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Yesterday was such a shit show. I finally finished my paper and turned it in. Getting back home was hell, and I finally got home around 11:45. I was dragging all morning, so when I got home I ate for a few seconds, took the dog out to go potty while I ate, let her in and fell asleep around noon. I woke up about 2:25, got ready and headed to work. I worked from 3:30 to 8:30. They pulled us early because ticket sales were shit and there really was no reason for us to be there. So, what the point for me standing there guiding customers for five hours? I am trying any and all ways to find a job. I need something with reliable hours and that is flexible. The nap really helped but, it was really cold last night. It’s almost noon and I need to start on the dishes, and get ready and leave by 4:15 to meet my husband for a meeting tonight. 

Happy Tuesday

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Jack's sister getting caught getting hot and heavy with Davey??? By Jack or the guys (or both)

You fall in love with Davey the second you two meet… honestly it didn’t take you two long to end up together. One problem though was Jack. While you loved your brother he got on your damn nerves with all this over protectiveness. So you two had to be sneaky, quick kisses when no one was looking, sneaking out for late night dates. You two took whatever you guys could get. One day though your little secret got shattered when Race caught you two kissing in Central Park, no matter how much you begged him Race ran straight to jack with a large smirk on his face screaming “Y/N AND DAVEY ARE TOGETHER!”


I fell in love with my best friend.

Well, he is not my best friend anymore.

When people point at someone in a crowd of people, a blurry image of strangers, a blizzard of nostalgia and say: “that is my ex-best friend”, is much more hurtful than saying “that is my ex-boyfriend”. I sometimes sit down and wonder how did everything go downhill, how I never saw it coming, and how I never actually thought of the possibility of such a tragedy that I am still paying for its consequences. I miss him; it is hard to say goodbye to the only thing that was right in my life. Our friendship was one of a kind—in my mind it still is.

I saw him the other day, walking by the liquor aisle. I knew I shouldn’t have been there while he was looking at bottles of wine, or how he likes to drink red wine at night just because it used to be his mom’s favorite. I stood there watching him—never in a second did I think of his reaction to why I was there in the first place—I just stood there and studied him. I took in every single detail about him, from his tired eyes to the veins bulging on his knuckles upwards his strong arms, flexing every time he held up a bottle of wine and read it. It was like he was not sure about which wine to get, or even his life choices. Call me a psychological freak that studies body language of her first love but this used to be one of my favourite pastimes.

“Would you forget?“

No extended summary at the moment because everything below is a spoiler (!!), I’ll just say heartbreak and party. 

Warning: swearing & mild SPOILERS for Episode 2 (you’ve been warned!)
Steve Harrington x Reader
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CRAIG: Hey guys I stole Clyde’s blog for a second because he thought it’d be smart to give all of us the log in info yesterday night.

CRAIG: Sucks to be him ‘cause haha look at this snapchat I took.

CRAIG: There’s no way he can get rid of this video now. What’s on the internet stays on the internet.

CRAIG: I mostly took it for the ducks at the end though. They’re pretty cute ducks.

CRAIG: Anyways Clyde’s still mildly inconvenient as always, bye.

BTS replaced you. - pt.3

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“Ah… they did? What did they say?” Hongseok passes my phone to me as I read the messages I haven’t opened for the last few hours. Seeing them still hurt because it still feels insincere, as if I was alone in this friendship. 

“Are you going to reply?” Hongseok asked while taking one of my hand in his from under the blanket. It was barely even 6am and I wasn’t down for the drama just yet. 

“Not yet, let’s have cake.” I say smiling, and dragging him with me over to the kitchen still with my phone in one hand.

I took the cake out from the fridge and set it on the table between Hongseok and I. He placed a candle in the centre and lit it, turning the light off before he took his seat. The room was dark and the winter sun hasn’t yet risen and so all that was left to light up the room was the moonlight seeping through the gaps of the blinds and the orange candlelight. A few seconds after, the room was filled with his voice - he sang happy birthday and I couldn’t help but wear a smile on my face. His voice was pretty and I honestly couldn’t thank him enough for doing all this for me. When the short song came to an end we both clapped, I clapped to applaud his singing and he clapped to applaud me fo coming to life twenty-one years ago.

“Make a wish Y/N.” 

“Wishes don’t come true Hongseok.” 

“I’ll make sure this one does, as long as it’s realistic and I can afford it.” He laughed as I smiled. 

“There’s nothing I want.” 

“But there is, I can tell.”

“I just want a shoulder to lean on and not be a burden to people.” 

“Done!” I laughed at his enthusiasm.

“I’ll always be your shoulder to lean on, and you’re never going to be a burden to me.”

“It makes me feel as though I’m replacing them because that’s exactly what they said to me five years ago.” 

“I’m not asking to take their place silly, but just know that I’m always going to be here for you.” He grabbed my hand again from across the table and rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. I wanted to cry in this moment because I was so grateful of him and his words. 

“I don’t deserve someone like you in my life.” 

“Idiot, I told you this already. You deserve more and better but you’re stuck with me now.” 

“I like the sound of that though.” We both laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. Until my phone dinged, showing a notification from the group chat. I un-muted the conversation but didn’t think they’d be up to say anything.

