it took me about 3 hours

Here’s the full transcript of Mark talking Darkiplier in the livestream

(Time approx. 3 hours, 52 minutes to 4 hours, 4 minutes into the stream. And, yes, this took forever). Thought you’d like this, maybe.

I’ve bolded stuff I find especially interesting.


Mark: Long ago, a long time ago, I liked to do these scary edits because I just felt like doing scary edits and this is how Darkiplier got born. And then what happened was over time Darkiplier became less and less about the scary figure and more about this romantic figure, and it always rubbed me the wrong way. And I kind of shied away from Darkiplier for a while. And I really really really- if I was going to bring Darkiplier, and when we thought about this, we thought, okay there should be a Darkiplier route. And that was there from the beginning, and so when I wanted to do it I wanted to do it my way, and I wanted to do it right, and I wanted to have this unending level of creepiness. And at the same time, I didn’t want to step on the toes of Antisepticeye because I know there’s a big fan base of that, and I didn’t want to get in the way of that at all and I really don’t care that there’s more than one dark personalities of people. But when I saw the opportunity to have this character here, I spent like 8 hours editing this, like just meticulously every single RBG. This is a layer, we green screened this one, I color corrected it, I separated the RBG layers I added the shakes and glitchiness every frame. I worked on the voice, too. The voice took me the longest to figure out. Like the shakes! And my computer was dying this whole time cause I put my effects on here.

Tyler: The amount of time you had to spend rendering this.

Mark: And so, the audio’s actually three separate layers. It would have been two, but Kathryn helped me out on that one to make it more clear. It’s a normal pitched layer that’s edited, echoed, reverbed, mastered, and convoluted which means it’s just thrown off to the left and right, and then it’s a deep layer of that. But then to make it really come together- it didn’t live without this center channel that wasn’t convoluted but was centered. But getting that voice right was so pinnacle, so paramount to what I wanted to come out of this. And we did like thirty minutes of shooting various versions of me talking to the camera and I wanted to pick the exact dialogue that really kind of gave away my idea of what Dark is in not a terribly obvious way.

Tyler: The other thing, this was supposed to all be one video.

Mark: But YouTube annotations, this new version doesn’t allow you to link the same video multiple times, so these are literally the old videos that I first did when Darkiplier first came about, like, these are the ones, especially this one here, and then this is my cheap knockoff Darkiplier.

Amy: Canon Darkiplier.

Mark: Canon Darkiplier. And I’m going to readily admit something. I joked about Darkiplier because it didn’t seem like something people wanted to take seriously, and I’m okay with that on certain aspects but it had diverged into multiple different facets and multiple different personalities, and everyone had their own version of Darkiplier, and I thought it was hilarious that, “Hey, here’s my version of Darkiplier, and he’s an idiot.” Like, he’s just this weird emo kid. And then I stepped back from that, like, I stepped back. And you can even- in that time, when I was doing those videos, in this era, I was not very happy. I was kind of… I was pessimistic about a lot of things. And I felt like that bled through in a lot of things I did. And that’s why even October of last year I literally made Darkiplier an emo character. And then when we were getting to this, I thought about it like very carefully and I thought back to why I did it originally, and I did it originally because, well, Darkiplier wasn’t even a thing. Darkiplier was not a thing when I was making those videos. I just wanted to make some creepy stuff. And then I thought about that, and I was like if I want to make a statement about who this is, I need to own that and I need to put something out there that is not ambiguous, because I realize that’s where I went wrong. I didn’t have a solid character so obviously, people would come up with their own versions, they would fill in the gaps where they saw fit. So, when I made this I had to embrace it fully and fine-tune it down to exactly where I wanted. When you choose the “fake” choice carrying through to this one, I really wanted that to come through, except at the end to this video, where it gets silly, but that’s because the real me comes in and the real me’s an idiot. And I’ve actually watched this over and over again because I’m listening to the takes I put in here and I’m listening to my inflection and my tone, my demeanor and I’m imagining like how to refine it better next time when I bring him back, like how to do it better.

Tyler: I remember now, I set up the table.

Mark: Yeah, you did. You set up the table we had to change it out for clear glasses because the green screen was reflecting through. But yeah, even this, like the intersplices of anger, and this is me getting real deep in the meta of Darkiplier, like if that’s even a thing that can be- let me just pause it here. I don’t read too much into this but if there’s something that I want to take seriously, I want to actually do right. So, in my mind, Darkiplier is an entirely different person from me. But, much like Warfstache, doesn’t obey the laws of physics. He exists in another world entirely and bleeds through into this one. This is sounding really nerdy of me.

Tyler: I remember the Warfstache talk.

Mark: So Completely unironically, Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who I am. But, he admires what I’ve accomplished, and he’s very much… people picked up on this, and people thought it was really creepy, because it’s what I wanted. He’s a social manipulator. He is literally, 100% manipulative. He leads you into this false sense of security, and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you. That is literally what I wanted for Darkiplier. And how creepy and scary that actually is from the surface. Especially in this first bit, where he says, “If dinner is what you want, then I can provide.” And I wanted this to come across in a seductive way while also masking, like, this burning rage inside that breaks through the suave nature of it. That was my clue to reveal he’s not your friend. He’s not here to help you. He’s here to use you. And that also came across when I was thinking about, like, the effects. Like, his image shatters, he separates because he’s not entirely kept together, you know what I mean? So, I wanted like the drastic impacts of the rage pulling back suddenly to the calm nature and the demeanor and this last one, I was thinking was especially telling. It’s not me trying to break through, it’s his shell cracking.

Kathryn: I love that.

Mark: Yeah? It’s my favorite of all of them.

Kathryn: That’s one’s my favorite. I have legitimately just gone and watched that bit.

Mark: Yeah?

Kathryn: It’s really good.

Mark: Oh, thank you.

Kathryn: I really like that.

Mark: Yeah. And number 1 the visuals work hard on this one, but nailing the audio- that high-pitched ringing that a lot of people were like wow that really hurts my ears, that was by design. That was supposed to hurt because listening to him- a lot if inspiration for him comes from G-man from Half-life 2 and 1, like this weird interdimensional person that seems human but is obviously not and doesn’t obey the laws of physics, and is just like this shell of a person that’s in a suit. Not a suit, literally a human suit, and is trying to figure out how to puppet it right that you believe him, but he’s really good at it. And that’s where the scariness of Darkiplier, I think, really comes from, is because he seems like someone you can trust, and he will manipulate you, and take advantage of you, and literally use you, and to me that’s terrifying. Like that’s the antithesis of what I want to be and so if I’m going to make an opposite version of me, he’s gonna be the fucking worst. Like worse than any romantic story can ever bring about. He’s fucking awful.

Amy: It was convenient, though, I like the way it goes from Relax to this, like the video “Relax,” because then people were not expecting this. But it’s so nice to have it on Valentine’s Day. It works so well.

Mark: And then came the bullshit transition that we had to do. So, this is comical in a way.

Amy: It doesn’t drag it though.

Mark: Yeah it doesn’t drag. You get the scary. Tyler’s here-

Tyler: In Mark’s suit, which I have fit in, but not the pants.

Mark: He didn’t fit, we forgot to get a tie, like, we printed out a mask, and I looked at this and was like I could try to make this creepy, and then I went, I objectively can’t. Let me throw in some punch sound effects.

Tyler: I have to make sure, cause-

Mark: He couldn’t see shoot.

Tyler: No, I couldn’t, and I had to keep moving the mask cause there was one time we did this that the mask ended up completely on the side of my head and I was just like, hey Mark, you can’t touch my face.

Amy: The convenient thing about this, though, with all the glitches is that you can hide stuff with it.

Tyler: Yeah, and there’s a reason I never let go of Mark I have no clue where anything is.

Mark: Yeah, oh man. Oh, this, oh my god. Oh, and secret Easter egg- you know who Dark is because he doesn’t have a shadow. Totally intentional and by design.

Amy: His toes are missing too, but.

Mark: Shh he doesn’t have toes he’s so scary.



Company Truck, Seriously?

This happened over the weekend. I work weekends and was on my way to work. To get there I take a freeway. As every driver SHOULD know, but doesn’t. The left lane is for people traveling faster and slower drivers should move right to let them pass.

Now I am sure this is a pretty common problem in every city where you get people who are too clueless, or distracted to actually move over. This causes traffic congestion, and basically makes those shitty commutes that much shittier.

So as I am going to work, I am doing slightly above 100km/h in the 100km/h zone. I quickly approach some cars in the fast lane doing 80km/h. Unfortunately, there was another car in the right lane matching that speed. They would not pass each other.

We came by an exit and the car in the slow lane exited. The guy in the fast lane sped up until he got to the next slow car, where he matched again. It was just enough that no one could pass him in the slow lane.

After dealing with this guy for the better part of my drive, he finally signals to the right lane and the exit. As the long line of cars in the fast lane pass, he is having a grand time laughing and flipping the middle finger. I’m sure he got it back, but what a piece of shit.

