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Anatomy of a sketch - the birth of the Vietnam Au Visual

1) My reaction when I first received the message that the imagine mods wanted us at picturethefrasers to draw something for their AUs…

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2) I knew immediately I wanted to draw for Vietnam Au - I’ve loved this story since the beginning and it’s been playing on my mind ever since I threatened to give Jamie a buzz cut in another sketch, because at that point I was terrified of drawing his glorious mop ( and my mind immediately gave me a visual of serving Vietnam war army officer Jamie) . So then I had the pleasure of rereading the whole wonderful AU, to give me inspiration for which scene to create

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3) There really could be only one scene, I decided - that moment where Claire and Jamie meet again in the barn, for the first time in 3 years ( words by @gotham-ruaidh) :

4) But I was struggling with exactly what pose to put them in, when suddenly I remembered those early promo shots that were only released much later…and specifically this one …

and it struck me as perfect, because of the intensity of the look between them.

5) So far so good. But then of course it took me forever to get their faces right on my working sketch. I mean we are talking hours. But it had to be perfect 👌🏻 I pored over pics of Sam in his Barbour gear to help me with his shirt and his haircut and dithered over what hairstyle to give Claire, and what colour coat to put her in. ( Thank you to my fellow mods at picturethefrasers for the advice/ suggestions!)

6) So then began the painstaking task of bringing the sketch to life with the addition of colour, beginning first with Jamie . And huge thanks to @marlosbooknook brilliant colour chart for Jamie’s hair, which I matched my pencils to, such a help! I truly think it’s my best attempt at his ‘red deer pelt’ yet!

And whilst I was tempted to give this Jamie a Barbour inspired pattern on his shirt, I decided against it in the end, as I thought it would probably draw the eye away from their faces, which is where I wanted the focus to be.

7) Then of course, I moved my focus across the page to begin on Claire, and I have to thank @brandeewine , my fellow PTF mod for her suggestion on the eggplant colour of Claire’s coat - which I thought would also nicely complement Jamie’s hair!

8) Lastly, the fine detailing of Claire’s face and hair….and attempting to capture that intensity between them. I wanted to create that ‘electric’ moment, which I think the arm grab also emphasises.

9) This was such a labour of love on my behalf - I can say quite truthfully that I sketched my heart into this picture. So I am beyond thrilled to have delighted @gotham-ruaidh and to have received such a wonderful response from all of you.

This artist thanks you kindly. 😘


Bambee and Johnathan Throwback Storytime: Our Wedding Story

Where do I begin….Johnathan and I got married in the Fall in a garden at a park. It actually took us forever to figure out if we wanted to get married at a church or outside. We went with outside when we drove past this beautiful park. We parked the car and walked around….right then and there I knew this was where I wanted to get married. 

On my wedding day I was not nervous, I was more nervous the night before. But on our wedding day, the butterflies went away. I did my makeup and hair (lol couldn’t afford a hairstylist then). My besties Emani and Rachael @destinysplayhouse helped me with my dress. We get to the venue and everyone lines up. My music starts playing, K-Ci and Jojo “All My Life”. My dad walks me down the aisle and Johnathan is standing their with tears in his eyes. He started to make me tear up. My father gives me away and the pastor begins. I cried saying my vows but Johnathan didn’t (lol them tears dried up). Everyone cheers as we leave as husband and wife. J and I had a moment to be alone. We just held each other, I never felt so happy in my life. J kept looking at me in my dress and spins me around. “You look so pretty.” he kept saying as he smiles. I was blushing as he kept kissing my cheek. We took pictures with the bridal party. Then of course have the reception where it was open bar, we had Korean and West Indian food, the music was on point. We just had a good ol time. 

8 years of marriage, 10 years together (as a couple) and 11 years of pure love and friendship later and still strong. I love this man with all my heart. I know he loves me because he shows me. Not with the money, but with the time he spends with me and effort he puts into keeping me happy. I was happy eating 50 cent ramen noodles on the couch with him in his studio apartment and I’m happy to eat them in our mansion with him in L.A. lol.

Hiya, everybody!

So I’m really into musicals right now, I absolutely love Hamilton, history, hip-hop, lovely voices and actors, it is really worth to watch! If you haven’t heard of Hamilton yet, man, you’re missing something amazing.
And now let’s talk about this drawing, I ship Philip and Theodosia so much, they are so cute somehow????? I did my own version of them, I made Philip using Anthony Ramos and the original Philip Hamilton’s faces and hair, Theodosia was getting based in Leslie -Aaron Burr’s actor-. I really enjoyed doing them this way.
Am I going to do Hamilton or other musicals animatics? Heck yeah, I started doing the storyboard of “Good for you” from Dear Evan Hansen and finishing a personal animatic I’ve been working since last year.
Hope you like it!


My Assistant for This Meeting. Ceo!CALUM

A/n : So this is a Ceo!Calum short imagine/ part 1 If you guys want more! Hope you enjoy!!


