it took me days to do this

I just did my first exhibit install today and omg you guys vinyl wall text is so much fun to put up but the amount of math you have to do to get everything straight is…… lots…..


🍂 “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” 🍂 

It’s been a while since I last updated what little miss Beenie and her fam are up to, I’m sorry about that my loves! ;_; With all the snuggling, giggling and mummy duties, I keep forgetting about updating this social media thing regularly…sigh.

But now I just have to share these wonderful moments we spent at Central Park yesterday with @helenavizzini and @ notumblrtalia 💛 Nature is in its most beautiful colours of the year and I honestly couldn’t be happier to spend every possible second outside these days soaking up all the sun rays and fresh air, while leaves are dancing on the floor. ☀️ 🍂  Every moment you capture in pictures just looks so colourful and perfect, I think I took about 100 pics just yesterday. (Look at my 2 doing their “me & mini me” thing again, I’m slowly starting to feel left out :/) Nevertheless the best moments still can’t be captured in pictures, as they always happen unplanned and accidentally. Such as Holly’s face when she tried to make Lemmy drink from her bottle but then realised she can’t drink through her pacifier, so Holly just took the pacifier and put it in her mouth while her bestie was drinking. Absolutely priceless! I’m also so beyond happy we get to spend more time with Talia now, she’s just one of the most beautiful souls in the world and even if we don’t use words, we understand each other blindly. 💛

So, I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful month as much as we do and let mother nature pamper yourselves a little too! PS.: I’m also really excited for Halloween already. <3

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i love your account so much!! can you come up with some cute little moments and headcanons for simon and izzy just all the little things they do for each other please? love your work xx

Wow wow this took me forever to make, but here you go!

-simon does their cooking because (well everyone knows why do I even have to explain I’m pretty sure izzy would poison him)

-but when he’s too tired or forgets izzy has packets of ramen that she’ll make for them

-whenever there’s been a really long day fighting demons they’ll come home and give each other massages

-Netflix and Chill that becomes Netflix and Cuddle while being too invested in the show they’re watching

-they went to midnight the force awakens showing and cried

-izzy also went to hot topic and bought them matching couple shirts

-simon makes it his personal goal to introduce izzy to modern culture

-yes this means Denny’s at 3:00am

-izzy loves horror movies so she took simon to see IT and was like “I could have dispatched IT by now what amateurs”

-cards against humanity games with clace and malec

-also monopoly that resulted in knives being drawn

-simon’s that boyfriend that will most definitely accompany izzy while shopping and offer his opinion and carry some of her bags (and they say chivalry is dead)

-snapchat king and queen? actually Izzy’s the queen simon’s the type to respond with a shot of the ceiling

-when izzy has nightmares about max dying or simon has nightmares about being buried alive they’ll wake the other up and talk for hours until they feel better (or just lean against each other and cry whichever one)

-“damn I look sexy today” “hell yeah you do”

-they’re both the embodiment of the “you’re doing amazing sweetie” meme whenever the other does something

-they’ll bring each other drinks when they’re working

-izzy has most definitely done makeup for simon more than once (he loves it) (also I love the concept of izzy putting makeup on him? Like how fucking cute ahsjsksd)

-simon! kissing! izzy’s! scars!

-simon braids Izzy’s hair when they’re lazy lounging in the sun

Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Glee AU HCs

So in case yall didn’t know, Glee is a show where these kids join, well, Glee club which is basically show choir but since it’s in a work of fiction it’s 10x better

(Let’s just pretend everyone is close in age and they’re not fighting for once and they’re all gonna live happily ever after in high school 66666 years in the future and they also know American songs WOOOO)

Longggg ass hcs below

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HELLO, ANON!! <3333 I’m so glad you love my blog ;~~; Thank you so much for the compliments and I hope you’ve been having a great week as well! Sorry for the late reply! I had to find sources for my gifs/pictures so I hope you arnt mad it took me so long ;~~~;

First we must always remember Fire choreography! It gave us the best opportunity to appreciate the height difference!

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One of my all time favorites, and wish i had a poster of hanging up in my room, is the photoshoot they did together for the 2016 Festa *—* They are so cute and I love it so muuuch~


And we can’t leave out when they danced! Yoongi could comfortably lay his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and it would be the softest cutest thing to witness *-* Missed opportunities when they were dancing!! … Maybe next time ;DD

Originally posted by sugakookiesworld

Oh wait, Yoongi did put his head on Jungkook’s shoulder ;D But it wasn’t soft and cute. It was pretty hot and sexy if you ask me!


