it took me like 2 hours but im happy with the result


My nosejob experience!!

for anon, who wanted me to make a before and after post talking about my rhinoplasty, so keep reading for a wild journey of embarrasing selfies and pain!!

//tw bruises and blood

((some of this pictures are better quality than others since some are taken with my phone and others with my camera. also keep in mind that 90% of these selfies were taken with the purpose of doing before & afters,not actually looking decent so try not to judge me ookay ill shut up now))

k so here are some pictures of my pre-op nose

from the front:


as you can see it was quite big for my face, had a bump on my bridge and i didnt have a very nice profile. so i made an appointment with a highly recommended plastic surgeon and he told me it would cost about $20000 pesos and i had to get some tests done blah blah blah, irrelevant stuff.

so on august 16th i went to the hospital at 6am and my mum took the last sleepy pre op pictures of me in the ugly hospital gowns thingys

then i went into the operating room, the surgeons put me down right away and i woke up about an hour later confused as fr*ck and they took me to my room.

this is what i looked like when i first woke up and yes, the first thing i did was ask for my phone so i could take bloddy and bruised selfies for the internet

i couldnt breath (obviously), i had a constant nosebleed, wet wipes under my eyes for the bruising (im sure your surgeon will tell you this but just in case!! a tip: make ice cubes out of tea for your eyes to make the swelling go down faster) and a cast on my nose. i couldnt feel pain on my face (wich was still a lil numb in places) and i actually felt almost no pain on my nose during my whole recovery but coming down from the anesthesia was awfully painful for me. it was probably because this was my first surgery and i hadnt been put down before but if you’re not a wimp, unlike me, you’ll be fine.

during this day my face got rEALLY swollen and bruised (i dont have any pics of that bc i was feeling awful but if you want to get a nosejob be prepared to look like an overweighted squirrell who lost a bar fight for a few days)

this is what i looked like about 5 days after the surgery, cast still on, a lot less swollen (but still a lil swollen), still bruised and hating life:

so yeah, the gaping fish look is gonna stay w/ u for those few days where you cant breath through your nose and sleeping is a lot harder when you cant move. or lay down too much. or breathe. 

like a week after the surgery i went to get my cast off and i didnt hurt at all, but was kinda uncomfortable having your nose that sensitive. I also got my nose cleaned, wich was a tru hASHTAG BLESSING i had never appreciated being able to breathe that much. ps: keep in mind that the cast makes your nose look weird so the first impression isnt the end result, dont get weirded out if you look like a pig at first (i know i did). anywayss, without my cast nd a lot less swollen i looked like dis!!

i had a lot of anxiety and was even depressed over the way i looked and this truly helped me get my confidence back. surgery doesnt fix things, you do. but i feel so incredibly happy with the way i look now and it changed my life for the better even though i had doubts until the day before the surgery (but srsly dont take big decisions if youre having second thougts, i set a bad example dudes)

always remember that youre beautiful no matter what and even tho you dont need plastic surgery, theres nothing wrong with it if you want it. do whatever makes you happy, its ya body

thank u so much to anyone who took the time to read this long ass post ily and feel free to ask me anything!!

(ps: technically im not recovered yet, the full recovery is 6 months and its only  been like a month but ill update this when its time!!)

(ps 2: sorry for any misspelling, english is not my first language and please correct me if i wrote something wrong)

this post has been getting a lot more attention recently, i think its been two years since i got my nose done?? im avoiding reading this whole post again because its probably going to make me cringe and want to die from embarrassment but i thought id update a bit on how my nose looks now since i never got around doing it!

Wicked Game - Tom Holland Imagine

Okay guys this is long omg. You are an actress in this one. I made you besties with Dylan O’Brien and Sophie Turner because why not?

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“I think I fell for her.” That was what Tom said at his award speech. You were speechless to say at least…

It all started a year ago. It was the international friends day so you, Dylan O'Brien and Sophie Turner -you guys were so close friends basically a squad- were on Ellen Show. Being Hollywood’s friendship goals Ellen thought that you guys would be great guests. But you weren’t the only friend gang on the show. Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield were there too. You never met them in person but Sophie was always fangirling over them. You were the first stage guests. You guys talked with Ellen about how you met -You met Dylan at age 13 being a neighbour and with Sophie at X-Men: Apocalypse set-, funny moments of your relationship -“One time (Y/N) shot me on the leg with a freakin’ arrow! Not intentionally ofcourse”, “I love vinning so much and everything about (Y/N) is basically in my vine page”, “For Dylan’s first date I disguised and went with him to the cafe to give him cues about how to act”, “When I was gonna buy my apartment we basically visit every apartment on sale with Dyl and Sophie. I liked that perticular one with 2 bedrooms but Dyl said ‘No it doesnt have enough space’ and i was like 'what do you mean there are 2 bedrooms!’. Dyl looked at me and said 'Yeah exactly, one will be yours and other one will probably snatched by Sophie. Where am I gonna put my stuff?’ So I ended up buying 3 bedroom house because they are basically always in my house.”“One time Sophie got drunk and stole all of my boxers and sell them on the internet.”

And then Tom and Harrison came. You guys meet briefly but you thought that Tom was so handsome. But that was it. You guys made eye contact two or three times after the show you just briefly said goodbye. You instictly turned your head to look at him again when you are walking the opposite side and again, eye contact.
2 months after that your squad and your 2 dogs were having a picnic at the park. One familiar voice said “Hey guys what’s up!” It was Harrison, Tom was following. Eventually they sat and you had picnic together. Tom asked you questions -a lot. You, being a bubbly person, answered all of his questions. You talked about how you are the only person in the house who does actual house work “These two are not even taking the garbage. Im basically a young single mom with two kids!” and etc. But Sophie saw the opportunity and said “You know what (Y/N) you are basically single for 5 months today!” You turned to her with wild eyes but she was smirking to you. Harrison got the point and said “Omg you too? Tom is single for like 4 months!” You were blushing because you were actually a very shy person. You couldn’t even look at Tom… Sophie saw your uncomfort and laughed, “You remember the time that I tricked you to come with me to a double date? You basically hated the guy?” You nodded your head silently. Sophie turned to Tom and Harrison and started her story. “I said I dont want to go alone to this date and basically begged her to come with me. She did but when she came she saw that it was actually a double date. For not being rude she stayed with us for an hour but that kid got no luck. He was a little rude to the waiter and boom, she hated him instantly. She is so into gentlemen..” Harrison played along. “Tom is such a gentlemen always ready to service. He hates when girls basically throw themselves on him because he thinks that’s not a lady should act.” 

At the end of the day when you were saying your goodbyes Tom hugged you and you hugged him back, still a little shy. He looked at your face with a concern in his eyes. He looked like he was trying to decide on something. In the end he took off his phone and asked you for your number.

He knew that you were a shy person. So he had to find a way to ask you out without making you uncomfortable and Dylan was up for a helping hand. When Tom saw Dylan’s livefeed on Instagram he opened it. There was (Y/N), Sophie and Dylan. Looking nervously at a laptop screen.
Dylan; “Ok guys this is the big day. We are waiting to find out if (Y/N) been accepted to the Brown University. Results will be announced few minutes later.” Tom waited, he didn’t even turn his head when Harrison asked him what he is watching. Moments later he saw (Y/N)’s eyes go wild and she started to jump. Sophie hugged her and Dylan was smiling brightly. “She got it guys, my smart ass pumpkin just got it!” And with that Tom immediately sent you a text.
“Congrats (y/n)! I saw Dylan’s live feed. I know you probably gonna celebrate it with your people but I really wanna take you out for a celebration. Only if you want too ofcourse” He opened the live feed again and there (Y/N) was, looking at her phone, blushing and smiling brightly.
Celebration with Tom was more like a date. You searched for the right dress for HOURS. Sophie did your makeup because let’s face that you are suck at it. Dylan was waiting in the living room to see the results. After hours of preparation you were finally ready. Dylan saw you and gave you his man hug thing. “You look amazing. He’s gonna blown away.” Door bell rang, you opened. There was Tom, in a suit, amazingly good looking. He saw you and you could swear that his eyes shine. After moments of silence he took your hand and took it to his lips, kissed it gently. You smiled when he offered you his arm. You knew that you gonna spend a great night with this total gentleman. You went to a dinner, talked about everything. He was funny, smart, talented and gentle. After the dinner he insisted on walking with you to your place. While you were walking without saying a word he took your hand into his. You turned your head to him and you smiled at each other.
And it was the BAFTA’s. Tom won the award, he was making a speech. You were so happy for him but you definately wasn’t expected what was coming. He thanked everyone for the award. And then he stopped, he was looking like he is trying to gather his thoughts. “Having this award is one of the best things that ever happened to me. My life was getting beter everyday for the past 3 months. Being the spider-man is great! But it doesn’t mean that you need to be a super hero to get the girl you like. There is this amazing girl sitting in the table number 17. I got a chance to meet her nearly a year ago. At first meeting I was struck by her beauty. I talked about her to Harrison for weeks. When we met again I got to know her better and saw that she is not only good looking, she is great person too. Smart, loving, funny, talented. I even got the chance to celebrate her accomplishments with her. I dont really know how she feels about me but, I- I think I fell for her.” He was looking deep in your eyes and your heart skipped a beat. After his speech he got off from the stage and came to you, you were in the balcony to get some air after his confession. He softly held your hand and without saying anything lean and kissed you. It was you guys first kiss and it was so gentle, so soft, so amazing. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He was holding your waist, gently but firmly, like he was never thinking about letting you go. You smiled in the kiss, your head on his shoulder and took his scent into you. He kissed top of your head and hold you in his arms. It was really the happiest day of your life.

But it wasn’t the end of the night. You knew you have to do something equally brave to him. So after both of you went back to your tables you asked Sophie to talked to the attendants. It was your way of saying ‘I love you’ So you were at the stage, holding a mic. And you started to sing while looking in his eyes, smiling;

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you.

No, I don’t want to fall in love 
No, I don’t want to fall in love
With you, with you

What a wicked game you play to make me feel this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you

And I wanna fall in love
No, I wanna fall in love
With you.

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I’d love somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you,

No, I wanna fall in love 
No, I wanna fall in love
With you
With you

It was Tom’s turn to be speechless and smiling like an idiot. You can see RDJ and other Avengers members was patting his back tho…

Chapter 9 - I’m Not Kissing You

Richard Speight jr x reader

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

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The walk to the bar put you on edge with Richard. All of your friends, Richard’s and yours, were walking in front of you both chatting away, singing and jumping about in excitement. But there you were walking nervously next to the man you adored, not saying a single word to him, he ignoring you too. Once you had all made your way to the bar you all clambered inside one after the other. The bar was big with very few people inside and it had that typical bar smell, leather and spilt cider. They had the bar in the center of the room with two bartenders stood behind chatting away with each other and waiting for their next customer. Briana and Kim headed straight for the bar ordering their first drinks of the night, certainly not their last, whilst Osric, Jared and Jensen went over to the pool table they had hidden away in the dark corner.

The rest of the gang found three large tables and moved them all up together, sitting around on the chairs. Your friend patted the seat next to her, inviting you to join her and sit with the gang. You were happy to have somebody distract you from the man stood behind you, so you obliged. You began to become more comfortable, being added into the conversation a little more and laughing with the guys. Kim and Briana came to the table, placing their beers down and sitting together opposite you and your friend. You were distracted by the two loud women and you hadn’t yet noticed that Richard had sat uncomfortably close to you, Rob opposite him.

You turned your head to the right to see what was rubbing against your thigh and you realised who had joined you. Richard was sat on a stool next to you with his thigh leaning against yours and his hand on your knee. What really confused you was the way he was pretending it was normal for him to do. He wasn’t looking your way nor talking to you, yet there his hand and thigh were. He was acting as if he wasn’t touching you so personally as he continued to joke with Rob, looking at something he was showing him on his phone.

Your stomach dropped, suddenly taking away any appetite for a good night you had. You understood what guys were like and that they like to mock and joke a girl about feelings or love or lust. But what you hated most was the fact that Richard was now doing it in public. You started to wonder if he’d figured out your feelings toward him, and as your stomach became more empty, so did your glass. You must have had three beers already since you’d been there and that had only been about half an hour. Of course the guys had gone through almost the same, but they were a lot bigger than you and could handle their drink a LOT better.

You sat there quietly, nodding or smiling when somebody said something to you. That was until Rob held his phone up at you and pulled you out of your daze.

“Y/N! Hey, scoot in! come on!” Happy blue eyes were beaming at you from across the table, ushering you closer to the person you wanted to be furthest away from in the world. You politely declined his photo, telling him the lighting would make you look bad and other excuses. But that was before a strong arm pulled you into the side of Richard. Your body fell towards him, and he pressed the side of your heads together. Rob took the photograph and uploaded it to twitter before you could even shout at the pair of them.

“Guys! what the hell I had literally no time to react to that!” You complained, mostly focusing your anguish at Rob.

“Hey, he could have kissed you! You should be glad he didn’t.” Rob argued, shaking his head.

“Yet.” Richard added sternly.

“Yeah, no. Never going to happen.” At this point you were no longer joking. You were dead set on never letting the man come near you again, not like that. You wanted to look after your self esteem instead of giving in to that gorgeous sea of gold that were Richard’s eyes. You stood up, stumbling slightly from your alcohol consumption and walked off to the bar for another drink. You ordered your beer and watched as the bartender poured the drink for you. A gentle tap on the shoulder caused you to turn your head to the side. Rob was leaning against the bar smiling at you, in rather a sweet and innocent way.

“Hey…” You spoke quietly, not in the mood for any more joking around. Your heart was at stake here.

“Hi. I was just wondering why you won’t kiss Rich. I mean, why not? he’s a nice guy and he freakin’ adores you. My ears were almost bleeding this morning from him saying your name the whole time. So whats the deal?” Rob had ordered another beer for himself and took a seat on one of the bar stools, you following and taking the one next to him. You took a sip of your fourth beer, feeling the results almost instantly. The only problem to alcohol that you found, was how much it brought out the truth.

