it took me like 45 mins

Why Ace Attorney has lost its potency

this blog isn’t done or open yet but i was talking to a friend about this a bit ago and i felt like i finally put together some thoughts i’d had floating around for a while so i just wanted to jot them down here :0

and i know that title sounds clickbaitey but i honestly, truely believe the series has. Ace attorney started off as the passion project of top tier writer shu takumi and his team of seven other people. it was a game project used to train new staff, and they weren’t given a lot of time to make a game as amazing as ace attorney is. But they did! And i firmly believe the reason they could was becuase it was grounded in three things things: strong characters, clever mysteries, and most importantly: social commentary.

If you aren’t a huge ace attorney obsessor like I am, or you just don’t know a lot about law in Japan, let me give you a basic rundown of what I picked up while doing research on the series. In Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright is the perfect prosecution’s punching bag. obviously, this is for comedic effect, no prosecutors in Japan bring whips or hurl coffee in court. But in Japan, especially at the time when Ace Attorney one was in development, Prosecutors ruled the court. It was expected that prosecutors not loose cases. It was expected that your client go to prison, as a Defense attorney. Prosecutors were infamous for forging evidence and forcing confessions, even leading testimony was common practice, and it even sometimes had a blind eye turned to it. So that’s what ace attorney was- a big, cartooney exaggeration of a very real problem in japan at the time. Phoenix is the defense attorney who cannot win, edgeworth and franziska are the “anything for a guilty verdict” prosecutors, adn the judge is the blind eye of the japanese justice system- a justice system that did not have a jurry in it until 2009.

So why is this gone? Ace Attorney one has overarching themes of the innocent deserve help, as well as biting critical commentary of Japan’s legal system at the time, the villinization of the prosecutor (something completely reverse from most american courtroom dramas, where the defense attorney is portrayed as evil) the innocent, hard working down on his luck defense attorney, the desperate, sympathy garnering clients in a place that so often paints them as villians (just look at Yanni Yogi, as well as Yomiel from Ghost trick, for example on that, albeit dramatic ones) Ace Attorney two is about the conviction of people who are ultimatly good- once again making sympathy where there often is none (i feel bad for ini, don’t you?) and then turning that on its nose with the scum bag client. AA2 was about how we understand innocence and how we need to look past it to create a good legal system. Finally, AA3 is about prosecution and defense working together to fix things- like takumi believes a courtroom should work. We see this carried over into apollo justice, which also has a more likeable prosectuion who actually cares about getting the correct verdict, it shows a step in the right direction, ESPECIALLY with takumi’s push for the jury system in this game (Apollo Justice was made in 2007, just two years before jury was reinstated in japan. clearly takumi was following this a lot)

 I’m not going to touch on AAI1 and 2 becuase i frankly dont feel like i understand their context well enough to, and I haven’t play AAI2 (plus theres no official translation that worked with the staff, and while i worship the fan translators it runs the risk of missing very subtle themes if they didnt work with the producers directly) and I’m not going to touch on DGS (completely different historical context) or PL vs AA (not as serious a game) becuase theyre in a different situation than main game ace attorney

But in Ace Attoreny 5 and 6, this is just… gone. i didnt really enjoy ace attoreny 5 just… in general, it had weird writing and stuff but on top of that? it doesn’t have a cohesive theme to tie it together aside from “athena is traumatized” and we’re in the “DARK AGE OF THE LAW” which was about… fake japanifornia law and (as far as i know) was not meant to criticize any other law systems. Ace Attoreny six some how took this one step further by setting everything in fake tibet and then criticizing a law (the culpability act) that has NEVER BEEN INSTATED anywhere?? as far as i can find? certainly not in japan, and certainly not right now. it felt like a hollow imitation of 1-4′s biting social commentary (especially in 1, tbh) and it fell very flat. I had plenty of other issues with this game that I’m sure I’ll talk about too, but this post is long enough

If i’ve missed anything, espeically about real world stuff b/c my knowledge of ace attoreny is 100% better than my knowledge of law in the real world, please feel free to talk to me about it, or disagree, or set up a dialogue! This is a jumping off point and I’d love to hear other’s thoughts :)

thanks for reading!!

A super quick sketch for Viktuuri week!! I can’t let this awesome event pass by without contributing. I did this at work, took me like 45 min in between meetings hahaha I’m the worst. I’ll try to do other ones with a bit more quality time. 

