it took me like 45 mins

A super quick sketch for Viktuuri week!! I can’t let this awesome event pass by without contributing. I did this at work, took me like 45 min in between meetings hahaha I’m the worst. I’ll try to do other ones with a bit more quality time. 

And Yuuri with long hair because YES. Long distance prompt.

Why Ace Attorney has lost its potency

this blog isn’t done or open yet but i was talking to a friend about this a bit ago and i felt like i finally put together some thoughts i’d had floating around for a while so i just wanted to jot them down here :0

and i know that title sounds clickbaitey but i honestly, truely believe the series has. Ace attorney started off as the passion project of top tier writer shu takumi and his team of seven other people. it was a game project used to train new staff, and they weren’t given a lot of time to make a game as amazing as ace attorney is. But they did! And i firmly believe the reason they could was becuase it was grounded in three things things: strong characters, clever mysteries, and most importantly: social commentary.

If you aren’t a huge ace attorney obsessor like I am, or you just don’t know a lot about law in Japan, let me give you a basic rundown of what I picked up while doing research on the series. In Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright is the perfect prosecution’s punching bag. obviously, this is for comedic effect, no prosecutors in Japan bring whips or hurl coffee in court. But in Japan, especially at the time when Ace Attorney one was in development, Prosecutors ruled the court. It was expected that prosecutors not loose cases. It was expected that your client go to prison, as a Defense attorney. Prosecutors were infamous for forging evidence and forcing confessions, even leading testimony was common practice, and it even sometimes had a blind eye turned to it. So that’s what ace attorney was- a big, cartooney exaggeration of a very real problem in japan at the time. Phoenix is the defense attorney who cannot win, edgeworth and franziska are the “anything for a guilty verdict” prosecutors, adn the judge is the blind eye of the japanese justice system- a justice system that did not have a jurry in it until 2009.

So why is this gone? Ace Attorney one has overarching themes of the innocent deserve help, as well as biting critical commentary of Japan’s legal system at the time, the villinization of the prosecutor (something completely reverse from most american courtroom dramas, where the defense attorney is portrayed as evil) the innocent, hard working down on his luck defense attorney, the desperate, sympathy garnering clients in a place that so often paints them as villians (just look at Yanni Yogi, as well as Yomiel from Ghost trick, for example on that, albeit dramatic ones) Ace Attorney two is about the conviction of people who are ultimatly good- once again making sympathy where there often is none (i feel bad for ini, don’t you?) and then turning that on its nose with the scum bag client. AA2 was about how we understand innocence and how we need to look past it to create a good legal system. Finally, AA3 is about prosecution and defense working together to fix things- like takumi believes a courtroom should work. We see this carried over into apollo justice, which also has a more likeable prosectuion who actually cares about getting the correct verdict, it shows a step in the right direction, ESPECIALLY with takumi’s push for the jury system in this game (Apollo Justice was made in 2007, just two years before jury was reinstated in japan. clearly takumi was following this a lot)

 I’m not going to touch on AAI1 and 2 becuase i frankly dont feel like i understand their context well enough to, and I haven’t play AAI2 (plus theres no official translation that worked with the staff, and while i worship the fan translators it runs the risk of missing very subtle themes if they didnt work with the producers directly) and I’m not going to touch on DGS (completely different historical context) or PL vs AA (not as serious a game) becuase theyre in a different situation than main game ace attorney

But in Ace Attoreny 5 and 6, this is just… gone. i didnt really enjoy ace attoreny 5 just… in general, it had weird writing and stuff but on top of that? it doesn’t have a cohesive theme to tie it together aside from “athena is traumatized” and we’re in the “DARK AGE OF THE LAW” which was about… fake japanifornia law and (as far as i know) was not meant to criticize any other law systems. Ace Attoreny six some how took this one step further by setting everything in fake tibet and then criticizing a law (the culpability act) that has NEVER BEEN INSTATED anywhere?? as far as i can find? certainly not in japan, and certainly not right now. it felt like a hollow imitation of 1-4′s biting social commentary (especially in 1, tbh) and it fell very flat. I had plenty of other issues with this game that I’m sure I’ll talk about too, but this post is long enough

If i’ve missed anything, espeically about real world stuff b/c my knowledge of ace attoreny is 100% better than my knowledge of law in the real world, please feel free to talk to me about it, or disagree, or set up a dialogue! This is a jumping off point and I’d love to hear other’s thoughts :)

thanks for reading!!

Lemme Tell Yall a Story ..

About the time I made my ex squirt ..

So one day , here I am chilling in the crib minding my business playing call of duty and vibing to some music . Next thing I kno , my shorty calling . *Ring ring ring* I look at the phone and instantly got mad …

lol lemme explain . You know when you finally get that chill time to yourself where you really in the zone and like your WHOLE Mind , Body AND Spirit are into these songs to the point where you don’t wanna be bothered by nobody ?? Yeah it was one of them moments . I DID NOT wanna talk on the phone but after a few missed calls you kno I had to answer 🙄

So I pick up like wassup bae ?

She goes oh hey why you weren’t answering my calls

Me : I ain’t hear the phone ( I couldn’t tell her the truth cause I ain’t wanna hear her mouth you know once black girls start they neck rolling and snapping in Z’s it’s a wrap 😂)

She hit the famous mhmm and we started chatting . One thing lead to another and plans were arranged for her to be at my destination at 6 o clock . Need I remind you , nobody was home . So it’s 5:00 I’m happy asf started feeling good for some reason 😜. I’m in here blasting music , shower already taken ,clipping my nails making sure I got the finest of smell goods on the whole 9 . I even took the time to EXFOLIATE MY SKIN like bro I was ready for this …

6:00 start creeping up . Im in the crib ready and willing . Next thing I kno I got the text ……..

