it took me forever!!

R.I.P ALFRED #alfred’slifematter

Arthur: Why would I even name my dog after my best friend?? 

Arthur doesn’t need another Alfred in his life 

lmao s to p 

this is reserved for alfred’s son

Arthur: I will not name any of my pets after my father and brother’s name!

//sobs r.i.p winston :’((

((wtf these are adorable names))

((I shall consider naming my future pets with this ))

(( nice try guys  ))

but omf Alfur sounds good 



Ye s!! I’ll just have to draw the third part of the birthday comic to reveal it

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How did the other pony paladins react when they were given their Lions?

Princess Allura: Prince Silverwing, you will pilot The Black Lion, who requires a Natural-Born Leader. Someone who is in control at all times, and whose men follow without question.

Princess Allura: The Green Lion has an inquisitive nature, and requires a Paladin of intelligence and daring.

Princess Allura: Pigeon Catcher, you will pilot The Green Lion.

Princess Allura: The Yellow Lion is caring, and kind. It is the mightiest of lions, and cares for others before itself. Sunlit Honey, The Yellow Lion will be flown by you.

Sunlit Honey: Me?

Princess Allura: Now, The Blue Lion-

Azure-Blue: Wait, wait, hold up! Let me guess!

Azure-Blue: She takes the most charming, handsomest, and best flier of the group! Am I right or am I right?

Princess Allura: Er-

Princess Allura: The Red Lion is the most temperamental and pickiest of the Voltron Lions. It is also the fastest and most agile of them. It requires a Paladin who follows instinct above all else.

Princess Allura: Luxfite, you will pilot The Red Lion.

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How did you first meet the man who mentored you?

My first mentor I met at a college party my first year of college . He recognized the spirit within me and took me aside for a chat.

That night forever changed my entire life.

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U Like 🦊🎸 🐻🎤 🐊🥁 🐱🎸 ? And What Your Fav Song ? (I hope I was annoying enough lol bye)

That took me forever to decipher oh my god I hate myself
I THINK you’re talking about Night In The Woods? I hope so at least aaaaahgfjgf

My favorite song is Die Anywhere Else! That or the Bridge theme :)

no not so fast morty. you heard you’re mom, we’ve got adventures to go on morty. just you and me, and sometimes your sister and sometimes your mom. but never your father you wanna know why morty? because he crossed me. (ok take it easy rick, tha-that’s dark). oh it gets darker morty, welcome to the darkest years of our adventures. first thing that’s different, no more dad morty he threatened to turn me into government so i made him and the government go away. (ohhhh fuck). i’ve re-BURP-laced them both as the de facto patriarch of your family and your universe. your mom wouldn’t have accepted me if i came home without you and your sister, so now you know the real reason i rescued you. i just took over the family morty! and if you tell your mom or sister i said any of this i’ll deny it and they’ll take my side because im a hero morty. and now you’re gonna have to go do everything i say morty. forever! and i-i’ll-i’ll go out and find some more of that mulan szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce morty! anb-because that’s what this is all about morty! tha that’s my one armed man. i’m not driven by avenging my dead family morty, that was fake, i-i-im driven by finding that mcnugget sauce! i want the mulan mcnugget sauce morty! that’s my series arc morty! if it takes 9 seasons, i want my mcnugget. dipping sauce szechuan sauce morty! (what are you talking about rick!?) that’s wha-that’s what (what are you talking about??) gonna take us all the way to the end morty! season 9 9 more seasons until i get that dipping szechuan sauce. (what is that?!) for 97 more years morty (what are you talking about!?). i want that mcnugget dipping sauce morty!