“To tell you the truth, Rob. I don’t like to be mocked.” You replied in confidence. Rob furrowed his brows, obviously confused by your response.

“What do you mean mocked?” He asked, taking a sip of his beer.

“You know what I mean. Teasing me, grabbing me. Embarassing me in front of all of my friends by laying on top of me and pretending he likes me.” Admittedly your voice had cracked slightly in your rant. You didn’t sound half as confident as you’d have liked. Rob noticed that you had genuinly been upset about all of it.

“Y/N……Rich is……not teasing you. He’s not pretending he likes you. He really does. Trust me I’m his best friend. I knew he liked you before he admitted it…”

Rob took a moment to look back at your group of friends at the table, Rich was sat joking about with Kim. “…If you don’t like him in that way I think you should simply tell him. It’d stop him getting more hurt.” Rob was talking as if you had been leading his best friend off, which was insulting and 100% bullshit.

“Rob, I’m not leading him on. I-I don’t…Guys back home don’t like me. You know, I’m the bottom of the scrap pile of girls to choose from. And I’m certainly not Richard’s type. I’m not good enough for him, I’m not pretty enough for him. I mean he’s just…..he’s Richard! If I were to stare into his eyes for too long I would drown…. If I were to listen to him speak for a moment longer than I should, I’d explode……he’s the most beautiful, talented and funny guy I’ve ever met. I don’t want to give in and let him kiss me as much as I want to kiss him myself. I love him. I’m just trying to protect myself for once in my life. Can you understand that?”

Alcohol definitely was a horrific idea for tonight. Rob was sat there taking in everything you’d just said. You expected him to be angry at you, or to walk off. But he didn’t. He sat there and watched you for a little while. His eyes felt like they were scrutinizing everything you were doing. You turned to your side, facing the bar and polishing off your beer. You waved your hand to the waiter, asking for another.

The silence between you and Rob was terrifying you, building up your nerves to the top of your throat. Unless it was vomit from everything you’ve drank. You hoped it was the nerves. You heard the faintest of giggles from Rob and you had no idea what he found so funny.

“What?” You asked, a little annoyed by his cheery mood. Why couldn’t everybody be grumpy like you?

“Nothing….” Rob answered with a smirk. He then grabbed his glass of beer and left you alone at the bar. At least, you thought you were alone. You were completly unaware that there had been somebody else sat on your other side for a good few minutes. You felt a gentle tap on your shoulder, but not as gentle as before. You turned slowly so’s not to give your growing headache any problems. Your eyes stared straight into the eyes of Richard. He has the softest of smiles traced on his lips as he stared at you. Your heart began to thud louder and louder to the point you could almost hear it. You sincerely hoped he couldn’t.

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” He asked, his voice quiet and soft. At that moment your heart went ballistic. The sudden realization that Richard had heard everything you said about him washed over you like a high wave. You started to panic. You wanted to run straight out the bar, but you knew with the amount you had drank tonight that you wouldn’t be able to get far. And even if you did, Richard would be right there at home waiting for you. You began to stammer.

“I-uh…I need to…..I need to go to the bathroom” A lousy excuse, yes. But it was all you could muster right now.

“I don’t think so.” Richard responded, grabbing your right arm with his hand. He held you there gently, not hurting your arm or forcing you to stay there. But it was warning that if you tried to leave he would pull you back down.

“You’re always running, you never stop.” You looked down at your feet. You were to nervous to look him in the eyes. You’d just outright told him that you love him and boy were you gonna pay.

You felt gentle fingers touch your chin, pushing your face up a little, pointing your gaze back to his.

“It’s time to stop running.” The words echoed from his lips as if they were being said in a dream, or a fantasy of yours. Only this time it was real. He was really holding your face in his hands, stroking your cheeks gently with his thumb. He leaned forward, giving you one last gaze, before he closed his eyes and placed his lips against your own.

Everything stopped.

There was no music, no voices shouted in the background.

You could no longer feel the seat you were sat on.

No smell of beer in the air.

Only him.

He was intoxicating. The smell of leather, aftershave and…him.

All you could hear was his shallow breath, struggling to get enough air in his lungs. And then there was the feel of his lips. He wasn’t aggressive. He wasn’t rough.

The feel of his soft lips brushing over yours as he continued to kiss you both tenderly and gingerly at the same time. One of his hands had moved down into your lap and he interlaced his fingers with yours. You could literally feel yourself falling in love with him, then and there. You had finally let go.

His lips began to come away from yours as he finished the kiss. It was almost like the world had been paused, just for you to have that tiny moment. The music continued to boom around the bar and hustle and bustle of your friends and other people was no longer gone.

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, staring back at Richard in silence. You didn’t know what to do, nor what to say. But Richard did.

“Let’s go home…” The way he had said it made you feel like you really belonged with him, so you followed him, and you went home.  

go home. [ lost boy!au, nct’s haechan ]

IM BACK from the dead. i’ve had .01% of the inspiration previously used for writing things like this but im back!!!! and i goddamn adore and ult nct !!!!! WE YOUNG WAS SO CUTE. in lieu of this, (aka weeks after it’s release) i had a little spark and went ahead n ranted @godiaewon my beloved, and the result is this! i hope you enjoy :’) thank u to @haechan-haedamn and @nctextme who have rlly inspired me 2 get back into writing w their’s, bless yall 

member: lee donghyuck/haechan - nct dream, 127

words: 6,500+

genre: angst/fluff balance! ( hmu if ur lookin for an alternate ending <3)

