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Helping Hands (M)

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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

✓  Genre: smut

✓  Words: 2.827

✓  Warnings: a little of voyeurism | dirty talk | Dom!Jungkook | Slight Dom!Reader.

✓  Requested: No

✓  A/N: my dirty dirty mind was working a lot this morning in physics class.

Also,I’m sorry for the ending, I could not think of a better one. But I hope you dirty minds and souls enjoy this smut.

✓  Remember: English is not my first language; if there’s any kind of errors please tell me and send me your thoughts so I can get better and better. Thanks!


צ “I interrupted your ‘alone time’,Jungkook. The least I can do is jerk you off right here”

It was a Saturday night and as always, I found myself chatting with my friends at their dorm.

Instead of playing videogames like we always do, we decided to watch a movie because we would rather relax than scream at each other the words:”YOU CHEATED”.

Jin was ordering four boxes of pizza when I noticed someone was missing.

Jeon Jungkook.

My crush. The Golden Maknae that was good at everything and even more at making my heart beat like I ran a marathon. The guy that was so out of my reach but I never lost hope. We were so alike that we could be best friends, however his shyness and my nervousness made the bond impossible.

“Where’s Jungkook?”, I asked Taehyung, that was right beside me looking at the screen of his cellphone.

He looked at me and smirked. I just rolled my eyes in response. Everyone has the same reaction every time I say his name. Everybody knew about my feelings for him but the golden boy was the only oblivious about it.

“He’s in his bedroom. He said he needed to do something really important”, he told me while looking back at his cellphone.

“Talking about him, can you go and call him, (Y/N)?”, Jin said while taking the plates and cups to put on the table.

Hesitating a little, I nodded and went upstairs to go to his bedroom but not before seeing everybody’s devilish smirks and stares, making me blush and roll my eyes at the same time.

I slowly walked in the hall and in 15 seconds I found myself staring at his room’s door. I breathed heavily and raised my fist to knock on his door but stopped midway when I heard him groan.

Confused, I frowned. 

“Is he in pain?”, I thought.

But this thought faded away when I heard a moan and my name spilling from his lips.

My mouth fell wide open and I couldn’t help but to feel aroused.

My curiosity took the best of me and I opened the door, leaving just a an ajar open. I watched him buck his hips into his hands making him gasp and groan louder.

“You’re such a good girl, (Y/N)!”, he moaned making me feel like I was close to a volcano.

“So,so good princess. Fuck!”

Maybe it was the heat that was exhaling from my body or the way he was moaning my name and imagining me there with him but I found the confident person in me and opened his door for real when he was, again, saying how much of a good little girl I was.

“Am I? I must be, I’m making you a mess and I’m not even touching you”, I said leaning against the door frame with a sly smirk while watching him cover himself with the eyes wide like a deer in headlights.

“(Y-Y-YN)”, he stuttered. 

“We’re gonna start watching the movies; finish the important thing you have to do”, I said grinning.”And come join us”, I finished my sentence closing the door going back downstairs.

“Where is this confidence coming from?”

“Where’s Jungkook?”, Namjoon asked when I reappeared in the kitchen.

“He’s on his way”, I answered,  not being able to contain the sly smirk that came on my lips again.

The boys frowned in confusion but I ignored them.

Jin was putting Coke in the cups for everybody when Jungkook showed up, not even giving me a glance.

“Hey, did you finish the important thing you were doing?”, Yoongi asked.

I looked at Jungkook and saw him gulp in nervousness.

“He did”, I grinned, seeing Jungkook look at me with wide eyes.

“Does he think I’m gonna tell?”, I laughed inside my head.

“What were you doing that was so important?”, Hoseok questioned.

 “I-I”, my crush stuttered.

“He was playing Overwatch”, I lied.”And he won”, I said jumping with a grin on my face.

The boys nodded, congratulating him while going to the living room.

“Congratulations, Kookie”, I said passing my left hand on his hard chest while passing past him.

The boys took the best seat in front of the TV, leaving just a two-seats sofa free. I knew that they didn’t do that just because of they wanted the best seats, they were doing on purpose so I could be close to Jungkook.

In any other day, I’d have rolled my eyes but not today.

I smiled sitting on the couch feeling Jungkook’s presence one second after I sat.

Jungkook looked around and noticed that the only available seat was next to me.

The room fell silent while everybody was waiting for Jungkook to make a move.

Slowly, he made his way towards the small sofa, sitting beside me.

“Okay,let’s start!, Jin said,pressing the play button of the remote.

The tension in the room seemed to fade as the movie started, catching everyone’s attention.

Well, everyone except me and Jungkook.

I could see his broad shoulders get tenser and tenser when I would make a move.

Thirty minutes passed and I couldn’t pay attention to the movie as the image of Jungkook masturbating because of me took place on my mind.

I took one of the blankets piled on a table close to the sofa that Jin left just in case if we would feel cold.

I put the blanket over me and Jungkook, making him jump in surprise and look at me startled.

I giggled and got close to him, whispering in his ear.

“Relax,Jungkook”, I murmured in the sexiest voice I could make.

“My plan is only starting”, I thought with a smirk.

I looked around discreetly and saw that everybody was too into the movie to notice if something happens. And even if they weren’t, they wouldn’t see anything because the sofa’s back was totally facing them.

I started in slow motion, rubbing my legs to show I was aroused. Gently moving to make my legs touch his. I pretended to fix my hair just to brush my fingers on his ar and shoulders. In a few more attempts I saw him squirm and I knew my plan was working.

I got closer to him and put my right hand on his thigh, rubbing it slowly and then grabbing his shaft, gently, through his pants, feeling it’s hardness.

“You’re so hard,Jungkookie”, I said looking at him with a smile.”Well, is no surprise since I interrupted you”, I chuckled darkly.

“Wh-wha-what are you doing?”, he asked with wide eyes, looking at me and then my hand.

“I interrupted you, Jungkook”, I repeated more firmly with a pout on my lips.”So I’m going to jerk you off right here”, I finished the sentence making him gulp.

With no warnings nor hesitation, I put my hands inside his boxers briefs, feeling his hard cock get in contact with my hand.

“Oh my God,Jungkook. You’re so big”, I said seeing in the corner of my eye his cocky smile.

But it soon disappeared when I started to move my hand up and down bis shaft, feeling how thick it is.I passed my thumb over the head of his cock, spreading out the pre cum all over the rest of his length, lubricating it.

A few minutes after, my movements started to make wet noises so I had to go a little slower, making Jungkook whine in complaints. 

“Ah”, Jungkook hissed.”Please don’t stop”

“I’d love to see you a mess,Jungkookie,but do you want them finding out?”,I said watching him bite his bottom lip.

“Let’s go upstairs”, he suggested,breathlessly, more like a command.

I nodded stopping my movements, making him whine at the loss of contact. I made a sign, indicating that he should go first.

He nodded and got up, hiding his erection with the movement of his hands in front of his crotch. 

“I’m really tired”, he faked an yawn. “I’ll go to bed”, he announced but no one really paid attention.

He made a sound with his lips while making a pout making me giggle quietly. He looked at me and smirked,winking at me before heading upstairs.

After 2 minutes, I faked an yawn too saying I was going to sleep.

“Tae, can I use your bed?”

“You can use any bed you want I guess, no one will sleep in their rooms tonight, well, except Jungkook”, he said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, shut up! Seriously you guys don’t mind?”

“Yah, we’ll pass the whole night watching movies, now go to sleep and let us watch the movie, please?”, Yoongi said stuffing his mouth with popcorn.

“Okay. Goodnight,guys!”, I said making my way upstairs.

When I was almost knocking on Jungkook’s door, it suddenly opened and then Jungkook pushed me inside.

“You took way too long”, he looked at me seriously.

“I had to make a good excuse”, I shrugged my shoulders.

Jungkook hurriedly got closer, circling my waits with his strong arms. He buried his face on my neck, giving light kisses, going up to my jawline and then my lips.

The kiss started slow but soon started to get faster and passionate. The lust between us growing and growing.

“God, I waited so long for this”, he said taking off his shirt and throwing me on his bed.

“I dream so much about you and your gorgeous body”, he told me while looking into my eyes.

“Yeah?”, I stared intensely at his eyes, taking all my strength to not look at his abs.”What do you usually dream about?”

He smirked.”You sucking me off; me eating you out; fucking you so hard that the only thing you’ll be able to say and scream is my name. I dream about making you mine and just mine”, he listed making me moan.

“Make me yours, Jungkook”, I whispered maintaining the eye contact.

He grinned taking my shirt off, throwing on the floor. My bra soon followed.

Jungkook was going directly to the point. He kissed my right boob then started to suck my nipples, sometimes surrounding the areola with his tongue. He soon followed to my other boob, giving it the same treatment.

After he was done, he gave little pecks and licks on my abdomen, tummy, belly button until he got on the hem of my jeans.

He unbuttoned my jeans and forcefully pulled them down my legs.

“Man, he really is in a hurry. I most have worked him up pretty badly,huh?”

Jungkook stopped to look at me all spread out on his bed. He licked his lips like I was some kind of meal, making me more turned on with his stare.

“Jungkook!”,I whined catching his attention.”Please,fuck me!”

He smirked.”Soon baby, I wanna taste you first”, he winked at me, pulling my panties down.

He gave both my inner thighs little pecks, soon he was in front of my dripping core.

He took some of my substance on the tip of his index finger, smirking while doing it a few times. It was like he was playing with my juices like a little boy with his truck.

“You’re so wet,baby”, he grinned.”All wet and just for me,right, princess?”

“Yes,yes,please Jungkook”, I whined.”Do something”

He grinned, soon licking a long stripe up my folds, humming with a smile on his face.

“You have no idea how many times I imagined your taste on my tongue”, he hummed once again.

With no warnings, he started to devour my pussy, making me gasp and arch my back, earning a grin from him. He latched on to my clit, sucking in forcefully. He went down, plunging his tongue inside my leaking whole, massaging my clit with his thumb, making me moan louder.

He hummed in response.

“You like that,princess?”, he asked me then licking my whole with the tip of his tongue.

“Yes, Jungkook”, I moaned.”Please,keep going”

“Look at me,princess”, he commanded. I obeyed him, seeing him grin at me.

“That’s right,princess. Watch what I’m doing to you, to your tight little pussy”

With that, he plunged his two fingers inside of me, making me squeeze the sheets. His mouth came back to my clit, abusing it in the most delicious of ways.

His pace fastened and I felt that magical knot forming in my stomach. Sensing that I was close to cumming,he stopped making a whine come out of my lips.

“Don’t worry,princess. The fun is about to start”,he smirked and winked at me.

“W-wait! What about you? I want to play with you too”, I said with a pout.

He smiled and caressed my cheek.

“Other time,baby. My cock can’t wait any longer to be inside you”.

He took off his gray sweatpants and boxers, showing me perfect and toned body. My eyes traveled from his face,passing to his collarbones,chest,abs and finally his erect cock, that was dripping with pre cum,begging for attention.