“Why must you always take the morning shifts y/n? I hate it when your alarm goes off!” Your roommate- Michael groaned as you sat up at 4:30 in your kitchen, making eggs.
“Well Michael, you always complain but you could try and fall back asleep.” Laughing as you take two plates out of the cupboard.
“But that means no breakfast that’s already made. Plus I go to work at 7. I wake up at 4:30, eat breakfast with you till 4:45, then I walk you to work, boom it’s 5:25, then when I go to the pet store to pet the cats at 6 I always stay there till 6:30 with gives me time to get the cat hair off my pants and go to work! It’s been like that since forever and I can’t ruin that now.” Michael gushed, as he took his plate of scrambled eggs and sat down.

“Okay yeah but you still always have your alarm set for 5:30 right? Just Incase?” You wondered, eating your own eggs.
“Yeah of course, and it pisses me off when it goes off.” Michael mumbled. You smiled, loving the early mornings that you and your roommate share. “Look we need to hurry up and eat. Stop talking.” Y/n laughed, biting into her piece of toast.

 When she arrived at work with Michael, she quickly changed shoes as she was leaning on his shoulder, they quickly hugged and she scanned her keycard to get in. Walking into the huge lobby her heels clicked and clacked against the floor. It got the night receptionist’s- Jeremy’s attention. It was their little routine. When she walked in with her heels she would always try and make a tune and she would guess what it was.

“Jingle bells.” He grinned.
“Easy one. I’ll get you next time.” You smiled, taking your jacket off and pulling your folded blazer on over your plain white shirt.

As you were getting to the desk, Jeremy was getting ready to leave. “I think the doorman is getting in late, he is severely ill so make sure the door is open for the boss man.” He grinned before saying bye to Guy, the security guard and I. The doors to this building are always locked until 6:25/6:30 so unless you are the Ceo of the company, or have a key card you can’t be let in.

As I was fiddling with some papers I heard the buzz. The buzz of him. He has this little buzzer that he carries around in his pocket when he needs me. He doesn’t even have one for his assistant, he usually uses it when he wants to personally know when someone certain is here or for times like this, be let in. Quickly getting up I professionally rush to the door where he is non stop pressing his buzzer. When I opened the door and held it for him, he smiled. “Now wasn’t that buzzer a swell idea Miss. Y/L?” He grinned, stopping to talk to me before he went upstairs to his office. “Early today I see?.” I smiled at him, my hands behind my back. “Well, I need to prepare. I’m expecting a client from Japan early this morning around 6:10, I’ll text you a picture so you know what he looks like.” Grinning he took his phone out. “Sir I am not sure it is wise to have your receptionists phone number, is it?” I wondered, eyeing the phone.

“Oh come on it wouldn’t hurt. The thing I call an assistant probably couldn’t send a picture to save her life, I should probably do it myself.” He smirked, knowing how frustrated I get as he has been trying to get my number for 3 years now with no legitimate excuse until now.
Sighing, I took his phone and typed my Number in. “Well, it only took three years.” I looked at him and smiled weakly before he took his phone and went to the elevators.

Sitting back down at the receptionist desk, waiting until I got down to work. “Guy, Incase Terry shows up late can you make sure the doors are all unlocked by like.. 6:20?” I called to the little room where all of the security cameras were. “You got it y/n! Count on me!” He called back, coming to sit out.

Around 6 o'clock I got a text, the picture of a Japanese businessman. Then I got a call. “Hello?” I whispered, not knowing why since it was just Guy and me. “I need you to play as my assistant for this meeting. Angelic or whatever her name was called me and quit. So please I just need you for this meeting?” It was him again. “Uh sir.. I don’t know..” “Oh come on all you need to do is take notes and listen in. Please play my assistant y/n?” He was close to begging.

“I guess I could do it sir.. I’ll need the passcode for the the 54th floor..” I was a little nervous he wouldn’t give it to me, seeing only he knew it. He wouldn’t even let his last assistant know it.
“Oh.. It’s um.. 0509..” He mumbled.Okay, and you’ll be there when I bring them up right?“ “Yeah bring them up when they get here, bye.”

Then he hung up.
Great okay time to look like an assistant. Oh the fake glasses I keep in my purse. “Perfect.” I whispered to myself, putting them on. “Shit my hair. Fuck I need something to write with.” I quickly put my hair up in a messy bun, but then quickly took it down as I looked like a full on porn star.

A hair clip? Do I have one of those here? Nope. “Guy do you have a hair clip? He has long hair, that’s for sure. “Yeah, here.” He said, tossing me one. “Don’t ask why I have one here, the heat is crazy here at night.” He laughed, as I put my hair up. Just at that moment Guy told me there were men at the door. “Fuck!” I said semi-loudly, quickly grabbing one of the blank daily planners we got some weird reason and a few pens. When I made it near the doors, I walked it calmly, not freaking out inside. When I opened the door I welcomed them, letting them in. “Now if you’d follow me I will show you to the elevator.” I felt so shaky. Like I was going to fall.

When the elevator door opened I stepped inside, Going to the corner by the buttons. I then proceeded to click the button that had the number 54 on it and typed the code in. 0509. Why does that sound familiar? I brushed it off and awkwardly stood with professional men in the elevator going 54 floors up.

I took a deep breath as the elevator doors opened and led them out to the hallway by the conference room, to see him standing there.
Wait what do I do now? I hesitated and Looking at him for help, but he just nodded. “Now, if you will just enter and have a seat, the conference will start momentarily.” I smiled, holding the door open for the men as they walked through the door and sat down.