  • ok !
  • so, from a young age, you had been a very… inside person
  • like sure u appreciate the seasons etc.
  • but you liked being inside, in the safety and familiarity and comfort of home
  • but, what you felt was some kinda
  • curse for this
  • ‘curse’ used loosely
  • you had a recurring dream
  • at least once a week
  • that you’re lost in this incredibly dense forest
  • and you kept having visions of all of these kids who’d been there before you
  • and were having heaps of fun and playing around like it was their second home
  • lots of boys, but the most rambunctious ones were 7 younger who, for every dream had ever changing hair colors and clothing and they looked as though they came from a different world
  • they were human, but there was something about them, their presence, that made them seem
  • idk
  • magic
  • but you were stuck
  • unable to go anywhere
  • because you were forever lost
  • but
  • only about a year into having these dreams
  • you suddenly became somewhat able to find your way around, out and into the civilization, where you’d finally wake up
  • but it wasn’t because you were aware of your surroundings
  • no
  • a short time after being in the forest in the dream
  • you’d begin to hear the beautiful hum of someone
  • you assumed a boy, at his timbre
  • it was calming, and for some reason, you felt as though you could trust it to lead you home
  • like home, it was warm and beautiful and honey like
  • and as you grew older, it became a source of comfort
  • for the day you’d faced a pop quiz you just couldn’t handle,
  • he would sing a song of resilience
  • for the days you felt unable to talk to your friends
  • he would sing a sweet tune of gratitude and never being truly alone
  • and for some reason, you gained strength from that
  • when you returned home, you would do everything you could and tried to spend as much time dreaming as possible
  • u had a great sleeping schedule
  • but then, you got even older
  • and high school, as it does
  • weighs itself on your shoulder
  • you spend more time up studying, going out with friends, living it up
  • you never got into anything too intense, seeing as your parents weren’t so tolerant for that
  • and something told you the mysterious voice in your dreams wouldn’t want harm to come to you
  • i mean, it was an odd thought, but he was so constant it was like the longest friendship you’d ever had
  • one day, you stay up until the god awful hour of 3am
  • and by the end of your work youre so exhausted
  • me on this night probably
  • for the first time in a while, you just want to sleep
  • not dream
  • pun intended
  • they were odd and felt so magical, which, of course, pressed the fact magic isn’t real
  • for some reason, you’re convinced you’ll rest better without
  • dream walking???? idgi either
  • but that night, too
  • the dream doesnt come
  • your dreamscape is
  • empty
  • you go to school a little off, feeling completely exhausted
  • and regret wishing not to dream BC IT RELAXES U TBICHA
  • and the entire day just goes
  • horribly
  • for you, at least
  • and you go home having turned in your assignments etc but you just
  • cant seem to get to sleep
  • and you basically end up lulling yourself asleep to what you can remember vaguely of his voice
  • that night, you don’t dream again
  • when you awaken in the morning, you feel even more drained
  • and during the whole day
  • your notes are jumbled then your folder breaks someone pushes you over during lacrosse practice
  • its the Worst
  • you go home again, and you just
  • stare at your tv
  • until tiredness takes you
  • once again, you don’t sleep
  • well enough
  • bc u dont dream
  • the entire week goes like this
  • c'est vraiment horrible
  • you feel highkey empty
  • like junior yr isn’t EASY mysterious dream boy WHY ARENT YOU HERE
  • on friday you come home and just cry yaself to sleep
  • this goes on for a whole month
  • and at this point
  • you refuse to wear colour like ur mourning or smth
  • you ARE
  • you’re damn worried about those boys in the forest
  • yourself
  • the dreams that literally keep you alive and that ya dumb ass took for advantage
  • and especially the boy who was singing
  • he always seemed to be happy to help you and happy in general
  • you live off of coffee nd barely get by
  • your grades arent soaring but theyre stable because all you do is work
  • you cant force yourself to do anything with anyone out of pure tire and sadness
  • like you dont know why its so overwhelming but you soon realize
  • you miss that place
  • you miss that unattainable forest, so much
  • you miss
  • never land
  • when you think of this
  • you take out your sketching pad
  • and as an art student, you really hadnt had any inspiration in the past month either
  • it wasnt the strongest subject, but you loved it nonetheless
  • you stand up and brush your hands off on your jeans, taking an old set of colouring pencils and notebook
  • and walk own to your local bakery
  • it’s rather big, and a little commercial, but the cheesecake is bomb
  • plus, you’re not there for the aesthetics
  • it was a place your father would take you for every one of your birthdays as a kid
  • it felt like another home away from home
  • you greeted the baker in the back, knowing of your usual order
  • and find a booth to slip in
  • you sit and sketch a page filled with vines, boys climbing trees ambitiously with knees scraped and covered in the forest floors dirt
  • wearing an assortment of clothes from many different eras
  • lost treasure, like little golden lockets and glimmering piercings in their ears
  • painting them a rainbow of different shades
  • and leaving the middle space empty to a simple, lightly drawn question mark
  • you knew exactly who it was left for
  • the boy, who owned the voice
  • the page was also filled with sparse musical notes drawn messily
  • showing a tune being carried throughout the forest
  • you got super into the piece, actually, adding your own characters
  • a grinning crocodile who you’d heard the boys complaining about few times before, alongside his accomplice, a scrawny and tall pirate in a flamboyant dress suit, and his frumpy, shorter boat hand
  • you giggled as you drew their rather vivacious features
  • you even drew a banner that went across the bottom middle of the page, writing in cursive
  • ‘Never Land’
  • which just didnt work, so after a little deliberation you erased it
  • and made it one word; Neverland
  • you looked at it proudly, and suddenly had an entire creative plateau for your end of year portfolio
  • this is what you’d do!
  • just as you were about to fill in the middle space with a mysterious hand reaching out, representing her looking for neverland after having lost it
  • as so
  • a server came to deliver you a piece of cheesecake, but with the added treat of a hot chocolate
  • you tilted your head in curiosity, looking up toward whoever gave it to you, unfamiliar with their hands
  • to find
  • this mans
  • looking you dead in the eye
  • like bitch!!! why is u so pretty
  • you’re a little flustered looking like a whole road in your grey get up, in comparison to his brightly colored red haired donning the shop’s boat hats and apron
  • falling over a simple, clean white tee and black shorts
  • that made him look like something out of.. a DREAM
  • that and his ethereally gorgeous features
  • he had golden skin that made you feel like going out into the sun and drinking up its spirit as he seems to have
  • the bitch is glowin
  • basically
  • you kind of go a lil pink and cough, trying to say thank you
  • but before you can
  • suddenly god is speaking
  • jk
  • “auntie may said you were lookin a little tired, and i couldnt agree that a hot cocoa on the house is just a sip of happiness away from you passing finals!” he canted his head, before sliding his serving board under his arm with finesse and returning to the front of the shop
  • suddenly, you had a total urge to make this inhumanly beautiful boy the center of your little sketch
  • but see, you could only see the back of his head
  • and although his face was already burned into the left side of your frontal lobe
  • you needed to see him again for… refer…ence
  • so you picked up your stuff and casually situated yourself so you could subtly look up at his welcoming of customers etc
  • soon enough, you got distracted by the immense range of expression he had on his face, entertaining children through elders and soon enough the place was packed
  • you were quite content just watching him, resting your chin on your hand as you admired his features and demeanor
  • though, there were sometimes where he’d catch you
  • you’d looked away too soon to see his reaction, but let’s just say his ego, as always, was inflated
  • kidding but not also he deserves it ilh
  • eventually, you thought you had enough of an idea of his face to go ahead and start drawing his profile
  • as u were sketching away
  • you felt a tap on your shoulder
  • you turned around casually, only to come face to face with a smug lookin server boy from before
  • “you gonna loiter or get a top up on that cocoa? we don’t offer free handouts to just anyone, you know. my judgement of you being a hard working student is pretty compromised at the moment.”
  • you just sat completely dumbfounded,
  • he was so CLOSE
  • you could
  • probably
  • just lean forward a little
  • and-
  • in the time you’re daydreaming he looks over your shoulder with his hands behind his back, having a quick look at your book before you finally gained conscience and snapped it closed
  • he giggled quietly before holding his face between his hands, looking at you with a fake offended gaze
  • “aren’t you supposed to ask for your muses permission before stealing their faces?”
  • you know he’s just teasing, and can already tell her must be a little troublemaker, but your throat seems to be mia
  • you take your notebook and bring it to your chest protectively
  • actually more so praying itd give you the courage to talk
  • and it did
  • sorta
  • “im y/n, nice to-”
  • she was interrupted by a loud speaker announcement for him to get back to the front part of the cafe, at which he scoffs and rolls his eyes
  • “nice to meet you, too. i’m..” he seems slightly fearful of saying his name, but he soon understands he should be rushing along and blurts it out.
  • “call me haechan. i’ll see you around, criminal.” he grins widely at the last word, whispering in fake menace which makes you smile for the first time in weeks
  • after that, you return home, and although that evening you don’t have that dream, you wake up having rested the best in what felt like forever
  • you went to school by walking, admiring your surroundings and eventually stumbling across haechan on his bike
  • you recognize his bright red locks, calling out for him with little confidence
  • he literally SWERVES
  • onto the footpath and stops at some crazy speed
  • and doesn’t stumble one bit
  • 'hes like a goddamn demigod’
  • “y/n!” he says cheerily as you caught up to him, and couldn’t help but smile and return his
  • somehow, he managed to bike incredibly slow as you went to school together
  • and found out haechan was actually an exchange who’d just arrived
  • he explained he was korean, just had to move to a far away place when he was younger for family reasons
  • he was vague, but you didnt expect any type of autobiography yet
  • you walked into school together, talking about completely irrelevant topics and apparently, you’re not the only one who finds him attractive
  • he gets some less than courteous stares his way
  • but he ignores them, continuing to let you explain what it was like here in seoul
  • he nods happily, engaging in conversation and talking about his friends back home
  • its pleasant, and you can tell you two will turn out to be great friends
  • you and haechan end up having calculus, statistics and both take electives instead of science, and end up basically joined at the hip very fast
  • by the end of the first two weeks, you two had racked up a 1000+ text conversation and become closer than you think you had ever done with anyone
  • he spent lots of time at your house, and apologized that you couldn’t come back to his due to family issues
  • during this time, you hadn’t had any more dreams about neverland at all
  • and you were a little tired, but haechan seemed to cheer you up daily
  • you taught him how to use a calculator properly after he said that where he had lived, they didnt have stuff like this
  • you asked if he lived in a second or third world country, working with the embassy, to which he just
  • nodded after a moment of seeming unsure what you meant
  • within a few months, he’d nailed the role as a lead character in the upcoming school musical
  • ever since the dreams had ended, you’d avoided music as though you were too deprive of the dream boys that other voices sounded abrasive and wrong
  • but you were still immensely excited for him, and decided it selfish to put this silly recurring dream after your best friend’s dream
  • he always talked about how freeing it was to perform
  • lets say hes playing the baker from into the woods
  • my fav
  • anyway
  • so, one afternoon you’re EXHAUSTED
  • but you can tell haechan hasnt had a great night at home the last evening, and invited him around for a sleepover
  • your parents were chill bc tbh they thought u two were adorable together and also trusted you
  • he was very gentlemanly, after all
  • almost as though he was from the olden days in his mannerisms but whatevs
  • foreshadowing
  • dfkjhsdf
  • you were taking a light nap as he practiced his lines
  • when suddenly
  • you were in that forest dreamscape again
  • except
  • you couldn’t move
  • and the area was eerily silent
  • until you heard a rushing of lots of feet and are met with the sight of that same group of boys
  • for the first time completely face to face
  • but as you watched them, they seemed very distressed
  • looking around frantically for something, or rather, someone
  • it seemed as though they couldnt see you though, but the entire situation soon induced your own anxiety
  • then you heard them shouting
  • “haechan!” all at the top of their lungs as some of the younger boys looked distraught and the older ones seemed as though they were trying to hold it together
  • suddenly this is a nightmare
  • you tried to move, to do anything ot help them, to look for this aforementioned haechan
  • when you became aware
  • that they weren’t talking about any haechan
  • they were talking about YOUR haechan
  • suddenly, you felt overwhelmed, and woke up startled and breathing heavily
  • haechan seemed so involved in his work he didnt hear you across the room with his headphones in
  • you looked toward him and watched these couple scenes flash before your eyes of these boys yelling at everything and anything for him to come home, to go back, to make a sound for god’s sake and come out of the trees
  • you whispered his name under your breath and everything seemed to make much more sense than you’d imagined the story or wherehe came from would
  • but this was weird and also
  • dreams are usually reflective of your day
  • and youd been working on your neverland project since period four
  • so you decided to start things off subtle
  • you called his name across the room, making him take out his earbuds almost immediately
  • mm?”
  • “so… haechan, my friend”
  • “yes, y/n, my friend also.”
  • you pondered on what to say, before deciding to not start this evening
  • things were a little blurry right now
  • “want to go get some leftovers?”
  • as if he knew what you were going to say before you did, rushing out and down your stairs like he had many times before
  • you laughed and followed just as fast, racing down the stairs in your socks
  • tripping on the last step, about to go face to floor hella fast
  • and when you could’ve sworn the boy was a good two meters in front of you, he seems to catch you immediately and have you standing upright, though a little shaken, right before him
  • his expression was soft, but still similar to a scolding mother’s
  • “be more careful, knucklehead.” he pulled on the strings of your hoodie and continued on to go heat up some food
  • the next day, you continue noticing more of haechan’s very caring aspects
  • he seemed to always be offering you food and making sure you were enjoying things
  • and soon you asked the question
  • “so, hae, where do you live?”
  • he seemed slightly flustered at first, but soon cleared his throat and shrugged
  • “nearby to the shop”
  • he didnt specify any further
  • so that afternoon you followed him to work and hung around across the road untilclosing
  • at which haechan closed the shop
  • and set up a bed on the DAM COUCHES OF THE CAFE
  • bitCH
  • anyway you go home rlly upset and confront your parents and they sigh like
  • ah
  • honey, we been knew
  • but then its like??? where all his clothes come from
  • oh… he has the job
  • but is he paying for everything but accommodation???
  • knowing may shes prolly hella find w it
  • prolly wants him @ hers but has too many dogs already
  • now you get why hes such a good cook with things youd never expect to go together…
  • how long has he had no home???
  • you have a very restless evening and in the morning you get up early and steal your sister’s bike to ride down to may’s early
  • haechan must’ve sensed you
  • somehow
  • and when you arrive you find may putting out the fresh pastries
  • you buy a muffin for both you and haechan, his favorite, cream cheese and blueberry
  • and you hope he can see you
  • but you lean over the counter and whisper in may’s ear
  • “does haechan have any other part time jobs?”
  • to which she nods, holding up her fingers to show THREE DAMN FINGERS
  • BTCH
  • at this point, you’re signing the adoption papers
  • and its when you’re sitting down at a table in the empty cafe, is it that you also realize that you
  • love this bitch
  • like everywhere you look, something will remind you of him
  • the musk of the trees in the school courtyard, blueberries, cut grass, whistling, boomboxes, fresh bread, the sound of bike wheels needing oil squealing, children playing in the parks as you pass by
  • everything
  • whenever you looked at him, your stomach was stabbing itself and your brain was trying to comprehend how to speak like a human
  • you worried ridiculous amounts about everything he did, and became so proud when he made even the slightest of achievements
  • you knew he knew he’d been there for your entire life and if you were selfish enough to put yourself between him and his neverland life
  • you’d never forgive yourself
  • all of the things hes done for you tht have gone unnoticed
  • this guy was your rock
  • he’d made it his life mission to make you happy it seemed, and it had worked
  • you’d never felt more anticipating of a day when haechan was involved
  • he was like an energizer
  • so, that morning you walked into school, you marched right into the printing offices
  • you had spent all of your free time that morning designing newer posters for the play that was being put on by the drama department
  • you had drawn all of the characters with their actual faces and transferred them into a computer program, playing around with some colors and shapes and backgrounds before proudly spending 50 dollars on printing
  • during lunch, you ate barely anything, giving haechan an excuse that you had a project to work on, and went all around school putting up the new posters
  • you missed your study group session to ride your sisters bike around the neighbourhood and wider town to put up the posters
  • that night was warm with a slight breeze, and you felt a small merit in your little success
  • yes, you’d return everything he’d ever done for you
  • and then you’d help him go home
  • the next day being a saturday, you went to the city library with your mother as she had business to attend to in town
  • and collected all of the books you could under the keywords
  • boys, forest, parallel universe
  • thinking that was broad enough
  • they were primarily childrens books
  • and followed a similar narrative
  • of a bunch of boys who were eternally young once they were taken from life begging on the streets by peter pan and lived fun, rambunctious lives in 'paradise’, fighting against the bad guy, captain hook
  • in a place called neverland
  • another damn click
  • you looked up the tale of peter pan and spent the rest of the day in private investigator mode
  • by the end of the night you were sure of one thing
  • they say that the lost boys can only leave, and go back to growing up, seemingly something very obscure
  • if they decide to
  • or (bc im extra)
  • if the person they’re a guardian for stops believing in magic.
  • all of the lost boys, as to not get too crazy, work with different children needing guardians
  • and you think of when you thought you really didnt want to dream anymore
  • and you hve a little freak out on your own and punch yaself
  • on monday, you come to school, the drama director comes up to you and is like !!! thanks y/n!!! our sales have totally boosted!!! good job!!! hoping to see the same thing next year?
  • bye the drama director is canon heechul
  • and when you see haechan coming up to you youre all big blushes bc omg… u have a crush on him.. EEEKS
  • he comes up to you and is a little awkward and you’re like !! whaddup dweeb
  • “y/n.”
  • ya?
  • “did you make all these posters?”
  • he holds up one of them, and you cross your hands over defensively
  • as if youll be scolded again
  • “it… i had extra time and… i think i got your side profile?”
  • ok quick u want an angsty ending of a fluffy ending
  • so haechan laughs his big ol laugh and goes to hug you
  • and when he does!!! ooo does she feel FEELINGS
  • you
  • you’re she
  • anyway so you give him an encouraging hug back and then offer for him to come over for dinner
  • that night your parents are actually going out so you make a cake and homemade pizza and you sit down together at this table
  • and you’re like
  • “hey channie”
  • “mm”
  • “when’s your birthday?”
  • he looks up at you surprised, before nervously looking down at his fingers
  • he understands this facade will be hard to keep up for so long, so for now he decides to take it slow
  • “y/n, i have something to tell you.”
  • you’re like THIS IS IT he’s a lost BOY I knew It
  • “my real name is lee donghyuck.”
  • that was not what you expected
  • you tilted your head for a moment, before straightening up and leaning forward
  • “i had a suspicion. haechan sounded a little too cool.”
  • “uhhh are you coming for my given name??”
  • “what like your parents are around to hear me~”
  • it’s a complete accident
  • and you really, really don’t mean to
  • and you cover your mouth immediately and reach over to hold his hand or something and you’re waiting for him to shout and you
  • scream at you
  • tell you to apologise
  • when you’re writing that in your head already
  • but he just breathes in
  • and out
  • “be careful what you say, y/n. you might hurt somebody one day, and i know you won’t mean to.”
  • he says with such calm disposition, so collected and with such a kind smile on his face
  • that a guilt just hits you straight in the gut
  • because he’s lost his life TWICE now, once because of you
  • and and he’s done so much for you and you’re so unappreciative
  • you feel your eyes getting red and you stand and try to say you’ll go do the dishes whilst you force him to go start a movie
  • and as you’re washing away
  • you accidentally cut yourself with a stray knife
  • you wince slightly but quickly rinse it off so haechan… or, donghyuck, won’t worry about it
  • but alas, he somehow heard, and was already listing the dangers of a kitchen and putting a plaster on
  • you were so mad at yourself that you couldn’t listen properly
  • you went into the living room and forced all her blankets and snacks into his arms, making it your mission to return him to his brothers just following his final stage as the baker in the musical
  • he’ll have a taste of his old dream, then return to his best place
  • you know he’d be so much happier there than confined by the world around you
  • so, in the next few weeks you absolutely spoil the boy rotten
  • he already has nice lunches brought from the shop he works at, but your parents agree to him staying around for a whole MONTH as he explained one afternoon his parents were going away for a 'business trip’ so you couldn’t go over to his
  • you cooked him breakfast daily and got in contact with all of his part time jobs, saying he was having a family situation at the moment and might be absent for a while, which may could read quickly and made you fess up but all the other owners were very sympathetic as he was their best and hardest worker
  • as May prodded you told her your plan
  • and she looked towards you with a questioning gaze
  • she’d helped you the entire way through discovering, telling you her first love was actually a lost boy
  • and that her mother, Wendy, too loved a lost boy that she could never attain
  • which made you curious, but didn’t surprise you
  • she told you that in the end, it is always the boys choice to leave
  • if their child stops believing, they can choose a new one anytime
  • but if they’re absolutely devastated, peter sends them to be with the one they guarded
  • hae was like a mischief guard for you
  • you know this now
  • all those extra bad situations - he got you in sometimes, but ALWAYS saved you
  • something about you made lee donghyuck leave neverland
  • but it wasn’t easy, she mentioned
  • because they had nothing here
  • peter let them keep their powers and charms, but weren’t allowed to use them in the eye of humans
  • everything she told you conflicted you further
  • but the more you pushed him, the further away he would be from being able to return
  • so everyday ou introduced him to fantasy films
  • which he said were either unrealistic or just up his alley
  • and eventually you two watched Peter Pan
  • you watched his face throughout the entire time, and longing was clear in them
  • things added up fast enough for you to know
  • so came the final showing of into the woods, that you’d be attending
  • your last piece of evidence came in the form of his voice
  • as you’d resisted listening to him all this time for the day that he would leave
  • so it could mean the most
  • you sit in your seat the entire show, listening to the entrancing tone of his sound
  • and when his solo came, you couldn’t help but cry in both pride and fear
  • he would be gone
  • happier
  • without you
  • he probably wouldn’t ever appear in your dreams anymore
  • you couldn’t imagine a life without dreams and then a life without him
  • at this point, any moment his face appeared your heart shrunk
  • you had done as much as you could to allow him to go home, and found all you could
  • you just wanted him to be happy
  • you’d packed all his things, including his favorite sweets and some trinkets to take back to neverland
  • warm clothes and thick fabrics for running through the forest
  • hopefully there was no neverland customs bc it was a few bags filled w useless but pretty or tasty things
  • and the last thing youd packed was a scrapbook of moments between you and donghyuck
  • photos of him and you together, alone, the places you went, frequented
  • hopefully also
  • things tangible here were in neverland too
  • you also wrote an apology note to the lost boys
  • telling them you were sorry for taking away their number one mischief maker and golden boy, honey voiced donghyuck
  • you’d googled his birthday and on some beautiful forum found he was born june 6, 1922
  • which was odd, but also technically he was still 17 as time wasn’t existent where he was from
  • you’d had many crying sessions over this btw
  • you wrote out a jar of reasons for him to be happy, not to miss you or here, to enjoy his life
  • and at least three hundred birthday cards, hoping they’d last well enough for three hundred years in earth time
  • once again, you were put under a spell as he sang, and when it all finished, you didn’t stop crying
  • you waited for him backstage
  • seeing him escape the group of peers congratulating his amazing job
  • and when he saw you, he immediately smiled even brighter
  • until he saw all the tears
  • and the bags
  • and the book tucked under your arms
  • he stopped just before hugging you to ask what was wrong
  • when you reached out and took his face between your hands
  • trying to memorize every feature you could
  • he goes to ask how it went but for once you say something first
  • “it was amazing. your voice is /amazing/. did you enjoy it?”
  • you’re still sobbing, keep this in mind
  • “i’m glad. and yes, i LOVED it! i think i should study theatre, or music, of both! it’s so fun, i just love it here so much. everything is worth it it there on that stage. on that stage,”
  • he looked at you cheerily
  • “and with you.”
  • your fingers were tracing his cheekbones for a long period of time before you brought them back and brought out the book
  • at this point you two were alone in his lil cast room thing
  • maybe he was happy here?
  • maybe he could become happy?
  • thoughts were running through your mind but you stopped yourself
  • This was for him, not you
  • “donghyuck.”
  • “it feels so weird hearing that name-”
  • “have you ever heard of the tale… Peter Pan?”
  • his eyes widen immensely, and he goes to say something before you open the book you were holding
  • “peter pan, and his lost boys. Peter Pan who lived forever young. Captain Hook who always tried to stop their shenanigans, and tick tock the croc who always got hook first?”
  • the names mentioned made him flinch, completely out of it at this point
  • “donghyuck.”
  • “y/n, i-”
  • “you’re a lost boy.”
  • you try to keep a straight face but the tears are still flowing and at this point you were hardly breathing
  • “you’re a lost boy, who was the guardian of my dreams. you lulled me to sleep with your singing every night, helped me escape the densest of forests and the darkest of nights. you didn’t just come from very far away,”
  • you held his hands loosely in yours
  • “you came from neverland. you don’t talk about your parents because they’re not here. you left with peter from your home, and moved to a place where time and trouble couldn’t catch up to you if they tried.”
  • there was so much happening in his eyes but you could see clearly
  • fear, worry, apology and something unfamiliar like regret
  • “you are the fire to a flame, lee donghyuck, and this world isn’t for people like you.”
  • “you make children happy with the wink of an eye and have, for my entire life, kept me sane with just your presence.”
  • “i owe you the world, neverland, and everything in between. you are my first best friend, my first guardian and my last lost boy. my last donghyuck, or haechan, whatever you want to be. you will forever be my every first and last because i could never truly forget about you.”
  • he was speechless, gripping onto your hands so tightly, his skin glowing far brighter than it ever had
  • because here it was
  • his biggest lie
  • being told to him by the love of his life
  • his SOULMATE for god’s sake
  • and he didn’t see anything but love and sadness in your gaze
  • “lee donghyuck.”
  • mm.”
  • “i love you, lee donghyuck.”
  • it is all you say, it is all you have to say, but before he can return the words
  • you open the book to page twenty
  • and read a passage
  • speaking of the London siblings’ journey through the sky to never land
  • at first, he is confused
  • until you say
  • “peter pan, i believe in you and the lost boys. i believe in fairies with blonde hair and cheeky attitudes, magic, in crocodiles that tick, in captains with hook hands and eternal youth. i believe in you, all of your friends and enemies, and most importantly, i believe in lee donghyuck. guardian, lost boy, singer, dancer, actor, comedian, writer, happy virus and my best friend. peter pan, take him where he TRULY wants to be.”
  • you change the phrasing, some last minute change of hope and heart telling you to believe in your love
  • you push the bags together and place the book on top, looking into a paralyzed donghyuck’s eyes
  • before whispering to him
  • “i’ll see you at home.”.
  • the next morning, you wake up with a dull headache and an inability to recollect the previous evening’s happenings
  • you take a painkiller and drink lots of water before getting ready for school, feeling well rested and ready to take on the day. for breakfast, you eat blueberry pancakes, cooked by your mother; they’re tasty, but a little off, as though different from the many you’d had before - odd, but not crazy
  • maybe she just added more baking powder
  • you bike to school today, not really remembering when you’d started doing it, but it seems nice
  • on the way, you feel slightly absent of something once you reach the corner of the intersection taking you from
  • your neighbourhood to your school
  • you don’t make any mental note though, and continue
  • that day at school, calculus is funnily quiet, but you distract yourself with sending puppy gods to one of your best friends, mina
  • at lunch, you sit in the courtyard with your entire friend group and find some cheesecake from may’s place in a box for you, and you remind yourself to drop by later to say hi; you hadn’t gone in seven months at the least!
  • it was delicious, and in the afternoon you went and said hello
  • she seemed to look at you with an almost pitiful gaze and you looked around the place, saying nothing had changed at all
  • she told you they’d renovated two months ago, apparently
  • it felt a bit like deja vu, but you might’ve seen the new version on a study date recently
  • your memory was a little blurry at the moment
  • may hugged you and reminded you to take it slow with everything, gifting you a blueberry and cream cheese muffin which tasted amazing
  • something about it reminded you of home - it was delicious, actually
  • you went back to school to collect some things for art around four thirty and found the notice boards oddly empty, seeming much less colorful than she remembered it being the other week
  • oh well
  • you did the poster for the upcoming musical of into the woods, one you most likely wouldn’t see thanks to the lousy choice of male leads
  • welp, what’s a girl to do
  • when you got home, you unpacked all your art things and were surprised to find your center piece having been unfinished when you could’ve sworn it was done
  • a neverland project based on Peter Pan, another fairytale, that you’d gotten really immersed into
  • you shrugged and looked around for the scrapbook you had the references in it for, but when you opened it the drawing was the same
  • a large question mark where the center of the art should be
  • it was spontaneous, but you thought of a face that maybe might suit
  • you spent a good hour deliberating, but eventually you just googled lost boys
  • you rumbled all the way through until you found a rogue piece drawn of a boy with beautifully golden skin
  • and bright red hair
  • with features you’d only ever see in a fairytale
  • that’s exactly what was missing!!
  • looking at his face gave you an odd sense of nostalgia, despite having never met him before
  • ah, the tired brain playing tricks
  • you finished up your sketch and began painting, suddenly totally into what you were doing once more
  • at the end, you’d gone into far more detail than intended, but you were immensely proud
  • as you looked at the art, even you felt a sense of familiarity with the tale
  • you handed it in and ! received full marks. high school wasn’t so bad, after all.
  • because somewhere, someone who isn’t you, suffers in your place.
  • you see, peter pan is greedy.
  • as he is for eternal youth, he is so greedy that he becomes envious when one of his lost boys are happy to leave, love and prosper like he couldn’t
  • and, you see, donghyuck wished wholeheartedly to go straight into your arms that night
  • to hug you tight, kiss your cheeks, tell you how much he loved you too
  • but unsurprisingly
  • he was intercepted
  • brought back
  • to the hustle and bustle
  • peter was even cruel enough to let him keep your things
  • he refused being guardian of any other, and spent his days watching you grow to become a strong, indépendant woman and artist with a special love for the peter pan stories
  • she says it was a love that bloomed late, but it was intense like a fire
  • he felt the same way, about her
  • but as every man is, peter pan is greedy.
  • you are happy, donghyuck is not, but he is 'home’, and that’s all you wished for - right?
Pregnancy (Carl Grimes) prompts

