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so I watched Grease this week and I had to get this au out of my system

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relate each letter in your url to a song

I’ll try to mix up the genres so it’s not all kpop haha

I put links for the songs in case you’d like to listen to them 

k - Kiss Kiss - Parov Stelar   jazzy ;)

a - Awakening - Rap Monster ayyyyyyyy

g - Gotta Talk To U - Seungri

u - U Mad - Vic Mensa ft. Kanye West

n - Nothing Else Matters - Scala & Kolacny Brothers <- super amazing choir

e - Exodus ‘04 (Double J Radio Remix) - Utada I find this song helps if homesick

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Books, books.. books... help

Some time ago, I was asked to make a list of my favorite books.

Well, .. I will; but keep in mind I have not finished all series yet.

All book series will be linked to their Goodreads page, for your convenience.

(Who also has links to websites where to buy these books)


Do not worry I will never give out spoilers. And I will only describe the first book / no-spoiler overview of a series.



The Locke Lamora Series” by Scott Lynch (Incomplete)


Lynch’s series follows a young thief, named Locke Lamora. Orphaned as a young child, he is taken in by the Thief Maker. Who, as the name suggests, makes thieves out of orphans. But soon, he is too much to handle, and is given off to Father Chains. Who isn’t at all what he seems. Raised as a ‘Gentleman Bastard’, Locke and his crew are off to steal from the richest folk in town and to not share! How noble indeed.

A series by one of my favorite authors: It’s a quick paced, fun story; with a satsifying ending and darker scenes woven into the story. Plenty of sass, action, and swearing and by plenty I mean a lot.. Locke Lamora as a character, to me, is a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Loki the norse God. Intelligent.

The best summary of the series is “Shut up, Lamora.”

Not recommanded for very young readers due to obvious reasons.

The Lies of Locke Lamora

Red Seas under Red Skies

The Republic of Thieves

The Thorn of Emberlain (Not out yet)


The Assassin’s Curse Duology” by Cassandra Rose Clarke (Complete)


This series follows a young pirate named Ananna. She is married off to another clan, but decides to flee on the day of her wedding. However, the clan did not like this, and send an assassin after her. Due to (probably) Naji’s terrible luck, Ananna saves his life. Now he is bound to the Pirate by a curse, and is unable to kill her. (Terribly inconvenient if you’re an assassin). Together they have to figure out how to break this curse. Lots of sass, swearing and blood.  

I would personally not recommand this to a child. But a teen would be fine.

The Assassin’s Curse

The Pirate’s Wish


Some standalones– by Agatha Christie (Complete)


Agatha, with me.. is always either a hit or complete miss.. I like if things make sense.. and with these books below, that is the case.  Also:  This is the creator of a granny detective. Who can resist.


And then there were none…

The seven dial mystery

Murder on the Orient-Expres

The secret of the Blue train.

The Eon Duology” by Alison Goodman (Complete)


Eon/a follows a crippled girl. In this world, there are dragons. If you are 12 year old, you can take a test and possibly bond with a dragon. (And that is not meant in the creepy way). However you can only take this test if you’re male. So of course, our protagonist is female, and 16 years old. How can that possibly go wrong? (It’s been a while, so if you want something more accurate than my old brain’s recollection please go to the links below..)

Suitable for young teenagers. Lots of violence, though so please be careful.

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

Eona: The Last Dragoneye


The Rithmatist Series” by Brandon Sanderson (Incomplete)


This book follows Joel. A student, with no magic abilities, but an immense interest in the Rithmatist and their ways. (And I mean fanboy level, guys. Really. Biggest nerd you’ll ever come across.)

In this world, there is a magic system that works with Chalk. A Rithmatist is a person with magical abilities, to bring little creatures, called 'chalklins’ to life. Now as innocent as that might sound. These little creatures have the power to rip humans to itty bitty shreds.. .. So they are completely terrifying. Surely no one will mess with that?

A book with a refreshing end. If you’re looking for something exciting and new, this is it. Brandon Sanderson, man. Beating the stereotypes.

The Rithmatist



The vault of Dreamers Series” by Caragh M.O'Brien (incomplete)


This story takes places on an art campus. In this campus, you are follows by cameras on all your waking hours. Based off how many viewers you get, you either get to pass, or get kicked out. It follows a girl named Rosie. And Rosie is starting to notice strange things that are going on.