“You know, I think you have them fooled, that’s for sure.” He smirked walking close to the door, by my ear. “And by the way, you should start calling me by my preferred name in front of them.” He whispered lowly, handing me some papers. “Hand these out to them and sit in the corner. You’ll find proper writing utensils on the corner table.”

“Of course.. Thank you..” I cleared my throat a little bit. “Uh Mr. Hood.”
I awkwardly said, before walking in and giving the proposals out to everyone.

This is going to be a long meeting.



 A/n: I hope you guys all enjoyed, just remember if you guys want to request a part two(it will be MUCH longer don’t worry this was just a small idea of it) OR anything else, click here

Guardians of the Galaxy fanart from today. Felt like drawing Peter listening to some tunes. On another note, man it took me forever to get Chris Pratt’s hair right……Loved this movie! Prob gonna do some more sketches later of my fave moments (hopefully non-spoilery) Enjoy!

GotG belongs to Marvel 

fanart belongs to

momo-dono  asked:

Hi could you recommend some shaving products/creams/razors/whatever to use on sensitive skin? I get a lot of irritation and dark marks from shaving which has really bummed me out, since I've basically started wearing winter clothes during every season now because of it. Also, Latin is awesome and so is your thranduil cosplay :) Valle!

First thing first, it took me forever to find the right products for me!  I spent years going to the doctor/dermatologist who prescribed to me medicated creams and over the counter lotions with zero result.

Ever since I started shaving, my legs looked horrendous.  I would get red bumps all over, they would get infected and filled with pus, and I had an incredible amount of ingrown hairs.  All of this was painful, irritating and quite itchy and, although I love the shape of my legs, I never LOVED my legs.  They were always red and horrendous…especially because the hair on my calves is significantly thicker than the hair on my thighs.

A month ago, I decided to try out LUSH, they are an English company that is 100% cruelty free and a number of their products are vegetarian/vegan (I am neither), and they contain a lot of natural ingredients.

I picked up a sample of their “Ocean Salt” and after two weeks of using it (along with their “DIRTY Shower Gel” which I had picked up about a week beforehand to begin using to wash my body with), I began to notice a difference in how my legs looked.  Once my sample was done, I went back to the store and purchased a small tub of it - here is a before and after picture of how my legs look:

That’s a pretty significant difference in only a month, don’t you think?  Its at LEAST a 75% decrease in bumps, sores and ingrown hairs and my legs are incredibly smooth - a foreign concept with me as never before had they been smooth.  They look NORMAL now and I am extremely proud of how they look.  On July 3rd they came out with a few new products, one of which I was eagerly waiting for, their D’FLUFF Shaving Cream which has also been very kind and helpful to my skin!

My face is sensitive too.  I have extremely oily skin and I used to have pretty bad acne… so I picked up “Dark Angels” from Lush, a face and body scrub and I put that on my face every morning and night, leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing it off and then lightly scrubbing it with Ocean Salt and my face has also looked healthier and brighter.

I HIGHLY recommend stopping into a LUSH store if there is one near you and talk to the employees about your symptoms and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.  Before you purchase anything, ask for samples first!  That way you can get an idea of how the product works for you before investing in it…

They also have a lot of body lotions and butters great for sensitive skin.  Today I just picked up “King of Skin” to try out, so I will see how it works!

I have also converted to LUSH with my tootpaste, using their Toothy Tabs, I now use their deodorant and a few other things as they all work so well with me!

Here is a link to their website so you can take a look at what they have and what you think you may be interested in, just select the flag of the country you live in to be directed to the proper website:

As far as razors, I use the Venus brand.  I can’t use generic cheap ones as they are extremely harsh on my skin, so I have to use more expensive ones that are much kinder and smoother.

I wish you the best of luck!!!


I made some Homestuck edits of Danganronpa sprites! These took me forever. Rose’s took me a while, and I just could NOT get Dirk’s hair right (no matter what I did, it just wasn’t anime enough!) I’m planning to make more of these, and I’ll take ideas!

EDIT: I decided to add the names of the Danganronpa characters in case anyone couldn’t tell. John is a sprite edit of Makoto Naegi, Jane is a sprite edit of Mahiru Koizumi, Jade is a sprite edit of Sayaka Maizono, Jake is a sprite edit of Nagito Komaeda (which I am so, so sorry for (I feel my sins crawling up my back)), Dave is a sprite edit of Leon Kuwata (I just couldn’t find a better character and I’m sorry), Dirk is a sprite edit of Hajime Hinata, Rose is a sprite edit of Celestia Ludenburg, and Roxy is a sprite edit of Ibuki Mioda.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°The Maid’s Son°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

Chapter 1


Jae Ah!” I called out to my friend to help zip my dress up.

You see, Jae Ah isn’t just any old friend. She’s been there for me since before I could even remember. She’s 21 years older than me. Jae Ah’s like my best friend and a mother to me when my mom isn’t here.

Oh, there’s one more thing. She’s my parents’ favorite maid. Jae Ah is the only person they could ever trust with their one and only daughter’s life, “that daughter” being me.

Jae Ah is my utmost dearest friend. Well actually, she’s the only real friend I’ve ever had.