Prompt :
#42 : “Im pregnant”
#20 : “I just think you’re afraid to be happy.”

Paring : Carl Grimes x Reader

Warnings : implied sex, implied thoughts of abortion, angst, cursing, fluff

A/N. I just wanna say that I have no idea if this is along the lines of what you wanted, if not I apologize in advance. I honestly struggled a tad bit with this one trying to work both prompts into it but I tried :)

Two weeks ago.

Four days late.

Two weeks ago you and your boyfriend had finally done it. Had took your relationship to the next level.

But non of this made any sense.

Maybe you were just paranoid or something but whatever it was you wanted it to stop.

You are Carl had made sure to use a condom and be as safe as possible. How could this have happened? Maybe the condom broke?

You groaned in frustration as you stared at the calendar. You were four days late from your period. And of course it had to be just after what happened between you and Carl.

Walking to the counter and opening the package of the pregnancy test you sighed, eyes closing and taking a deep breath.

You had to make sure. You didn’t know what you’d do if you were really pregnant.


Minutes turn into what feels like hours when waiting for the results. You paced back and forth every so often taking a look at the stick to see if it was done.

Finally you looked, this time with your answer.

“Positive.” You breathed out.

Your body froze as your eyes blinked repeatedly in slight shock.


Carl was sitting on your bed his knee bobbing up and down as he waited for what you had to say.

“Cmon Y/N. Just tell me what’s going on.” He said grabbing your hand and squeezing it in his lap.


“Im pregnant.” You said quietly. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t stop shaking.

“You’re… you’re what?” He laughed taking it surprisingly well.

“ Carl im pregnant. This isn’t a joke.” You said hoping to get him to be serious about this.

His face softened and then went confused.

Shaking his head he looked away standing.
“I don’t get it. We used protection. And as far as I knew the condom didn’t break.”

“I know that’s what I thought to. But that doesn’t matter okay what matters is it happened and now im pregnant. Im down right terrified Carl.” You said falling backwards on the bed groaning.

“You know. Maybe this isn’t so bad Y/N. We’ve always talked about being together as a family, having kids. Just think of it as its coming a bit earlier than planned. He said taking a seat beside you.

“I don’t know Carl. I mean… yea but.. what if im just not ready. I can’t have a fucking child. What if.. what if I like, you know.. get an abortion or something.” You said looking at him.

frowning he stood up. “ Fuck Y/N, why would you even think about something like that. You know. I just think you’re afraid to be happy.” He said storming off.

“Carl. No- cmon wait a minute!” You yelled after him.


2 months had past since that day you told carl. And he was right. You were scared but now happy. Happy you would be having his child.

“Hey babe.” Carl said walking up beside you. His hand on your new baby bump as he smiled.

“Hey. How’s it going?” You asked kissing his cheek.

“Good. And I hope you two are as well?” He asked looking at your belly.

“Happy as can be.”


a/n; ok so this is another shotgun idea of mine,, and also to swerve back into jihoon’s lane after being in daehwi’s lane for 48 hours lmao and also a reason for me to charge my laptop

much love for @markleetrashh for helping me out with my writers’ block while writing this💜💜💜

and also! do check out the previous one i did for magumagu!


