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Ok I just scrolled all the way down your page 😐 It took me like a whole day cause I had to stop and take a moment every time I saw sheith art and omg I can't decide what I love more about you...your unusual love for kuro (I feel you) or your wonderful drawings of sheith or your cute answers to asks and prompts...everything about it is amazing!!! Please never stop drowning and making mini comic series 🙏 you're extremely good at it 🖤🖤

Thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥ *-*


Female characters from TV/Animation DC Universe

+ bonus (for lack of space and also I did this at 6am and kinda forgot them)


get to know me meme: [3/10] male characters » James “Logan” Howlett (Wolverine)

“That story you told me … About the man who gets flowers for the moon. I had it backwards. I thought you were the Moon and I was your Wolverine… But you’re the Trickster, aren’t you? I’m just the fool who got played. Worst part of it is I should have known… And I ignored my instincts … I ignored what I really am … That won’t ever happen again …”

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Hiii! I'm the Anon who wrote that long message with the prompt request. Can I get 77 w/ Jungkook? Thx -Anon Gears (can I become a regular Anon??)

No Refunds (JungshOOK x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Um…somebody broke that.”

Summary: The first time you meet Jungkook, he ruins a display you spent hours making. But he’s cute and adorably embarrassed, so you make the most out of the situation.

Word count: 1.3k words

Originally posted by a8ustd

You stared at the messy, unorganized space around you, wishing your shift would just end faster. The quaint art supply shop you worked in was rarely busy, let alone on a Wednesday afternoon. You took the job because you needed to fund your university career, plus you supported small businesses.

But your boss was scatterbrained and failed to inventory the store properly, leaving most of the mess to you. Plus, he always insisted on having beautiful window displays, so for the majority of your shift today, you slaved over creating a hanging paper sculpture.

A wave of origami pieces were suspended midair using fishing wire. The colours were pastel to match the spring weather outside. The whole thing was beautiful and terribly decorated, so you shouldn’t have been surprised when the display was immediately destroyed.

Two boys around your age burst into the store, barely sparing you a glance from where you stood behind the cash register, as they chattered excitedly. You observed them openly, since you had nothing better to do. The one standing nearest to you was tall and well built, but had a babyish face–dramatically round eyes and pouty lips. His friend was even taller, and had surprisingly similar facial features.

“Dude, why are we even here? Can you even do art?” the taller one asked as he followed his friend through the tiny, messy aisles.

“The fuck, Yugyeom?” the other boy replied indignantly. “Haven’t you seen me draw before? I am the Art God.”

“Ok, buddy,” Yugyeom scoffed. “If you’re gonna buy something, hurry up. I have class in like, fifteen minutes.”

The two boys rounded the store, approaching the front once again. You held your breath as they neared the window display. The artist friend browsed through a marker display, testing a few on the sample pad below.

“Bro, these Copic markers cost more than me,” the boy sighed.

“There’s a pack here on sale,” his tall friend pointed out from a few feet away.

“No way!” he replied, spinning around excitedly.

Time seemed to pass in slow motion as you watched the disaster unfold.

The boy whipped around, searching for the discounted pack of markers a few feet away from him. As he turned, he stepped back to get a better view of the aisle, completely disregarding the delicate display inches away from where he stood. His backpack got caught on several of the strings and origami sculptures. And as he turned quickly, he ripped them away, sending some of the paper sculptures flying across the store.

The pressure from the boy’s spin also caused the mount every single origami sculpture to collapse. You stared, oddly detached, as you watched your labour tumble to the ground with a loud crash.

The two boys froze, and the store was silent, save for the radio playing softly in the background.

Eventually, you stepped away from the cash register and approached the two boys, who both were staring wide-eyed at the broken display.

“Jungkook, you idiot,” Yugyeom hissed, his eyes darting in between you and the broken window display. “You fucker.”

“So, what happened here?” you asked pleasantly, trying to dispel the burning rage inside you.

“Um…somebody broke that,” Jungkook replied in a tight voice, a fiery blush blooming over his cheeks as he turned to look at you.

“I can see that,” you smiled.