I’ve been homeschooled all my life. The first friend I made on the 1st day of preschool was none other then my teacher, my part time mom ,and best friend, Ms. Jeon Jae Ah.

I have always been limited to who I could talk to and be friends with outside of my home. A part of me has always wanted to break away from these restraints my parents had put on me for the past 17 years of my life.

I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have actual teenage life, live a little on the wild side, and do something dangerous without getting caught.


A few days later


Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday Dear (y/n)! Happy Birthday Tooo Youuu! 생일축하해 (y/n)!”

Although it may have slipped my parents’ minds, Jae Ah never once forgot to wish me a happy birthday on the actual day of my birthday.

Thank you soo much Jae Ah!” I said as she sat down with a cake in her hand. I made a wish and blew out the candles. She sat the cake down on my night stand and I gave her a big hug.

She then brought her hands to my face and squeezed my cheeks,“Your first day of being a grown woman has just barely begun. I want you to get up and put this on.

She handed me a white sundress with large black and blue roses all over it, that just came right at mid thigh.

Wow! This is beautiful! Jae Ah, how could I have ever made it 18 years without you?”

You wouldn’t have. Now go get dressed.“ She shot me a wink,”I have a couple more surprises up my sleeve. Quickly now before we’re late.

I hopped out of bed and began to get dressed. It took me what felt like forever to curl my long, thick hair ,and I put a little more effort in to my makeup seeing as how it’s my 18th birthday. I mean go big or go home.

I threw on my black velvet strappy wedge heels, and checked myself out in the tall mirror, smiled at myself at the work of art I had created, and proceeded to walk out my bedroom door.

It’s days like this where I wish my house had an elevator. My room is on the 5th floor, and these heels and those steps are not working together.

I finally made it down the grand staircase to be greeted with my parents’ smiling at me. I darted down the last few steps and greeted them with a hug.

My mother spoke first,“Darling, today you have been with us for 18 years, and your father and I have been thinking…“ She turned to my father.

He spoke.“We have been keeping you cooped up in this house for more than long enough. I understand that you’re an adult now, but you still have a few years left to be a teenager.

He nudged his head towards Jae Ah,“We know that we can trust Jae Ah with our beloved daughter’s life. So if you want,“he paused for dramatic affect,”You may stay with Jae Ah for one week…

My high pitched squeal cut him off,“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

He continued,”And if the week goes well, you may go a little more often with Jae Ah when she doesn’t mind.

Jae Ah took my arm and intertwined it with hers.“ I’m sorry sir, but if we do not leave now we will be late for her next surprise. My son is already waiting for us outside.

Very well then. Be safe. Have Fun! We Love You Pumpkin!

After hearing that I was wandering how this day could possibly get better then this. That’s when I looked up as we were heading towards.As we approached the car I could see him.

Quite tall,jet black hair that swooped upwards and off to the side, black skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt that’s slightly tucked in to the front of his pants, all white low-top Nike shoes, and a beautiful crystal clear complexion.

He gave Jae Ah a big hug. Then he look up at me with the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen in my 18 years of life.

Hi. I’m Wonwoo. You must be (y/n).

Oh boy. That voice is deeper than the ocean, and smoother than silk. Did..did he just say my name. Come on (y/n) use your words. Come on I can do this. I got this. Inhale. Now exhale.

Hi Wonwoo. I’m (y/n).“I said smoothly with a soft smile.

Oh my. How can this week possibly get any better.


I kept my composure through this chapter.I will pray for those who finish this series ‘cause you gone need life alert I hope you enjoyed. Chapter 2 & 3 are up now.

what we would be // m.c (part two)

WC: 1,267
// the only thing that matters is how the story ends

a/n: hey would you look at that i can complete a part two :D special thanks to the lovely hannah (@tadpolehemmings) for helping me decide how i wanted this to go :D ox

[part one]

Michael had only one more day left on his break. He hadn’t seen you since the night on the beach, and he wasn’t sure if he ever would. You were getting married. You loved him. And you were getting married. Michael was left wondering what he could have possibly done in his lifetime that caused him to lose the girl of his dreams. He never did anything majorly illegal, he was always on time for band practice, and he always told his mother he loved her. Why was he getting punished like this? 

Michael wanted to be angry at you. He wanted to scream it all out, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t do a damn a thing about it. You were happy, as far as he could tell, and he wasn’t going to compromise that for his own feelings. Before anything else, he was your best friend. He was the one who held your hand when you saw your first horror movie. He was the one who held your hair back when you got drunk for the first time. He was the one who had your back no matter what happened—and he couldn’t bail on you now. If you were happy, then he had to accept it. 

But, fuck, was it hard. 