Originally posted by woojinsus

  • ok i am back my friends
  • with a bf!au
  • but for winkboy this time
  • ok leggo
  • let’s start w how ya’ll met okay
  • so you’re at gongcha,, a store which sells bubble tea
  • ok so gongcha was rebranded to liho in singapore and im so sad so here is gongcha in my au T_T
  • you wanted to get this strawberry drink you were craving so much and finally you can cause a new gongcha store opened in your area
  • blackpink in your area
  • gongcha used to be in the town but you were too lazy to travel there just to get the drink so
  • and surprise surprise the store is crowded af bc its new
  • but anyhow you still queued up to order
  • and surprisingly it was quick that your order came so you just left the store happy w your strawberry drink
  • but before you could even get 2 stores away from gongcha you hear fast footsteps behind you
  • and you looked back and you see this boy running to you in a mask
  • so ukno, human instincts, 
  • you run too
  • and finally after like 20000 meters of running he caught up with you
  • and you’re like okok who are you and why are you chasing me
  • and he catches his breath like,
  • “i’m– parkjiocohbijasoh”
  • “huh?”
  • “i’m–
  • and that boy’s bubble tea in his hands spilled on your sweater and you’re like !!!!
  • that boy was also like !!!!!
  • and he takes off his mask and apologises profusely
  • and you look closely and this boy just looks all too familiar,,,,,
  • park.ji.hoon. winkboy. produce 101–
  • “i chased you all the way here to tell you that you took the wrong order,, but omg i’m so sorry i spilled on your sweater!!!!!!” -jihoon frantically apologising to you
  • and you’re just like,,
  • park jihoon chased me just to tell me i got the wrong order???? did i save korea in my past life???
  • “it’s ok,, I–I–”
  • and then jihoon takes off his mustard sweater(see gif)
  • and hands it to you
  • “here, please have my sweater!! i’m so sorry…”
  • “y/n”
  • “y/n! your name’s rlly pretty^^”
  • “it’s alright!!! i,,i gotta go now,, my mom’s waiting for me at home, see you around, jihoon!” -you trying to act casual and not know him
  • but deep inside you’re like “did i just talk to park jihoon”
  • you went home happy, and hugging jihoon’s sweater to sleep
  • and also you realised another part of jihoon that you never got to see on national tv,,
  • a soft and innocent side of him that no one really knows about!!
  • ok ngl your bias wasn’t jihoon at all, ok you had no bias to be honest
  • and boom your crush on him developed slowly
  • but you know that the only thing that is the binding you to him is fate(which of course, you have little)
  • but fate decided to shine on you;-)
  • and a few days later you made your way to gongcha again,, bc once is never enough
  • and you’re wearing jihoon’s sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
  • and while you’re queuing up you felt a tap on your shoulder and you turned back,, its jihoon
  • and you panicked like
  • “jihoon?”
  • “y/n?”
  • “i’m here to get the same drink,, please don’t take my order” you joked and he playfully shoved your shoulder,,
  • “i see that you’re wearing my sweater”
  • and you’re like omg do you need it back????
  • and he’s like its ok,,i dont need it,, really
  • and hE BLUSHES
  • you swore on your perfect eyesight that park jihoon was blushing????
  • and you’re like okay what do i do now
  • and then suddenly jihoon asks if he could borrow your phone
  • and you’re like,, why
  • “i–i was wondering if maybe you want to be friends,,, i mean if you wanna!”
  • and you’re like ,, ok sure,, 
  • and then he just types his number into your phone,, and runs off without his order
  • you’re like ok wait didn’t you order smth
  • and then you realised that the drink is yours,, jihoon paid for it
  • and that’s how you guys met:”)
  • i’m sorry if this isn’t going anywhere but blame mnet for giving jihoon so little screentime:”)
  • fastforward to when you guys are closer friends!!!!!!
  • its gonna be vv cliche here so please bear with me!!
  • so jihoon invited you to the recording for Oh Little Girl,,
  • and before that you went to backstage to give him some rapport!!
  • “thank you for coming omg i didn’t expect you to come!!”
  • and when you saw him in his stage costume like,,, you were shook
  • bc damn daniel he looks fine af despite the hideous ronald mcdonald shirt?????
  • you found yourself stuttering out of shyness
  • “i–i–”
  • “jihoon! we need to reherse in 5!” you hear someone call out to him
  • “coming!”
  • and honestly this friendship with jihoon thing has been a whirl and all crazy cause ya’ll were literally on talking terms just because he spilled bubble tea on your sweater 
  • and ya’ll were like just like average friends and you’re already feeling the tingly feelings you have when you have a crush on a person you have known for a very long time??
  • “look, jihoon i–”
  • “i like you.”
  • “huh?”
  • “i like you, alot, y/n.”
  • “jihoon, you can’t be serious here, we literally just met like months ago just because you spilled bubble tea on my sweater,, and now you’re saying that you like me?”
  • “yeah. i think its just me but, i get this feeling where i feel empty if i don’t talk to you in a day, i feel uneasy if you don’t send a selfie to save our streak on snapchat…”
  • and boy, your heart was stolen already
  • but you didn’t want to be jihoon’s gf as a result of your infatuation,, that’s just nasty and selfish
  • “can i come back to you tomorrow? it’s just too overwhelming for me rn,, i need to sort out my thoughts”
  • jihoon was surprisingly cool w it and even was like “i’ll even wait a lifetime for you till you say yes”
  • asdfghjkl jihoon
  • “anyhow,, good luck up there!! you’ll do good!”
  • and then cheeky jihoon decided to plant a peck on your cheek and then blasts off
  • dang you’ve never felt so violated(in a good way) in your life
  • and the jihoon does this in the distance:

Originally posted by jieqiong

  • “nae maeum sogae jeojang!”
  • or otherwise known as “i’ll save you in my heart”
  • damn jihoon
  • you were pretty much stolen and all you’ve gotta do is to break it to jihoon!!
  • so you guys meet up at the exact same gongcha you met for the first time
  • i gotta stop mentioning gongcha smh
  • and you decide to do it in the cheesiest way possible
  • you know where this is going
  • you did the jeojang action and said,, “nado,, nae maeum sogae jeojang!”
  • its basically the above with a me too in it
  • okay now for the boyfriend part
  • like daehwi, every moment that is spent with jihoon is never dull
  • his main priority in life is to see your smile and make you happy bc he just loves seeing smiling y/n!!!
  • since jihoon is actually tall or is it just me and my short height of 158cm
  • he will randomly hug you and smol pecks on the forehead!!
  • and as cheryl perceives,, jihoon would prolly be a mixture of donghyuck and doyoung any dohyuck(??) shippers here
  • jihoon would also be the type of bf to just ruffle your hair and squish your cheeks and stuff
  • like
  • “oguogu my jagi’s so cute”
  • rip
  • he will try his utmost best to make your day if you’re in the dumps
  • even if it risks his reputation as wink boy lol
  • i mean,, i love memehoon too,, reblog if you agree
  • you know the times when he tries to be mature and all that and be like do less skinship
  • “don’t do that omg that’s so cheesy”
  • but he secretly likes it ukno
  • me 100%
  • dates
  • yes
  • i mean,, jihoon can bring you to the most random places like,, i dunno, a animal farm??
  • or a dog cafe just to pet smol puppies 
  • have you seen jihoon with the doggos mnet brought to cheer the trainees up
  • and also jihoon with the eel during the blind box challenge w jonghyun
  • “annyeong chinguya”
  • can you imagine him with kids too ok smh i shall stop here
  • he could also bring you too moomin cafe,, bc who doesn’t like moomin omg
  • ya’ll moomin isn’t cheap a keychain costs like, fifteen dollars
  • and yet when you guys were about to ask for the bill jihoon turns up with a medium sized moomin plushie
  • he just really likes to spoil you,, but not too overbearing like on every date there is something for you ukno
  • and if you guys ever have a date at the amusement parks you would get matching headbands
  • and also buy lots of food to binge eat on
  • most prolly pizza
  • and ya’ll are so hyper ya’ll go on every ride and dish out stupid dares like,, pose for the ride camera during the ride
  • loser gets a finger flick
  • but boy he has no mercy his finger flicks have power too
  • at the end he will plant a kiss on your forehead bc he’s scared you got hurt
  • and when you guys get a break and get water or like soft drinks to drink,, this happens:

Originally posted by addictingkdrama

  • jihoon is a lowkey sucker for all these kdrama shit okay
  • speaking of kdrama he would bring you to places where kdramas are filmed just to take pictures and poorly reenact the scene
  • i mean,, its cheesy but you both like it bc you end up laughing everytime
  • some dates are lazy and at home where jihoon is either exhausted from practice or just plain lazy
  • mostly lazy
  • before that you guys will make a trip to the supermarket to get snacks
  • and an elderly couple will comment on how cute the both of you looked together
  • blushing fiesta will start and awkward thank yous
  • back home,, over watched movies and lots of giggling
  • and one fine date ya’ll will be giggling like usual and then jihoon suddenly turns serious
  • and you notice too
  • jihoon slowly leans in and you lean in too
  • and then
  • yes
  • your fiRST KISS aaaAAAAlol and ya’ll will be awk af for like 15 minutes but then back to the playful banter ukno
  • overall, bf!jihoon is also playful and cute jihoon
  • he will use aegyo to get his way
  • but dw you can too
  • okay this is getting too long for an au oops
  • have a nice day/night friends
  • thank you for reading!

aka the ridiculously long post where i shove all my feelings & months of research stalking into a list and cry. [ includes headcanons bc lbr they’re freaking amazing too ]

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Growing Up

Trigger warning: None

Paring: Dan and y/n

Genre: Angst/fluff

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, im feeling really lost. People always say I can message them. But telling someone I don’t know about my problems makes me think i’m annoying them. Anyway hope you like it.

Age 21

You sat down in your car wanting nothing more than to go home and see your boyfriend. You had recently got a job at a nearby café. Dan and yourself had decided 3 months to save up some money to go on holiday in a year. He wanted to go somewhere hot, and you can’t wait to see him topless in a swimming pool with a huge grin on his face. Dan meant a lot to you, you had known him for around 15 years. You still remember when you first saw him.

Age 7

Mum had invited the Howell’s over again. It didn’t mind them much, they have a boy called Daniel is a year older than me so we used to play a lot when we were younger. I barely know his parents but Daniel is like my best friend.

It was nearing lunch time and mm was running round the house. “Why are you caring so much?” I asked sitting on a dining room chair with a red floral cushion.

“I want them to like us.” She then picked up empty mugs and plates before calling down your Dad. Then the doorbell rung. Mum walked over, you following. There stood Dan’s mum and Dad, holding there 2 year old  son Adrian. Your mother opened the door wider welcoming them into your home. Sarah, Dan’s mum pushed him forward motioning him towards you. “Why don’t you go play with Y/n.” He stood next to you as they all laughed and ate some food totally forgetting about you.

“You like Zelda and pokemon?” You whispered in his ear folding your arms behind your back.

“Yeah.” He smiled at you excited. You lead him up to your bedroom, but it was more a gaming room, and opened the light wood door. You pulled up two beanbags and sat him down before starting the N64.

“You’re good at this!” He laughed mashing the buttons to win.

“Thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.”

Age  21

You drove for about 10 minuets before arriving at your shared flat. You had picked him up some chocolate and dinner for tonight as you were planning on telling him the news. You didn’t know how he would act, would he be happy or sad, well I guess he won’t be sad. Why would Dan feel sad when he found out your pregnant. He could be mad though. You both got drunk at PJ’s birthday party, when he/she got conceived so it wasn’t exactly planned. Opening the door you heard him pacing along your bedroom. “Dan?”

Age 12

You were going round Dan’s house again and maybe watch a film. You both have always done this on a Friday night, it’s become sort of a tradition. You would take turns in icing usually resulting in a horror or comedy and occasional action. Your toes were beginning to grow numb as Dan lived quite far away from the school and the weather was very wet. Your broken soggy flats were not helping your feet feel any more comfortable until you arrived at his house.

“Hi Dan and Y/n.” His mother welcomed, wiping her hands on a pale tea towel probably from washing. His mum didn’t mind you coming round most days as she told you that you were like a daughter to her. Dan took your black bag off and threw it next to his on the door. Pulling of his blazer and shoes like you. The fluffy carpet felt strange, poking through your toes and making them feel less like they could fall off. He dragged you upstairs offering you a drink. The hallway was painted a light blue colour and decorated in painting of him and his brothers drawings.

“My mum said she’s going out soon so we’ll have the house too ourselves for a few hours.”

“Cool.” You said arriving at Dan’s room. The walls were white but completely covered in poster and pictures. He had a double bed and a TV in the corner not forgetting the small wardrobe housing all his black clothes. You sat down on his bed, hi sitting next to you. “That was funny at school today.” You said starting a conversation.

“Yeah.” He recalled to 4 hours ago when you through a grape at a class’ window. “What film do you want to watch?”

“You can choose.”

“No it’s your turn.” He frowned.

“Um, let’s just watch kill bill.” You thought unimaginatively.

He put the disc on just before his mum called out that she was going shopping.

Time skip

The film had ended, and it was around 6. You peeped through Dan’s grey curtains at the sky, noticing that it was pitch black-being winter and all. He turned the lights on and placed his hands on his hips. “What do you want to do now then?”

“It’s getting dark I think I should go.” You mumbled, getting up from your comfortable position on the bed.

“Can you stay the night?” Dan asked smiling widely to convince you.

“Ask you mum if it’s alright.” Before you could think Dan was out the room and halfway down the stairs. Whilst he was gone you walked around the room to stretch you cramped legs. You noticed he had piles of homework, that was most likely due in months ago, and a lot of dirty clothes spread out around the edges of the room. You heard loud footsteps as he raced up the stairs.

“She said yes!” He smiled jumped from foot to foot.


“You can borrow some of my cloths and use our phone to tell your parents.” He passed you the telephone and you dialled the number before waiting reply. Your dad picked up and you told him about you staying round Dan’s. He hug up and Dan opened his wardrobe looking for something you could sleep in. He saw a black pairs of joggers and a patterned top and gave them to you. He told you, you could get changed in the bathroom whist he did.

The top almost fit but the joggers were quite long. Dan told you he had finished so you walked into the room noticing he was wearing a baggy white t-shirt and knee length shorts. He pulled out a bed from underneath his and took one pillow from his mattress and a blanket. “You can sleep on my bed.” He said sitting on the pull out one.

“Oh I can sleep there.” You said, moving your hair to the other side of your shoulder.

“No your the guest.” He smiled politely.

Age 21

“Y/n?” He called jumping down the stairs, whilst skipping a few steps. “I need to talk to you.”

“Me too.” You smile slightly so that he didn’t get worried. You took the two bags into the kitchen and placing them on the counter. He walked to the living room/ dining room and sat down on a black chair at the table. He turned the one next to you, to  face him and sat down. Normally he would hold your hand but there was nothing like that.

“We’ve been together for a really long time.” That made you think of when you first got together.

Age 15

Dan had said that he wanted to meet at the park around 1:30, as he knew that he would be at least 5 minuets late. You walked down the pavement to your local park, noticing there were families of 3 and 4 on the play equipment and 2 year 7’s on the round-a-bout. Dan hadn’t been late this time, instead he was sat on a bench right outside the gates. You waved at him but he still looked nervous. You and Dan sat on the swings, only swinging around half a metre back and forward.

“What did you want to talk about?” You asked looking at his head which was facing the floor and his hands tucked into his hoodie pocket.

“I’ll tell you, just not here.” He said standing up and walking to the entrance, not waiting for you. The silence would have been awkward if you barely knew him. But this was Dan, the guy you have know for 8 years. He was your best and most trusted friend. He walked deep into the woods, and stopped nearly a tall thin tree. “I love you.” He confessed looked downwards to not see your reaction.

“I love you too-.”

“No, I love you more than a friend should.” He kept your head down too.


“Even since we were little I liked you, and that thing with Lucy. I tried to love her to keep my mind of you. I’m sorry if this ruined our friendship but I needed to tell you. You don’t even have to go out with me if you don’t want to.” He floppy brown fringe covered his eyes and he shuffled his feet.

“I want to go out with you.” You looked up but before you could see anything you felt Dan’s warm soft lips on yours. He moved his hands to your waist and you moved yours to his neck, developing in your first kiss.

Age 21

“We’ve been together for a really long time, and I feel like we’ve done way to much together.” You held your head down like he was giving you a lecture. “Like we had our first kiss kiss together and our first time-”

Age 18

You sat on Dan’s bed crossing your legs Dan himself opposite you. “You know were 18n and all.” He mumbled with his head down, but you lifted it up so he looked into your eyes. “And were going to go to uni soon.”

