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Title: “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”

@ohmypageet requested: Hey! I wanna ask you ‘bout if you write song fics or not. If you do can you write negan x reader one with the song “I don’t wanna live forever” (by Zayn and Taylor Swift)

Character(s): Negan and Reader
Summary: Negan realizes the truth to the saying, “you never know what you have until you’ve lost it.” When you, one of his wives, decide to leave him, you wonder if you’ve made the right decision and Negan starts to question if he should have let you go in the first place.
Word Count: 3,208
Warning: Angst (kinda)???
Author’s Note: All right. I have listened to this song multiple times and @ohmypageet, thank you so so much for sending this request in. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone and I loved writing this story! It also shows a different side of Negan that we all know he’s capable of having ;-). So, here’s to my first attempt at a songfic, and I hope you enjoy it! :-)

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Song: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by ZAYN and Taylor Swift (lyrics are in italics)

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“I’m not willing to stand for that kinda shit.”

I’m glad that you guys liked the outfit and screenshots i took so much. so to thank you for all the notes you gave me and some of the nice things you’ve said i made this for you guys. it was a lot of fun to make and i hope you guys like it. ^^

(This took forever to finally get working! i tried uploading it like 80 times and every time i did, it looked worse than the try before because the size limit.)

The Maid : Part Eight

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


“Fuck my life!!”
Lucy muttered under her breath as she sat on the cold ground of her cell staring at the dirty wall , hugging her knees. Her breath hitched in her throat and a tear escaped her blue eyes.

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Professor Pride Week 10

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Professor Pride Week 10

Pairing: Professor!Pride x Reader, Dean!Wade(Loretta), Coach!LaSalle, Chad

Word Count: 1,965

Warnings: Chad, slight fluff, angst, hurt/comfort

A/N: Surprise! Enjoy another chapter my dears! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

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Pride convinced you to come with him to talk to Dean Wade and Coach LaSalle.  You had never met the coach of the football team.  You often heard fellow students (men and women) talk about how attractive he was.  You were sure he was attractive, but you had your eyes on Dwayne.

You entered the Dean’s office, instantly gaining their attention. Dean Wade and Coach LaSalle had looks of horror on their faces.  The bruise on your face was a darker color now that it was starting to heal.  The bruises on your arms were mostly gone, but the one on your face seemed to want to stick around.

“Are ya tellin’ me Chad did this,” LaSalle began, looking between Loretta and Pride.  “Miss [Y/L/N], has he been stalkin’ you?”  You could tell that his muscles had become tense under his shirt.  

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Pedida por um anônimo fofíssimo. Abaixo do read more, vocês encontrarão 270 TAGS  para colocar desenfreadamente em absolutamente todos os posts que te lembrem aquela amizade linda. Tags para OTP são legais, mas a gente quer tags pra brotp e tags pra aquela família caótica que mais parece A Grande Família. Cliquem no read more e divirtam-se.

Por favor, se vocês curtirem e usarem, se lembrem do reblog e do like maroto <3.

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So, ah….this is an Underfell (AU of Undertale) thing, an idea concerning Flowey that I thought would be intriguing. I’ve seen other folks say something akin to this, and thought I’d put in my own interpretation of it here.

This took forever to make- X’D

Details as for what this is under the cut:

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Prompt #17: Imagine person A walking out of the bathroom after a shower, half-naked and wreathed in steam, and B immediately dropping whatever they were holding.


You knocked on the door to his bedroom three times. You didn’t hear a response. You had just woken up from a small nap. The first thing you did was check your phone to see a text from Bucky. He had asked you to meet him in his room.

That was twenty minutes ago. You didn’t reply to his text, instead just going to see what he wanted.

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Mr.J asking you to be his one and only.

getting all dolled up was your favorite part of every Saturday night. You absolutely loved layering on the makeup to look nice on date night with your very own murderous clown, but for some reason you decided to keep it natural.

a little bit of mascara here, a little hint of eyeliner and some clear gloss did the trick for Mr.J, it always did. He didn’t understand why you caked your face full of dark eyeshadows and lipsticks. He knew you weren’t okay with your flaws, so most of the time he just brushed it off.

- beep beep beep -

You jumped at the sound of a brand new text message. Having a deep feeling you knew it Mr.J, you quickly grabbed it and read the message.

New message received at 10:43 - im coming baby girl. be ready.

“aha! Right again!” You softly giggled to yourself as you picked up your handbag, and rushed out of the door.

this night seemed very off. Your so called Puddin’ was on edge the whole time, stuttering, shaking slightly, and making small talk. You have never seen him like this before, so you decided to ask what was going on.

“Pumpkin? your acting very strange. May I ask whats up?” You whispered, taking a small sip of your red wine, not because you were thirsty but because you were nervous. You always seem to be drinking something when your anxiety acted up.