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine

“Honey, why don’t you stop complaining about moving here and go to the mall and shop. You got rid of like half of your clothes before we moved here and you need more. Here’s my credit card.” My mom said. She handed me her credit card and I stormed out of the house. Angry was an understatement on how I felt about moving all the way from Miami to Omaha. And Senior year also. I got in my black car and drove to the mall. It took me a while considering I had absolutely no idea how to get there in the first place. But eventually I found it and now I’m walking to Forever 21. Right before I entered, I heard a cat call but kept walking. It probably wasn’t for me anyway. After I picked out a few cute shirts, dresses and skirts, I exited and saw a group of boys leaning up against the wall outside. I kept walking but one of them definitely caught my eye. He was tall, muscular and had dark hair and the most beautiful eyebrows I had ever seen, like damn. But I could already tell by looking at him that he wasn’t the relationship type. He was the type to hit it and quit it. I then felt a hand on my shoulder turn me around and I was met with a chest. After I pull off of it, I looked up to see it was the eyebrow guy. “Hey, baby girl. You must not have heard my whistling earlier.” He said. So the cat call WAS for me. “No, I heard it. I just chose to ignore it cause every guy that uses them is a tool.” I said, before trying to walk away, but his grip was to strong on me. “I’m Jack Gilinsky, but you can call me tonight.” He said winking at me. “I don’t think so.” I said, pushing him off of me. He then sped up and blocked the front of me, causing me to slam into his chest again. “Why haven’t I seen you before?” He asked. “You have. We slept together about two months again and I haven’t heard from you since!” I lied. “Shit, was that at Sam’s party!?” He asked, his eyes wide. “Mhm.” I said. “Oh shit, I was so drunk that night I don’t remember anything from it…” He said. “I was kidding. But now I know my suspicions are correct.” I said, walking past him, only for him to walk backwards along side me. “Oh yeah? What suspicions?” He asked, raising one of his eyebrows. “That you’re a fuckboy.” I said, walking faster trying to escape him. “Well can you at least tell me why I haven’t seen you before?” He asked. “I’m new to town. Now if you would excuse me, I need to get home.” I said, finally escaping him.

-First Day of School-

I walked in to my new high school. Many people flew past me, rushing to get to class. I hugged my books to my chest and pushed my way to the English room. I had taken a tour yesterday with the principle so I knew where to go. I walked in to see balls of paper flying everywhere, and girls doing each other’s hair and a few boys freestyle rapping. I made my way to the back of the room and sat down in a desk in the corner. I felt a pair of eyes on me and I looked up to see Jack smirking at me across the room. Of course he went to the same school as me. As soon as he saw me looking at him, he winked at me. I rolled me eyes and turned my focus to the teacher walking in. “Okay class! I want you to all take out your copies of To Kill A Mockingbird.” She said. “Oh c'mon! This book is complete shit and it isn’t even about killing mockingbirds.” Jack said, rolling his eyes. “Actually, if you were smart you would know it is. Tom Robinson and Boo Radley represent mockingbirds in the book. When Scout asks why it’s to a sin to kill a mockingbird, she is given the response, ‘because they do no harm’. And neither did Boo or Tom.” I said. Jack looked back at me with his eyebrows furrowed together. “Thank you, ms…” The teacher starts. “Y/L/N.” I finish. “Ah, thank you, Ms. Y/L/N for actually paying attention while reading the book unlike Mr. Gilinsky.” She says. Jack leans back in his chair and crosses his arms over his chest. “Still a shitty book.” He mumbles. I roll my eyes and shift my attention back to the lesson. The bell finally rings, and I pack my things before heading to History. “Well, Ms. Y/L/N, I did not appreciate you making me look like an idiot in there.” Jack says as he catches up to me in the hallway. “You wouldn’t have looked like an idiot if you had actually read the book.” I replied back to him. “How do you know I didn’t read it?” He replies back. “Because everyone that reads that book loves it. That’s why it’s a classic. Now get to class” I said back to him. He stopped following me and headed in the direction of his next class. After history I had study hall and then lunch. I was planning on heading home to eat lunch because I didn’t feel like staying around for Jack to harass me more. As I walked through my door, I was met by my new puppy, Toby, running up to me. After I eat my sandwich, it’s time to head back to school. I have phycology next. As I walk into the class I see the only empty seat is next to Jack. Great. He smirks at me as I walk up to sit next to him. “Okay class, the seats you are in now are your seats for the year, and the person next to you is your parter for the year when we do group projects.” Mr. Conroy, the phycology teacher says. “Great…” I mumble to myself. “Well it just seems that we’re meant to be together.” Jack says, winking at me. I turn my attention to the board and see that we have a group project due next Thursday. “My house after school? Here’s my address.” He says, sliding me a piece of paper. I look at the address and immediately start cursing inside my head. He lives down the street from me but he can’t find that out. So I just smile and nods my head. This year is gonna be really interesting.


Okay I originally pictured this a lot different in my head but I just kept writing and one thing led to another and here we are. I guess I have to write a part two now haha😂 I might even turn it into a mini fan fic if enough people want me to

5SOS Preferences: Tears

Luke: “Fuck, [Y/N] I’m sorry. I would never do something like that on purpose! I love you and you know that!” Luke shouted at you.

“Sober or not you cheated. You cheated….YOU FUCKING CHEATED!” You screamed from the top of your lungs.Tears began to flow freely down your cheeks as you let sobs. You fell onto the floor with your face in your hands.

He began to cry as well, as he knelt down and stretched his hand out to touch you. You felt his finger tips graze your knees, which where pulled into your chest. Moving your hands from your face, you looked up at him and shook your head. He had tears rolling down his cheeks, as he mumbled, “I’m sorry. So sorry.” More times than you could count.

Without warning he wrapped his arms around you, and pulled you into his chest. You were now both on the floor in the middle of your bedroom, both crying. He rocked back and forth, cradling you whispering heart-felt apologies into your ear. 

