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all to myself: vlog 5

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader
warning: smut

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Little idea inspired by Brendon’s story about falling off his skateboard. Full credit to whoever this photo was posted by orginally <3 <3 dedicated to the amazing @lacyandbeebourie becayse I love her <3

I’m sorry it’s so long XD

Word count - 5781

A Couple Puffs Then We’re Done

I padded through the college into my lecture, I was about 20 minutes early so I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there yet. I winced at the stinging sensation on my leg under my jeans, why I had thought skinny jeans were a good idea after bailing off my board yesterday was beyond me, but it was me after all. To my surprise the lecture room wasn’t a ghostland and as luck would have it there were even some of my friends, I glanced over at Brendon, Ryan and Spencer sitting a little away from my friends, no doubt Ryan had followed Sophia here. Brendon smiled at me, we didn’t talk huge amounts but we had worked together on projects a few times, nevertheless he was still super hot, tattoos covering his left forearm and always wearing a tshirt with skinny jeans, almost black hair lazily flicked to one side with his hand. He was in a band and played a ton of instruments AND sang which just made him hotter quite honestly. I walked through to my friends and threw myself into a chair, groaning out when I scraped the raw skin on my leg.

“AH fuck!” I yelped slightly, my hands flying to my right thigh.

“Jesus what happened to you?” Sophia asked, turning her head to face me.

“I had a total wipe out on my board yesterday.” I laughed at my own stupidity, it was even doing a trick, literally doing an ollie down a step.

“Isn’t that in the sea?” Lola asked in typical airhead fashion.

“Skateboard Lo.” I sighed, giggling.

“What happened?” Sophia asked, laughing with me.

“I tried to ollie down a step and just failed miserable, I fell straight on my ass and it fucking hurt.” I laughed, never the one to hold back when explaining things.

“You’re an idiot.” She teased, giggling along with me, I heard the boys chatting behind us.

“You know I did pretty much the exact same thing last summer.” Brendon’s smooth voice rang out, I snapped my head around, he was grinning slightly.

“Really? I didn’t even know you board.” I turned to face him, that distinctive half smile, that I wish I didn’t love so much, was plastered all over his face.

“Yeah! I was skating across the road and tried to ollie up the sidewalk and just went flying forward, scraped my whole side up, I think I got a picture somewhere.” He shook his head as he told the story, his smile beaming at me, god he was too hot, one hand slipping up to run through his impossibly dark hair. “What board do you have anyway?”

“I got a Diamond Supply custom.” I grinned, picturing my gorgeous skateboard sitting in my dorm room.

“Nice! Mines an Alien Workshop. It’s beat up as fuck I need a new one. How did you get your hands on a custom aren’t they way expensive?”

“I got it for my 18th from my dad. It’s getting pretty beat up already.”

“I’ve literally never seen a Diamond Supply custom in person.”

“Oh my God, mine is gorgeous! I…” I hesitated for a split second, rethinking my plan to fuck with a guy with so much of a reputation. “I mean, I can show you mine, you can fuck about with it tomorrow or something.”

“Seriously? Awesome, it’s a date!” He chimed, grinning the biggest smile ever at me, the girls giggled a little. “Although… please expect me to be bugging you about this like tomorrow, because I really like those boards.” We sat and nattered a little more about skating and different boards before our professor came in and we had to be quiet. The rest of the class I kept feeling Brendon’s eyes on me, turning occasionally to see his head snap away, turning to face the front again, his focus on his notebook was adorable, lip pulled between his teeth and brows scrunching up occasionally. I wasn’t paying attention much. As we finished I shoved my books back in my bag, standing and trailing after the girls, we were about to head to get some food when a voice disturbed us.

“Hey Y/N!” Brendon yelled, running up to me, the girls were giggling already, I turned to face him, returning the smile he shot at me.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well… umm seeing as we don’t have many of the same classes and might not see each other til’ next week, I was gonna ask if umm… well… could I have your number?” He stuttered slightly, grinning nonetheless, I heard whispering from behind me but opted to ignore it.

“Yeah sure, pass your phone.” He did so without hesitation, thrusting his phone into my hands. “It's… umm it’s locked.”

“Oh shit yeah…” He leaned in. “8274” He whispered, I raised an eyebrow, tapping in the digits, his phone unlocked.

“You didn’t have to tell me. You literally could have done it yourself.”

“eh… I don’t mind you knowing my password. Don’t tell anyone though. Private stuff.” He said, his tone teasing and did he just wink at me? I tapped my number into his phone and called myself so I knew his too, he took his phone back triumphantly, grinning. “Thanks… I’ll text you later, maybe we can plan something.” He grinned, pulling me into a quick hug before sauntering away.

“Someone’s popular.” Sophia giggled along with Lola, both of them staring.

“Oh shut up.”

It was late afternoon when my phone buzzed for the first time, the name Brendon popping up on screen.

Brendon: Hi…

I smiled at the awkward as hell message, typing one back, hesitating before I pressed send, the following conversation was actually pretty cute… I think.

Me: Hey, couldn’t wait to speak to me again? ;)

It took precisely 30 seconds for it to buzz again.

Brendon: I was actually here to ask for nudes, why else would I want your number? :D

I laughed at his response, typing my own one out.

Me: Creeeeeep. That line work for you before? :P

Brendon: Oh don’t flatter yourself. I meant of your board ;) *nervous laughter*

Me: Suuuuuure.

Brendon: That a no?

Me: Shut up!

Brendon: Gotta run, band practise. Talk later?

Me: I’m free all night :)

Brendon: OK… text you later :*

I looked back to my laptop when the phone buzzed again.

Brendon: By the way, add me on Snapchat :* patdBrendon x

Did he send me a kiss? I added him anyway, he didn’t accept right away but I knew he was with the band so I didn’t sweat it. I kept working on my music theory stuff, a notebook to the side of me as I jotted things down. I spent a good couple of hours working before I was disturbed by the girls coming busting in the room, all dressed up and ready to go out, there was a party but I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.

“Hey studious Sally, coming out?” Sophia asked, giggling as she tugged at her dress, she looked pretty but so typically girly.

“I should work really. Plus it’s not really my scene.” I tried to talk her into leaving me alone, but it failed.

“Oh come on, Ryan and Spencer will be there.” Lola squealed, the both had a thing with those two.

“And that benefits me how?” I asked, turning back to my notebook and finishing off my sentence.

“Because Brendon will be with them.” Sophia teased me, I shook my head. “Oh come on! It’s just one night to have some fun!” I knew she would keep going on if I didn’t agree so I gave in.

“OK fine! Give me half hour to yet ready.” They giggled excitedly, hopping around like 5 year olds. “And don’t even try to get me to wear a dress.” They left me be finally, leaving to go do whatever other useless pre party rituals they wanted. I stood in front of my mirror, my hair had been plaited all day so I opted for the easy option of taking it out, leaving it wavy around my shoulders, I put some smokey eyeshadow on and mascara and my favourite dark red lipstick, satisfied with my head I decided to go look through my wardrobe. I opted for black, ripped skinny jeans and a cropped tank top, throwing on my beat up old converse and my sweater over the top, it was a nice sweater so I was sure I could get away with it. I actually felt like I looked pretty cute so decided to show off a little, opening Snapchat on my phone, I lifted the phone up a little to show the whole outfit, smiling into the camera, writing “Being forced to go out XD” under it. I posted it on my story and within a few minutes I got a text from Brendon again.

Brendon: What party are you being forced to go to? ;)

Me: I don’t even know who’s party is it… I got nagged into it.

Brendon: Well as luck would have it I’m also being forced to go to a party :P

Me: Might not even be the same one…

Brendon: I hope it is ;)

I decided to leave it at that, I didn’t want to make myself seen desperate or needy, play it cool Y/N, play it cool. Funnily enough I got another message from him, this time on Snapchat, he was wearing a dark shirt and snapback, a smile plastered across his face. “Nice outfit though…” it read. I smirked slightly at the snap, did he just say I looked good? I started to get an all too familiar feeling of anxiety that I was reading this whole situation wrong, I mean he had a reputation as a bit of a womaniser and I was starting to worry I was just his next quest. I tried to swallow down my nervous feelings and finish getting ready, skipping the jacket because I knew how warm it was tonight. The girls came bursting back through the door, both eyeing me.

“Ok not gonna lie, you might not be wearing a dress but you look hot!” Lola giggled, looking me up and down.

“Agreed, and your makeup is smoking.” Sophie added on the end, they both had their purses and were ready to go.

“Jesus do I have girlfriends or pervy guy friends here?!” I grabbed my back, slinging it over my shoulder. “Can we get this damn party over with?” With that I was dragged away, lead to some frat house on campus, jesus this would be annoying.

The party was a typical college party, tonnes of drunk jocks trying to get into the sorority girls pants, it was times like this when I regretted being such a quiet person in college, at least if I spoke to more people I wouldn’t be such a loner at parties. Some drooling jock came stumbling over to me, leaning his arm on the wall above me, he stunk of beer and cologne, not a good combination.

“You’re that skater girl, into all the metal music and weird shit right?” He slurred out, his breath was disgusting and made me feel pretty nauseous actually.

“Umm yeah I guess.” I sighed, taking a sip of my drink, he was wearing the college football team jersey, why you would wear it to a party I don’t know.

“It’s pretty hot, all that emo shit.” He slurred again, wow this was probably the most offensive pick up I’d ever experienced.

“Oh really, well the dumb jock look isn’t, so go find some other girl to hit on.” I snapped slightly, slipping out from under his arm and heading away, to my surprise, Brendon was standing in front of me, head tilted to the side with a broad smile, he looked so good tonight, his jeans fitted him in the best way and his dark tshirt sitting under a black leather jacket, I noticed the absence of the snapback though.

“Lose your hat?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

“Eh, it didn’t go with the jacket.” He shrugged, eyes moving to the jock that had been speaking to me 30 seconds ago. “You look about as happy to be here as me.”

“Just got told that ‘all the emo shit’ is pretty hot by some drooling chimp.” I giggled slightly, Brendon gently pulled me to the side to someone could get past me, the small contact felt nice. “So all in all a pretty good night.” He scoffed with laughter.

“Ah damn, I knew jocks were your type.” He leant on a table next to us, flicking his hair from his face effortlessly.

“Oh please, there’s only about 20 brain cells on that whole team and 10 of them are in the captain.” I sassed, putting the empty cup in my hand down.

“Ouch, I felt that burn from here, you want another drink?” He smiled sweetly, his eyes seeming to cost up and down me.

“Nah its cool, I wasn’t planning to stay much longer anyway.” I shook my head, returning the smile he gave me, with that Lola and Sophia come over, hanging off of Spencer and Ryan’s arms respectively. Music began blaring and I couldn’t hear myself think, I heard Lola shouting at Brendon and I to come and dance, as much as I tried to avoid it even Brendon was trying to convince me.

“Ah come on… just a few songs?” He pouted at me, smiling brightly when I relented and allowed myself to be lead onto the dancefloor. We all danced together, singing along to the music, it was fun for about 20 minutes then the novelty of dancing with the guy I liked had worn off. Brendon pulled me close as them music played and I felt my heart beginning to race, pounding in my chest as his lips leant close to my ear.

“Wanna blow this place? I’m bored outta my mind!” He yelled over the music, I nodded, letting him lead me out the party. “Don’t you need to let your friends know where you’re going?”

“Nah, they’re too busy with Spencer and Ryan, I’ll text them.” I shook my head, Brendon and I walked aimlessly for a while before he spoke.

“Wanna go pick up our boards? I got some weed at mine we could have a smoke and skate?” He smiled, I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Smoke weed on campus?” I heard the shock in my own voice, cringing a little.

“Calm down goody two shoes, my place is off campus, we could pick up your board then walk to mine, then maybe we could go for a skate?” He smiled sweetly, the idea sounded amazing, it wasn’t so late and the sun was going to set soon, it was warm and breezy so I wouldn’t get too hot.

“You know… that sounds like an awesome idea.” I smiled, we walked to mine, Brendon spent about ten minutes in my room just gushing over my skateboard before I finally managed to drag him out to go to his place. He walked and I used my board, even though I let him have a few turns on it, we headed over to his place, he let me in and lead me to his bedroom.

“Want me to roll a few blunts before we go? So we don’t have to keep coming back or rolling while we’re out?” He sat down, pulling out a small box with all of his stuff in.

“It’s ok, I’ll only have a little. Don’t wanna steal all your weed.” I tried to argue but he shook his head.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll roll and few and you can smoke as much as you want.” He did as he said, rolling a few blunts and putting them in a small silver tin, throwing that in the pocket of his leather jacket, he lead me outside, grabbing his own board as we left, he grabbed keys and his wallet. “It sucks that that you know how to skate.” He grinned at me, I tilted my head to the side, confused by the comment.

“What… why?” I was totally puzzled by it.

“Because… teaching you how to skate would have been a really good way to get close to you.” He flashed a cheesy grin, both of us cracking up into giggles, after he giggled be pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth, eyes flitting up and down over me again.

“Well looks like you’ll have to be more inventive then.” I challenged, still wasn’t sure about this but I was all up for having fun tonight.

“Well aren’t you lucky I like a challenge.”

As we were skating around near his place we took the odd video of each other, I posted a few of Brendon skating on snapchat as well as a few selfies, he took a few videos of us both smoking and skating, playing some music off of my phone. Time completely flew by, the sun was setting fast and we were both pretty stoned skating around, laughing and joking on his snapchat and my own. I stopped and slid my sweater off, feeling the heat bubbling on my skin from skating, throwing it on the grass I was left in my cropped tank top, strappy and sitting just above my naval. I felt Brendon’s eyes on me, flitting up and down my body slowly, it was actually kind of hot feeling like he might actually be attracted to me. His jacket was already on the ground, he stopped, running a hand casually through his hair, flopping on the ground to light a blunt. I sat next to him, glad to be taking a breather for a minute, flopping back on the grass, smoking a little before he headed up to skate some more, smiling at me as he messed around. While he was skating again I looked at his Snapchat, he had taken several videos and pictures and posted them, one was of us both boarding, one picture of us sitting smoking a joint. I looked at the next video and it was me skating with the words “she’s perfect” and a heart sticker on it, I felt myself blush a little, the next picture was us on the grass with “beats a party anyday” written on it. The last few pictures and videos on his story were what got me. One was a picture of me, sweater off midway through an ollie, it was a pretty good picture actually but it was the caption that got me. “Lucky to be with her tonight” and more hearts followed, the final video was us skating and laughing. “A night well spent.” I was blushing so hard by the end of the story, he came skating over, plopping back down next to me on the grass. I took out my phone, holding it out in front of us and pressing a kiss to his cheek, snapping the picture, captioning it “He’s adorable” I plastered the end of it with hearts.

“So tell me more about yourself Urie.” I teased as we lay in the grass, taking an pull of the blunt he had given me.

“There’s not much to know.” He smiled, looking up at the sky.

