WTNV has helped me in times of depression and anxiety. It has introduced me to art and artists that I love, that I have learned from. Without WTNV, I wouldn’t know about Cecil, or Meg, or Dylan. I’m inspired by these people and the work they do. I have learned things about art and activism that will influence my own art. 

The fandom is diverse, intelligent, and kind. So are the writers and cast of the show. I have fangirled hard before, but I’ve never come across a cast with so much appreciation for fans and fandom culture. They have shown me the kind of appreciation and kindness that I never expected. My life is more beautiful because of this show. 

And hey,

Thank YOU, Joseph Fink. Thank you so much.  

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Hi! So I grew up Jewish in the only attending high holiday services sense of the word, and now I'm looking to get more involved in a community where I'm currently living. I'm torn between going to a conservative or reform synagogue. (My parents took us to a Conservative temple when we went.) I've been doing some research online but I still can't get a clear picture of the differences between the reform and conservative movements. Could you possibly help me understand what separates them?

Hi there!

What an exciting time for you!

Although there are some fantastic articles written on the subject (posted below), it’s important to understand some of the basic, fundamental differences and similarities:


  • Theologically, Conservative Jews hold that a liberal adaptation of Halacha (Jewish law) as binding and Reform Jews do not.
  •  More Conservative Jews than Reform Jews will often observe Shabbat and festivals in a traditional manner.  But, in Conservative communities, those that observe traditionally are extremely limited and often only include the rabbi and cantor.
  • The Reform Movement is much larger than the Conservative Movement.  Beyond having more shuls and camps, the Reform seminary ordains more rabbis and cantors in each of its four campuses (NY, LA, Cincinnati, and Jerusalem) each year than the Conservative seminary.
  • Slightly different cultures exist within both movements.  Often the Conservative Movement has a stronger “Ashkenazi bent” and is slightly more traditional in its language where the Reform Movement chooses to more often speak closer to Hebrew than Yiddish.
  • A Conservative service infrequently includes music or microphones, where Reform Jews specifically use music to enhance their services.
  • The Reform Movement is more often outspoken against the Israeli Occupation than the Conservative Movement.


  • Theologically, both do not believe that Moses received the Torah from Sinai in its completion and therefore hold a more liberal understanding of Jewish practice.
  • Both celebrate all of the major holidays and festivals, major lifecycle events/services, have similar goals in religious schools etc.
  • Both movements are very proud of their egalitarian spaces in which women (and people of all genders) are ordained as clergy and are all equal.  A minyan (traditional ten Jewish men) in both Movements is 10 Jewish adults.  Women and men wear talitot, wrap tefillin, and wear kippot.
  • Both Movements are extremely attracted to social justice issues and are involved in activity that condemns racism, islamophobia, and antisemitism.  Both ordain LGBT clergy, marry same-sex couples, and have official programs and statements that promote transgender, gender non-conforming, genderqueer and other gendered folks.  The Reform Movement has their own social justice lobbying organization (the Religious Action Center) in Washington D.C.
  • Both face the same discrimination in Israel regarding weddings, rights for converts, issues with the Western Wall etc.

Articles:  X X

I would love to help you out as much as you might need!  Feel free to shoot me a message.



+ T R A F A L G A R    L A W    W E E K +

day 1: past // future

-Brother! Brother!
-Look, the circus is back in town! Let’s go all together!
-Not now. We can go another time.
-Aw c'mon brother! Pleeease?
- …I really can’t win with you…


Ahhh I’m really glad I can finally post this \(= 7 =)/ it took me ages (wow I really say it a lot lately…) but it’s worthy =3= I’m so sad Law will never be able to see his little sister again… let’s have some nice memories though

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i had a dream that ernst looks at hanschen and goes "gentlemen prefer blonds" because someone was asking him about some girl with a different hair color and he looks over at hanschen and thats basically how he admits he likes hanschen and now i need a fic desperately

Okay so I did it and I'm sorry if it sucks.


I sat down at our lunch table. I grabbed my lunch and took a big bite of my sandwich. No one had sat down and I was alone. I pulled out my phone and browsed through Instagram. Hanschen had posted another picture of his cat (lait). One time when he was drunk he tried to tell me that he was a cat and something about milk and that’s why his cat’s name is the french word for milk, but I was too busy staring at his lips. I was lost in my thoughts when Moritz sat next to me and slammed down his backpack. “How are you, Ernst.” His hair is a freaking a mess so I know Melchior had band early this morning. “I’m good.You?”