“I’m outside”

Man I started bugging out . I’m spraying febreeze everywhere , flicking the lights on and off to make sure the roaches don’t start acting up when she come in ( this was back when I was in the hood don’t judge me lol ) I even put the router to my wifi in my room so I can have that Ultimate Netflix and Chill . Nothing kills the mood more than a buffering Netflix. But today , No buffering over here bitches lol I was on top of my game …

So I finally go answer the door she standing there looking like the baddest Jawn I ever seen . Hair was done , face was beat , nails did .Fuuuck she had the clear lens glasses with the golden frames , casual look with the button up , jeans and some heels on . Woo ! Nigga I died at the door .

She come in , giving me that look with the head slightly tilted down and her hair partially over her eye . My nigga … that look aye lone !! Is getting my dick brick asf . She basically telling me baby dig in my guts . Smh so she go in the room I hit the lights one more time to check on these roaches . I seen one but he was on his way out the door he already knew what was up . Plus she ain’t see him so I was straight . So here we go …

Goin through the motions . I fed her , Netflix is on and we chilling . I hit her with the mouthpiece , I start talking my shit next thing I know shit started gettin real we making out heavy ! I ….. mean ….. going …… HAM ! hard as a mf . Sucking the tongue , biting the bottom lip and all . She rubbing on my dick , I’m rubbing on her pussy . Here she go , head going straight for the dick . Before she even whipped it out I grabbed her by her chin pulled her back Up and said nah baby lemme have this . It’s your day . She start smiling . I flip her over and started tasting every inch of her body not even touching the pussy yet . I got her riled up to the point where she shaking with every lick I do . Im over here eating the thighs like they extra crispy , mild , spicy and hot out this mf . She losing her mind at this point . I work my way up towards the pussy and start eating . She moaning screaming and telling me keep on doing it , on my A boogie shit . I lick the clit one time …. 👅💦 BOOM ! …. legs instantly dropped on my shoulders . This bitch put my neck in a figure four like she tried to make me tap for the title . Got me over here looking for a ref blowing the whistle and shit. I’m choking like I just ate 3 Popeyes biscuits with no Sweet tea . Face red as shit . But I ain’t no bitch so I keep going . Barely breathing but still wilding at this point . She came so many times I lost count . She over here tryna push my head away . Tryna run away and shit I grabbed her said where the fuck you going and pulled her right back in eating some more ,I was dead eating for like 45 mins at this point . I took 2 fingers ( middle and ring ) slid it in real slow found that G spot and started goin in ! finger fucking the shit out of her while eating that clit at the same time she deadass screaming at the top of her lungs . I’m on my trey shit , I bet the neighbors know my name at the end of this .

Next thing I kno her body started shaking HARD ASF like I mean every part . I did not stop eating. I was on a mission ! Operation kill 9 lives was in full effect ….. BOOM ! Pussy started spraying everywhere ! Bitch shot me in my eye and farted a lil but I ain’t give af . When I tell you her whole eye was white . YOU SEEN NO PUPIL ! I was scared asf ! I thought she was dead she laid there for like an hour . I left and came back in with the back up holy water just in case .smh

she said bae

I said yeah ?

She goes I can’t feel my body . I deadass cannot feel my body it’s numb all over even my face

I said omg .

Mind you I ain’t even stick the dick in . She tried to get up and fell over . I laughed and threw the life alert button on the floor . And started cleaning my bed . it was a big ass wet spot in my shit .

ALL NINE LIVES WERE TAKEN that day . I’ll never forget it .

Thats the end of my story …. legend says she still on the floor to this day . And I moved 3 years ago . If y'all ever in jersey please help this bitch up 😂😂

How I plan my study schedule

Since arimarshmellow asked, I’ll just do a post on this (although my results are like shit) This works like a yearly planner just that I use it solely for studying :)


  • It’s called monthly but I usually plan this weekly! This helps me plan better because if I fall back by a few days I wouldn’t be lagging behind for the entire month (which sucks)
  • I write down the different tests, consultations and remedial lessons I have first before planning the topics I want to study based on those stuff. 
  • Things may not go as planned so leave a day or two empty solely for catching up :)

I doubt you can read 70% of what I’ve written because it’s in pencil HAHAHA

  • Use different coloured markers to annotate different events so that it’s easier to have an overview of the entire month. For me, thin red line - remedial lessons, thick orange lines - consultations, blue ink - tests!!
  • Use pencils to plan so you can make changes if there are any errors! Otherwise it would be super messy :(


  • I plan this every morning or the night before! 
  • This is more detailed and it includes my homework as well as which part of the topics do I intend to study on and the questions that I want to do (eg review complex numbers part B mistakes, do macropolicies evaluation)
  • If I’ve completed the task I would shade the entire box black, but if it’s incomplete I would only shade half. There is this huge sense of satisfaction when I shade much more than striking it off !!
  • If there is a huge chunk of work to do, I’ll list down everything so I won’t miss out any!

That’s all! Hope this helps someone in one way or another :)


The latest in Chrystal’s dating adventures…
So I agreed to meet someone tonight, seeing I was kid free & had nothing on, & had fobbed him off for the past 2 weekends.Wasn’t overly interested, but he seemed like my type looks wise, so thought I should give it a crack & just see.
I was tired AF, but agreed to a quick dinner, seeing as he was coming up my way to give his friend a “hard drive”.
First he texts to say he’ll be 15 mins late. Ok. But took a good 25 mins after he texted saying he was there for him to actually come in.
Rocks up to “dinner” in a hoodie & footy shorts. Ok, he has *amazing* legs, I can deal.
Opens his mouth & confirms what I’d started to suspect 45 minutes ago, he’s dumb as dogshit.
I ask what he feels like for dinner, cause it’s now 7:50, & originally we were meeting at 7:00. He tells me he’s not hungry, cause he’s already eaten, but what he really needs is a durry, & can we go to Woolies to get some, then go outside for a smoke. Smoking is an instant “no” for me, I can’t stand it, & was under the impression he was a non-smoker.
Then tells me he’s actually meeting someone to give them weed, he just didn’t want to write it in a text.
Noped it out of there in under half an hour!
5 minutes later get a text saying he wants cuddles.
I don’t care how good a body you have, I’m going home for Hungry Jack’s & Netflix by myself, thanks!
Do I laugh, or cry now? 😂🤣😭

Dragonborn's Bizarre Adventure Special Edition

So I’ve just finished the main quest scenario in Special Edition and some interesting things happened.

