it took me fifty years but i did it

10 Facts About Me

1- I’m a duel citizen.
2- I am highly intelligent but I have a low reading level in my native language because I was kicked out of all the schools because I punched every child that tried to bully me for being bilingual.
3- I used to do fifty mile endurance riding competitions on horseback.
4- I took three years of figure staking because I wanted to be on the ice so badly as I was not allowed to join the hockey team given the fact that I was a girl.
5- I grew up running barefoot in the woods.
6- I had my first store bought meat at 14 years old and thought it was disgusting after having only eaten meats that the local farms raised and humanity killed.
7- I did competitive karate and placed in every event that I entered.
8- Art classes were my escape in high school and college.
9- I am one of five children, all from the same mother and father.
10- I was raised in a dirt poor family on less than 11k a year.  

Unable are the Loved to Die

Title taken from an Emily Dickinson poem. This only took me a week or so to write…the block is real. But here is the possible start of what we talked about @bluecichlid !

“She’s been born, Your Grace.”

Jon’s lips twitched ever so slightly into a smile. “Saw it in the flames, did you?”

“I did.”

Good good. If he could breathe like a human, he would be breathing easier right about now. Sansa had been born. This time it had only take fifty odd years since her last death. Her last life. He was relieved. He’d been getting ready for a deep sleep again when Melisandre had informed him that Sansa had been conceived. And then his preparations to take her away had begun. 

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