While he was busy looking for a condom, I wrapped my hand around his shaft, pumping it slowly, making him tense and moan above me.

He shooed my hand, soon after, putting the condom hurriedly. He put both of his hands on each side of my head,giving a peck on my forehead making my heart melt.He slowly looked at my eyes and silently asked for permission that was hurriedly conceded it.

The romantic aura was soon gone when he inserted his dick inside of my pussy. He hissed loudly whilst I moaned his name in a high pitched voice. He slowly set the pace, fastening minute by minute.

I clawed his back,hissing at the amount of force he was using to fuck me.

“Yeah,you like that,princess?”, he asked me breathlessly.”Do you like when I pound into your tight little cunt like that?”

The amount of pleasure made impossible to answer to his dirty talk, so I just moaned instead. But Jungkook wasn’t very pleased with that.

“Answer me when I’m talking to you,princess”, he said giving me a hard slap on my right thigh, earning him a yelp from my lips.

“I’m gonna ask you one more time and you better answer,baby, or you’ll regret. Do you like when I pound into your tight little cunt,huh?”

“YES! Yes,Jungkook! Oh my God,please Jungkook!”,I replied him gripping his hair locks between my fingers.

“Good girl”,he praised me,going even faster,making my whole body bounce.One of his hands went down and grabbed one of my boobs, squeezing it gently even with his rough pace.

Just when I was about to feel that knot again,he stopped and pulled out of me.

He didn’t give me time to protest as he roughly turned me around. Instinctively, I lifted my butt earning a slap from Jungkook that made me moan in delight.

“I wish I could do this all day,but I’m desperate to milk you with my cum”

He started his violent thrusts again. He put one hand on my hip and the other on my waist,keeping me steady. The only sound that could be heard was skin slapping skin and our moans, that were getting louder and louder. Surely, the boys and the whole building was aware of what we were doing however we weren’t minding it.

“Fuck,you feel so good around me,baby”

“Yeah? You like when my pussy squeezes your cock?”, I asked with a smirk, trying to look behind me, seeing him with his head thrown back.

“Oh,fuck, I like it so much,princess”,he said looking at me.”You look so beautiful on all fours for me”

A few more thrusts and the knot on my stomach was just ready to explode.

“J-Jungkook! I’m close! I-I’m going to-”

“No,you’re not allowed to cum until I say so,baby”

“But ple-”

“I said no”,he said with the most dominating and sexiest voice ever,making me whimper and nod as a good girl.

I was trying my best not to cum and at the same time I was praying that he found his release soon, if not I’m damned.

“Oh,princess! I’m so going to cum!’”, he started to let out multiples ‘ah’s’, indicating that he was indeed close to his orgasm.

“Please,Jungkook! Let me cum!”, I pleaded.

He hovered me,pressing his chest against my back. The hand that was holding my hip traveled to my clit and started massaging it making my eyes roll.

“Cum for me,princess”,he commanded and it seemed that my body only needed his words because soon after I was clenching around his member,making him cum with me.

He gave a few final thrusts and then he pulled out of me. I fell on the bed feeling too tired to move,I heard shifting around so I presumed that he was getting rid of the condom.

I soon felt his presence beside me as the bed shifted with his weight. He gently pulled the white cover over us,bringing my body close to his,making me lay on his chest.

I was already drifting off to sleep but not before feeling Jungkook’s lips on my hair.


And hearing his final command,I felt asleep with the happiest and most genuine smile on my face.

                                               ©  2017, Starwarsrin 

                                                 All rights reserved.

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Prompt 'im sorry i accidentally kissed you after playing house for bellarke

For you, nonny! This one got away from me, too. I’m not good at short drabbles apparently, but hey, who cares! Enjoy!


Bellamy’s life is perfectly together for the first time since he was five and his sister was born. She’s off at school and he’s only working one, stable job that makes enough for him to live comfortably. It took a while to get here, but he’s enjoying the freedom and the lightness. No longer does he hold the weight of the world on his shoulders. So leave it to Clarke Griffin to completely ruin his bliss.

He’s cooking breakfast for himself on this fine Saturday morning when she barges into his apartment (why he thought it was smart to give her a key, he doesn’t know) and asks him to be her fake boyfriend.

Which is problematic for him because he’s spent the last three years wanting to be her real boyfriend. They met in college, forced to work together on an art project (he took it because he needed another elective, and she’s an art major) and despite not getting along at first, they became best friends. Mostly because she’s a spitfire and he’s a dick and somehow the universe just knew the two of them would cause chaos together. It works. He’s been half in love with her for most of their relationship but the timing has never been right, whether one of them isn’t available or he just completely chickens out. Not to mention she calls him her friend all the time and while he’s not the kind of guy to believe in the friend zone, sometimes it’s really hard not to.

“What?” He asks stupidly, holding his spatula in mid-air having been distracted from his egg flip.

“My mother is coming into town and I need to prove to her I have my life together despite having not gone to med school,” She hops onto his counter and reaches over to his plate of bacon to snag a piece.

“But you don’t have your life together,” he says before swatting at her hand as she goes for another piece, “Quit eating my food!”

She pouts her lip and pulls her hand back with a sigh, “Thanks for reminding me. I just need to create the illusion I do, which includes using you as my significant other.”

“Why would having a boyfriend somehow mean you have your life together?”

She’s batting her eyelashes at him now, which always means she wants something ridiculous, “Well…maybe not just a boyfriend. Maybe a boyfriend…i live with?”

He drops his spatula with a loud clang, “You can’t be serious.”

She grasps his arm with both hands, “You’re my best friend, Bell! Help me look less pathetic!”

He still feels a slight twinge at the word friend but pushes it down, “Let me guess, you don’t want your mom to see what kind of travesty you live in?”

She lives in a small studio apartment that has no working air conditioning and also tends to get a mice infestation every few months. It’s pretty awful. They usually always end up at his place to hang out and, okay, she’s slept over on more than one occassion but always in the guest room!

“Also that.” She confirms for him and he shakes his head at her antics. He knows he’ll regret it, but if he’s completely honest he misses the company. He’s not fond of living alone and his place has felt eerily empty lately. It’s a dangerous line, doing the whole fake boyfriend thing especially when feelings are involved on his end, but she makes it very hard to say no.

When he agrees, the smile on her face makes it all worth it. God, he is so screwed.


It’s surprisingly easy to fall into domestic bliss with her, which doesn’t exactly help his case at all. The day before her mother comes, Clarke comes over with a bag full of items to make the apartment look more ‘equal’. She’s going for a very convincing argument. Pictures of them have been scattered around the place, some in the living room and a couple in the bedroom. She always forces him to take picture when they’re out so most of them are drunken one am photos. She’s taken over his bathroom placing her hygiene products all over the shower and hair products on the counter.

“Is that necessary?” He asks as she hangs a few dresses in his closet for good measure.

“I’m trying to be thorough,” She replies. By the time she wears herself out, it definitely looks like they live together. He has to admit, she’s dedicated. He also doesn’t mind having her stuff around. Having her around…

Things go relatively smooth from there. Her mother arrives and is friendly enough to him. She actually seems impressed which makes something like pride swell in his chest. It’s a nice apartment in a nice part of the city and while Clarke has mentioned her mother being a snob, he’s still satisfied by her approval.

Being best friends has given them a comfort around each other that has only been beneficial. They touch each other freely and it’s not weird and quite honestly, from the outside anyone could see they are a couple. He tries to build Clarke up to her mother, mentioning small successes she’s had with her art and okay, maybe, fabricated a little. Clarke beams at him as he dotes on her and everything feels natural.

It gets a little weird when they remember they’ll have to sleep together in the same bed. When she walks out of the bathroom in an oversized t-shirt he genuinely thinks about throwing himself out the window because she looks so beautiful standing there and yet they aren’t like that. Pretending to be her boyfriend has been easy but her mom is asleep and they don’t need to pretend anymore.

“I can put shorts on,” She says awkwardly tugging on the end of her shirt. Clearly she hadn’t thought this through before walking out.

“I’ve seen you naked, remember?” He tries to ease the tension but that might have been the worst thing to say, “Remember when I had to carry you home after the whole Finn dilemma?”

It seems to work, “Ugh, don’t remind me. That was not my finest moment.”

She had managed to get so drunk, standing was nearly impossible and he had to take her home. She puked on herself and like the knight and shining armor he is, he managed to bath her and change her before putting her to bed. She told him she loved him that night, but he’s not sure she remembers. He definitely didn’t bring it up.

She crawls into bed with him and they fall into an easy silence. He lies on his stomach and is just beginning to drift off when she says, “Thank you again, by the way. You didn’t have to help me, you know?”

He’s groggy when he responds, “You’re lucky I love you.”

His eyes snap open when he realises what he said and holds his breath.

She laughs gently, “I love you, too.”

Too bad, he thinks to himself, if only she meant it in the same way.

It’s gets weird. And confusing. The following night he is in the kitchen cooking dinner for everyone when Clarke gets back from her walk with Abby. She joins him in the kitchen while her mom showers and he laughs when he sees the newly formed sunburn tainting her pale skin.

“Forget the sunscreen, princess?” He teases and she smacks him playfully on the shoulder.

“I didn’t think we’d be outside all day…” She mutters miserably, poking at the skin on her arm.

“Clearly,” he laughs before moving to the refrigerator to grab some aloe. He squeezes the goo onto his fingers and gently rubs it onto her skin. She watches him carefully, like she’s surprised by the intimate gesture.

“All good,” he says wiping the excess onto the dish towel next to him.

“Thanks, honey,” she coos and before he can react she pecks him on the lips.

He’s frozen, his lips burning from the contact. It was an innocent kiss but he felt it all the way to his soul.

Her eyes widen, “Shit…I–”

His mind is racing. Did she mean to do that? Does she know how he feels about Her? Does she feel the same? She regrets it, doesn’t She? He fucked up. This plan was stupid.

“Smells good!” Abby compliments as she enters the room and suddenly the moment is over. They step back from one another and he clears his throat awkwardly.

“I interrupted something, didn’t i?” Always the perceptive one.

He tries to make light of it all, “I was just telling Clarke about the benefits of sunscreen.”

Just like that, the moments over. Things go back to normal, he and Clarke continue the charade and he can’t help but wonder what happens when it’s all over.


By the end of the trip, Abby Griffin seems to be very pleased with the way her daughter has turned out, even asking that she paint something for her office at work. Clarke nearly bursts into tears. He’s happy to see that their relationship is on the mend, even if it’s partially based on a lie. It’s not that Clarke isn’t successful, just that she’s not that successful. She’s not living the dream like she hoped and she isn’t in some perfect relationship. He should be bothered by it, but he does get it.

He remembers how upset Abby was to find out her daughter was pursuing art. That was toward the beginning of their friendship and he’s seen their relationship go back and forth since. He’s glad to help, but he’s starting to wonder at what cost. How long can he continue to just be friends with her? He has to tell her.

When they go back into the apartment after seeing Abby off, things are quiet. She’s wanders idly about the living room, running a hand over the picture frames she brought with her. Now or never, he thinks.