That’s when I noticed that he was in a company vehicle. I took note of the company name and website, then continued on to work.

Once at work I pulled up his website and saw that he was just a small private company. He listed his home address, which is about 45 minutes to the east of the city (along the exit he took).

I ran across the street to the gas station with one of the few remaining pay phones still in operation. I called him up and asked him to come give me a quote on a massive rush job. I booked the appointment for 10am at a location that was 1.5 hours west of the city. In total, that would be 3 hours each direction.

He gladly accepted the job thinking it would be a big one. I’ve never been to the area I sent him.

“A Date with Markiplier”, Darkiplier Theory.

After watching “A Date with Markiplier” multiple times, and replaying and replaying the parts where Darkiplier is featured; I have created a theory as to why Dark acts the way he does (In these videos, not as whole). Now, let me first start off by saying, this probably, (definitely) is not the BEST Dark theory out there. And there are probably holes are mistakes in this theory, or repeating themes. But nonetheless, it is a theory that I have created that is interesting.. hopefully. Note: This theory comes with spoilers! If you haven’t watched the whole video, or at least the Dark parts, please do. (The video and Darkiplier parts are linked above.) And even if it may not seem like it, I worked really hard and long on this theory. (Literally about 3 days. And typing all of this up took about 2-4 hours.) So please treat it with respect. (But don’t be afraid to add your own theories or thoughts on this! Feedback is always welcome. Positive or negative. Just don’t be a butt about it.) So, without further ado, let us begin! I hope you have the patience to read it all. Enjoy! 

This theory is mainly based on the parts where you are confronted by Dark while you are watching “The Dark Mark”. What you are going to read below is me basically showing images of Dark, taking direct quotes he has said in the videos, and explaining why he is saying what he does. 

We start off by having Dark glitch and fade into view. He tilts his head to the side, saying he has missed us very much. And that he has been waiting a long time to see us again. 

Then he continues on saying: “I’ve been pushed asideReplacedMocked.” Now this caught my attention even from the beginning. How has Dark been pushed aside, replaced, and mocked? Who has done this to him? Why? I tried to reflect more on what that meant, but Dark kept talking, catching my attention even more…

Who is “He”? And why does Dark think this… “He” is going on an adventure with us? Why and how was Dark not invited to it? 

Dark continues…

Dark mentions “He” again. Saying this person promised he would let him in. Again. Who promised Dark and what promise was made between them? 

This is where the theory begins. The main idea of this theory is based on a small post I made a while ago. If you have already read it, then you’ll understand where I’m going with this. If not, I suggest you read it really quick HERE

And now… we shall truly begin. 

Dark begins our one-sided conversation with: “I’ve been pushed aside, replaced, mocked.” But what also connects with this statement is what he says later: “ I’ve been waiting patientlyHe promised he would let me in again!” Now, since Dark is basically Mark’s inner demon, I could only assume that the “He” Dark keeps talking about is Mark. But what promise did Mark make with Dark? This is where I start to lean back on my older theory I hope you have read. 

I believe that Dark is in love with us. Or… at least has some sort of feelings for us. Or is at least curious about us. So, I think in the past Dark asked Mark permission to take control over Mark’s body so that he could spend time with us. Get to know the person he has unexplainable feelings for. Mark complied. Promising Dark that one day, Dark would have the opportunity to talk to us. But that day never came. And now Dark feels as if he has been Pushed aside. Replaced. And Mocked. These feelings have been repressed, but now since Mark is on this “adventure”, or “date” with us, Dark’s feelings and anger have come out. Dark feels that he has been pushed aside because he literally has been pushed aside. This date was supposed to be the date Dark was finally allowed to spend time with us. But instead… he got pushed. Pushed into the deepest, darkest, places of Mark’s mind. Mark didn’t want Dark to come out on this date. Because he was planning, later down the road, to propose to us. And he didn’t want Dark to ruin it. So Mark took over Dark, replacing him, even though he promised Dark that he would be allowed to take control. And now, Dark feels angry, hurt, and mocked. Mocked because today was supposed to be his day with us. But now he has to watch us through Mark’s eyes. Unable to do anything. Unable to talk to us and ask the questions he’s always wanted to ask. All he can do is stand back and watch the person he has feelings for go on a date with someone who betrayed him.

“And then he had the gall not to invite me to his little adventure with you.” This connects to what I said above. Mark has pushed Dark aside and didn’t allow him to take over on the date. Quite literally, he wasn’t invited on the date. He was casted away and replaced. But the one word Dark said that caught my attention was: “Adventure”. Why did Dark call it an adventure when he knew it was a date. A proposal, even? I believe the reason to be simple. Dark is angry and jealous right now. He doesn’t even want to call the event we are going on with Mark as a “date”. So, instead, he calls it an adventure. Making it easier on him and his heart. Also hoping in that calling it an adventure, he’ll make Mark look silly and foolish. As if he doesn’t know what a real “date” is. 

This part was very interesting. After saying all he said, spewing out his anger and frustration, Dark fixes his tie and suit, straightening up and saying: “ I’m tired of giving people a choice.” From what we have learned earlier, this sentence can only mean that he is tired of giving Mark the choice on controlling when and where he can allow him to take control.

But then, Dark sighs, saying: “But I suppose I could give you one last option.” Hearing Dark say this was extremely odd to me. Didn’t he just say that he was tired of giving people (Mark) a choice? But yet right after, he turns around to give us options and the ability to choose? I think he does this because no matter how closed off or frustrated he may get, he still wants to give the us the ability to choose. Since he has some sort of feelings for us, he doesn’t want to force us into something we don’t want to do. 

He continues: “Take your pick. Anything of four different choices, more than he could’ve ever given you.” Why did Dark give us so many options. Why did he bitterly say “more than he could have ever given you.”? And why did all options but one actually lead to a place that continues the story? 

I think the bitter remark and the option of more choices go back to Dark’s “adventure” statement. He wants to make Mark look foolish. Make Mark look like he can’t provide for us as much as he can. Even if it’s something simple as being able to go more places. But why, in giving us all these options, did only one actually go somewhere? It’s because, even though Dark does have feelings for us, he still is “dark”. He is still evil, demonic, etc. He purposefully made only one option that actually goes somewhere. He makes us go on a “date” with him (later on) the only way he knows how. Manipulation and Illusion. He gives us the illusion of choice, when really he manipulated it so there is only one right way. And that is to go on a date and spend time with him. 

This makes him sound pretty evil doesn’t it? That he just manipulates and cheats his way through until he gets what he wants. And that may be true, but.. At the same time, it’s actually pretty sad. That is all he knows. To cheat, to steal, and manipulate… Dark was toyed with and replaced. Promised he would be allowed to be with us. But that didn’t happen. And now Dark is forced to make his own path. Struggle to take control over Mark, and find a way to where we will spend time with him. Not Mark.

“So take your pick. Show me what you’ve got. And maybe… We’ll have a good date after all.” Wait what?! Did Dark look down shyly at the ground… Smile… And say “Date”?! This really blew my mind after I watched it a couple times.

After taunting us on by saying: “Show me what you’ve got.” Dark pauses, his face suddenly seems to soften. “And maybe…” He cracks what looks to be a smile and briefly looks down at the ground, “ We’ll have a good date after all.” He looks back up, but his face and body immediately harden and become cold and static once more. What just happened?! Mark randomly says “Maybe we’ll have a good date after all.” And he shows emotion and smiles? Why does he do this? I think I know why. 

Obviously, Dark has been waiting to spend time with us. And now that he has Mark under control and is alone with us, he finally realizes that his dream of being with us is soon to become reality. He smiles and quickly looks down to hide his emotion that he is excited for this long awaited day. And, instead of calling it an “adventure” like he did when he vaguely defined our outing with Mark, he says “date”. Making it official and saying it more for himself than us. But then, after he realizes he slipped: showing emotion and calling our alone time a “date”, his face hardens and he composes himself back into the stone cold Darkiplier once more. But in trying so hard to compose himself, he lets a small, angry frown dance dance across his face before straightening. Showing that he is angry with himself for showing so much ambition.

(Note: Phew! This is a lot of writing! I hope you guys are doing ok and you like this! Stay in your seat, there’s a lot more to yet come!)

*We choose “Freedom”*

“If dinner is what you want then I can provide…” We are now officially on what Dark described as a date. He glitches and we are suddenly sitting at a table with what looks to be a cup and a bottle of wine to the side. As I watched and rewatched this, I found it interesting that Dark chose to place us in a dinner date situation. The same setting we were at when we were with Mark. And say things like: “I can provide…” Why did he place us in a dinner date setting? Why did he say if we wanted dinner, then he could provide it? The answer is interesting. 

