it took me an eternity to upload this


Source: 百愛かわいい
Artist: Rakkun
Pairing: Momotarou -> Nitori, Nitori -> (?) Rin

Scanlation: larabarq
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Happy Birthday Momotarou! This was done in a rush (please excuse my poor translations), I did not know it was Momo’s birthday until a few hours ago and I really wanted to contribute something so here’s a Momotori scanlated comic! (Poor Momo though, I’ll scanlate a happier one of them next time)

Oh, and this took me foreverrr to upload because the B/W comic size is over 5000pixels and I couldn’t figure a way to upload it onto tumblr without distorting the image so I had to crop it up. If you see random white spaces before a black line, that’s how that happened. It’s not an error made by the artist! If anyone knows a better way, please LMK.


This video is 10 seconds long and you need to watch it