it took me forever but i made a gif

ok i wasn’t really planning on doing one of these but everyone seems to be doing one so why not? also i spent like a full hour on this banner (it took me a good 4 tries to draw and animate that light trail) so i’m not wasting it

2016 was pretty bad but i made some great friends/new mutuals and i want y’all to know how much i appreciate you guys so here we go! (tbh this is more of an “i love you guys so much” appreciation post than a follow forever lol) not ordered by bolded/italics bc you are all important to me but i would like to give a shoutout to….

my amazing friends:

@ff15, @mercyzieglr, @heals, @zenyattah, @ohmyheda, @diamndcity, @nabooqueen, and @swordcores

and my irl friends:

@svrgebinder, @janbaar, @seouled-out, @seraphicsapphic, @corvosblink, @happykhajiitidragon, and @diamondscth

aaaand the overwatch squad! all of you guys are amazing and i’m so glad i met you all:

@vaulthunterexe, @kawfees, @vishkarengineer, @qunarirogue, @hellxyeah, @illesteva, @deathblossomgrove, and @spectralanomaly

ok! and now the actual “follow forever”:


@abrudas @aetulias @alilstair @anderfells @andrasted @bethesdas @biostrange @bioticbutt @cerysancrate @couriersixs @darkspavvn @darkspawned @drakesrafe @elenafisher @elsinore @femaleryder @femturian @fenris @ferelden


@gabriielreyes @gaytrcer @genjiros @gristol @hawkeing @hnschen @hnzo @houndpitspub @hwoaarang @isabelasfestiveass @itsjaneshepard @itsthighnoon @kalenhad @komorebian @lacroixamelie @liarashepards @masseffxt @miyku @mojaves @nyiro


@omegastation @pentaghasts @plasmarifles @rxder @seranas @subjct0 @symmetras @tethrasing @theillusivewoman @theinqusition @theirins @thessia @thievesintime @tracerwidows @ttracer @vaultbooty

thank you guys for everything and i hope everyone has a great 2017! :)

Hiiiii. So, 2016 is almost over (thank god), it’s christmas eve (i know most of you will probably see this until tomorrow so merry christmas and i’m sorry) and since i haven’t made a follow forever in a while, i decided to make one now to let you all know how much i love and appreciate each and every single one of you.

i’m especially grateful for all of my mutuals, thank you guys for following me 💕 some of us have been following each other since i started this blog which is just crazy omg.

Anyway, thanks guys you are amazing, i love you and your blogs and i just wish everyone nice holidays and a wonderful 2017!!!

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“I’m not willing to stand for that kinda shit.”

I’m glad that you guys liked the outfit and screenshots i took so much. so to thank you for all the notes you gave me and some of the nice things you’ve said i made this for you guys. it was a lot of fun to make and i hope you guys like it. ^^

(This took forever to finally get working! i tried uploading it like 80 times and every time i did, it looked worse than the try before because the size limit.)

so i made a gif of mike :-) these are all drawings this took 67786186381 years to make and if you steal it i will personally kILL YOU

so if you reblog this i will give you a million puppies and all the love :)))) i love you guys!!! if you have anything you want me to draw i’ll put it into consideration :-) 


my other mikey drawing

This took me forever, working digitally is not my strong side by hooray, it happened! Now I just hope Tumblr won’t murder the file completely, and that I made it look alright! also hAnds why did I do this to myself gah
I’m not sure when the rest of the crew will happen, but they’ll be ready one at a time, whenever I’ve got a moment to work on this project!
shit I forgot the fancy lil things on his other sleeve oh well

So, ah….this is an Underfell (AU of Undertale) thing, an idea concerning Flowey that I thought would be intriguing. I’ve seen other folks say something akin to this, and thought I’d put in my own interpretation of it here.