“I’m so, so sorry,” Jungkook blurted out, his eyes still comically wide. “Like I’m so sorry. I’ll pay–no I don’t have any money. I’ll help you fix it!”

You raised an eyebrow at this suggestion. “It took me five and a half hours to make that.”

“You made that!? Holy shit!” Jungkook explained, his expression worsening. “Fuck, I’m so sorry! I’ll do anything. I’m not–I don’t–fuck! Just tell me what I can do.”

“It’s okay, I guess,” you shrugged. “I still have a few hours left of my shift. I’ll just try to…repair what’s left.”

“I swear I can help!” Jungkook cried–although it sounded more like a wail. “I feel so bad about this!”

Normally, you wouldn’t really consider making a customer stay back and help clean up the mess they made. But this customer–Jungkook, apparently–seemed legitimately apologetic and inappropriately guilty. Plus, you just realized he was incredibly good looking and didn’t want to turn down the company.

“Well, if you insist,” you replied. “Let me grab the origami paper. Better prepare for an incredibly boring next two hours.”

“You two have fun,” Yugyeom said, slowly backing away from the mess. “I have class. Jungkook, don’t fuck up more than you already have.”

“Amen,” you muttered, as you walked down a few aisles to locate the cheapest origami paper pack you had.

“How many times can I say I’m sorry!” Jungkook cried, watching his friend who slipped out of the store as quickly as he could. Soon, the store was quiet again, the atmosphere tense. When you returned with your hands full, Jungkook was staring at the ground, his cheeks still flushed.

You tossed him a pack of origami paper, which he fumbled to catch. His eyes darted back up.

“Look,” he began, pausing to peer at your name tag. “Y/N. I’m really, really sorry. I feel really bad about destroying your art.”

“Honestly, I don’t really have any emotional attachment to a window display I made in two minutes’ notice,” you laughed. “Just help me make a few origami sculptures, and we’ll be even.”

So, for the rest of your shift, you and Jungkook hunched over the cash, deftly folding origami paper into pretty little shapes. Surprisingly, Jungkook was quite skilled and didn’t need any instructions. While you worked, you exchanged little tidbits of information about each other.

Turns out, you both attended the same university. Jungkook was a year under you–studying business–and roomed with a few friends nearby.

He sang along quietly to the radio while you worked (“You have a beautiful voice,” you had said to him. After spluttering and blushing terribly, he replied, “Thank you. I’m minoring in music, actually.”).

When the next employee came to take over, they eyed the impromptu workstation you had set up suspiciously.

“This kid destroyed the display, so he’s helping rebuild it,” you explained. “But I’m done here, and so is he. So I’ll leave the rest to you.”

And so you shed your smock and your name tag and promptly scurried out of the store with Jungkook on your heels.

“Is it okay to leave the display like that?” he asked, concern lacing his voice.

“It’s fine. Plus that guy was late to his shift last week, and I had to stay behind for an extra hour,” you said, feeling a little petty. “Thanks for your help, Jungkook. I’ll see you around, I guess.”

“Yeah, see you,” he said, sending you an adorable smile that revealed his bunny teeth. And so you parted ways.

You were working the following Wednesday. And like every other Wednesday afternoon, the store was empty. But a few hours before your shift ended, the door chimed as a customer walked in. Your head shot up–you definitely weren’t dozing off–and your eyes widened at the sight of Jungkook waltzing into the store.

“Hi,” he said with a small smile. Jungkook walked right up the cash and leaned against the edge of the counter. The muscles of his arms bulged as he did so, and you were fairly certain that it was on purpose. “I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

“Yeah, sure,” you replied, your curiosity piquing.

“I was looking for something, and I think you have it. I want a date,” Jungkook said, blushing faintly, “with you. You and me–a date. Yeah?”

“Yeah, I think I can do that,” you smiled. “No refunds or exchanges. This is final sale.”

“I’ll take it,” Jungkook laughed, his face illuminated with a wide smile.

These days, Jungkook helped you make the window displays for fun. Turned out, he actually did have a knack for art. Your boss was seriously considering hiring Jungkook, but you dissuaded him from doing it. After all, you’d rather have Jungkook all to yourself.