“So…” He leads with, and it’s not the best thing he could say but he’s kind of at a loss.

It seems to work, though, because suddenly she’s wringing her hands in front of her and word vomiting all over the place..

“I’m sorry I kissed you, I just got really caught up playing house and it’s been nice and, I don’t know, I thought you were my boyfriend for a second.”

She looks so small and innocent now. Guilty, even. Which hurts because he doesn’t want her to be sorry about it.

He decides now is the moment. It was bound to happen, hell, it’s been building for a long time.

“I’m not sorry,” he says simply and moves towards her, “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

She releases a long breath, like she’s been holding it in this entire time, “Really?”

He laughs and reaches out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear, “I’m so in love with you, Clarke. I have been for a long time.”

It feel cathartic to finally say it. Even if she doesn’t feel the same, he’s just happy to have it out there. He didn’t realize how heavy it’s been, but he feels lighter now.

When she laughs, he worries for a second that maybe it was a mistake and he’s ruined their entire friendship. But then she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him, really kisses him like her life depends on it.

When she pulls back, lips swollen from the activity she brushes a thumb across his cheek, “I love you, too, by the way.”


A month later she moves in with him for real this time. Half her belongings were already there, anyways.

Unexpected lust, Part 1/2

Pairings: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1K

Summary: Tony and the reader are reading fanfiction of themselves and when Pietro joins them, the atmosphere between him and the reader gets a bit more heated.

Warnings: Smut! Few swear words.

A/N: Okay, it’s kinda weird to post a smutty writing after my blogs have always been stamped with the good girl –title, as well as me as a person. But hey, girls have their needs and mine are totally involving smutty Pietro Maximoff and I happen to know that I’m not the only one. *winks* I hope you enjoy this!

Texts in italics are standing for fanfic-clips.

Part 2

”Oh my god, listen to this one”, I laughed, sitting at the kitchen with Tony, eyes watering and stomachs hurting from all the laughing. “Oh no, I can’t-“

Y/N came out of the shower, her soft skin twinkling as the sunbeams hit it, and I couldn’t get my eyes off of her. She smiled softly, before walking in front of me, dropping her towel to the floor”, Tony quoted the text, smirking. “Oh, guess what you are going to say next-”

I glanced at the screen of my phone, deep smirk taking over my lips. I raised my head to watch straight into Tony’s eyes, innocent smile on my lips. “Do you want me, daddy?” I purred, bursting into laugh. “I would never say anything like that.”

“Shame, I like this version of you”, Tony frowned, laughing then deeply. “She kneeled in front of me as a good girl she is, taking my big, hard cock in her soft little hand, blinking her eyes sweetly. Then she kissed the top of my- Oh okay, things are getting weird now- lightsaber and that was all it took me to cum to her pretty, light pink mouth, filling it with my love paste, while screaming her- the sex goddess’s name.

“Oh god, I love these- oh here is one about you!” I laughed, tears in my eyes. “”Tony”, I shouted, running to him, tears rolling down my cheeks. “I thought I was going to lose you!”
“You are never going to lose me”, Tony whispered, wiping my tears away, before pulling me into a deep kiss.
Hey- this is not fair. Why on earth does they write only cute stories about you, but I’m a sex doll in each of mine?”

“Because you are more sexier than him, Printsessa”, I heard a familiar, Sokovian accent coming from the doorway. I turned around to see Pietro leaning to the doorframe, smirk on his face.

“Oh is that so, Piet?” I smirked, rising my eyebrows.

“My opinion is yes”, he chuckled, taking a slice of pizza from the counter. “What are you reading?”

“Fanfiction”, I laughed brightly, glancing at Tony, who were fully focused on reading something from the screen of his phone. “It seems that our- fans are writing these stories about us and publishing them on the internet, on a site called Tumblr.”

“Oh”, Pietro laughed, leaning to the counter. “What kind of stories?”

I felt a slight blush creeping slowly to my cheeks. “Well, for example love stories, stories that are labeled with angst, and then there are my personal favorites -smutty ones. With sex, a lot of sex. Kinky sex, romantic sex, public sex, break up sex –any possible kind of sex.”

“Between who?” he frowned, looking truly interested.

“Mostly between the reader and the character –which in this case means one of us, but there are stories where they are pairing us together as well”, I explained, laughing.

“For example-“, Tony harrumphed, way too deep smirk on his face. “”Pietro”, Y/N whispered, nipping her bottom lip between her teeth, as he pressed her against the wall.
“Didn’t see that coming?” Pietro chuckled, kissing her neck softly.
“Pietro, w-what are you-“
But she didn’t get a change to finish her sentence as he pressed his lips against hers, making her head spin. This was all she had ever wanted –to have Pietro kissing her, touching her, showing her how much he loved her-

I glanced at Pietro and nipped my lip between my teeth as I saw how focused he was, leaning to the counter, listening to Tony with slight frown on his handsome face while caressing his jaw with his long fingers.

She let out a soft moan as the kiss got deeper, making Pietro want her even badder –if possible. He pressed his growing hardness against her, making her beg and repeat his name again and again, like it was the only world she knew. It was the only word she had to knew, as Pietro finally picked her up and tossed her to the sofa, before pulling her pants harshly away. He couldn’t wait to have a taste of that-

“Oh my god”, I breathed out, trying to steady my breathing, the mental images repeating themselves in my mind, making me blush. “I think we have heard enough, thank you very much, T.”

“Oh, did that turn you on, Y/N?” Tony chuckled, looking amused. “I bet it did.”

“Tony”, I let out a nervous laughter, crossing my legs. “Don’t-“

Pietro pressed his tongue on her sensitive clitoris, making her throw her fingers to his dusty blond hair, pulling it, as the waves of satisfaction rushed over her body, making her pant and gasp hard. Pietro kept his icy blue eyes focused on her, as she squirmed at the sofa, his name escaping her lips here and there with soft moans surrounding them”, Tony continued, glancing at both of us occasionally, grinning.

I tried not to think about the words I was hearing, but they kept pushing to my mind, filling it with visions of Pietro on top of me, his tongue making me scream his name. I glanced at him carefully and gasped slightly as our eyes met, his gaze darker than usually, lip between his teeth.

“Fuck Pietro”, Y/N moaned, as she was getting closer and closer to her orgasm. “I’m gonna-“
“Come for me, ljubimyi”, he breathed out, sliding two fingers inside of her, causing her to scream his name as she came hard, collapsing to the sofa. Pietro’s fingers were still working inside of her, making her orgasm last and last-

I bit my lip to stop a moan from escaping my lips as I saw the growing pulp in his grey sweatpants. I formed his name with my lips, glancing at him interrogatively. “Are you-“

He tilted his head, slight smile on his lips and glint of deep lust in his eyes. “You want to-“, he nodded towards reading Tony.

I felt my heart beating like a drum as I nodded my head. “Yes.”

Part 2/2

CSBB Artist Spotlight: bleebug

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @bleebug!

What kinds of artwork do you make?

Digital art mainly. It’s been a while since I worked with traditional media.

What’s your favorite thing about creating artwork?

Getting better. Of course it’s nice to express myself and put my faves in domestic situations, and I’ll be honest, feedback is like half the joy. But really, I just love when I notice that I’ve improved from one work to the next. I get a strange sense of accomplishment despite it being just kind of a fun hobby.

What’s one of your greatest strengths when it comes to creating artwork?

Persistence maybe? There have been times when I’ve drawn and redrawn some part of a piece over and over and over until I feel satisfied with the result. Sometimes it’s with the lines, sometimes it’s with the coloring, but I guarantee you that there’s just something in every piece that stumps me for a while before I can figure it out.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try your hand at, but haven’t had a chance yet?

Acrylics. I have the paints, I have the canvas… but I’m always just too nervous to start something. I’m not sure why!! Maybe I’ve just gotten so used to working on Photoshop that I’m too afraid of messing up with paints.

If you are new to the Captain Swan Big Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

Well SOMEONE was very persuasive. ;)  Haha, but really, I just wanted to contribute. I know the stuff from last year was really amazing and I found new writers and artists to follow and flail over. Just throwing myself into the fun this year! (Plus, I mean, I get to read and gush over an awesome fic before it even gets posted. How rad is that?)

First Artwork:

It took a lot of time and work to get the entire piece done, but honestly I’m just proud of myself for attempting a background. I’m *terrible* at putting characters in an environment. Always have been. So this was a challenge for me. I’m also definitely proud that I managed to actually couple a fic and artwork, and I’m glad they seemed to go well together. Good practice for CSBB!

Second Artwork:

It only took me, oh, about a dozen attempts before I managed to get the lighting to look decent. (That is, recoloring the *entire* image.) I take for granted how often I seem to ignore light sources in my artwork until I realize that I have to reflect firelight at an upward angle against their faces. I learned a lot while drawing this!

Third Artwork:

I’m just happy to finally be drawing them both with smiles on their faces instead of the Serious Look™ that I always tend to do when drawing. Killian’s face took a few attempts. Emma’s was surprisingly simple. I think that’s something else I like, just the simplicity of it. (That’s my way of saying, I don’t need no heckin’ background!)

Check out bleebug on Tumblr - AO3

Fanfic - Lazy Sunday - 1/1

Summary: Barry and Iris spend a lazy (and romantic) Sunday in bed together all day. 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1721

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for months so decided to share with everyone. 

Barry can hear birds chirping outside his window when he opens his eyes. The sky outside his window is swirls of soft pink and purple as the sun began to wash away the night. He turned his gaze away from the coming dawn to look across the bed to where Iris was sleeping.

To Barry there wasn’t a moment when he didn’t think Iris wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world. She always took his breath whether she wore her old sweats or silk dresses. But right now she never looked more beautiful to him.

The white sheets twisted around her petite body giving him glimpses of her naked body underneath. Her brown skin looking soft to the touch in the early light of morning. Her face relaxed in sleep with her full lips slightly parted. Looking at her made something ache in Barry’s chest. He couldn’t help inching closer to her. An invisible pull that always existed between them. His hand reached out to gently curl around her cheek. His head tilting to brush his lips against hers.

Iris shifted closer to his touch. A smile pulling at her lips when Barry leaned in to press another kiss.

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❝ Stay with me till dawn❞

Plot: When at their Aussie fan meet, Jinyoung meets a girl who makes him want to see her again.

Pairing: JinyounxReader

Words count: 2,5k+

Genre: Fluff

For @ kelllllliegirl , I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“I can’t believe they’re really here! IN AUSTRALIA!!!! ”  

You looked at your best friend with a slight disgust onto your face, shaking your head and returning to focus on the book you were reading at that time. You were delighted that one of your favorite Kpop groups was in your city at the time, just as you were delighted that your best friend had bought tickets for the event for both of you.  

But you couldn’t conceive of her hysteria because you were comparatively her opposite and a very calm person.  

“Y/N, They’re here!”  

“If you keep yelling, Margot, you’re going to make them run away.”  

“Aaaah, you make me angry!” She gave you a slight slap on your arm, but without distracting you from the book. It was definitely more interesting than her.  

