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Madi’s BTS Masterlist Updated



:0-Trigger Warning/Contains blood, violence or death



Namjoon xReader|Fight ;-;

Namjoon xReader| Late Night Rescue <3

Namjoon xReader|Good Morning <3

Dating Namjoon \(^w^)/


Jimin xReaderMy Little Delinquent 

Dating Jimin


Hoseok xReader|Book Talk <3

The boys trying to get you and Hoseok together 

Hoseok xReader|Shadows ;-; \(^w^)/

Dating Hoseok


Yoongi xReader|A Birthday Surprise <3

Yoongi xReader|Sleep Walking Drabble <3

Yoongi xReader|Moments <3

Dating Yoongi


Jin xReader|Winter Nostalgia


Seokjin xReader|Tickle Fight


Jungkook xReader|First Meeting


Dating Jungkook

Jungkook xReader|Muse



Taehyung xReader|Midnight Wandering


Taehyung xReader|Blizzards


Dating Taehyung

Taehyung xReader|Starry Night <3

Taehyung xHalsey Lyrics|Control

;-; \(^w^)/ :0

Series/All Members

My BTS Theory


When you say you think you’re ugly


When they find out you haven’t been eating 

How they wake you up in the morning


Good Morning Snaps


Seeing you without your glasses for the first time

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

When you go to confess but get too nervous

When you’re shorter than them

When you come home beaten up

When you randomly do aegyo

When they catch you drawing them

How they comfort you

When They Want Cuddles

When they overhear you talking about how much you like them

Helping You with your social anxiety

Like A Butterfly(Incomplete)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Part Four

Part Five

Another reason why I hate the SATs

For our non-American friends, the SATs are these bullshit exams you need to take in order to be even considered for most colleges in the U.S. So, taking them and scoring well on them is a huge frikkin’ deal.

The first time I took the SAT, I had to wake up at some ungodly hour and was driven to this damn school in God-knows-where to take a four-hour exam. So I’m already not in a good mood.

The Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT were always my least favorite parts (another reason why I think it is bullshit, why do you need basically two English sections out of three total sections? Wtf? If someone sucks at English, such as myself, it makes me look like I’m not a good student when I literally excel at everything else). So I literally panic every time those sections come up.

At the exam site, the proctors are these two white guys.

So I get to one of those sections, and I try writing on and underlining the passage, when one of the proctors comes up to me and says I can’t write in the test booklet. Are you fucking serious? I have been taking practice tests for almost a year now, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WRITE IN THE TEST BOOKLET. So, I panic even more. How am I suppose to answer the questions without any notes? Or underlining? Or circling? Or using any of the skills I was taught. So, I freak out, and I KNOW I am not gonna score well on 2/3 of the test.

Whoop dee frikkin’ woo, this same asshole proctor comes to me later during the test after several sections saying “Oops, apparently you can write in the booklet.” By then, my brain is all frazzled and I already had a mental breakdown, and most of the test is already done. So, it was fucking useless.

What confused me was that I was pretty sure he saw a lot of other kids (the students taking the test at this school were predominately white) writing in the test booklet. So I wondered, “How come he didn’t approach anyone else?” But, I didn’t think too much of it because I was freaking out. 

A few hours later, we had a bathroom break. I got up to go to the door, when the same asshole proctor said “Guys wait, listen to me before you go.” So, I stop. Guess what happens several seconds after I CLEARLY AND OBVIOUSLY stopped. The other damn proctor grabs me and says “WAIT!” He grabbed on to my sweater and would not let go while the other proctor was giving his announcement. It’s not like I was still walking and leaving after the guy said he needed to make an announcement. I stopped, and this other proctor grabs me like I was a kid. He clenched on to my sweater and balled it up like I was two years old or like I was a damn animal. Wtf? Is everything a petting zoo for you? Is everything and everyone up for grabs? 

What bothers me a lot too is the fact that a girl that came and took the test with me saw what happened and she said she was soooooo jealous that he held on to me because he was hot (to me, he honestly looked like a bleached ghost with bad hygiene but w/e). Wtf?

I just hate how I get treated sometimes. 

-Mod R

dating bambam

dating bambam would be like

  • ‘‘am i cool yet’‘
  • ‘‘no’‘
  • lots of cuddling
  • and kisses
  • you getting on tippy toes to kiss him
    bc hes a giant
  • cooking together
  • backhugs while you make dinner
  • lots of neck kisses
  • him doing aegyo when you’re mad at him
  • but thats rare
  • him playing with your hair
  • then messing it up
  • ‘‘it took me three hours to make it that wAY’‘
  • ‘‘bambam im cold’‘
  • ‘‘damn woman i cant control the weather’‘
  • you’d give him a glare
  • ‘‘don’t kill me’‘ and then giving you his jacket
  • showering together
  • him making your hair stick up with a shampoo
  • he’ll randomly join you in the shower
  • and you throwing the soap at him
  • ‘‘i bet i can rap better than you’‘
  • ‘‘wanna bet?’‘
  • oh
  • lots of skinship
  • you trying to feed him
  • the food ends up everywhere except his mouth
  • always pranking other members
  • sometimes the prank fails
  • rly tight hugs and backrubs when you’re sad
  • ‘‘bambam i can’t breathe’‘
  • him sitting in your lap and snuggling his head into your neck
  • ‘‘why are you so light’‘
  • random and cute selcas
  • him waking you up
  • ‘‘leave me alone’‘
  • ‘’no :)))’‘
  • you throwing a pillow
  • missing him
  • him dying from laughter
  • you trying to tickle him
  • but you end up making out