- Girl in Luv

That’s it! Thanks for requesting!!!! And yes, be our regular anon, that’s so cute (and sorry this took us like 5 years to get to omg). If you’re wondering why my characters are always cashiers, it’s because I work part-time as one lmao. I was feeling some awkwardly cute JK. Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for reading 🤓

“I know” [Jaebum x Reader]

request by an anon :) Heya could I request a jaebum fluff where him and his gf had a petty argument and she has her back to him and refuses to cuddle him in bed and he’s being all soft whispering in her ear and caressing her body until she does >_< sorry it’s so specific but I love ur writing thank u!!!!

a/n sorry this took so long! I didn’t see it in my inbox among all the new messages omg. Forgive me ~ JJ 

length: 839 words

I know!” “I’m just saying you if you know I hate then why do you always do it.” You said pointing to Jaebum’s jacket, bag and sweater dropped on the floor making a small trail to the chair he was sitting in. “I’ll pick it up later. I’m tired right now.” You were already in a bad mood just from your entire day being a mess. “No it’s fine I’ll just pick it up.” You said with a sarcastically happy voice. “Like I always do.” You mumbled quietly, but not quietly enough. “I said I would do it. You don’t have to be so passive-aggressive. I’ll do it now if you want.” He said frustrated and getting up to pick up his things. But you were faster and collected them in a small, neat pile in the corner. “No, it’s fine. See. All clean. Just like how I left it.” You said squinting your eyes at him. “Okay. Guess I got up for nothing.” He said, now plopping onto your couch. “Had you just done it like this the first time you wouldn’t have had to get up. But don’t worry I won’t be asking you to move again, just stay nice and comfy over there.You said as you walked off to your room. 

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Hi. I felt like I creep I spent the whole day reading all your Voltron Family AU prompts. And when I say all, I mean all 44 pages in your blog. It was a lot but so worth it. I cried, I laughed and cried again. It's just so fluffy and wholesome I felt like I witnessed a whole family grow. If I could give a prompt, what if one of the daddies caught one of the boys watching lewd videos? Hilarity ensues, I hope? :) Thank you again and you're amazing for doing this for a year!

Dude. OMG? That’s hella lot. I hope you took a break and all that. But thank you! This dedication makes me smile :’D <3

[The Voltron Family] It was Lance. Of course it had to be Lance out of his two boys. Hunk wouldn’t do such a thing, that perfect angel of his. Lance, however, Keith knew one day it was going to happen but not this early.

Keith was walking down the hallway after doing his business in the bathroom when he passed by Lance’s room. The door was slightly opened and he saw his son watching… lewd videos. Keith’s eyes widened in shock and quickly made his way back to the master bedroom, a hand on his chest. He couldn’t tell Shiro about it, it was embarrassing enough that he saw it himself. 

He had to deal with this alone.

So he walked back to Lance’s room quickly and knocked. He heard “Uh! Just a sec!” and Keith had to close his eyes and prayed to all the possible gods that could hear him. After a loud strained “Come in!” from Lance, Keith went inside and saw that Lance’s laptop displayed Google homepage. Of all things! A Google homepage. How lame could his son even get?

Keith: *eyes the bed suspiciously and sits down beside Lance* Sweetheart.
Lance: Hmmmm? *smiles*
Keith: You’re 15 now. *furrows eyebrows*
Lance: I am aware, yes. *nods*
Keith: *gulps* There are things that are—well… inevitable, you could say. You’re at the peak of your curiosity and you tend to… well, for the lack of better word, get curious about things—certain things. And you might think there’s only a linear way to get things done, but you see, that’s not really the case. 
Lance: *confused* Daddy Keith, I’m not quite sure I’m following?
Keith: *sighs and looks up* I’m a damn best-selling author and I can’t even articulate words. Oh my god. I’ll need reinforcements. 

And by reinforcements, Keith meant Shiro. He quickly told his husband about it and he was expecting Shiro to be shocked, but instead, he was highly amused. They both went back to Lance’s bedroom and faced their son.