“Sorry.” You murmured by hinting at her a little smile, feeling like the other girls around you had started screaming and seem completely crazed.  

And the reason was that they had really arrived, they were coming down at that time from the minivan.  A pinch of displeasure darkened for a second your heart, knowing that Youngjae wasn’t present. But you preferred by far his absence because it meant that he was resting as right as it was.  

You watched them enter the building and finally even the gates for the public were open. The places were numbered and assigned, so patiently waited for the crowd to scatter into the conference room. Even your best friend had practically thrown herself like crazy in the crowd.  

What you hadn’t noticed, however, was to have caught someone’s attention with your attitude.  

Jinyoung’s pov 

Jinyoung’s gaze continued to move repeatedly to the room, looking for that girl who immediately captured his attention outside the building.  

“Earth calls Jinyoung, Earth calls Jinyoung” Mark waved his hand before him, having noticed his absence, and sighing with relief when he saw him return to himself. “Man, what the heck is he taking you? Jet lag? ”  

“No, Hyung. I was just lost in thought.” He smiled, while his gaze was resting on the group of girls in the middle.  

And that’s how he saw her. She was quiet sitting among the other girls evidently in prey to the euphoria. She was beautiful, wearing a plaid shirt and torn jeans, she had her hair loose and even in the distance, he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any kind of makeup. She was simple yet beautiful for that reason.  

When the fan meets finally began, his attention continued to move often on that side of the room but never once had been able to cross his gaze with her. However he knew he would have had a chance, it couldn’t finish that way. And his chance was given a half an hour later, when the conductor of the fan meets decided to call on stage some girls to make a game.  

And the choice of the girls was yours.  

~ ~

Y/N’s pov  

They were even more likable than in the many videos you watched every day, now the enthusiasm had kidnapped you but you still kept a certain calm. You shouted, yelled their names, applauded, like every other fan and you were enjoying those moments that never would come back.  

And it had just arrived that moment, what they all waited for. The games where some of you, lucky girls, was chosen to go on stage and play along with them.  

You watched them get off the stage to choose the predestined and you weren’t thinking about anything, luck had never been on your side when Jinyoung began to approach you.  

Margot immediately took to wiggle on the chair, perhaps thought to be the next to be chosen, and it was a thought that grazed even your mind.  

But Jinyoung’s hand held towards you, waiting for you to squeeze it and follow him. Shocked you would indicate yourself and he smiled at you gently, just nodding.  

“Move, Go!” Margot whispered into your ear; while you still look upset his hand. So you just grip it, with a shy smile.  

It was warm, soft and it completed well with yours. You got up, leaving all your stuff behind you, following him thanking you for wearing your favorite converse. It was much easier to walk in sneakers than in heels.  

On stage, the others greeted you with a smile and you remained at his side, noticing a strange thing as much as is unlikely.  

He didn’t leave your hand since he had gripped it a few minutes before. You wouldn’t say anything and simply, after a few moments when they explained the game in question, you found yourself forced to leave that grasp.  

“Y/N, don’t cheat!” BamBam yelled as you burst into laughter, remaining firm at the center of the stage completely blindfolded. They were all so natural and nice that it was hard not to have fun.  

“Sorry! I’m a good girl! ” You promised, crossing your fingers behind your back and provoking another wave of laughter.  

“Now I understand why Jinyoung chose you, you are two cheaters!” Jaebum exclaimed jokingly, as you felt someone’s hands on your shoulders.  

“It’s just me, don’t worry Y/N..”  

“I trust you, Jinyoung..”  

He squeezed more forcefully the grip on your shoulder; almost to reassure you, making you smile even more.  

You would have wanted to stop that moment but you knew it was not possible, and in fact, its end came too soon.  

Someone took you the blindfold and Jinyoung’s smile welcomed you, while you instinctively leaned your hand on your forearm having to reaccustom to the sudden light.  

“Do you feel good?”  

“Only the return to light, the darkness was in some comforting way..” You explained timidly, biting your bottom lip starting to get away from him.  

The others were saluting and embracing their “choices”, but he seemed almost unwilling to greet you. But maybe it was just your impression, you didn’t want to make you weird and impossible mental movie.  

“I hope you enjoyed it.”  

“Of course Jinyoung, thank you for choosing me!” You bent your head in Thanksgiving and one of the other girls took your hand, drawing you to her and forcing to go down the stairs to get back to your place. That sudden gesture, however, didn’t allow you to hear his “I could not choose any other” just whispered.  

The grass was soft and the air of the night caressed your skin, while Margot kept asking you how it was to be so close to them.  

You couldn’t answer, you were just trying to get a grip of yourself and come back to your normality as soon as possible. The feeling of Jinyoung’s hand on your arm made you open your eyes, almost as if he was really touching you at that moment.  

“What’s going on?”  

“Nothing” You lied, smiling at her and coming back to fix the stars above you. You were out of the building, while the whole screaming crowd started to disperse, and you needed five minutes to catch your breath. Margot had forced you to lie down, stating that you were incredibly pale. You didn’t know if it was a lie just to keep you close and bombard you with questions, but you were grateful.  

“They’re all going away thankfully..”  

“Do you want me to call your brother, Y/N?” She asked worried and you gave her a little pat onto her forearm, shaking your head.  

You brought the other arm to cover your eyes, trying to breathe normally. But the light breeze brought with it a scent that you had already feel and the scream of your best friend did nothing but confirm what you were thinking.  


The next sequence was not very clear. Margot continued to scream and Jackson, caught by surprise, began to scream in turn while Yugyeom burst into laughter and the other four watched them as if they had gone mad. Everyone was looking at them less than one.  

Jinyoung was bent down and watched you, you could see it from a crack that your arm could not cover, and seemed worried. Maybe it was just the kindness of the idols but you heard an unknown voice asking if you were feeling well.  

“I think so Pdnim, maybe her friend who keeps screaming doesn’t feel well….”  

“AAAAAAH, IT’S MY JOB, IT’S ON ME!” Jackson screamed and after a few seconds, the silence was the only thing you could hear. You lowered your arm and quickly put you sitting, forcing Jinyoung to move away and fall on the ground, causing another excess of laughter in Yugyeom.  

“What a tiredness to keep an eye on guys.” Jaebum hummed, helping his friend to get up and checking that he hadn’t hurt himself. Jaebum was a very low-key leader but you liked him for that reason.  

Turning you realize that Margot was in the arms of Jackson and he was holding his hand on her mouth to keep her quiet and you just start smiling because he couldn’t know that that was her dream since ever.  

“Are you fine Y/N?” Mark kindly asked while Jinyoung’s gaze hadn’t moved from you even for a second. It was a little creepy but also sweet the fact that he was worried, at least it was what you thought, for you.  

“Yes, I don’t really love the enclosed spaces but I couldn’t let this opportunity escape.”  

“Do you need anything?” His voice was slightly cracked; “If you don’t feel good just laying down, we call an ambulance or at least accompany you at home.”  

The others remained silent while the shock was well visible on your face. No, maybe you were dreaming, and you still had to wake up. Park Jinyoung who cared so much for you? Yes, it was supposed to be a dream and it was what you were continuing to repeat.  

“I’m fine Jinyoung..”  

“PDnim didn’t you say we could have a few hours of freedom after the fan meets?”  

“Yes, BamBam… First I bring you back to the hotel. ”  

“Nope, we can use a cab. Leave us free, pleaaaaaaaase ” BamBam shook the hands of their Pdnim, making you laugh slightly, noticing the almost accomplice smiles of the others who were looking at themselves as if they were organizing something.  

You watched their manager who resigned nodded, provoking a scream of joy in all but Jinyoung. He simply smiled and was a warm smile, which could have warmed even the most icy heart.  

“Well, Jackson, you made friends with your own.. Take her with us. ” Jaebum took to the sleeve of his friend’s jacket, starting to get away after greeted you with a smile.  

“BYYYYYYYYE Y/N!!!!”  The others said in chorus, following their leader.  

And you remained completely alone with Jinyoung, who had turned towards the direction that they had taken his bandmates. Upset as much as you.  

“I.. I don’t know what they’re thinking but I don’t lose more time to understand them. I gave up years ago. ”  

You laughed, finding him incredibly funny with that expression between the disgust and affection that always had when they were doing something strange.  

“Do you want to make a little city tour.. It’s not too late, there are plenty of places still open. ”  

“To one condition.” He murmured face towards you, and you nodded, curious to know what his condition was; “Give me your number.”  

Your mouth opened wide and you couldn’t be more shocked than that. He started laughing and without thinking much about pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, leaning it towards you.  

“Jinyoung am I dreaming? Maybe a car invested me, I’m in a coma and this is just the wonderful dream of my subconscious. ”  

“What?!?!?” He asked among the laughter, continuing to hold the phone in the hand waiting for you to take it; “Well then we should be in a coma both.”  

“Then why do you ask me my number..?”  

“Because I think it’s worth it.”  

“It’s not a proper answer,” you noticed him and he shook his head, continuing to laugh coming to cover his mouth with his hand, trying in some way to hide.  

He had a beautiful and contagious laugh, so you found yourself smiling undecided whether or not to take his phone.  

“All right, then I’ll have to take alone.” He assumed, beginning to write quickly something you couldn’t read.  

The beep of a message was almost immediate and he smiled satisfied, showing to you the screen of his cell phone.  

Your number was in beautiful view and the only person who could have done that was Margot.  

“Ugly traitor, I’ll kill her…”  

“Jackson can be persuasive. Now we can go and make our city tour; I have time until dawn. ”  

You’d bite your lip, looking him carefully. He was by your side, your bodies seemed almost attract and he was pointing with his hand to make him the way. And then? He would go after two days and you would only had an incredible memory of this time but without future. You began to think it was worth it and you were so enthused that wouldn’t notice his approaching.  

He leaned his hand on your back, bowing a little with his face to be able to look you and make sure that you were good because even if you didn’t know he was still very concerned about your “conditions”.  


You lifted your face and so you met his, almost felt his breath tickle your skin and your and his eyes, both dark and deep, were wide open for the extreme closeness. With fatigue you swallow, feeling your heart start beating fast.  

“Why a-are you like that?” You stutter, noticing every detail of his face, still too close.  


“With your doe eyes and that smile and your manners… Can’t you be the sassy queen who often shows up? Because it would be more easy to hat– N-Nothing. ”  

“To hat…?” He pressed, smiling almost satisfied while with his other hand he moved a lock of your hair behind your ear.  

“It would be easier to "hate” you.. Because you’d be a jerk.. “  

"I can be it if you want” He admitted amused; brushing the fingertip of his thumb onto your cheek, making you blush immediately. “Indeed I’m just little sassy.. Just that I’m used to having to show someone else in front of the fans.”

"My problem is that I also like Jinyoung the sassy queen.”  

“Then stay with me till dawn.”

The Contest-Part 26

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I stared at Missouri, eyes wide with shock.  “You have got to be kidding! Not only do I have a witch hijacking my body, but I’m gonna have a baby too? I’m not ready to be anyone’s mother!”