Remember, the whole date you were having with Mark, Dark was also seeing and experiencing. So that means, Dark was there even for when Mark misplaced his wallet, making you have to pay for the meal. This obviously annoyed Dark. Enough to the point where he had to physically point out and show us that if we wanted dinner, he could pay. He could provide us with a meal. This is basically a big slap in the face to Mark. Once again, Dark is trying to make Mark look idiotic and that the outing/ date we were on with Mark, wasn’t a date after all. And that he can do a better job on planning a date and providing.   

The date carries on. “And I can take you wherever you’d like to go…” I found this odd when Dark said this. It’s kind of a random thing to say on a date isn’t it? But it all makes more sense when you look at it this way:

Near the beginning and basically throughout our whole date with Mark, he keeps saying that he has our whole day planned out. And that he can’t wait to take us to certain places. I think Dark said this as yet another jab towards Mark. Mark had our whole day planned, swiftly leading us from one location to another. But Dark said: “ I can take you wherever you’d like to go..” almost as a counteroffer to what Mark was doing for us. There is a sense of freedom when Dark says he can take us wherever we would like to go. A sense of freedom and choice. Dark seems to be using this statement to try and make him look more appealing to us than Mark. Possibly even more fun or risky than Mark.  

After Dark states he can take us anywhere, he then dumps this heavy and scary: “I can especially take you to where you don’t want to go..” on us. 

Honestly, I was a little confused on why he would say this. Is it because he’s “dark” and evil and he would actually enjoy to take us places we would hate? Or is he using some weird, vague form of reverse phycology? Is he saying that “the places where we don’t want to go…” is back to Mark? It would kind of make sense. After saying and telling us of all the things he can do for us and provide for us, the last thing he would want is for us to still choose and go back to Mark. But he says that he can take us to where we don’t want to go, meaning that he would take us back to Mark if we chose that. 

Dark continues to talk, but then he begins to glitch and shake. He is then suddenly screaming: “I can give you anything!” And then as fast as it came, it goes, and he continues talk to us normally saying: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…” Ok… What just happened here? He was screaming one minute and then normal again the next?

I think Dark glitches and screams “I can give you anything!”, because he momentarily looses his composure. He’s been spending a good portion of this date trying to show us that he can provide for us and comparing himself to Mark. I think he starts to become frustrated in himself and how we aren’t reacting the way he would have hoped. Thus, his inner voice comes out, screaming, frustrated and angry that we can’t understand that he can give and provide everything we want and need.

After his short episode, he continues talking. Saying he’s been waiting a long time to “get some personal time between us…” I think he’s saying this because the only time he has ever been with us, or has “spent time with us”, is when he is being pushed to the back of Mark’s mind and has to watch from the sidelines and listen and hear Mark’s words and thoughts. But now that he has finally taken over Mark, he can truly get the personal alone time he’s always lusted over.      

The date continues, and Dark has one more episode. But what happens next is interesting. Dark says: “So.. Now that we are here together… We should really get to know each other…” And then suddenly, it looks like Dark is split in two. One part of him thrashing around and screaming. Why? Because it’s Mark… Trying to escape Dark’s possession of his body. 

Remember, this whole time we have been with Dark, Mark has been there, watching and listening to what Dark is saying. (Which also explains why at times, Dark twitches his head. Its because Mark is there in the back of his mind try to take control once again.) So Mark has been fighting Dark this whole time, and it seems Dark is slowly running out of time and loosing control, hence the episodes he keeps having. But notice where Mark made a big push to take control when he did. He did it right after Dark said we should “get to know each other…” It seems as if Mark didn’t like the idea of Dark getting to know us, and vise versa. Probably thinking Dark is going to take advantage of us at some point on the date. So, he tries and puts all his strength in trying to take back control before Dark can do anything to us. But once again, as quickly as it starts, Dark glitches and the image of Mark is gone, and Dark is back to normal.  

You just need to let me in… It’s as simple as that…

When I first heard this, I thought that Dark meant that we should allow him into our mind or soul. But as I began to create this theory, I began to think… What if Dark didn’t mean our soul or mind… But our heart? I mean, during this whole date he has been trying and trying to show us how much better he is than Mark, and how he can do all these things for us. Basically saying, how he can care and love us, just in a very “Darkiplier” way. What if he just wants to be loved by us. Accepted by us? And the only way he knows how to say that is something off putting like: “You just need to let me in..” Maybe all he wants is just a chance  with us. A chance to show how much he cares and ask us why he is feeling the way he does about us? 

After asking us to place him in our heart, and give him a chance, Dark then takes us outside. Believing that he has taken full control over Mark and boasting about it by saying: “You’re never, EVER, going to escape me…Not now-” He is confronted by Mark, in physical form. (Now this part can basically just completely eradicate my theory that Dark has taken over Mark, and not that they are two different people with their own bodies. Now that theory, COULD technically work here, but I decided I like the “Mark and Dark are two in one” theory better. Since Dark IS essentially Mark’s inner-demon. So I’m going to say that this part is actually where Mark gains some power within his mind, and now Dark and Mark are fighting for dominance.) 

After they fight for a while, a gun is dropped and you now have to decide to choose whether to shoot the left or right Mark. Later on, we find out the the Right is Dark, and Left is Mark. And this is where I was confused with what they are saying until I put up the captions. And what each of them were saying was interesting. 

Left Mark (the real Mark) starts off by saying: “You don’t have much time he’s going to kill everybody.” 

While Right Mark (Dark) says: “Shoot him. He needs to die.” 

The thing I found interesting was what they both first said to defend themselves. Left Mark (Mark), immediately starts off by saying that: There isn’t much time, and that Right Mark is going to kill everyone. Mark is trying to warn us. While Right Mark (Dark), just simply says off instinct: “Shoot him. He needs to die.”… Now that’s harsh. Mark just wants to warn us that if we don’t shoot Dark, we will all die. So he’s trying to save both us and himself. But Dark just spurts out that Mark NEEDS to die. No note of concern, or worry. No thought of what might happen afterwards. They keep talking, still trying to convince us: 

 Mark says: “He’s got weird eyes. Don’t trust him at all.” 

While Dark says: “He does bad things to good people.” 

Now, the thing I found extremely interesting was this part right here. Mark says that Dark has weird eyes, which is true. He is known for having completely Dark eyes. But how he said the next part is what caught my attention. Mark said: “DON’T trust him at all.”. He didn’t say “I don’t trust him at all.” But simply, “Don’t trust him…” Therefore, Mark was telling US not to trust Dark. It was a command. Because he knows what Dark is able to do. 

What Dark says also caught my attention. Why would Dark say: “He does bad things to good people.”? Isn’t Dark supposed to be the “bad guy” here? Manipulating and weaving around things to get to what he wants? True, that is what he did to get us to date him. But just because he did those things, do you think he even wanted to? We have already proven that in the past, Dark asked for permission to spend time with us. But since that didn’t happen, Dark had to take control. All because Mark betrayed his promise to Dark. So maybe, Dark is saying “He does bad things to good people.” Because he’s hurt and angry that Mark didn’t fill out his promise. That Mark led him on only to be trapped in the back of his mind again, while he got ready to propose to the person Dark had feelings for without even been given a chance. 

After we shoot Left Mark, Right Mark comes over saying: “You made the right call. Come here, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Assuring us and embracing us. We then continue the date by getting ice cream. We sit down while Right Mark continues to talk, saying: “We’ll enjoy some nice, dairy-based treats. And erm, get to know other. Really, personally…” We then begin to eat our ice cream when the screen flickers and glitches. We look back up and are greeted to see Dark sitting across form us. Dark then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice. But now we’re going to be together… forever.”

When I first watched this side of the date, I paid no regard to what Right Mark said. But after rewatching the mini date we had with Dark, and going back to this, I noticed something. Dark always seems to talk about getting to know us, or getting close to us. Spending personal time with with. Before, during our private date with Dark, he said: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…”  So when right Mark said: “Really, personally…” It became obvious that it was Dark sitting in front of us. After Dark transforms into his true self, he then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice.” I believe Dark said this because he knew, that if we knew who the real Mark was back when we had to decide who to shoot, we would have chosen the real Mark hands down. So he kept quiet. Hoping that with luck, he could say the right words and look innocent enough and emulate Mark, that we would shoot the wrong man. Before we are met with “Try Again?”, Dark continues, “But now we’re going to be together..forever.” and smiles. The first time I heard this, it sounded creepy, and some of you might think so as well. But I think Dark said this because he was finally free. Free of Mark’s hold on him. And free to be with the person he is curious about and has unexplained feelings for. He’s finally free to provide and care for us, without Mark battling for control in the back of his mind. Because that part of him is now dead. He can finally get to know us. Get that personal, intimate time he has always yearned for. He’s finally found freedom from being pushed aside. Being replaced and being mocked. He can finally have a true chance with us. A chance… for us to let him into our heart. Because we’ve always been in his.     


I did a redraw of some fuckin rad people! Really wish I could have been at PAX this year, but at least I get to see sick pictures like this! This was a lot of fun to work on!