Calum: “Cal stop!” You shrieked, continuously laughing. His fingers simultaneously ran up and down your sides, causing you to laugh and pant. “Not until you tell me where it is.” He teased continuing to tickle you.

You laughed uncontrollably, kicking your feet everywhere. Until you hear a loud grunt as the tickles come to a sudden stop. “Shit, [Y/N] that was my nuts.”

“Aw, Cal I’m so-”. You took that time get up and run, as you laughed running around with Calum hot on your trail. Running towards the stairs, you feel a pair of large hands grip your waist. You we’re laughing to were you felt hot tears trickle down your face.

“Now, do you want to tell me where my Metallica t-shirt is?” He asked.

“Nope.” You answered simply.


Today was the day.

You were about to marry Ashton Fletcher Irwin. You had chosen the dress of your dreams, and took what felt like forever to make it to this day. You looked at yourself in the mirror, with your [Y/B/F/N] right by your side.

“It’ll be fine, love. You’re about to get married.” She whispered adjusting your hair. You could tell she was on the verge of tears.

“I swear to god, if you start crying…"You told her jokingly. She chuckled as you turned to face her.

"You look amazing.” She cooed. You linked arms as you walked out of the room getting ready to walk isle of chapel. You we’re having your older brother walk you down the isle, instead of your dad because he couldn’t make it to your big day, sadly.

You linked arms with your brother, as two ushers opened the two doors to the chapel. You looked straight ahead to an excited looking curly head boy, in a black and white tuxedo, with his three band mates behind him. You eyes welled up with tears, as you felt one escape your eye. You looked at your husband-to-be, and noticed him wiping away a few stray tears that escaped his eyes.

You reached the end of the the isle, and said goodbye to your brother. You and him were now inches apart, as he grabbed your hand.“Oh my god my makeup is about to run.” Ashton joked. You laughed and rolled your eyes at his jokes.

Michael: You and Michael we’re watching TFIOS. There were tears streaming down your face, as you we’re cuddled up on the couch. Your eyes we’re glued to the screen, as you constantly let out muffled sobs, censoring them with his shirt.

 The part where Gus was listening to his own eulogy came on. You looked up at Michael, was was getting slightly choked up himself. “Aww, is Mikey crying?” you laughed. He furrowed his eyebrows, causing you to laugh.

“It’s okay Mikey, sensitivity is super cute.” You told him. “Whatever, [Y/N].” He joked.

“I mean it, the fact that you cry during movies like this is the cutest thing ever.” You told him.

He responded by placing a warm kiss on your lips. “Good. I’m glad you like the fact that I am a little cry baby.” He laughed as he pressed your foreheads together.

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youre not the same (sammy&jack g)

sammy & i have been dating for two years now. he showed me the way to love myself again. he showed me that i can find someone who cares about me. he showed me that i can do what i put my mine too.

today sammy wanted to take me on a date. he’s been planing this for a while now. it was about 4 pm & we were going to meet up at the restaurant @ 8 i decided to get ready considering it took me forever. i put the dress & heels he bought for me. i did my hair the way he loved it. i looked at myself in the mirror one last time & was ready to go on my date.

i arrived at the fancy restaurant & was assign to a certain seat waiting for sammy to show up. its been 30 minutes and he still hasn’t arrived i decided to wait for a little while. by the time it was 10:30 i given up and left. i couldn’t believe sammy right now. i called him repeatedly & no answer. i driven to his house & his car was still there along with many others. how could he have a party on our big day?.

i walked into his house &many people were dancing on each other & people were pouring drinks. i went to talk sammy’s best friend Nate & asked him where he was. he was to busy making out with some random girl. i went to check sammy’s room.

as i opened the door i saw sammy making out with some random girl. i honestly couldn’t move. this kid was my everything & my everything cheated on me. i slammed the door & ran to my car. as i open my car door i heard sammy call my name & with that i got in my car and drove off.

when i decided to let a guy come into my life. i get disappointed.

• did you guys like it.? it took me forever to find a good storyline. do you want a part 2.? let me know. i know its very short but it will get longer over time. also jack g will be coming soon •

Hair Bleaching - Jack Frost Hair

Okay so people have been asking me about how i done my hair. I thought it would only be fair to show you progression shots from each day even ones not posted on my blog.
So first you’re gunna need some bleach & Peroxide. 
you can pick it up cheap in stores or online but I advise you if you havn’t bleached before or you have untouched virgin hair, don’t go for a strong one! i used a 9% 30Vol and I had to bleach 3 times from my natural hair colour. so don’t be afraid to ask in stores or research online what bleach you should use. Also, using a stronger bleach can really ruin your hair!!

so, mix the bleach in a bowl ( one scoop of bleach power to 2 scoops of peroxide)
get some gloves and a applicant brush too.
Apply it to your hair when its dry. its best not to have used any products in your hair for atleast 24 hours before bleaching.

apply it everywhere make sure you cover your roots and leave it for an hour or however long it takes. when the hour is up, don’t leave it on because you think its not light enough. don’t apply more straight away. 
Wash it off, shampoo, and dry.