So I think a lot of people have encountered this glitch before. I’ve just arrived in Sovngarde and talked with the three nord heroes that’ll help me slay Alduin.
We ran out and proceeds to do our Clear Skies shout to clear the mist but when Alduin does his shout to make the mist reapear it doesn’t happen. All I hear are the sound effects but we proceed to do our Clear Skies shout.

And in the end Alduin doesn’t appear. So I thought “Well shit I guess I’ll just use console commands then.”
So I force Alduin to appear and our battle starts. Everything seems to go smoothly and I start to feel myself lighthen a little since the command seemed to work.

So I cast my last spell at him and his health goes down to zero. So he starts doing his animation except… he doesn’t explode and turn to goo. He dies like a normal dragon and ragdolls and the quest doesn’t proceeds either.

“Well fuck I guess I’ll just have to use console commands again.” Since I need the nord guy to send me back to Skyrim.
So I do the command and I get the dragonslayer achievement.
I go up and talk with the guy and around that time I notice something weird with the sky. It’s normal, cloudy gray like in Skyrim and then the nord says he’ll send me back to Nirn nothing happens. I’m locked in place.
“Fuck… I guess I’ll have to use the console again…”

So I pause the game and google around for a while to see if anyone has encountered this glitch and to look up the coc command for the Throat of the World.
Meanwhile I took a break for maybe 45 min to eat dinner and when I came back and started the game again the screen turns blurry and the nord heroes stagger backwards.

So it was almost like the game was really slowly loading in the effects of me teleporting back to Skyrim but suprise suprise nothing happens so I need to do the command anyways.

So I get to the Thoat of the World and talk with my dragon buddies and then fast travel to Whiterun. I do have an ENB installed but the lighting is still a bit weird so I look up… and what do I see. The sky of Sovngarde.
Well whatever I think. If I’m lucky it’ll just dissapear by itself.

So I’m somewere on a road between Whiterun and Riverwood I think and paused the game again for a bathroom break.
While I was doing something else I thought it would be best if I took care of my pets before I dove in again which took maybe 20 min.

So I start the game and the screen gets all blurry again and I hear someone shout (probably the nord guy in Sovngarde) and then sky turns back to normal.

And all I thought was, “The shit you put me through Bethesda.”

Task by @iamnotyourprince

As you guys know, my master gives me tasks to perform. My every day tasks are to edge 30 times. 10 when I wake up, and 20 outside of the house. I also have to finger fuck my ass in the shower and wear the beads inside of my pussy all day (and night). When the weather is good I am not allowed to wear panties or a bra.

You guys can also send me edging games or tasks, my master loves that! The other day I started talking to @iamnotyourprince. His blog is so hot and his stories make me drip. I was blushing when he told me that he thought my stories were hot too.

He sent in a task, and I love to tell you guys about it.

It was all about exploring my body, just having a moment to feel on my body, discover every curve and every inch of my skin. Since I was home alone I had a few hours to myself. Sir gave me the choice to either do it naked or clothed, I chose naked (obviously😋).

So I laid down on the bed, and started touching on my neck (one of my most sensitive spots). Lightly touching there made me smile a little. I moved my hands to cheeks and warmed up my hands a little. I ran my fingers through my hair and felt how the hairs tickled my back and my neck.

I moved my hands back to my face and ran my fingers over my nose and lips, feeling exactly how they’re shaped. I touched my neck again and started to trace over my collar bones. Towards my shoulders and down my arms. I started to gently grab my boobs and felt how my nipples hardened. When I touched them softly, I felt my clit starting to ache.

My hands traveled down and I felt my waist (very ticklish) and hips. I spread my legs apart and started softly touching my inner thighs. Moving my fingers to my pussy. I started to trace my fingers over the outside of my pussy. Then I moved my fingers to the opening and felt all the wetness. I pushed in a fingertip and tasted myself (I don’t know if that was part of the task but I couldn’t help myself 😋). I lightly rubbed my clit and then touched my perineum and my ass.

I moved my hands back to my thighs and started to feel on them. Moved my hands down to my knees to my feet.

I think all this took me 45 min and I’ve never felt like this. I’m so aware of everything. I’ve explored every curve so gently. So gently that my pussy was dripping with excitement. I was craving to rub my pussy against something. As a reward I was allowed to edge one time after this. That felt amazing. I rubbed my clit and pushed 2 fingers inside. I moaned out loud and I was dripping all over my hands. I am definitely doing this again soon.




@gradblrchallenge day 1;;

here we have early signs of spring and a bullet journal that doesn’t look this neat anymore. 

accomplishments went to the clinic and took care of health shit like an adult, went to a meeting about jd/msw registration that very well may apply to me if i ever get that law school app in, 45 mins of interval training on the treadmill, meal prepped 80 pounds of sweet potatoes, laundry..

upcoming tasks policy brief for practicum, strengths finder inventory, skim some readings for tomorrow’s class, wash the hair, watch an episode of the wire, work on poverty and inequality take home exam

Fucked Unsatisfied Women

To introduce myself l ’m rocky (name changed), 27 years, 5’9 in height, normal physic and brown in colour nothing to hide ..After reading u can share ur valuable comments to :

Here I’m gonna share my story which happen in the beginning of April 2018. After reading my previous story. I received a mail from unknown person as an appropriation.. here i come her name was shanthi (name changed). She was from Chennai and was settled in bangalore itself and was working as a techie in one of the software companies. And people this is a very big story which I would like to write each and every bit. So if you have patience, please read and if people with less patience,

Let start up ????, Shanthi (she did not reveal her name instantly, she had a fake name kavya) who had liked my story and had left a reply stating that she was impressed with my act of sex. Well I had thanked her for the compliments, but had replied nothing more than that to her. She was actually happy that I had not asked her age nor where she lived (she revealed it later), or what she did, she just had replied that she was a female and had appreciated my act of sex.