This took forever to make- X’D

Details as for what this is under the cut:

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not too long ago, I made my first follow forever when I reached a milestone of 5,000 followers, but here I am making my second after hitting another big milestone, which I didn’t think would come so quickly

as a thank you for following my dumb ass constantly screaming, I decided to make a second follow forever after I swore to myself I would never make one of these again because it took too long the first time;; alas here I am again, making another.

it honestly never ceases to amaze me that so many of you decided to follow my blog, or the fact you guys find me interesting enough to message me or send in asks everyday to talk and know how my day has been going. these little things makes all the time I spend on photoshop making gifs worth it. speaking of which, I want to seriously say thank you to everyone who likes/reblogs the stuff I make, or those long written posts I make about me crying over namjoon or about how far bts has come

I’ve come to make some amazing friends on here, people I would have never otherwise met unless I talked myself into starting a bangtan blog

and lastly I want to say thank you to all those to @ me namjoon/yoongi posts whether we are mutuals or not, seeing the things you tag me in make my day and seriously just means the world to me

my first follow forever consisted of various kpop group/idols blogs, however this time I wanted to make it be only bangtan. what you’ll find is a list of basically every bangtan blog I follow, which post bts/mainly bts content 

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Hey guys! Recently I have reached a milestone on this blog and I would like to thank you all so soo much. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Though this is still a semi-new blog, I have already met so many amazing people and creators in this very short time! While I have been on Tumblr since 2010, creating this blog was one of the best decisions of my life and I’m grateful and appreciative of everyone who follows me. I want to also thank everyone mutual or not, who tags me in posts, I’m always happy to be mentioned! 

I lastly want to thank my g Alicia for making me create this blog in the first place. She is my rock and the tae to my chim HAHA. ♡

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happy birthday u nerd!!! @lostvayne (this took me like 7 hours, thank god its still ur bday in ur time zone)

i last-minute found out abt it being >.> someone’s <.< birthday, so i made this for the lovely nerd with whom most of our conversations contained bme screaming about…. events that happened in the manga

IM SORRY I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS MANY TO START (sORRY) thats why the banner thing is terrible

Anyways here’s the follow forever i’ve been promising for a while now! ! thank you all so much for following me throughout this time (one year now wow) and supporting me and just being super great!! ilyy guys thank you so much!! I have way more followers than i was expecting when i made this blog ;A; ,, i hope you have a good week!! 

I’m really sorry if we’re mutuals and you didn’t get put on here, i can’t fit everyone but it doesn’t mean that i don’t appreciate you just as much!! thank you all very much!! 

ahhh i don’t even know if you guys consider me a friend or not??? ;^; Also if we are friends and i didn’t bold you TELL ME PLS

mutuals are in italics & friends are bolded


1000-minus-7, 8gfats 


ackerman-tea arimas-chin asubeda  ayatho bad–ritual belovedrinkaku brokenkaneki coffeekaneki crowned-ghoul dat-heichou daughterofrageandlovee decayjng dont-let-the-ghouls-bite doodledominic dorkneki eyepatched-ghoul flowerboykaneki fuckgendo ghoul-kaneki ghoulisti-c gourmet-tsukiyama-shuu greymetalheart


haeis hair-as-white-as-snow haise-lowse haises-striped-pants haisexe hallowed heretic hidekyoshi hinamie hitame-ni hldeyoshi hootdamn ishidasui j-udar juicy-shuu juuzou juuzousuzo k-nekis k4kuja kanaesthetic kanehhki kanekanes kanekeet kaneki-boots kaneki-coffee kanekipls kanekisbitch kanekisus kanekki kanekx kanexual kei-aniki lacrimosae ladymoonstache lisa-tea littlekanae littlemissymonster liusys-ghoul lovelytitania mad-centipede master-shuu miss-fire-rose naiico nishiikiis


powernapp realweeaboo roselove307 s-u-z-u-y-a-s-e-n-p-a-i saiko-s sakura-ghoul sassanhaise science-my-ass-ed-its-magic senju-swag shadowspawn shakiramado shouty-y shuucci silkyllama spknear suck-mein-balls sugardaddyhideyoshi suzukii suzuyahtml synnocence tachibunny talk-kaneki-to-me the-ghoul-life theprinceofghouls toastdbread tokyo-ghoulandstuff tokyo-ghoulio tshuus tskkishuu tsukiayma tsukiyamaismyaesthetic tsukiyamas tsukiyamaspelvis ttsukiyama tfw-no-tsukiyama ugh-anime ukiinas uncomfortableghoul unofficialmeme wethehootowls white-eyepatch winced wolfward xiulric yomosprincess zig-zag-fag

okay i updated all the friends, if you consider us friends and you’re on her let me know….. (I’m REALLY bad at knowing sorry ;^;;)

i’m having my third follow forever!! thank you all for following me…before i was a loser w a blog…now i am a loser w a bigger blog. idk what to say so i am just going to start. p.s. i rlly liked yuri’s outfit in the party mv but the effect they have on the mv makes her look rlly bright…anyways, honeyinhales made the edit.