The world needs to know what is happening in Venezuela right now. As many of you might know, Venezuela is been in a dictatorship for more than 15 years and it’s only getting worse. After Chavez’ dead, Nicolas Maduro unconstitutionally took the place as the president and things has been getting worse since then. In 2013, the start of the big protests in Venezuela more than 200 people (mostly students between the age of 16 and 21) all over the country were arrested, the majority of those protesting were hurt by guns, bird shots and teargas resulting in the dead of many of them (again, not even older than 25). All of those attacks are from the government itself to try and repress the population from voicing their constitucional rights. Venezuela is been suffering since then a huge humanity crisis that are also the reasons for the protests. There’s not medicine in the hospitals and pharmacies, kids are basically dying from lack of resources. We can’t afford to have basic necessities such as toilet paper because there’s a huge scarcity in products of first necessity. There’s not food, and those who can afford to buy them need to spent a lot of money that the normal salary can’t cover, in fact, our salary doesn’t even afford us to have a nice diner at a restaurant. Our inflation is the highest in the world and the devaluation of our coin keeps getting even worst. There’s families/kids eating out of garbage. We have constants blackouts. The insecurity in our country is one of the worst, trust me, many Venezuelans are afraid to go outside on a certain hour, most Venezuelans have been victims of some robbery. In fact, many localities close at 6pm due to insecurity. My own mother was assaulted with guns at least 3 times in less time. Universities also suffer from insecurity. We can’t even talk about this because the government forcibly closed, censored or took out of circulation our only sources of information. The national channels don’t even speak about the protests or necessities suffered in the country because they want to brain wash those in vulnerable positions. Recently CNN was taken out of circulation in our country so the only way we can watch the news is due internet, that at this rate might be even controlled as well. There’s also a huge problem of indoctrination, the public employees get forced to attempt to political events held by the government and if they don’t they get fired, it happened to the father of a friend of mine and thousands of others.

A month ago, Nicolas Maduro proclaimed a law and eliminate the rights that constitutionally belong to the National Assembly (also known as Parliament), the National Assembly that is mostly directed by the opposition party voted by the majority of Venezuelans is the one (as stated in the constitution) in charge of making, eliminate and change laws which also protect the citizens, with this new law, the assembly can’t do their job because all their proceedings were given to the President (which means he can do what he wants with not repercussions) and to the Justice system, an unreliable source because all the public institutions in Venezuela are corrupted by this system and have done nothing but turn their back of the citizens and their rights such as the Electoral System (CNE) that has actively participated in the frauds created by the government in the voting procedures & failed to re-count votes when asked to. We don’t even have the security of a good police and military organization because like the public institutions they only obey this dictatorship government and their follow the orders to kill, torture and persecute those students, political activists and any one proclaiming their right to pacifically protest as it’s stated in the constitution.

This last few days there’s been various protests around the country and things aren’t that different from 2013. Students are getting arrested and beaten in hands of the police and national military. Just today, April 10, there’s been 3 deaths (kids younger than 20 years old), and there’s over 400 arrests all around the country were the majority are minors. The police and military (GNB - Guardia Nacional Bolivariana) has been repressing students with expired teargas, bird shots and actual guns without any disregard for the citizens. Hospital has been affected, many people including babies. ALL OF THIS is happening RIGHT NOW. There’s literal kids being killed on the streets for protesting against a dictatorship government. Please take a look at this Instagram account: @venezuelalucha, this accounts has been posting the videos about all of this attacks and some of them might be triggering but is the reality of the country.

A government that wants to held power in any means possible including going against the constitution is a dictatorship. Those who need to suppress, kill, repress and persecute the citizens for protesting against them it’s a clear example of lack of human rights. Spread the world about what is happening around the world. Kids should NOT be killed and assault for protesting. This needs to be an international issue because this is a clear example of violation of human rights and the international media needs to be aware of this.

Venezuela is a war zone right now.

“I told you it’s only gonna get worse if you keep it a secret. It’s not just gonna go away, it doesn’t work like that.”

(I binge watched Eyewitness the other day, and so I have a lot of feelings about it. Have a quick pencil sketch of Philip Shea, because he must be protected at all costs.)

more art and photography

anonymous asked:

Someone Please tell me how to make slime..... I just tried for 3 hours and I wasted all my glue and none of it worked and now I'm crying. What the Hell is borax

making slime took me a while too! here’s how i make fluffy slime

-glue (i use elmers)
-shaving cream
-foaming facial soap
-food coloring (optional)
-borax (borax is a powdered cleaning agent that can be found at cvs and most grocery stores)
-warm water

- create activator by adding a few teaspoons of borax into warm water and stirring until it dissolves
-mix shaving cream, foaming facial soap, lotion, and glue (i use about a 3:2 glue: shaving cream ratio, a pump of foaming facial soap per ounce of glue (though don’t worry about eyeballing it!) and one or two pumps of lotion)
-add food coloring to the glue solution if you want
-add the activator a little at a time !! you have to be super careful not to add it too fast or your slime will get super hard
-as the slime starts to form, start to poke/knead it
-if your slime is too firm, knead in more lotion. if it’s too runny, add a little more activator

and you’re done !! i hope this helps 💖

It’s today guys! 

I would like to thank all people for notes! It means for me a lot.

Every painting took me about 3 hours to done, which makes it in total over 45 hours of work. Through this time my style started to change so some of characters needed to be done from the begining. Also I had a little breakdown and I just didn’t wanted to look at my tablet again, BUT here they are I’ve done it and I’m proud of myself that erryday I’ve spent this time just to show the world my art c:

First digital art I’ve done in about 3+ years, I think. Still figuring out a bunch of things (it took me over an hour to even set up my tablet at all and actually get drawing), but here’s a test sketch of Lyn!



Inspired by his love of the outdoors, artist and Head Screen Printer Jonny Alexander’s work incorporates Nature, landscapes, and its objects/processes, creating large open landscapes to cross sectional terrestrial islands sometimes floating in space, surrounded by oceans, or inhabiting surreal terrains.  Devoid of humans and human interactions, his visual narratives do, however, reflect his own “existential quandaries” or spotlight the human consequences to the environment as in a 2016 mural he created with the Pangeaseed: SeaWalls Murals in New Zealand.  We’re super excited to chat with Jonny about his art school experiences, his love of the outdoors, as well as his work ethic and tenacious attitude, all in this session of Art School. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist

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CEO/ Vampire Jungkook X Stripper Y/N

Genre: Angst, Fluff, & Smut

Length: Chapter 1/ ?

Author Note: If you actually like this idea it was because of @ninanevip Bless her. This was supposed to be just a mood board(which you can see is here) ,but it manifested into this lovely idea that I have. Please leave feedback because it helps me as a writer. Thank you for everyone who read the teaser and waited patiently till I wrote it. Of Course the teaser is somewhat different from the actual story. Also Jungkook being a vampire isn’t mentioned here but in the next chapters. 


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Writers and Readers:

Okay so I noticed that a few (a lot tbh) writers and readers have this issue with trying to tag someone, but their url not popping up OR it doesn’t link and notify them. As a writer and reader, this is annoying and frustrating. So here’s what you (reader) can do!

  1. Go into settings and click on your main or side blog
  2. Scroll down until you find “Privacy
  3. Make sure you have the first two switched on, like so:

But why?

  • I’ve always had the first switch on, so I truthfully can’t tell you that it will affect the tagging system. If you’re really adamant about keeping it off, then turn it off. But if you’re still not getting tagged/not showing up, then turn it on.
  • This one is a MUST. Having this turned off is basically making you nonexistent. Your url/blog will not show up in any kind of search, either from tumblr or google or whatever engine you use. If you keep it off, your url will not show up at all in the search/tagging system. Keep it on.
  • I had my blog flagged for NSFW because I would have the occasional nsfw post. For some reason (I haven’t figured out why yet) if you have this switched on, you won’t pop up in the search/tagging system. If you’re a hardcore adult-orientated blog, then it’s your choice if you want to keep your blog flagged, or be tagged in a fic.

If you (writer) still can’t tag the reader, then it might be because of:

  1. Main or side blog is protected by a password
  2. Blog is blocked (Person A cannot tag Person B because Person B blocked Person A)
  3. Tumblr is being a sack of burning shit more likely than the two above

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My Timeline of Top Surgery & Recovery with Dr. Raphael in Plano, Texas.

This is just a master post of my top surgery experience & recovery. I had double incision mastectomy with nipple grafts in Feb of 2016. I also had lipo. The total was $6,750 ($6,000 for the masc and $750 for the lipo on the sides.)
Pictures will be made available at request.