“Liar… there’s tonnes to know, you just don’t trust anyone enough to tell them.” I smiled and got one back, his eyebrows arched slightly at me.

“Wow… beautiful and intelligent, have I fallen on my feet here?” He flashed another gorgeous smile and I giggled, feeling myself flushing pink, he took a pull on his own joint.

“Oh stop teasing and open up will ya?” I laughed, even though I actually wanted him to, he knew tonnes about me.

“Well, what do ya want to know?”

“Anything you want to tell me.”

“Well… I’m from Vegas, a small town called Summerville, I used to be Mormon, I’m an Aries, I love music more than anything, I play drums, piano, guitar, bass and I sing and mix music for the band too.” He smiled, touching my cheek, I felt my head lean into his touch. “How’s that?”

“Umm good…” I smiled, trying to think of things to keep the conversation going. “So… how did you find moving to college?”

“You know it was pretty easy, I moved out when I was 17 so it wasn’t really any different for me.” I stared at him in shock, I had no idea about any of this.

“What do you mean you moved out at 17?” I asked, interested but trying not to pry.

“Well, when I told my parents I didn’t believe in god, things got pretty sucky for a while, a lot of arguments, so I moved out.”

“But how did you afford that?”

“I worked in a smoothie shop while I was in high school, I only had like 2 lessons a day and would be out by half 10 so I used to work like 8 hours.”

“You must have been exhausted most of the time.”

“Well yeah, but it was worth it, I got into college AND I the band is doing great.” He smiled sweetly, both of us were probably just high and talking shit but it was nice anyway.


“Yeah, we have a meeting with Pete Wentz next month!” He gushed, turning to face me. We continued to talk, getting to know small things about each other that maybe we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for tonight, how his favourite colour is red and he loves Frank Sinatra, and his hopes and dreams for the band. It felt surreal, yet it was such an intimate conversation, laying and smoking on the grass, I told him about my family and how I wish they’d support my interests a little more, he asked me endless questions about my interests and told me all about his family and his life. All of a sudden I felt like I could tell him anything, like he was the most trustworthy person in my life. “You… you don’t have to keep telling me stuff just because I asked.” I smiled, I felt his hand touch mine, holding it gently, his smile equally as sweet as he looked at me.

“I’m telling you because I want to. Not because you made me.” He gently stroked my fingers, shifting a little closer to me, he blew the last draw of his blunt out, throwing it away, we went silent, looking at each other, before I could say another word he kissed me, slow and gentle, fingers lacing in with mine, hand pulling me in by the waist. His lips began to move against mine in slow, methodical movements, tongue brushing my lip gently, I eagerly parted my lips allowing his tongue to move against my own. His hand tangled into my hair, pulling my body close, I whimpered against him, he was such a good kisser, it was making my mind turn to mush, I found myself gripping onto his arms and moaning like a 15 having their first kiss. He pulled back, gasping slightly, his eyes fiery and black, breathing heavy as his arms held me clothes.

“My place?” He mumbled, biting his lip as he pressed another kiss to my lips.

“Yes…” I whimpered, feeling him act quickly, he stood and yanked me up, grabbing our stuff before we both skated home, he kept hold of my hand and somehow we managed not to fall off our boards, getting in we both threw them down near the door, he kicked his shoes off and I followed suit, following him up to his room.

Once in his room he moved over to his dresser, taking his shirt off and throwing it on his computer chair, he turned back to me.

“C’mere gorgeous.” He purred, pulling me against him, his lips pressing softly against my own, his hands sliding onto my waist, touching the skin left bare by my cropped top, his fingers curled on the hem pulling it up over my head, throwing it to the ground. “God you’re so sexy.” He practically moaned out, biting his lip at me, handing gliding over my stomach and back, fingertips stroking my skin, I heard myself moan out softly, allowing my own nervous hands to move onto his chest. He closed his eyes as my hands stroked his skin, his lips crashed down on mine, gripping me tightly against his body, the burning skin of his chest pressing against my own flushed pink flesh. He began to guide me over to the bed, working at the button on my jeans.

“They’ll be home soon.” I whispered, Brendon smirked, biting his lip.

“I know… good I got a lock right.” He winked, sauntering over to his bedroom door and pressing the lock in. “Now… lie down.” He teased, his voice low and husky, hands winding around my waist as he lowered me onto his bed, lips moving onto my neck, pressing light kisses all over the sensitive skin, I felt his teeth grazing my flesh, I whimpered as my back arched towards him. He unzipped my jeans, yanking them down my legs and tossing them to the side, unhooking my bra too, his lips moved down to my chest, kissing all over my breasts, tongue swirling against the skin, I whimpered, gripping onto his shoulder blades desperately.

“Brendon…” I gasped, writhing, his hand slid into my panties as his lips worked my flesh, biting down again, his fingers circling on my clit, he groaned as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, they were left undone. He withdrew his hand from my panties, much to my annoyance, he kicked his jeans off, leaving him in his boxers on top of me, hand back in my panties, touching my clit again, sending shudders of pleasure through me, I felt him hard against my leg, grinding into me slightly.

“Fuck Y/N…” He growled slightly, his breathing rapid and desperate.

“Come on…” I panted desperately, I needed more and he knew it, he groaned and nodded at me, pulling my panties down tossing them somewhere, he wriggled out of his boxers, I felt his bare skin against me, the heat coming from both of us was unbearable, I pressed my hips up towards him, desperate for more contact.

“Someone’s impatient.” He said biting his lip at me, the way he looked at me was driving me crazy, his lip pulled sexily between his teeth, hips grinding down against me, I whimpered again, his hand slipped in between us, he rubbed his cock against me. “So wet.” He growled out, his hips rocking slowly.

“Please Bren…” I whimpered, gripping onto him, he chuckled low in his throat, my hips rocked against his, he groaned out again. “Come on… I need you.” I whimpered, hearing my own voice breathy and desperate.

“Fuck this.” He growled, his hips snapped sharply against me, pushing into me hard, I gasped out, his hips began to snap against me, jolting me up on the bed, his hand gripping the sheets hard, pulling them next to my head. I heard myself moaning and whimpering on the bed under him as his body moved above me, face screwed up in pleasure, his own panting and moaning turning me on even more, I knew how much he was enjoying this, it made it better for me. He growled slightly, leaning up almost upright as his hips slammed into me, the low rumbling sound coming from in his chest driving me insane, I felt him hitting that perfect spot over and over again. It played in the back of my mind that the reason he was so good at this was because of his reputation and how much he’d done it before, but the though was quickly stamped out by the mind numbing pleasure he was giving me. He just grunted and groaned above me, throwing his head back in pleasure, his sexy, tattooed arm coming up to my neck, hand wrapping gently around my throat, holding it in his fingers, squeezing ever so slightly when I moaned out. He looked at me with a new intensity, his eyes burning, like he couldn’t get enough of me, it made me feel so sexy, like no one had made him feel like this before.

My brain began to fog over as an unfamiliar tightening in my stomach began to build up, I had literally only been able to cum before if it was me doing it, so the fact that Brendon had almost nailed it first time drove me crazy. His hand remained around my throat, the other gripping the sheets next to me, I hadn’t really tried rougher sex but it was so hot I couldn’t care less if it was new to me. He released my throat, instead opting to grip onto my wrists, pinning them up above my head as his mouth moved to my neck, biting down harder than before, I felt the slight suction on the skin, knowing he’d leave a dark red mark there.

“Fuck Brendon.” I gasped out, the pain was amazing, along with the pleasure of his hips slamming into me over and over, his pace was relentless, it was like it didn’t faze him at all. He smirked down, letting out another impossibly sexy moan, using only one hand to pin my wrists, the other now gripping tightly onto my hip.

“Ugh Y/N… you feel so fucking tight.” He growled out, low and husky, the tone sent shivers down my spine, I felt the slight sting of his fingers, gripping my hip possessively, I could already tell he wasn’t the type for sharing, the way his body loomed over mine, hands gripping me. His dark hair began to cling to his sweaty forehead, his head thrown back, mouth falling open as he grunted with each thrust, the bed beginning to slam against the wall loudly.

“I… I’m c-close.” I gasped, feeling the knot in my stomach tightening more, like I was about to snap, my mind growing hazy, all I could think of was his name and his body and the way he made me feel, nothing else mattered at that moment. He seemed to gain a second wind hearing me say that, his hips slamming into me with new found ferocity, growling and groaning over the top of me, released my wrists which instantly flew up to his back, gripping it tightly, I felt my nails raking down his flesh which only seemed to drive him even more crazy. He hooked my leg under his arm, allowing him deeper, his free hand tangled in my air, gripping a fistful and pulling it lightly, forcing my back to arch against him, he used to opportunity to attack my neck again, biting and sucking all over. “B-bren, I… can’t hold on much longer.” I whimpered desperately, the stings and aches of pain he was giving me drove me insane, a perfect contrast to how amazing I felt every else.

“Me too baby… I wanna feel you cum on my cock.” He snarled, pulling my hair again sharply, I felt his thrusts growing sloppier and harder, he leant down close to my ear, biting just underneath it. “Cum for me.” He groaned, I came undone at his words, cumming hard around him, feeling myself tightening around him, gripping his back tight, he kept his tight grip on my body, his head bowed into the crook of my neck.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, loud and desperate, I was so glad they hadn’t come back yet, my body felt like it was fluttering, shaking and weak, suddenly he gave one last burst of hard thrusts before slowing.

“Oh fuck Y/N.” He tensed right up above me, throwing his head back, mouth open as he throbbed, hitting his peak just after me, groaned out, his own breath shaky and staggered in my ear.

He flopped down next to me, breathing heavily, sweat coating his skin as he leant back.

“Wow…” He panted slightly, taking a swig of the drink next to his bed. “That was amazing.”

“I know…” I gasped out, suddenly feeling that anxiety about it coming back. “Just so you know, I’m really not the type to do this.” I mumbled, he laughed in a low breathy tone.

“Stop thinking I’m judging you for any of this.” He smiled, pulling me a little closer to him, his million dollar smile beaming at me.

“I just… I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about me.” I sighed, allowing myself to be pulled closer to the dark haired boy.

“Well you know… I was kinda hoping that this could happen more often?” He smiled, he brushed my hair out of my face, sweat causing it to stick slightly, I raised an eyebrow, panicking that all my worries had just been confirmed. “No! I don’t just mean that, I mean tonight, me and you.”

“Me and you?” I asked, tilting my head to the side as he lay next to me slightly breathless.

“You know, getting stoned and skating just the two of us, having lunch together all the time, holding hands, cuddling and watching movies. You know, all that stuff that makes single people cringe.” He smiled sincerely, cuddling up to me.

“But… why… I’m hardly your usual type.” I tried to hide the concern in my voice, he kissed my forehead gently, pulling me close to him on the bed.

“Listen… if you think you’re not damn perfect then you’re stupid. You skate, you’re beautiful, intelligent, witty, you love music and you smoke, and you’re happy to just chill. I’ve liked you for ages but tonight I finally got the chance to really speak to you and get to know you, and you’re every bit as amazing as I thought, more even.” I blushed bright red, feeling him pull the covers over us, nuzzling his face into my hair.

“I really like you Bren… I’m just scared.” I mumbled into his chest, us snuggling up together in bed felt great.

“I know… but I swear, I won’t hurt you, I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t fuck up something so amazing. I really like you too.” He smiled, we heard Ryan and Sophia giggling downstairs, they’d just come in, Brendon chuckled. “We should probably try to get to sleep before they start making noise.”

“Ok…” I mumbled again, nuzzling into his chest. “Night Brendon.”

“Night babe.”

I really hope you like it guys <3

Marichat May Day 2: Purring

I’ve had Soft Kitty stuck in my head all day, thanks to this prompt.  ;) 

This one is for BullySquadess, in tribute to her story The Ladybugs and the Bees.  It is hilariously awesome, and if you haven’t read it, you’re missing out!!

Chat Noir landed lightly on Marinette’s balcony and peered in through her open trap door, frowning in disappointment when he didn’t see her. There was a pile of blankets on her usually tidy bed, but the rest of the room was empty.  “Princess?”  The pile of blankets on the bed below him moved, to reveal a tousled head of blue-black hair and he jumped in surprise.

“Chat?”  Marinette blinked owlishly at him, and then gestured for him to come in.  “What are you doing here so early?”

“I, uh…”  He let himself down through the trap door, and tried to think fast.  He was there because she’d gone home from school early, and he was so anxious to check on her that he hadn’t wanted to wait until dark to come for a visit, but he couldn’t tell her that.

“Never mind.”  Her arm snaked out of the blanket mound to tug on his arm, and he allowed her to pull him down beside her.  “So long as you’re here, you can come snuggle with me.”  She threw the blankets over him and then tucked herself in against him, with her back to his front.

He propped his head in his head, and surveyed their position in bemusement.  “Well, this is…new.”  She stiffened, and he mentally kicked himself for saying the wrong thing.  He rushed to continue.  “Not that I mind, in the least.  I just wasn’t expecting it.  Are you—I mean, is everything ok?”

“Um, I’m just not…feeling like myself,” she replied, and he could see a blush spread over her cheeks.  “You know, um, lady things?”

“Lady th—oh!  OH!”  He felt a blush heat his own face.  “Is there, er, anything I can do?  To uh, help?”

“N-not really.  Just cuddle, and keep me company?  I mean, if you don’t mind staying for a while?”

Chat smiled and tucked a pillow under his head, so that he could relax.  “I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing, Princess.”

Marinette discovered two things when she woke, sometime later that evening. First, that she and Chat had shifted in their sleep, so that she was laying on her back, with his body pressed against the length of hers, his face nuzzled into her neck, and his warm hand resting low on her belly; and second, that he was purring.  It was a low rumbling sound that she could feel as well as hear, and she smiled wonderingly.  Chat Noir purred!

She touched his chest experimentally, and giggled to feel the vibrations in her fingertips.

“Ngh.”  The purrs stopped, and Chat pushed himself up in confusion.  “Wha—Marinette?”

She giggled again.  “We fell asleep.”

“Oh.  Right.”  He rubbed a hand over the back of his neck.  “Are you feeling better?”

“I—yes!”  Marinette realized with some surprise that she actually was feeling better.  She’d had menstrual cramps bad enough to send her home from school, and as usual, nothing she took could touch them.   Normally, she was lucky if they lasted only a day or two.  She looked thoughtfully at Chat.  “Did you know that you purr?”

He blushed, and his black cat ears drooped.  “Yeah, that happens sometimes.  Is that weird?”

She laughed.  “No more weird than the fact that you run around dressed as a black cat,” she replied, flicking the bell at his neck.  “I like it.   And I-I think your purring might be why I’m feeling better.”

“Really?”  His ears rose hopefully.  "Can we keep snuggling, then?“

Marinette nodded, and he curled around her once more, purring happily.