“Yes, where are you going with this.”

He sighed. “What I’m trying to say is I want to, I want to have my first time with you.” He gushed. You giggled a little at how shy he was and whispered in his ear.

“You got a rubber?” He swallowed the lump in his throat and leaned over his bed to open the bedside draw. On top was a picture of you too together at the park when you got together at 15 years old.  You threw the small square packet at he before begging to kiss you.

“Just go slowly okay.” He nodded and began to kiss your jaw.

Age 21

“I just feel like we’ve been together for so long, and being tied down to the same person for nearly ten years is tiring. Basically what I’m saying is, I think we should break up.” He played with his thumbs. Tears began to well in your eyes. Everything was going pretty well, granted recently you had a few arguments but you were going to make it up to him tonight when you told him the news. You covered your eyes with your hands as tears began to flow, before he could see anything you got up and ran to you and Dan’s bedroom to pack your things. He didn’t follow but instead went to his laptop. You noticed the picture frame that had the photo of you and Dan when you were fifteen on his dresser, he had had that since you got together but the photo frame wasn’t standing like it usually was but instead was face-down. You picked it up and looked at each of your faces, seeing how happy you were then. You were about to rip it up when you thought. The child won’t grow up with a father. You took the photo and and folded it into your pocket, you needed a photo to show he/she but you weren’t going to look after that photo.

You pulled your bag on your back before quickly going into the study where your laptop was unfortunately Dan was there too. “What were going to tell me?” He asked. You turned away from him so he couldn’t see your shredded face. You thought about telling him, he deserved to know.

“I’m pregnant.” He said standing up but still not facing him.

“Okay don’t tell me then.” He said returning to his computer.

“Hey what do you mean?”

“Your only saying that so I don’t leave you, I thought you would be a little more original.” You let out a shocked gasp and went to get your shoes before leaving. Where would you go? Dan’s friends were closest ones you had in London. You decided on going to Phil. He was the first Dan introduced you too. Even when they had conversations Dan asked you what he should put to make them friends. He only lived 20 minuets away. Also when he moved out with his girlfriend, she made you feel better about him leaving.

Dan owned a car which you drove to work but I guess you will have to find a hotel to stay the night in instead of going to your parents in Wokingham.

Phil made you feel very welcome and gave you a steaming hot cup of coffee before you told him everything. You had told Phil around a week after you found out, having no one else to go to. He was calm even though he thought that Dan would be happy and so did you. He asked you questions like ‘do you know why he broke it off’ and 'are you okay, you can stay the night’.

6 years later

Maiya was watching TV. You just put on a child’s channel whilst you did the washing. you decided the name when looking up 'Japanese baby names’. I guess Dan would have wanted that. Your family weren’t happy when you told them that Dan left you when he found out you were pregnant. You mum really wanted to talk to Dan’s mum about what was going on but you swore that if she said anything you would be leaving and taking Maiya with you. Mum loved living with Maiya, it meant she was really close to her grandaughter at a young age. When Dan’s mum didn’t even know she existed.  You folded the washing and put it in the cupboard. Maiya was born on June the 3rd, close to Dan’s.

It was nearly Christmas which meant you had to find something for Maiya, she didn’t really care what she got. Maiya didn’t need much to make her happy. You sat down on the brown leather sofa and tapped your lap for Maiya to sit next to you. The thing you saw next made you wish you were dreaming. On the screen was your ex-boyfriend and his best-friend. Maiya looked at them not even knowing that the taller one was her father, the one she got her brown eyes from and dimpled smile. You needed to stock up on food so you stopped her from watching a took her to the supermarket, promising to buy her a packet of sweets.

You pushed the trolley down each isle collecting items whilst Maiya played games on your phone. “Please can I get the cake for you?” She asked now bored.


“Please.” You couldn’t deny her face was adorable and allowed her to go get it, making sure she didn’t bother anyone. You checked you phone to see if anyone texted you then turned around to see your 5 ½ year old daughter pulling onto a tall man dressed in all black’s t-shirt.

~ “I saw you on TV.” Dan was used to getting attention from younger viewers since his channel got bigger. He looked down to see a little girl no younger than 7 tugging on him. He crouched down to her height but before he could say anything, a lady he know far to well called her name ~

“Maiya, What did I tell you darling.” You looked up to see Dan nearly three times as tall as Maiya. “Shit.” You cursed.

“How old is she?” He asked getting up from the floor as Maiya stood between the two of you.

“Um 5 ½.” You answered leaving the trolley back over the other side.

“Is she yours?”

“Ours.” You mumbled coming her hair through your fingers slowly.

“You mean you weren’t lying.” He said ashamed.

“Nope.” You said picking up Maiya and trying to walk away from him but she stopped you. You keeled down to her height and held her small hands tightly. “That guy over there.” You told her motioning with your head. And raising your eyebrows. “He is your daddy.” You can tell she was looking at him as she lost eye contact and was staring over your shoulder.

“But he was on TV.” You nodded. Before you knew what was happening she ran over to him and hugged his waist tightly shouting 'daddy!’  Your sure people around you noticed but you couldn’t care less and went to hug your family.

Things are going right for once like what is this!?

I took my DMV civil service test this morning and I feel I did really well. I’ll get my results back in a few weeks or so

I booked my flight last night so I am 100% going to Florida for 5 days in January and I know it’ll be here before I know it

Allsooo I found a saddle for sale an hour away that -should- fit my fat pony and it’s the first one with his specs I’ve seen after a year of searching annmnd I convinced my dad to go half’s on it with me and call it my Xmas present soooo I’m meeting the lady at 2 to buy it!! Ommmggggggg


First I just want to say - The final top 15 list we got was a BIG surprise for me [except of the top 6 - they were pretty expected - but i mean the last places…] and it was a very GOOD surprise!!!! ^___^ I didnt expect the list to be THIS GOOD - I thought we’re going to see here seiyuus that are very fav by the fans but not actually SO beautiful - and I was wrong, the list is AMAZINGGGGG!!!!

Rreally this list has OPEN MY EYES about some popularity of seiyuus.

And now to the winners that are heading to the final of the top 15:

At the First Place:

Suzuki Tatsuhisa With 180 Likes♥!!!

2nd Place:

Miyano Mamoru With 162 Likes!!!

[SO CLOSE! these two will fight forever on EVERYTHINGGGGG]

3rd Place: [which made me extremely happy]

Hosoya Yoshimasa with 102 Likes -

thats like on the singing contest!!!XD this was the top 3 there too! Im telling you I will be so very happy if Hosoyan will end up winning<333 he deserves this, he is AMAZING

4rd Place: [like DAAAHHHHHHHHH]

Aoi Shouta with 89 Likes

5th Place:

Kaji Yuki with 85 Likes

I think is contest made me realize how popular he is between the fans its CRAAAZZZYYY :)

6th Place: [and not very surprising either]

Kamiya Hiroshi with 75 Likes

Kamiya also - I didnt knew HOOOOW popular he was until this contest

7th Place: [as usual, after Kamiya comes……]

Ono Daisuke with 73 Likes!!!!!! only 2 less then Kamiya!!!!! this actually was a surprize for me - I knew I love OnoD but I didnt knew other notice how beautiful he is XDDD though HE IS sparkling *_* and the funniest person ever

8th Place:

Kakihara Tetsuya with 72 Likes!!!!!!

1 less then OnoD!!!! can you believe it??? though Kakki is so handsome, its not surprise me at all.

At the 9th Place:

Sakurai Takahiro with 69 Likes

also so very close!!! Well what can we say about him??? the sexy goofyXDDDDDD I mean really even his number of likes is pervertXDDDDDDD he does got this crazy charm, but it still took me by surprise that he got this high. [not that I think he doesnt deserves this - i totally think he does]

At the 10th Place:

Nakamura Yuuichi♥ with 64 Likes♥

ohhhh beautiful Nakamura-san and his big cat eyes<3333 you guys got a very good tatse, indead<333

At 11 Place:

Soma Saito with 62 Likes

K that was A SHOCK. I mean he’s a totally babe, but till recently he was very unfamiliar compare to other seiyuus [I knew him for a long time from Drama CDs but it was only lately that he got really famous]. I am so happy. it means that this competition is actually true, because even though he isnt that famous, he DID catch your eyes :)

12 Place:

Fukuyama Jun♥ with 59 Likes

also makes me really happy - JunJun is SO very handsome to my opinion, and again it was a big surprise for me that others think the same.


NOW WE GOT 3 SEIYUUS ON A TIE!!!! These 3 seiyuus all got 57 likes, so they are all takes the 13 Place [together they take the 13, 14 and 15 places]



about KENN - Im so happy he got here. I really do believe he got such a beautiful sweet face<33333333 he’s the cutest thing ever<33333 I really think he’s one of the most beautiful seiyuus.

Ono Kensho

Well, Onoken is a model si it WOULD BE WEIRD if he wasn’t here right?^^ I actually thought he’s not gonna make it here, so I AM SOOOO HAPPY HE IS HERE!

Eguchi Takuya

The more I look at Eguchi - the more handsome he looks. He really did closed this list for me on the best way it could have. I wasn’t happy with the list if he wasn’t here.

This result of the 13 Place made me SOOOO HAPPY!!! :) Im so happy that the last 3 seiyuus consider to be beautiful at the same level!!! ^___^ That way we don’t have a last place right?:)


In few hours I am going to publish the final top 15 pictures - AMAZING PICTURES, really took me FOREVER TO CHOOSE THEM!!! ^_^

All the pictures up here are cutten - but don’t worry I will publish the full pictures later on personal posts.

As for the rest of the seiyuus on the contest, I WILL POST THE FULL RESULTS LATER, PROMISE!!!!!! :)

Before Im going to make the FINAL TOP 15 personal post I just wanted to say

THANK YOU. thank you. thank you all my beautiful followers. You really took this contest seriesly. I know you did, and I am so very happy for it<3333

I love you all

-Beautiful Seiyuu

5SOS Preference: You Tell Him You're Pregnant


You both were on vacation in Greece. Watching the sunset while eating dinner at the beach. Ashton was so romantic. There’s no woman who wouldn’t fall for him and you were honored. Honored that he was yours and only yours. Your fiancé of 9 months. The wedding was to take place soon in less than 2 months. “So babe, how many kids are we gonna have? 4? 7? 10? 12? I’ve always wanted a lot of kids because I know Im gonna be the damn greatest dad. If there was a Best Dad In The World award, I would win it every year!,” Ashton said chuckling snapping you out of the trance you were in staring in his beautiful honest eyes. “My factory closes at 12,” you responded laughing to his question reminding you that you haven’t had your period in awhile. After getting back to your and Ashton’s suite at the resort before jumping into the shower you decided to take a pregnancy test. Pacing through the bathroom waiting for the results you heard the timer on your phone go off. “Finally, 10 minutes have passed,” you hissed. Glancing over at the test you read, “Positive. 6 weeks.” Tears strolled down your eyes in joy. You couldn’t believe it. You were finally going to be a mother. The day you dreamed of since you were a child carrying those little baby dolls. And to top it all off, you were marrying your Prince Charming. The most wonderful beautiful amazingly awesome man in the world. “ASHTON!!!!!!!! BABY!!! MI AMOR!!! MY SUNSHINE!!! I HAVE IMPORTANT NEWS!!,” you bellowed bouncing onto Ashton. “What y/n?!! Tell me, love!!!,” he asked broadly smiling. “We’re going to be parents! That’s right Ash! Im pregnant! 6 weeks!,” you shouted out with joy. Ashton started to cry. He felt the greatest feeling of happiness and accomplishment one could ever achieve to feel. He pushed his lips onto yours, kissing you passionately sending waves of shock through your body. You could feel the intensity of his love. “I love you so much y/n and I promise you that I will be great father and husband,” Ashton blurted. He kissed you lightly as you two do the dirty. He was gentle and loving careful to not hurt you or the baby. “I love you y/n.” “I love you too Ash.”


You had been 3 months pregnant with your rock and roll boyfriend of a year and 4 months. You didnt tell him as of yet because you were frightened by if he would be angry and disappointed, but today was the day. The day you decided to tell him. You had to. How long were you gonna keep it until he found out? You laid in bed cuddling next to Michael. Today you both decided to have a lazy day so it was the perfect time to tell him. “Kitten, I’ve been trying to tell you something but didnt know how. Im scared of how you’re going to take this,” you confessed. “Tell me babe! Im sure Mike- Ro- Wave wont be mad or anything,” he insisted. “Ok. Promise?,” you asked. “Promise,” he assured you. “Im pregnant. 3 months. We’re going to have a baby,” you revealed nervously. ” What?! Y/n that’s fucking great! Im gonna be the best punk rock dad ever!! I’ll teach him how to dye his hair! And my punk rockness is definitely going to rub off on him,” Michael squealed. You were shocked to see the expression on his face. He was truly excited to be a dad. “Wow babe! I didn’t expect this! Your not so punk rock side is showing!,” you teased him. “Shut up mommy y/n!,” he chuckled before kissing your lips. “I love you Michael and I know we’re gonna be great parents,” you said looking into his eyes. “We’re gonna be the best of the fucking best babe! And I love you more than anything,” he said kissing your cheek before laying your head on his chest.


