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Let’s Play a Game

Summary: Things get exciting for you and Bucky when a board game night in the tower takes a naughty turn.

Bucky x reader. MOSTLY FLUFFY/ A LIL SMUTTY (not really though). Word count: 1.9 K.

TW: drinking, partial nudity

It was a hot summer night in the tower when Tony spoke up and said “I’m beyond bored. We should all do something fun!” A few members of the team were out on a mission, and everyone else had just been sitting in the lounge watching garbage reality TV all evening. Steve leaned forward in his seat and replied “Same. Anyone have an idea about what to do?” “How about a board game?” suggested Bucky. “Sounds good to me. I think Y/N has a bunch in her room. Can we play one of ‘em?” asked Nat. You nodded in agreement. Tony volunteered to go grab one, so you directed him toward the top of your closet and told him to choose whichever one he wanted.

Tony came back snickering with a blue box in his hand. “NOT THAT ONE! PUT IT BACK!” you yelled, drawing everyone’s attention. “Did you make this?” asked Tony, whose snickering had evolved into full-blown laughter. “When I was in college me and my friends made it and used to play it at parties sometimes. I should’ve thrown it away a long time ago. Just go pick something else, ok?” “Nope! It’s this one!” he answered. At that point, Tony had piqued everyone’s interest, and they all started pestering you, wanting to know what the game was. You turned to the group and sternly said “It doesn’t matter because we’re not playing it. Tony’s gonna go put it back and choose a different one, right Tony?” Tony shook his head no, and shouted “IT’S DIRTY JENGA!!!”

Laughter erupted throughout the room. Nat stood up quickly and started walking over to the bar. “I’ll get the booze! I’m pretty sure we’re gonna need it, aren’t we, Y/N?” She flashed you a cheeky smile. “Yeah…” you muttered, becoming more embarrassed as the seconds ticked by. Everyone sat on the floor in a circle while Tony dumped out the blocks on the floor, and then read out the rules that were scribbled on an index card that had been tucked inside the box. “Do what’s on the block or you’re out. Knock over the tower, you lose. If you don’t pick your partner, the group picks for you. Unless otherwise directed, kisses are on the mouth. Good luck!” Nat and Wanda passed out some red plastic cups and shot glasses, and gave everyone a beer to start out with. You noticed the concerned look on Steve and Bucky’s faces. “Don’t worry guys,” you said quietly to them so nobody else would hear, “it’s not that dirty.” You decided to embrace the fact that this was going to happen one way or another, so instead of acting embarrassed, you spoke up, determined that everyone would have fun. “Everyone change spots. We’ve gotta sit boy-girl-boy-girl for this to work.” you instructed. You found yourself sitting between Steve and Bucky, and actually getting excited for the game to start.

Wanda stacked up the blocks into a tower and everyone decided that since you had played before, you should go first. You drew a block from the center of the tower, and turned it over and read it out loud. “Oh, easy one. It says to take a shot.” Your poured yourself a shot of tequila, took the shot, and turned to Bucky. “You’re next!” You could tell he was a little nervous as he drew a block from the tower. “Oh God,” he began, “it says I’ve gotta lick someone’s neck.” Everyone started giggling. “So, you gonna choose someone Barnes or do we have to choose for you?” asked Wanda. Bucky turned to face you with a worried look on his face. “Go ahead,” you told him as you tilted your head away, presenting your neck to him. He licked it and everyone clapped. The rest of the team had it pretty easy on the first go around—most of them just had to take a drink. Steve had to play “spin the bottle” though and ended up giving Wanda the most awkward kiss you’d ever seen.

Eventually, it came to be your turn again. You were secretly hoping that this game would give you some opportunities to do stuff with Bucky—you’d had a crush on him forever, and you had your fingers crossed that tonight would be the night you finally got to kiss him. Who cares if it was part of a game—a kiss is a kiss, right? You drew your block and flipped it over. Before you could read it out loud, your cheeks turned bright red. “What does it say?!” asked Steve. You looked down at the floor and mumbled the words “body shot.” “Holy shit! This is gonna be great! Who are you choosing?!” asked Nat with a smirk. You let out a deep sigh and turned to face Bucky. “C’mon Buck. You’re up.”

“Wait, what do I have to do? I’m so confused. I’ve never even heard of a body shot.” said Bucky with concern. Tony was trying not to laugh when he told Bucky “Just take off your shirt and lie down.” Bucky did as he was told, and you reached for the bowl of limes and dish of salt. “Nope! You’re not getting off easy on this one. I know how you roll, Y/N. You’d probably put the salt on his arm or something. I’m setting this up.” said Nat with a wink. “You’re putting salt on me?!” asked Bucky. “Shut up and just go with it, Barnes!” Nat responded. She proceeded to pour a line of salt across Bucky’s stomach, running from his belly button to the band of his jeans. “Open.” she instructed as she tapped on Bucky’s mouth. She inserted a lime wedge in between his teeth and told him to hold it there and not to move. Finally, she filled a shot glass with tequila and set it in the middle of his chest. “Bonus points if you take the shot with no hands,” teased Tony.