My first coat of bleaching turned out like this:

So now you have bright bright yellow hair, or darker or lighter depending on how dark or light your hair is. but, its still yellow. the main goal for this is white/silver/grey. we need to get those yellow tones out.

You will need toning shampoo. in the US you can buy shimmer lights as this is a popular brand, in the UK, a touch of silver shampoo has the same effect.
Use this regularly. if you want, get this before you get your bleach and use it to shampoo your hair with after you bleach it the first time. You can also leave the shampoo in your hair for 20+ minutes to work faster.

After this, wait a day or two. your hair has just been damaged severely. unless you’re a guy and you’re brave like me, I just went for it. The next morning i bleached it again. Here is what it turned out like.

I cropped it because i was pulling a face. - But when i bleached it the second time. i only left this on for half an hour. I didn’t want to go overboard with bleaching so I used this as a top-up to go a few shades lighter.  Reminder: you need complete platinum blonde hair to go white/silver.

Now i spent the next 2 days toning. I bought a “twice a week” toning shampoo which is really think purple goo stuff and just smeared it all over my head and left it for about half an hour at a time. 
Purple toner is important as it gets rid of all the yellow tones.

I also wanted a silver look to this, so I went online and bought a silver toner called directions. in the US, you can use “manic panic” brand or you can use a more permanent toner.

Your hair will go purple when you do this, and also if your hair is white enough and you leave it on too long, it will stay purple. so read the guidelines only as i guide. I left mine on a little longer but i was also using toning shampoos about 4 times a day because i was so frustrated!

And here is me toning my hair. I kinda made my own little formula to tone, I mixed a drizzle of the twice a week shampoo, with a handful of conditioner and a blob of the directions toner. Doing this, I didn’t leave in on for long at first because I knew I had to bleach again.

So the next day, (day 4) I repeated the bleach process and left it on for half an hour.

Then I spent the entire day hour after hour, putting shit on my hair. (not worth the risk if you don’t want to damage your hair)
i left the directions toner on just by itself, for a good 20-30 minutes. washed that out, left the purple toner shampoo in for a good 30 minutes. and i became really agitated because of the frustration to get my hair lighter.

So after a few goes of this. My hair turned out like:
as posted on my blog.  yes its really really really light. but its still faintly blonde. Like i said, it will take a whole while to do this.

day 5- I was at my wits end. i took all of my toning stuff, and just slapped it on my hair and left it for 2 hours.

yes, two hours. I know, i’m nuts. but again, frustration.

this.. resulted in well.. me jumping up and down the room screaming “NO WAY!” a lot. but also, it left purple tones in my hair.
(don’t worry, it fades, if your hair goes partially purple or violet, it does fade out!)

and here is the best picture i can find of my hair right now.

you can see some faint purple streaks and my bangs (fringe) is still a little bit yellow.

this will fade with the toning shampoos. I’ve also ordered a “white” toner which is more pale than the silver which my lift the really faint yellow tones from my hair. but this is how it is right now. It’s not perfect, I know. but it does look rather awesome and well, it will only get better! I have no idea how to do the roots yet so bare with me on that!
but i Hope you enjoy reading through my struggle because UGH IT TOOK FOREVER AND AAHHHH!!

thank you xx 

“What do you want Michael?” I asked him with a sleepy voice, who the hell calls someone at 8 o'clock?!
“Do you wanna go out with me?” did he mean, as an actual date? “As friends, come on Jess!” oh of course, friends..
“Yeah sure, what hour?” “Im picking you up right now!”
After he called I got out of bed, showered, brushed my hair and dressed myself with a cute dress with black flowers on it. “Where are we going Michael?” I asked him “To the mall, I need to buy some stuff for today.” It was the actuall first time that he wanted to go to the mall, not because I asked him, because he wanted. We went to Urban Outfiters, Hot Topic, American Apparel, he took me to Forever 21 tu buy some clothes and then we went to get some coffee at Starbucks. “So, are you going to tell me why we came here to buy so many clothes?” I asked him. “Well of course you can, you’re my best friend!” ‘I’m stuck in the friendzone again and again.’ I thought to myself. “Today I’m having a date with the most gorgeous girl I’ve met, blonde hair, hazel eyes, great body, her name is Lorena.” “Oh…” “What’s wrong Jess? Are you okay?” “Yeah, yeah, sure. Have a great time with Lorena.” I said getting up and leaving “Where are you going?” he asked me “Home, I’m tired” I said and left before he could say anything. Tears where streaming down my face like a crazy rain storm, Silly me, how could he ever fall in love with a girl like me.

Imagine# 10

Requested by  naro-v 

You were laying on your bed catching up on some course work when Calum called you.
“Hey Cal!” You say laying on your stomach
“Hi, wanna come over tonight? were gonna order food and have like a mini party, all the lads are here, and Harry and Niall are here too”
“Yeah sure! I’ve got nothing better to do!”
“Alright seen you like an hour?”

You hang up the phone and roll onto your back. Calum was your best friend, you guys had gone to school together for the last couple of years until he dropped out but you guys kept in touch. You had known the rest of the lads as well but you had only met Harry and Niall a couple of times. You get up and decide to shower, got to make a good impression on Niall and Harry. Dont want to me known as Calum’s weird best friend.

You take a quick shower and wash your hair and shave your legs even though you don’t plan on showing them off.