Let’s not forget their size difference in other areas as well ;}


I mean Jungkook’s arms could rival Yoongi’s legs sometimes haha


I hope this was to your liking, Anon ;D

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Hi!! Your art is amazing. I wonder how long you devoted to each of your works. I'm a late starter of digital drawing. So I always spent longer time than I expect on drawing. Do you have any suggestions for starter? Thank you so much!🌹🌹🌹

Hi ! 😀

I really like this question. I feel like it is very important question for many beginners ‘How long does it took you to finish it’.

So you asked how much it is needed for ME (precisely me, no any other artist) to finish my work. Depending on what I am doing it would be: 1-3 hours per character sketch, traditional or digital, 3 days at least to finish character in Photoshop and 1-2 weeks to finish one full, digital illustration in color.

But what I want to stress out - this is something that applies to me. To my years of experience and skills. Other artists have different times. If they are more experienced they will probably be twice or three times faster than me. And that’s something to not stress about. But just worth taking under consideration while comparing to other artists.

My suggestion for beginners, that would be the most important is not to stress about time. My tips how to approach timing yourself would be:

  1. You must first build up stamina to consider ‘spitting out’ work every day. Building up stamina means a lot of drawing practice. Not only studying but drawing from head, drawing imaginative stuff, learning to finish image rather than leaving it half way done.
  2. At the beginning it is important to draw a lot. Huge quantity of work. BUT. I am not saying that you need to sacrifice quantity. Otherwise you will end up memorizing mistakes. So be mindful when you draw. 
  3. If you won’t spend a lot of time drawing then you won’t get faster. With time you will learn tricks and shortcuts how to make something look good. 
  4. In the beginning drawing something simple can take ages. I remember I tried to draw Goku from DBZ, I used references from magazine and it took me 2 evenings. I was super proud to see result. BUT today. Same drawing, using reference photo would take me probably 30 mins. This is huge jump that comes from time invested in learning how to draw. 
  5. If you want get result in the beginning you need to invest way more time than professional artist would do. Remember that and don’t beat yourself about that. You can invest way less time into one drawing but have in mind that you can’t expect Mona Lisa-like masterpiece. Remind yourself that you are just building stamina to be able to draw larger quantities and  accurately in the future.
  6. And for Grand Finale. Pro Tip. Record your process! This works when you have a goal that looks not approachable. The goal that will take you years to accomplish. Write down how much time you spend today on you images. Then set your art practice and habits. After few months check if doing same things takes you same time or are you faster. Then check in  1 year. But be honest. Put effort everyday into your practice. Write down how and what you want to learn. Only after that I can promise you that you will see progress. Then record how much you’ve changed. 
  7.  Enjoy the process.

Btw. I was also late to digital art party. Remember to never make that as an excuse. Just push forward and use every opportunity to learn. Don’t give up.

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I read both Sweet Dreams for the Devil and Think. . . Ink and you write so well. I usually don't read fanfics but I love both of them. ;-;

Okay first… 

AAAAAAAAAAAAA Thank you so much! 

And secondly omg, like it’s sort of inspiring to be told that? Like, it’s one thing to be told omg I love your works, it is another to be like I took some time to do a thing I don’t normally and still love your stuff. 

So thank you! It really does mean a lot! 

And I am hoping to get another chapter for both up soon! Just school is fighting me a lot right now… But anyways thank you and have a fantabulous day! 

(P.S. I also highly recommend if you liked my stuff to give @nyrandrea‘s Headboop series a looksie! And I co-write with her on a fic called Guardian Angel. But no pressure, thank you for spending some time to go through my fics!) 

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lmao so this sorta relates to the tit thing: my mom told me she had a dream one time that she was friends with 1d and zayn came up to her one day all upset and he was like "I need advice from a girl" and she was like okay so he took his shirt off and he had one of those pink marks bra underwires give you and he was like "do u know if this is a rash? do bras give u a rash?" and my mom was like ???? and he was like "leave me alone bras are pretty" and my mom was like "it's fine, they are cool"

Inktober Days 8, 9, & 10

I forgot to post these the other day. D: 

I enjoyed arting these ones. UwU ❤

But yes… I had the thought of doing the ‘Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and See No Evil’ with my ghosty pumpkins I’ve done before. :) These took far too long, so I’m still behind, but I don’t regret it. >u> ❤

If you’d like like to watch me ink them and hear me ramble on nervously; you can watch it here:



Carla ❤❤❤

#136. Mimikyu (Pokémon Sun & Moon)

It’s PokéMonday! I held a Twitter poll earlier to decide which ghost Pokémon would be next to join the Nintober Crew. Mimikyu took an early lead, and stayed on top for the rest of the day! Everyone loves this little critter. I have a confession though… I haven’t played Pokémon Sun & Moon yet!