  • Because I do not live in the Plano area I drove 5 hours to Plano the day before my surgery and had my pre-op apt that same day.
  • At pre-op I met with one of the nurses and with Dr. Raphael. This is your opportunity to talk to him about your chest, incisions, to bring up concerns and so on. In my case, my mom asked all the questions because she wasn’t as versed as I was on what was going on. 
  • At pre-op they give you a lot of things to sign, they take before photos, and just go over the basic run down of everything you need to do before surgery.
  • Try to plan your pre-op apt as early as possible that day. You will have to go get your prescriptions the day before your surgery and you don’t want to run into the pharmacy closing on you or any issues with the pharmacy not accepting the scripts. I went to Walgreens to get mine filled and they gave me a hard time which led to an hour run around between Walgreens and the doctors office.
  • I was prescribed extra medicines because I had issues with nausea in previous surgeries. If you have concerns about nausea tell the nurse at your pre op and they will get you what you need to prevent you from getting sick. They will walk you through possible medicines you may need based on your medical history and/or allergies you have.
  • The anesthesiologist will call you the night before your surgery. They will tell you not to eat anything too heavy for dinner and to make sure it is pretty bland. I couldn’t eat any dairy either. Also, clear liquids for the most part. Of course they advised me not to eat after 10pm for safety. 
  • Make sure you have a support system with you. First of, you can not have surgery without someone to be with you but I took my mom, my best friend and his brother with me. The surgery center also will not let you have surgery without people to care for you afterwards.
  • Pack or get yourself some button up shirts. You will not be able to get into t-shirt well if at all that first week or so. If you are trying to get into t-shirts that first week you will more than likely pull something as you are not supposed to be lifting your arms at all. (Think about the arm range of a T-Rex. That will be you.)
  • I am a pretty hairy individual so I shaved my chest a couple days prior to surgery. About a week before surgery you should start prepping your body for surgery. You will wash your chest with Betadine Skin Cleanser. You should get this information when you set your surgery date. If you don’t get it, email the office.
  • You will take 500mg of Vitamin C daily in addition to any multi vitamin you may be taking. DO NOT take any extra Vitamin E because it may cause some bleeding.
  • Do NOT take any aspirin or ibuprofen one week prior to surgery and up to two weeks after surgery. (i.e. Bufferin, Anacin, Advil, Motrin, Datril, Excedrin, Anacin-free, etc.)
  • NO SMOKING. Especially 1 week prior and two weeks after surgery.
  • Also, you will have to stop testosterone 2 weeks prior to surgery.


  • My surgery was at 7am and lasted about 3 hours according to my best friend.
  • When you get there you will check in at surgery check in desk on your right after you go through the doors.
  • When they call you back you will change out of your clothes into the hospital gown and socks. (I took this opportunity to take my last selfie in my binder.)
  • You then will be escorted to your surgery bed. The nurses will get you all cozy and warm (I personally overheat easily so I had to have them cool me down a little bit) and start your IV. The anesthesiologist will make an appearance to just walk you through some things. Dr. Raphael will also come in and draw the incision marks and other surgery related things on you.
  • After everything they will use your IV to put you to sleep and start wheeling you to the surgery room. I remember being wheeled to the back and everyone being all smiles. I knocked out right when then they put me on the surgery table.


  • I woke up and I only remember them asking me if I wanted something to drink (sprite? ginger ale?). I also remember being wheeled out to the car and my best friend and his brother getting me in the car. I remember being placed in the bed in the room. I remember taking a post op selfie and being able to use the restroom by myself.
  • Wearing sweat pants and/or athletic shorts are a must after surgery.
  • My first meal after surgery was mashed potatoes and gravy. Something pretty light is always best.
  • You can only sleep on your back and you have to sleep elevated.
  • I personally had a problem staying awake the first 3 days after surgery or so. I would fall asleep in the middle of doing things. 
  • You will have a post op the day after surgery. Here they will teach you and whoever taking care of you how to care for your dressings for the next week.
  • Your chest is dressed with pads to soak any blood from your incisions. If you had lipo you will have a half pad on those entry points below incisions. Over that is 2 ace bandages that are wrapped tight to deal with swelling. (They are meant to be tight but if you have trouble breathing then loosen them. They are there for support.) The ace bandages will be wrapped over your chest and your lipo points. The ace bandages stay on majority of the time unless you are changing the pads. DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR TAPES OR ANY OTHER BANDAGES! Only change the pads once a day.
  • Dr. Raphael does not use drains.
  • I developed a minor rash around my lipo points because I had to much moisture there from the neosporin. If that happens to you stop putting the neosporin there.
  • At your one week appointment they will remove the dressings and you will see your chest for the first time.
  • Reveal day is very emotional for most people and I knew that I would forget everything that the nurses told me in terms of my continued aftercare. My tip is to have someone record the entire exchange so you can re-listen to the aftercare instructions later.
  • At one week I was told I could drive again, I could sleep on my sides, I could shower again, and that I could wear t-shirts again. (I personally waited to drive longer than that though because I did not feel comfortable at all.)
  • You will continue to wear the ace bandages for a month. It’s hard to think about binding after surgery but its to contain swelling, so don’t cheat your recovery.
  • For your nipple care, you will be given Adaptic (non-adhering dressing) that is meant to keep your nips moist. you will apply some vasoline to the Adaptic. Then you cover that with a gauze pad and medical tape or fabric tape. (All things you can find in the first aid aisle at the store. The nurses will give you some to get started.) You will do this until you run out of the Adaptic they give you. Which should be about a month to 6 weeks.
  • The tapes on your incisions will fall off on their own. Don’t pull them off. They should all fall off on their own around 4 weeks to 6 weeks.
  • After they fall off you will place provided silicone strips for your scars for a while.
  • At the time of surgery, I was delivering pizzas for a living. I will admit that I jumped the gun on returning to work too early. I ended up going back after 3 or 4 weeks. When you can go back is determined by what kind of work you can do.
  • At 6 weeks, my left nipple looked to have healed wonderfully. I pulled the last of my visible sutures, as instructed, that day. My right nipple still had a little spot to heal but seemed to be healing just fine.

Random Tips:

  • If you have a hard time taking pills like I do. You can try taking them with apple sauce.
  • Make sure you have Miralax and Fiber. Pooping after surgery is really important because the pain meds will stop you up.
  • Don’t over do it. Sit down and rest. I am the type of person that will do everything but I can not stress how important it is to sit down and rest and not try to be Superman. Watch your range of motion, even if it feels, “just fine”. It will have effects on your healing.
  • Netflix. Netflix. Netflix.
  • I don’t hear this referenced too much but for those of you who play instruments, I play violin among others, I would suggest waiting the entire 6 weeks before playing again. 

The nurses will honestly give you everything that you need for recovery. There is no need to worry about recovery supplies. They really give you everything. Make sure you read all of the paperwork they give you in terms of pre op and post op. I did have surgery in Feb of 2016 so things make have slightly changed. This is also MY experience and MY experience alone. My health is different than yours so please listen to the nurses and doctors. I shared my experience to help others have an idea on what to roughly expect.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or send me asks!

More then friends?

Word count: 6.5k

Characters: Shin Hoseok x Reader 

Genres: Smut, fluff, comedy, romance.

,,Move your fucking ass’’  I yelled and tried to make more space for me, since Wonho was laying there comfortable like he owned that sofa. He just looked at me and made a derp face giving me a clear sign that he doesn’t give a shit. Instead of giving me more space, he just placed his one leg on me and turned his head to Tv, ignoring my irritated screams.

,, Can you be quiet a little bit, I’m trying to watch the movie’’ he said and somehow he managed to punch me with his leg. Sometimes, I was really questioning myself why were we friends.

,, Mommmm tell him to move, I can’t even breath’’ I screamed trying to push him away. But once he heard me screaming, he made a mad face and punched me with a decorating pillow. Even tho he was annoying as fuck sometimes, I can easily say that I got used to it. We definitely  never watched a movie in piece. Not even home, or cinema. Every time something like this would happen, or one of us will fall asleep. God only knows how many photos and videos of me sleeping, does he have. What’s even worse, he doesn’t hesitate at all, he just post it on instagram and facebook.

But of course, not like I don’t know what a revenge is. Since he was naturally handsome, he got every girl in the city just in one blink, someone had to show his true self. If those girls thought that he looks so handsome at home, I had to disappoint them. I also had tons of his ugly photos, when he wakes up or while he is eating, yawning and so. So, when he posts my photo, I post something from my collection too and that’s how the fight starts.

He was 4 years older then me, but we never felt that age difference. Since we are childhood friends, we just grew up really close and it just never changed. Our parents are somehow best friends, squad, so it naturally happened to us too.  When we were kids, he was my only friend. Even tho my mother wanted me to make friends beside him, since she was afraid what future will bring to us. He is older, not everyone is willing to have a same person beside whole life. She was afraid that he would change, find new friends and that it will break me. But that actually never happened.

We both always had our group of friends, but beside them we were best friends.  He can be all time with his friends, but at the end of the day he will come to me or call me and gossip about what happened, who got on his nerves and so. The same was with me. I had many friends, but Wonho was my number one. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without him, he was definitely part of it.

