it took me days to decide how to make this graphic

@seraphinitegames Oh myyyy, I’m so happy that you followed lil’ ol’ me, even though I have no VN to offer yet!! T^T I absolutely adore your work, and that’s why I decided to draw my OC for The Wayhaven Chronicles!<3 Pls forgive me for the picture seeming not done- that’s bc it’s literally my first time actually making use of my graphic tablet, and I have no idea how shading and lighting works, but I shall work on it! °^° Hopefully I’ll improve fast enough so that I can start making VNs too, some of which you’ll hopefully enjoy;; Anyways, looking forward to Crossroads (Which.I.just.Ahhh how do you even draw so well, JesusT^T <3), and keep on being great! <3333