It is normal to take pills so you sleep from 6 to 6, to enhance your creative abilities. However, Rosie decides to be a rebel for our sakes, or there would be no story. She skips the pill. And so; she notices strange things going on at night. Like people go missing. People don’t usually do that. Time to investigate!

Also this book has terrible romance. Like really. It sucks. But the book itself is good. But please, ignore the ~romantic plotline~.. I can’t even.

The vault of dreamers


The Knight and Rogue Series” by Hilari Bell (Incomplete)


This is a light, humorous series, that follows a honest, brave (with selective stupidity) knight, named Michael. In a time where knights are no longer common. And his squire Fisk! Who happens to be a rogue. A sassy rogue. Each book follows a story on itself. Definitely recommanded for younger children, but hey, adults can enjoy it just as much.

In this world, if you commit a crime, you can be bound by magica. You are at that point unredeemed, and are no longer protected by the law. So basically, you could get murdered and no one would be bothered by it. Michael, due to .. circumstances, is unredeemed. It follows their adventures. Yeah, sure, that will go well.

The last Knight

Rogue’s Home

Player’s Ruse

Thief’s War

Scholar’s Plot

The Gospel of Loki” by Joanne Harris (Complete)


This little gem is the norse mythology retold through Loki’s perspective. And biased as I am, I love it. Absolutely love it. It is humorous, light, and above all it’s LOKI. Even if you have no interest in the mythology; it reads like a normal book would. No knowledge beforehand is required. Loki is more than happy to provide that for you… Yeah, that’ll go well.

The Gospel of Loki


The Ranger’s Apprentice Series” by John Flanagan (Complete)


This is a very long series. … Yeah. it is. It follows a young child named Will. Will is an orphan and is short, and has no talents. Or so he thinks. What he doesn’t know, is that he is perfect to become a Ranger!

Rangers, in this series, are basically no different than badass assassins with bows. Really. Everyone is scared of them, because no one knows much about them. There’s not a whole lot I can say about the plot because every pair-or-so follows a different story/timeskips.

It is humorous, fun, and is full of sassy dialogue!  Definitely recommanded for a child. For it is a children’s series. Do be aware there is violence in here. And murder. … a lot of it.


The Ruins of Gorlan

The Burning Bridge

The Icebound Lands

The Battle for Skandia

The Sorcerer in the North

The Siege of Macindaw

Erak’s Ransom

The Kings of Clonmel

Halt’s Peril

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

The Lost Stories

The Royal Ranger


The Brotherband Series” by John Flanagan (Incompete)


Similar to Ranger’s Apprentice, as it is the same world. But this time it focusses on a group of Skandinavian kids. Hal is half Araluen and half Skandinavian (I butchered those names.. forgive me, but I read the dutch versions, so..) As the RA series, these are seperate stories, however at this point it seems to be a trilogy, followed up by another trilogy. Don’t quote me on that.. Please.

Anyways, because of his racial problem, Hal has dealt with a lot of discrimination. And when the yearly test comes to form 'brotherbands’, he is left with the unwanted scraps of society.. Who turn out to be absolute gems.

The Outcasts

The Invaders

The Hunters

Slaves of Socorro

Scorpion Mountain


A darker shade of Magic Series” by V.E. Schwab (Incomplete)


This is a book with multiple worlds. That only select few can travel between through borders. Kell, our main character is one of these mages. In order to get into the other worlds, you need an item of that other world, and your blood.

We have Grey London, which is a world with no magic.

There is Red London, full of magic. Kell is from Red London.

And there is White London. Where only the strong have magic.

And thennn.. there is the rumored Black London that no one knows anything about.

Personally I found White London to be absolutely terrifying. Keep it in mind when you read this book. It is not beyond torture and murder. Lots of violence.

The story starts off slow, but it builds up super fast and it became one of my favorites.

Delilah is an (absolute gem of a) thief, that steals Kell’s item that allows him to travel. That’s where the story starts off.  Highly recommand, just be careful with the creep part.


A darker shade of Magic


Falls the Shadow” by Stefanie Gaither (Complete)


In this world, when you have a lot of money, you can clone yourself at birth. So if you die, there is a copy of you. The sister of Cate, our main character, has died. Only a few hours later, they went to get her replacement. However, this Violet is not any bit like the Violet that Cate knew. Violent, wild and out of control, she is now accused of murder.

Personally, I found Violet a really good character. But Cate was frustratingly slow and selfish. The romance in this book is a complete joke. And the only reason I put it in here, is because it has a good storyline. And Violet.


