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Loft 89: Nashville  9/25/2015

A lot of you have been asking about what went down on Friday night, so here it is.

Two hours before the show, Elise and I had seats that weren’t together, but we had been watching stubhub and there was floor for a decent price, so we spontaneously bought them and sold our other tickets. We didn’t really know where they were at, but we were just happy that we were sitting together at that point. 

We got inside the arena and we were at the Taylor Nation booth for so long, and we finally went to see where our seats were. I think when I saw where they were I peed a little…. They were right next to the bstage, and we were literally the last row and there were 4 chairs in our row. I didn’t want to think about loft or the fact that Andrea was going to be standing right behind us the whole time, but minds wander. 

Fast forward to when Feel So Close came on. Papa Swift walked right past us, and we got a picture with him (and guitar picks obviously). We never saw Andrea come, but Taylor started Welcome to New York, and I started to see Andrea upgrading people’s seats. (It was so cool seeing Andrea pick people to bring down, it’s so spontaneous, like she is just looking into the crowd looking at people’s signs, and when she sees someone who sticks out to her, she just brings them down like ok lady.) Anyways, I stopped really paying attention to her, and Taylor was on Blank Space. All week I had been thinking about the Nashville loop during Blank Space and I knew i was gonna want to light myself on fire. Before she started the loop, I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I turned around and Andrea was 2 inches away from my face. I feel like this was all happening in slow motion. I lowkey knew she wasn’t going to bring us into bstage pit because our seats were right next to it, and that’s when it hit me. She popped the magic question “Have you ever met Taylor?” We both told her no, and by now Elise was sobbing and I was just in complete shock. She and Steph put on our wrist bands, and I hugged Andrea and thanked her, then she walked away. The whole rest of the show, it would hit us at random times that after this we would be meeting Taylor. We spent a lot of time in each other’s arms throughout the whole show. 

I’ve never wanted a show to end so badly, but it finally did! (Taylor wore the pink shake it off outfit, all the stars were aligning for me.) We saw so many people after the show and they were all so happy for us, and we finally made our way to the section that was on our pass. We signed in, and Steph told us all the rules that you have probably heard by now. They started walking us back to loft and that’s when it kind of hit me that this was a thing that was happening. We took pictures in the room, but we only took like 3 i hate me. Anyways, we went in the photo booth and took pictures, and while we were in there I heard Steph telling everyone to get in their groups and put our phones away. (Taylor didn’t come in for another 30 minutes though so i was like ?????) I could see down the hallway outside of loft and I saw Taylor step from behind a curtain and the first thing I yelled at Elise was “SHE”S WEARING PANTS.” That tells you a lot about me and how passionate I am about the fact that Taylor wore pants on Friday. She walked in and… wow. She is so striking in person I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I watched her interact with everyone until we were next. 

Steph asked for our camera before she came and next thing I knew I was in her arms… hm I’m not really sure how that happened, but she asked how we were and I said “I’m good now.” I was so shaky and nervous while she was in the room, but right when she hugged me and was talking to me, It was like she took all the nerves away and made me feel totally comfortable. She was like, “You look so CHIC!” And Elise then mentioned how we had posters, but they broke during the show, and she said, “Well, that’s real life sometimes.” Like, okay lady me too.. Listen, I feel like we talked about more than I can remember, so I’m just saying what I remember vividly. Then.. my god.. she was like “Do you want me to sign anything, babe?” like okay put my head down the garbage disposal.. Elise got her autograph, and then I told her what I wanted her to write out. When I was telling her what I wanted, she was looking so intently into my eyes and nodding her head in assurance. I’ll never forget the look on her face, she just made me feel so loved. And she was like “Of course!” After the autographs, we talked about Nashville. I told her how I drove 12 hours to be here and she was like “I feel like everyone has taken major road trips to be here that’s so awesome!” (Nashville night 2, Taylor said exactly this in one of her speeches and I fell to the floor because we were talking about it the night before I can’t believe she wants me dead). I told her how I wanted to go to Vanderbilt and it was my top choice, and she got so excited. Her eyes got so wide and she was like, “GO THERE, YOU SHOULD GO THERE.” She said how Vanderbilt reminded her of hogwarts and it’s so “harvardy” and I was like yeah I agree!! (I know there is some other stuff we talked about but it has escaped my mind never to return and I’m slightly salty at myself) She then asked if we wanted pictures, and I was like ok… no I obviously don’t want a pic with you.. sweetie ((: I was first to take my picture and I asked her if we could do a peace sign. So she did one!! Steph took a picture, but the lighting was bad so she had to take another with flash. I knew Taylor could feel me shaking, so she tighten her grip on my arm and pulled me closer let me just dig my grave right now okay.. Elise took her picture which was SO CUTE. I’m so happy with how my picture turned out, we both look good and she is wearing plaid i love the fall!! She hugged me goodbye and I told her I loved her so much and she said I love you too, and she did this like slight shimmy away and turned around and looked at me and was like “See you around,” and then she was gone. 

Friday night honestly could not have gone better, I couldn’t ask for anything else. Thank you to any and everyone who congratulated me, or was excited for me. Thank you Andrea for finding us, and being so so nice. (I’ll make a separate post about our conversation with Andrea if you want to hear it). And, thank you Taylor for making me feel so loved and appreciated, I’m so happy we finally got to meet, and I will cherish this moment for as long as I live. See you soon. 

xoxo, Abby

ps. I didn’t proof read this I kind of just typed and clicked post so if there are any major grammar errors or typos I apologize im running off of 5 hours of sleep (:

L-looks like I’m going to do a con report for my first big con ( ´ ▽ ` ) It’s not much though, mostly photos from the KNB meetup! If you see yourself, feel free to have me add your url under the respective pic, or to take down a pic with your face in it!

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