it took me like 45 mins


Decided to finish up the last of Asagao academy crew and put them all together ! :3c

The sizes are all over the place cause i didnt really plan, so I would full size them :0

A super quick sketch for Viktuuri week!! I can’t let this awesome event pass by without contributing. I did this at work, took me like 45 min in between meetings hahaha I’m the worst. I’ll try to do other ones with a bit more quality time. 

And Yuuri with long hair because YES. Long distance prompt.

How I plan my study schedule

Since arimarshmellow asked, I’ll just do a post on this (although my results are like shit) This works like a yearly planner just that I use it solely for studying :)


  • It’s called monthly but I usually plan this weekly! This helps me plan better because if I fall back by a few days I wouldn’t be lagging behind for the entire month (which sucks)
  • I write down the different tests, consultations and remedial lessons I have first before planning the topics I want to study based on those stuff. 
  • Things may not go as planned so leave a day or two empty solely for catching up :)

I doubt you can read 70% of what I’ve written because it’s in pencil HAHAHA

  • Use different coloured markers to annotate different events so that it’s easier to have an overview of the entire month. For me, thin red line - remedial lessons, thick orange lines - consultations, blue ink - tests!!
  • Use pencils to plan so you can make changes if there are any errors! Otherwise it would be super messy :(


  • I plan this every morning or the night before! 
  • This is more detailed and it includes my homework as well as which part of the topics do I intend to study on and the questions that I want to do (eg review complex numbers part B mistakes, do macropolicies evaluation)
  • If I’ve completed the task I would shade the entire box black, but if it’s incomplete I would only shade half. There is this huge sense of satisfaction when I shade much more than striking it off !!
  • If there is a huge chunk of work to do, I’ll list down everything so I won’t miss out any!

That’s all! Hope this helps someone in one way or another :)


Friendly reminder that Calum was one of the writers for San Francisco and he was so so into it when they sang it live for the first time :-)

3/16/17 - WOD

Today was two WODs in one class! For the fist round I rowed 10 intervals of 200 meters, with the objective of getting faster each round. There was one minute of rest in between intervals, so this took me around 18 minutes.

The second workout was 4 rounds of:
- air biking to 11 calories
- 15 KB Swings @ 12kg
- 10 burpees
- 2 min rest

Biking exhausts me and burpees slow me down so I feared this would take me forever. In reality I took an average of 3:45 per round and finished the whole thing in 21:00.

I left my boots at the gym, so looks like I’m wearing my gym shoes for the rest of today. Since I haven’t been in a while, I’m tempted to attend mobility class this evening if it’s still on the schedule. Mobility class and subway for dinner sounds like it could be a good plan.

ttochen  asked:

how long does it take you to edit the pss sprites usually? i was thinking of trying it myself and was curious :o

uuuhhhh it kinda depends really haha, before they only took me around 15-20 mins to make but now that i put more effort into detail and preserving the likeness of the character maybe around 45-60 mins? also depends on the difficulty of the character but generally not too long!

So….because I’m going to see a P!ATD concert tonight with some friends, my roommate was nice enough to switch work shifts with me (yes we work at the same place) and at 9AM I got a call from our work from the new manager like “are you working today at 5???” and I went “well that’s my shift but Caitlin and I switched shifts, so she’s working my shift tonight and I’m working her’s tomorrow” and she just went “ah ok bye” and hung up, and 5 minutes later Caitlin messaged me like “Ann called me and now I have to work at 4. I always get the worst shifts” and I’m just like…I’m sorryyyyy


Guys~ i did a thing. 

My top Ten fave Voltage men in one chibi sketch! Ren took me 45 friggin’ minutes for his draft while the rest took like, 5 minutes (except Kippei, Taka, and Sats, who took 10 mins).  sketching is all i’m good at sadly. still epic fail.


Akiyoshi & Hideki: Nailed it. (no more words needed to be said.)


Ren & Taka: ZZZ… (score sheets and research schematics strewn everywhere.)

Takao: Sheesh these two… *drapes blanket over them*


Daichi: ….

Sor: *whips out gun before anything can be said*

Satsuki: Now, now… calm down… Ichinomiya-san! please get your friend out of here before both our hotels are burned down.


Noel: Ramen?

Kippei: Sure. After i submit this report.


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i dont think i did your hubby(s) enough justice…


rosaveritas said that she wishes she could draw this scene from her fic

I wanted to do the Blue Steel look like you wanted but - I realize I can’t draw serious things. So. Uh. Yeah, this is a thing………

And I now know what you mean about there not being mackerel shaped hats so I had to make it up based on OTHER FRIGGING FISH HATS AND JUST THAT RESEARCH ALONE TOOK LIKE 45 MINS; NOW I KNOW WHY YOU SAID YOU GET SIDETRACKED - I WHOLEHEARTEDLY UNDERSTAND!!!

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I work at a fairly popular sandwich place, and one time this guy came in soon after I started my shift and asked me if he could "bring a cat in here" as I was making his sandwich. I didn't give a solid answer because I assumed he was joking, but no, he brought his sickly, drugged-up cat (they were on the way home from the vet apparently) in from his car and sat her on the table next to him while he took 30-45 min to eat his sandwich. I didn't really mind, personally, but like....who does that?