“Are you sure?” Sam asked Missouri, looking like he’d been blindsided. Missouri nodded, not saying anything more.

“So I’m gonna be an uncle?” Dean said excitedly.  He was the only one who seemed remotely pleased.

 “Lucifer wants to kill me because my son is destined to kill him?  Sounds very Sarah Conner, doesn’t it? So now I not only have to worry about keeping myself alive but I have to worry about a baby too?  Great, just great!” I stood up angrily.

“Gem….” Sam began, reaching out and grabbing my arm to keep me from leaving the table.

I jerked my arm out of his grasp.  “Don’t…..I can’t.”  I turned and walked away from the table, and they heard my door slam. 

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Piper’s first visit to Goodneighbor was an accident, born from the misery of failure. She’d been close- so close!- to finding evidence of the mayor’s collusion with the Institute, and then it had started to rain. Heavy, miserable rain, the kind that sizzled on your skin and sent you straight into a fatal fever if you stood out in it too long. Piper had ducked blindly under an alcove, straight into a pack of wild dogs. Things had gotten messy.

She’d run for the nearest set of lights, not caring what it was, and careened straight into Goodneighbor. No one had noticed when she came careening in, her pistol clutched in her hand.

No one had cared. It was dark, and Goodneighbor was filled with night people, the square packed with the smell of chems and booze. Piper had made for the bar, hoping to hide from the rain, and found her.


Her red dress, the way her voice hung in the air like cigarette smoke, the way she swayed to the music- everything about her looked like a million caps. Piper stood there, stunned, until a patron pushed past her on the stairs and her natural suspicion resurfaced. She went down the stairs, ordered a drink without taking her eyes off Magnolia, and took a seat near the front of the stage.

Magnolia’s skin was so smooth, even up close- what kind of life had she lived, to avoid the scars and scrapes that came naturally with life in the wasteland? Under her coat, Piper’s skin was a mass of bruises and spilled ink. That was life as a reporter. A troublemaker, the mayor had called her, but the sight of Magnolia put all the trouble out of her. She wanted to sit and listen until the sun rose in the sky, and forget, just a little bit, how much injustice there was left to fight in the world.

The night went on, and on, until at last Magnolia nodded to the barman and ended on one last, lingering note. Piper jerked awake with a start. The bar was mostly empty. Without Piper noticing, all the people had filtered out, leaving just her and a pair of sleeping ghouls.

Magnolia descended from the stage and paused in front of Piper’s table, her hips swaying beneath her dress with each step.

“We don’t see a lot of new faces around here,” she said. “And I would remember if a girl like you came in and spent the whole night giving me looks.”

“I’ve just- I was running from some ferals, and- you-” You were just so beautiful, Piper thought. “I’m- Piper Wright- pleased to meet you,” she managed, and stuck out her hand. Magnolia’s hand was cool in her own. They shook.

“Diamond City’s troublemaker,” Magnolia said with an approving smile. “It get too hot for you, too?”

“No,” Piper said, shaking her head. “Mayor hasn’t banned me yet, anyways. Publick Occurrences won’t close, not while I’m alive.”

“Good for you, sugar,” Magnolia said, and tucked a curl of hair away from Piper’s face. Her hand came to a rest on Piper’s shoulder.  “What are you writing about?” Talk of Piper’s article took them all the way to the front door of the Rexford. The rain had stopped, and Goodneighbor was filled with the tender light of dawn.  

“Come visit me sometime,” Magnolia said, and winked. “I could give you a great interview.”

“Yeah?” Piper said, a little breathless. “I’d like that.” Magnolia smiled. She leaned in, her lips brushing Piper’s cheek, and then vanished into the gloom of the Rexford lobby. It was a memory that would linger, one that Piper treasured on miserable days- Magnolia in her red dress, framed by the hotel doors like a spot of light.

Inspired by @artbytesslyn and her great fallout pics!

Skin Deep (Doyoung, Taeil, Taeyong) Part 1

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1000+

“Beauty is never skin deep……it’s always much deeper than the skin.”

Has your mouth ever been bigger than your capability, your eyes a little bit bigger than your stomach, has your skin ever cried out for a lot more than you knew you could handle. Well if it hasn’t before….it sure is about to now.

Taeil: Woah Y/N! I didn’t know you were this dirty.
Taeyong: Are you sure you want this princess……all of us making you feel good
Doyoung: I’m sure you could make us feel really good……. Kitten. You take care of us we take care of you.

You’ve made worse decisions in life, but getting into a group chat with Doyoung, Taeil, and Taeyong and then letting the conversation tread to subject matter this sensitive and provocative just might take the cake. The wet dream of millions of screaming, die hard, fangirls was conspiring on your phone as you spoke. They weren’t even in the room and they still made you super nervous. Swallowing thick globs of saliva, a feeble attempt to moisturize your drying throat. Your fingers locking up as you try your best to type a response. If you could take at least one thing that you ever did or said back in life it would probably be what you said a few minutes ago.  See the conversation was going good and even making you laugh a bit but then these boys just had to stroke their mammoth sized egos and brag about how good they can be in bed

Taeyong: I would be the best out of all 3 of us
Taeil: Buuuuuut who got that girl last night at the fan signing and brought her home
Taeyong: She was looking at me anyway
Doyoung: Truthfully, she was flirting with me first….
Taeyong: Shut up Doyoung it’s not like you would have done anything with her
Doyoung: You don’t know that……
Taeyong: You’re so vanilla…. the farthest you’ve gotten with a girl was her front door.
Taeil: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
Doyoung: Oh yeah………well I can get to 4th base with Y/N.
Taeyong: Don’t make me laugh she won’t even give you the time of day.
Y/N: You guys do know I’m in this group chat with you, all right?
Taeyong: Well answer me this Y/N, would you get in bed with Doyoung?
Y/N: I’d take all 3 of you honestly.

Dead silence……. not a word to be spoken or typed after your more than truthful response.
Though it was never shared, it didn’t need to be. You all thought of how amazing it would be, how good it would feel. Then the stages progressed rapidly thought, imagination, planning, execution. They thought about it, imagined themselves doing it, planned on saying it, and then the one brave soul, the most Vanilla in the group Doyoung.

“I’m sure you could make us feel really good…. Kitten”

The most dangerous words he could ever say formed into one diabolical sentence. When Doyoung called you Kitten it set your body a blaze. You were never quite sure how to feel as long as you knew you wanted him. That seemed to be the only thing that mattered.

Taeyong: If I could possibly just watch, I wouldn’t really have to participate
Taeil: Yeah that would kind of be hot to see you and Y/N go at it
Doyoung: Well Y/N?  do you wanna give your oppas what we want or do you wanna disappoint us……I know you don’t wanna disappoint us Kitten.
Y/N: No, I don’t I wanna be a good girl…. I wanna be your good girl. I wanna do everything you say as you say it while they watch me do it. I wanna make them wanna be a good girl for them. But I’m your good girl……
Doyoung: How soon can you demonstrate to me and my chingus how good of a girl you are
Taeyong: Yeah Y/N How soon!
Taeil: Count me in
Y/N: How soon can you get over here?

It seemed like seconds passed and there was an eager knock on your door, no one other than the three raunchy males that put you up to this…. Well more so you did this rather than them. Your mouth was much bigger than the rest of the holes on your body but soon enough you would realize that.

“ You talk a really good game kitten…. I just wanted to see if you were for real. I figured it could get quite lonely while they just spectated so I brought along someone to help” Doyoung said as he took his place on the couch beside Taeil and Taeyong. You felt a light stroke of your hair from behind you and turned around to see none other than a tall muscular figure and a devilish smile splayed across the face of this familiar stranger.
“Johnny” you asked almost in shock
“Of course princess…. Doyoung asked me to help him turn that gorgeous body of yours inside out and what kind of Hyung would I be to turn him down Hmm?” He spoke softly sweeping a fair-sized piece of your hair away from your ear. His hot breath came in contact with your neck giving you the first of many goosebumps you’ll have tonight. As Johnny worked his magic on you Doyoung came up in front of you kissing you harshly and dominantly and pseudo-ripping your blouse from your body. “You should already be naked…you knew we were coming.” Doyoung spoke through clenched teeth. You whimper slightly feeling your skirt viciously ripped away from your hips. Rough calloused palms and elongated fingers kneading your ass and thighs. Another pair of rough hands kneading your full breasts making sure to toy with your clothed nipples. “You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’ Johnny” “Already ahead of you” the taller boy spoke unclasping your bra. The thin layer of fabric being ushered, slightly encouraged off your arms. Natural instinct prompting you to cover yourself which you do.

“Don’t try and hide now Kitten you wanted this, now relax and let us do our thing.” Spoke an overly confident Doyoung. Cunning extremities hooked themselves around the ban of your black lace underwear. That blissful feeling returned unto you once again, he took his time slowly pulling them down knowing how much you loved the feeling of your panties leaving you alone excites you even more.” Oh, Doyoung Oppa” your sinful lips singing his sweet praise in betrayal of your better judgement. You don’t concave to one tremendous feeling no matter who is giving it to you. Looking down to see the black fabric pooled around your thin ankles. Feeling more fingers snake around your lower thigh right in between your sweet folds traveling deeper into your dripping center. Your juices sloshed around and your walls tightened leaving a thick clear ooze covered extremity to be pulled from your cavern.” I think she’s more than ready for you Doyoung.” Johnny spoke proceeding to leave a trail of sloppy kisses down your ear and neck. Alternating between your ear lobe and your sweet spot just below it in kisses he also gave your throbbing clit one last good rub.” Tell me how good I make you feel princess.” Johnny cooed into your ear giving you one good kiss on your neck. “So, good baby.” You moan out uncontrollably. “We’ll have our time princess…now I just really wanna get you ready for Doyoung. Get it as wet as possible so he can slip right in.” Johnny whispered as Doyoung inched nearer. Doyoung took you out of Johnny’s hands and carried you over to the kitchen counter laying you vertically to the counter. Your stomach and lower body was supported by the counter, your legs hung off of the counter. Your upper half left to chance. Locking his forearm behind your lower back made you arch your back automatically. Sliding his large girth inside of you and hearing him exhale from the tremendous feeling of your walls tightening around him for the first time. Slowly he pushed more of himself into your paradise with each agonizing and painfully slow stroke. He didn’t want to go buck wild inside you being that you haven’t had some in a long time. But one slower stroke and he probably would’ve just stopped. Suddenly your body jumped from the alarm of two hard, choppy, strokes Doyoung made into you without warning. Leaving his pelvis meshed in yours for a few moments before continuing his hasty, sloppy yet hard and saturated strokes. Making sure you could feel all of him deep inside you. Gripping your thighs, bending your legs back farther for a clearer view of him passing in and out of your heat. The sound quite intoxicating, your bare back hitting the counter from each firm stroke deeper inside of you. Your moans uncontrollable, his pleasure unbearable. It’s almost as if you could feel everything happening inside of you. The head of his dick spilling droplets of its sweet thick nectar deep inside of you. Merely seconds away from him spilling inside of you. He takes his hand presses his warm palm in the center of your slightly heated abdomen and strokes harder and faster than he ever did before. “ugh” Doyoung moans lowly not wanting to sacrifice his image of you for this feeling.” mmm so wet Jagi, feels so good inside you Jagi” his pace quickens, the sloshing sound intensifies, your eyes close, your whimpers and deep belly groans release. The strength in your thighs dissipate. Your legs now flimsy and rubbery flail and hang only to mimic the choppy movements from Doyoung’s accelerated stokes. His deep bellow lets you know he is past the edge. Riding out his sweet high stroking you further to yours in eminent success.  Your body relaxes, you gain feeling and strength in places you lost. Propping yourself on the counter to passionately kiss Doyoung after the exchange of intense passion. Washing over you like a huge tidal wave. Pleasure sings and moves freely throughout your body. Your random convulsions and bucking of your hips. Your curled toes can finally relax. Your smile completely out of your jurisdiction. Laying back allowing his slick member to slide out of your heat leaving a little of your essence mixed with his to drip on the counter.” Open your legs more Kitten, I want the hyungs to see what I’ve done to you.” Says a cocky Doyoung.  Tired and defeated with labored breathing. You hear the low voice of a seemingly turned on Taeyong.