Not my best work, ever.  For whatever reason, I had a really hard time with this, and I’m not entirely pleased with the results.  But I read recently that cats purr at a frequency that encourages healing, and I wanted to use that somehow.  I’m tempted to go back and mess with it some more, but–nah.   (I need to go to bed and technically, I should have had this posted at least 30 minutes ago.)  Thoughts??

Illusion (Lance Tucker x Reader) part two

Part Two


Warnings: NONE, Swearing? Shirtless Lance?

If you haven’t seen part one, here it is :)

“Are you almost done?” Lance laid on your bed with his hands behind his head as you finished packing some stuff.

“Yeah give me five seconds.” You popped your head out of your closet before returning to folding the last of your clothes.

“You said that 10 minutes ago, we are going to miss the flight.”

“Stop nagging, you sound like my mother.” You zipped up your suitcase and brought it out into your bedroom. “Ok I’m done.”

“Finally.” Lance stood up. “Your bed is really comfortable Y/N. Should we get back into it?”

“I really hate you, you know that right?”

“Don’t kid yourself, you don’t hate me.” Lance smiled and walked out of your bedroom. You brought your suitcase out to Lance’s car. He opened the trunk and you put it in before walking to the passenger door and getting in. Lance’s black Cadillac was ridiculous but, it screamed Lance. Lance closed the driver’s door and turned on his car. The engine purred to life and the radio started playing. Lance had a playlist playing and the song Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado started blasting through the speakers.

“You listen to this?” You were holding back a laugh.

“Fuck you it’s a good song.” Lance looked over before backing out of your parking lot and heading down the road towards the highway.

The song continued to play and you found yourself singing along quietly. Lace would glance over to you every now and again when you’d say certain phrases. The next song to play was Starboy by The Weeknd

“You know, your playlist is very douchey, but It’s not bad.”

“Thank you? I’ve never had someone say my playlist is douchey but there’s a first for everything.”

You guys arrived at the airport and check in, sending your large suitcases on the way before heading over to the ridiculous line for security. The line took 45 minutes alone to get to the metal detectors. After an eternity and a half, you found your gate and set your stuff on a chair before plopping down.

“Do you want anything? I’m going to walk around and see what’s good.”

“If there is a Starbucks, I’ll take coffee.”

“Anything else?”

“If you stumble upon food, I won’t object.”

“Ok, I’ll brb.”

Lance walked off somewhere and you pulled out your phone, sending your mother a text that you were at the airport and what time your flight should land. She responded with an ok, and that she will have someone pick you up at the airport. You closed out your messages and put in your headphones. You played some music and put your feet up onto the chair, leaned your head on your hand, which rested on the arm rest. You closed your eyes and relaxed a bit, since you knew that you wouldn’t be getting much relaxation next 4 days. After a few minutes, you felt Lance’s presence return. You opened your eyes and saw he had a coffee extended towards you.

“Thanks.” You grabbed the cup and took a drink.

“No problem.” Lance looked over his shoulder towards the restaurant. “I forgot about food, but I saw the fucking hottest chick, I wish I could find a closet somewhere and invite her.”

You rolled your eyes and drank your coffee. “You’re ridiculous.” Lance had no response, except for the side look he gave you before drinking his own coffee.

The flight began boarding an hour later, once you guys found your seat you made yourself comfortable again, or at least as comfortable as you could on an airplane. It was 6am, so the plane was fairly packed for being an early 4th of July weekend flight. It had been a while since you’ve flown, so you were thankful that you wore shorts and a tank top, unlike Lance who was in dark jeans and a white t shirt.

30 minutes after taking your seats, the plane was finally moving towards the runway to take off. You pulled out a pack of gum to chew so your ears wouldn’t pop.

“Do you want gum?” You looked over to Lance while putting your piece of gum in your mouth.


The plane lifted and took to the sky while you watched Los Angeles’ skyline become smaller and smaller in the sunrise. Once the light became too much you closed the blind and pulled out the book you had been reading. Lance took out his phone and headphones, putting them in his ears before playing music, he closed his eyes and crossed his arms.

You had made it about 2 more chapter into your book when Lance’s head fell onto your shoulder. You looked over and saw that he was fast asleep. You decided not to shrug him off, since he was going to have hell to deal with back home. You hadn’t made it past the end of the chapter before you had also dozed off.

You awoke to someone grabbing your thigh and shaking it slightly. You opened your eyes and were immediately met with Lance’s blue ones.

“Hey we just landed.”

You stretched and let out a yawn before gathering your stuff.

Your mother had promised someone would be at the airport to pick you up, but you didn’t imagine it would be a chauffeur. You exchanged glances with Lance before following the man to the car he had parked outside. It was warm on the east coast, but wasn’t nearly as warm as California. The ride to your mother’s was a short one, she lived in a suburb only 5 miles away from the airport. You had never been to this house, since your mom had only lived here for a year.

The house was ridiculously large, there was a half circle driveway in the front with, of course, a fountain in the middle. The car came to a stop before the door was opened for you and Lance.

“Well, here were go.” You looked at Lance and he winked down at you before grabbing your hand and intertwining it with his. The two of you walked towards the front door and you grabbed the handle opening it. The foyer was empty but there were 4th of July decorations up.

“MOM?” You called out, before walking out of Lance’s grasp and looking towards the kitchen.

“Y/N, You’re here already?!” Your mother’s voice rang out from upstairs. You turned around and looked at the woman walking down the stairs. You walked towards her and she brought you into a hug. Once you guys separated, she held you at arm’s length, giving you a look up and down. “You’re getting way too skinny sweetheart. We need to make sure you eat this weekend.”

“Mom, I have to be in shape for trials next week.”

“I’m still making sure you eat, screw your diet.”

“Mom, this is Lance. You guys have met before, but he,” You took a second before finishing your sentence, the words coming out so foreign. “is my boyfriend.” You walked closer to Lance and grabbed his arm. He looked down and you, slightly shocked by the contact. “Lance this is my mother, Y/M/N.”

“Oh yeah, aren’t you Y/N’s coach?”

Lance nodded, and looked at you. “Uh, yep. It’s great to finally meet you. Or officially meet you, should I say.”

“Leave it up to my daughter to get herself an older man, and her coach, of course.” Your mother rolled her eyes and motioned between Lance and you. You shifted where you stood and shot her a look. “You two must be exhausted, let me show you to where you’ll be staying.” Your mother turned around and headed back up the stairs. You look up at Lance and clenched your jaw before signaling your eyes towards your mother. Lance chuckled under his breath before putting a finger gun towards his head and pretending to shoot it.

You started up the stairs and followed your mother up towards a bedroom, she opened the door and lead you guys in.

“Hopefully this will be fine? There was bathroom through that door there.”

“Yeah it’s fine thanks mom.”

“Ok well I’ll leave you guys to get comfortable, I had Andrew bring your stuff up while we were talking, your suitcases are in the closet, over there.” Your mother walked past and closed the door after she stepped into the hallway. You walked over to the bed and fell onto it.

“She’s even more insufferable that I remember.” You laid your arm over your face. “How the fuck will we survive?”

“Jesus Y/N, When you said she was bad, I did not think she’d be this bad. Jesus fucking Christ. I want to leave, already.”

“No you don’t” You sat up and pointed towards Lance. “We are in this together now mister. The only thing that can give us solace is the fact that there will be so much alcohol in this house this weekend.”

“Now, that is something I can look forward to.”

Lance jumped on the bed next to you and laid on his stomach, burying his face into the blanket to let out a yell.

“Did I ever mention, I just fucking hate parents. I’ve had to meet so fucking many, and I hate, all of them. Parents fucking suck.” Lance sighed in frustration before standing up and walking towards his suitcase. “I’m going to take a shower.” Lance walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. “You’re more than welcome to join.”

“Ew, no what the fuck.”

“Your loss.” Lance closed the door and turned on the shower. You rolled over on the bed and closed your eyes. You hadn’t planned on falling asleep, you just wanted to rest for a second.

When Lance come out of the bathroom in gray sweatpants and no shirt on, he was running a towel through his hair. He looked over and saw you sleeping in your clothes, as if you just knocked out. Lance threw the towel over the chair and walked over to you. He went to your converse and untied them, before sliding them off your feet and setting them next to the chair before walking back over.

“Hey, Y/N Here,” Lance grabbed the blanket from underneath you. “Let me put this blanket on you.” You shifted in your sleep, gaining enough consciousness to help get yourself tucked in before rolling over and completely passing out again. Lance walked to the other side of the bed, sliding under the blanket and taking another look at you before turning his back to you and closing his eyes.

You woke up to the setting sun hitting your face from the window. You rubbed your eyes before reaching down into your pocket, grabbing your phone. It was 15 minutes to 6, and the party was at 6:30, luckily you didn’t plan on dressing up too much. You looked to your right, finding Lance, still sleeping. He was laying on his stomach with his arms under the pillow, face towards you. You suddenly remembered that he helped you under the blanket on the bed. Lance was always cocky in LA while he was in his element, but you were really hoping that he’d let his walls down and show a softer side the next 4 days.

You took the blankets off you and stretched, Lance stirred and opened his eyes. “What time is it?”

“Almost 6. The party is at 6:30.”

“I don’t wanna go to the party.”

You stood and walked over to your suitcase and grabbed the dress that you planned on wearing, and the sandals. You walked into the bathroom and stripped yourself of you clothes and stepped into the dress. You opened the door to Lance, standing in a white button up shirt, wide open, and his grey sweatpants still. He was looking down when you emerged, not catching the look of surprise on your face, a warmth growing in your lower belly. You shook it off and cleared your throat.

“Can you zip this for me?”

“Uh, yeah.”

You walked over to Lance and turned around. He grabbed the zipper, pulling it up slowly, his fingers brushing against you slightly leaving chills up your spine at the lost contact.

“They you go.” He put his hands on your shoulders, giving them a small squeeze. You ran you hand through your hair and went back into the bathroom to put on some light makeup and lipstick. You grabbed your shoes and walked back into the bedroom towards the bed to put your shoes on.  Lance was wearing grey pants, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows, the top buttons on his shirt, un done.

“I’m so proud of you, you’re not wearing red, white, and blue, or a track suit. I’m so proud.”

“You’re so funny. You know me, I like to kiss ass and make parents like me.”

“I really doubt my mother will like you, or me, or anyone but this fake life she lives.”

“Wanna bet? 100 bucks says I can make her like me.”

“You’re on.” You shook his hands while laughing and finished getting ready.

You were sitting down at one of the many tables in the backyard, drinking a glass of champagne when you felt the chair next to you move, and Lance sit down next to you.

“These people aren’t taking the bait.”

You laughed and shook your head. “Maybe they see through your bullshit.”

“But that’s not possible, I’m really good.”

You stood up, still laughing at the desperation in Lance’s voice. “Well, you can keep trying I’m going to find something stronger.” You motioned towards your glass before walking away and heading back into the empty house. There was a full bar lining the counters, with ending possibilities of mixed drinks. You decided to make yourself a jack and coke. You walked over towards the living area to look at the pictures on the fire place. There were some of Mark’s children and he and mom. Then in the middle, was a picture of you at your first Olympic Game. You were 16 and it was the same year you messed up your hamstring.

“I still remember when you won.” Mark walked up next to you and put an arm around your shoulder, kissing the top of your head. “I felt so bad that I could see you earlier kiddo.”

“It’s ok, I was tired anyways. Plus, I knew I would see you tonight.” You smiled up at him.

“When is your next competition? I want to try and get off work.”

“Um in 4 weeks is the Games, next week is trials so hopefully I’ll qualify and then I’m back to Toronto.”

“You’ll do great. I’ll even get your mother to come around.”

“Thanks Mark.” You leaned into his side hug and he squeezed your arm before walked back towards the kitchen. “Hey Lance, you treat this one well, she is amazing. Don’t hurt her.”

“She really is great.”

You kept your back towards the men, but smiled at the compliment. You heard Mark leave the room and Lance walked up next to you with a glass.

“So, does everybody love you yet?”

“No. I don’t get it; the east coast is fucked.”

You laughed and took a drink. “I’m sorry your ego is deflating.”

Lance just sighed and chugged the rest of his drink.

“Do you want another drink?”

“Yeah. Thanks” You downed your drink and handed him the glass.

“Anything specific?”

“No, not really.”

Lance walked over to the bar and you followed.

“I really don’t want to go back outside.”

“Let’s just explore.”

“I’m pretty sure there is like a movie theater down stairs. We can just watch some shitty movie and get fucking wasted.”  

“Let’s find it.”

Lance handed you the drink and he grabbed another bottle before you guys went to find the basement door. You found the door and went downstairs. There was a bunch of couches and chairs with a large screen and a wall of movies.

“So, I say we just close our eyes and pick a random one?” Lance suggested standing in front of the large shelf.

“Sure.” You walked over and pointed to a random disc. Lance grabbed it and took it off the shelf. The movie as called ‘The Covenant’.

“Well this looks god awful.”

“Yeah I’m sure there will be enough drink worthy moments.”

Lance put the disc in and you took off your shoes, sitting down and grabbing a blanket putting it on your legs. Lance took a seat by you and grabbed the bottle of Tequila. The movie was truly god awful and before you were even 20 minutes in you were already slightly drunk. Lance and you just made joke and talked shit about the whole movie. The worse character in the movie was the villain Chase, it was laughable and you found yourself just rolling your eyes and drinking whenever the movie became ridiculous.

Lance and you made it about halfway through the movie before you both knocked out. The movie playing out until the end as you guys slept.