And Yuuri with long hair because YES. Long distance prompt.

Dragonborn's Bizarre Adventure Special Edition

So I’ve just finished the main quest scenario in Special Edition and some interesting things happened.

So I think a lot of people have encountered this glitch before. I’ve just arrived in Sovngarde and talked with the three nord heroes that’ll help me slay Alduin.
We ran out and proceeds to do our Clear Skies shout to clear the mist but when Alduin does his shout to make the mist reapear it doesn’t happen. All I hear are the sound effects but we proceed to do our Clear Skies shout.

And in the end Alduin doesn’t appear. So I thought “Well shit I guess I’ll just use console commands then.”
So I force Alduin to appear and our battle starts. Everything seems to go smoothly and I start to feel myself lighthen a little since the command seemed to work.

So I cast my last spell at him and his health goes down to zero. So he starts doing his animation except… he doesn’t explode and turn to goo. He dies like a normal dragon and ragdolls and the quest doesn’t proceeds either.

“Well fuck I guess I’ll just have to use console commands again.” Since I need the nord guy to send me back to Skyrim.
So I do the command and I get the dragonslayer achievement.
I go up and talk with the guy and around that time I notice something weird with the sky. It’s normal, cloudy gray like in Skyrim and then the nord says he’ll send me back to Nirn nothing happens. I’m locked in place.
“Fuck… I guess I’ll have to use the console again…”

So I pause the game and google around for a while to see if anyone has encountered this glitch and to look up the coc command for the Throat of the World.
Meanwhile I took a break for maybe 45 min to eat dinner and when I came back and started the game again the screen turns blurry and the nord heroes stagger backwards.

So it was almost like the game was really slowly loading in the effects of me teleporting back to Skyrim but suprise suprise nothing happens so I need to do the command anyways.

So I get to the Thoat of the World and talk with my dragon buddies and then fast travel to Whiterun. I do have an ENB installed but the lighting is still a bit weird so I look up… and what do I see. The sky of Sovngarde.
Well whatever I think. If I’m lucky it’ll just dissapear by itself.

So I’m somewere on a road between Whiterun and Riverwood I think and paused the game again for a bathroom break.
While I was doing something else I thought it would be best if I took care of my pets before I dove in again which took maybe 20 min.

So I start the game and the screen gets all blurry again and I hear someone shout (probably the nord guy in Sovngarde) and then sky turns back to normal.

And all I thought was, “The shit you put me through Bethesda.”

How I plan my study schedule

Since arimarshmellow asked, I’ll just do a post on this (although my results are like shit) This works like a yearly planner just that I use it solely for studying :)


  • It’s called monthly but I usually plan this weekly! This helps me plan better because if I fall back by a few days I wouldn’t be lagging behind for the entire month (which sucks)
  • I write down the different tests, consultations and remedial lessons I have first before planning the topics I want to study based on those stuff. 
  • Things may not go as planned so leave a day or two empty solely for catching up :)

I doubt you can read 70% of what I’ve written because it’s in pencil HAHAHA

  • Use different coloured markers to annotate different events so that it’s easier to have an overview of the entire month. For me, thin red line - remedial lessons, thick orange lines - consultations, blue ink - tests!!
  • Use pencils to plan so you can make changes if there are any errors! Otherwise it would be super messy :(


  • I plan this every morning or the night before! 
  • This is more detailed and it includes my homework as well as which part of the topics do I intend to study on and the questions that I want to do (eg review complex numbers part B mistakes, do macropolicies evaluation)
  • If I’ve completed the task I would shade the entire box black, but if it’s incomplete I would only shade half. There is this huge sense of satisfaction when I shade much more than striking it off !!
  • If there is a huge chunk of work to do, I’ll list down everything so I won’t miss out any!

That’s all! Hope this helps someone in one way or another :)



@gradblrchallenge day 1;;

here we have early signs of spring and a bullet journal that doesn’t look this neat anymore. 

accomplishments went to the clinic and took care of health shit like an adult, went to a meeting about jd/msw registration that very well may apply to me if i ever get that law school app in, 45 mins of interval training on the treadmill, meal prepped 80 pounds of sweet potatoes, laundry..

upcoming tasks policy brief for practicum, strengths finder inventory, skim some readings for tomorrow’s class, wash the hair, watch an episode of the wire, work on poverty and inequality take home exam

Voice of Reason

Dedicated To: @pleasecallmecaptain because it was her birthday and this is the only gift I can give her besides my undying love and friendship (and yes, I told her happy birthday at a little after midnight yesterday, squad was on top of it).