“Don’t give out on us just yet doll……Doyoung did pretty good……But I’ll do you ten times better.”

Part 2?


Cats and Counter-Curses

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Thackery Binx x Reader

Cats and Counter-Curses

Prompt: A thackery Binx one where the reader is a good witch from present times and tries to help them get rid of the sisters, while also searching for a way to turn him back?

Note: Yesssssssssssss HALLOWEENNNNNNNNN (Took a little creative liberty here, so bear with me) Also, this took like four days to write so feedback would be wonderful.

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 3636

A white witch was what they called you. It was what your mother and grandmother were. Filled with light magic and a good soul. Your powers were growing steadily as you came of age, and training with two of the best witches in Salem certainly helped things along.

And yet, despite the nature of your powers, you and your folk still dressed…well, witchy. Most of your closet was black, and you tended to wear lots of jewelry: rings, bracelets, chokers, lockets, the like. At any given moment, your fingers had around four or five rings on them, more if they were small and you could wear a few on each finger.

Your eyes were violet, a witchy trait that ran in your family. It was part of your blood, a signal to the rest of the magical world that you were a good witch, someone to help. It was like a beacon to the black cat that spotted you on your way home from school.

As if the rest of your wardrobe and your black painted nails didn’t already give it away, the cat’s green eyes widened like saucers when he spotted your eyes. He watched you walk past him and then began to trot beside you, finally grabbing your attention when his little black paws began to crunch in the leaves.

“Hey there, little guy.” You stooped down to rub between his ears. You didn’t spot a collar, but he seemed to be extremely friendly, rubbing against your legs several times and meowing. “Are you lost?”

“No, just looking around,” he replied, a human voice escaping his cat exterior. Your eyes widened. Sure, you had come across a talking animal here or there in your adventures, but it was still a shock.

“You can talk.”

“I can, yeah. Took quite a while to learn how to use these vocal chords, but three hundred years gives you a lot of practice.”

“Oh my God, no way.” Your eyes widened. Having lived in Salem all your life, you were well aware of his sad tale.“You’re Thackery Binx!”

“Yes. I am. And judging by your eyes, I assume you’re the youngest of the Salem line.”

“Well, my little cousin Lindy is the youngest, but I’m pretty close. I’m (Y/N).”

The two of you walked for a few more minutes before finally going up the front steps to your house and walking inside.

“Come on in.” You motioned around the front room. It was a very witchy place. The moment the cat stepped through the doors, he could feel the magic here. It was like a pulse, strong and steady, the power rolling off of it in waves. “This is home.”

“I’ll say.” The small black cat trotted through the room, looking around at all the baubles and bits. A few potions here, a few ingredients there, and spell books lining every shelf. “Quite a bit of magic you’ve got here.”

“Well, my family has lived here forever. It kind of adds up.” you shrugged and sat down on the couch. “So, three hundred years as a cat, huh? What’ve you been up to?”

“Protecting the Black Flame Candle from those who might try to light it. And trying to find someone like you.”

“Someone like me. You know, it’s not too hard to find witches in Salem.”

“It is if you’re looking for the good kind.” he sort of chuckled. “I was afraid the others would turn me into something worse.”

“Thackery Binx.” Your mother walked into the room, a sort of amused grin settled on her features as she looked over the cat. “I wondered if we’d ever cross paths.”

“This is my mom. She’s a witch too.”

“Nice to meet you.” he nodded, hopping up onto the couch. He sat up straight on the cushion beside yours, sitting like a person. “I was just talking to (Y/N) about how you might be able to help me.”

“I think we might be able to whip something up.”


September faded into October and another eventless Halloween passed. You had camped out in the old Sanderson house with Thackery just to make sure there wasn’t a stupid virgin hanging around. After Halloween, Thackery started walking towards the door.


He turned to look at you, standing in front of the door.

“You don’t have to leave.” You told him. His green eyes sort of widened, a grateful twinkle gleaming off of the emerald circles. “You can stay here.”

“I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You’re a cat. You’re not a burden. You can stay here forever if that’s how long it takes.”

“How long it takes to what?”

“To break the spell.”

From that moment on, Thackery latched onto you. The only time you were separated was when you had to go to school. Whenever you got home and settled into your spot on the couch, a blanket draped across your legs and a laptop sitting on your lap, Thackery would either sit beside you or settle into a ball on your legs. His warmth was comforting. He was like a little heater. And he was pretty damn good at helping you with your history homework.

He slept curled up on your bed most nights. He didn’t like to be alone, and now that he had the option to have a companion, he was taking advantage of it. You were quite the duo. A witch and her black cat. Thackery admired your power and the kindness you had. And you admired him in other ways. He knew so much about the world and how it worked.

The two of you worked diligently searching through every spellbook your family owned for something that could possibly help turn Thackery back. But every path lead to a dead end. It was frustrating for you, but you could only imagine what this felt like for Thackery, to have been stuck like this with no hope for a somewhat normal life.

You slumped onto your bed, using your magic to turn off the light. You felt the small thump of Thackery hopping up to join you.

“You seem upset.” he stated, looking down on you before curling into a ball on your stomach. You rubbed the spot between his ears.

“I’m just…I’m trying.”

“I know you are.”

“I want to help you.”

“I know you do.” He sighed. “Listen. It’s taken me three-hundred years on this God-forsaken planet to find a Salem witch that didn’t want to skin me alive, let alone find a way to break this spell. We’ll get there.”

“I hope so.” You closed your eyes. “Hey Binx?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.” You could feel him breathing on your stomach, the slow steady movement coming from the little ball of warmth. You had hope. Maybe there would come a day where he wouldn’t be just a little ball of fur. He would be a human again. You were sure of it.


Your searches led you to a house a couple of cities away, in a place called Terrowin. Though the magic here wasn’t as strong as it was in Salem, you could still feel the arcane pulse like a second heartbeat. That was a good sign.

You had called a witch here, a friend of your grandmother’s, in the hopes that maybe she had something that could help Thackery. It had been a long drive, but you had hope that it would be worth it.

You knocked on the door. Thackery was standing at your feet defensively, his tail absentmindedly waving in the air. When the door opened, you were greeted by a kindly old face. Her light magic was so strong, you were nearly knocked off of your feet by the wave of it that rushed over the two of you.

“Woah,” you whispered. The old witch smiled, eyes twinkling at the young spellcaster before her.

“You must be (Y/N). It’s nice to meet you, dear.” You offered your hand to shake, but instead, she pulled you into a warm hug.

“Nice to meet you too. My grandma said you might be able to help us.”

“I think I might have just what you need. Come on in.” You walked through the door with Thackery close behind. He looked up at you expectantly, so you bent down and let him hop up into your arms, stroking his black fur. Though he tried to contain it, he couldn’t help but let out a little purr. He was glad he couldn’t blush, because if he had been human, his cheeks would have surely flushed scarlet.

‘Musn’t get attached.’ he reminded himself, doubting very much that any of these spells could actually work. ‘It’ll only hurt more when she leaves you behind.’

“These are where I keep all of my information on transformation spells.” she motioned to a shelf fully stocked with books, scrolls, and vials of glowing potions. After browsing for a few seconds, she picked a scroll off of the shelf. She unrolled the ancient scroll. It was probably older than Thackery. “A human transformation spell should do the trick.”

The old witch pushed a pair of round glasses up her nose. You set Thackery down and offered a hopeful smile. He closed his gleaming green eyes and inhaled a long breath. He wasn’t quite sure what to say, so he didn’t say anything. Instead, he waited as the witch wiggled her fingers and whispered some Latin words.

Convertens in homine.”

Sparks drifted from her hands and fell onto Thackery. For a few seconds, he felt itchy, and then there was nothing. A strong wave of dark magic surged from the little cat, knocking you off of your feet. You coughed a few times, struggling to get up. Thackery rushed over immediately.

“Are you alright?” he asked with concern.

You nodded, still coughing up a fit of black magic. Slowly, you sat up. Thackery stood on your thigh, his little paws pressing into you lightly. Everything was still a little blurry, but it was getting clearer.

“I’m fine. I don’t think it worked.”

“No, I don’t think so either.” He stated. Even though he didn’t feel any different, he was just glad you were okay. That could have been a lot worse.

“How did you end up like this, Thackery? Who did this to you?” The older witch helped you up off of the floor and looked down at the cat.

“The Sanderson Sisters.”

“Ah. No wonder it didn’t work. A transformation spell would have worn off by now. This is something much darker. A curse of sorts.” The old witch wrung her hands, a thoughtful look deep in her features. “What you need is a counter curse.”

“And where might we find one of those?” Thackery hopped back into your arms.

“Come with me.”


Greta (the kindly old witch) had sent you back to Salem with a recipe for a counter curse. Most of the ingredients were things you had at home. Some things took you to the woods to find them. Others were going to require more work. Namely, a trip to the Sanderson’s cottage.

“This place gives me the creeps.” You shuddered, shining the light from the spell in your hand around the dark room.

“Likewise.” Thackery looked around the front room with guarded eyes. Over by the ladder was the place it happened. Three hundred years ago, he had been clinging to that ladder, shaking, sweating, swallowing thickly as he stared at the three witches, waggling their fingers at him. And then the world grew around him as his bones bent and cracked, his muscles shifted, and fur tore through his skin.

He flinched at the memory. It hurt to remember.

“You okay?” You asked. He nodded, but he was very obviously not okay.

“Let’s just get the thing we need and get out of here.”

“Agreed.” You shined your light around. There was a great big spell book sitting in a glass display case. The dark magic rolling off of it was powerful. Very much so. It sent a shiver up your spine. You stepped away from it, not wanting to get any closer than you had to.

“The curse they used was in the book.” Thackery looked up at the display case, memories once again plaguing his mind with painful thoughts.

