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Do you often hang out with other members from Port Mafia?

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Don’t Drink & Drive

On this day in 2004, my brother Dan (and his friend) were killed when a drunk driver ran a red light going 80mph. Two other people in the car had serious injuries, and took years to fully recover.

Dan was 9 years older than me, and had a huge influence on my life. All the art, animation, and video games you see on this blog? Dan got me started on them.  I saw him drawing, so I did it. I saw him watching cartoons, so I did (we both liked GI Joe). Video games? Fucking forget it, that’s all we did. I was always Luigi, and I always ran out of lives first. The reason I have gerbils? Dan had two, and I loved them, so I went and got two.

He was 27 years old when we lost him. He had a job filming, which he had always loved. He was going to get married to a girl he met in Japan, who he fell in love with while traveling/filming for the military. Picking her up at the airport, so I could take her to the funeral, is still one of the most heart-breaking things I ever had to do.

He never got to meet his nieces and nephews, or my husband. His career was just getting started. He was a huge Star Wars nut… He didn’t get to see “Revenge of the Sith”, because it came out a year after he died. He really wanted to play Resident Evil 4, too.

So many big and little things he didn’t get to do, or experience.

My parents having to bury him. My dad having to drive me to and from college because he died right before finals. My sister having to drop every cent she had so she could get a plane ticket from CA to PA. My Grandma, 86 years old, sitting with all the flowers at his viewing, crying, because he was her first grandchild.

All that happened because someone drank too much. They didn’t feel like waiting for a ride home. They didn’t think they could hurt anyone, or they simply didn’t care. One selfish, poor choice, ended two lives. Hundreds were left to mourn the loss the rest of their lives.

In 2015, 10,265 people died in drunk driving crashes. Thousands more, like me, were left behind to watch the aftermath.

tldr: Don’t drink and drive. Don’t let the people you know drink and drive. Take the keys, let them get mad and yell at you. Call people out on it. It saves lives, and it prevents suffering. That’s all I can do: Beg you to do those things, and hope you listen.


CADYN KING IS a transfer student from america. He lives with his recently divorced father in a small home a little bit up the street from Marinette’s bakery. cadyn is a little fluent in french and is able to make small conversation with the other. he currently college francois-dupont to continue his language studies as he simultaneously tries to reach his goal of becoming a racer, like his father once was. he is usually seen helping out at his father’s mechanic shop on weekends if he doesn’t do any social activities. 

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this took me longer than im willing to admit but hey happy halloween everyone! I was trying to think of costumes lucy and natsu might wear and i just? Nick and judy? anyways hope you all have a spook-tacular night! 

It took me more than I thought but I’m pretty happy! That should be my entry for the Splatoon Aniversary Collab but could not finish in time (what was a good too so I could work more to get a better result).

2 days late but I had to make something to this awesome game that give me so much fun for one whole year and for sure will keep going for long! Happy 1st year of Splatton to all you squids! <3

I made a gift art for @erra-day of their OC Sphan, because I really love his design, especially the tattoos are so awesome! And I like his hair as well, haha~
In the end it didn’t took me as long as I thought, but I’m still goddamn slow at drawing XD So I hope the “tattoos” are all right and maybe someday I’m also going to draw another OC, well I don’t know. :D

And btw, is my english right? :x


I swear that this wasn’t supposed to happen, that this was supposed to be a senpai frisk only au but @aworldofcrossovermuses made me weak because they mentioned yandere chara, so hello, this happened.

I’m calling this Underyandere, you all aren’t going to stop me. These drawings took me two days to make, and I still need to draw Drama Club Mettaton and other rivals that will attempt to claim frisk’s heart.

So the cast me and @aworldofcrossovermuses made… obviously Chara as Yandere-Chan, Frisk as Senpai, Asriel as Rival-chan, Toriel as the teacher, Sans….I’m not sure yet…, Papyrus cooking club leader, Undyne is the martial arts leader, Alphys as the science club leader??? There’s still more but meh this all I could remember for now.