But hey, I can clearly say that he was a bully when we were little. When his parents come to visit, once they will send us up to play, he would beat the shit out of me if I do something he didn’t want me to. Everything had to be on his way, and some things never changed. If he decides something, it will be so. I can’t change his mind and I can disagree, but he doesn’t give a fuck.

,, We are going on bbq, you two wanna come ?’’ my mother asked while we were watching Split. Well, at least I was trying to watch it, I was more complaining because of him.

,, Nah, but bring some meat home please’’ I said and continued to watch the movie.

,, Wonho will you sleep over ?’’ my mom asked while wearing her shoes. Wonho simply said yes and politely said goodbye to my parents.

Even tho he was a boy, my parents trusted him. They knew him their whole life so they never minded when he was there. We were more looking like family actually. He comes over when he wants, I go to him when I want. He is even the only person that I went to sleepover. Sometimes, we just recklessly do it, he feels sleepy or he doesn’t feel like going home, so he decides to sleep at my place. Same goes with me. We even have our bedclothes at each other places, since we often do it.

,, Move, I want to make a coffee’’ I said and tried to push him away once more. But once again, it was totally useless.

,, Nah, I’m comfortable like this. We can go out and drink a coffee when the movies ends’’ he said and changed his position placing his other leg on my lap.

The movie was good, but I couldn’t wait till it ends since I really wanted to drink a coffee. It was around 6 Pm, so I didn’t want to go out when it really gets dark outside. Once the movie was done, I disappointedly went to change into something better. I was irritated by the end of the movie. WHAT KIND OF ENDING WAS THAT


I wore my high waisted black shorts, black short crop hoodie with ‘’princess’’ on it and I put my hair in messy bun. I already had a little make up, even tho it didn’t really help, I kindly looked like a little piece of shit, but whatevs.

,, I’m done, let’s go.’’ I said as I placed my wallet in my bag. Wonho lazily stood up and made his way toward the door to wear his shoes. He was wearing a casual black shirt and jeans.

Most of the people thought that we were a couple, since we were 24/7 together and we had similar style. We are always going to shopping together, sometimes we even buy the same clothes, but not because we want to look like a couple, it’s just because we both like it. For example, we always wear our black adidas superstars. We are both in love with them and yeah. Sometimes when we both like the same shirt or hoodie, only he buys it and then he let’s me wear it whenever I want. When I sleep at his place, I don’t even need my clothes, I have some of my jeans there already and I always wear his clothes. It was understandable that people would mistake us as couple, but we really didn’t care since we were really just friends.

Once I locked the door, we made our way to the city. The weather was so nice, it was incredible. I was regretting wearing a hoodie instead of just a shirt, since it was really warm outside. We were walking and he was blabbing some random shit, I always found it amusing how much nonsense gets out of his mouth. Like that guy always had to say something, but it was funny, so I never minded it anyway.

I wasn’t surprised that the city was full of people, since the weather was incredible, everyone was out. It’s a well known fact that Hoseok is a very popular guy here, so most of people were greeting us, every fucking second we had to stop walking so he can have a really small chit-chat with someone. Well, I know that he was annoyed by it, but yeah, he couldn’t just tell everyone to fuck off.

,, Come on, faster, I really want a coffee, you know how I feel without it’’ I said hoping that no one familiar will get in our way.

,, Yeah I know, depresso’’ he said and laughed at his own stupid joke. Well, I laughed a bit too, even if it was really stupid, but that him. He is stupid so yeah

,, Oh shit, come here’’ he said fast and grabbed my arm pulling me closer to him, then he placed his arm around me, making me totally confused.

,, What’s going on?’’ I asked confused.

,, You remember that girl I told you about, that doesn’t accept the fact that I don’t like her?’’ he asked me and he looked at me.

,, Yeah?’’

,, Well she’s there. Act natural until we pass her!’’ he said and laughed lightly. What the fuck? I didn’t actually know who that girl is, since he had tons of them. But what else could I do then help him out in saving his own ass.

,, No wonder people mistake us as couple, it’s all your fault asshole’’ I said rolling my eyes at him.

,, Hey, it’s not only because of it. You always wear my clothes, so please’’ he said and he tickled me with his arm that was around me. With that move I almost flied away from him what made him laugh since I was kindly embarrassing myself in public.

Once we finally arrived, we sat on terrace under the shadow, I took the cigarettes out of my bag and placed them on the table. While Wonho was greeting some of his friends.  I didn’t want to go with him, since I didn’t really know them. Well, almost everyone knows me as a Wonho’s best friend, but still I am not so good with everyone. When he saw that the waiter was there, he made his way back to me.

We ordered our usual drinks and just started to blab about everything again. I loved the fact that we always had some topic to talk about. Even tho we had a really stupid topics, like for example, Trump and others. But at least we didn’t watch our phones all the time like other people these days. Plus, I loved to gossip others with him, he always had such a great comments that could make me laugh out loud.

That’s why I loved him so much, no matter what, he was the only person who could make me laugh easily. When I’m sad or depressed, he can even sneeze and I’ll be laughing my ass off. People were coming and going, but we were still sitting there and blabbing about everything. Even tho it could be weird to some people, but usually when we go out to drink a coffee, we don’t stay there half or one hour, we stay around 2-3 hours always blabbing about random shit.

,, Let’s go take a walk around park, my ass hurts’’ he said and stretched his hands. I just nodded my head and packed my stuff while he went to pay our drinks. What I hated about him was that he never let me pay anything. It’s just a habit since we were kids I guess. Once when I was annoyed with it, I secretly paid our drinks and God was he pissed off. He was so pissed off like I killed his whole family, he even took the money and placed it in my hand with so much frustration. It was so what the fuck. Since then, I didn’t do it again, if he likes it so, then I just let him be.

,, I can’t believe that Kihyun finally got a girlfriend, I was so surprised when he told me’’ Hoseok said while slowly walking beside me. The sun was already down, so the weather was really pretty. Not to cold, but not to warm, just perfect.

,, Well, he is pretty, why would you be surprised?’’ I asked him. Kihyun is actually really pretty. He has everything. Okay, not really everything, he doesn’t have a great height, but yeah nevermind.

,, Did you hear his pick up lines? They are so horrible ‘’ he said laughing lightly. Well true dat.

,, Let’s go to playground’’ I said and went there running, not giving a shit if he agreed or not. In just a second I was already on a swing, while he was slowly taking his time going toward me.

,, You will never grow up’’ he said and started to swung me. When we were kids, he always used to do that, so hard until I was so scared to that point that I would start crying and screaming.  Then he would beg me to shut the fuck up and don’t tell his mother. But at the end I would always say it, because I was such a little asshole.

Of course this time he did it slowly, just as I wanted.

,, We didn’t go out for such a long time’’ he said pushing the swing lightly. Oh how I loved to go out with him, we were always such a party maniacs. If there was some party, people knew that we would be there together. Even if we go out with different squad sometimes, we end up together at the end. Because we really can’t party without each other, that’s just a no-no.

,, Hyunwoo is making a house party on Saturday, should we go?’’ he asked me.

,, Of course, why not’’ I said and I hopped from the swing going to the nearest bench, while he just followed me.  We were sitting there watching people passing by, none of us did talk so much, but neither did we mind.

,, um hi’’ some guy stopped in front of our bench awkwardly. We greeted him randomly even tho we were a little bit confused. Since it was really suddenly.

,, What’s upp?’’ Hoseok asked him when he saw that the guy is a little bit weird. He looked like he was about to freak out but at the same time he was looking so shy, while his friend was whispering something on his ear.

,, Um, I wanted to ask for your permission to ask (Y/N) out’’ the boy asked while rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. It wasn’t the first time that things like this happened. I was a little bit upset because of it, but I think guys did it because I was always with Hoseok. One half was thinking we are in relationship, while the other one will ask for permission. How weird is that? I started to caught a little bit giving him a sign that I’m not interested in the guy.

,, I’m sorry, but you don’t have my permission’’ he said with a huge smile formed on his face.

,, Why not ?’’ guy asked not giving up at all. This was some stubborn little guy .

,, She is already taken, now shush’’ he said as he placed his one hand around my shoulders making me blush a little bit.

,, Okay, I understand. Sorry’’ the guy said and sadly smiled at me. When Hoseok noticed that he just pulled me closer to him, giving a sign to the guy that he can leave now. I felt sorry for him a little bit, but what could I do? I didn’t want to go out with someone out of pitty.

,, Thanks’’ I said when the guy went away.

,, I swear if one more fucking person comes to me to ask for permission to ask you out. I will fucking kiss you in front of them’’ he said while his arm was still placed around my shoulders. I froze for a moment because of his words, but then I didn’t want him to notice that so I tried to shake the feeling away. So I just jumped from the bench and told him that it’s time to go.