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The Point

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Billy Hargrove x Reader

Request: Billy angst

AN: Hi. Hello. I’m just going to leave this here and bury myself in my backyard. 


“You have third period free, right?” The boy that Y/N was partnered up with in chemistry, Chris, was standing next to her locker. He nodded. “I’ll meet you at the library tomorrow, then? See how much we can get done. God, I just hate how Mrs. Lewis just piles these things on us as if we have nothing else to do,” Y/N switched the books she had in her hands for the ones needed for homework that night.

A ruckus down the hall caught Chris’s attention, but Y/N knew who it was. Chris looked over Y/N’s shoulder. Y/N rolled her eyes, getting ready for the interaction. Chris sighed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, alright? We can go over the homework, too. I’m sure I’ll have some questions,” Chris started backing away as Billy and his friends got closer.  

“See you tomorrow!” Y/N called out to Chris. He gave a wave and turned around down the hall.

“Don’t leave on my account, Williams,” Billy yelled down the hall, his voice booming. Chris ignored him and turned down the connecting hall that would lead him to the parking lot.

“Hey! I’m talking to you, Williams!” Billy’s voice turned menacing as he and his friends made their way after him. Y/N grabbed Billy by the back of his jean jacket, trying to hold him back.

What are you doing?!” Y/N screeched at Billy. Billy whipped around, cornering Y/N at her locker. He slammed his hands on either side of her head, making her jump.

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yes, its the end of an era…

maybe we wont hear stories about their annoying neighbors, or maybe we wont get any more of dan’s ‘guess the crime’. maybe we wont get to hear about phil running into the glass door or get injured by the table. no more complaining about the (actually ridiculous amount of) stairs, and joking about getting their only exercise from them. maybe the background of their videos will never be the same, maybe dan will never lay in that hallway again and contemplate the meaning of life and the purpose for his existence. maybe we wont get the same thing we’ve gotten from this house..

but its also the beginning of a new era…

a new adventure for both of them. new stories about getting used to the layout, listening to the complaining about unpacking. an aesthetic change for dan(?), a new place to put all their useless knik-knacks no more complaining about storage. no more complaining about stairs. heck, they might even start working out together because of the lack of exercise. a dog might be in the future. a new house. new stories. a new home…

…their new home

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Hi can I have an billy Hargrove imagine where the reader is sweet and shy and the only one that can calm him down when he goes crazy pretty please !! Thank you!!

Summary: You’re the last person anyone would ever expect to be able to calm down Billy Hargrove when he’s in a mood, but you’re also the only person capable of doing it.
Pairing: Reader x Billy Hargrove.
Fandom: Stranger Things.
Warnings: Fighting.
Word Count: 1034

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BTS REACTION: Whining daddy when they tease you.

“I’m not finished princess, you’re going to have to endure it a littttle more”

he’d say with a devilish grin as he continued to slowly move his fingers up and down your folds as you were sprawled on the bed. You’d carry on with a “please daddy” and that would just make him snap. Standing up to take his belt off.

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“What did you say princess?”

Your ass up and your face down, you were handcuffed to the bed as he teased your core with his dick. You’d be moaning and whining, just begging for some sort of release. You’d say it again, and that’s when he’d pound into you. However he’d notice that you were moaning way too loudly. And then say “quiet down for daddy, we don’t want the neighbours hearing those beautiful moans”

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“Whine all you want kitten just remember who’s in charge here”

The thing about yoongi is that he has a lot of self control sexually, you can do whatever you want and he wouldn’t snap. Yoongi would be blowing gently at your clit whilst he was in between you legs, teasing you. All you wanted him to do was eat you the way only he does. But you were on a punishment. When you began whining, it only got worse, he stopped blowing completely and placed his tie around your mouth to quiet you down as he carried on teasing.

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“Yes baby? Tell me what you want”

The second you said it he’d be at your feet, like putty in your hands he’d just melt, giving into whatever you wanted. He pounded into you, getting extremely turned on by your moans and whines. You were both extremely loud but couldn’t care less.

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“What do you want huh? Is my baby wanting more attention?” He’d coo,

You agreed that he could dominate for one night as a birthday present, and he took full advantage of the one time opportunity. Usually you were mommy and he was your baby boy, all the times you’d tease him and deny him of Cumming came back to him. He wanted to punish you. You were bound to the bed, all sprawled out for him, he spanked you every time you whined.

“Whine again baby, I dare you”

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“Whining isn’t going to get you anywhere, kitten”

he was blowing at your entrance when you began whining. you just wanted him to eat you out, you’d been such a good girl for him lately, but he just couldn’t help himself. he licked a long stripe up your folds. but stopped there before it went any further. “Daddyyy” you whined, wanting more. “use your words baby” he mutter, your breathing hitched. “please, fuck me.” and since you had been a good girl, that’s exactly what he did.

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“Yes baby”

jungkook was always right at your feet when you whine, he loved it, he loved hearing how helpless you were. it’d been a long day for you both. you were on the bed, legs wide open as he teased you with his dick. “say the words baby, and you’ll get what you want” he chuckled. “daddy, please fuck me”. “good girl” he murmured as he slipped into you.

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