it took me ages to find that quote

Cullen doodle - I was lost in darkness and you came, all light and fire, like a beacon in my life

I know this isn’t a real quote from the game but idc, that’s what I imagine he was thinking at the moment.

It took me a while to decide myself and draw Cullen. I love this character so much, I never was happy the way I drew him, plus I find his features really difficult to draw. So I took the opportunity of my current references drawing training, and used many pictures of celebrities I like in order to inspire me step by step.

Because of that, the eyes aren’t right and still look like the one of the model I used, but I’ll continue training and I’ll figure this out.


This took me so long to make omg 
So with the new ethnicities revealed, I decided to make my own face claims for the High School Story crew! Honestly the hardest FC’s to find were for Autumn (there weren’t many Navajo young female actresses… the girl who is her FC is actually Iroquois, I’m so sorry!), Ezra (his FC is Barbadian but he’s a bit older than High School age), Wes (It was hard to find the actor actually acting and not posed) and Sakura (It was hard to find someone that embodied her personality!)

The quote is one I found online from Julian :) I hope you guys enjoy it!

The FC’s: 
Autumn: Q'orianka Kilcher
Julian: Tyler Posey
Ezra: Hal Linton
Payton: Coco Jones
Mia: Nicola Peltz
Wes: Evan Williams
Nishan: Suraj Sharma
Sakura: Yui Aragaki