Your heart was pounding with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Steve pull out his phone and start recording. You were never going to hear the end of this, but it seemed too late to back out now. “Give me a countdown?” you asked. Steve led the chant, and everyone yelled “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” With your hands behind your back, you bent down and licked the salt off of Bucky’s toned stomach. Then you tossed your leg over him so you were straddling him, and you could hear everyone gasp in excitement. You leaned over and wrapped your lips around the shot glass, drank the shot, and tossed the empty glass off to the side. Finally, you dropped down and placed your hands on the floor on either side of Bucky’s head. You lowered yourself down until you were hovering just above his face and you winked at him before pressing your lips against his, taking the entire lime into your mouth. You sat back up, still straddling Bucky, pulled the lime out of your mouth and threw it into your empty plastic cup. “NO HANDS!” you yelled with pride, as everyone clapped at your performance.

You got off of Bucky and sat back down in your spot as he sat up and put his shirt back on. “Well, we sure as hell didn’t have that back in the forties!” said Bucky with a smile. Steve chuckled and said “We definitely didn’t have body shots back then. It’s your turn, Bucky.” Bucky drew a block from the tower and laughed when he read it. “What does it say?” you asked. He turned and looked you square in the eyes as the group slowly fell silent. A flirty smile played on his lips as he said the words “Your turn,” and held up the block. You leaned forward to read it, and laughed when you saw what it said. “Nat,” you began, returning your gaze to Bucky’s smiling face, “I hope you didn’t use all of the salt—it looks like we’re doing more body shots.”

“I’m not taking my top off,” you warned as you laid down on the carpet. You could see that Bucky was sweating a little bit, and was clearly a little nervous. Nat sat next to you and laughed mischievously. “Roll up your shirt,” she instructed you. “HEY-O!” shouted Tony, knowing what Nat was planning on doing. You knew it too, and giggled as you rolled the bottom of your shirt up to just below your bra, exposing your stomach. Nat looked at Bucky and said “Remember, lick the salt, drink the shot, take the lime. Got it?” He nodded affirmatively. She poured a line of salt on your chest, from the top of your sternum down to where your cleavage began. “Oh boy,” teased Steve. She placed the lime in between your teeth and told you to stay as still as possible. Wanda went to hand her a shot glass, but Nat said “Thanks, but I don’t need it,” and she poured the tequila into your belly button. It took everything you had not to start laughing as you watched Bucky’s expression go from nervous to terrified. You could see that Steve was recording this one as well, but you didn’t care. “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” yelled the group. Bucky leaned over you and slowly licked the salt off of your chest. He flashed a flirty grin at you as you watched him move down to your stomach, dragging his fingertips along your side as he did so. He slurped the shot off of you, and then stole a page from your playbook, straddling you just like you had done to him. He bent over, and before taking the lime he whispered in your ear “this is the best game ever.” He took the lime from your mouth, making sure your lips touched as he did so. He sat up, throwing his arms in the air, seeking the same applause you had gotten. Instead, you both turned when you heard Sam saying “What the fuck is going on here?! I’m gone for like two hours and I miss all the fun stuff!”

Bucky spat the lime into a cup and stood up. He held out his hand to help you up, and you took it and stood next to him, fixing your shirt. You jokingly curtsied and he bowed, while everyone else clapped. “I’m tapping out for tonight. I’m just gonna watch for a while,” you said as you took a seat on the couch. “Same here,” announced Bucky as he took the spot next to you. He put his arm around your shoulder, which you felt giddy about but tried not to read too far into. After spending about 10 minutes watching the game, Bucky passed you a hand-written note on a napkin. You smiled as you read the note, which said “Dinner date w/ me tomorrow? 7pm?” You turned to face him, his arm still wrapped around you, and leaned over so you could whisper in his ear. “Seven is perfect,” you said. Bucky planted a soft kiss on your cheek, and you giggled because your wish was finally coming true, and because you never thought you’d be so glad to have lost a debate with Tony about what game to play.

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Pack Mom - Part 16

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Request 1//  Can you do a part 16 to pack mom where the family are at home at the loft and they’re just relaxing and the couple are having some time together and suddenly Liam rushes saying “mom, dad, Talia just took her first steps” so they bolt into Liam’s room and see her standing up trying to walk again and Derek kneels down and encourages her to walk towards him and she takes a few steps and wobbles but her dad catches her and they all cheer and the reader talks about how perfect that is for the wedding

Request 2//  Pack mom is the best. I can imagine Talia and Liam taking a nap on the couch or Splashing Liam in bath time IT’S SO CUUUUUUTE!!!!