Falls the Shadow


The Falling Kingdom Series” by Morgan Rhodes (Incomplete)


This story follows four different characters. (So it’s a bit difficult to create a full summary. I only read the first book so far)

Cleo, a pampered princess who witnessed a murder that will change everything. Blamed for something she did not do, she is on the run and trying to stay alive. Which is awfully hard when someone wants you dead.

Jonas, the brother of the victim Cleo witnessed. Is out for Cleo’s throat.

Lucia, a sorceress with great powers she knows nothing about. Kidnapped as a baby, raised by royalty, she is (basically the biggest mary sue on the northen hemisphere).  – (I can’t tell you much, does it show?)

Magnus, the heir of a tiran. 'Brother’ of Lucia, he is trained for war.

I do have to give out a little warning; This book follows the 'Brother loves Sister,  but they are not really related’ plotline. That I don’t care about. The book itself is really good.


Falling Kingdoms

Rebel Spring

Gathering Darkness

Frozen Tides


The Kingmaker Kingbreaker Series” By Karen Miller (Complete)


Now this is a little tricky, because telling you about the innocent mage, will spoil you for A blight of mages and A blight of mages, will somehow spoil you for the innocent mage.

My suggestion would be, to only look at a blight of mages first.

The summary of the Innocent mage is enough to spoil you, so if you trust my judgement;

Please read 'A blight of mages first’. Without even glancing at the others. (The other two will make more sense after reading that one first too.)

This follows a young mage called Barl Lindin. She is of poor class, and so she has never been able to enter the college she wanted to go to. Being an extrodinary mage, with incredible powers, and a stubborn attitude - and basically never being able to remain quiet, Barl is fired for the 6th or-so time. Bitter and frustrated, she tries to apply for the college one last time before giving up (and beats up people in the process.. I love Barl.)

Morgan Danfey, discovers her powers, and decides to keep her to himself. Morgan, being nowhere near Barl’s level, wants to become more powerful. As where Barl wants to learn more. Enabling the worst in eachother, this is a wild ride.

Two overly powerful mages, that can never go wrong, right? Hah..  

It has violence, murder, torture, the whole lot. So please be careful. This also goes for the other two books.

A Blight of Mages

The Innocent Mage

The Awakened Mage

The Fisherman’s Children Duology” by Karen Miller (Complete)


I can say nothing about this. This is a follow-up duology on the series mentioned above. Anything I say will be spoilerish so please don’t look into this, if you haven’t finished the first three books.

They are here for reference only.

However I will mention that these two are of lesser quality as the original kingmaker kingbreaker series.

The Prodigal Mage

The Reluctant Mage

The Rogue Agent series” by K.E Mills /// Karen Miller (Complete)


This story follows Gerald. Gerald is a wizard. But he just isn’t a very good one. On his first day at the staff factory, he accidently blows it up, trying to save it. Fired on the spot, he is desperate to find a new job. And as his friend Monk suggested, he tries a place further away, to let things settle down a bit. However, this new job isn’t anything what he expected it to be. Following the plans of a mad king, things can only go one way. And that’s the bad way.

I do have to warn that this book has torture in it. And it’s really .. er.. terrifying.  But the first book was really good. Anything by Miller is basically good. I’m in love with all her works. I’m so biased. Please read her works.

The Accidental Sorcerer

Witches Incorporated

Wizard Squared

Wizard Undercover

The Tarnished Crown Quintet” by Karen Miller (Incomplete)


I have not read this book, yet. But since it is one of my favorite authors, I feel comfortable enough to recommand this book, even though I have no yet read it myself. Also I have no clue what it is about, but I do own a copy. Unconditioned love for Miss Miller.


The Falcon Throne

I was going to just send you a message but then I realized what I wanted to say wouldn’t fit in one. breathingbarduil

I just finished Petrichor and I just have to tell you that it’s beautiful and it was wonderful. You have a way of conveying inner emotion with such tenderness and poignance. I didn’t think about why the name was appropriate for that story until afterwards when I was trying to compare the over all feeling of the story with something. It’s like that dream-like way a forested area muffles the sound of the rain, that quiet peaceful sentience, and it’s very fitting for Barduil I think. There’s such strong feeling there but it’s almost muffled by tender sorrow and longing and that’s how this story makes me feel. It’s just lovely and you’re so talented especially for being so young ( I know your not that young :p ) but still, and English isn’t even your first languages right?
So anyway, I loved this.

heyo!! so i hit 1k recently (i’m so bad at graphics please ignore my graphic thanks it’s 1 am) i’m literally a fetus of the phandom i don’t understand how i got 1k so quickly,,,it’s been a few months wow

