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War and Peace (2016) — Episode Four

“We must live. We must love. And, we must believe that there’s more to it all than our lives on this scrap of earth. There’s something else out there— It is true, Andrei. 

You must believe it.”

♡ Little Lover Pt. 3

Okie okie the smut is about to begin I know y’all have been wanting it. ;) I’ve been pretty busy with school rn so it might take a while to post more hehe. I hope you don’t mind! Anyways enjoy!

♡ Genre: Angst/Smut, High School!AU

♡ Pairing: Seokjin x reader

♡ Word Count: 2.6k

♡ Contains: dom!Seokjin, daddy kink, spanking, handjob, fellatio

♡ Summary: A bit of jealously sparks as you start to become friendly with Jungkook, your new classmate. Professor Seokjin cannot bare that fact and must punish you for it.~

Part One | Part Two 

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What's wrong with sixpenceee? No hate intended, just curious because I don't know.

go in the tag its been happening for years and you could only not know by turning a blind eye to it (like i also did). her whole blog is THIS BADDIE IS CREEPY SCARY BECAUSE THEYRE A PSYCHO KILLER WITH MENTAL ILLNESS, ALSO BUY MY OVERPRICED STOLEN ARTWORK SHITTY SHIRTS WITH UNORIGINAL STOLEN QUOTES! plus she’s bullied people off the site a few times too, and personally i find anyone with a fanbase on here pretty up themself

and thats just before the recent ‘pay me $30 so i can suck my own dick’ thing im glad the whole site is accepting how exploitative she is, kinda transparent how it took for her bringing greed into her ableism for tumblr to actually care. shes been doing her shit stories and quirky science for ages despite two callouts out

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Ok so Seb's homophobic. We're not gnna talk about all the gay characters he's played (when he clearly could have said no to doing that) because he is definitely homophobic..

A list of super homophobic things Seb has done

- played 3 canonically gay roles

- made a point of emphasizing that his character in kings was more than just ‘the gay character’: “Is it really a big deal for a network to have a gay character anymore? The question is whether or not Jack can be an influential political figure by being who he is.” [x]

- liked several “love wins” photos on IG when same sex marriage was legalised

- said he doesn’t have a problem with fans shipping stucky, and can understand why people might interpret the relationship that way

amscai replied to your post: “Rowan!” the girl exclaimed in excitement once her…

“Oh bite me!” she laughed with amusement, leaning back in her chair. “But I know the feel. Been working so much lately; thinking of finding another job that’s closer to the house, but not sure yet.” After all, it took her ages to find a new job, so she’d keep this current one while she had it. “So what’s new with you, anyway? C'mon, spill~!”

                   "Same thing, honestly! Trying to get some stuff sorted out around here. I got a more solid job but god it’s depressing. Working til midnight then back in at six am – All I wanna do is go back out travelling. I miss seeing the world damn it!“


This took me so long to make omg 
So with the new ethnicities revealed, I decided to make my own face claims for the High School Story crew! Honestly the hardest FC’s to find were for Autumn (there weren’t many Navajo young female actresses… the girl who is her FC is actually Iroquois, I’m so sorry!), Ezra (his FC is Barbadian but he’s a bit older than High School age), Wes (It was hard to find the actor actually acting and not posed) and Sakura (It was hard to find someone that embodied her personality!)

The quote is one I found online from Julian :) I hope you guys enjoy it!

The FC’s: 
Autumn: Q'orianka Kilcher
Julian: Tyler Posey
Ezra: Hal Linton
Payton: Coco Jones
Mia: Nicola Peltz
Wes: Evan Williams
Nishan: Suraj Sharma
Sakura: Yui Aragaki

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people acting like "because the twins didn't know that they were working for hydra then they aren't neo-nazis"??? You totally missed the point my friend, the problem is that joss whedon seems to want to insult every group who suffered mass murder in the holocaust. He compares Loki, who is bi and trans with hitler, then he erases the background of Wanda and Pietro, who are romani and jew, and made them subjects of a undercover nazi organization.

And that’s the biggest problem here. Because Captain America was already created to combat Nazis in the original comics and the Maximoff twins were always written as Romani Whedon had to go out of his way to mess up this badly.  (Some people like to repeat the party line that twins couldn’t have possibly been Romani Jewish in the MCU because Magneto belongs to Fox rn. The problem is however that the twins didn’t always know they were Magneto’s kids). They still could have been given Romani Jewish parents but with different names.

Back to your assertion that he wants to insult those who suffered mass murder in the Holocaust our followers might need a reminder that gay men definitely were persecuted.  

So we know that Whedon has a tendency to use allusions to Hitler (hit the read more for the Loki as Hitler bit) but he doesn’t know how to handle them properly. And I mean this isn’t just completely irresponsible storytelling, this is actually taking the suffering of those targeted during the Holocaust and erasing it but still using elements of WWII when it suits his needs. So yeah I totally agree with you Nonny.

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