A/N// I Need Storylines For Part 17!

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10  Part 11 Part 12  Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16

Talia has now been crawling for a few weeks now, and she would never stop. She was like Liam’s little shadow. So when I was making all of us lunch, I was watching Liam trying to teach Talia how to walk. It was the cutest thing ever.

He was sat on the floor holding Taila up, so she was standing and trying to help her, but she was having none of it. Lia looked kinda of upset that she wasn’t listening to him. She is almost 1. I walked over to him and kissed his head.

“She will start in her own time sweetie but you’re doing great helping her. She has a great big brother” I told him as he was getting up to hug me. We then all went to eat lunch. Liam and I talked about the wedding and I said how Derek and I had to sort Best man, maid of honour, bridesmaids, pageboys and all that lot sorted out. Then tables for the after party, music, the cake, the dresses, suits.

“It’s going to be perfect and I will help you sort everything out, ” Liam told me and he brought a wide smile to my face.

“Thank yo, baby, you are helping when you look after Talia for me so you are doing a great job thank you,” I told him as we finished Lunch. Liam took Talia into the Living room to watch a film. He lay on the sofa and Talia sat on him as she wrapped herself up in her blanket, as I washed the dishes. 

After around 10 minutes the door slid open and Derek came walking into the kitchen. He came in with a big smile.

“What are you smiling at?” I asked as he kissed me help.

“Haven’t you seen them in there?” He asked which I gave him a confused look too.

“Go and have a look,” He told me and when I did, I had to take a photo, they were both snuggled up on the sofa, Liam had his arms wrapped around Talia and they were both fast asleep. It was the cutest thing ever, I loved it. Derek and I went back to the kitchen as we didn’t want to wake them up.

A Few hours later//

We had just finished dinner and like usual Talia had got it everywhere. Even in her hair. She was sure one messy pup.

“Come on you. I think you need a bath” I laughed as I picked her up out of her hair chair. Derek collected the plates and started to clean up.

“Mom, can I help?” Liam asked. 

“Of course, you can sweetheart,” I told him as we all made ours away to the bathroom. I put all her toys in the bathtub then placed Talia in then got her all washed up so then she could play for a bit.

“Keep an eye on her so I can get her stuff, Li,” I told Liam.

“Okay,” He replied as I got up out the room and got her pyjamas and towel then went back into the bathroom to witness Talia splashing Liam. He giggles filled the room. Liam got up and picked her up and passed me her.

“I think you should go and get changed to Liam,” I told his as I lay Talia on the floor and started to get her ready for bed. I took her into the living room and she crawled over to her dad. Derek picked her up and tickled her. She erupted with laughter. Talia was still wide awake and not ready to sleep. So when Liam said that he would take her into his room, Derek and I were so grateful as we were so tired. Derek and I snuggled up on the sofa watching Ride Along. We both couldn’t stop laughing.

Liam’s P.O.V

I brought Talia into my room so she could play. I had paper and pens all over my room as she loved drawing. I also had about 10 different stuffed animals too.  She started crawling around my room and found my guitar. I picked it up and lay it on the floor so she could play it. She started giggling and I think she found her new favourite toy.

I picked it up and started playing it and when I finished she started clapping and crawled over to me and rested her head in my lap which was her hug. Then she was back on the move. She went over to my bed and tried to stand up. I helped her up and she got her balance. I sat back a bit and when she turned to me she let go of the bed and took her first steps! I couldn’t believe it.

Y/N’s P.O.V

“MOM!! DAD!!, TALIA TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!” Liam shouted as he came running into the living room. Derek and I shot up

“What?” I ask not believing what Liam was saying.

“Talia just took her first steps,” He said racing back into his room. Derek and I followed, to see Liam propping her up against his bed. Derek kneeled down onto the floor and he held out his hands.

“Come here baby” Talia let go and took some steps, she wobbled a bit but Derek caught. Derek picked her up and cuddled her. We all cheered and she was so proud of herself. I had a few tears in my eyes and my little girl was growing up.

“You hard work paid off Liam!” I told him as I brought him into a hug. Derek and Talia came and joined and I hugged her so tight.

The main thing I wanted for my wedding was for Talia to be walking so she and Liam could walk together. Now it is finally happening. 

My baby girl is walking!

Part 17?