It’s not like I felt uncomfortable, but best friends don’t say something like that. Or ? Maybe I just overreacted, I don’t know.

Once we were home, my parents were already there, sitting in the living room and drinking coffee.

,, There is meat in the kitchen’’ my father said not even bothering to look at us.

,, Yeah hello to you too’’ I said and made my way toward my room, while Wonho went to take a meat and then he followed me upstairs.

I changed into my pj and took my makeup off.

,, I’m gonna bring some snack and you can find some movie on internet’’ I said and went downstairs again. I took banana juice, chaka-laka chips and some chocolate. When I went back he was already lying in my bed comfortably and waiting for me.

We always spend our time like this, even if I don’t have king sized bed, somehow we both fit on it and just like that watch movies and talk until we both fall asleep. Of course he could just sleep in guest room, but he almost never did.

,, What did you find?’’ I asked him while hopping beside him and placing all the snacks between us.

,, Oculus’’ he said and started eating some meat. I just nodded my head and took some meat too. We didn’t talk so much because he was totally into movie, while I couldn’t even fucking concentrate on it. All I could concentrate was Hoseok. I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said, did he joke?

He probably was joking, not giving a fuck if I was feeling uncomfortable. After all we are that close that he doesn’t have to think twice before saying something. But I would lie if I say that it didn’t have any effect on me. If he was some ugly ass guy I would just laugh it off, but everyfuckingone knows how handsome Hoseok is. I tried to concentrate on the movie, but it was so hard. My eyes were on his face all the time.

,, You know you can lean on me if you don’t feel comfortable like that’’ he said and looked at me. I always used to do that, every time we would watch a movie like this. But this time, I decided to make a little bit distance.

,, I am a little bit tired , I will try to sleep, you can finish the movie’’ I said and turned my beck to him trying to push all my thoughts to side and sleep.

,, Good night and sleep well’’ he said rubbing my back lightly. He knew how much I love that, but that wasn’t a good idea now. Not at all. I just wished him a sweet dreams too and pushed away.

I couldn’t fall asleep at all, but at least I could act it. After some time, I heard him yawning and turning the laptop off before placing all snacks on the floor. Then he went closer to me and hugged me from behind, making his self more comfortable. Even tho that was something he usually did all the time, I felt so fucking uneasy. My breathing got heavy and I was only hoping that he didn’t notice that. I wasn’t sure when did he fall asleep, but that was a long ass night for me.

After that day, I tried to distance myself from Hoseok a little bit. I didn’t want to do or say something stupid that can fuck up our friendship. So I was kindly ignoring him and every time he would ask me to come over I said that I’m busy, studying or something. That was probably stupid of me, but what could I do? If someone ever told me that one fucking sentence could make me feel like this, I would laugh in his face. But yeah. I didn’t want to ignore his messages or something, because he could suspect something and I honestly didn’t want or need that.  

Everything was going so well until Friday came. I was sitting home and reading some shit on Facebook and then my phone kindly blocked because someone was calling me. Of course, that someone was Hoseok.

,, Yes ?’’ I asked trying to seem totally causal. I lowered the sound on my tv and waited for his respond.

,, Hey, I wanted to ask you are you still up for that party tonight? ‘’ he asked me and I could hear some laughs on the other line.  I totally forgot about Hyunwoo’s party and that I said that I want to go.

,, Ah, I would love to but I can’t, I have to study’’ I said lying to him. I couldn’t think of anything else. I couldn’t say that I’m sick because he would come to me immediately to take care of me, since he knows that my parents are always on work. He would be such a  great boyfriend, his future girlfriend should be lucky. Once he stops fucking around and once he find the girl he really loves, she can call herself the most lucky girl on this world.

,, Ah don’t do this to me now. You can study tomorrow, don’t be like that’’ I heard him whining like a little baby.

,, I can’t really, sorry bro’’ I said hoping that it will just stay like that. But I guess that luck wasn’t on my side.

,, I don’t care. You are going, be ready at 9 Pm, we are going to pick you up’’ and then he just hang up. Shin Hoseok, everyone. Once he said something, it will be so. I punched myself in frustration, wanting to scream out loud so badly.

What if I do something stupid? What if I say something stupid? Now when he said that I’m going, he will fucking push me out of the house, doesn’t matter if I’m ready or not. That won’t be his problem.

The whole fucking day I was nervous, the only thing that was on my mind was getting drunk and that’s all. It would be better if I just get drunk till I feel like a dead person and die on toilet trying to throw up, then facing Hoseok again. I just need some time, but yeah.

The time flied fast as usual and I was already sitting in front of the mirror doing my makeup. I straightened my hair and wore my olive green shirt dress with black fishnet tights. Since I was already planning to get drunk I decided to wear my timberlands instead of high heels. Once I was totally done, I placed my stuff inside my bag, took my bomber jacket and waited outside. Since they weren’t there, I took one cigarette and put my earphones in.

After short time, I saw a car parking near my house giving me sign with the lights that it’s them. I turned my cigarette down, since I didn’t know can I smoke in the car and made my way toward them. When I was there, Wonho went out and hugged me before opening the door for me.

,, Hi’’ I greeted both Hoseok and Hyungwon in car. The whole ride I was quiet as fuck while they were blabbing all the time. Sometimes I said something, because I didn’t want them to notice that something is different.

The ride was actually really short, but to me it was so fucking long. Once we arrived I jumped out of the car not waiting for him to open the door for me. So I just walked in front of them  a little faster.

,, Wait’’ I heard Hoseok’s voice from behind, so I immediately stopped and turned around. Hyungwon was greeting some people on the parking while Hoseok made his way toward me.

,, You look good tonight’’ He said smiling at me. Damn how good he looked. He wore simple black shirt, ripped jeans and of course bomber jacket, just like me.

,, Thanks, you too’’ I simply said and forced a smile back at him. Once Hyungwon was done with greeting the people, we made our way in.

There were a lot of people and somehow I liked that. That was only bigger possibility for me to get lost. While people were greeting us, I greeted them fast as possible and made my way toward the room with drinks. I didn’t want to waste my time, I wanted to get drunk as fast as possible.

I took tequila, grabbed the lemon from the table and put a little salt on my hand. I licked the salt fast, drank the tequila and ate the lemon, making a derp face hoping no one will see it. When I was about to drink another shot, but I felt a hand on my back.

,, Already drinking ? ‘’ Hoseok asked me and I just nodded my head before I took the second shot. He laughed and just took a shot him self.

I expected people to come to Wonho all the time, usually I would be annoyed, but this time I was kinda grateful for that. While he was talking with people, I noticed familiar figure standing in the corner and dancing. It was my friend Yura with her cousins. Without thinking twice, I took one small glass of tequila and made my way toward Yura.

She wasn’t surprised to see me at all of course, but she was glad that I came to them, since she was kind bored. Her cousins weren’t the party type like she is, so I was more then happy to get all hyped with her. We cheered and started to drink immediately, while the girls were looking at us shocked. I guess they didn’t get used to it at all.

The music was more then good and after those shots I already wanted to jump around and dance like some freak. Even tho the alcohol already got me a bit, I didn’t want to stop drinking. So we just continued to drink our shots and dance. When the song Or Nah came, from The Weeked, we couldn’t control ourselves at all, we were dancing and rapping like crazy.  I felt a hand around my waist but I couldn’t care any less since I was already almost drunk.

,, Why did you run away?’’ I heard his voice whispering on my ear, but it was loud enough for me to hear. I froze just for a moment, but drunk like that I didn’t give a fuck honestly.

,, I didn’t ‘’ I said and take another shot with Yura. While I was licking the salt of my hand, I could feel Hoseok staring at me, but all I cared about was alcohol. This time we didn’t just stop by one, so we decided to drink another shot immediately and Hoseok joined us.

That’s why I wanted to get drunk so badly, once I’m drunk all I care about is alcohol and having fun. We were dancing and drinking all the time, but all of sudden some drunk guy passed by pushing me a little bit with his shoulder. Since I was drunk, I turned around ready to fight.

,,Watch out you little piece of shit’’ I yelled pissed off. Wonho grabbed my arm and pushed me aside when the guy turned around, he just smiled apologetically.

,, Watch out your girlfriend man’’ he said and Wonho just nodded his head. Since I was drunk as fuck I ignored the girlfriend part, while Yura was totally shocked.

,, Look, you are like Chihuahua, your fucking small, but think you’re a Doberman. You gotta stop because I can’t beat everyone’s ass up’’ he said pulling me closer to him. I just ignored him and continued to dance and drink.

,, How much did you drink? ‘’ Hoseok asked me when I was about to drink another shot.

,, I don’t know’’ I said and drank it fast before he could stop me. I couldn’t even stand clearly, so first time in that night I was thankful that Hoseok was there so I could lean on him.

,, I think we should go home now’’ he said grabbing my arm lightly.

,, No, I don’t want to go now’’ I whined. You know when you are so drunk and when you just want to dance and drink some more. That’s how I felt.