Request(s): Can you write a fic with Pre-serum! Steve where the reader is shorter than him and they always see each other at the park so one day he asks her if they want to hangout [didn’t quite follow this, but it was along the lines]

Reader is best friends with bucky and likes steve and steve likes her but he thinks that because she is constantly around bucky that she likes buck and not interested in him [to keep an element of surprise i am cutting these off]

Pairing: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, Smoking, Mild Sexual Reference, and Some Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 4k+

A/N: I tried so hard to post this before midnight, but the quality of this fic makes up for it. Enjoy! x. T

Your name: submit What is this?

Brooklyn, New York  | 1936

.   .   .


           “You saw how fast I clocked that guy, Y/N!” Bucky exclaimed, demonstrating with a quick jab at the air with a skillfully curled fist. He slightly turned to you and grinned. “Didn’t even make it to Round Two.”

           You laughed at Bucky’s enthusiasm over his boxing match and remarked, “You did get him pretty good, Bucky. Except, I think he got your ribs a couple of times…”

           Bucky returned to walking to your left and he adjusted his bag on his shoulder, snorting at your words. He brushed back his sweaty hair and slung an arm around you, tugging you into his good side to playfully bite your shoulder. You batted him away and wrinkled your nose at the pungent smell of sweat and masculinity clinging to him, Bucky only chuckling at your actions.

           “I’m telling Steve to run a bath when we get back to your apartment.”

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Guys~ i did a thing. 

My top Ten fave Voltage men in one chibi sketch! Ren took me 45 friggin’ minutes for his draft while the rest took like, 5 minutes (except Kippei, Taka, and Sats, who took 10 mins).  sketching is all i’m good at sadly. still epic fail.


Akiyoshi & Hideki: Nailed it. (no more words needed to be said.)


Ren & Taka: ZZZ… (score sheets and research schematics strewn everywhere.)

Takao: Sheesh these two… *drapes blanket over them*


Daichi: ….

Sor: *whips out gun before anything can be said*

Satsuki: Now, now… calm down… Ichinomiya-san! please get your friend out of here before both our hotels are burned down.


Noel: Ramen?

Kippei: Sure. After i submit this report.


zaizenakiyoshi greeneyedsky laughedwiththeplague aquadoozy spyoflove kissedbysoryu kalina-a 

i dont think i did your hubby(s) enough justice…


Low Carb Keto Flan

I’ve been saying I wanted to make low carb flan since I started Keto in 2013 and now I finally did. Twice.

First time, not so good. This time, oh baby!

I didn’t stick to 1 recipe in particular – I took from a bunch, simplified some and did it my way.

You’ll need ramekins (or something like them to cook in water). I bought a 4 pack from Bed Bath & Beyond for $7.99.

Ingredients (2 servings)


  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  • Butter or spray the ramekins to make them non-stickish and drop a tbs of the caramel syrup in each.
  • Blend the rest of the ingredients for 3 to 4 minutes. (I used an immersion blender since I don’t have a regular blender)
  • Pour into 2 ramekin dishes and place them in a bigger oven pan filled with water about half way.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes or until knife comes up dry(ish), mine took 45 min.
  • Let them cool down for about 30 min and then take them out of the water. Let them rest for another 30 min and then put them in the fridge for a minimum of 2-3 hours. (I left mine in the fridge overnight)


  • The KEY here (for me) is Jordan’s Surgar Free Caramel Syrup – it smells like flan on it’s own. My mother bought it for me on whim and it’s been great! She found it at Ross of all places.
  • The top does get a bit toasty and smells like egg, but that’s it. No eggy flavor inside. Next time I’ll just scrape the top crusty bit off before I flip it on plate.
  • After I flipped it onto a plate, I pour some more syrup on it since it’s missing the sugar glaze. That’s my next project, finding a low carb way of getting that traditional flan glaze!
  • Also, I actually used 1 full tsp of vanilla extract but I feel like it’s a bit over powering at times so I reduced the amount.


cas, in his preparation to become a Very Official (Fake) FBI Agent, does his research like the responsible agent-to-be that he is. he ends up going onto Bing to search “how to crack a suspect fbi” comes up with a list of cheesy cop movies that he spends the entirety of a week intently analysing.