“huh?” He jumped after starring into space for awhile. Raising his hand, he slid his fingers through his slicked back hair as he attempted to fake a smile. Then, suddenly, he growled. His smile vanished, and he glared at you in a very sinister way. Now this was the Joker you were use to.

“Listen, (Y/N)..” He dragged your name as he let a smirk tug at his red lips. “My queen, my angel,” He began to raise his voice. “Walk the streets of Gotham with me.. forever. Be my princess of crime? We can make this city our playground.” He made a circle with his finger.

“Of course hun! I thought I already was thou-”

“No!” He interrupted, making you jump, which made him laugh. He took out a box and opened it up to reveal a big purple diamond.

“Be… My…,” he looked up at you, on his knee, and began to drag out his words, again. “Wiiiiiifffeeeee….?”

This took me forever, working digitally is not my strong side by hooray, it happened! Now I just hope Tumblr won’t murder the file completely, and that I made it look alright! also hAnds why did I do this to myself gah
I’m not sure when the rest of the crew will happen, but they’ll be ready one at a time, whenever I’ve got a moment to work on this project!
shit I forgot the fancy lil things on his other sleeve oh well

Daryl Dixon Fanfiction Series 


Warning : Sexual Content may be alarming to some readers.

Pt. 6

He carried me up the stairs bridal style, I felt heavy which I apologized for. Daryl stopped in front of the door and let me down. The bedroom was beautiful with all the white accents on a purple pallet. The bedspread was purple with white lace as well as the throw pillows. I sighed in happiness feeling a little normal. Daryl took my hand in his reminding me he was there. I walked further in bringing him behind me.

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A well cared for wizarding photo. Scribbled on the back in clean handwriting, Dora and Teddy, June 1999, the Burrow, lunch. 


“Just over a year old, and he can already copy Dora!" 

Harry hid a smile. Next to him, Remus was beaming, his Proud Daddy Grin wide, eyes bright. In the Weasley’s garden, beyond the picnic table laden with lunch and tea, Tonks held Teddy near a lush rose bush. She looked up and grinned back at Remus.

"Well, eyes and hair, anyway,” Remus continued, raising his wizarding camera. “He can’t quite imitate her nose yet.”

“Take a picture, Remus!” Tonks called. She held Teddy up and ruffled his pink hair. “With Mummy, now, Ted! One, two, three…”


REMADORA LIVES AU BECAUSE I CAN. I’m sorry, I had a mighty need to art, and I’ve been a teeny bit obsessed with the Lupin family for a while, and this was the result. My first ever animation! I don’t often draw–these fingers were made for typing, not drawing!–and let me just say, I now have the utmost respect for anyone who makes an animation, because Merlin’s pants, this took me forever. And it’s not even an elaborate animation!

happy birthday u nerd!!! @lostvayne (this took me like 7 hours, thank god its still ur bday in ur time zone)

i last-minute found out abt it being >.> someone’s <.< birthday, so i made this for the lovely nerd with whom most of our conversations contained bme screaming about…. events that happened in the manga

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Dean was sitting backward in an old wooden chair enjoying the quiet in the room, when Cas quietly walked in and asked to speak to him.

“Yeah, Cas, hit me with it,” Dean said, and he lurched forward in the chair to balance on its back two legs.

“I’m human,” Cas stated, as simply as someone describing the weather.

The sudden slamming of the wooden chair legs back onto the hard floor echoed through the room, and Cas gave an all too human flinch.

“What the hell?” Dean asks. “When were you planning on telling me your mojo situation was that bad?”

“That’s what I’m doing,” Cas replied, eyes squinting in confusion.

“Awesome,” Dean dropped his head into his hands and ran his fingers through his hair in distress. “So now we’ve gotta deal with finding a way to get you juiced back up, on top of everything else.”

“Dean,” Cas took the seat next to Dean, sitting normally instead of draped over it in reverse. “I don’t want it back. It was between dying as an angel, or living as a mortal human. I made my choice.”

“You chose this?” Dean lifted his head to stare at Cas in disbelief. “We could have found a way to get your grace back!”

“Maybe,” Cas admitted. “But I didn’t want to die as an angel, whether now or later. Angels don’t get personal Heavens like humans do.”

“You were going to live forever and decided not to,” Dean said in disbelief. “Now you’re going to die, just like me.”

“Exactly,” Cas said softly. “Because what is eternity without you?”

Cas reached across the distance between them and cautiously took Dean’s hand. Dean’s eyes widened with realization, and his mouth hung slightly agape. He closed it quickly, and Cas’ heart hammered madly when Dean squeezed his hand.

“Does this mean you’re going to be in my Heaven someday?” he asked with a weak smile, and Cas’ spirit soared.

“I’d like to see them try and stop me,” he returned the grin, and Dean nodded, flushing red.

“Let’s take our time getting there, okay?” he said, his old bravado returning. “I’m not done on Earth yet.”