1st: Baekhyun 2nd: Taehyung 3rd: Myungsoo IT ONLY TOOK ME 3 TIMES TO KNOW IN MY HEART FELLOW STANS: IF YO FAVE IDOL IS IN A HISTORICAL DRAMA THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO KINGS AND THRONES 👏🏽YO 👏🏽FAVE 👏🏽WILL 👏🏽BE 👏🏽KILLED They really tried to play us with Masked Ruler tho, not killing L until the last 10 minutes of the final ep! NO IDOL IS SAFE IN THESE DRAMAS. The faith is gone. THEY WILL KILL YO FAVE!!!!! 😪 I’m tired

Best friend: OMG! I took the quiz and it says I’m an ENFJ.

Me: Nice! I was kinda expecting something like tha-..

Best friend: Look at this!!! It says my personality matches Dumbledore’s.

Me: Oh great!

Best friend: What’s your presonality type again?

Me: INTJ, but why would yo-…?

Best friend: Oh… says here you match up to Draco’s personality.

Me: Yeah… let’s not get into that…

- 10 minutes later-


Me: *sweating profusely* Yeahh… ummmm there is an explanation for that…

Best friend: YEAH! These all suck. You are so much better and nicer.

Internally: Phew! My secret is safe :3

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Jack Johnson Imagine for Caitlyn-Requested

Caitlyn’s POV-

My boyfriend, Jack Johnson, invited me round to his to have a movie night. We usually have one once every two weeks. It’s kind of cheesy but it means we get to spend a lot more time with each other. It was Jack’s turn to choose the movie tonight which kind of scared me a bit because he always chooses horrors and I hate horrors. But then again, it’s an excuse to cuddle into him.

I threw on an old grey jumper and some black leggings with some white ankle socks and white converse. I just left my hair straightened. I grabbed my keys and my bag which had my phone, laptop and earphones in it. I locked my front door and jumped into my brand new Land Rover. It was the big black ones. Don’t ask me which one because I have no clue. I drove down to Jacks house which took about 10 minutes. When I got there, I drove onto his drive and knocked on the door. Jack answered it, obviously. He was also wearing sweats. He wore his grey tracksuit bottoms with one of his old tops. Even though he didn’t even try to dress up, he still looked perfect.

“Hey babe” Jack said to me whilst I walked inside. “Yo” I replied. “We’re watching Paranormal Activity 4” he said, teasing me. I sighed. “Well we’re having pizza then” I said, compromising. “Fine by me” he laughed, winking. I took off my converse and went and sat on the couch. Jack put the film on and came and sat down next to me under the blanket. I cuddled into his chest while he wrapped his arms around me.

-Halfway through the movie-

“Jack, I really don’t like it” I complained, hiding my head into Jacks stomach. “It’s fine Caitlyn, it’s not real babe” he said, giggling. “I know, but it’s scary” I mumbled. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you if anything like this happens” he said, jokingly. I just smiled into his chest.

When the movie had finished, I jumped up and grabbed my phone. “Right, I’m getting pizza now. What do you want?” I asked him. “Why don’t we go out?” he said. “Jack, really? Like this?” “Yeah. You still look beautiful baby. We can go to the beach” he jumped up, excited. “It’s 11:00pm!” I spoke, laughing. “And? Please please please” he begged. I sighed but gave in. “Fine” I said whilst putting on my converse. Jack put on his VANS, obviously. We were walking to the beach, holding hands. The beach was only a few minutes away so it was easier to walk. “I love you Caitlyn” Jack said. “I love you too Jack” I smiled.

-At the beach-

We walked along the sand to the sea. “Take your shoes off” Jack said to me, so I did and he did too. Before I knew it, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. “JACK, DON’T, IT’LL BE COLD” I shouted. “I don’t care.” He started running for the sea, still carrying me. He then dropped me into the water. It wasn’t deep, but it was deep enough for my hair to get wet. When I got to the top of the water, jack stood there, laughing. “I’m sorry babe” he said between laughs. “That’s it Johnson” I threatened. I jumped onto his back and tried to push him into the water. It didn’t work though, I knew it wouldn’t. I jumped off his back and looked into his eyes. Our eyes locked and I couldn’t look away. Jack lifted my chin up with two of his fingers and bent down to kiss me. I wound my arms around his neck and jumped up so he was carrying me. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

After a couple of minutes, I pulled away. “What’s wrong?” he asked me. “I’m hungry” I whined. He laughed. “Wanna go get some pizza now then?” he asked me. I nodded my head. “Can I get on your back too?” I said. “Yeah” he replied, turning around so I could jump on his back. I hopped onto his back and he ran up the beach, making sure he held me tight. I looked down at Jack and realised how lucky I was to have him. He means a lot to me.

A/N-I’m sorry its not very good, I didn’t have any ideas. I hope you like it though Caitlyn. Sorry it took so long too. Thanks for reading guysss. Still taking requests. Love yaaaa