it took me so long to make this bc i was insanely emotional the whole time

shoob-a-doob  asked:

[Climbs thru ur window] ok but klapollo on their wedding night and ofc Klav cried many times throughout the ceremony but Apollo kept it together pretty well BUT THEN when they get to their honeymoon suite Apollo just bursts into tears and (1/2)

Babbles about how lucky he is and he can’t believe any of this has happened and Klav is trying hard not to laugh bc it’s so cute. Very romantic, that Apollo Justice-Gavin B)

It happens very suddenly, and there is no prewarning. Klavier barely has the time to shut the door behind him and have them left them alone together for the first time all day, grinning to himself, and then Apollo’s bawling like a child with his face all screwed up and flushed pink.

It happens in the blink of an eye. Klavier stares at him for a moment, borderline horrified, and the grin is long gone. His face must have been a picture. “Apollo?” He asks, deeply afraid, and Apollo only cries harder. The man is still in his suit, once remarkably well put together, but he’s pulling down his sleeves and attempting to wipe his tears away, already sniffling. Klavier had seen Apollo cry many times before this day, for a variety of reasons and emotions, but nothing filled him with fear quite like this. “Apollo, schatzi?”

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