You can also follow me on Twitter, where I’ll do polls and maybe even sneak previews of sketches: (more often than not, it’s silly jokes and pictures of videogames though… but maybe you’ll enjoy that too!)

I suppose this makes for a good place to end this first session. A nice little breather between two story arcs, eh?

Yeah, well… Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying watching this, but… I’m not too sure about the liveblogging aspect. It’s… Redundant? I was excited about the mystery Third Angel, but the realization that it was just Kaworu (probably) took the wind out of my sails. I dunno, I just don’t know if this is worth doing. I already said everything I wanted to about NGE already.

For completion’s sake, I would like to finish this movie over the next few days. But I’ll have to chat with the folk on the Discord to see if the second and third Rebuilds are truly worth covering.

End of Session 1. Timestamp = 0:28:50


RULES: list 10 songs you’re in love with and tag 10 other people

okay sooo…

1. About Today - the National

2. Body and Soul? - Thelonious Monster

3. Broad Shouldered Beast - Mumford & Sons

4. Bus with no Driver - Thelonious Monster

5. Purple Stain - RHCP

6. First in Forever - Dot Hacker

7. Harder Harmonies - La Dispute

8. Savior - Rise Against

9. Roll with it - Oasis

10. Ocean Size - Jane’s Addiction

I tag… @louder-than-love , @perfectoutliness , @inside-a-break , @the-fiction , @shadowscollide , @discogrohl , @gimme-a-frubooty , @fru-strated , @makedeathmybitch and @black-old-sun , I guess a few of you already did this but i’m convinced that all of us have more than 10 songs they love so this never really gets old, right?

Day 12 - Shattered
FINALLY! Took me literal days to finish this aside school and work. And of course I’m hopelessly behind inktober because I’m so petty I rather take bigger challenges than something simple to catch up. Let’s see if my pettiness will subside. I’ll do these prompts even to Christmas if I need to but I WILL finish them.

And of course still on the Castlevania hype. Because once I get into something it’s gonna be a loooong ride.

“If you catch a falling leave, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with”

I was tagged by the lovely @katbeom to do a bias wrecker moodboard… 

Here’s Daehyun & I living the Goblin dream in Québec City. Both cheating on Youngjae.

Québec is truly one of the jewels of North America. You all have to visit it one day, it’s breathtakingly beautiful in the Fall. Me and my girls took a road trip to visit Goblin filming spots not too long ago.

I’m gonna tag @florenceisnottrash, @zeloslegs, @hyukbln & @hobi-my-hubby (Sabrina, I know you don’t care for moodboards lol #dealwithit.)

So it looks like it’s just going to be me until next Thursday.

Donald and Renee finally took off. Dustin waited a day but he’s gone back to the Bitch. So chances are good I’m by myself until the end of the week.

Which is honestly fine as I tend to have more energy and drive to do shit. Who knows, maybe I can find another job while they’re gone. It’s a nice thought, at least.

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I am severely touch starved and don't have anyone unless I just seduce someone. I don't know what to do. I haven't been touched affectionately in a year or more.

I genuinely apologize for answering only now, I really didn’t mean to keep you waiting, and I hope you didn’t think that my not replying meant that I didn’t care about you or your situation, cause that’s really not what happened.

When you sent me this I was having a pretty bad day. As in, I hadn’t felt that suicidal in a while and I saw everything with black tinted glasses and I really wasn’t in the right mindset to reply and say something positive and meaningful. Then I took a day off, I guess, reevaluated everything, tried to sort myself out, so here I am.

It’s gonna be okay, even if you don’t see it right now. It’s gonna be okay.

What kind of situation are you dealing with? Do you have friends and family near you? People you love and who love you that you can call and ask for a hug? If not, it’s not the end of the world, don’t think it is. Human contact and touch can come from so many different directions, even unexpected ones, so all you need to do is look around you and find a way to get there.

Also, puppies. Are there pet shelters near where you live? Parks? Parks are great cause people walk their puppies and it’s 100% expected and acceptable to make weird noises and ask to pet them. You’d be surprised how much that helps.

On the seducing someone, it really depends on how you feel about that in general and if it’s something you’re used to doing, cause if not, it could actually have the opposite effect and make you feel worse rather than better (been there, done that). Personally, I much prefer “arrangements” between friends, cause it’s a lot less “impersonal” and more fulfilling, and ironically there’s less of a sense of using each other, and more a sense of working together towards the same goal. If that’s something that can be a possibility for you, give it a try. Intimate contact goes a long way to make you feel better, especially if you’re touch starved, if you don’t have to worry about the person you’re being with being there only for themselves, if you know what I mean.  


Magnus Bane + tossing things around