It was 3am and you couldn’t fall asleep. You were on Tumblr on your laptop and watching Netflix movies. Luke was laying next to you knocked out. Only in his boxers. He had a long day at the studio, so as soon as he got home he rushed to bed. You were thinking about your period in which you havent gotten in 2 1/2 months. “What if….,” you gasped. In the bathroom you took a pregnancy test eagerly waiting for the results. “Positive,” you read in shock. “I can’t believe it! Luke is gonna be so happy! Oh my gosh!,” you squealed in happiness. Tears rolling down your cheeks.
The next morning you got up making Lukey Bear breakfast. He walked up behind you and kisses your cheek. “Good morning love,” Luke whispered into your ear. After breakfast while washing the dishes he sneaks up behind you and starts to tickle you. “Luke! Stop! Oh my gosh! Luke you know Im extremely ticklish!,” you giggled out of breath squirming through him surrounding you in every area. His laugh was so beautiful. “Babe, I have something important to tell you,” you said as you both fell onto each other on the bed. “What is it?,” Luke smiled sitting up. “Im pregnant,” you confessed. “What?! You’re lying! Jesus Christ! Stop playing with me y/n! Seriously, tell me!,” Luke giggled laughing in disbelief. “Im serious! 2 months,” you said convincing him. “Oh my gosh!! Im gonna be a dad! I cant believe it! Im so happy y/n! I love you so much! Im so happy that you’re gonna be the mother of my children! Im so honored to be your husband! I love you and our munchkin so much!,” he said. He reached in, cupping your face kissing your lips passionately. You both laid in bed all day discussing baby stuff.


“Positive,” read the pregnancy test. “OH MY GOSH!!!!! YAAASSSS!!!! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!,” you exclaimed to yourself not allowing Calum to hear. It was your first anniversary. You could picture the day Calum and you got married. It was beautiful and elegant. Tonight was dinner night at a fancy restaurant. You both had these dinners twice a month. You planned on revealing the great news to him tonight. At the restaurant you both ordered dinner. Getting up and speaking to the waitress quietly you explained, “Tonight I found out I was 3 months pregnant and this my husband and my first wedding anniversary. I would like to order a chocolate cake that says ‘Congratulations’ on the top with a card that says ‘Im pregnant’ stuck to the top too.” You sat back down at your table with Calum. “You look particularly gorgeous today. Your face is glowing so I’m guessing you’re extremely happy about something. Would you mind sharing it love,” Calum asked lovingly. You loved the way he knew you so well. He understood when you were happy, sad, mad, or whatever. “Sorry. I cant darling. You’ll have to wait,” you replied. Smirking he whispered seductively in your ear “Wait? I guess you mean until get home so that we could mess up that tidy bed?” You giggled, “Hush boy!” A half an hour later the food was brought to the table. Then came the cake. Calum intentively read the cake. “This isnt ours,” said Calum. ” Yes it is! Do you get the message im trying to convey?!,” you replied hoping he was delighted by the news. He jumped out of his seat. “What?! Im so happy! Im gonna be a dad! Im gonna have to teach my child how to play bass! Calum Jr. is on the way!,” he exclaimed with obvious overjoy. “Everyone! I’d like to make an announcement! My beautiful wife y/n is pregnant with our first child!,” he announced. Everyone started clapping and giving their best wishes. Throughout the night you and Calum stayed up cuddling and talking. “You and the baby is the best thing to ever happen to me. I now know what true happiness is. I’ll love you and our baby until my last breath,” Calum confessed before kissing your forehead. Im sorry if this sucks. Send me requests for imagines and preferences! :D

Dua Requests


Salaam everyone. As some of you may have seen, I posted on my blog asking anyone who has a dua request to come forward and send me a message. I have taken most of the anon messages and some of the longer messages that I could shorten, and i’ve put them below for everyone to read and also make dua. I urge you all to read these and PLEASE MAKE DUA for everyone who asked for a dua. Honestly, some of the problems people have mentioned were heartbreaking (especially some of the longer messages that were not private and people asked me not to post details about).

I made dua for you all. Every single person that has asked for a dua, I have asked Allah to help them. As I mentioned in the original post about the duas, my duas are nothing special. They’re just regular duas but every little dua helps. Please remember to pray for yourselves too. A lot of people have kind souls and care a lot about others but don’t make dua for themselves in the same way. Don’t let that be you. when you ask Allah directly, there will be a greater connection between you and Him. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW RELIGIOUS YOU ARE! JUST MAKE DUA. ALLAH LOVES YOU.

Some of the dua requests that were sent are below.

Salam. My husband has lost his faith, but we’re madly in love and he doesn’t stop me from anything regarding religion.

I’m going through a really difficult phase where I’m learning to be tougher. I am a very sensitive person, shy and I struggle with standing up for myself. I feel like I’m failing everything.. I’m in pieces, because I face a lot of discrimination.

I’m so scared right now. I don’t know how to keep hanging on any longer. I’ve reached out to you before. But I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it again. I really don’t want to be a burden on you

please pray for me that i will reunite with my dad someday. missing him is worser than missing someone’s who’s dead. i struggle alot. my family is broken. im jobless. i need a job to ease my mum’s burden. been applying jobs here and there but no reply at all. i pity her at times?? i can barely holding on. ive been going through alot that i felt im used to feeling broken & sad. please pray for me that i’ll make it through someday.

Salam, I’ve just had a divorce and my ex in laws are trying to make my life very difficult and horrible. They are spreading horrible things about me to the community and they are not letting me move on with my life. And the saddest thing of all is that my marriage ended due to intimidating threats I received throughout and because I put an end to it they want to ruin my life. They also want to stop me remarrying later. I just feel sad sometimes, please keep me in your duas. Thanks

I dont know how to put my struggle to words but Allah swt knows. I will greatly appreciate your duas. May Allah reward you immensly and grant you everything you ever wish for in this dunya and in the akhirah. Ameen.

My life is a mess and i know many people think this about their lives but honestly it is a mess. I have nothing and nobody (literally) that is ever willing to even listen to me. Not family nor friends. Please make dua that Allah gives me just one person with a good soul that can help me because it’s hard tot be positive on spirituality only. I know Allah helps but I need to feel something because it’s all making me so numb. Please pray for me

I’m hurting and having a hard time–I don’t really know what to do except to wait for God, try, and be patient. But another’s prayer may possibly provide grace…. (this message was long so shortening it so others don’t just scroll past it) …Please don’t respond… just mention a prayer for my boyfriend’s heart to be comforted, for him to find joy and peace in his grandmother’s rest, for his family’s heart to soften and find closeness, for his heart to soften, and his health to be restored and strengthen, to be provided for, for all his pain to be relieved, for joy, hope, and positivity to replace his sorrow, and for God’s will to deliver him into happiness and ease.

I used to be with someone who I almost told my parents about who took the most special thing of me all because it was a bet. He mentally & emotionally ruined me & then one day, he hit me. I went home with black& blues but it didn’t end there. He continued to threaten me for months saying that he’ll ruin my life. It’s almost been two years &I’m still scared for my life. The worst part of this entire situation is that I still love him. I gave him all of me. I don’t know how to move forward

Pray that we can all pray for ourselves during tough times. That we don’t forget Allah. Clearly He is forever present and we are the ones that forget or are absent of His knowledge and His being. I hope that Allah places ease in your heart, contentment and grants you and those who read this message with hope, light and love. Allah is forever the owner of the universe, may we beautify the earth that He selected as our temporary home.

Please make a dua for me! I try so hard with work and nothing seems to work out for me. I have money problems and i just can’t seem to get out of them. I’m not in debt or anything alhamdulillah but i want to earn for myself and it just doesn’t work for me. Please make a dua for me because it’s stressful not being able to afford things in life. Thank you

salam. can i still do this? i used to love studying but now i can barely sit 2 hours in front of my biology book. i feel like nothings worth it. i probably wont get a job after i graduate bcs of the economy. i wanna help people w my work while still supporting my family. weve been through so much n i was hopin i could graduate w a job tht could ease their burdens. but i cant have that now. the worlds falling apart. i dont know what im even doing at uni. i feel like peace only belongs to the dead

Salaamu Alaikum.. Please make Du'a that Allah guides me and my family, forgives our sins and bring us closer to Him, His Prophet, The Prophets Family and the righteous companions, peace and blessings be upon them all. Jazak'Allah Khair. Please don’t forget - it’d mean more than the world to me.

Salaam i really need your duas please. I don’t even know what to ask for because i’m going through so much. Just please please say a prayer for me and my family. We have been through a lot of hardship and loss in the family lately and it feels unreal. My mother is going through so much mentally and physically that i cry at night just worrying about her sometimes. Please i beg you to pray for me and ask Allah to help us

Assalaam Alaikum brother, Please pray to Allah that He mend my broken heart, that He ease my suffering and that He protect me and grant me what I constantly ask for, what I want, if it’s good for me. And to grant me patience and contentment with His decree. Jazakhallah khair Yours sister

I’ve dealt with depression and an eating disorder this year. A level results are coming out in a week. I know what I’ve gone through has a huge chance of negatively affecting my results but I still keep sincere hope in Allah that He Alone helps the distressed soul and that He always answers a sincere dua. My family tell me my blind faith is ridiculous and such miracles don’t exist. I wish I could tell you how sad and helpless I feel. May Allah reward you in the best of ways. Ameen

If your dua request isn’t here, don’t worry I still made dua for you. I promise!

May Allah help all of those that need, want or seek His help. Ameen

Chapter 14

“ Baby I paint the Sky Blue , My Greatest Creation was You”


Easing down on the break pedal , I stopped at the red light.

We had just left my moms house not too long ago and were now on our way home.

Theres was a eery silence between Blair and I. My Pandora R&B station was playing lowly through the car speakers.

Glancing over at Blair, she was turned facing the door looking out the window in deep thought .

I sighed out loudly, before driving through the green light.

Ten minutes later, I pulled in the garage and parked.

Blair was still in a trance, she hadnt even moved. I know she’s probably scared but this silence is killing me.

Cutting the engine, must’ve got her attention because she finally unbuckled her seatbelt and made her way out the car to the door.

Running my hand over my face, I got out and followed.

It was around 10 at night and after today a nigga was pretty tired to be honest.

Sluggishly walking up the steps to the bedroom. Blair was on the edge of the bed taking out her heels.

I kicked of my jays and tossed my shirt in the hampers before heading to the bathroom.

After pissing, I disregarded the rest of my clothes and turned on the shower. I made the temperature steaming hot before stepping in.

The scorching hot water relaxed my tense muscles. From inside I could hear the plasma tv playing.

Rubbing on some Axe body wash, I lathered up my chest and arms.

I then saw Blairs naked silhouette outside the glass door before the door was opened. Cold air replacing the steam before being closed.

I stood under the water letting soap wash away. I then felt her arms wrap around my lower torso from behind. Her nipples pressed against my hard back .

I turned around .

I just stared at her. Not sure what to do, not knowing if she was gonna finally speak or not.

Her curly long hair was sitting up in a curly messy bun while her perky breasts sat up pretty. I licked my lips.

Looking up at me, I felt like her brown eyes were screaming at me to hold her before she breaks.

My heart pulled before I grabbed her and wrapped her up in my arms and caressed her back.

Her hear laid on my chest while she grabbed my sides tightly releasing a shaky breath.

After washing eachother, we laid in bed wrapped up with eachother.

But still no words were spoken.

Blair was now laying on my chest while her legs wrapper around me from each side. My right hand rest inside her shorts rubbing her lil butt while my left hand rest behind my head.

Compared to me she was a midget. So she could lay on me and I wouldnt be uncomfortable at all. She seemed to love being up under me and I couldnt lie and say I didnt either.

Felt like my whole body was at ease.

My Obsession. My Drug.

“Im scared” she whispered.

I looked at her. Being that she was so quiet for a while it took me a minute to respond. But I knew what she was referring to.

“Of what ma, You got me? Im here for you every step of the way” I reassured her, kissing her forehead.

“I know I know , Im just nervous.” She mumbled.

I nodded. “That’s understandable mama, Im pretty sure all parents are”

“Take the test with me tomorrow?” she asked looking at me.

“Ofcourse, you had no choice” I chuckled. She smiled


“Blair if you dont get ya ass on that toilet and piss already ” Chris grumbled halting my pacing.

I sighed. He was right. I needed to get this over with before I drove myself crazy.

I appreciate Chris for being there for me though. When Mama Hawkins suggested that I immediately went into worry. The one thing I always fear was being Pregnant and alone. But I just have to trust Chris.

So after last night, I felt so much more better. So this morning Chris and I headed to CVS and picked up three different pregnancy tests.

And on the way back I drunk 2 bottles of juice, So my Blatter had no choice to comply.

“Ok ok” I pouted.

Unbuckling my jeans, I pulled it down along with my panties and sat holding the sticks

Chis was sitting on top of the sink staring at me. I blushed in embarrassment. He was making me nervous.

“Riceeeeyyyyyyy staaawwwpppp staring” I pouted.

He chuckled. “C’mon babe this isnt the first time”

“So your making me nervous which is making me not pee” I groaned.

“Woman piss on the damn stick !! Piss already” He roared playfully.

“Sike babe, can you please pee on the stick” He asked sweetly poking out his bottom lip.

I laughed loudly shaking me head ” Childish”

He sucked his teeth.

Few moments later , I finally did.

After wiping, flushing, and washing my hands . We laid the three test on the counter and set the time and waited 5 minutes.

“Okay babymomma after you give me my son , I want my Lor chocolate daughter cool? because my son gotta be first to protect my princess ” He smiled widely.

I looked at him blankly. “Niggah if you dont get the fuck” I laughed before hopping up on the sink.

He mugged me.

Tapping my nails, I waited impatiently. Finally the timer went off.

I froze and looked at Chris.

He looked at me smiling before picking up one of the test.

I didnt dare to look, I just watched his face.

His eyebrows meshed together while his lips poked out.

“Uh babe what do the little blue line mean” he asked.
I hopped down and grabbed the box, before covering my mouth.

My eyes watered.



Im. Pregnat.

“What what?” Chris asked anxiously.

“pregnant” I whispered.

“yo forreal ”

Looking at the other two they both had the same results.

“All three say pregnant Chris” I jumped up and down.

He grabbed me and lifted me up in the air before sitting me on the sink.

He grabbed my face in his hands kissed me hard.

“I love you sooo fuckin much” he grumbled after releasing me. I blushed.

“ I love youu too Papii Breezy” I smiled.

