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What’s In A Prince

And here it is! The winner of the fanfiction voting contest! I was surprised that this one was so popular! Either way it’s Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for, i.e. all my 300 lovely followers! When I started tumblr I never thought I would get this many followers. Then when I decided to put my fanfictions on here I could only hope to become so popular. Now that it’s happened I’m aiming even higher! I hope you guys continue to like my fanfictions and share them and enjoy them! Thank you everyone! Here’s the fantiction you all voted for the most, What’s In A Prince!

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Summary:  As Prince of Sabertooth Kingdom, Sting Eucliffe must choose a queen before his coronation. Easier said than done when Sting becomes overly attached to his personal knight Rogue Chenney. But when unrest slumbers in the kingdom, can the two secret lovers escape with their lives?

Pairing(s): Stingue

Setting: Old Kingdom type setting. Weisslogia is the King making Sting the Prince.

“Master Eucliffe!” A voice echoed through the long corridors. Out into the royal gardens and ringing through every room of the palace. The servant didn’t stop until she was met with some force of reassurance. “Master Eucliffe!” Her voice called louder, hands coming up to cuff around her mouth like a megaphone.

“Oh, Miss Umi.” A tall young man spoke to her as she ran into the entrance room. “What seems to be the problem.” He walked up to her, his heavy footsteps stomping as he walked. His red eyes were intensely focused on the servant in front of him.

“AH! Knight Cheney! Thank goodness, you know where Master Eucliffe is, right?”

That’s where the knight laughed and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Actually I don’t. He slipped away from you too, huh?”

Miss Umi stomped her foot on the ground. “Oooo! That boy!” She cursed, her plump figure bouncing up and down in it’s place. “He cannot keep shrieking his responsibilities. He’s supposed to meet the suitors today but he’s nowhere to be seen!”

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