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Source: 百愛かわいい
Artist: Rakkun
Pairing: Momotarou -> Nitori, Nitori -> (?) Rin

Scanlation: larabarq
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Happy Birthday Momotarou! This was done in a rush (please excuse my poor translations), I did not know it was Momo’s birthday until a few hours ago and I really wanted to contribute something so here’s a Momotori scanlated comic! (Poor Momo though, I’ll scanlate a happier one of them next time)

Oh, and this took me foreverrr to upload because the B/W comic size is over 5000pixels and I couldn’t figure a way to upload it onto tumblr without distorting the image so I had to crop it up. If you see random white spaces before a black line, that’s how that happened. It’s not an error made by the artist! If anyone knows a better way, please LMK.

Those Shanks (Maze Runner Imagine)

Character: None

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Boyish!Reader

Title: Those Shanks

Requested by httpjoi:

1) LOVE YOUR BLOG TO DEATH 2) Do you think I could request an imagine for TMR where the reader comes up the box, small breasted and with short hair, and everyone thinks she’s a boy for a while until she’s all like “I’m a girl, idiots!”? Thx! <3 U!

WARNING: Some swearing!

A/N: Sorry this took so freaking long to upload, I know you requested this a long time ago TOT But here it is finally, I hope you like it! Let me know what you guys think! :)

After what felt like an eternity inside that dark and cold place, feeling like I couldn’t breathe from the sheer fear that clutched my chest and made my stomach felt queasy, it was over.

It had finally come to a halt and I managed a shaky sigh that allowed me to breathe normally again for just a second.

As I tried to recognize the place I was in, trying to get a clue as to where I was, I was blinded by a bright light that bathed the little box I was in.

I squinted and drove my arms to my face to shield my eyes from the extreme and sudden brightness.

“What do we have here?” A male voice said over my head.

“Hi there, Greenbean!”

“He looks like a Slopper!” Someone else said somewhere.

Then, suddenly, a hand gripped my arm and I was yanked up until I was out of the cage.

I took deep breaths as I tried to take in my surroundings since I was in a panicked mood.

Everyone laughed around me, cheering and shouting as they observed the newbie that had just arrived.

I was in some short of courtyard like place. The ground was made of stone under the thick grass.

As I left my sitting position and stood up, I looked around.

Many people were saying things to me, shaking my shoulder or yelling and laughing. All the attention was definitely on me.

But I was still focused on finding out where the fuck I was at.

Then I noticed the high walls that surrounded us. Four walls so high that I felt dizzy and unstable because I understood instantly that we were trapped in there.

“What the fuck is happening?” I yelled, shaking in fear and looking at those jerks to try and get an answer. “Where the hell am I?!”

“Relax, Greenie” A blond guy placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. “First you need to slim yourself”

“Fuck off!” I swatted his hand away, not minding his hurt and surprised expression. “Just tell me what the hell is happening!”

“He’ll fit right in!” Someone yelled, making them all laugh.

I didn’t understand what was so funny about it all.

An older boy with dark skin stepped closer and sent me a serious glare.

“What’s your name, boy?”

I opened my mouth to reply when I realized he had called me ‘boy’.

“I’m Y/N, but I’m not a-“

“Let’s give you The Tour right away” He clapped my back and we started to walk as I was still too dazed to stop him.

“Welcome to the Glade, man!” One of them said as we walked away.

I frowned in confusion, feeling like there was something off about the way they treated me. Why did they think I was a boy?!


I rolled my eyes as I had failed to communicate with them for the hundredth time.

Since day one, they had assumed I was a boy. I was just a ‘dude’, a ‘bro’, for them. And while it was nice to feel accepted and included in the Glader family, it still bothered me. Why couldn’t they see I was a girl?!

I had just tried to tell Alby again, but as usual my attempts were useless. Someone had interrupted us and that took the leader’s attention off me for good.

“Shanks…” I mumbled to myself as I watched how Gally and Winston were heatedly arguing and Alby had to intervene.

“I have to say, man…” Minho was suddenly there with me, clapping my shoulder blade with enthusiasm as he grinned at me. “It was great to see you running today”

“Thanks, Minho” I was surprised by his words. That time we ran together because until then each Runner explored a section of the Maze on their own. In fact, we had just arrived from our run. “Am I a good Runner?”

“No, shuck face” He chuckled, placing an arm over my shoulders and smirking at me. “Because it was hilarious, you run like a girl”

He was about to playfully pat me in the chest, but I swatted him away before he could. If only he realized once and for all!

“Maybe because I am a girl” I stared at him gravely, trying to let him know that I was serious. But of course, it didn’t work.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself” The boy nudged me with his shoulder. “You’re almost as fast as I am”

The reason I was a good Runner and Alby and Newt immediately thought I was fit for the job was because I was lighter. I was smaller than them and hence I was faster. Just like Newt was the Keeper of the Runners because he’s slimmer than Minho.

But they didn’t even think about the fact that it had to do with me being a girl. Because they hadn’t realized! The half-wits.

“You mean faster than you are” I corrected him with a cheeky grin.