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alright i was gonna save this to be a big surprise but this story’s too good to pass up

buckle up yall this one’s a long one

so right now i’m working on something i call a Slow Sequence, which is just the parts of jack and casie that arent just jack and casie lost in the woods. they’re top down more traditional rpg segments where you can manage your inventory, relax, and engage in some good old wholesome messing-with-casieisms

here’s an early look:

i’ve been working on this for the past week now and i’ve basically got them ready to go, ready to replace the existing shop sequences with an entirely new screen that allows you to do a little exploration and conversation before you get back out into the world and into Fast Sequences (the normal game). this morning in particular i was working in over drive. probably because i’ve been working my ass off on commissions and i might be in a like, productivity frenzy

i managed to crank out a new tileset i liked, some new dialogue, developed a vision for Casie’s Outpost (it’s probably not actually called that, but it’s the outpost that casie lives at, so let’s call it that for now) (it’s either that or “outpost 22″ which just doesnt make any sense yet so like lesser of two evils here) in a couple hours

and then i ran out of memory.

gm8.1 has a very particular quirk that i like that makes it really good at rapid prototyping and it’s that it saves all of the shit you do to ram instead of the hard drive. this means that you can start a game really fast without having to wait for an entire new save cycle and recompilation which makes it really good for brute forcing code, which is basically the breadth of my programming playbook. hit it over and over until it works. unfortunately, hitting things over and over will eventually (read: after 4+ hours of work with very large files) swamp gm’s alotted memory, and cause gm to lock up. but running out of memory is a hunter not unbeknownst to its prey. i have a contingency. my contingency is to save immediately, and have backups in case something goes wrong. which sometimes it does.

i would say it’s like a 90/10 chance

anyway, today this corrupted my file.

and corrupted my automatically generated backup save file. 

because i accidentally hit the save button twice.

this was about an hour and a half ago. yes, the filename for this subproject was literally just called ‘fuck’. that was the word that was on my mind at the time. i dont think i was upset or anything i was just like ‘fuck’ but like, thats how i always am. the intention was to just import the project into gms and then merge it wholesale with the main jack and casie project, so the title of the 8.1 version mattered very little. you should see the rest of them. i have 4 files called temp0 through temp4 and some of them are just backups of the same file

anyway, if i had just failed to save or something (or just closed the window without trying to save) i would have lost 30 minutes worth of work. but because i took my shots, i lost weeks of work. like, the majority of the month of february. there’s supposed to be a demo out in march. march is in 7 days.

i went to bed and began to rethink my options. and also fall asleep, because i have been up for like 19 hours and i had just eaten and basically i was a mess of debuffs at that very second. fortunately, because i am a big fuckin showoff and enjoy rubbing my shit in people’s faces, i had a cache of shit lying around on discords and slacks and line chats i guess that i could just re-integrate back into my tileset proper but that would still leave me without the conversation engine which is stupidly robust and involved and took the majority of the time (the rest of the time was like, not even drawing the tileset: more like working out what the fuck non-enemy things would look like in jack and casie) i had spent on coding fuck.gm81. i had already done it once though so i had worked out the theory, so i just had to do it again. which i could do! it would just take all day.

there’s an exhibition tomorrow. and i was falling asleep. it was at this very second i realized that my mistake in accidentally pressing a finicky touch keyboard button twice had actually ruined pretty much everything, and decided to actually fall asleep in order to hide from my problems

so i laid there for like 45 minutes, ostensibly trying to go to sleep. not even really mad at this point or even like upset. more like that perfect trance like state of being simultaneously so infuriated but also so completely defeated that youre aware that raising a hand at all in protest is a waste of energy so instead you decide to just fuckin sit there, grimacing, trying to will a solution into existence

game maker studio has an import function that pulls information from a .gm81 file. it’s kind of finicky and kind of weird because it reads every asset one at a time and imports them one at a time so it’s kind of slow but you get to see a nice big bar that fills up as gms works its way through your file. it’s pretty satisfying. also, fuck.gm81 wasn’t an empty file. it was like 92kb or something. it wasnt corrupted in that it disintegrated or something and all the packets were destroyed, it was more like something was just being read wrong by gm8.1

i realized this all at once. i then realized i was screaming

importing it to gms worked

not perfectly, but well enough

i could fix a broken system in a heartbeat. or at least faster then i could build a new one.

the biggest problem is the obvious corruption. apparently, because i ran out of memory building backgrounds, the backgrounds are what got corrupted. in particular the main tileset that i had been working on for the past couple days had completely been replaced by just a sheer 255 255 255 black. but more importantly all the new art i had done for casie and company are OK, and my code is OK, and after a little digging i found a screenshot i had posted around of Casie’s Outpost in development

and now i just have to

rip my own

pixel art

but it beats doing it over again!

HannibalCon RDC3 - day 1. Personal recap

So yesterday was the day that so many of us feverishly anticipated and dreaded :), the actual possibility of meeting Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Aaron Abrams, Scott Thompson, Demore Barnes and Ellen Muth! I mean. What -are- the chances?

I flew over Friday morning (having dreaded flying in that storm but it did die down that night, fortunately) with Alex and we made our way over to arrive at 10 am, to photos of other Fannibals on Twitter already, though the hotel was still very much empty. Good to take photographs :)

I got upgraded to the next room level (which is why I can now drink coffee while writing this at 5:30 am (thank goodness)). By afternoon the lobby was filling slowly, flowercrowns everywhere. A truly elevating atmosphere, because even though I’m not really a flowers and frilly stuff kind of gal, it just is incredible to watch. Btw the bloody flowercrown @idontfindyouthatinteresting made for me drew many compliments (thank you, again!)

Registration openend a bit early and people went queuing until the main ceremony started. Incredible, there were soooo many people there, so many beautiful cosplays already. @lovecrimecat came by and we distributed the flyers for @radiance-anthology flyers to those standing in line, managed to meet so many of those who signed up (yay), got little gifts in exchange from so many people (and everybody just gave me a second one when I asked so I could give them to Katrina who couldn’t come - so awesome of you guys, thank you again!). I met so many people ‘from’ Twitter and it’ so nice to recognize some from last time, to put name and face to the @s. *hugs at all*

Opening ceremony.
I have a gold ticket this year so I went up front and sat next to SpiceyScorpion, only to realize that -that- was way to much in front for my nerves …. *rolls eyes at self*. I went a few rows back and to the side, which was a good decision for later^^.
“They” came in a few minutes to late, we saw Aaron and Scott do shadow theatre behind the scenes and Sean called them out one after the other.

Demore seemed honestly happy to be there, addressing us with such kind words, upping the applause and calling backstage that that could not possibly be topped*fg*. Aaron came out and asked us to clap for Hugh because he was supposedly afraid he wouldn’t get any ^^^^^, Scott said something along these lines as well, I think. Both very funny. Ellen was there^^ and addressed us with a few kind ords and then Sean announced Bryan next and the room (not in any way quiet before) went -wild-. And Bryan…. Bryan went “crowdsurfing”. Meaning he ran through the aisles and high-fived us. You know that sitting to the side decision? Yeah….
What a moment, there’s lots of pictures in the Tag #HannibalCon, go and look, it was…. incredible. God bless. Anyway Hugh came out last, announced by Sean as one of the best british actors, and boy, that was applause^^. He seemed a bit overwhelmed with the energy there^^ and honestly, I can’t quite remember what he actually said but it was something along the lines that he was looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

They came out together after that and we held up the signs that @the-winnowing-wind distributed - “Fannibals Forever”…. They took videos and photos of us. Bryan posted some of it later. Incredible moment to have been part of. I’m even in Bryans video (yay^^ (and if you know where to look^^)).

The gold ticket holders went across the hall next, to a slightly smaller room with tables set up and we were seated by group/friends. And then we waited, because they got something to eat first…. (darn^^^). Colleen got out some booze and we talked a lot and proverbially bit our nails a lot *g*. When they finally got in they were sent to the various tables for 4-minute-meet-ups. Only the meet-ups didn’t stay at 4 minutes :P.

Demore was first and I was soooooo nervous. (The seat next to me was free btw, and so the -all- ended up sitting right next to me (*still screaming about that*. …. ) I shook my hands in the air in an effort to get rid of some of the energy and he put his hand on my shoulder asking me why I was nervous and I brabbled something unintelligible and shook my head. Very sweet. We talked a bit about his fight scene with Mads and that we would have liked to see more of him^^ and I told him I can’t wait to see him in American Gods and he rubbed my back when he left. *float*

Next was Scott, who brought his pizza and drank some mooneshine with us^^, played Tarot with us and was generally just this very kind and interesting person. I wasn’t -quite- that nervous anymore by then (thanks Demore (and Colleen for the prosecco)), meaning I actually talked a bit, though I can’t quite remember what^^.

Ellen was next and she was also very nice, we talked about the fact that her scenes are imho some of the most scary in Hannibal. She also wore some of the coolest jeans I’d ever seen^^.

Ok. Next? BRYAN. He saw the Will!Faun scarf of @flying-rotten we had put on the table cloth and chuckled that he knew who -we- are waiting for and that he couldn’t blame us^^. He asked us, if push came to shove, if we would prefer Will & Hannibal S4 or SotL. Our table was Hannigram, though there was apparently one that was 'done’ with it…. He told us about it a bit, much the same that Hugh has said before as well, that it would be an inversion of S1 etc. I…. hope that push does not come to shove, because he told us a bit about how much he loves the lyric of Thomas Harris books and I would really love for him to be able to fully lay out his vision. I hope he gets to do this (we have to continue to fight, guys!!!). He also told us, that Thomas Harris apparently writes a new book and he…. poked Martha to get the rights to it already, without quite knowing what it was about yet *g*.

I…. took all my courage then and showed him one of the Radiance-Flyers and explained a bit and we asked if he wanted to do a little something like a foreword for it. And guys - HE DOES! He asked when it would need to be done and I said May 1st and he looked at the flyer and indicated the twitter @ there and asked if he should send it there and I was like (you know this situation, where, once you start, your mouth kind of runs away with you?! At least mine did^^^) “Oh well, yes, or you know you follow me on twitter, you can just send it there if you want” and he looked at me (directly) and said “yes, I know.” Well, RIP me. I answered with a very intelligent “ah” if I recall correctly and ducked my head and then Romina and I emphasized that it would be awesome if he actually wants to do that and finds the time.

He asked us after what drew us to Hannibal, as he got feedback from a lot of the other young women (I thanked him for 'young’, you know, once you’re in it doesn’t matter anyhow *another eye roll at self*) and we said that its not only beauty and connection, but also intelligence. You have to think with Hannibal. He recommended 'Legion’ to us and asked if we’d seen it before and I said that some stuff hasn’t made it across the big pond yet. And then Bryan went and …. not ranted directly…. but expressed his lack of understanding of the fact that things take so long to be legal and why series were not streamed worldwide because people would just go and pirate it anyway -because- it was not available legally. He went and made a (imho) very fitting anology with the conservative stance on abortions in contrast to piracy, meaning just because it’s forbidden it doesn’t stop people from doing so, it just gets unsafer and illegal.
Oh and he took photos of our table and @dr3piecesuit s and another girls tattoo, because he loves them. :) And he told us that he brought something for Hugh to wear for the Cosplay contest. Can’t wait *g*
He was called away then, way past the 4 minutes^^ and …. he is such a precious human being?! Exuding so much warmth and honesty and exuberance. I feel honored that I got to sit there.

A propos honored… Hugh was next and there I was again - nervous. Awesome. *third eyeroll* He complimented Camilles Will!Faun, saying it was very beautiful and then laughing that that was maybe a bit weird^^, and then telling us about all the gifts he gets and that he keeps the little plush Wills, giving them to his son to play with, even the bloody ones….. *fg*.
The girl next to me (@OnTheVerger) talked to him about how much Adam means to her because she has Aspergers and then broke into tears and Hugh comforted and hugged her and it was sooo sweet. We showed him the Radiance flyers as well and he said “blood fueled embraces, indeed” *g*.
Bryan ran by then and left a bitten off Babybel for Hugh. IDK if Hugh bit off that piece or if Bryan did but it was hilarious^^.

Hugh had to leave then and Aaron came to our table last, I told him I backed him and he told us about the film he and Scott are in (Scott came by and set down next to him^^) and we talked about how much we would all want to see more of Hannibal. Oh and Scott said (before) that he was supposed to teach Clarice Starling - how awesome would team Sassy Science be doing that in SotL? Seriously?
Anyway, I remember I touched Aarons shoulder in the spur of the moment talking about -something- but I can’t remember what exactly and the panicking about that. ;))

I went to my room at 1:15am, got into bed by 2am and was wide awake again at 5:15 am.

What. a. rush.

PS: This is no photos because my cameras not that good - check the Hashtag on Twitter, there’s TONS of them ;). Already ;)

RFA ; cutesy dates with Mc

yayayaya first post ☆=(ゝω・)/ going on pretty dates with pretty fictional people <3 these are pretty long coz i obviously have no idea what im doing :>


  • You were cleaning up in your apartment when you get a text from Yoosung. 
  • Your phone ringtone scared the shit out of you
  • You thought someone was out to get you
  • You check the text, he was inviting you out to dinner since he aced his exam you helped him study for.
  • You get all excited, reply in an instant and get ready.
  • Another text came from him
  • Wear something fancy, we’ll eat somewhere expensive (:” 
  • wow ok
  • You search your closet for that really pretty cream cocktail dress you bought the other day, and start getting ready.
  • A knock on the door, right after you finish. It was your sweet boyfriend, wearing a black suit, which looked 100 on him.
  • You open the door and his eyes grow wide, his jaw drops. He had fallen in love with the most beautiful girl. He thought to himself Jesus, I am the luckiest man alive today. You smiled shyly, and he took you by the hand.
  • He opens the door for you, seeing you guys have arrived at this really fancy place. And you both order the same thing. You look around the area, but felt his eyes plant on you. You were basically melting from his stare. His eyes were sparkling. You look at him, and he looks away immediately, face flushing red.
  • He smiles at you. “I love you.” You tell him
  • His eyes grow big at your sudden statement. He looks down, quite embarrassed.
  • HOW
  • Yoosung pays for the bill and you guys leave.
  • He parks the car and walks you to your door. You unlock the lock on the door and open the entrance to your apartment. You invite him to stay the night, but he says no. You make a grumpy face, and he makes that you’re so fucking cute smile. He promises he’ll drop by tomorrow as he kisses you, the kind of kiss that makes your heart tingle.


  • she finally found time to spend with you, after week of leaving early and coming home late, you barely saw her anymore. You invite her out to watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, but when you two get there, it’s sold out. 
  • You try to hide how much that made you sad.
  • But baby is a psychic.
  • Jaehee stops you, cups your cheeks and tells you “Hey, its okay. Why don’t we just get some cake at that cafe you love so much”, looking straight into your eyes, your heart melts.
  • She intertwines her hands with yours as you walk down the street to a small cafe around the corner
  • She looks perfect
  • She is perfect.
  • You couldn’t stop staring at her.
  • It was nice to see her in something else other than a suit
  • Like seeing her in her underwear
  • oops
  • i am a demon
  • She holds the door for you as you guys enter. Standing in front of the menu, she asks you what you want. But before you could answer, she stops you. “I know what you want”. woah ok ok
  • You look for a table, and seats.
  • She approaches the table with a tray. On the tray was a plate of your favorite cake, (*insert favorite cake), and an iced coffee.
  • You fed her spoons of your cake while you sneakily took sips from her coffee.
  • You had a gr8 day
  • You were happy. You saw that smile again.
  • You held her hand as you two made your way back home.