“Every witch worth their hexes keeps another copy.” You told him. As you stepped through the cottage, you noticed one of the floorboards wiggle and looked at Thackery.

“Worth a try,” he tilted his head at the loose floorboard. Sure enough, it came off without too much trouble, and beneath it was a hole protected by a powerful layer of dark magic. You reached out to touch it, but it burned you. Badly. You ripped your hand away from it, nursing the wound with a quick healing spell.

“Well, that didn’t work.” You exhaled a breath and then focused the brightest energy you could into the palm of your hand. It wrapped around your arm like a glove, forming a protective shell. It was hard to push through the wall of darkness, but you forced your way through, hand securing around a stack of papers.

You pulled them out, yelling as you did. It hurt, but it worked.

“Are you alright?” Thackery asked, looking over your hand. You nodded, rubbing some more light magic into it and then shaking it.

“I’m okay. Look through those and tell me if anything sticks out.” You motioned to the pile with your head. He scanned a few pages before finding the words that had been tattooed on his brain for three centuries.

“This one.” His eyes fixed themselves on the floor, and he swallowed the lump forming in his throat. “This is the one they used.”

“Then this is what we’ll use to undo it.” You picked up the paper with your still-sore hand and walked out of the cottage. Standing in the sunlight helped wash the dark feeling out of your aura. It felt heavy and sour, but getting away from it felt refreshing. Like lifting a thousand pounds off of your shoulders.

You bent down and scooped up Thackery in your arms.

“Let’s go home and figure this out, huh?”

“That sounds like a good plan,” he agreed, curling in closer to your black knitted sweater. For the first time, the cat had hope that soon, he might be the one holding you.


It took a few days for your grandmother and Greta to decode, but they finally managed to whip up a counter-curse that you were going to cast on the next full moon. Thackery was more nervous than he cared to let you know. This could be it. Could be. But he wouldn’t talk about it, despite the fact that the full moon was only about a week away.

You had been assembling a sort of wardrobe for him. You didn’t know what size clothes he would wear, but you had found some hoodies and jeans and t-shirts that Thackery said would fit him just fine. And yet, whenever you asked, he seemed hurt to talk about it.

Talking about humanity made him excited, yes, but it also reminded him of everything that had happened while he was human. His sister had died because of him. Because he failed to protect her. You told him it wasn’t his fault. The odds had been stacked against him. Three witches against one teenage boy…he had never stood a chance.

Somehow this made him feel worse.

“So, I was thinking about classes you should take. I already talked to the counselors and they said they can put your locker next to mine. We’ll have pretty similar schedules too. I made sure we had a few different classes because I don’t want you to get sick of me, but-”

“I don’t think I could ever tire of seeing thee, (Y/N).”

“You’re a flirt, you know that?” You scrunched up your nose and smirked. You pulled a grey hoodie off of the pile. “What about this one?”

“That will work fine. Like all the others.”

“I wanna make sure you’re bundled up because you’ll probably be cold without fur.” You tapped a finger against your lips. He walked over and rubbed against your leg.

“You’re overthinking things, love.”

You picked him up and sat on the bed, letting him curl up in your lap. “I know I am. I just want everything to be perfect.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. I don’t want you to be disappointed if the counter curse backfires again.”

“It won’t.” You stated. “I can feel it. Witchy intuition, you know?”

“Of course.” He nodded, unfurling from his little ball and looking up at you with his bright green eyes. “I believe it if you do.”

“I believe it with all of my heart.”


The night finally came. Out in the woods, you had found a clearing. Your mother, grandmother, and Greta were all there. Thackery was sitting under the moonlight inside a ring of salt. Your grandmother was focused intently on her watch, waiting, waiting, waiting, and then she nodded, signaling you to cast the ring.

One touch and the salt ignited with power, bright and green. The magic was like flames, intensifying and rising into the air. Greta handed you the counter curse. They said if you cast it, it would be more powerful, given your age and your emotions for the cat sitting in the midst of the magic.

You took a deep breath, looking to Thackery. He nodded, telling you he was ready. This was it. The moment that would make or break his future.

“Cursed long ago by witches long dead,

Bound by the dark, every hair on his head.

Free him from evil, the power they cast

Make every century part of the past.

Youthful, and human, and unbound, and free

By use of my powers, I will this to be.”

The last line came out of you in a surge, sweeping across the forest, and causing you to fall to your knees. The power was streaming out of you, powerful and strong, settling on Thackery in a rush.

At first, he felt nothing. And then, he felt everything.

His limbs tingled. His ears twitched. His heart raced, and his breaths quickened. The first change was his paws. What had once been tiny, black, and covered in fur were now stretching into hands, fingers emerging and elongating. His arms and legs grew and the fur that had covered his body for so long fell out, revealing soft human skin. Thackery’s ears shrank back into his head, leaving him with earlobes, and when he tugged on them, he found human ears. His tail was long gone, and when he felt his face, his skin made contact with skin. Human skin.

It had worked.

He looked down at himself, awe spread across his features. He was still wearing what he had been wearing then. It was if nothing had changed since that day. The ring of magic around him died down and he was able to step through, kneeling down in front of where you were still sitting on your knees.

You hadn’t looked up at him yet, still breathing heavily from all of the power that had left your body at once. You were exhausted, and he could tell. But there was part of you that didn’t want to look. What if it hadn’t worked? What if you had let him down again?

Tentatively, he reached out to touch your cheek with one of his large human hands. His thumb stroked your soft skin.

Your eyes slowly opened, and the sight of him caused your heart to swell. Your smiled, immediately throwing your arms around him. Thackery held you tighter than he had ever held anyone in his entire life, his arms fast around your waist. God, he was warm.

“You did it, (Y/N),” he whispered, finally realizing it himself. “You broke the curse.”

“I did, didn’t I?” You pulled away to get a good look at him. You couldn’t help but smile, taking in every detail. “God, you’re handsome.”

“How did I get so lucky to be blessed with a beauty such as you?” Thackery exhaled a long breath.

“Oh, just shut up and kiss me already.”



It took Thackery a while to adjust to school. You didn’t blame him in the slightest. Things had no doubt changed more than you could ever imagine. Your friends didn’t really know where he had come from. To everyone else, Thackery Binx, or as people called him, Zachary Binx, had seemingly appeared out of thin air.

Well, he sort of had.

He walked home with you every day, and you had four classes together, so you got to see each other quite a lot, not that either of you minded all that much. The girls at school all wondered how you had found someone so perfect, so kind with that old-fashioned charm that never failed to make you swoon. You insisted he appeared in your life like magic. And when they asked where all of his thees and thys came from, you would just write it off as too much time spent at Ren Fest.

“Hey Thackery?” You asked after he closed his locker.

“Yes, love?”

And then you hugged him, long and tight, resting your ear above his heart. He held you close, kissing the crown of your head. He had waited so long to be able to hold you in his arms, and here you were, clinging to the former cat like a lifeline.

“I love you.” Your confession was muffled by the fabric of his soft hoodie.

He chuckled. “I love thee too.”

“Disarm them,” Wollstone ordered. “Then put them in cell D. The cold one. They can have a little hint of what their demise will be like when we skin them on the ice tomorrow.” She leveled a last glare at them and left with a haughty sweep of her ugly velvet cape.  

Bond darted a glance at Q to see how he took the threat. 

Q’s hands were trembling, but his eyes stayed steady, and his lip curled with disgust as he watched Wollstone’s retreat out of their assigned room. Her coercive genius recruitment scheme had personally offended him; he’d been all too pleased that he was one of the only people at Six with the intellectual qualifications to pair up with Bond so they could infiltrate her little facility and take down the operation. 

Unfortunately, their combined efforts hadn’t been enough to fool every single genius in the facility, and eventually one of the brighter ones had let something slip. 

Beatrice, Wollstone’s head of security, started to pat Bond down while her goons held their guns at the ready. 

“You know, if you wanted to get your hands on me I’m sure we could arrange something else,” Bond commented, only to be pistol-whipped with his own Walther. 

Good. If they were focusing on his mouth, they might not pay as much attention to Q. 

Beatrice took Bond’s gun, the knife in his ankle holster, his shoes, and his watch. “Packing light, huh,” she commented. “And I’m guessing your nerdy buddy has some pretty empty pockets, what with Mr. Big around to protect his virtue. What do you got?” she asked, eyeballing Q. “A weenie little taser?” 

“Er…” Q said. He darted a chagrin-filled glance at Bond. Had Q really not equipped himself?

“Not even a taser?” Beatrice asked skeptically, and she started to go through the motions of patting Q down. Beatrice’s biceps were the size of Q’s head; Bond stayed still. 

Only moments after starting her pat-down, Beatrice was yanking up Q’s dress shirt to reveal a belly holster and a Walther PPK. “Well, well,” she said. “Got us a genius who thinks he can shoot. Is that all, genius?” 

“Er,” Q said again. 

Two stun guns, four multi-tools of various sizes, one collapsable baton, one strip of unidentified pills, and one asthma inhaler that Beatrice said she “wasn’t taking a goddamn chance on” later, Q had been stripped down to his boxers and undershirt, revealing a surprisingly muscular pair of legs and what would in another scenario be a delightful amount of skin. 

Bond looked at the pile of equipment on the floor and raised his eyebrows at Q. Really? He got sent out with a gun and a radio–and oh, a knife this time, what a luxury–and Q got to keep an armory on his person? 

Q gave a tiny shrug. 

“Chop chop, let’s go,” Beatrice said, motioning for them to move towards the door. “We don’t get DVR up here in the arctic boonies and I’m not going to miss Strictly Come Dancing because of you two.” She tossed Q his jumper. “You can have that back,” she said, “but your trousers still feel suspiciously heavy, and I don’t have time to bust out every seam looking for your contraband. So get walking, leggy.” She leered at Q.  


Q’s leg hair started standing on end the instant they walked into Cell D. If Bond had to guess, he’d say that the unusually large ventilation grate in the righthand corner had been put in specifically to channel the icy outside air into the room. Meanwhile, the fluorescent lights in the ceiling beat down on them relentlessly–this was a cell for people who weren’t going to get a good night’s sleep. 

“Have a chill last night, you two,” Beatrice cooed. She chuckled at her own joke before leaving with her two goons, slamming the door behind her. 

Ugh–American humor. Bond exchanged a contemptuous glance with Q and started shrugging out of his jumper. “Here,” he said, tossing the blue cashmere in Q’s direction. “Cover your legs with this.”

“And you can cover yourself with me,” Q said, making a beeline for the dilapidated mattress shoved into the corner of the cell that was least in the path of the chill stream of air coming through the vent. “As much as I hate to say it, this is a situation in which body heat may be invaluable.” 

“Well, I’m not going to argue,” Bond said with his best leer, relieved that Q was going to be sensible about staving off their impending frostbite. 

Q rolled his eyes. “I thought not,” he said. 

Bond sat down on the mattress, criss-crossed his legs, and gestured welcomingly at his own lap. 

