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Alix is Arab? That’s kinda cool. :>

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Okay so I completely agree with all of this we need to stop whitewashing these kids but I didn’t know Alix was Arab? Was that confirmed somewhere? (I mean no offense at all by this if she’s Arab that’s great I just am wondering if that got confirmed or something)

Yep, Thomas confirmed it on twitter! (but like… a reeeeaaallly long time ago, back when hardly anyone watched the show yet, when we only had French and Korean episodes) Also, her surname and brother’s name are Arabic.

Fix You

pairing: Lin x reader 

warnings: ANGST LOTS OF ANGST, depression, suicide

requests: Anonymous asked: a,, lin x reader where reader is!! suffering from depression and reader fakes being happy (lin doesnt know bc he doesnt notice) and,, reader overdoses and lin kinda breaks down (reader doesnt make it) 

summary: You faked happiness for him. And yet he lost you anyway. 

This is very angsty and not as good as I wanted it to be. I think I went a bit overboard with the descriptiveness. Anyway, shoutout to all my friends who tried to get me out of writer’s block, you all are great, and the mystery anon for keeping me entertained. ENJOY LOVE YOU BYEEEEEE

words: 1,511

It was ridiculous how easily people believed things that they wanted to believe. Dangle a lie in front of their eyes and they’d grasp it, so desperate for something to hold on to.

Every day was the same. You would smile at people, and they had no idea that it was fake because they’d never seen your real smile, so how could they tell the difference?

Your conversations with people were punctuated with long silences, where your thoughts began buzzing too loud for you to focus, and people just attributed it to your quiet personality.

You skipped meals, and you always got away with it because “She’s a teenager having her I-wanna-be-slim phase. Leave her be.”

No one understood you. You weren’t sure you even wanted them to.

“You’re awake,” Lin grinned when you stretched your arms. He was reading a book while you napped.

He padded over to the fridge and took out a chocolate bar. He settled on the couch next to you. “Want some? They’re the colour of your eyes.”

Lin never shut up about your eyes. He would spout poems and haikus about the colour of your eyes. He even inspired you to make a metaphor of the people in your life.

Some people were hurricanes. They came into your life, suffocating you, turning your world upside down and leaving you with nothing but wreckage.

Some people were the Sun, bathing you in their warmth, providing you with comfort until you couldn’t survive without them. You couldn’t leave them, so you stayed until they burned away who you were and left you dehydrated of emotion.

Lin was a drizzle. You didn’t notice him at first. You expected him to be one of those people who would tire of you soon. But like a drizzle, he was always there, persistent but unassuming. He had the potential to turn into a storm, but he stayed true to who he was, a constant presence in your life.

You didn’t talk to him about your problems, just listened to his as he ranted about them until he was out of breath. He always began every conversation with “How are you?” and you always insisted that you were fine and he always believed you and that was that.

Time went on, and your parents began fighting again, your mom almost never sober. Your mood began to go on a downwards spiral. Your happy days became less and less frequent, and your black moods stopped disappearing and began hanging over you all the time like an overhead cloud.

“What’s wrong?” Lin asked from next to you. Your heart missed a beat. This was your chance to tell him how you really felt.

“Nothing.” You weren’t in the best mood today. Lin had droned on for hours about his stupid neighbor and how lonely he was.


“Shut up, Lin! Quit trying to fix me when you’re just trying to fix yourself.”

Lin stared at you.

“Don’t act dumb. I’m not some charity case that you can work on so you can feel better about yourself. I don’t need you,” you said viciously.

“It’s not like that!” he insisted. You ignored him. He left, furious.

The next day, he showed up with a bouquet of lilies. Your favourite.  “I’m sorry. You don’t have to talk about it.”

“No, I’m sorry,” you said, taking his hand in yours.

“Is it a competition now?” A smirk was playing on his lips. You pushed past the layers of darkness in your brain and managed a smile.

Some days were easy. You would curl up on the couch together watching chick flicks.

“This is stupid,” he’d say before every movie. And yet, at the end of each movie, he stared at the screen with moony eyes, squealing in joy whenever the couple kissed. You ignored the gaping hole in your chest and forced a smile for him everyday.

Some days were hard. You would skip school and give him half-assed excuses. He’d show up and you would slam the door in his face. You would ignore everyone’s calls and texts, needing some space for yourself. This day, however, was particularly bad. You woke up feeling like you had fallen into a hole you couldn’t dig yourself out of.

“Can I come over?” Lin asked over the phone.

“No, I’m buying my grandma her vitamins.” You muted the phone as you placed an order for your meds.

There was a dubious silence. Then, Lin answered. “Can I come over tonight?”

You had to bite back the sudden tears. The meds kept the depression at bay. Maybe if you took more, it would leave forever.

“No, I’m busy,” you replied. Lin sighed. Disappointed, definitely, but no trace of suspicion. You were good.

“You sound like you’re gonna cry, are you okay?” Lin asked, sounding concerned.

“Yes. I’m fine. Great. Bye,” you said, clicking off the phone. You released a shaky breath. You were okay. Really. Tonight, you were being released of all your guilt.