  • You really missed spending time with Zen. He always came home either really late or really tired. You decide to surprise him. 
  • sooooo
  • You wait outside the studio for about 30 minutes. 
  • You were melting waiting for him.
  • And finally, all his co-workers were out. But Zen was nowhere to be found.
  • You really wanted some ice cream.
  • After about 200 years
  • 20 mins
  • He finally walks out the doors.
  • His hair was ties up in a bun.
  • Sexy bun sexy zen
  • You smile and wave at him. His eyes grow big after seeing you. 
  • o.o
  • was i not supposed to be here? you thought to yourself.
  • “MC? What are you doing here?” He asked.
  • prolly not
  • “I wanted to surprise you!” You say, rather exhausted from the standing  in the heat part of your day. 
  • “Why didn’t you go inside? You could’ve gotten a heatstroke at this temperature.” He says, worried. 
  • You shake your head, telling him you’re fine.
  • He read your mind. 
  • “Ice cream?” He smiled, asking you.
  • You smile at him. And he already knows that smile
  • You intertwine your fingers with his as you walk to your favorite ice cream parlor.
  • You had (insert your fav ice cream flavor*). Zen stared at you. 
  • angel he said to himself.
  • your ice cream was melting send hELP


  • You arrange this super cute date to the aquarium but Jumin suddenly had an urgent meeting he needed to go to. 
  • Trust me he felt super bad that he had to cancel.
  • He wanted to make it up to you. He wanted to make time for you. He waited until you had absolutely nothing planned. 
  • “MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I need you to come with me.”
  • “Where?”
  • “Meeting up with a friend.”
  • “Okay. Specific attire?”
  • “No.”
  • “Aight.”
  • You put on your favorite clothes, paired with your favorite shoes. 
  • Jumin looked like he was in a hurry.
  • Probably was.
  • Driver Kim drops us off at a big dome.
  • Looks abandoned 
  • Shit.
  • Hope its not haunted.
  • You held his hand tight as you walk inside. 
  • It was a really pretty old observatory. The ceiling was a galaxy painted with glow in the dark paint. It was beautiful.
  • Jumin was beautiful
  • In the middle of the dome, was a table for two. 
  • You look back at him, he had that cheeky smile. 
  • “Jumin?” You call out his attention. 
  • “Yes, kitten?”
  • “Did you plan this all by yourself?”
  • “Of course. Why?”
  • “Just curious.” 
  • Both of you were just standing, his arms wrapped around you, your head buried in his chest. There wasn’t any music. Just you, humming to your favorite slow-dance song.
  • Jumin was looking down at you. 
  • It was perfect.
  • He proposes
  • just kidding
  • You two had dinner, then watched the stars for the rest of the night.


  • It was movie night at your place with the rest of the RFA, but Seven asked them all to bail tonight so it would be just the two of you.
  • They all bailed.
  • You had everything ready.
  • Popcorn
  • Chips
  • Dip
  • Soda
  • And wine and cheese for Jumin.
  • It was getting late and no one was arriving.
  • You felt your heart hanging on a thread. 
  • Until the doorbell rang. 
  • It was Seven. 
  • “Hey!” You open the door, inviting him inside.
  • “Hiya” He says, giving you an unexpected peck on the cheek, making you turn a little pink.
  • “Are the others coming?” You ask
  • “I think they’re all busy.” He says, shrugging his shoulders.
  • You didn’t really want to watch a movie without them
  • Which you admitted to Seven.
  • “What do you want to do then?” He asks.
  • “I don’t know.” You say with a grumpy face.
  • “Aww. Its okay” He lightly kisses you.
  • Then
  • His face fills with
  • A smirk of lust
  • A grin of idea
  • “Do you wanna.. Build a snowman? maybe head to the diner?”
  • You smile, and agree.
  • You two hopped into his car and he drove to this diner near the pier. 
  • You two bought milkshakes and french fries.
  • “MC. I’ve fallen inlove with the most amazing person in the world.” Seven says, proceeding to drink his milkshake.
  • “Who may that be?” You ask.
  • “You.” He says.
  • You were already expecting that. Yet you still fell for it, making your face heat up.
  • It was a great night. Milkshakes. Fries. Boyfriend. All you ever need in long nights. 
  • He eventually got really tired and crashed at your place, sleeping on your bed, arms around you, your head on his chest and well

yaayy how was it :> pls give feedback i am a noob :3 

also send in requests :3 luh u

Fortune Teller (Poly!Hamilton Squad x Reader)

Word Count:2,477
Au: Modern / Post High school
Triggers: SMUT, cursing, Alexander Hamilton
Authors Note: I’m sorry but finals have been kicking my ass and this story was dragging forever. Ps. I have never had sex with more than one person so not quite sure what it looks like with 5.
You couldn’t believe it. You can’t fucking believe it. Y/N L/N was going to see a fortune teller. You had joined the ranks of the exact people you made fun of throughout all of high school. You weren’t quite sure why this was something you had to do, but I guess it is your time to do so. At least.. now that Peggy was practically pushing you towards the awkward tent set up in the park. Fortune Tellers. What a load of shit. How could somebody tell your future out of some “magical orb”? You were a psychology major at Kings College and had just learned aviut hiw the brain tricks you into believing “magic” to be real.

“Peggy, do I have too?”you complained. “Of course. I’m going to go first then you will ok?” she replied. You had to admit, for her being the forgotten daughter, she was the most persuasive and most fun to be around. She entered the tent, smiling at you and asking you to wait outside. 2 hours later she slid out of the tent, giggling and blushing.

As you whisper to her, “How was it?” She answered you in giggles and pushed you in. The woman inside was older and was dress in a metallic emerald dress and accessorized in silver. You sat nervously in the chair provided and waited. The woman looked at you, no.. not looked through you. She was looking for something inside of you. She reached for your hands. In a misty voice, “My dear you have been looking for a man to help you feel complete. Correct? Well if you look into my crystal ball you would see that I predict 4 men who will fall in love with you.” You look at her like she is a total lunatic. “Are you serious? I have spent the last 7 years trying to talk to someone to try and start a relationship and I get shot down faster than the Titanic!” you start to get angry with the lady. She shot you a look of understanding. “Sweetheart. I know. But you can’t understand without looking through my crystal ball.”

“If you say so?” You lean forward and gaze into the crystal ball. The milky white seemed to take over your senses. You were frozen, unable to move your arms or legs, only thing capable of moving were your eyes. Out of the mist, you saw a familiar face of an old friend from elementary school. “Is that John Laurens? Hey lady your crystal ball is broken, I know this guy, and hate to be that girl, but there is only one guy here.” Her face swelled in the mist and seemed to seethe with anger, “Just wait girl, you only just started.” The face was wiped out of your view and Laurens slid into the top left corner of your view. Then a new face appeared before you. He was painting flowers on a canvas, then your name is etched into the petals of an elaborate rose. At the bottom of his canvas with such a grace he signed it as Lafayette. His image was swept into the top right as soon as the next figure cane into focus. A man with medium build and a scarf around his forehead was slaving over a mannequin and was making the most beautiful dress you had ever seen. The fabric glimmered like a sapphire in the candle light. He took a step back as a man called out his name, Hercules. Another man entered the field, he was smaller than Hercules,but had a face burned with determination that haunted your heart. Hercules hugged the smaller man, kissed his forehead and said, “Why does it seem like your later every night Alexander?” Alex sighed and just laid into Hercules’ arms. The other two boys merged into this image bringing Lafayette and John into the hug.

The milky void released its hold on you and the woman behind the ball smiles at you. “Go for them, dear. They are waiting.” You run away from the tent and realized it was dark. You checked your phone and noticed it was 11:30 at night and started panicking because Peggy had left without you. You reach for your phone and call John.

“John, I need your help. I’m alone in the park and I’m afraid. Can you please come and pick me up?” you beg. Several voices were heard on the other side of the phone. “Please John?” “I will be there ain’t 8 minutes Y/N.” You stuck your phone into your pocket and hold back your tears.  

8 minutes. Why did 8 minutes seem to drag on for what felt like an eternity? Why did you stay outside in the dark? You heard voices and started panicking, but still waited for John to save you like he always seemed to. Ever since elementary school when he said that he’d prove that you were important to him. Lucky for you John took being your white knight very personally and was there in 5 minutes. He ran across the lawn and you threw yourself into his arms and kissed him as fiercely as your body would allow. “Y/N..wait.” John kissed into your lips as he started to push you away. “John. I know everything. The others and you and.. me… we belong with each other. That crazy lady in the tent just showed me everything.” John smiled and almost cried, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that since high school.” He carried you bridal style to his pick up truck. The same car he had used to drive you to school everyday of high school. He sits you in the passenger seat and travels around the car to take a seat in front of the wheel.

You tell him your story and he blushes at the idea of him even being seen in your vision. “When we get to the apartment, let me go first. We have to make this easier on you. 4 guys. Its intense. So I can understand if you want anyone in bed with you, or bot. You can, but we need make sure we don’t force you towards 4 guys in one bed all at first.” John suggests. You nod in response and he squeezes your thigh. You smile at him the same way you have since you met him, but somehow it seems different.

You finally got to the apartment and he asks you to wait outside while he explains the situation to the others. You sit on the floor against the wall and start to panic on whether or not they will accept what have you seen. Then a door opens and a single figure slips through. A slender man with a tight bun on the top of this head. Lafayette.

“Bonjour mi petite ange. Are you ok?” he whispered in a heavy French accent. You weren’t quite sure how to respond so you just nodded your head, completely unaware of the tears that crawled off of your face. His hands reached to either side of your face to wipe the tears away and kissed your forehead. The other 3 boys came outside and watched as Lafayette kissed your forehead delicately.

The boys ushered you inside. Hercules had pulled out a really big tshirt and some boxers for you to put on. He seemed really upset that he couldn’t make you something, but time was the current enemy. Alexander and John had made some hot chocolate for you. And Lafayette had gotten you a cozy blanket to hang out in. “Thank you so much. I’m sorry for putting everyone on the spot like this.” The guys all nodded their heads giving you words of reassurement.

Weeks past and all of the boys had accepted you into the apartment and you officially moved in. The boys made a chart for who got to share the bed with you and who would sleep in the extra rooms. “Guys, isn’t this a little silly?” you would scold. “Y/N we want you to be comfortable and slowly accept all of us.” Alex would continually tell you. “If you say so.” You would always whisper. So first night of the chart was Alexander.

The two of you laid cuddling on the bed watching some cheesy movie about singing cats. You would hold in a snicker whenever Alex would start singing. He would shoot you with his caramel eyes whenever you’d start giggling. “Y/N it’s not very ladylike for you to be laughing at me.” He’d groan. “Oh yeah? What do you know about ladylike?” you sit with your chest against his knees. His senses overwhelm him and causes him to lose all control of his body. You move into his lap seeing an opportunity and started playing with his hair and clinging to his chest. “Oh you poor baby.” You would sigh in an almost mocking tone. “Y/N whatever you are doing, you need to stop, because the others will find ou-” he stops abruptly as you start sucking on his neck innocently. He pushes you away gently and you get a view of the hickeys you have placed on him. “Y/N, whatever you are doing is going to get me in trouble with the other guys.” Alex looked at you with dazed interest. “But Alex…. The chart says I get to choose when.” You whine. “Fine, but you asked for this.” he smirked. You tilt you head in confusion and his mouth latches onto your neck and shoulder. His hands start to roam aimlessly around your body before pinning you down underneath him. “Are you sure you want me to do anything?” he asks quizzically hovering over you. You nod your head, trying not to break contact with his eyes. After coaxing your torso out of your shirt, he lowers a couple of inches and lays with his head on your chest for a minute. He takes your breast into his mouth and starts to suck expertly. You start to moan he stops to put your shirt into your mouth. “We can’t have them hear us, Y/N.” Alex growls. He traces his finger along the length of your body and pulled your waist close to his. You could feel his massiveness against your stomach and gulped. He pushed into you and smiled deviously. “What? Do you want more?” he whispered into your ear.  You shimmy out of your pj pants and wrapped your legs around him. Still fully clothed, he began massaging your vagina with his palm and worked you into a point of being wet. Once he decided you were the right level he stopped and switched out of his clothes. He went back on top of you and slid right into you. He froze in pure bliss and kissed you. “Y/N, Y/N, Jesus Christ.” Your hips start to rock into his and push him further into you. Finally getting the message he slams into you as fast as he can. You whisper, “I’m about to..” He slams into you one last time and you ride the orgasm together.

Just as you two finished, the other three walked in. None of them really noticing what happen, were all saying things like, “We heard slamming”, “Are you two alright?” and other things before realizing that the two of you had sex.

Lafayette, Hercules and John all instinctively stripped down to nothing and crawled into bed with you and Alex. “No no no it’s my night with Y/N back the fuck up!” Alex growled. Laurens sat behind Alex started nibbling his shoulders causing Alex to surrender. Lafayette picks up and pulls you into his lap. He starts to suck on your collarbone and massaging your ass. Hercules sits behind you and moves your hair so that he could bite your shoulder. You tilt your head onto Lafayette’s and enjoy the pleasure these two men were giving you. Hercules pulled you back onto his dick and slammed into your vagina. You moan and lean forward to heighten the pleasure. Lafayette and John switched places and John had taken position in front of you. He was kneeling on the bed with his massiveness erect in front of your lips. You waited a beat and took a deep breath, looking at him with your best begging face. His voice let out his drawl and he whispered, “Well darlin, show me what you can do with that pretty little mouth.” You pull him into your mouth and start sucking furiously. You were sucking the tip as hard as you could before he started thrusting into your mouth. He couldn’t hold back anymore. John seemed to be hellbent on fucking your mouth properly, and wasn’t going to stop until he had finished. Hercules pulled out of you and join Alex and Lafayette who were naked messes and cuddling. John pulled out of your mouth and takes your chin in his hand pulling you up. “Where would you like me to finish, darlin?” he whispered his voice husky and smooth like Jack Daniels. You laid on your back and smiled at him. He took this as a sign and slid his dick into you and slowly as he could. Once he was all the way in, he slowly started rocking his hips against yours, and biting your earlobes. He whispers quietly enough that the boys don’t hear him, “Y/N, I have wanted this since we started middle school. I have always wanted just you Y/N, you have always been the goal.” You wrap you arms around his neck and pull him closer to you. He works his way into you harder and faster with every thrust. Your moans turn into screams that echo through the apartment. You released first and John being sure to finish inside of you with one last thrust slammed into and released inside of you.

The five of you laid in bed cuddling for 20 minutes just enjoying each other’s company. You sat on John’s lap with Alex’s head resting on your thigh. Hercules with his arm around John’s shoulder and Lafayette laying on his lap. Everything seemed perfect for those peaceful twenty minutes. Then Alex refueled his ego and started lecturing, “Wait a second guys it’s my night with Y/N so everyone needs to get out. We were watching an awesome movie and having a good time before you all barged in. I don’t do this to you on your night. Why did you decide all of a sudden that it was fair to do this to me? C'mon guys I have waited long and hard for tonight. Please just go. Gilbert, stop don’t give me those eyes. Stop it. Get on out.”

The Roxy Theater-Feb. 14, 2017  (sound check)

Had a wonderful time meeting some folks from tumblr and twitter at The Roxy while waiting for the show. 

I was sitting on steps and watched Brad walk down the street somewhere, after about 30 minutes he and David came walking towards the venue and crossed the street and walked by me. A guy called David’s name and David looked at him and waved but didn’t really stop to talk. 

Inside the venue was small and we gathered around the stage. The band and David did their sound check thing and David sang some songs. During the sound check I heard one of the band members say ‘we need to hear more of David’ so they adjusted ‘whatever’?  