Fifteen minutes later your dressed in Skinny jeans rolled to the ankle vans, and floral shirt with a light jumper.

You text calum on your way there.

You pull up to the familiar house and smile. It felt like coming home. The front door swung open and Calum ran out. You dropped your car keys and sweater and opened your arms for him as he ran full speed at you. When you collided he lifted you up and spun you around hugging you tightly.
“Finally get to see my best friend, and he tries to kill me with a hug” You say messing up his hair.
“Hey it took me forever to get my hair like this!” He said smacking your hands away.
“Sorry Mr Diva” You say rolling your eyes.

“Come on lets go see the guys!” You say running up the steps into the house.
“(Y/N)!” Michael screams.
“Ahh yes back with my bitches”
“Wow I aint no bitch” Ashton said rounding the corner. You give them all hugs and then elbow Calum to introduce you to Harry and Niall.
“Oh Harry, Niall, this is (Y/N)”
“I remember you!” Harry said giving you a quick hug.
“yeah you started the banana thing right?” Niall said giving you a hug after.
“No, I threw a banana at luke ONE time and it turned into this whole evil banana dude”

You notice Calum looking at you so you give him a quick smile.
“Shall we get this party started or what?”

About an hour later everyone is sort of tipsy and you’re dancing around the kitchen with harry laughing.
“Cal stop looking so miserable!” You yell. He had been moping around for the last couple of songs.
“Perfect Idea” Harry says.
“Lets go swimming!”
there were mutiple woos and yeahs from the lads.
“You guys will use any excuse to get naked wont you?” You say looking up at Harry.
“I mean hey, it’s fun” He winks at you and follows the rest of the boys outside.
Calum hasn’t gotten up off the couch yet so you go over and sit on his lap.
“Why so glum chum?” You say with a smile.
He pushes you off and stands up. “nothing im fine lets just go outside”
“okay…” You get up and join them all outside. Most of them are in the pool except for Michael and Calum.
“I didn’t bring a swim suit or anything” You pout.
“Neither did we!” Niall shouts trying to splash you.
You shrug and take off your shirt and the boys all scream and cheer you on. You take off your pants stand at the edge of the pool turning around to face Calum and Michael. You salute them and then fall backwards into the pool.
“Oh fuck that’s freezing!”
“What a champ!” Harry says wrapping an arm around your waist and lifting you up slightly. You laugh and push off, treading water in the middle of the pool. Harry follows but not in a creepy way. “So how come we don’t see a lot of you?”
“Well at the moment I’m trying to do the whole school thing, but I know I don’t need it, I’m just continuing school to make my mum happy”
“Well what do you like doing?” he asks tilting his head to the side.
“I really like to write, I’m writing all the time”
“So become a writer! Write a book”
“It’s not that easy” You say leaning up against the wall.
“It can be, make a blog, and write about anything! Write about the lads” he said gesturing to Luke and ashton. “You’re friends with them, write about them, it could be like a biography or something”
“That’s not a bad idea!” You say giving him a high five.
His hand lingers for a while before pulling away. “Sorry I didn’t mean to hold your hand for that long”
“No it’s okay, I didn’t mind” you say looking at Calum.
He leaned closer to you and whispered. “Can I hold your hand again?”
You smile “If you would like to, I give you permission to hold my hand”
“Maybe you should check up on Cal first, he looks upset”
You glance over at Calum and notice he’s glaring into space so you swim over to the edge.
“Cal come in the water!”
“No im okay thanks”
“But you love swimming! Remember that summer in Barcelona when we all got drunk and-”
“I said no (Y/N)”
“What’s up with you?”
“You that’s what, I can’t believe you’re THAT clueless” he stood up knocking over the table next to him breaking whatever beer bottles were on there. you heard a couple whispers of “Oh shit” from luke and Micheal.
“Calum what the hell?”
You lift yourself over the edge of the pool and follow him inside.
“Calum what is up with you?” You say teeth chattering.
“Do you really not notice? Nothing? he said glancing down at your body.
You cross your arms over your chest.
He takes off his sweater and hands it to you.
You slip it over your head and follow him into the kitchen.
"I like you (Y/N) I’ve liked you since grade school, and I didn’t say anything cause I’m an idiot, and I made it so obvious, and you’re here to see me and you’re flirting with Harry”
“Wait you like me?”
“More than a like, I think I’m in love with you (Y/N)”
“Calum you need to tell me these things! Because for as long as I can remember I’ve had the biggest crush on you and I was to afraid to say anything because of the huge following you have, and because we’ve been best friends for so long I didn’t want to mess anything up”
He takes you by the shoulders looking into your eyes.
“(Y/N) I don’t care how big my following is, I would still treat you like a princess, and make the world know you’re mine and I wouldn’t let them say a single bad thing about you” His hands fall down but you take them both in your hands.
“Calum I need to do something”
He raised an eyebrow.
You grab his face and kiss him. Standing on your tippy toes.
His hands wrap around your waist. The kiss deepens and he lifts you up onto the counter standing in between your legs his hands on your thighs.
“lets take this upstairs” He whisperers into your neck. You wrap your arms around his neck and he lifts you up, supporting you by holding you up by your bum and the two of you spend the rest of the night upstairs.