dominicanpeach | seulgijungli | annualflushots | y2ng | browngirl | gothtaurus | honeyinhales | meangemini | scorpiosoojung | tea-party-princess

i talked to a lot of you because of yen…the group chat…rip thank you for talking to me even though i talk in the group chat like once every 44 years…after i am done studying i will never shut up. i promise.


bittosgf | cypherpt3bybts | jongupsbf | sungjinsbf | strawberryiu | protectminseok | joyshoe | velvetgorl | ppanies | joyseulgri | serasgf | chinkgoddess | caawa | choayasgf | soshitv | bangtanti | gjrlfriend | exheaux | iwoulddieforujimin | melaninbinch | jiyoonsgf | sseulgiu | gothbin | shysgf | kimtae-yeons | agirlgroup | taosbff | fxting | pepsilindro89 | aceflux | yunasgirlfriend | ilovkirby | softjoys | jiminsnovia | gfrnds | junghansgfsoftjaeho | whereisbeg | junhyuksmom | fishsweater | leaderyoongi | nakiebaekie | leafeonjpeg | yerisway | joysulli | rasbery | idolling | jinhwam | gorlsgorls | hansolvelvets | ahnhyn | igotagenie9 | officialumji | hoshisgf | annualflushots | softhayoung | plumpsulli | soyyou | gothyixing | qaolu | softbomi | kyungsoosgf | yerijoy | gothnaeun | hyerisgf | gilrsgenerations | soojungsgf | 4mimute | bootycalljung | keumjojo | jeongminsgf | rvgorls | snsdad | airplanebyfx | 1pss | nuyabo | woozisgf | wond3rgirls | seungcheol | zeloquently | shyirene | hallajpg | icesicales | sn2d | 2gibby | youngksgf | taecutie | parklunatic

thanks for following me even though all i post are really bad text posts that were meant to be funny but aren’t

other/blogs i like:

joyri | softiu | fy-jessicajung | fyeah-redvelvet | fy-girls-generation | fuckyeah-fx

good quality stuff…most of these are fyeah blogs tbh

anyways, thank you for following me even though i never shut up. thank you for 1k!! 

[©] Hi everyone, it’s sam(sam) here with her first follow forever! *claps and throw confetti everywhere* 

Not too long ago, I had hit a milestone of reaching 1k+ followers on my blog. It took me awhile to believe that and I’m just so grateful to every single of you that had followed my blog and stayed with me, not forgetting the friends that I’ve made here to constantly warm my heart and bring a smile to my face. I genuinely love everyone of you, whether or not we are mutuals or just following or followers. 

Thank you for being so amazing and accepting towards me. ♡

bold for mutuals | italics for inspiring/fav blogs | ☀ for the sunshines of my life

@12fools | @164cmwoozi | @17-percent | @17dad | @17minghao | @17vernsol ☀ | @1jh | @1yx | @95-shua | @95scoups | @96khs | @97min

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Hope I hadn’t miss out anyone ;; Thank you once again and may all of you have a lovely day/night ahead! ♡

i just reached my next thousand so i wanted to make my first follow forever as a thank you to all of you. i’ve made some great friends on here and i love you all so much!! bold = people i consider myself good friends with. italicized = blogs that make me laugh/smile every day. if you’re not bolded/italicized please don’t take it personal i love you all very much!

also special thank you to liamspayne for this amazing edit!!

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g-k: gagmeniall gayestgod glrlpower harlouquins harrysrich harryumptious henrystuyles hoe4harry icecooly94 irishfever irishkinks itskingzayn jadelust justdontniall kissingziall kissmycraic (come back i miss u) kryptonarry

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blogs i admire from afar (non mutuals)
beforerains benwinstagram breadbowling butttom halfsleeper harrysbroadshoulders mexicanho pinkrihanna sarmaprincess zaynandharrypls zaynsfreepalestinetweet zrake zultanmalik


So i’m pretty sure i promised a follow forever when i got 500 but that never happened so what better time than 1k right?


banner made by the very amazing blakebellaemy! I love you so much Yuri, my tumblr experience would have been pretty boring if you didn’t message me that one time about the weather all those months ago ;) xx

Bolded = i love talking to you v much and i’m probably in love



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