After my reply, some 2-3 days later she had mailed me again that she really liked my story. I again replied her that thank you, have a good time. I thought she might have read my story for the second time and had complimented me. I did not recognize it since I had many mails and it was hard for me to remember each and every name. After that I went back to my mails and checked the name and a, I got to know that it was the same woman, and I messaged her saying why are you complimenting multiple times as you know one time is enough and there’s no need of multiple mails…

She said “ok thank you and said bye”, I said “bye”.

Then I asked her “who is it? Is it a lady really or a man?”

It was already 10:30pm and I did not get a reply. I just kept my phone aside and for some time thought about my time with Kavya aunty ..

And I had dozed off and when I got at around 7:30 am I just checked my mobile there were 3 mails. They read
“good night? Do you sleep so early?”

“hey you there?”
I did not reply any mail of hers as I thought she might have no work and she’s just a time passer who wants to chat nonsense things and again in the evening I got her mail
“don’t you care to reply when somebody mail you?”
I just did not care and after I finished my office work and went back home and after I settled on bed,

I mailed her “who are you? Why do you want to know about me so much?”, she again replied when it was about to close to 12am. She wrote

“no I was just casually asking you as I felt I can try you out, if it was ok with you!”

I told her “who are you? I don’t know! Where do you live? I don’t know! What do you want? I don’t know? And how do you want to try me?”

She told if “I just want to check you before revealing who I’m and where I’m from”.

I wrote “if you wanted to check me out, you could have directly asked me for privacy as I had written in my story that nothing will be disclosed”

She said “I’m a woman and we’re very keen in these matters when we need to understand a man if is trustful or not”
I wrote “how do you find me?”

She wrote “till now, as per my observation, you seem to hold your horses and you are not a man in hurry if you get a woman to chat”
I asked her “how do you say that I’m not in hurry if I know that you a woman”

She said “I have tried chatting with many, some from “locanto” also, they are all very much into sex and urgency”

I again mailed her “you there?”
There was no reply for 2 days. And on the third day night I got a reply
“so you don’t seem to care what a woman thinks right?”
I just told her “I know you are checking, stop doing it”

I just sent her my phone number, and said “stop this beating about the bush and let’s get it straight”.
There was reply “so can I trust you? Should I message you in WhatsApp?”

I told her “it’s up to you, think twice before you step ahead.”
She said she’ll think. I was like “think if you want to start a new affair”.

The next day I received a message from an unknown number saying
“how are you?”

And I thought it might be the same woman from gmail I asked is this shanthi and she said “good guess”.
And I checked her number in whatsapp and I found she’s not in whatsapp, neither her number details were in true caller. I said to her that “why can’t you message me in whatsapp?” to which she said that I did not want to reveal my pic to you but I have already seen you and found you in facebook (through mobile number) also. Then she told me that she had a separate number for whatsapp and she had brought the new number for the sake of chatting with me.
I told her “that’s a smart move and told her that I can even call you now”. She told “no don’t call me now since I’m in office”. Then I asked her “can I call her in the evening?” to which she said she has a family and she has to be careful, so she said that she herself would call me once when the time is right and when she was free and.

For three days she just chatted bull shit things about all the nonsense stuff and never got into the main topic. Finally on (Thursday) 19th of April 2017, early morning around 8am I received a call… was still sleeping, the moment I saw the name (had saved it as Shanthi), I picked it up and I really heard good voice from the other side. Well the conversation went like this.
Me: hey hi hello shanthi(since she had not revealed her name till then)
Shanthi: ha ha, hi rocky , I guess you were waiting for my call.
Me: ya off course, I was indeed having a thought that you’ll just finish off in messaging and would not go a little ahead.

Shanthi : oh yaa? How was the wait?
Me: I’m still waiting madam, I haven’t got you till now, leave all that and tell me what’s your name and age?
Shanthi: soon you’ll get to know, would like to see me,
I said yes, “then just log in to your google mail and see me” she said, I have had sent you my nude pic already yesterday night.
Me: I said wait a moment

And logged in into my google mail in laptop and found that there is a nude pic in side posture with no face (she had cropped the face, only neck to toe was in the pic). But the structure what I could make out was 34-30-36 (approximately, not sure then as it was side posture), the boobs were c cup sized and they were quite white in color, a little belly and through the pic I thought she might be around 35-40 aged lady, since the pic was taken in low light I was unable to see the nipples and the boobs were partially covered by her folded hand, I was sad, disappointed and hungry, and said to her

Me: what is this seduction? You could have at least shared the front view without your face also, but this is unfair. She said only one thing.

Shanthi: coming Monday ur going to make yourself free?
Me: ya sure !!
Shanthi: ok! Bye………

And she cut the call. After that I called her twice, she cut the call and messaged me, “sunday night wait for my message”, I replied “I’ll wait”. I was feeling energetic and was imaging how might she be? How could she look? What is her age? Where is she from? Too many things in mind mixed and the jingles were going on.