Later Brad and David sat on stage and answered questions. Brad had a few questions already written down that he asked him. 

I can’t remember it all but there was a comment about skinny jeans and I told David to thank Ms. Collini for the skinny jeans. He laughed and said she is going to be here tonight, do you know what she looks like?  And I said I think so. 

He also spoke of things he was going to do in the future and he didn’t mention movies so I asked him would he be doing any movies and he said ‘yes’.  I had a lot of questions to ask him but I was too shy. He also mentioned that he thinks the X Files will happen.

I wanted to compliment him on how much his voice has improved but I didn’t know how to word it to make it sound like a compliment and not hurt his feelings because when he first started out he sounded ‘ok’ but now he sounds so much better now. 

We had our pics taken with him in groups. I was one of the last ones to get in the pic and I was going to stand on the outer edge but the photographer said to stand in the middle because I was short. So I stood in front of David. After the pic was taken I asked him if I could have a two armed hug and he said ‘why not’  and gave it to me. I hugged him back and that made me very happy. 

I asked Security if I could get a chair because I have bad knees, and they placed me up further from the stage but I still had a good view. Once I turned around and saw Mitch Pileggi behind me. I took a few pics and I’ll post them on tumblr. I heard that Chris Carter was at the bar. I did spot a white haired gentleman with lots of people coming up to him and I assumed that was him. I would have liked to got a pic of him but I was afraid I’d lose my seat if I got up. 

During the concert David asked Tom Campinos to accompany him on stage to play guitar but there was no answer from the crowd. David said that Tom is infamous for leaving early so he got his good friend, Matty to play guitar.   I made some videos and will be making caps soon. 

It was a great show. I hope you all get to go see David sometime. You won’t be disappointed.

Old Habits Die Hard

A (super super late i’m the worst) prompt from @killbunnyqueen

Thank you so much for your patience! I wrote this halfway through once and then my draft didn’t save, and I’ve never written something like this before, so I took my sweet time trying to get it right.

Summary: At the Space Mall, Lance eats something that doesn’t quite agree with him. Later on, the team realizes that Space Allergies are a thing.

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Hey guys, I’m back again for another fan account and boy was it like the best day of my life. OMG…if you don’t feel like reading all of this, I’m just going to leave some highlights for you and of course I’ll bold the most relevant parts.



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REPLY 1988 (plot twist/facts)

1) Based on a true story: a young pilot whose surname is Kim died in an air crash while trying to fly the craft away from a building. He was under 30 then, had a brother with heart issues (just like JB) and their parents were preparing for 30-year anniversary. So (according to this source) originally Kim Jung Hwan was destinied to die. The kiss scene at the airport with DS, the parents’ wedding, the flashback when he secretly cared for his first love, etc are imaginations and recalls at his last minute.

2) About how Taek finds out DS’s secret about her first love with SW, it was revealed by JH when Taek came to see him at the camp. Acc to the spoiler, T came and spent a night there with JH, they talked about DS, her feelings for SW at first, when T started his feelings for DS (then comes the flashback of childhood as seen in ep 20). JH gave Taek the ring, telling him to care for DS and give it to DS on behalf of him (that’s why someone here and there sees something inside DS’s pink sweater - in the scene she greeted Taek at the gate and they hugged - it’s supposed to be the ring, she wears it with her necklace). The ring wasn’t left unanswered as we have been wondering all the time!

3) A week later (after Taek’s visit), Hwan came home. SW and BR dating was unveiled. The parents protested while the children supported them. Taek and DS went out for movie, holding hands and kissed (DS kissed T to the cheek and he smiled :))). DS came in and see Hwan, he intended to say something to her but hesitated, instead told her that he wished her happiness; she wished him the same,

4) The night Hwan came back to the camp, mother Mi Ran suddenly felt uneasy and anxious. She cried right after the moment he’s gone (like how we saw in ep 20).Father Kim comforted her and the old couple talked about JB-JH childhood.

5) The accident happened. JH died in the crash. Mother Mi Ran fainted, JB had a heart attack, Taek cancelled a baduk competition, DS came back from Japan. The block suddenly became dreary. The mothers cried, hugging eachother. The fathers sadly sat together, drank wine and sighed. Mother Mi Ran didn’t cry, staring at the sky. The children looked older. Taek hugged DS when she was crying, BR leaned on SW’s shoulder, both crying. DR was the host of the funeral, did not cry, looked like a really grown-up man. JB made a lot of blue paper planes with his and his brother’s face on their wings. Mi Ok was beside him then. DR silently stood before Hwan’s photograph, cried and shouted at him, remembering every moment between them since they were kids then went to school etc.

The narration goes: “The ones we love will not be with us forever. Someday they will surely leave us. Through loss we grow up” (or something like that).

After the funeral, the block was still flooded with sadness. Mother Mi Ran was ill, sleepless and talked less. She often dreamed of JH coming back at night, woke up and went to the living room to wait for him(as a scene in ep 20). Father Kim woke up with her and they sat there for a very long time.

7) DS worn the ring with her necklace as a memory to the past. (Taek gave it to her after the funeral).

8) SW and BR decided to get married. While BR’s mother seemed unapproved, mother Mi Ran told her: “Let the children do whatever makes them happy, we can’t be with them for the whole lifetime.” Then the wedding took place without JH’s attendence (of course!). DR, as the host, introduced a blank chair beside Taek as JH’s seat, and in every wedding then, they will leave him a chair so that he can share the happiness with them. The father-daughter issues solved, everyone (and the blank chair) took a photo together.

9) After a match in China, Taek came home and the doves (Taek-Sun) met at the gate (as in ep 20). Taek told DS that he was introduced to a very beautiful girl that day, but he was busy looking after his cat which is cruel and jealousy but very pretty, that’s why he couldn’t go out with that girl. DS pinched him, telling him that he recently has become more soapy. He said “I am normally a man. Do you want to be Mrs Choi soon by provoking me like this?” (haha cheesy). Then he said with seriousness that it’s time they changed their relationship status.

10) T & DS came to visit JH’s grave, brought him white daisy and informed him of their wedding in Jan. They also told him about their family moving out due to the clearance plan, SW became a baby sitter :))), JB and MO on honeymoon, DR is dating and opened more restaurants. They recalled it when they announced the wedding to their parents, DS’s appa and omma were overjoyed, repeatedly asked them if Taekie had been forced and terrorized to get married with DS (sheep sound and DS stupid face). The friends didn’t surprise at all. DR said: “You two always hold hands and hug in the front gate, we’re not blind not knowing anything.” :))

11) The families really moved out. Mother Mi Ran stood in Hwan’s room, father Kim led her out. Ssangmundong was abandoned, Taek’s room door’s open and we see again the gang watched a movie together - as the last scenes on ep 20 last night.

According to the source, too, when asked to change the script (that’s why we had ep 17 delayed), the writer didn’t want to change the ending, thus she just cut the scenes related to the accident. This means, she just didn’t mention the accident, yet whether it happened or not remains unanswered.

P.S i got it from Ryu JunYeol forum in SOOMPI and someone post it in Answer Me 1988 Thread.
AND i would rather have JH dead by the story i mean that would be great? Idk WHY but having his confession just go like that seems so AWFUL. At least we know that JH and DS were love each other you know.

I hate you writer-nim.

About a month ago I was at work when my boss sent me a message with a link to a local news article.

The headline of the article read “Police investigate double homicide near [NAME OF MY STREET]”

This was before we had moved into town, so our home at that time was in the middle of the woods and there were very few people who lived near us. Also, most of the neighbors I knew weren’t typically home during the day.

My wife and youngest daughter, on the other hand, ARE usually home most of the day. And our home had been broken into less than six months prior to this.

It didn’t take more than a second for me to start fearing the worst.

I immediately hung up the work call I was on and called my wife’s cell. No answer.

My blood ran cold. I was in a blind panic. I started reading through the article my boss had sent me to glean any information I could about the “unnamed victims.”

It probably only took me about 30 seconds to find that the two victims were both men, but that half a minute felt like half a lifetime. Afterwards I could finally breathe again.

I’m telling this story because someone I consider a friend had to suffer through a similarly frightening experience today. Except instead of waiting 30 seconds to find out everything was OK, it took an hour for my friend.

So I just want to send this message to my friend: @isharton I am so SO sorry you had to experience that kind of terror and uncertainty today on behalf of your brother. That kind of scare is absolutely awful, and its effects can last longer than some might expect. Be gentle with yourself today. Your emotions have had a major workout, so give them all the rest you can.

And please don’t hesitate to reach out to those who respect you, admire you, and want to support you.

Stiles Imagine #12

Requested: yes

Plot: Stiles and reader are best friends but will this change when he walks in on her changing?

A/N: Enjoy, requests are open, and I’ll try to post more!!!

Warnings: kinda nsfw
“It’s pizza and movie night!” You sang as you simultaneously skipped and danced over to Stiles and Scott.

“Oh shoot, I can’t make it. I have a date with Kira at 7 and a study session from 4 to 6:30.” Scott sighed.

You pouted, “Stiles, you can still come right?”

“Yeah of course, I’ll be there.” He nodded quickly.

“Awesome! I’ll see you later my lovely Stiles and Scott, treacherous snake, who knows when I’ll see you. Bye!” You exclaimed, running off but dropping the papers and notebook in your hand in the process. Forgetting you had a simple dress on, you bent right over, exposing your pink lacy underwear to Stiles and Scott, who were luckily the only ones who seemed to be paying attention.

“Oops! See you later!” You laughed.

“Oh my god.” Stiles moaned.

“Stiles, just ask her out! Do something! I’m so tired of having to accidentally walk into your room as you moan her name or have you not listen to my problems because you’re focused on her!” Scott complained.

“I will! Maybe tonight, who knows?” Stiles mumbled.

“Make it happen, I’m gonna be late. Tell me how it goes later.” Scott said as he waved goodbye and headed towards his last class.

“I got this.” Stiles told himself.

Later that day he went home and freshened up, he would have liked to dress up but it was just movie night. There was no need to make anything seem out of the ordinary.

He got into the Jeep after changing into some sweats.

His phone buzzed at a stop light, the text reading, ‘Hey, forgot my parents weren’t going to be home tonight. The door is unlocked when you get here, in the shower really quick.“

"I can’t believe she’s home alone with the door unlocked.” Stiles sighed to himself, how in the world did you think that was safe?

He pulled into the drive way, hurrying inside and received a confirmation of your shower. There was trashy 90s music playing all throughout the house very loudly.

He sat down on the couch, ordered a pizza after 10 minutes, the began to look through the movies.

After 20 minutes he wondered what was taking so long and began his trek upstairs. He knocked on your door, but you must not have heard it over the music.

“(Y/N)! Hey are you almost done in there?” He yelled.

Still no response, he continued to knock and get no response, so he opened the door.

If lacy underwear were good earlier, now was even better. You danced around your room, wet hair flying everywhere as you shimmied into your underwear- baby pink, lace underwear. A matching bra already on, as you proceeded to shake your hips from side to side.

You danced to one side of your bed, eyes closed with your hairbrush gripped tightly in one hand as you belted out the lyrics to the song. You laughed and heaved in a breath, reaching for the shorts and t shirt you had set out on the bed.

Stiles stood frozen, unable to move, his eyes glued on you.

“Stiles! How long have you been there?” You asked, clutching you’re clothes to your bare body.

“Oh uh- you you weren’t opening your door, I just wanted to tell you that I was here, like I was present, here, in your house. I’ve been here for 30 minutes, half an hour, a while.” Stiles said.

“Ok, um, do you mind?” You asked awkwardly.

Stiles nodded vigorously, turning and shutting the door.

He sat on the couch, waiting for you and waiting for the pizza to show up.

The doorbell went off, taking Stiles’ mind off you in your room.

“Large pepperoni pizza and garlic cheese bread, your total is 21.67.” The delivery man recited.

Stiles handed him 25, “Thanks bro, have a good night. Drive safe.”

He took the boxes and closed the door, taking a deep breath. He had to act normal, nothing happened.

“Oh yay! Pizza’s here.” You smiled, taking the boxes and setting them on the table in front of the tv.

“I’ll get some plates.” Stiles muttered.

He returned to the living room with plates in his hands, seeing The Avengers on the tv.

“It’s been 2 months since we’ve seen this, no complaints.” You jokingly glared.

“Huh, oh yeah, no complaints.” Stiles replied.

You got comfortable on the couch, taking some pizza and garlic bread on your plate and hitting play. Stiles did the same, on the opposite end of the couch- 5 feet away.

“Get closer!” You laughed.

“I’m ok.” Stiles answered.

You sighed, but let it be, eating your pizza and focusing on the movie.

At about the half way point, the pizza was gone and you had moved closer to Stiles. You laid your head on his shoulder, like nothing happened.

Stiles shifted uncomfortably, trying to subtly move away from you.

You groaned, “Stiles! This needs to stop! You’re acting like I have a disease or something! What’s up? And don’t say nothing because I know you, I know you don’t act like this. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Stiles sighed, “I’m in love with you! I have been in love with you, but you go around and act like nothing! I don’t want to say that you do it on purpose, I know you don’t, but I see you in your lingerie and your cute ass underwear and I just- I- it does things to me! We’re best friends, I shouldn’t think about you like that! But just, it’s like I can’t stop thinking about you, and I look like a creeper when I see it happen.”

You grabbed Stiles cheeks, pressing your lips to his. You both kissed like your life depended on it, you put all your pent up emotions into the kiss.

“I love you too. I love you so much, more than I can explain.” You whispered.

“Thank god!” Stiles smiled, pulling you onto his lap and kissing you again. His hands began to roam your body, play with your hair, and eventually rest on your waist.

(!!This is where the sexy scenes start!!)

“Do something.” You panted.

Stiles moved so that you were beneath him, his hand holding your arms above your head as he kissed up and down your neck.

He got to the the end of your neck where your shoulder and throat met. He heard an intake of breath and began sucking to leave a mark. A euphoric moan left your lips, egging Stiles on.

“Do something please.” You pleaded.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” Stiles asked in a deep, raspy voice.

“Yes, just please.”

The night continued on, a night of passionate love making for the first time together. Moans and groans filling the sex scented air. Slick, sweat covered bodies coming together and meeting in the light of the movie. Lips meeting passionately, hot air fanning one another’s faces. 'I love you’s’ falling from lips as hips met over and over again.

“I love you. I love you so much.” Stiles panted as he stilled after having just finished.

“I love you too.” You smiled dreamily, pressing a sweet kiss to his forehead.

The both of you got dressed, cuddled and spent the rest of the night kissing and mumbling 'I love you’s’ repeatedly.

“You should spend the night.” You suggested.

“It’s probably too late to drive home now anyways.” Stiles agreed.

You both reached for your phones at the same time, letting out a laugh.

“Who is it?” You asked Stiles.

“Scott, you?”

“Scott.” You replied with a laugh.

“He knew?!” Stiles asked incredulously.