Without ceremony, Q settled on top of him, squirming until his bony hips found a comfortable perch on Bond’s thighs. He then pulled Bond’s sweater over his bunched up legs, stretching the fabric horribly but somehow managing to cover himself all the way down to his forest green socks. His back and arse radiated heat against Bond’s body. 

It was still cold, but they just might survive the night without freezing their balls off. 

“My hair is messy,” Q commented after a few moments, breaking the silence. 

What else is new? Bond wanted to ask. 

Then Q added, “Will you brush it for me? Carefully. I’m a bit tender-headed.” As he spoke, his fingers tapped out the Morse letter for Q on Bond’s knee. 

Tender-headed. Hair brushing. Q wasn’t seriously implying… 

“Worried about your hair at a time like this?” Bond asked, tsking. “You’re a vain little boffin, aren’t you?” As he spoke, however, he ran his fingers through Q’s hair, lightly stroking. 

“Mmm,” Q hummed, seemingly with pleasure. He arched his head forward as if to give Bond better access, and–there. Hidden in the depths of Q’s hair, directly above Q’s nape: a slender black device that Bond might’ve mistaken for a fancy bobby pin if he didn’t know what Q was capable of. 

“Hello, beautiful,” Bond murmured, keeping up his stroking motions while leaning over Q to make sure any cameras in the room wouldn’t catch him brushing the gadget out of Q’s hair and slipping it into a trouser pocket.    

Then, lacking much else to do, he continued to brush Q’s hair. After all, it wasn’t exactly neat yet. 

Q stiffened as he felt Bond’s hands return, but only for a moment. From the throaty little noise he made a minute later, he really did like having his hair fussed over.  

Much like he had with Q’s gadget, Bond tucked that little fact away until he could find a good time to use it. 

L-O-C-K-P-I-C-K? Bond tapped out against the nape of Q’s neck. 

Y, Q replied on his knee. E-T-C. 

And where Q was involved, ‘etc’ usually meant a hell of a lot. 

They’d get out of this. They’d take down Wollstone and rescue the other geniuses. And then Bond would get Q alone somewhere, strip him down in a much sexier way than Beatrice had, and see what other noises he could coax out of him. 

The College Roommate

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 6.000+

Summary: After a small mistake in the College System of students you and Luke ended up sharing a dorm house. But being roommates with Luke has its disadvantages when he is the ultimate fuckboy who keeps taking girls home after parties…

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Request 123 ~ Criminal AU (part 3) smut

A/n: don’t have sex when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can’t consent and neither can your partner. Please be safe out there! Also i haven’t done really detailed smut as i am struggling with writing it at the moment.

Warnings: Smut

Why did you let him in?

You let him stay! Are you thinking right?

You’re gonna lose your job.

You’re looking at prison time now

I sighed, feeling aggravated with the thoughts flying through my head. At this point I wanted to go back to sleep and hopefully wake up to his absence, alas sleep was alluding me. I stood and headed to the kitchen in search of that sweet remedy that would ease my troubles. Searching through the cupboards I eventually found the desired bottle, I hesitated for moment on whether of not to get a glass to drink the wine but decided against it. I resumed my previous seat and pulled the cork out of the bottle and raised it to my lips. The strong yet sweet drink instantly calmed me.

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marlene-fletcher  asked:

im making the switch from traditional to digital art, and since you're one of my favorite artists on tumblr, I was wondering how long you've been drawing digital and if it took a while for you to get a hang of coloring/shading?

it took me SO long it was SO hard at first it made me want to immediately give up on digital art because it was so hard hkfjghkfd. but it’s a good thing I kept at it bc now it’s easier than traditional haha. so if it’s rly hard at first don’t give up!! sometimes it just takes a while. I think I started when I was 14-15? also I still dont rly have the hang of shading tbh lighting/shading is my biggest struggle ;U;

mikkeneko  asked:

Diana Prince

“I suppose,” Etta says mournfully, several weeks after the armistice, “I’ll need to find a new boss.” Her mouth pulls downward. “Though it will be hard to find anyone quite like Mr. Trevor.”

Diana’s heart aches in her chest. Not as keenly as when she saw the flames in the sky from the plane, but an echo of that pain all the same, which resonates whenever she thinks on Steve. “Indeed,” she says softly.

“Not that he didn’t run me ragged, mind you,” Etta remarks. “All those secret missions and odd hours and ‘Oh by the way, Etta, Germans are shooting at me, got to run!’ – Gave me gray hairs. I have to color it now! But…” 

She trails off, and they sit in silence for long minutes in the window of the café, watching the snow fall outside, turning to slush on the cobbles of the London streets.

“He was a good man,” she finally says, more quietly.

“Yes,” Diana agrees. “He was.”

Another few seconds pass. “Not enough good men out there. And not enough jobs working for good men. Least, not for a modern woman,” Etta remarks. “Suppose I’ll have to lower my standards a bit, but, ah, what else is new.” She blows on her tea, pulling a face. “But enough about me. How about you? Heading back home to… home?”

“I….” Diana frowns. She misses Themyscira; she misses her mother and her sisters and the warm sunlight and gentle seas. Most of all she misses the simplicity of her existence there.

But even with the war over, there is still much violence in the world of men. There are still refugees displaced by the bombing; still scars upon the land, and upon the minds of those who survived the combat. There is still suffering, and to walk away now when there is so much work to still be done, not fighting but rebuilding –

She exhales. “I don’t think so. Not yet.”

“Well, wherever you do go, if you find someone who needs a secretary, you give them my name!” Etta offers with forced cheer.

Diana regards her, holding her own tea between her hands and feeling the warmth from the cup seep into her fingers. “Would you come with me?” she asks.

Etta coughs, the sip she just took going down the wrong pipe. “Sorry?”

“Come with me. Work with me. Help me to help those in need,” Diana says. 

Etta blinks. “You… You want me to come be your secretary?” she says, speaking slowly and clearly, as if seeking the exact place in the words where logic and sense fall away. 

“No.” Diana says it simply, and Etta’s shoulders slump just a little. “I will not tell you what to do and where to go. What you do is not up to me.” She tilts her head. “But I would invite you to come with me as an ally and a friend.”

Etta hesitates, staring at her, then chuckles softly. “Well. Hard to say no to an offer like that,” she says. “I’ll think on it?”

“Please do,” Diana says.

“The going with you part, I mean,” Etta adds. “That’s the bit I have to think on. But, ah. The bit about being friends? I am in full favor there already.”

Diana smiles. “I am glad,” she tells her.

And she is.

The snow outside has stopped and a shaft of light pierces through the cloud cover to light up the frost on the window, making it sparkle.

There is suffering and violence and heartache in the world. But there is good in it too, and good people. Diana will stay to help defend it – and she trusts she will not need to do so alone.

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: In the early hours of the morning when you can’t sleep, those are the moments when you realise exactly how you feel about your best friend Bucky.

Word Count: 1352 words

Prompt: “It’s okay.  I couldn’t sleep anyway.” and “It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.

A/N: This one is for the fantastic @sweetiepiebunny who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I Love You.’  

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

Two weeks.  14 days. Or more accurately 314 hours and 17 minutes.  That was how long it had been since James Buchanan Barnes had waved goodbye and headed off on the Quinjet for a mission with Steve.  The two of you went off on missions without each other all the time and it’s not like this one was any different and yet… you stared up at the ceiling from your position on your bed and sighed.  The compound was eerily quiet, the only sounds you could hear were your breathing and the faint ticking of your watch which lay on the other side of the room.  Closing your eyes you tried to focus on the rhythmic sound in the hope it would lull you to sleep but no such luck, it just served as a reminder of the passing minutes, minutes without your best friend.  

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<<Continued from here>>

Archimedes smiled at the Gothitelle “I’d greatly appreciate a bit of help”

The psychic type seemed more that willing to help the old bird. Nodding Archimedes looked back down the alley “Well I’m looking for the general shop, is it near here?” he asked, though he in truth knew exactly where it was

“Oh yes, it’s not too far, here I’ll help you find it, please follow me!” The young woman said, walking past him, she seemed to be a kind soul… it was a real shame… Before she knew it she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head

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Well, since you asked quite nicely…


McCree woke up to a breath of warm air on his face.

He was sure it’d been days since he’d felt anything slightly warm, trapped here in Talon’s cells. Captured almost four days ago, the entire affair has consisted of nothing but torture and freezing his ass off, the empty cell’s metal floors not conductive to keeping body heat. He asked for a blanket on the first day, trying to pass the time by driving them a little nuts. They’d responded by turning down the temperature another five degrees.

Him and his big mouth. 

He opened his eyes, hoping the warm air wasn’t from a guard about to haul him out for another round of “interrogation.” To his surprise, no such guard was there, the cell as empty as ever. McCree blinked, wondering if he’d imagined it. He was almost about to go back to sleep when he heard a small huff and looked down. 

Right there, lying right next to one of his bare feet was one of the dragons. Hanzo’s dragons.

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Truth or Tumor - Part One

Anon Prompt: i know your not writing much lately but do you think you could write a post-14x05 fic where Amelia is trying to do things to see if they were her or the tumor (ie- maybe goes to LA for a week to see things there, tried drinking/pills to see if she’s still an addict, taking on a huge case to see if she still has the nerve to do it, etc) & i would love a lot of amelia focus including her maybe dating other people (maybe deluca or some new person) and maybe towards the end you could bring in the romance with owen but i’d like to see him there throughout as her friend if that makes sense

So this came in and although like all of my stories I don’t know that I’ll be always updating regularly, I’m still going to roll with it. The focus of this story IS Amelia-centric, therefor only specific chapters are really going to be tagged as #omelia fanfiction or #omelia. This chapter isn’t one of those because there’s not going to be a lot of Owen in it. Some chapters though might have plenty. Near the end he’ll be around a lot, but not for the first while, at least not in a romantic sense. So if you only really look in those tags for fics, and you want to keep up with this one, you’ll find it in the #amelia shepherd tag, and I’m also tagging it as #truth or tumor - the story’s name, so you could follow that if you decided to.

In addition, generally when I write character-centric stories, I write them in first person because I find it so much easier to gain the character’s perspective and really tap into their thoughts and feelings. I tried writing this in third person, but it wasn’t working for me. SO, for the first time in any of my Grey’s fics, I’ve written from Amelia’s first person point of view, and I will continue to do so for this entire story.

With that, here is the first part. It’s mostly just setting the tone of the rest of the story. I hope you enjoy!

“Morning,” Owen greeted.

“Hi,” I said softly.

I stood in the kitchen finishing my cup of coffee as Owen walked out. I said I would go somewhere else to sleep, but he insisted that I not worry about it. So I had spent the night on the couch, curled up with her favorite blanket as I thought about what a mess everything was.

Our couch wasn’t comfortable in any way, shape, or form. I mean, you could have been sleeping on a rock and not be able to tell the difference. I don’t know why Owen bought it, even for sitting it’s below average.

I felt naked without my wedding ring on. Even when we weren’t speaking, I still kept the ring on. I had told him it was okay, but deep down it hurt knowing that we had gotten to this point where we had taken our rings off. I knew it was coming though. There was no way that it wasn’t.

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