I just got freshened and had my breakfast, went to have a gold facial nearby to my home and came back. The complete saturday I thought of messaging her but as she had told me to wait till Monday for the message, I just kept myself busy with other work. she did not message me till Sunday night. It was around 11:45pm my phone made a beep sound and I was like omg finally she messaged me, it read “morning 10:45, be near forum mall. I ll pick you up”. I replied “done”. I just messaged my lead that I won’t be able to make it to office tomorrow due personal reason

I was waiting for this moment like a hungry tiger, next day morning I got up early and freshened up, I left my home, in the mean way, took a few packet of durex condoms and was at the venue by 10:15am, I waited near the location and I called her at 10:30am saying that I‘m already at the venue. She told 5 min I’m on my way…I waited for around 10-12 mins and she called me again, told me to come down near front gate . you’ll find a Maruti Swift of black colour, just get in, I followed her instructions and went by the way to find the car, and found it and I just did not enter the car and stood behind the car and called her number and she picked the call and told me enter the car, I can see you from the mirror in front of the driving seat, you’re behind the car.

I said ok and when I opened the door, I just thought, wow, I was blessed, man what a fairness??? I thought did she use to drink fair and lovely cream or was she a foreigner? I just sat beside her and I shook hands with her pressing it a little hard and introduced myself with my real name then she said her name is Shanthi(fake name). She had a sleeveless top of black colour and a white legging, with a ray ban cooling glass. I controlled myself and the moment the handshake ended she asked “shall we move?” I said “by all means madam, she told me “don’t call me madam, call me by my name Shanthi.

I think, she was the fairest women I had seen. Omg, she was so cute on the other hand. I just said her that “you’re very cute, and I can’t take my eyes off you”. She said, “oh wait for the real fun”.
Then I asked her about her family and she told me that she’s from Chennai and settled in Bangalore for the past 10 years, her husband works as a manger in a software company and she has a daughter.

I asked her why did she cut the call immediately on Saturday to which she told that she had wanted to convey certain things and she did that. On that day her husband had taken their daughter out. So she thought that’s the right time and had given me a call.

Then we reached her home which was near by forum mall, it was around 11:30am. And she parked the car and entered the apartment, after that she took me to her flat and it was a good home and she asked me sit on the couch. I was just seeing the things in the home, saw her pic with her husband and child, it was a happy family that what I could make out of the pic. After some time, she came back, she had changed herself into a velvet pink gown and came back asked what do you want to drink and I was just hungry to drink her honey, which would get produced down the body between her thighs.

But I said anything that you provide; she brought a couple of tins of red bull energy drink (perfect match for the perfect time). She sat beside me and I asked her

Me: why did you want me to have fun with you when you have a good husband who provides and keeps you so well?
Shanthi: tell me how did you feel when you had sex with your Kavya aunty?

Me: it was fantabulous and experience can’t be explained, it was heaven, although I had tried putting it down on iss and you have read my story.

Shanthi: did you ever ask her how did she feel to have sex with other man other than her hubby?

Me: yeah she had told me that initially she felt guilty, depressed and thought of committing suicide for cheating her hubby, but I had consoled her and when I introduced her also to indian sex stories, she was carried away, she said that she never knew incest kind of a thing also would exist in the world and she had enjoyed a lot of sexperiences shared in the indian sex stories dot net later.

Shanthi: , if you taste the same dal and rice every day, it would not spice up your life, plus life is once for all and I feel restricting myself to a single male is not enjoyable, don’t take me in a wrong way but I feel the attention from my husband has decreased periodically and I wouldn’t say it as wrong. I just wanted some change and was looking for someone who could be trustful. I just want to spice up my life a little bit.

Me: what made you think that you could trust me?

Shanthi: I never saw you calling me over the phone continuously like most men of your age do when we actually want to try and work out with them. I was very keen on such things and it has almost been a month since I started interacting with you and the interaction itself has made me to get closer to you, I think you didn’t rush to the point quickly.

By the time she had finished the sentence, I was done with the drink and went beside her and sat next to her touching myself to her. She gave smile and even she finished her drink and I asked her
Me: how do like to do it? Do you like soft or hard, get dominated or would like to dominate or BDSM?

Shanthi: I just would like to enjoy the process the way I like it while doing, just follow my instructions while performing the act.
I held her hand and just pulled her over to me, gave a very stern look at her. I was just trying stare as long as possible and she herself moved her lips towards mine. I just held her again and made her sit over me on my thighs with her legs on either side of my thighs and her face facing me. She was puzzled as for why I didn’t initiate the kiss. I just moved my fingers all over her cheek and made my lips touch her cheeks and lightly I started feeling her and my hands were moving around her neck and she was moving her face in such a way that our lips should get together, but I wanted to tease her and I just started to kiss her all over the face very slowly, very very slowly and was not accelerating myself quickly.

I started licking her cheek and chin, went a little down the line till her neck and again came back to the portion below her lips and she tried to forcefully kiss me yet I held her firmly and looked at her, she was a bit exited, I guess her hormones were driving her crazy and she had started a small rubbing movement on my part. She suddenly brought her lips to mine and I kissed her gently initially. I just rubbed my lips and in the process started to open up our lips and I took her lower lip in mine and started to suck it and again let her take mine and reciprocate the same and it was making me go out of breath and I just wanted to take a long breath held her firmly away from my body and gave a stern look at her (actually it was to take a deep breath and not let her know the reason as it would reduce the excitement), she saw me in the eye and now again we indulged in the act of kissing and I sucked her tongue and her lips and were kissing like we had never done this before and I broke the kiss and started feeling her side parts of her lips and started to feel her ear lobes and neck and she was moaning with her head held high and giving access to me to enjoy her skin a little more.

Again I took her face in my hands and started kissing and the kiss was very deep and this time we actually exchanged our saliva (there is nothing tasty about saliva, but it’s very exciting). And it had already been around 10mins I guess we had started the kiss, I broke it again and asked her where the bedroom is? She showed me by pointing her hand towards the far left and I just stood up by holding her ass and entangling her legs around me, she was still kissing me and I pressed my right hand on her head to pressurize the kissing while my left hand was holding her ass so as to withstand her weight and balance her. Meanwhile, I just pulled her lower lip by my teeth and then I let it release and using my sharp end of the tongue I just traced the upper lining of the lip.