I’m trash, bye.


“Today, someone showed me kindness

when all I’d ever shown was genocide.

So, it’s your lucky day Gaster, because I won’t let them down.”

Holy crap guys, I am so sorry that I took so long with this. I have a bit of carpal tunnel going on, and today it finally gave me a little break.

I was absolutely losing my damn mind not being able to draw and work on this, and I am sorry if I let any of you down.

Also, thank you to everyone who gave me kind words towards my hand. That was really sweet :)

Regardless, here’s Act 2 Part 7 of It’s Still You.


The Series

(Bonus: Poor Chara)

Friendly reminder that Mark has sEEN MY FACE OH MY GO D

I was watching old vids
and then the 8 mil one came on
and i was like ohhhh boyyyy here come the feels man
and this one was recommended!! So i decided to watch again c:
(Man this drawing took forever… I was so proud of it too, but then it ended up being really light :/ )

I never let a day go by without being thankful for this man and all his goofiness. And what hes done for me, personally me. Hes answered me on here (remember that long ass message with thousands of notes about how even though I’m one, I’m special? And the videos he posted about how “you are important. every single one of you”? And the tweets? Yeah. T'was I. And that saved my life.) and made me laugh, but most importantly, hes been a friend. And that is so so special

If I EVER get the chance to meet him irl, I will DEFINITELY let him know immediately that that message saved me.

Love you Merkimerr

Ok, so I was going to draw something for the Sans and Papyrus Drop Pop Candy cover (I still am) However, once I heard @0chromat‘s version of Kagerou Days  I couldn’t keep myself away! This was so intimidating to make (since I’m not really experienced with animation) but it was a lot of fun to make!

Also i apologize for the gif being all wonky. Something went wrong in the saving process. 

Yes she has!

Well would you look at that? Me? Posting art? You’re not dreaming!

Thought I’d dust off the ol’ tablet and contribute some more Pearlmethyst fluff to this website! This is somewhat my 1000 subscriber gift to you guys! I’m going to try my darnedest to start drawing again and KEEP drawing! This took me pretty much all day (even though its simply a redraw) so I’m looking to get rid of the rust! Hope you guys enjoy and thanks again for following this goofy fan blog!!!

Nathan and I spent our first Valentine’s Day in a blanket fort binge watching Scrubs, drawing together, and eating take out.

Little did I know that before we took it down, Nathan took a panorama of the entire fort.

Today, before we left to drop him off at the bus station to go back home after visiting me for a week, he surprised me with this drawing he did.

I wish you all were there so you’d know how accurate this entire scene was.

I spent the rest of the morning looking at the photo, crying, and feeling overwhelmed with a melancholy bittersweetness because I had to say goodbye to the one person who makes me feel the happiest, but also a sense of extreme gratitude and love because despite the terrible year I’ve been having, I am so lucky to be able to have someone like him beside me.

Im sorry for not drawing some quality content, since all Ive been doing is uploading sketches and rebloging random stuff, so have a meme. So here is my story:
Dat Boi took at least 5 spread out days, a couple of hours each day. During the process, i have thought about stopping the production of this masterpiece. I lost hope everytime it came around to 9 pm, but i kept going. This was going to be a gif til i realized that would take me a year
Oh and the background took me like 5 minutes
( @yoshinator5000 look at my masterpiece)

if anyone wants to know how much i am suffering

the entire base lineart took me last evening/night to do, and the left 1/3 of the line thickening/extra details has taken me all day so far and i’m still not even done with that 1/3

so i gotta go through the entire rest of the drawing and fill in the lineart and THEN color it and make backgrounds and edit it all into a video and hoooo my god i am suffering so much rn maika i love your hair but why

Day two of johndave week!

This took me all day to figure out, but this is an AU i’m working on called Fishbones.

If recommending fics is an advised thing to do, I read Sing A Rainbow for a third time today, and it’s still beautiful. Written by the amazing @khemi!!