it took me so long to find the right colours

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I’m headed straight for the castle. 

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 Explains the nail polish you left on my workbench. I mixed them and created a new colour and painted your Reaper model a mix of pink, red, blue, and white.

It’s art now. 

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Oh I’m so scared.What’s the worst that can happen? She throws a jar of bees at me?I’m ready.

Honestly, garrusvakarian2153, that shade of pink looks great on the Thanix Cannon.

I’ve also headcannoned that Garrus has dubbed the Thanix Cannon as “his”, and that Shepard has long ago stopped trying to argue with him on this.  

Apologies for the long-overdue (and hastily drawn) reply–I guess it took Shepard a while to find the right colors for that lovely paint job!

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"I bought this at the store the other day. It reminded me of you."

Store Bought; 1972 words
(Disclaimer: this idea really blew up, sorry it took so long!)

Age 5

The first day back from the Christmas holiday, Dean Winchester went over to Castiel Novak’s desk and plonked the haphazardly wrapped oblong shaped package right in the middle of the other boy’s colouring.

“I saw this in a shop when I went shopping with my mama and it reminded me of you so I buyed it for you!  You can pretend I got it for your Christmas!” Dean explained brightly.

“Oh.” Castiel peered at the package and dropped his crayon aside. “What is it?”

“Open it and find out!” Dean told him, his eyes bright as he watched Castiel slowly peel away the wrapping paper.

“Oh!” Castiel gasped as the pencil case fell onto his desk.

“You’re always drawing ‘em, so I knew you’d like it!” Dean said excitedly as Castiel picked up the pencil case and held it close to inspect it.  It was big enough that his pencils at home would all fit in, and the brightly coloured bumble bees made him smile so big his cheeks hurt.

“I love it!” Castiel grinned.  “Thank you, Dean!” And with that he scurried past Dean and put his brand new pencil case in his rucksack so it didn’t get lost or ruined before the end of the day.

Dean Winchester had got him a Christmas present.  This was the greatest Christmas ever.

Even if it was January.


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Unfucked my “Command Centre”!
Everyone has a bin for their crap (yup, even the baby) so it doesn’t have to lie around the house and we can tidy quickly. But at some point, the bins of crap need to be actually dealt with. Today was the day!

*the charging cable bin: I put all the cables in their own baggies so it’s easier to paw through and find the one you need. Someday I may colour code them to make it even faster.
*some of it involved throwing out papers not needed anymore, mostly it was just taking things and putting them away.
* decided to re-assign the colours of the bins so that they have a symmetry when they’re in their right places :) more visually calming!

I don’t know how long it took me (maybe 40 mins?)… I picked away at it for half the day (amongst getting snacks, changing diapers, and other maternity leave activities!)

I have to say, the bins have really helped cut down on clutter around the house! Especially since they’re the perfect height for my 4 year old: he can tidy his toys into his bin, and he helps put away the baby’s toys too!