“Of course, he’s my best friend. Don’t act like you didn’t tell him either.” You smiled.

Stiles gripped you by the waist, laughing as he pressed kisses all over your face. “I love you.”

“I know, I know. I love you too.”

Accidental Date

Summary:  Your friends have set you up on a blind date.  Maybe this time it won’t be so bad. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1178

Warnings:  I can’t remember if Steve swears, just more teeth rotting fluff

Notes:  So I actually saw This Imagine over on @lillianfromaccounting‘s wall and my muse walked in, slapped me, sat down and told me we weren’t going anywhere until this was written.  I apparently have a soft spot for my Marvel boys in coffee shops.  Maybe a second chapter where the reader figures out who he really is. 

Accidental Meeting  |  Not So Accidental Meeting

Originally posted by to-find-out

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Fred x Reader: Blood Traitor

Warnings: abusive family (quite mild argument)

Requested: Yes 

A/N: Thank you all so so much for the support (and not unfollowing me whilst i had a hiatus lol) x I was thinking about doing a ‘get to know the author Q&A post?? Idk, send me your thought/ questions! Send me requests and enjoy reading my loves!!x 

“Y/N can you try this?”

You opened your eyes and looked at the purple sweet your boyfriend was holding, “Umm let me think.” You said sarcastically.

“Please just try it.” Fred pleaded.

“Godric, no!” You exclaimed in exasperation, there was no way you were trying a Wizard Wheezes. You made Fred put the sweet away before resting your head on his shoulder for the rest of the train journey home.

Half an hour later you woke up and listened to the boys make plans about their future shop, occasionally correcting their maths.

“Y/N you have to go.” Fred said as he tried to pull you out of the carriage.

“No.” you argued, staying firmly sat on his foot.

“George? A hand?”

“Your girlfriend mate.” George said before walking off the train.

Fred bent down and cupped your face in his hands, “Y/N, I’ll be there if you need me. What’s the worst that can happen?” He pecked your lips lightly, then grabbed your hand and walked off the train.

You followed Fred reluctantly and stood slightly behind him, looking around the platform for your parents. Once you finally saw them you gave Fred a kiss and slowly walked over to your mum and dad.

“Hello dear.”

“Hi mother.” You said, watching her frown at your Gryffindor tie (you’d left it on on purpose to annoy them).

Your father nodded at you slightly before grabbing your arm and apparating home.

“Go put your things away, clean up. Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.”

You trudged upstairs, ignoring your houself muttering things like ‘filthy traitorous gryffindor’, and walked into your now silver and black. Slowly, over the years the slytherin green had disappeared and you had attempted to add some red (which mysteriously disappeared whilst you were at Hogwarts). You opened your trunk and looked at the contents, reluctant to unpack as it meant you would be home for awhile. After a while, you found yourself sat in your window seat and stroking your owl, fiddling with the pendant Fred had bought you.

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"Breakfast is For Losers"

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: ok i suck at these but basically things get heated a lil in the morning with tom

A/N: HI HELLO i haven’t posted writing on here in a while and idk how to feel AH but i wrote a thing and it’s SMUT so if you don’t like smut then you know what to do but ya here it is!!!

Warnings: SMUT

The minute you fluttered your eyes open from sleep, you immediately turned around to face your boyfriend Tom. Your eyes trailed all over his body, playing connect the dots with the few beauty marks spread out across his chest. It was only a few minutes before he started shifting, seemingly waking up. You watched as he stretched his back and arms, watching the muscles contract and enlarge.

“Good morning (Y/N).” Quickly stretching his arms out, Tom brought you close to his chest where he then pressed a gentle kiss atop your head.

“How’d you sleep darling?”

Upon answering him, Tom looked at the time and realized it was quite early - only 9:30 A.M. Letting go of the hold he had on you, Tom turned over on his side to fall back asleep. Tom had a day off, and on days off, he treasured sleep more than anything.

Taking your phone from the beside table, you decided to flip through your phone, browsing the latest social media. Ten minutes passed and you were already bored out of your mind so you decided on waking Tom up. It was slightly inconsiderate considering he was quite tired from work and that it was his first day off in a while, although you knew he probably wouldn’t mind what you had planned once he had woken up.

Once you placed your phone back down on the beside table, you made your way closer towards Tom. Delicately placing your hand on his shoulder, you moved his body so that he was now on his back to giving you full access to his lap.

“Tom wake up already,” you begged. Moving your way to his neck, you began to pepper kisses across the skin. Backing away, you noticed him shift under your touch and he had a slight smirk on his face.

“Wake up,” you whined.

“How about no,” he said, placing his hands on your thighs, eyes still shut, chuckling. Giving him a little more motivation, you rubbed your body against his, rocking with a slow motion. Tom’s dark eyes immediately flew open,

“I’m awake. I’m awake!”

Laughing at his reaction, your moved your body even closer to his as you leaned towards his ear and placed a kiss in the nape of his neck.

“I was getting kinda bored,” you confessed.

He smiled, “Oh really (Y/N)?”

Nodding your head, you began to trail kisses from his neck and down to his chest.

“(Y/N)- love- I,” shaky groans escaped his lips. His reaction to your touch always filled you with a surge of confidence. You loved when he was in this state. Seeing him lay there, vulnerable - and you, with full control was something you could get used to.Even though you loved it when Tom would be the one in charge, it was even better when you were. Having him beg for you made you weak.

“Damn, what’s gotten into you darling?” Tom asked, his face a light shade of crimson.

You chuckled. “Are you complaining?”

After making the snarky remark, you gently pinched at his cheek with your thumb then made your way off his lap.

“(Y/N),” he said. “Please come back.”

Ignoring his plead, you switched topics and ask him what he wanted to eat instead.

“Forget breakfast. I want you here, c'mon now (Y/N), you can’t just leave me hangin’ here,” he begged, tapping the mattress with his palm. Tom was laying on his stomach, with the sheets just covering his butt. It was so tempting for you to just jump him right then and there, laying like that, but you kept yourself collected.

Smirking to yourself, you turned around and made your way to the kitchen ignoring him for the second time. Upon making your way to the room, the shuffling of Tom clumsily making his way out of your shared bedroom could be heard behind you.

Laughing, you repeated your question from earlier, asking what he wanted to eat for breakfast. Likewise to what you were doing - ignoring him - Tom did the same once he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Do you know how hard you got me?” Your back was now pressed against his chest. Bringing his body even closer to yours, he brushed him against you, making sure you felt what you had caused.

After pressing his warm lips to your neck, he opened his mouth to speak, “I want you so badly,” he breathed, “I need you (Y/N).”

His words caused you to throb, wanting him more than ever now.
Turning around, your eyes met his lustful ones only edging you on to press your lips against his, which you did. And, passionately.

“Oh so you want me too now?” He backed away from the kiss for only a couple of seconds until your lips met again. Without breaking contact, the two of you successfully made your way back to your bedroom.

Stripping you down, Tom stared at your body before laying you down on the bed. “Wow,” he whispered as he took in all of you. Kneeling in front of you, he first started by running a hand up and down your thigh before spreading your legs out for him.

“I can see how turned on you are already,” he remarked before running his fingers up and down your slit. Once he began to massage your most sensitive part, his free hand found its way into his boxers, stroking himself. The feeling of his hand massaging you there had you moaning out his name. And loud. Every time your moan would increase in pitch Tom would stroke himself harder and harder. Seeing him there, bucking his hips while he jacked himself off and making you feel good, was so overwhelming. Almost enough to bring you close to the edge.

Watching him as he stroked himself, you noticed he was close from the shade on red of his cheeks. Stopping himself, Tom made his way to the beside table, and grabbed a foil packet from the drawer, ripping it open with his teeth. With ease, he slid the content from the packet on and positioned himself above you.

“You want me to fuck you (Y/N)?”

“Oh come on Tom,” you whined, “yes I want you to, please.”

“Please what (Y/N)? What do you want me to do?” he taunted, sliding his length up and down your slit, then pressed it against your now extremely sensitive nub.

“Fuck me Tom.” Following your demand, he slowly guided himself inside of you. A whimper escaped your mouth at the action, getting adjusted to him. Your eyes rolled back as he rocked himself back and forth inside of you, hitting it deep and slow with each thrust.

While your tongues battled with one another, Tom’s free hand found its way to your breast, grabbing it with his hand. Using his mouth he soon found his way to your nipple, flicking at it with his tongue and toyed at it with his thumb every so often causing you to arch your back.

The sensation of him filling you along with playing with your breast had you nearly seeing white. While one of his hands rested on your hip to steady himself and the other on your breast, he soon dropped his hand from playing with your breast to the headboard to steady himself even more.

Tom’s thrusts started to increase in pace. His lower stomach hit at your clit as he thrusted himself forward, urging you to come even earlier than you expected. The burning sensation in the pit of your stomach grew larger and larger until Tom gave you a couple deep, fast thrusts sending you completely over the edge.

Sliding himself out of you, Tom discarded the condom and stood up beside the side of his bed with his hands wrapped around his length.

“Make me cum (Y/N),” he panted, pumping himself, “please.”

“Please what?” you mocked, “you want me to make you cum?”

After politely saying yes, you kneeled on the edge of the bed, replacing his hands with your hands around his cock.

“So hard,” you remarked, lips curving upwards into a smirk. Rolling the pad of your thumb across his tip with your right hand, you slowly licked your way up his shaft maintaining eye contact with him. A low groan escaped his pursed lips along with your named muttered under his breath.

After skillfully working your hands and mouth, you soon felt him spasming signalling his orgasm, as he released himself all of your hands and chest.

“You’re the greatest,” he said, out of breath. “I know.” You confidently said, then pressed a kiss to his cheek. Soon after the two of you freshened up, you made your way back to the kitchen.

“Was that better than breakfast?” you chuckled.

“Was what?” he asked, clueless. Raising an eyebrow at him, you looked at him hoping he’d get what you were referring to.

“OH - that. Is that even a question?” he smirked, “breakfast is for losers. I’d skip it everyday for this instead.”

“Ok there Tom,” you started, “you’re crazy. Maybe next time you decide to go back to sleep after you wake up, you should think about the possibilities of the things we could be doing instead of sleeping.”

“Well, in that case, I’m gonna be pulling all nighters everyday, every night.”

Article: Timing and Pricing

The question comes up all too often, and I hope this article will help guide you with tips on how to achieve fair pricing for your art, fursuits, and more!


Obviously there are a lot of ways for any given person to answer the question of pricing, in this article I am going to address how I arrive at pricing my creative efforts. It is one among many ways to price creative work. Once you read this article, I am happy to hear if this method worked for you, or see suggestions on improving accuracy (as I am still open to personal improvement!), but I do find this to be a professional, very reliable, accurate way to do it, as well as being useful for other aspects of the creative processes well! 

For a little backstory, I have been involved in the furry fandom since 1999, and fursuit making has been my hobby since 2001 and now it is my profession. I’m also an artist, a tailor, I do costume refurbishing, create unique props, and make my own merchandise that I sell at events. I am only one person, and don’t outsource my work to other companies, so I don’t have one single thing I do that doesn’t need the effort I put into it figured out. Even personal items, prototyping, and practice – I try to think about how much effort I put in to achieve the item I have created.

How to figure out pricing!

I time myself! I use a dedicated timer (I’ll touch on why I use a dedicated timer below), it is this one to be exact: I ordered it in 2011, and have been timing everything I do ever since. I selected this timer specifically because it has a “count up” setting, so I can start and stop that as I work on my project, and set the other programmable preset buttons to count down to when I should stretch or take a break, (because I can totally work all day and forget to eat lunch), or even for when it is time to end work for the day.

I keep a log. You can organize your log however you wish, but I simply write my times down in a notepad each time I stop and switch tasks. I am careful to pause it when I need to take a break, or move away from my desk to end work for the day, if I didn’t do that then my times would not be accurate. In my log I write notes on what I accomplished within the timed span – this will help you generalize and find areas to improve in the future!

It is important to mention that I have decided to use a dedicated timer, rather than a timer app on my phone or a timing website on the computer, because I do not want the temptation of getting distracted from the task. You may have a different working style, that’s totally ok! Just be sure you are not approximating your times and are truly working towards accurate timing. How else will you know for sure? Part of being accurate about these times is being disciplined about starting and stopping the timer.

What does one of the timed project logs look like?

I recently worked on a fursuit prop skull for a client, a completely unique project that I had not made before. I couldn’t promise a flat price because of the possibility of undercharging, but I do work within a client’s specified budget so there are no surprises. 

Here is how my timed work on this project was written down in my log:
Planning: 30 min
Foamwork: 2 hour 50 min
Taping: 55 min
Pattern trace: 15 min
Cut fabric: 33 min
Sew: 1 hour 23 min
Glue: 25 min
Hand sew: 49 minutes
Teeth: 49 min
Paint: 37 min

546 minutes / 9.1 hours

I break down my times into minutes and then a decimal of the hours, this is so I can easily convert it into the agreed-upon rate. This timing process can even apply to illustrations or anything else you work on! Additionally I time all my prototypes and practice, even for things that are not as unique as this prop, this allows me to generalize future pricing to give an accurate quote on if I can work within someone’s budget or not.

Something I haven’t mentioned yet, but is an absolutely important part of pricing (especially if you are making physical things!) – Materials cost! Materials are also part of pricing, as is Overhead. If you are working for yourself, you should be keeping receipts of the things you buy for tax purposes. Looking back at the receipts for items you buy and use on your projects, you can more accurately estimate what you’ve used up for this project. If you bought extra material in the process, you can measure what you’ve used for your projects and figure out a fair materials price from there.

Here is another breakdown of my timed logs, this was for a Black Lab fursuit head I made. Is the time taken how long you expected? (Keep in mind I have been doing this for a lot of years, but I am also not a high producer. I make one or two fursuits a year, among other things. If you are new at this, or are a professional with a different working style, you will have a different experience from mine!) For this project, I also wrote a comprehensive materials list, shown below.

The time breakdown:
Foamwork: 4.85 hours
Head patterning: 2.39 hours
Liner: 1.43 hours
Furring: 15.83 hours
Nose: 1.56 hours
Ears: 1.43 hours
Eyes: 3.65 hours
Neck: 2.5 hours
Mouth detail: 2.4 hours

36.04 hours

Materials list:
Black fur (provided) - On forehead, upper brows, cheeks & back of head.
Beaver fur - on muzzle, lower brows & ears
2" (older lot) luxury shag - cheeks
2.5" (current lot) luxury shag - neck
Lycra, black - nose
Minky, pink - ears and tongue
Vinyl, black - eyelids
Anti-pill Fleece, black - Inner mouth & eyes
Whiskers (clear nylon) - face
Sculpy Ultralight - Nose, teeth
Upholstery foam - head structure
Quilted Broadcloth - liner for head & neck
Hot glue - various
E6000 glue - various
Paint, black/yellow/white - eyes
Plastic mesh - vision
Waterproofing sealant - eyes
Sandpaper - nose & eyes
Masking tape - patterning process

You can see that the amount of materials used adds up, even in small quantities! Think about the time it has taken to collect these items, running to the store to get them, ordering them online, going to the post office to deliver your finished project to your client, and so on. That should be included as part of your overhead. Overhead is your operating costs, and it is fair to think about to figure in to your pricing as well, especially if you are a digital artist who may have few materials costs yet have high equipment costs – or a fursuit maker, who also has high equipment costs, such as a sewing machine. I don’t have an exact figure on how I work in overhead in my pricing, but I absolutely think about it as part of pricing for something, especially if I need to buy a new piece of equipment to accomplish it!