This was it. Your absolution. Your freedom. Your deliverance. And yet your hand couldn’t close the distance between your body and the bottle. Absolution. Freedom. Deliverance. You grabbed the bottle. More pills, more happiness.

You swallowed all the pills in the bottle, gulping it all down before your front brain could process what you were doing. You felt heady with a strange mix of paranoia and euphoria. Was this dying? You always imagined dying as your body shutting down, but this was like your body finally becoming alive.

It was like the universe was at 200% volume. The soft patter of rain on the window became a thudding bass on speakers. The low hum of your laptop became a high pitched static on surround sound. You could feel the endorphins rushing like lightning through your bloodstream.

Your heart racing and your body shaking, everything sharply increased in intensity until it was too bright, too loud, too much. Then everything paused, and there was a second of silence. It was like an orchestra had been playing at a crescendo, and now the players had their fingers poised over their instruments, waiting for a command from their conductor, ready to play the grand final note.

But the command never came. Everything shut down. The noise in your ear died, leaving a ringing, deafening silence. You saw your phone light up, and you knew, somehow, that it was Lin.

Oh, Lin. He was the only person you didn’t want to leave behind. People said that your life flashed before your eyes when you were dying.  

You saw a fast forward of your memories together, and then your last memory of him: on his roof, lying down on your backs staring at the sky, calm washing over you as he spun the dizzying vastness of the sky into constellations, making the world into something you could hold in your hands.

Then it went on, but you were out of the picture. Lin at the altar, waiting for a faceless woman in a veil, Lin holding a baby that looked nothing like you, Lin old and grey, alone. You were erased from his life.

Lin’s name rang in your ears. Your breath came out in heavy bursts. Why did you feel so much for him? Your heart rate slowed. Your heart belonged to Lin. Your arms went limp. Why did he inspire you to be a better version of yourself? Your heart stopped beating.


“No, that’s not- she wouldn’t,” Lin yelled. He sank down against the wall. He had shouted himself hoarse at the doctor, he had screamed apologies at your parents, and now he felt empty. Drained. Hollow.

How did he not notice? All those times that he failed to see the truth, even when it was so obvious. Maybe he knew it deep down, he just believed what he wanted to see. It was his fault.

In college, everyone had to deliver a speech about something they were passionate about. Lin broke off in the middle of his speech about suicide, unable to hold back his sobbing. If his professor noticed, he didn’t mention it.

Before his wedding, his mother asked him if he wanted lilies as a decoration. Lin turned pale and nearly punched a wall. If she noticed, she didn’t mention it.

After his baby was born, he cried. But when the baby opened her eyes to reveal chocolate brown eyes, he made a sound that was half sob half gasp and closed his eyes for a minute. If his wife noticed, she didn’t mention it.

Every year on November the 4th, he went to the graveyard and sat next to a neglected grave. He would place a bouquet of lilies on the grave and recount everything that happened in his life during the past year. Sometimes, he would pause and lean closer to the headstone as if he could hear a reply. If the graveyard guard noticed, he didn’t mention it.

No one ever mentioned it, because they knew sadness that profound only came from lost love.

The Narrow Line Chapter 14

This is the end of Wee Doctor as a fanwork.  I’ve loved your likes and reblogs, your kudos and comments, fan essays and encouragement, your tweets and your amazing art.  I love all of you and I hope this last foray into Wee Doctor was as good a gift as it felt for me to get 1000 followers.  So here it is, the thrilling conclusion!

Summary: Thursday gets meta, things get mental, and Sherlock gets something out of the experience.

Words: 4788

Sherlock waited in a convenient mausoleum until it was dark, then grabbed his shovel.  He hoped his assumptions were correct, if they weren’t this could become a bit messy. He’d considered what he’d seen of the Watson family, what little Roost had told him of this not-a-gun, and his own knowledge of John.  Tried to apply it to this Johnny, who already looked too used to knowing too much and not mentioning it out of politeness, with the same kindly exasperation of Sherlock’s John.  Sherlock had looked at Bad Davey with his perfect suit and his suffering eyes tinted pink from crying.  Sherlock recognized the look in Davey’s eyes what had been lately staring back at him in the mirror, Johnny would have too.

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Well ! This took me forever ! This is an AU for 2X05 “The Weaponizer”. I hope you like it! {FF] or [AO3]

Where The Demon Hides

Chloe was digging a hole in the floor with her pacing.

She was worrying her phone in her hands, her jacket already on, her long ponytail swinging left and right with every new step she took. She kept pushing the button to bring the screen to life, counting the minutes since Maze’s call.

She was up to thirteen when she finally heard the knock. She opened the door before Dan was even done, leaving him to stand there with his hand in the air. She grabbed her car keys from the bowl and automatically checked that her weapon was in its holster on her hip.

“What’s the emergency?” Dan frowned. “You said…”

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Creature of the Night

Originally posted by marilynmay

Pairing: vampire!Dean x Reader
Word count: 2,395
Warnings: Smut, swearing, mentions of blood
A/N:Written for @neversatisfiedgirl‘s Rocky Horror writing challenge :) My song was “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me”.