After this, when we moved to the bedroom, I just dropped her on the bed, positioned myself on the bed sideways and we still kept kissing and she put her left leg over me and dragged me closer and our kissing was like lachhh lachhh sound. Finally, after 5 mins of kissing on the bed, I started to feel her upper portion of the breasts with my mouth over the gown.

My hands were feeling her waist all the time and till then I still had not touched her breasts. Firstly, I made her get up from the bed and made her to stand and removed her gown, she had a blue bra, she herself took it off and my god, my god, and those were the most beautiful boobs I had seen till then. I could see the green veins from my naked eye in her breasts. The nipples light pink in color. Wow, god, you’re really great, I felt like eating them instantly, but guys always have one thing in mind, in sex, man gets charged up like fire lit up by a match stick instantly, but a woman to get charged up is like keeping a bowl of cold water, which takes time to get hated up when kept on fire. So she has to be loved, she has to romance, she has to get charged.

I didn’t just grab them (breasts) the moment I started the foreplay, I let my fingers gently touch the skin around the nipples and the surrounding areas. Once the nipples hardened, I started to stroke them to pleasure her more. I was continuously looking at her face to gauge her reaction. Guys this technique will help you understand how much she likes it or if she’s not into it and also it will not let her feel that you love her breasts.

I started to cup her breasts from behind while kissing her on her neck. Since she had 34c big breasts, as my hand was not able to cover the entire area. After I had cupped them, gently ran my fingers and even my hand around the entire breast to arouse her more. I gently pressed on the nipple using my index finger and massaged in a circular motion to harden them.

Gently, I kept massaging the breasts in a circular fashion with my hands and then squeezed them harder. Kept an eye on her reaction to knowing if I had to intensify the pressure or continue with the same. I made her shriek with joy by teasing her nipples. I wet my finger with my saliva and gently grazed it on her nipples. Next, I gently blew on them for a cool effect. After that, I directly licked them with my tongue and then blew air on them with my mouth. Alternate between these two and she was going wild, seeing her go wild with her chest rise and fall, her moans made me evident that she was aroused and was enjoying the play. Omg, I still have precum now writing it thinking of her movements that day, when I had made love to her.

Once she started enjoying this, I started to suck on the nipples too. While I was sucking on one nipple, I placed my hand on the other breast and kept massaging it. Then moved on to the other one. When I kept sucking on nipples, she was pressing my head on to her breasts. This was making the act more pleasurable for her as well. She made me remove my shirt in between and felt my body firmly. Later, I released myself from her, I started to stroke her abdomen with my fingertips to give her that tingly, goose bump-worthy feeling. It happens to be more shiver-producing if you stroke up toward her breasts as opposed to down toward her pubic area.
Then, at the base of her stomach, I give her a taste of what’s to come by licking along them. The nerve endings there lead to her clitoris (I learned these by studying in articles), so she’ll feel some sensual aftershocks. I started to stimulate her waist by stroking her from just underneath the rib cage to her hips. Used a firmer touch, since it’s a more ticklish spot than most.

Later I made flip and made her face facing the bed, I started teasing the base of her spine with my hands, placed a palm on either side of her spine, then move my fingers up and down so they flutter over her skin. This was making her uncontrollable and she was making very loud moans and shaking her body like a snake. I just went down to her butts, she had light blue panty, I just held the elastic material and pulled it and Shanthi lifted herself up to give access for her panty to be removed.

I rubbed my palm in circles on her butt. It was creating a tingling sensation in her body and she was raising her hips for the massaging of my hands. I just kissed the butt one by one, creating a wet patch on each of it. Now I thought was time to turn her around and as I did it, her pussy was completely wet and it had gagged out juices like anything. It was a white pussy, she told me later that she had kept it neatly shaved for me.

Now my dick was paining like never before and I took off my jeans. I again went to bed, but Shanthi removed my boxer also and she held my dick for a while and gently stroked it and was about to take it in the mouth but I avoided it as I had to taste her pussy first. But I had still the navel to be tasted, I just felt her navel with my fingers and let her enjoy the tickling sensation. She had very long and oval shaped deep navel and I loved it. I brought my mouth on to it and kissed it and started to suck it. Very slowly, I provided gentle kisses and gathered my saliva in the mouth and filled her navel with my saliva. It was very wonderful to watch and the saliva started to drop out of the navel by a line of trace path and I used my tongue, sharpened it and licked that trace path and she was humming like uhhh uh ahmmmmmm and she kept her hands on my head. I kissed her lower abdomen, the underlining of a woman, especially aunties and that too Indian aunties who wear sarees is the greatest thing in the world and no women in the world could match it.

After feeling and enjoying her abdomen for quite few time, I think she was feeling too much heat in down between her thighs and she then moved my face a little downwards indicating me to love her pussy.

People I just love pussy eating, that’s the world’s best part for me. I just want to swim in it if it was possible. A slippery woman’s pussy is a delight to eat. I started to caress her thighs since the skin in this area is particularly sensitive. Then, teased this spot‚ the pleasure zone from the top of her thighs to a few inches above the inside of her knees‚ while she’s on top during foreplay. Since she was already aroused, the extra stimulation would have brought her closer to her peak. It was time for me to concentrate on the love hole. I didn’t go straight for the clit! Started by licking her pussy lips. Those were one hell pair of luscious lips. Went further down. She was wriggling to move her pussy to touch my tongue. But, I started with the lips and teased, teased, teased!

When she started begging for it (groaning, asking for it, grinding), that’s when I moved to the clit(but still didn’t touch it, just caressed area around the clit). Meanwhile, I kissed her thighs, kissed her outer lips, took a deep breath in, she was murmuring how much she wanted this. Guys when you make a woman crazy with such foreplay, you can get anything you want. Including a wet juicy pussy to play with and fuck senseless.