,, No, we are going’’ he said placing his arm around me, so I couldn’t run away. He said to Yura that we are going and she hugged me and said that she will go soon anyway. Once we found Hyungwon, we took our jackets and made our way out. This time Hoseok didn’t bother to greet anyone back, since he had to deal with drunk me, but Hyungwon in other hand did take his time, so Hoseok just took his keys and went out.

I didn’t even realize how much I needed the fresh air once I was out. Thanks God Hoseok’s hand was around me, because even if I wasn’t in heels, I would probably end up kissing the ground. He unlocked the car, pushed me inside somehow and sat in the back with me. Probably afraid that I will throw up or something.

,, Jeez you are so fucking drunk (Y/N)’’ he said while I was just lying there in the car totally lost. In a short time Hyungwon came, to him it was a funny to see Hoseok dealing with drunk me. So he was just laughing lightly while I was acting like dead person there.

,, You are lucky that Jesus loves you (Y/N)’’ Hyungwon said driving looking on the road and laughing lightly.

,, What do you mean Jesus loves me ? Did he say something to you? Oh my god tell me his exact words’’ I said all of sudden totally hyped up.

,, Shut up, you are drunk’’ Hoseok said pushing me back to the seat while Hyungwon was laughing his ass off.

,, Drive us to my place’’ Hoseok said to him and he just nodded his head.  I wanted to protest at first, but after all, just thinking about dealing with my parents drunk like this was already freaking me out. My parents always stay up till late when it’s weekend.

Once we arrived, Hoseok greeted Hyungwon and helped me get out of the car. I didn’t know how much time it was, but I was pretty sure that it was totally late.

,, Listen, I have some family as guests, so you have to be really quiet.’’ He said and I just nodded my head. He unlocked the door and placed his arm around me again to help me walk. I kept my mouth shut even if it was pretty hard for me. I was really giving my best to walk normally, but it was so fucking hard.

Once we were in his room, I fall on his bed immediately. I was drunk so much that didn’t even want to change or take my makeup off, all I wanted to do is just lay there and sleep. Wonho didn’t turn the lights on, he just closed the door and turned the tv on. He wasn’t drunk as I was, he did drink some shots, but he could deal with alcohol.

While I was lying there like a dead cat, he took one of his shirts and threw it on me. Then at my surprise he started to change in front of me. Not like I never saw him without a shirt, but drunk like that I couldn’t control my thoughts. God, whatta nice body he always had. No wonder that all those girls were after him. All of sudden I started to think how does he kiss. I always wanted to know if he is a good kisser. I wanted to see was that a reason too why he had all those girls under his spell.

,, Take a picture, it will last longer’’ he said with a smirk on his face, making me blush and look away immediately. He was just in his shorts and he had a shirt in his hand.

,, Are you shy all of sudden?’’ he asked me coming closer to me. In just a second he was standing in front of me, while I was half lying on his bed. He gave me his hand making me confused. I wanted to act it off, so I have him my hand and all of sudden he pushed me up, pulling me close to his body. His arm was strong around me, not letting me lost my balance and fall back on his bed.

,, Why don’t you stop acting for a change?’’ he asked me, looking me directly in my eyes, making me shake a little bit.

,, Do you think that I didn’t notice how much you want me ?’’ he whispered quietly into my ear. I honestly didn’t have any comment. My mind was blocking like never before.

,, Do you think that I didn’t realize how heavy your breathing got last Saturday when I hugged you from behind?’’ he asked me once again. So he did notice. I was so fucking shocked that I couldn’t even say a word.

,, I-‘’

,, It’s okay babe. I really didn’t have this in my plan for tonight, but with you watching me like that, do you really think I can control myself’’ he said slowly kissing my neck. Damn, I didn’t even realize how much I wanted it, until it really happened. Without even noticing, I pushed my head to the side, giving him more place. He was kissing my neck leaving wet love bites, while his hands were holding my hips strong.

,, Only God knows how much I wanted this’’ he said and kissed me roughly, pushing me back on the bed and hovering over me. In just once second I felt his hands all over my body, pulling my shirt dress over my head. But he didn’t stop touching or kissing me, even just for a second.

,, You look so fucking beautiful’’ he said when he stood up, just to take a good look at me, only in my black underwear and black fishnet tights. Then at my very surprise he grabbed my tights and ripped them off, pulling my black panties down with ruined tights, just in second he grabbed my legs and speared them apart, making enough space for him to place his head between. I almost screamed out loud when I felt his tongue on my clit. He was eating me out like there was no tomorrow and all I could do is try to be quiet as possible.

Then all of sudden, he placed his two fingers inside my core. I opened my mouth and tried started to breath heavily, because I couldn’t moan. It was too risky.

,, So wet for me’’ he said and started to move his fingers in incredible speed. I didn’t moan,, but my breaths were so fucking deep. When I was so close to orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of me and stood up on his knees.

,, How tasty you are’’ he said while placing his fingers in his mouth and looking me directly in my eyes. I was so frustrated because he didn’t finish what he started, so I just tried to calm myself down and catch my breath. He didn’t want to lose his time, so he just took off my bra and started playing with my breasts immediately, squeezing them and sucking them.

,, You were good girl for now, but you will have to be really quiet’’ he said and I just nodded my head in agreement because I couldn’t wait anymore.He took of his shorts and threw it somewhere in the room, hovering on top of me again.

,, Now tell me babe, to whom you belong ?’’ he asked me rubbing his dick against my clit. My I couldn’t control my breathing at all, so it was really hard for me to speak up.

,, Tell me’’ he said again, a little bit more harshly.

,, To you Hoseok’’ I spoke up hoping that he will continue the game he began.

,, Tell me what do you want babe’’ he said with a smirk placed on his face, while still rubbing his dick against me.

,, I want you to fuck me Hoseok, please’’ I said almost crying. I fucking needed him inside and I couldn’t take it anymore.

When he heard that he slammed his dick inside me without waiting any second, making me moan quietly. He didn’t wait till I will get used to his size, he started to fuck me hard immediately. His thrusting was becoming faster and harder with every move. But I didn’t mind it at all, in fact I loved it.  At the beginning it did hurt a little bit, but soon the pain turned into unbelievable pleasure.  

,, So fucking tight’’ he said with heavy breaths following his words.

Then all of sudden, he stopped, he started to fuck me slowly but hard. Pulling his dick out slowly and slamming it back hard and fast. He cut my breath every time he slammed it back. I couldn’t control myself anymore and I started to moan quietly. Then at my surprise he flipped me over, pulled my ass up and slammed his dick inside again. He placed his one hand on my mouth and started to move incredibly fast and hard.

While his one hand was on my mouth, his another one found it’s way toward my clit. I couldn’t control myself at all, I wanted to scream and moan in pleasure so hard, but I couldn’t do that. When he started to rub my clit, I couldn’t take it anymore. Feeling his hot breath on my neck, his dick inside me and hand on my clit was too much for me.

,, Cum for me baby’’ he whispered on my ear, I guess that he felt my walls tighten around his dick. Since he started to move even faster, harder and deeper as before. With every move I could feel him hitting my g-spot and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I finally had my orgasm, oon after it, Hoseok reached his own too.

We were both breathing heavily lying there.

,, You know, you could just tell me, not avoid me the whole week’’ he said and he took the shirt from the floor he gave to me before. I wore it and I took my panties from the floor, wearing them fast too.

,, Sorry.’’ I simply said and made my way toward the bathroom to take off my makeup. I couldn’t believe what just happened. After all this, I was totally sober again.

When I came back, he was already in bed, with his clothes on. I just hopped in and he placed his arm around me again.

,, You know, we should do this more often from now on’’ he said and kissed my cheek slowly.

,, Hoseok, I don’t want to be one of those girls you fuck around’’ I said quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. Even if it was dark, I could see him smiling at me.

,, No, you will be my girlfriend. Everyone thinks that we are in relationship anyway, so we’ll make it true’’ he said and kissed me softly.

Sorry if you get this twice. My thing sorta glitched so sorry I guess? Also sorry that this isn’t particularly a  uhhh…happy…happy birthday gift…..Sorry. Uhh I hope you like this? Took me about 6+ hours, still not proud of the head…uhh..yeah…so enjoy this uhhhh..unhappy..birthday….gift…..yeah

It’s okay! I understand, thanks for clarifying though! :D And wow I’ve never seen an Echo version of Ink, this is so interesting thank you so much!! And honestly the head is the hardest part for me, it’s where I have the highest chances of giving up a drawing. I should just practise, if only I had the time q_q

Again, thank you! <3 :D

Beach [Part 1]

Description: You see your old crush after four years again and realize that he changed into a total fratboy - yet, he is the only one you can openly talk to and before you can realize, you rediscover lingering feelings for him.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, University AU

Who: BTS, Taehyung x Reader , 

Word count: 2,5K

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