it took me 3 hours to make this

my mom was such a weird but iconic Young Single Mom like

she didnt trust any baby-sitters (in her defense, there werent a lot where we lived) so sge took me everywher3 n i had to be a lil well behaved bitch. going to the bank? hope smol geraldine enjoys swinging her legs and reading mortgage pamphlets for 3 hours. going to work at the family business? actually that was more chill bc everyone treated me like a queen and let me play that mine game on the computer or stamp shit. going 2 work @ the hospital tho? hope ur fucking ready to be entertained by the glimpse of a hall n a kitchen u cant go to and stay drawing there.

also she took servsafe classes like 2 times n honestly like ik so many useless shit lord knows my ass isnt gonna need 2 know how to wash different spaces of an industrial kitchen. shed make me quiz her n shit

also she was always Done like she used to tell me ppl werent allowed to move the wheel bagging thing at the supermarket u could get fined if u did and like other shit like that ONE TIME SHE TOLD ME THAT IF I TURNED ON JACUZZI ENGINE BUBBLE THING ITD CATCH ON FIRE AND EXPLODE ALSO THERE WAS A GAZEBO IN OUR YARD N SHE TOOD ME IT DIDN’T HAVE A FLOOR JUST A CARPET OVER A HOLE N FOR YEARS LIKE UP UNTIL I WAS PROLLY 12 I LIVED IN FEAR OF THAT GAZEBO LIKE SHIT COULD HIDE IN HOLES MAN


Scenes in wich Even refers to movies/bands and this only makes Isak confused.


Anonymous: Can you please make gifs of Act 3 Alt Take from maybe around 51:36? It’s the only take of the end credit that they are walking in sync and I find it super cute. :) Oh and maybe the little kisses they did at end of each take? In the actual episode I think Elise did a “race you” and ran away and they didn’t actually kiss… but they did in all of these alt takes I think, especially the one at 57:49 with Natasha’ hand. :)

Anonymous: How about gifs of the drone kisses at the gates from the additional takes? They go from simply holding hands and running off to a slight peck to by take 4 or 5, Carmilla’s hand on Laura’s head as they share a lingering kiss. It’s the sweetest.

Bonus (extra take):

It’s today guys! 

I would like to thank all people for notes! It means for me a lot.

Every painting took me about 3 hours to done, which makes it in total over 45 hours of work. Through this time my style started to change so some of characters needed to be done from the begining. Also I had a little breakdown and I just didn’t wanted to look at my tablet again, BUT here they are I’ve done it and I’m proud of myself that erryday I’ve spent this time just to show the world my art c:


aaaAA we reached 1.7k guys, thank you so much for sticking with me :0 to show my thanks, here’s an art raffle! <3


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anonymous asked:

Hi ~~ I want to prove for my friend that kaisoo is REAL so can u help me ? have an idea or somthin ? T-T

Hey anon :) wow you got a big task on hand!!

(firstly.. credit to gif/vid/pic owners!!! some gifs are my own tho)

well.. One of the biggest proofs as to kaisoo being real is still the jagi/jagiya (darling, honey) incident (when Nini called Soo jagi, that accidentally got caught by a microphone)

With most of the jagi videos you need earphones to actually hear it, but in this vid you can actually hear it through your pc’s speakers pretty clearly (at least I can) you just gotta raise the volume a bit. Look at su-ho’s expression while you’re at it! (he’s not happy)

BUT there’s A LOT of other reasons too anon!

This vid is a personal favorite of mine. Nini is obviously flirting with Soo in this one. and it’s also been said that it’s pretty much a fact, cuz Nini switches from formal to informal speech (and back again) throughout the entire conversation which apparently is a flirting technique(??) and the babo “stupid” part is very important.. not only cuz of how cute Nini looks but the implication of it. 

The eskimo kiss! bros don’t do that if they’re only bros.. it’s highly intimate (at least in my opinion) to press up your nose against another bros nose while smiling lovingly (might I add) at each other?!

Asian idol awards brought a lot of bts kaisoo (which is the best and most genuine kind). I could put all the moments from that day here, but i’m going to especially highlight this moment, when Soo gave Nini’s finger a massage handjob. Let me just tell you.. a bro doesn’t react the way Nini did (moaning and groaning) if it was only his bro touching him. It’d be weird. This is erotic tbh.  

(funny story.. they were huddling up, and instead of putting his hand on top of the others nini decided to ONLY reach for soo’s hand instead)

touches that aren’t meant for the world to see… 

A lot more under the cut!!

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Adhd is not always genius level white boys whith tons of energy and fast reflexes
Sometimes it’s
Executive dysfunction so bad you couldnt shower for over a week
A queer kid who thinks they’re broken because they dont fit the narritive.
Adhd is not always a gift in disguise, it can be debilitating
and alienating
and self esteem crushing.
How many times have you heard the phrase
“Not working to your full potential”?
Listen, im sorry if i didnt do my homework, but i didnt eat dinner until 11pm because i couldnt find the motivation to make anything.
I once repeatedly put off and forgot sending a thank you email to someone i had interviewed for a month.
It took me 3 weeks to make myself write a short essay, but once i did it, it took an hour. I got a 94% on the rubric, but failed because it was so late.
I have dealt with years of working through the voice in my head saying
Im lazy im lazy im lazy im bad im dirty im useless ill never amount to anything
Years of fear that i wont be able to survive on my own, that i’ll be too late and too disorganized and unmotivated.
I had to teach myself that motivation and productivity dp not define my worth. That being “lazy” doesnt make me less of a human being.
So sorry if your quirky hyper white boy narrative doesnt do it for me.


“Ah, summer break; a time for leisure, recreation, and taking ‘er easy… unless you’re me.”

So 4 years ago, this little show called Gravity Falls premiered, and it took over my life.