“I’m tired, sad and stressed.” I give him a sympathetic look and he blushes.

“It’ll be okay. Melchior is tutoring you, right?”

“Yeah, but he’s really bad at teaching math for some reason, he’s great with English and biology but he really sucks at math.”

“I’m sure I could get Hanschen to tutor you.”

“You know what? Sure. I’m desperate” I smile at him and give him half of my sandwich.

A couple minutes later almost everyone is here. I sat next to Hanschen as he babbled about why the new Beauty and The Beast sucks. When Melchior sat down he frowned and fixed Moritz’s hair and Moritz blushed as Melchior ran his hands through his hair. “Okay, so Anna thinks that Mariana Whelan has the prettiest most beautiful hair.”

“Wendla! I didn’t say those exact words. But it’s just so dark and smooth and shiny, like what kind of shampoo does she use? Otto? What do you think?”

“Obviously her hair is pretty.” I can’t explain why I said what I said next but I did.

“Gentleman prefer blondes.” I turned towards Hanschen and he blushed. Why did I do that? What was I thinking? What’s wrong with me?

“Are you a gentleman?” Melchior said with a smirk on lips

“Umm, ” Wendla and Ilse are both about to crack up.

“Ernst you do realize only one of us is blonde and it ain’t me.”

“Yeah uhh well umm……goodbye.” I grabbed my stuff and ran outside the cafeteria.

“Ernst wait.”I turn around and face him.

“He, why’d you run?” He tilts his head a little to the right and I hate him for being so attractive.

“Well, you see I didn’t really want to say all of this in front of everyone.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you see ever since we first met in seventh-grade I’ve always had this small crush on you.” His mouth falls open and I don’t have the sense to stop so I just keep going.

“At first I just thought that you were just pretty not that like I actually wanted to you know like be your boyfriend. But then I kept getting the urge to kiss you and ruffle your hair and take you on dates and make you laugh. So I have a crush on you and I’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but now you know and–mmm” I don’t get to finish because all of a sudden Hanschen’s lips are on mine.


Gestures from reference! These are not timed, but I did check to see how long I took on some and it is still close to a minute on each pose. 

Timers make me nervous when I’m drawing. Everything always come out messy and stiff because I end up paying attention to the clock instead. You’ll see how different my timed gestures look when I get around to posting them. 

Lacey’s Writing Masterlist

I’ve gotten a few new followers, recently, so I thought that it might be time for some housekeeping! How this became a Naruto-centric blog, I will never guess.


6 Sentence Fics (Send me a sentence, and I’ll write the last five.)


KakaSaku (General warning for Post-699 Sasuke bashing)

  • Sakura Saves Canon- Sakura takes matters into her own hands. Sasuke is in the crosshairs.
  • The Birth of Salad- Sasuke shouldn’t name things.
  • Sparkler Dick- non-explicit NSFW Sasuke suffers the consequences of being too explorative. Really just an excuse to see how many euphemisms for penis I could fit into one fic. I was not disappointed.

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Coming out post

So kinda big thing .. some of you may remember that I had a boyfriend about a year ago, and that I identified as ace at the time. I did so because my attraction to men was weak and inconsistent … And after my boyfriend and I broke up last year, I spent a few months wondering why that felt so liberating, and why the relationship had felt so wrong and left me feeling so miserable, because he was a genuinely good guy who treated me right, and we broke up because we were too different, not because anything bad had happened.
But over the past few months, I slowly realized that that feeling had nothing to do with him personally and everything to do with him being a boy.
Long story short, I discovered I am attracted to girls, and girls exclusively, and decided to identify as a lesbian. Okay wow it feels good to get this out there


Hi it’s me and the outfit I wore to pride! 

