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Doubt [Newt x Reader]

Requested by anon:  Newt drunk

A/N: Look, it’s me, hello! I don’t have a lot to talk about, so I hope you enjoy reading this. 

Warnings: Mention of drinking/drunk person. A bit os angst, maybe, idk.

Words count: 1996 (holy shit, it took me so long to edit this.)

Everyone went to Hogsmeade that day.

You went too but came back early because of the amount of homework that you had to finish. That wasn’t entirely the reason; deep down you knew it was because of Leta and Newt.

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Which story shall be written today?


me and e-inori were talking about a seven deadly sins au with the shuuen characters, and we were basing it all on their respective vocaloid song! if you click the images, you will see who is which sin, hehe (also that isnt e-ki, its “e’ki”/e-inori whoops)

lust, gluttony, pride (1, 2), sloth, envy, greed and wrath


(Sorry, this might be difficult to read because I got super lazy.)

I like to imagine that, one day, Sans snaps on Frisk and runs away in anger.

Frisk, of course, understands that Sans was having a bad day and took it out on him. He cries nonetheless, because he IS a child.

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