But again I started with this languorous broad stroke from the bottom of her pussy up past her clit. Then did it again. Slowly. Then licked everywhere. Her labia were lusciously lovely. Seriously they were one hell of a vertical pair of lips. What a taste it gave in my mouth. Oh, she still brings out the devil inside me. I was using my tongue to trace the lining of the outer and the inner lips of Shanthi She was shouting with ecstasy. My tongue was giving her the perfect pleasure. Shanthi was folding her legs over my head but I had to hold them firmly so that I can make her squirt.

The clit was still not still given the concentration as it is the main part of the pussy. After spending some quality time with the outer and inner labia and its linings, I had now to take care of her clit. It was medium sized clit protruding outward. I just touched it with my tongue and Shanthi went crazy, she lifted her hips up and out of bed to get it completely into my mouth but I held her lower abdomen portion and place it on bed and still kept her clit licking with tongue and she caught my head and dug it into her clit and now I had to take the entire clit in my mouth as it had been enormous teasing and she could not have waited any further. I kept eating her clit and brushed my complete mouth and nose into her pussy and since I had kept a small crunch of beard, I rubbed it against her clit and she jumped out, and again I held her started to eat her clit and after minute of completely making it wet, I blew air on it and she was shouting aaahhhhhhahhahhhh ahhhahhahhhahhh ahhhahhahhah.

And again I started the same procedure and she folded her legs and she let out her first orgasm, that was thunderous and pouring like a damn full of river, I kept eating her clit and drank her cum partially, it tasted salty. She was moving her body like a snake, she was not in her own control and she was swinging and twisting her body and her movements started to subside moments later but I still was eating her pussy and now what I did was took her right leg and kept it over my left shoulder and kept my fingers in Shanthi mouth and she sucked my fingers like a hungry child sucking milk. Once she made my fingers wet, I inserted one finger into her pussy now and she left a loud moan and I started the too and fro movement and gently brought in my second finger and still carried the too and fro movement while my mouth was on her clit sucking it and had her hands in my head. I dug my fingers into her pussy and just bent them inside her pussy, so as to touch the spongy, sensitive and the crazy part of the woman body, the g-spot.

I started stimulating it and she somewhat started to feel the heat again and now with the rigorous sucking of the clit and the continuous stimulation of her g-spot by my fingers, she was bending her chest and again rising it, she was unable to control the excitement and she sometimes held the bedspread and sometimes suddenly pressing my head, she was moaning like aarrrhhhh, aaaahhhh, she was shouting, I sensed that she was ready for her second orgasm and now she again let it out and as like the first orgasm, she had gallons of cum stored, and she released it in like a dam, the bed was completely wet with her juices and she had no sense of what was happening and she just had got carried away in the act, the act that I had directed it. She was taking deep breaths, her breaths were so long that she almost lifted her chest portion to suck the air. She was traumatized. I was feeling very proud of making her feel this pleasure. Slowly she was able to hold herself now and it took her few minutes to calm.

After her second orgasm had completed she almost got back to senses and she forcefully pulled me up and smooched me and she had tears in her eyes, she just was unable to control them and I knew that these were the tears of complete satisfaction. She told she can’t wait anymore and asked me to penetrate immediately. I obliged her words, and took my pant and took out the condom packet and as I was resting might right leg on the bed and the left leg on the floor, she could get access to my dick. In the meanwhile, she got up and held dick and took it into her mouth and she actually sucked my penis for a minute and immediately tore the condom wrapper and took out the condom inserted it on my dick and pulled me upon her and widened her legs, she just signaled me to start with pleading face. I just held my dick and started rubbing it to tease her, friends, tease a woman as much as possible, as I have said earlier, a woman is like a bowl of cold water and it requires time to get heated up when kept on fire, and when she’s heated up, the excitement is completely different..

The way I was teasing her now rubbing my dick on her pussy lips. I just laughed at her sentence this instigated her more and she made me lie down and she came upon me and she held my dick in hand and inserted it in her pussy. She was not that tight nor completely lose, her pussy gripped my penis perfectly and Shanthi was moving up and down. Her rhythmic movements were a feast to watch and I held her breasts in each hand and I dragged her towards me and took one of her nipples in my mouth and she was feeling like she was on cloud nine. Friends, this was the woman I had seen till now, who never cared about moaning, she moaned and moaned like a loud speaker, I don’t know if the outsiders were able to hear it or not, but her moans have had an extra boost in me ad it would encourage me to pleasure her more.

After making love in that position for 8-10 mins, she felt exhausted and I changed the position into doggy and seriously I penetrated her very deep and was hitting her complete canal length. The piston movement was much faster here and I held her hairs like a lagam and rode her lethally, she was unable to hold herself on the knees and she collapsed, because of which again we changed our position and finally took missionary position and in this position she rested very peacefully, I was able to kiss her, we actually held each other very tightly and I was eating her neck and breast portion and she gave a love bite on shoulder and it was very painful, it is still visible on my shoulder even after a year and a half (my parents, my relatives and some of my friends have been questioning me till date how it happened, but what can I say to parents and relatives, I just bluff something and move out from their eyesight) and seriously that was sensational. It was very enjoying and we had a french kiss between and she held my head with her hands, moving her fingers in my head.
She used to moan in such a way that it would trigger me more to thrust her deep and then she would dig her nails into my back.

I was still holding back my pressure to pump a little more. After pounding her for around 6-7 mins I guess, she was on the verge of her third orgasm and she locked her legs very firmly and she squeezed my penis so hardly that in the next few seconds I reached climax and shot my cum inside the condom, yes I thought like I had cummed very much, for a moment I thought the shooting power of my dick would have made a big hole in the condom, when we both were done and we rested for some time in the same position for some 3-4 mins and when everything settled down, she told me to part away as she felt my weight and we drifted apart and sat on the bed she too got up and took out the condom from my dick and threw it in the dustbin in the bathroom. She came back, kissed me now, this was a gentle and very sweet kind of a kiss.

