it took me over a week to finish this set


whouffle meme: doctor: twelve [1/1]

But I love my new companion, Clara, Clara Oswald. In my new incarnation I sometimes find it difficult to talk to people. I sometimes get things wrong. And sometimes I might appear a little bit rude, or a little bit sharp; I don’t mean to be. She’s helping me improve my manners, so I love her. [x]


It’s been awhile since I’ve thrown up a set, or have put out a personal write up on my own tumblr. There was something about this set that inspired me to do so.

This past week I had another happy accident with photog and good friend martin-depict. I had a test shoot planned for this day to update my portfolio and had my make up done by #makeupbylucky. The shoot before this was finished pretty quick and Lucky asked if I would head over to the next shoot with her. Martin and I took advantage of the situation and snapped some pictures while the other model was getting her hair and make up done. It took us no more than 20 min to create what would now be one of my favorite sets he and I have ever created together.

This set was unplanned, there was no pressure, and it was fun. Being able to create beautiful images together that flow and are effortless is what expression should always be about.

Model: Michele Maturo mminibird

Photographer: martin-depict

MUA: #Makeupbylucky