he even tries out some of his newly picked up bad cop interrogation skills at a coffee place. you can’t blame him really, all he wants is an americano why would a cashier need to know his name OTHER THAN FOR BAD PURPOSES? so he just slams the table and goes off like  “WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW MY NAME WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT YOU CAN’T DECEIVE ME I AM A TRAINED SPECIALIST”

it only gets worse when cas gets his shiny new FBI badge from the winchesters because he starts throwing around the fbi act everywhere even for the smallest things like- “hey that guy is on my favourite seat GET OFF IT I AM A FEDERAL AGENT AND I NEED THIS SEAT FOR LEGAL PURPOSES SCRAM BEFORE YOU FEEL THE DIVINE WRATH OF THE LAW”


and when he’s with the winchesters his excitement practically doubles and he jumps at every window of opportunity to use his badge. like there was that one time they were at biggersons and dean happened to say “damn, look at that queue”

in an instant cas is on his feet and he assures the winchesters with an “I GOT THIS” before he’s striding towards the front of the biggersons queue pushing aside everyone like “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY THIS IS THE FBI” and once he’s at the front he casually turns to dean and says “ok the queue is cleared what do you want”

also there was that time when they ordered pizza and the pizza guy said that it’ll take 45 minutes for the pizza to arrive and cas just grabs the phone from sams hand and goes “we’re the FBI i want it in 15 mins or you’re going to jail” and the poor guy is so scared he speeds the whole way and by the time he’s at their doorstep he’s panting and shaking and when he sees dean at the door he’s like “I’M SORRY SIR I KNOW I TOOK 17 MINUTES PLEASE DON’T ARREST ME I HAVE A FAMILY AND I GO TO COLLEGE” and dean is just like “….dammit cas”

but of course it isn’t always that bad. cas uses it for good things too like after the young guy helped the old lady across the road cas shoved the FBI badge in his face like “I AM THE FBI I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU’RE DOING THE LAW THE GOVERNMENT AND THIS COUNTRY PROUD”

So first, I still have some messages that i need to answer but I’m just really tired these days so if i can put stuff off i just…put them off. @_@;;. sorry, if you’ve messaged me on tumblr or dA and I haven’t replied, it’s cause i’m sick right now ^^;~

Welcome new followers >w<~ I have a heart problem so i don’t really have much energy to do anything these days; i feel like my daily sketches are just killing me a lil’ bit at a time haha @_@;;. So yeah, i probably won’t be doing any digital art until i get better.

this is the first time in two months since i did digital art haha @_@;;. I painted on top of one of my daily sketches xD;. trying to do it fast…took around 45 min. so i’m still slow lol. 

So anyways, for my mitral stenosis, There’s a simpler procedure i’m getting done that has a 50% chance of working, and it should be in two weeks. If this works, awesome, i’ll have 5-10 years of being okay (the more extensive surgery’s delayed the better). If it doesn’t work, then I’ll need a surgery to get my valve repaired, and it’s more complicated than getting a replacement valve (but replacements bring on a new set of problems like constant medications and stuff). TT____TT

So yeah… my next few months kind of hinges on this procedure haha @_@; Also whether i apply for Employment insurance or not also hinges on that. So. Fingers fucking crossed cause oh my god. >____<. I’m so fucking tired of being tired all the fucking time, especially when I get home i just feel like crashing out.

if you’ve read this far, omg thank you, and here’s an internet cookie. xD;. and here’s me clonking out. 

