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Hey! I love the advice posts you're making lately. I'd like to add to the one about making a blog though -I follow some fantastic artists whose art took months to gain any popularity once they started posting. So when people do start a blog, gotta be patient about it, too! Can't get discouraged if your first posts don't blow up

Yep! When I started my blog about 2 or 3 years ago I only got like 4 notes on my art. It takes a while for people to notice you. 

Thank you <3 It makes me happy that you like them :) 

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Tell me more about 'j'

it took me a while to think about what to tell you, because how are you supposed to describe the person who makes you feel the world into words that doesn’t measure up to how much they actually are? so i guess i’ll start off with saying that he’s genuine. he doesn’t beat around the bush and he will tell you what’s on his mind, and sometimes that’s not always a good thing bc he can come off as rude w out meaning too but that’s what makes him Jake, and that’s what makes me love him. he has a really pretty smile and when you catch him between a laugh and dimples dented into his cheeks, you’ll think wow, he’s really beautiful. because he is, in the subtle way where you won’t notice at first but in the way where if you’re looking at him, really looking at him, you’ll see it. and he’s funny, he makes me laugh when my heart is hurting and he understands, like really understands when i am too quiet and lost inside my head and instead of leaving me alone, he stays until i feel okay again. he’s patient, he rarely ever loses his temper and it’s frustrating at times but i admire him for that. and when he sets a goal, he works his way towards it, even when life is shitty, he still tries his best. he’s everything that i can see myself being with and actually being happy, and he does, make me happy, i mean. i guess what i’m trying to say is that there’s a lot of things i could tell you about him, but that’ll take hours so i’ll settle with he’s a good person with a good heart that has so much to offer to the world and im lucky to be the one to call him mine and to stand by his side while he grows, bc honestly there’s no where i would rather be if it isn’t beside him.

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do you have any advice for someone who's just starting to use digital art/a drawing tablet? i can't get a single line in that's not super shaky and i have no clue what im doing help snsjsksksk

Well, first does the art program you’re using have a stabilizer?  On sai it’s here:

And they’re pretty easy to find on other drawing programs! They smooth out your lines and such like this:

Also I found that using quick strokes when sketching makes my lines come out a lot less shaky looking! 

Also! I know this is like, heard way too much but practice practice practice, bud! Figuring out my own drawing tablet took me a good while and experimenting! I wish you the best of luck with your drawing~

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Once at the scout, during summer, I was carrying some woods to make up the table, so I had this really big piece of wood taller than me and I lost balance while going up the hill to our tent. Basically I rolled down with that thing on my shoulder, end up at the bottom, sitting on my ass looking absolutely confused. Friends arrive running all worried and I just stand up, took the piece and went back up like nothing happened.

Okay, you are a super hero confirmed! 

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I've always disliked my art style and consistently gave up over time.. but seeing your art always makes me motivated again! I hope i can draw something really nice for you some day!

THIS IS?? SO SWEET????? My humble art motivating you…….. I’m so honored to hear that! With lots of dedication and time, your art style will definitely improve so don’t give up! 👍 👍 👍 Thank you for sending me such a kind message!!!

I haven’t really done a followers gift in a while and I was looking for something to do so i decided to do sim requests!

Rules and Info:

I will be doing 6 sim requests so please say the following and send me an ask or message me.

-What gender and age you want the sim to be
-What genetics you would like (i.e eyes/freckles/hair/race etc.)
-Human, Alien, or Vampire
-How much cc the sim can have
-What type of cc? (MM, Alpha, Both?)

You could either send me a very vague or very detailed request. Whichever you’d perfer.
Hurry and send in those requests!

1. @roseelement
2. @justbex

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Tony + his fingertips

As for a genius, it took Tony a while to make a connection that touching hot metal creates burns and he should use safety gloves. His hands are soft in general, but he had many burns through the years and his fingertips got a bit hardened with time. His fingertips are not ticklish at all, even if Steve playfully runs a paintbrush over them (opposite to the palms). On a scale from 1-10, Tony’s fingertips are a 1 (he cracked a smile at Steve’s attempts to tickle his fingertips).

send me a body part + character and I will how ticklish the spot is according to my headcanon


Hey @taylorswift​ I know you weren’t able to make it to my 25th Birthday Prom but here are a few pics from it!! I thought you would like to see how it went!! My mom, made a themed cake of 1989 and she put a lot of hard work into it to make my birthday special!! An of course, we took Polaroids!! I had so much fun with the people I love the most!! I opened my party with Welcome to New York and ended it with Shake it Off!!! While I was dancing to your songs, I thought to myself “It would be so great to be able to dance with Taylor someday!!” My heart got so happy thinking about hugging you, hearing your voice, laughing with you, and making a friendship!!! I wish you could have made it to my Birthday Prom but I hope one day you will want to meet me as much as I want to meet you!!! Love you so much Tay!!! 