Shiro: *smirks* Your Daddy Keith saw you watching por—
Keith:lewd videos. I caught you watching lewd videos.
Lance: *blushes in embarrassment* *buries face in his hands* Oh my god. 
Shiro: *laughs* Don’t be embarrassed, Lance. *stops to rethink* Actually, no, you should be embarrassed. It’s pretty much the law that you need to lock your door when you’re planning on watching… *looks at Keith pointedly* lewd stuff.
Keith: *crosses arms* *mouths* Thank. You.
Lance: I don’t know what came over me. I kinda just—
Shiro: *hums in amusement* That’s what we all say.
Keith: Shiro. Not helping. *glares*
Shiro: *chuckles* Okay, but seriously. It’s normal. You’re a teenage boy and we’ve all been there.
Lance: *snorts* Yeah, I could understand you. But Daddy Keith probably hasn’t even wat—
Keith: *still crossing his arms while shifting his weight* I have.
Lance: *head snaps towards Keith* YOU WHAT?
Shiro: *smirks while looking at Keith*
Keith: *gulps and looks away* I had to find out somehow that I’m ace, yknow?
Lance: Ohohohoh! So, what? It didn’t work for you?
Keith: *groans* Yeah, it didn’t. Nothing did. 
Lance: Oh my god. *chuckles* So how do you get rid of it then? *glances at Shiro and comes to a realization* Oh my god. Does Daddy Shi—
Keith: I take a cold shower, okay?! *panics* What were you even thinking?!
Lance: *laughs* I wasn’t even thinking of—
Keith: Yes, you were! And to answer that, no
Lance: Oh. *looks at Shiro expectantly*
Shiro: *winks*
Keith: Takashi, stop giving our son the wrong idea. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: *pouts* He takes a cold shower… with me. *winks*
Keith: Oh my god. *has had enough* Your father and I don’t do anything in the showers aside from showering just to clear that up.
Shiro: Boo. You’re no fun. *frowns*
Keith: Who even is the child here? *points at Shiro and Lance* *shakes head*
Lance: *goes to hug Shiro* It’s okay, Daddy Shiro. One day, you and Daddy Keith will have fun in the showers.
Shiro: *hugs back* *sniffs dramatically* I hope so, too, Lance. I just want a little hugging and kissing—
Keith: I’m right here!!!
Lance: *looks at Keith* *laughs* Sorry, what was it again?
Keith: What I was trying to say all along was, in case you want to have other options when we’re all at home, you should just take a long cold shower.
Shiro: Or clench your thigh muscles really hard if you wanna go the medical way, yknow just to give you more options aside from the shower. *thoughtful*
Lance: *steps back* Wow. All of these just because I accidentally clicked an ad and I didn’t know how to get rid of it, so it started playing a video.
Keith: YOU WHAT?
Lance: *laughs* Yeah, my bad, my bad. But yeah, honestly thanks for the tips I guess? I’ll keep them in mind. 
Shiro: *smiles* Oh, also, peeing. 
Keith: *looks at Shiro in disbelief*
Shiro: What? In case of morning problems! 

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Fave Tumblr users?!😍

hi! sorry this took me a few days to answer!

i have sooo many favorite tumblr users, so in an effort not to make this an actual follow forever, i scrolled through my following list and just picked the users that stood out to me. these are all mutuals who i’ve spoken to at least once and always make me smile when i see them on my dash! they’re all bts/kpop blogs btw, so if that’s what you’re looking for then you won’t be disappointed by these blogs:

@taepott / @velvethoseok / @mylovejhs / @jinandtonics / @pbandj-hope / @myg / @gukjoon / @2seoke / @2awake / @war-of-hormoan / @hobintae / @ttaegiis  / @y8n-gi / @1honeybf / @jjeonguk / @minyoongihoseok / @pansugah / @chimchim-cheree / @jungkooknoises / @yeonqimin / @itsjinmin / @jeonjiah / @jiminsmrs / @jnghobi / @lightsilvermin / @bwiboo / @sunshinehobs / @deletaed / @hiimcaroline / @hipsterminseok / @wonws / @yoongiski / @eatkookiie / @withnosuchgrace / @safejimin / @roseok / @fuckmybiaslist / @doona-baes / @sugaswagdaddy / @vitaminjin / @trickstersweet@blameblamebts / @agustdia / @ffsnamjoon / @yoongkitty / @cosyjeon