yesterday was unreal. UNREAL. no words can even explain how happy I was.
It all started at 7am. I woke up, and I made a bagel. A fricken good bagel. Then Bree came into my room and said, “Okay. Work out in 15 mins lets to this. ” And I decided not to eat my bagel and I would just give it to my sister hahaa. i decided i would start my diet today. So Bree, Yani, and I worked out for like 35 mins and it kicked my butt. I was sweating so bad and I was weak at the end. Immediately after we were done with the workout we speeded straight to Turtle Bay for yoga. Bree also teaches yoga there. And on our way we pick up two of Yanis friends. So were at Turtle Bay, In this nice az room with AC and everything, and all I wanna do is sleep cause I am so relaxed haha. But anyways we do our class of yoga and it was absolutely amazing. Just the vibe, it was so good. Of course it was so sore because I had just worked out. But it was good I was stretching my muscles hahaha. It gave me so much motivation to eat good and workout and adventure all day! I was SOO motivated to be good! Anyway, after yoga we dropped off Bree at the bus cause she had stuff to do. so it was me, Yani, and her two friends. Savannah and Lindsey. All 4 of us went to the fruit stand and got strawberries, papaya, pineapple, coconut, and kiwis! then drove straight to sunset elementary and hiked the bunker hike. it KILLED my legs. I was literally shaking the entire time. because I had worked out and done yoga already and it was only 11 in the morning. so we were struggling to get up there. usually it only takes like 25 mins to get to the bunker but we seriously took like 45 mins hahaha. we kept stopping cause it was so freaking HOTT and out legs were on fire.
So, we get up to the bunker and there is an amazing view of almost all the beaches on the north shore. it was so gorgeous. we rested up there and took a few photos for like 20 mins and hiked down. hiking down was so funny because it’s all downhill with dirt so we were literally sliding down the whole time hahahah. I was so tired and delirious that I couldn’t even stand. (I get in this weird delirious mood where EVERYTHING Is funny and I can’t control my laughter. all I do is drop to the floor and crack up) so I was in that weird mood! and going down that hike is NOT a good time to be in that mood! hahaha but I finally made it down at about 12:30 in the afternoon. we were sweating like crazy so we jumped in the water at keikis. it felt SO good to be in the water after working out,yoga, and hiking the bunker. after we were at the beach for like 30 mins we were starving. so we went to Kahuku farm and got the most amazing food in the world. (that photo is the food we ate haha) pesto pizza and eggplant burger all organic from their farm. it felt good to eat somewhat healthy food after eating crappy all the time. after we ate there we dropped off Lindsey at work, witch is Kahuku grill, then we drove back to turtle bay again. we snuck into the villa pools and swam there for like an hour and a half. it was a BEAUTIFUL day. no clouds, and sunny with a bit of sea breeze. I live in paradise. After being exhausted and satisfied with my day, I went home and took a nice HOTT shower. mama came home a few hours later with big news to tell us. she said Yani and bells, I have news. she explained that Amber was going to Tahiti next month and that we would need to pack our bags because we were going too. my heart was beating so fast and I was SO grateful. can this day get any better??!! I am SO thankful for this life. this family. everything. I am so beyond blessed to live in paradise. I love my life. and you should too, because we’re all beyond blessed.


rosaveritas said that she wishes she could draw this scene from her fic

I wanted to do the Blue Steel look like you wanted but - I realize I can’t draw serious things. So. Uh. Yeah, this is a thing………

And I now know what you mean about there not being mackerel shaped hats so I had to make it up based on OTHER FRIGGING FISH HATS AND JUST THAT RESEARCH ALONE TOOK LIKE 45 MINS; NOW I KNOW WHY YOU SAID YOU GET SIDETRACKED - I WHOLEHEARTEDLY UNDERSTAND!!!

kimipuding  asked:

I wanna ask, do you get too many messages? I mean, do you dismiss some stuff that are adressed or for you OR do you just can't see them 'cause there are too many?? (I drew something for you but I guess u didn't see it.) ¯\_の ε の_/¯

Honestly, yes aaaand not that much.(ノ・ェ・)ノ  Recently i’ve received less asks/art.

Dont worry, i see every single post that are tagged with mah name/s&p . However,i prefer to wait the moment i have enough time for replyin’/rebloggin’ multiple stuff at once. (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ depends of waht i receive 

 Here is the order of priority  of my messages. from the wahn that takes me 5 minutes to the wahn that takes meh ½ hours to reply  :

 A simple ask(hello/compliments)(5 mins) a complex  ask that needs a specific search before replying(art advice/art question/personal problem or S&P questions )  >  then reblog stuff talkin’ about me/s&p > reblog fan art(that sincerely takes a lot of time)  >  and finally drawin’ an art ask (30min/1 hour and sometimes more) . 

Plus i’m writin’ in english. not mah native langage so add like twice of the time that somewahn would take for writin’ a simple sentence…

I’m so sorry but i hope u’ve got patience.With mah school schedule ,i neveh kno’ when i have the time to reply/reblog asks and fan arts.

And again, i don’t want to rush this ‘cause  all of ur asks/art r unique and i prefer to take mah time. I think u deserve some respect. ヾ(。・ω・)シ

also, that took me 30/45 mins for writin’ this. i hope u can see the struggle if i have 10 asks like dis to reply per day.  .+:。(・A・)