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respot this then list ten posts you’re most proud of:

  1. my collection of the Marvel draw-yourself challenge drawings I did is definitely my #1. It got some more public awareness outside tumblr and the drawings are going to be in an MIT textbook in university of Chicago this fall. I’m very excited.
  2. sharing this mini story
  3. mind palace post
  4. my horrible tony pun
  5. AND my horrible cap pun here
  6. what if you watch supernatural backwards?
  7. demon dean as danny phantom? this gif took forever to manip
  8. talk dirty to me cas
  9. Jody mills being awesome
  10. sam and dean having fabulous hair

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phantophobla asked:

Can you please do a minty fic with this prompt ??? I’m doing a road trip by myself and I stupidly ran out of gas and you’re a cop that was passing by and waits with me when I wait an hour for AAA to come bring me gas and at some point I make the stupid joke “I’d love to be arrested by you” and now you won’t let me live it down and why can’t I drive away oh god

I’m so sorry that this took me forever.

Monty drove quickly and angrily, hoping he could make it to a gas station on time.  Why couldn’t Jasper, for once, just do as he was asked? Hmm?  Monty had asked him to fill the tank three times just yesterday.  But of course he wouldn’t.  And of course Monty wouldn’t notice until he was halfway to where he needed to be and nowhere near a gas station.

Monty groaned as he saw the warning light come on.  There was no way he was going to make it.  So now the question was, pull over and call AAA now?  Or wait a bit and then do so?

Monty decided not to risk it and pulled over, turning his car off.  “Fuck Jasper, honestly,” Monty muttered, grabbing his phone out of his pocket, glad it was fully charged.  “If I’d asked Harper, she would’ve done it.  If I’d asked Raven, she would’ve done it.  Why does Jasper think he can just use my car without ever paying for gas?”

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name: Colby

nickname: Colbs, Colburt, Colbaybay, Colbaby, Colbucci, Bucci, Boobie, Golcy, Spanky, Colby Locks 

birthday: May 4th

zodiac sign: Taurus

height: 5′8 ish

gender: male

sexual orientation: gay (it took me forever just to type that, just because i feel like it’s so much more complex lol)

favorite color: green

current time and date: July 3 10:23am

location: Knoxville, TN

average hours of sleep: 8, but never at the same time lmao my sleep schedule is usually a big fucked up mess

lucky number: 13

last thing i googled: You Oughta Know by Alanis Morisette

first word that comes to mind: horchata

place that makes me happy: the beach

how many blankets i sleep under: 1-3

favorite fictional character: Stitch

favorite book: The Host, the Uglies series, Farenheit 451, Frankenstein, Alice In Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The Lovely Bones

favorite musician/band: Lady Gaga, Kanye West, M.I.A., SZA, Lykke Li, FKA Twigs, Lorde, Grimes, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Majical Cloudz, Chance the Rapper, Charli XCX, Beyonce, Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj, Vampire Weekend, Rihanna, St. Vincent, Brooke Candy, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Marina & the Diamonds, Bombay Bicycle Club, Miguel, The Weeknd, Grouplove, Foster the People

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last movie i saw in the cinema: Jurassic World

favorite food: chicken marsala, chicken tikka masala, sushi, pad thai, a burrito bowl from chipotle :-) and potatoes (like basically in every form)

favorite drink: iced chai, mango lassi, horchata, moscow mule, mojito, coke, root beer, taro boba tea, margarita

favorite tv show: Fringe, Skins, Misfits, Harper’s Island, The Killing, Pretty Little Liars, Orange Is The New Black, Orphan Black, True Detective, House of Cards, and Broad City :)

last holiday (vacation): Cancun, Mexico

dream profession: fashion editor or stylist (lol Noomie wrote those but like same) or a photographer, model, designer, artist, like really idgaf I just want to be creative and be doing fun and interesting things

dream holiday (vacation): italy/france/greece (okay Noomie again literally same wtf) also Hawaii and Japan

wearing atm: black thong and black nike socks and a blanket lmao!

relationship status: literally laughed at this

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Made my first demo cake at work!

It’s harder to put frosting on styrofoam than one ever imagined omg. Give me real cake any day. It took me forever to get it to look smooth and after airbrushing I realized how NOT smooth it really was.

I still really like it though and I think it’s cute. It looks way better in person it got really blown out when I took the picture and I didn’t realize it because my brightness was all the way down.