it took me so long to draw gerard and he still looks weird

Hunger - chapter 16

Hunger master post. 

Time passes strangely in the tiled room. There are no windows, and no way to gauge the position of the sun. After a while it gets a little colder, and Stiles thinks that maybe it’s that strange hour before dawn when most of yesterday’s heat has been lost, and not yet replenished by today’s sun. But maybe it’s not the external temperature he’s noticing at all. Maybe he’s just colder because his fear has leached all the way down to his bones.

Stiles uncurls himself, and gets up onto his knees. He rubs his hand against the wolf’s flank. “Derek? Wake up, Derek.”

The wolf blinks awake.

“We have to talk now,” Stiles says.

Derek stretches, and climbs to his paws. He presses his cold nose against Stiles’s cheek. Stiles reaches a hand up and holds him there, and then turns his face quickly and presses his lips to the side of Derek’s muzzle.

“Okay,” he says, heat rising in his cheeks. “Okay, you can change back now.”

He moves backward, and watches the transformation. It’s less frightening than watching Derek transform from human into wolf, or maybe it’s just because this time Stiles knows what’s happening. It’s only a few moments before Derek is crouching on the floor in human form.

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A Party Song

If you want to could you do a basement gee one where he has a crush on you but you guys are at a party playing truth or dare so you have to like grind/make out with him but he’s gets a boner and people make fun of him and you kinda just lead him away and have sex but he’s insecure (weird Ik sorry and I really like your writing lol)
I absolutely can sweet pea! Thanks for such a neat request! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this done! I hope you enjoy! :)

Warnings: Smut, Cute basement Gee being cute

“Oh c’mon Gee, pleaseeee. It’ll be so boring if I go alone.” You whined, sticking out your bottom lip. Looking up from his desk, Gerard set down his drafting pencil, closing his sketchbook.

“Are you sure you have to go Y/N? I mean we can always just hang out here and order a pizza or something, I know it’s kind of lame….” He trailed off nervously, itching his long black hair as you flopped dramatically onto his unmade bed.

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Here’s a silly Hoperai oneshot to hopefully brighten your day

The Nature of Patience

Post-LR (New world stuff)

Hope was a damn attractive boy.

Like, he was almost too pretty, Lightning thought. Those expressive, pale green eyes and full, soft-looking lips and that fluffy silver hair, so fine and smooth…he was like a doll. A platinum-haired, pale-skinned, green-eyed doll boy; beautiful and soft-featured like a girl, but just masculine enough to distinguish him from the lady-folk. Yes, Hope could seem a tad girly at fist glance, no denying that, but…

Then he’d open his mouth, and god damn.

There was no mistaking that voice. The kid had a panty-dropping voice. Especially now, after he’d lived for a millennium and entirely abandoned the higher, more boyish tones he’d used back when his appearance had actually matched his age. Lightning could sit and listen to him in fascination for hours, just admiring the sound as he happily chattered on about topics she doubted she’d ever be able to wrap her mind around—because goddamn, the little shit was brilliant as fuck. (He was also sassy as fuck, as she’d learned during the thirteen days she’d spent tethered to him via wireless com.)

Of course, Lightning had always recognized that Hope was a damn attractive boy, ever since she met him. How could she not? How could anyone not? However, she had never had any kind of romantic or sexual interest in him back when they’d first adventured together. Well, in the beginning, anyway. He was seven years her junior and acted like a little princess—certainly not the kind of person to ping on Lightning’s romantic radar. But you see, the problem with Hope is that once you get past his bitchiness and general aura of weakness, he’s actually a badass motherfucker. The kid was borderline nuts and could hold a hell of a grudge, but he could also cast a blizzaga like nobody’s business, he had surprisingly sharp senses, and he was somehow able to understand Lightning better than anyone, bar her sister, ever had in the past or would in the future. He’d quickly grown into someone that Lightning cared about despite herself. And then he’d gone and closed the age gap as well. More than closed it; reversed it. The sneaky bastard.

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Doc, There's a Hole Where Something Was

Pairing: Mikey Way/Pete Wentz

Warnings: alcohol, break ups, large blocks of italic text if you have trouble reading that

Rating: teen

Comments: so i know patrick has synesthesia irl but i was thinking about how some of fall out boys lyrics could relate to that and i came up with the idea that pete has synesthesia. and this angsty thing came out of it. (i took a lot of liberty with dates in this, forgive me)

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