A brief arc of the author’s politics

When I was a teenager I was a right libertarian. Not quite to the ancap level, like, I was more of a minarchist. I called myself ‘fiscally conservative and socially liberal’ unironically

Then I grew out of that, went liberal, thought the state could be okay sometimes, and then I learned that white privilege was not something I could get out of just by making jokes about white people

Which led me down the rabbit hole of identity politics, which I took way too seriously for a while and probably still do, some. Like, obviously those are important, but I was blind to the way that identity politics get used and weaponized by powerful people

That wasn’t really something I examined in more depth until the last year or two, right?

It was the last election where it occurred to me that what I actually believed, in my gut, was different than what I’d intellectualized as pragmatic or achievable, I’d made a lot of concessions to what I thought were absolutes.

And then I started reading Emma Goldman.

Then I read The Dispossessed.

Then I read Murray Bookchin.

And I began realizing that a lot of what I’d considered absolute, or immutable, or whatever, had actually been… constructed. Or at least, a mistaken belief about a way the world worked had been allowed to persist by people who benefited from it.

Then I started reading some stuff about market socialism, too.

I can date the loss of my liberalism back to February, and I won’t pretend I’ve got everything figured out by any means. Even though I heavily dislike the state and I’m keen on decentralization, I’m not sure I’d go so far as to call myself an anarchist, even if reading anarchist literature is what got me here.

Socialist, for sure. Libertarian, absolutely. Left libertarian? Fits. I’m working on the rest, though.

I’ve got a bunch of things that I know are pieces of the puzzle - economics, morality, science, spirituality - and I’m trying to figure out what shape they fit into

So please don’t think I know what I’m talking about. I make no such claim.

The last months have made me aware that there is a lot that I don’t know, and that my knowledge will always be incomplete and grounded in my own limited, biased perspective.

Anyone who’s with me on this weird-ass journey, I welcome you, and I hope that you will tolerate the occasional rambling divergence as I attempt to construct something usable.

Dawon + Elevators

“ I swear y/n if you actually go ahead and-” the panic in my friend’s voice squeaked behind me as I waited patiently for the elevator to make it to our floor. I was about to rush in and press all of the buttons possible when we got on the elevator just to piss my friend off. She was not having any of it and just wanted to get to the store before it got too crowded but where’s the fun in just clicking one button?

The familiar ding of the elevator chimed and my head perked up excitedly. I heard my friend groan behind me as we walked towards the opening elevator. Once we were inside the small contraption I brushed my fingers over every single button. A satisfied grin filled my face once the entire button board was filled with a glowing orange light. 

“What the hell?” A voice behind me questioned and it didn’t sound like my friend’s. I turned around slowly and came face to face with a guy around my height but a little taller. His round eyes were calming but the distressed look on his face said otherwise. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I rushed to apologize. I wasn’t really expecting anyone else to be in the elevator at that time with us. The guy looked at me a little confused but brushed it off when he saw I was flustered. He reached out to pat my arm and gave me a warm smile.

“It’s okay. Just, why?” he asked and I giggled. My friend the entire time was standing in the corner trying to avoid conversation by watching the numbers at the top of the elevator go up and down. The constant sound of ding-ing sounded from the elevator every time we stopped and passed floors

“She likes to play jokes ya know? It’’s annoying as hell though,” my friend perked up anyway from her space and I reached out to smack her. She snickered and turned her full attention to the both of us.

“I’m just being honest. So what’s your name?” my friend asked the guy and he laughed.

“Dawon. You?” he replied and gave us both a curious look.

“Don’t worry about that,” my friend butted in before I could answer him. He scratched his head at her reaction but didn’t push any further. It was pretty awkward just standing there and not saying anything so I decided to break the silence.

“So what are you shopping for?” I asked Dawon and he looked at me surprised at my question. I gave him a small smile and he returned it.

“I’m actually looking for a birthday present for my little sister. Know any good stores?” Dawon asked me and I shifted from one foot to the other.

“I’d recommend-”

“Forever 21 if she’s in the preteen/teen stage,” I interrupted my friend and offered Dawon. He looked between the both us and smiled widely. His smile was very cute and gave him a boyish look.

“Thanks cupcake,” Dawon said to me and winked. I scowled a little bit in his direction and stuck out my tongue in disgust.

“Cupcake? Who? Me?” I questioned him with a glare. Dawon laughed at my reaction and nodded his head frantically.

“Yup. You won’t tell me your name so I gave you my own little nickname, Cupcake,” he explained and sent me another greasy wink. My friend bursted out laughing at this and I heard the elevator bell finally ding for the last time. I sighed in relief and turned to Dawon.

“Well this is our stop. Good luck with your sister,” I said to him and he gave me another one of his warm smiles.

“Thanks Cupcake. Hopefully we meet again sometime?” Dawon offered as the doors opened. My friend was the first one out of the elevator as soon as the doors fully opened. I laughed at her determination and turned back to Dawon.

“Sure, just call me y/n”


An afternoon date~

and a bonus

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For your draw request thing. Can you draw Dean and Cas grocery shopping and doing just husband-y things? Thanks, K -your friend, Light

“Hey Cas - Are my melons firm?” 


request a gifset - jackson & members being affectionate with each other for anon