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Hey babe, do you remember the person who met their bff because of ridiculous robbery? Yeah, I’m back to tell you how I met my OTHER bff: highschool, once more, I had just arrived late for my first period, PE. I was searching for the teacher to get my name on the list when I stumble with this guy I had never had talked before, somehow our circles never mingled... 1/?

but we are both looking for the teacher and we start talking, really casual and goofy, and I noticed he’s holding one of his arms in a strange way but I don’t say anything about it. We are laughing when this tiny girl from our classroom came running, stops next to him and she’s fREAKING OUT she screams “YOUR ARM IS BROKEN! DID YOU FIND THE TEACHER?” 2/?

and I turn to this precious idiot and scream “YOUR ARM IS BROKEN?” and he’s like “haha yeah I fell while playing volley” like no big fucking deal. And now me and tiny girl are both freaking out and screaming and I want him to sit down and he’s all laughing and holding his fucking broken arm away from his body and the teacher finally shows up from wherever the fuck she was like “what’s going on??” 3/?

and me and tiny sCREAMING “HE BROKE HIS ARM DO SOMETHING OMG” so she took him away and we don’t see him until next day when he has his arm all properly bandaged you know, and he told me he felt the pain but he had broken his arm before so he wasn’t in shock from it and managed to be functional the whole time 4/5

and I was like BRO, YOU DUMB PRECIOUS CHILD. I only make friends when bad things happen (I’ll tell you that ALL my friends are my bffs… I’m a slut for bffs). Once again, hope this train wreck brightens your day and you NEVER make friends the fucked up way I do. Be a normal person, go talk to strangers on the internet. Like you’re doing right now. Excellent. (but, seriously, keep being your precious self) 5/5

I want friends like that, like wow, that sounds like such a fun way too make friends.


Make me Choose Meme

Asked by shiroyoh - Luffy or Ace
Asked by indyctator - Luffy being an idiot or Luffy being hella serious and kicking butts
A pissed off Luffy (*‿*✿)
Mistakes you made | one

Bucky x Reader

Summary: in which Bucky breaks up with you because of an insecurity. 

Word Count: 1326 | Rating: G [not for part 2 tho]

 Warnings: Yelling, cursing 

 A/N: Now if you need a part two, I can do it 😀😀😀 I s2g this was supposed to be just a prompt omg. I thought about this prompt all day (now you know why it took me so fuckng long) + I’m on the phone which makes it 100x difficult to write so Sorry for any typos. And I have two more prompts in my ask box, and I promise I’ll do them tomorrow (don’t worry and I’m sorry Annonies, if you’re read this)  I’m a very irresponsible writer, with no hope 😞😭 and if you stick around with me in spite of that then I want to thank y'all 🙏🏼

Requested by: @frenchtherainbow thank you, you’ve officially brought out the angst in me 🙃😭

Masterlist here

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makoto saw a beautiful creature one day

and know he is truly in love with him

i saw this and i couldnt resist


clizzy // make you feel 

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"Hypaa, my love who is thinking they can pry me away from you? There is nothing in this world could make me want to leave you, not even a 'madwoman' could manage this." Ignis asked, giving the madwoman anon a very strong judging look.

OMG, BAE *throws self at him*


*sits up, checks his eyes to make sure they’re not Ardyn’s*

… sry boo I had to make sure of something… I had a weird run in with a dude earlier today and… WELL ANYWAY I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE

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you are literally the cutest human in existence. i forgot the name of your blog after tumblr mobile shut down on me, and it took me three days to find you again but i'm so happy i did oh my gosh 💙💙 your writing is fantastic tysm for doing all of this and for being wonderful ^-^

Originally posted by wickedchrissy

(I legit spend a long moment just flailing my hands and making noises at my laptop because you robbed me of the ability to string coherent words together)

Thank you so, so very much lovely, you are so sweet and kind <3 <3 I am so happy you enjoy what I do, I will keep doing my best! And thank you for being so wonderful yourself! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day <3