[image description: five selfies of a fat white genderqueer person with short brown hair and dark facial hair/ sideburns. They’re wearing dark red lipstick and purple/ turquoise eyebrows and make up. They’re wearing a black mesh top over a galaxy print binder, both of which are sleeveless and crop top length, showing their belly in two of the pics where they’re standing up. end description]

The Ghost show tonight was amazing! 9/23/16
  • I don't know what to do with myself right now I'm still shaking and it was like 2 or so hours ago.
  • Fuuck! If you get a chance to meet them after the show, DO IT. You must. I met everyone out of costume, even Alpha.
  • I'm so content with life right now and that's never happened to me haha. Best night of my life? Why yes, yes it is.
  • I want to see them again ASAP.
  • Earth has a mustache similar to Johnny Depp, so there's that. 🌚😍
  • Air has fucking dreads or some shit. And Mist is the prettiest blonde ghuleh I've seen. Ugh.
  • All of them are so cute and nice. Why are they PERFECT?! I legit talked to Papa and Mist for idk 30 mins each. Papa didn't want to leave us, even though they had to head out right after just to make the TX show tomorrow.
  • I asked him all the questions I could think to ask on the spot. Like which members are vegetarians (like me) and he answered, "3. Um, drums, keys..and guitar." He also said he wishes he were vegetarian but his eating habits are "childish" haha. I told him that's okay! 😂
  • I got 3 hugs from Papa and he just doesn't break eye contact. Like, if I were more sober, I would have looked away but do you not get lost in those eyes?? He also smelled really fucking good. If you've ever smelled Acqua di Gio cologne..that's exactly what he was wearing! I know, because it's my favorite. I can detect it a mile away lol.
  • I'm trying to type this all out before bed so I'll remember everything tomorrow so bare with me!
  • So it was really cute when Aether (old Water) and Earth came back out of the bus, because Aether/Water had a gold sharpie with him to sign things, but left me with it. And when Air came out and signed things, he gave the sharpie back to me so I just kept it like ok it's mine now, thanks. 😩😭💖 *licks sharpie*
  • And when Aether/Water met me I introduced myself and asked his name he told me it was ___ and I was like oh, what do you play in the band?? And he said "it's a secret." 😆😍 that accent kiiiiillls me.
  • He also held my hand?? Like I was going in for a handshake and he used his other hand so he just held mine like WHAT A CUTIE!
  • Also, Mist was being secretive too, I asked her if she's permanent with the band now and she said she couldn't say. I asked her if she's also from Sweden (I didn't detect an accent) and she said "I'm from Ghost" and I said "ohhh..haha I see what you did there" and she laughed like..iiii can't tell youuu. 🌚😂 She said she was pleasantly surprised that the fans were so welcoming to her! Aww 💘
  • I feel like Papa really was interested in meeting every* single* fan that stayed to meet them outside the bus. He was genuinely there for us. I even left and came back because he was still there. I told him I was planning on bringing them all some American Halloween candy but I figured it'd be too sweet for them. He said "Ironically, you're exactly right! It is much too sweet for me to enjoy." And I was like ahh 😍 lmao I'm trash.
  • That's also when he hugged me 2 more times because he had to go. Like, he initiated the hugging because I was content with the one hug lol. But I gladly took the others. 😛 And his eye contact when I was talking just made me feel special. Lol I love them so much!
  • If you read this far, wow I salute you! 💖👻 I'll post pictures and videos soon.

My final post from CTcon2017 features the cosplays I made!

My first cosplay was Link from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
I made this one a few years ago, but whenever I plan to wear it I change it or adjust it. This time I handed out handmade rupees to people who recognized me or took photos with me. 
On a side note, the Sidon I met was very strong and very nice. They were in character the entire time, especially so when I presented a blue rupee as a gift. Needless to say, I was blushing the entire time. 

My second cosplay was Oliver from Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch!
I made this cosplay in about two weeks and I’m very proud of it. I was giving pieces of heart out for this cosplay, but sadly only a few people recognized me.

My final cosplay of the con was Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods! 
It was by far the simplest of my cosplays and from how tired we were, it was perfect for the last day. My Gregg was my partner in crime for the con, @barkov 
Another Mae ran up to me to show me their journal and of course we took a photo with the Gregg page!

A huge shoutout to @barkov for inviting me to CTcon! I had a ton of fun even though we were tired and sniffly by the end! I hope we have many more conventions to attend together in the future!


So I caved and bought City Living. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually play, considering I’ve been here for over an hour already and haven’t left CAS (how do you TS4). Anyway, I won’t make a habit of posting TS4 stuff here, but I figured I’d share the fruits of my afternoon labor - here’s Lily.