He chuckled , before pecking my lips then my jaw down to my neck and down to stomach placing multiple kisses.

“Who should we tell first” I squealed.

“Shit ion know but Moms and Jesse definitely gon be mad if Ion tell them first” He chuckled.

I nodded.

“Maybe we should have a little barbecue and invite everyone to tell them the news” Chris suggested.

“Yeah but I definitely have to make a doctor appointment before anything just to make sure” I sighed.

“Yea yea , ofcourse ”


“You good” Chris asked me before closing the truck door.

We were in Chris new Black SUV with His Bodyguards Ramone and Leo up front.

It was now in the middle of the afternoon and we just came from my doctor’s appointment.

After taking the test the doctor confirmed I was now 4 weeks into my first trimester. I was so excited. I mean store bought tests can be wrong so I wanted to be 100%.

But now I know for sure it feels so surreal. Theres a baby really growing inside of me.

And Chris looked so Proud. I can tell he was truly happy.

Now I was starving though but we were on our way to a few stores to pick up some things for the barbecue.

We were now in Walmart to pick up a few things. But Chris big kid ass kept tossing junk food in the cart.

I shook my head as he dumped three boxes of fruit rollup in .

Rolling past him to the frozen foods section to get the burgers and hotdogs to grill.

After going back and forth with Chris childish ass about the junk food he kept grabbing we were finally able to check out and head home .


I flopped down on the couch next to Chris. I was tired. After shopping and we came home about two hours ago .

I already had the macaroni salad, potato salad, crab cakes, devil eggs, and fried chicken done.

Mama hawkins and the crew were all bringing along other foods.

And When people start arriving Chris can start on the Grill.

Chris already cleaned the outside and sat out the grill and tables and chairs. The stereo system was already set up.

Soo we had a few hours to relax before anyone arrived.

Chris was already drained. He was laying down shirtless with his mouth slightly ajar and one hand in his basketball shorts.

As usual his member was hard and straining to be released. I could easily see the print. I bit my lip.

Only he can be laying there doing nothing at all and get me hot and bothered.

I am truly lucky to be blessed with this fine piece of specimen for a man.

Due to both of our busy schedules we hadnt had any sexual interaction in a week. With us thats not normal.

Sitting up, I rid of all my clothing on to the carpet.

I really wanted him deep inside of me but the way his pink plump lips were puckered up they were calling me.

The way he was laying I could easily sit my pretty ass on his face and not suffocate him.

Standing on the couch, I stood over him and threw one leg over and gently sat my pussy on his lips.

Then as if the sex gods answered my prayers he licked his lips which caused his tongue to graze over my wet bulb.

I moaned in relief and anticipation.

I began rocking my hips against his fat lips as they rubbing over my clit making me throb more.

He finally awoke as I stared down at his wide eyes.

I bit my lip as he gave me pussy a sloppy wet kiss with his fat lips. I grabbed on to his curls with one hand while grabbing my breast with the other.

I felt his long tongue separate my lips more and dive into my hole .

As if on my cue my walls clenched around his thick tongue.

“You woke me up now so ride my fucking face” He grumbled while smacked my ass.

“shhhee-ittt” I moaned out as my hips rocked faster while his tongue applied pressure .

He grabbed my thighs shoving my pussy futher in his face before shaking his head quickly side to sided. As I felt a pinch in my stomach .

He stiffen his thick tongue and began tongue fucking me as I began bouncing up and down.

“Chris . . Chris .. f-fuckk” I screamed as my legs began to shake.

I was now flipped over on my back . The bottom portion of his face was dripping with my juices.

He pulled my legs all the way up to my shoulder while his hands rested on thighs holding them down.

He dived back in face first. Slurping, sucking, biting and licking all over my pussy.

He then pulled away and slapped my clit. I bit my bottom lip on pleasure.

“Look at that gushy shit” he grumbled to himself stuffing two fingers in. “Taste so fucking sweet” he moan into my wetness.

My back arched from the vibration.

He kept his fingers at a even pace while sucking on my clit while his tongue flicked it quickly.

I look down at the beautiful sight while grabbing on his now blonde again curls.

“mhmmm… papii” I moaned as my legs began to shake.

He began fingering me faster with his long fingers. “Cum in my mouth” he grumbled

“Shit shit shit , Im …I boutta - ” My body trembled as my juices began squirting out. Chris kept sucking and slurping while fingering faster letting me ride out my orgasm.

Releasing my legs, he came up sucking my juices of his fingers. I laid there trying to control my breathing.

After that, I dont know if I could take any dick. I couldnt even feel my lower half.

He pulled down his shorts and briefs. I bit my lip watching my Monsta come into view.

He bit his lips, stroking himself while looking at my pussy.

Grabbing the base, he ran his shaft up and down my slippery lips. I shuddered from still being sensitive.

The look he was giving me was enough to make me cum again.

He circled my clit with his tip, giving me the most greatest feeling of stimulation.

He grabbed my thighs wrapping them around his waist and slammed be against the nearest wall.

Then what he did next was enough to make my eyes roll back. He circled his hips giving me the most deepest slow strokes.

I could feel him in my fucking stomach. I felt myself cumming non stop.

He looked down watchin his self slip in out my wetness.

“ Damn , you creaming all over my shit, fuck” he grunted.

My walls clenched involuntarily.

“Fuck” he slapped my thigh and leaned in to peck my pouty lips.

I moaned out before sucking all over his neck marking my territory.

He pinned me against the wall and went painfully slow hitting all my spot I even know I had.

I couldnt even form words.

He was working my body so good Tears were forming.

“mhmmm, C-Chris” my nails dug into his flexing muscles.

He stared at me with so admiration, love and lust. I felt as if he was making love to my soul.

He kept giving me slow deep strokes while grabbing my neck kissing me so hard I could still taste myself.

Each slow pump turned into a hard deep thrust. I couldnt help but bite my lip as my nipples turned rock hard.

Everytime he thrusted upward his dick penetrated my clit making the pressure built up even more.

“Damn… I fucking , love you mama” he grunted in my ear as he sucked on my neck. His hands were squeezing my thighs so tight as he pumped harder.

“I love you too , mhmm daddy , I love you too” I screamed cumming all over his thick length , as my back rubbed up and down against the wall.

I felt his dick swell letting me know his close now.

I wanted to make his orgasm feel as good as he made me feel.

Pushing him off, he caught on and laid back against the carpet .

Grabbing his dick, I placed it at my entrance before sliding down.

“mhmmm ” I moaned.

I began riding up and down making my ass bounce

He eyebrows meshed together as sweat form and his bottom lip was tucked in.

Leaning forward, I placed my hands on his chest and began clapping my ass on his dick.

“Shit baby, just like that ” he moaned. I smirked.

Chris usually was always the one in control when it comes to sex so every now and then he breaks down and I make him my bitch… .And I love it.

Bringing him pleasure brings me pleasure.

While popping my pussy , I began nibbling and kissing on his spot below his ear.

He Immediately grabbed my ass , diggin his nails into my skin.

That turned me on even more. I slid up to the tip before clenching my walls. His body bucked forward in pleasure as his eyes rolled back.

I smirked.

“Damn , shit stop” He gritted as he slapped my ass.
I shook my head.

“Come in ya pussy papii” I purred kissing his lips.

He looked at my with the most sexiest expression as I felt his dick twitch.

Speeding up I quickly bounced up and down digging my nails in his chest.

He bit his lip so hard, so I knew he was gonna come.

Keeping the pace , I reached back and grabbed his balls to make his orgasm more intense.

Grabbing my hips tightly, His body start shaking as he pumped upward hard shooting up his load deep inside me.

Which brought me to my own orgasm as my legs shook as he quickly rubbed my clit making my juices drip down his shaft.

Coming down, I passed out on his chest while we both breathed hard to catch our breath.

“Damn they aint lyin when they say pregnant pussy is the best pussy” he chuckled through heavy breaths.

I rolled my eyes , smirking.

“C’mon baby , we gotta straighten up and shower” he said grabbing a hand full of my bottom.

I sighed, I silently cursed myself for agreeing to this bbq instead of planning to stay wrapped up in his embrace all day.

I pouted as he chuckled at my facial expression.

After wiping down the living room and scattered clothing we showered together adding a round 2.

The Bbq hasnt even started and I was already feeling restless and tired.

Chris thought that shit was so funny.


Stepping into the bedroom as the water beads dripped down to my chest to abs to my towel that hung around my v line.

I grabbed my buzzing phone as unlocked it to view the incoming notification.

Unknown: congratulations poppa breezy , too bad you won’t be around to watch ya first child grow.

I clenched my jaw as my fist wrapped around the Iphone so tight it would crush.

Raging was an understatement to how I was feeling.

I already put two and two together that whoever this motherfucker was must’ve been the one who shot me.

Even more, I wanna know how they hell they found out about Blair’s pregnancy .

I was pissed, fustrated and mostly worried.

Being the man I am I feared damn near no one or anything, If your name wasn’t Blair Kimberly Carter then you couldn’t possibly hurt me.

I will lay out and take several bullets if that meant protecting Mines, and if that pussy ass motherfucker knows whats good for him he’ll be sure to never come near her.

The sound of the shower stopping brought me out my thoughts.

Being today was the day we were supposed to spread our happiness along with the news of my baby, I didnt want her to worry.

Quickly I began drying off and getting dressed. I know Im the one who’s most likely going to let everyone in and play host for a few due to Blair’s slowness.

“So whatcha saying is someone is really after you"Jesse spat in an aggravating tone.

"Yeah man” shaking my head I inhaled the blunt.
“Crazy part is I dont even know why”

“True shit” Ty agreed. “I mean even though we might be some heartless ass niggahs we do pretty good business with some cool ass people ” He shook his head.

“That’s what Im saying“‘I grumbled irritably.

"And wassup with the number” Jesse asked

“I dont know , shit was a block number, like they called text me but I couldn’t reply… so I gave it to Whiz , hopefully he can track it.

"Mane that shit is crazy, whoever this niggah is, he’s a straight bitch. Doing all that creeping and hiding and shit” Jesse spat

“I know man , shit is stressful though. Im trying not to let it get to me because face it Im the King of this fucking city. Mofos gotta be crazy to cross me, ” I shook my head releasing a sigh. “ But i just dont want Blair to be any danger because of me” I glanced at her, sitting with my aunts and the girls laughing and talking.

I was mesmerized. She look flawless with a bit of glow.

“Yea I feel you, But if shit starts popping off you got us bruh” Ty stated. Jesse nodded.

“Yeah i know mane, preciate it” he blew out smoke before knocking off the burning ashes.

“Foods done!!” Nicole big mouth loud ass yelled.

Everyone gather around the table and lounging chairs we had set up.

As usual, Blair began filling up my plate for me. I couldnt help but find myself staring. My chest tightened with the overwhelming feeling of my love for her.

She was truly my Angel.

I felt a sting of sadness hit. After she got out the shower she automatically knew something was wrong no matter how much I was trying to cover up my anger.

After a couple failed attempts to find out my problem she let me be and barely spoke to me since.

And that was nearly two hours ago.

After fixing both out plates, she sat close next me and got comfortable.

That’s one thing I admired about her that seem to also rubbed off on me.

No matter how mad we were at eachother we still took care of eachother and didnt stray away.
She would get annoyed with me being an asshole and ignore me but still cuddle up to me and kiss me and care for me.

And I loved her for that.

“Thank you mama” I planted a meaningful kiss oh her light pink shaded lips.

She blushed. “You welcome Papi”

I leaned in closer, wrapping my arm around her. ” Im sorry bout earlier mama, just some business shit, I really didnt bring down our good day thats why I brushed off … forgive me.” I whispered before kissed her ear.

She smiled faintly nodding. “I understand, but no matter what Im here for you” she brushed her thumb over my freckles.

I kissed her palm before taking it in mines. “I know wifey , thanks”

“Ayeee Bella & Edward yall done whispering and shit” Nicole joked.

Everyone else snickered while I mugged her childish ass. Ion look nothing like that pale face ass leach.

The bbq was a blast though. We ate , told stories , and joked around.

Blair was inside getting dessert while Momma was telling me about one of her old friends.

To be honest I was barely listening. I was just so nervous to everyone reactions to the news.

I mean regardless if their happy for us or not doesnt matter as long me Queen is good.

“Alright La familia Dessert time ” she came out holding a tray of cupcakes.

We came up with this idea at the doctors that we should spice it up a little.

So Blair cooked her favorite dessert of black button cupcakes and added letters to then with vanilla and chocolate frosting.

She passed around the tray so everyone could take one. Ofcourse they were scrambled so no one could get it immediately. All they saw were letters.

Blair’s cupcake had “Ba” and mines”by”

“Aye bruh wtf is up with these letters” Jesse exclaimed.

“Yea ” Peyton chuckled.

“Language J” Mama warned.

“Well think as it as clueless , just a little family fun"Blair smirked.

Everyone was clueless and were having a hard time figuring out the beginning so we gave them hints.

"Ok ok , everyone state what yall came up with” Blair clapped after the 15minute time went off.

Nicki went first “We” she help up her cupcake

“Are” Ty said

“Hav” Jesse yelped.

“ing” Peyton followed

“ A ” Mama smiled

“Ba” “By” Blair & I screamed.

“Oh my goodness, Im gonna be a grandmother ” She smiled big showcasing her dimples.

“Congratulations” and hugs and kisses went around.

“Girrllaaa you gon be one hot mama, Team Milf with Amber and Chyna” Nicole winked to Blair.

She smiled bashfully in embarrassment.

“Fr tho Congrats man, thats big. Lor nigga gon be Lucky to have you as a Father” Jesse patted my shoulder.

“Thanks alot man, I appreciate that” I nodded and dapped him.

Jesse and I both had rough childhoods and both lack a good father so we could sympathize in that area.

I always knew if I ever had a child I wouldnt be a deadbeat father or shitty ass dad.

After going through childhood wishing you had a dad that was there for you I knew what that feels like and wouldn’t want my kid to ever feel like that.