What does this information do for you?

Okay, so I understand that the above may look like a lot to consider, but it truly is important to know. As a fellow businessperson I just can’t stress enough how important it is accurately knowing how long it takes you to make something! It is quite useful, not only for pricing but other aspects of crafting, such as deciding where you need to improve! I admit, it took a while to train myself to remember to start and stop the timer. I placed a few post-it notes around, stuck to my sewing machine that says “Start Timer” and another on my computer that says “Stop Timer,” little reminders definitely helped. Now it is second nature to use the timer and helps me get focused on working!

Using a timer also allows me to take into account if I need to shave off time to bring a price into an affordable range for my clients. I can think about it in the sense of “How can I pattern this more efficiently?” “Where can I design this to be simpler?” but still be stylistically good, and so on. It also allows me to see if something is not worth offering for commissions, because the price a client would likely pay does not match up with the amount of effort it takes me to create it.

Another important aspect that comes out of accurately timing your work is seeing how much effort you put into your pieces. It serves as a good marker to see if you are spending too much time on less-important parts of the task versus a very important part of the task. It allows you to quantitatively see where you can streamline or simplify your patterning process, or maybe just where to hone your practice more. When I started timing myself I found it incredibly easy to get distracted from the big picture while working on projects, in the past I have hyper-focused on details that just did not effect the end outcome, and timing has helped me recognize that. I’ve since thought of better ways to accomplish what needs to be done and use my time more efficiently. Some of these include rearranging the order I complete tasks, and even compiling a more efficient list to get started on future big projects. Setting yourself up to succeed is an important part of this!

In Summary

With your timing information and materials costs figured out, you now have a baseline for how you can price! This may not be the exact cost for the object or art that you charge in the end. However, it is absolutely a good start for beginning auctions, a low-end price for taking offers, or setting base commission prices by! Deciding your own rates are entirely up to you, I cannot tell you how much to charge, but I do need to stress DO NOT PRICE BELOW MINIMUM WAGE. You are worth more than that!!! You’re not doing yourself, your clients, or your colleagues any favors. Fandom work is very niche work, and it takes an immeasurable amount of practice and honed skill that should not be dismissed. You are a crafts-person who is skilled at your craft, and skilled labor has a value!

Old school fandom advice on pricing is incredibly varied, and sometimes involves the soul-crushing advice of looking at others’ work that you think matches your skill level and copying their price strategies. This doesn’t help you. I always thought it was really hard and demoralizing to try to research other makers I thought were in my skill range and ballpark pricing that way. I came up to a wall when I couldn’t find people making things like I was making, I was at a loss. I had to break away from that thought process and since I felt it was really unhealthy, and I really hate creative competition, timing myself has saved me the stress. Comparing yourself to others is a fast path to feeling discouraged – I’ve been there, grasping for pricing advice and feeling lost on how I should price a con badge or a sketch. Timing myself has thoroughly solved this! I can feel very good about pricing and the direction my work is going because I can quantitatively see the improvement as I practice a pattern and my times get better. I never feel like I am undercharging, additionally I never feel like I am overcharging either because I can see how much work it took! It is the one thing that has helped me get by confidently, without looking at what anyone else is doing, and still get a satisfying price for my work. A price that I am happy with and that clients are happy with.


  • Time yourself
  • Pause the timer for breaks and distractions, to keep your times accurate
  • Log your times with a few details on what you accomplished in that period
  • Keep track of expenses and overhead to figure in to pricing
  • Identify areas where you can practice more to improve
  • Use past timed work to generalize pricing for future work and have more accurate quotes!
  • Decide a fair rate, never go below minimum wage! 
  • You don’t have to compare yourself to others! 

I do commissions possibly a bit different than some of the other fandom content creators, but I do hope timing work becomes more a standard practice among the creative folks in the fandom. This style of pricing has really been what works for me, especially with all of the unique and varied things I do. 

Keep up the good work and keep moving forward. I hope these tips help, happy crafting! 


Well, technically it’s the 28th now, but I’ve been busy.

First of all, wow. I made a small post on Sunday not expecting anyone to read it at all but more for me to read in the future and reflect on. Instead, I logged in to see I have 23 followers and 39 notes on my post so thank you all those who reblogged, liked and followed me today! It honestly means a lot and makes me happy that people are following me with my journey. I do love to follow back new accounts so lemme know if you want me to follow you back!

But ow. I woke up at 6am today to go the gym before uni. I managed to run for 20 minutes non-stop which is amazing for me honestly. But I forgot my towel so I was basically dripping with sweat after. But I’m not really ashamed to sweat at the gym now since it means I worked out hard and put effort into it. I also did some bodyweight ab exercises (since this gym doesn’t have a lot of ab machinery) so my core is beginning to feel the burn I went home and had a simple high protein breakfast of eggs, toast and two slices of ham. I like to eat relatively high protein since it’s great for recovery and fills me up well. I aim for around 100g protein a day, no more than 50g sugar (I have a sweet tooth that doesn’t really go away so I satisfy it with fruit), 50-60g fat and up to 300g carbs but I usually don’t end up having that much. Honestly, as long as something fits my macros and isn’t too filled with rubbish I’ll have it. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be restrictive. 

It’s been insanely sunny and warm in England today, so I decided to bust my bike out of the garage after 3 months of winter to find it was near impossible to ride. Honestly, only after 5 minutes, my inner thighs felt like they were on fire. I took my bike to my uni repair society and essentially everything was wrong with it lol. It’s a folding bike I got for my birthday last year and I assembled it with my dad which explained why it was always so hard to ride. When I was riding home from uni it felt so light and seamless. I used to hate biking to uni and opted to walk instead because of how tired biking made me feel, but I’ll probably be biking from now on since I usually leave at 6pm latest while it’s still bright outside. My university is in a seaside town so I ended up biking along the seafront for about 30 minutes which was amazing. But now my inner thighs hurt like hell but I don’t mind. I’ll massage it a bit and take a soak in the tub and all should be ok in the morning. I’ll probably go the gym in the evening tomorrow since I felt tired all day today because I went in the morning. If I go in the evening, I can just come home, drink some tea and have a snack and jump right into bed instead of struggling to concentrate in my seminars. 

I’m actually surprised and happy that I’m still keeping with it. I really don’t know how, but a few days ago I just had a spark and I just didn’t want to continue eating crap and feel bad about it, but eat good food and be happy. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue with it. Pics, stats, food and exercise plan will start to be posted from Friday (mainly for my use but if someone wants to lose weight together with me then why not?!) so I’m excited for that. Also because my boyfriend is visiting from London for the weekend and I haven’t seen him in two weeks (which isn’t long, but it feels so long!). And Nando’s. Friday = pay day = Nando’s. 

RainFall New Character Line-Up

What’s Up Dersha Fam!!!!! I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m baaaaack!!!!!! Better than ever and RAINFALL’S BACK IN PRODUCTION!!!! I know it’s been YEARS since I talked or posted about it, had a lot of things going on but since then I have changed up a few things for the story including new and old characters being put into play. With that being said, chapter 2 will be posted fairly soon but until then I figured I give you guys a refresher and some background about the characters before chapter 2 comes and trust me when I say, you’re in for a treat!!!! Hope the character description helps you hold on longer and be sure to read until the end of the post…there’s a little surprise at the end. *smirks* 


Ahsha Hayes-Roman, 32, ex-wife of Derek Roman, mother to Faith and Ava Roman, new director of the devil girls dance team


Derek Lance Roman, 34, ex-husband of Ahsha Hayes, father to Faith and Ava Roman, owner of the devil’s team and arena


Faith Angel Renee Roman, 17, daughter of Ahsha and Derek, oldest sister to Ava Roman


Ava Hope Olivia Roman, 11, youngest daughter of Derek and Ahsha, little sister of Faith


Carter Darryl Ross, 18, transfer student from Chicago, potential love interest of Faith Roman


Terrence Evan Wall, 33, best-friend and business partner to Derek Roman, god-father to Faith and Ava Roman, husband to Jelena, Head coach of the devils basketball team, father to Jaceon junior


Kyle Jane Hart, 30, secretary to Derek Roman and captain of the devil girls dance team, best-friend to Ahsha, god-mother to Faith and Ava Roman


Jelena Leah Wall, 32, wife to Terrence, mother to Jaceon junior, former Devil girls captain, friend to Ahsha, aunt to Faith and Ava Roman, CEO of JWall clothing and lingerie


Trey Harrington, 17, boyfriend of Faith Roman and childhood best-friend to Alicia Rose


Kiyah Givens, 11, childhood-best-friend to Ava Roman


Alicia Rose, 17, best-friend to Faith Roman, childhood best-friend of Trey


Nicole Skye Harris, 28, real estate agent, girlfriend to Derek Roman

Now that you’ve gotten to know the characters a little more, here’s a sneak peek into chapter 2…

“I was a devil girl when we met over a decade ago, I know what’s it’s like to be in that position. I have the drive, the skill and the leadership to do it. My own mother was the first Devil girl to dance on that floor. You can’t say you don’t agree”

“I don’t argue on this but it’s going to kinda hard for you to commit while you live and work in Atlanta?”

“I’m moving back”

She stated matter of factly. Derek was in a state of shock, he did not see that coming, at all.

“You didn’t mention this when we were on the phone earlier”

“You didn’t listen long enough for me to tell you” She looks up at him now, making her way to sit in the chair.

“Do the girls know?”

“Not yet, but I was hoping that if, you actually granted this role to me as director then it would help with my explanation for moving back. You are always the one saying I need to spend more time with the girls, right? This is a solution to that. We work together and, find a way to co-parent living in the same quarters, amicably”

Derek leans back in his chair as he started to think on this scenario. He knows she had a point but he wasn’t sure if he was read to be around her again all the time. Even still, maybe it will be an option.

“Well, the girls don’t even know you’re here yet, and I need time to think it over, and talk to Kyle. So, how about you come over for dinner tonight? I’m sure the girls would like that. We’ll go from there”


“Yes” He responded.

“Okay, we’ll do it your way then” She sarcastically remarked.

“As if you had a choice” Tapping his pen nervously on the table. Ahsha sighed under her breath, her head hanging low.

“Take it or leave it”

“Okay fine, I’ll come over tonight then to see the girls and we can…see what happens next”


“Great” The woman repeats. The room fell silent for the estranged lovers. Tension was high right now.

“Well uh” Clearing his throat.

“I’ve got a lot of paperwork to do and a few phone calls to make before I have to pick up the girls so, you can let yourself out”

“Ok, sure” She stands up and makes her way towards the door as it appears, there was nothing else left to say. As she inched closer to the door, Derek called out and said to her, “Ahsha?” She turns her head fast, her attention fully on him.


“Dinners at 7, and…. it’s good to see you”


“Ok” They were in agreeance. After that, she finally walked out, closing the door behind her. Soon as there was no sight of her, he threw his pen on his desk and took long deep breaths back and forth trying to make sense of what just happened. That chapter of his life had been written two years ago, so he thought, clearly there was some unfinished business with the ex-love of his life and it was finally coming to ahead.

Jordan High School

It was passing time during the day and Faith took this time to review what she had left to do for the day. The California sun glowed on her complexion as she sat on top of a table in the courtyard writing in her notebook, waiting for Alicia to come out of her meeting with her mates from hip-hop dancing class. Alicia always had dreams of being a professional dancer and being in the spotlight was her thing just like studies was Faith’s. Her grades didn’t match up with her dance moves but she managed to get by even though she spent most of her time with her boy-toy Morris. Faith kept her eyes in her notebooks as her phone vibrated under, with a text from Alicia.

Meeting went on kinda late, be there in ten’

She read the message then put away her phone and directed her attention back to her notebook. She always seemed to get lost in her own thoughts while writing. Far as she was concerned, nobody else in the world existed except her pen, herself and the notebook. Little did the 17-year old know, she had eyes on her. The stranger watching her from across the yard slowly started to walk up.

“Deep in thought huh?” Faith looks up at the stranger who she now sees is the new student from her class, then looks back down at her notebook as she gives him a repressed look.

“Yeah and you’re interrupting my thought process”

“Oh, you don’t mind, do you? I was hoping you wouldn’t” The new kid begins to flirt with her.

“Actually I do mind” Not making eye-contact.

“Really? Cuz it didn’t seem that way when you were staring me down in the classroom”

“Staring you down? Oh, please” Her eyes rolled all the way back to her head. This little boy was pushing it.

“You was baby-girl”

“Yeah, you wish I was”

“Not likely, that’s all you” He smirked, and not the least discreet about it. She closes her notebook out of frustration and annoyance by his comments.

“I don’t even know you!”

“Whoa take it easy, I was just messing around”

“Well obviously, I’m not liking it very much” Faith begins to push her belongings in her backpack preparing to leave until he imprisoned her wrist, stopping her.

“Wait a second, I’m sorry, I was just joking with you, honestly. I meant no harm. How bout we start over? I’m the new transfer student here, Carter” He tries to save face while stretching his hand out for her catch it. She hesitated, were talking about the guy who managed to irritate her in a short period. Maybe she misjudged though. She received his hand, shaking it.


“Faith as in Faith Roman?”

“You tell me” She challenged his thought. He grins back at her effort.

“You’re the daughter of Derek Roman and Ahsha Hayes”

“Well aren’t you a smart cookie, how do you know this anyway?”

“Some might say I’ve done my research” Shrugging his shoulders hiding his hands in his jean pockets. Faith gives off a shocked face in a joking manner crossing arms.

“Is that right? Alright expert I’ll play along. What else do you know?” Carter chuckled at her question and was ready with an answer until an uninvited guest came and blocked their conversation.

“Yo man, you lost or something?”

“Not really, just having a friendly conversation with this pretty girl right here”

“Good for you, but that pretty girl is my girlfriend so why don’t you find someone else to push up on” Faith’s boyfriend voices.

“Trey stop we were just talking”

“Yea Trey relax we were just talking” Mocking him. 

“My dude don’t address me or my girl”

“That supposed to scare me off? Let me be clear about somethin playboy” Carter starts, while walking closer, so close that their noses almost touched. Carter was in his personal space.

“Nobody was trying to push up on your girl as you so eloquently put it but if I was, trust me you’d know, and I don’t hit and miss”

That’s all for now folks!!!! Chapter 2 coming soon..get ready!