“Nice try, slinthead” He laughed and proceeded to run away, heading to the Map room.

I sighed, wondering why it was so hard to believe I was actually a girl.

Since I had already done my mapping and would head for the showers later, when I had rested for a while, I walked to one of the trees that was slightly away from the rest of the Gladers and plopped down on it.

I looked down to myself, trying to get something from my looks by examining myself.

Yeah, my chest wasn’t too noticeably female since I was small breasted. So? Girls are allowed to have small breasts!

Then I drove my hands up to my hair, feeling how short it was since it went down to my neck,  barely lower than my ears.

Who says that girls have to have big chests and long hair?

I sighed again, exasperated by their ignorance. Those shanks, holy shuck…

“Y/N!” Someone called, and when I looked up I saw Newt walking towards me.

Next to him was the new boy, and I figured he wanted me to meet him so I stood up reluctantly. I didn’t exacly feel friendly at that moment.

“What’s up, Newt?” I asked even if I knew the answer.

“This lad here is the Greenie” The blond clapped a hand over his shoulder in a friendly way. “Tommy, this is Y/N”

“Newt says you’re a Runner” Thomas started to say to break the ice.

“And one of the best in this bugging place too” Newt grinned his usual grin, but I rolled my eyes.

I was usually a bit grumpy, but after my run I was tired and irritable. And those shanks still ignoring the fact that I was a girl after so long was bothering me more that day than usual.

“And hopefully someday these dimwits will finally realize why I’m the faster fucking Runner in this fucking place” I said with a bitter smile.

Thomas opened his eyes wide, confused by my sudden outburst. Newt just chuckled in amusement even if he was obviously taken aback by it.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” He asked me, crossing his arms over his chest calmly. “You’re quite in a bad mood”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Newt” I shook my head in resignation, starting to walk away as I still faced them. “I’m fan-fucking-tastic. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going for the showers”

I sent them a sarcastic smile before I turned around to face my back to them and proceeded to leave.

“This guy swears like a sailor…” Thomas mumbled as he walked away with Newt.

I let out an exasperated grunt as I stomped my feet on my way to the showers. Maybe that would help me relax and improve my mood.


Luckily, the shower helped me calm down and don’t feel so on edge about the whole situation. Sure, it was annoying that everyone yet believed that I was a guy. But oh well, it could be worse, I guess.

I walked out of the shower and quickly put my clothes back on. My shirt stick to my torso since I was still soaking wet, enhancing my feminine figure as my breasts were more noticeable and so were my wide hips and my narrow waist.

Too lazy to comb my hair, I just passed a hand through it and absently ruffled it.

It was starting to occur to me why the boys didn’t see me as a girl.

With those shaggy clothes, appearance and attitude it was hard to notice. I guessed girls were supposed to be more delicate and feminine, but to hell with that, I was how I was and I liked myself that way.

But to be fair, Thomas was right. I swore a whole fucking lot.

I was about to walk out of the showers and go to the Homestead to chill for a while when something stopped me.

Someone gasped loudly in surprise, and when I looked I saw a messy mop of brown curly hair. Chuck.

I stick my head out of the door and observed him as he ran away.

“It’s a girl!” Chuck ran out of the showers, flailing his arms around and screaming like he had seen a ghost. “It’s a girl!”

I wondered what he was doing there. But I remembered that he used to scare Gally there and knew that was probably it.

But someone had finally noticed! I was so startled by it that I took my time to walk out of the showers and back into the Glade.

I noticed how there was a big racket suddenly and all the boys were running around, trying to find out what Chuck was talking about.

“Y/N is a girl!” The younger boy was running in my direction, pointing a finger at me and staring dumbfounded once he had gathered them.

The rest of the boys were crowding around me, so I decided to enjoy the moment and I smiled at the sight of dozens of boys staring at me in awe.

“Bloody hell!”

“No way!”

“Holy shuck!”

“Yes, I’m a girl, idiots!” I exclaimed, fed up with their treatment towards me and my useless attempts at clearing it up.

The Gladers stared at me, dumbfounded.

“How didn’t we notice before?” Alby wondered, scratching his head in confusion.

“I knew Y/N was a girl’s name…” Fry mumbled under his breath, but I heard.

I took a look at everyone. Mostly, I received shocked glares and wide mouths.

Thomas looked utterly confused. Newt eyed me curiously but startled as well. Alby still smirked, like his opinion of me didn’t change at all. And Minho was just amused.

“You’re still a dude, Y/N” The latter cheerfully told me as he grinned.

He was about to slap me in the chest, used to do so with the other boys. But he remembered that I was a girl, so he hesitated until he eventually clapped my back instead.

“I can’t believe it…” I rolled my eyes at them as I noticed how differently they were seeing me now. “You half-wits…”

I knew that, mostly, their behavior wouldn’t change. Well, maybe Gally’s would.

And even though tiny things would change when they addressed me, some of them wouldn’t. The important things wouldn’t change.

I would still be called a dude or a shank or anything like that. And they would still treat me like a pal.

Those shanks…


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