She told me to freshen up and we both went to the bathroom to clean ourselves and there I just held her from behind and gave her breast massage and licked her neck in the shower. Finally, we were done and when we saw the time, it was 2:00 pm. We dressed up partially and she said “rocky this is one of my best sex experiences in my life, probably the best ever, since my husband just fucks me well, but the oral pressure and the romance was missing after the child, hope this happens with you even when you get married and when you couple have a child, but you really made my day today, thank you” and she at the same time ordered some food over the phone and asked what do you want to eat, I asked her what was she up to? She said she’s gonna go for the veg dish and even I said even I prefer the same.

Then we really had a wonderful lunch in each other’s embrace and after the food was done, I finally thought of ending it up there and wanted to leave but she insisted me to stay for a minute and handed over an envelope and I was surprised and when I saw it, it had few new five hundred s rupee notes I just denied it saying even I earn well and I don’t need this, but she was very adamant and she said the kind of pleasure that I have got from you today, I guess it is priceless and I think you deserve more, tell me if you need more but don’t refuse this. I was made to accept the money and after that incident in the next two three months, we really had a very wonderful time when she took leaves from office and so did I and both of us had enjoyed quite well.

But over the period of time, the contacts have grown and it’s good as my dick is having its food at different places with different tastes. The thing is I never demand anything and it is coming by itself. But the only thing is when a woman calls you to satisfy her, I go to her and do my job. It is stupid to think that many middle aged women has an hourglass figure, literally not.
Guys Indian women are not diet conscious and do not exercise after they become mothers, so it is up to you guys how you look at them. I love an Indian woman, especially aunties and middle aged woman, I’m just crazy about them.

Never till now had I expected a client to be as curvy, and perfectly shaped since I’m okay with my pleasure providing skills and I love seeing the pleasure of a woman by my skills nevertheless what shape and size she is. It’s my duty and I fulfill it.

But what I learned over these sexperiences (after providing client service to some class woman. women can find many smart, young, handsome and etc guys but friend it’s really worthy being trustful. Trust is the bridge upon which the relation survives. So in a year and a half I have been providing services to needy women as per their choice.

Btw, some things I wanted to share for you people were, with experience, even if she lets you kiss her in the middle of your indirect service, do not stop your service to get full-on sexual with her. That could turn her off. She may think that you’re desperate and sexually frustrated, which is not attractive to a woman. Kiss her breasts only for about 30 seconds but then get back to the massage (learned from experience, studied in some well-known articles). This self-control is attractive to women, it heightens her arousal, she desires you even more, and by the time your service is done, she can’t wait for you to get intimate. I have made this mistake in the past when a client gave me permission to kiss her breasts, I got carried away and kissed her breasts, neck, face, mouth…and finally had sex with her. She did not like it.

At the end of the session when I asked for feedback, she said “you said you’ll kiss my breasts for just a bit, I think you got carried away.” she felt cheated, she felt that she did not get her money’s worth of massage. Well, I don’t care for money. She did not hire me again. But often a client will absolutely insist that you stop the service and get physically intimate immediately. If she proactively asks you to do that, sure, go ahead, after all a client’s wish is your command.

And to all those who have read my story, please leave your valuable comments here or mail me at ravee007@gmail.Com. People who are in need of services can contact me, gays please stay out (sincere request) as I’m not of your kind. Privacy is guaranteed to the needy and I need not say it again as I have shared the stories based up on my partner’s consent. Hope even my aunties like it. Bye people. If possible I’ll share few more in the coming days/months/years. Thank you.

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How do u draw bodies so fast!

depends on what youd consider fast :o

tbh this one took me abt an 45 mins even tho its supposedly really simple :U im v slow when it comes to drawing bec i like to revise it over and over until im satisfied w it

like my rough sketch looks like this :

secondary as such:

and then ofc, the final here

i guess it helps to use more lines && shapes in your primaries and work your way towards detail bc as long as you have the general idea/outline mapped out, everything else should be able to follow relatively quickly :oo

Voice of Reason

Dedicated To: @pleasecallmecaptain because it was her birthday and this is the only gift I can give her besides my undying love and friendship (and yes, I told her happy birthday at a little after midnight yesterday, squad was on top of it).

Request(s): Can you write a fic with Pre-serum! Steve where the reader is shorter than him and they always see each other at the park so one day he asks her if they want to hangout [didn’t quite follow this, but it was along the lines]

Reader is best friends with bucky and likes steve and steve likes her but he thinks that because she is constantly around bucky that she likes buck and not interested in him [to keep an element of surprise i am cutting these off]

Pairing: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, Smoking, Mild Sexual Reference, and Some Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 4k+

A/N: I tried so hard to post this before midnight, but the quality of this fic makes up for it. Enjoy! x. T

Your name: submit What is this?

Brooklyn, New York  | 1936

.   .   .


           “You saw how fast I clocked that guy, Y/N!” Bucky exclaimed, demonstrating with a quick jab at the air with a skillfully curled fist. He slightly turned to you and grinned. “Didn’t even make it to Round Two.”

           You laughed at Bucky’s enthusiasm over his boxing match and remarked, “You did get him pretty good, Bucky. Except, I think he got your ribs a couple of times…”

           Bucky returned to walking to your left and he adjusted his bag on his shoulder, snorting at your words. He brushed back his sweaty hair and slung an arm around you, tugging you into his good side to playfully bite your shoulder. You batted him away and wrinkled your nose at the pungent smell of sweat and masculinity clinging to him, Bucky only chuckling at your actions.

           “I’m telling Steve to run a bath when we get back to your apartment.”

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