In all Dean’s years on Earth, he couldn’t remember ever feeling this way. The first time he saw you he instantly felt a pull to protect you, to keep you safe. You had been walking down the street on your way home from the library, smiling, and laughing on the phone. What had pulled him towards the street you were on had been your laughter. It was a sweet song that he wanted to keep on repeat.

Knowing that someone as beautiful as you could never, would never, be with someone like him, he stayed in the shadows. You would never see him in the light of day, so he made sure that you would never see him by the light of the moon, either. You were a Goddess of the day, him, a creature of the night.

Every night as the sun set below the horizon, Dean would find you. Some nights it would take mere minutes, some nights it would take hours, but as long as  he caught one glimpse he was happy. Just to know that your heart was beating, and that no harm had come to you was enough.

Two weeks after the first time he laid eyes on you was the first time that he’d needed to slip from his hiding place. You and a friend of yours had been taking a shortcut, just for a man in a hood to spot you. Dean’s face went from pleased at your happiness to pure rage. In the blink of an eye, he’d taken the man down, clamping his hand over his mouth. As the man watched in fear, Dean opened his mouth, revealing his fangs.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Jyushimatsu! You seem like the kinda guy that's into some cartoons, like Steven Universe for example. So my question, if you and Homura-chan could fuse into one person, what do you think you'd look like? (ps I'm digging the name Jyushimura as the fuses name)

{Jyushi’s answer} Steven what-whatnow?? =D I dunno ‘bout that, but if we fused bodies to make one person…

H-HE’D BE SUPER-STRONG ‘CAUSE HE’D HAVE THE STRONGEST MOMMY =///////D And and and we’d play baseball and games and we’d catch bugs and acorns together and actually I wouldn’t mind having more than one either BUT YEAH I DUNNO ANYWAY THEY’D BE THE CUTEST =/////////D

{Mun’s answer} {Sorry about that, I couldn’t resist… XD Anyway, it took me FOREVER to come up with something and I’m still not that satisfied by it, but here’s my take on Jyushimura. Harmonious with only four limbs, two eyes but four pupils, two pairs of eyebrows (although it’s hardly noticeable in this sketch) and smiling and laughing ‘til tears form in their eyes pretty much all the time.


part one
this is not edited so sorry for my mistakes, i’ll come back and fix any later :) 

“That’s weird,” Dean said as he and Benny came upon the small building in their area of town as the ‘meeting hall’. It wasn’t very big, but it was able to fit all fifty of them inside, so “big decisions” could be made. “Did you know we were having a meeting today?” 

Benny shook his head. “Nope. C’mon.” 

Nodding, Dean followed Benny up to the building, where they let themselves inside, and everyone turned around to face them, growing suspiciously quiet. Dean frowned. “It your birthday Benny?” he asked, only half kidding. 

“No. Yours?” 

“Nope.” He crossed his arms over his chest, staring the faction down. “Alright, what’s up?” 

“Uh… Well…” Ash began, but Ruby stood up to cut him off. 

“We want to make an alliance with the Knights, but we can only do that if we give something to Cain to appease him,” she said. “And that something is you.”

Dean blinked. “Whoa- whoa- wait a minute… Me? Why me?” 

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PHEW done (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ 

My entry for the Tera 2nd anniversary contest.

This contest had terrible timing for me so i thought i would finish this old WIP i had from 2 years ago of the 4 characters in the middle so it would be faster, WELL IT WASN’T it was actually a bad idea that took forever because i had to almost remake the whole thing and added a million characters so all races would be in there and arrghhh on top of that i painted it in grayscale and i forgot i’m really bad at colouring from grayscale, i just dig and dig my own grave in every contest hahaha

anyway i hope you like it! I’ve seen some of the entries and WOAHFUYAWGFAG it made me so nervous, some really great artists joined, the loading screens this year will be really pretty ♥(ノ´∀`)

added some close ups because tumblr made it tiny as usual, i paint with my chin anyway so there is not much fine detail to see hahah

anonymous asked:

When do you think Mulder told Scully that he had been married to Diana?

His fingers trace feather-light concentric circles slowly up and down her spine, leaving trails of sharply raised goosebumps in their wake as they explore the steep decline of the small of her back and detour back up to the delicate bones of her shoulder blades.  She lays stretched on her stomach, the surprisingly luxurious swath of his pale blue sheets draped over the swell of her ass, her folded arms pillowing her head.  Her cheek rests in the fold of her elbow, so that he can see only one half-lidded eye fixed on him through a curtain of burnished hair.  The curves of her body are cast half in shadow.  She looks for all the world like she’s been sculpted by some Renaissance maester, her skin fairly glowing with a sheen of quickly evaporating sweat.

As his fingers continue mapping and memorizing the nuances of her body, he avoids the spot where the serpent lies curled on the side of her back that is furthest away from him, but it seems to glare at him all the same as it devours itself.  He wonders, not for the first time, about the night she’d had it done, but quickly forgets why he should care when she hums and shifts onto her side, levering herself up onto one crooked arm to mirror him, and pulls the sheet up to cover herself modestly.  His large hand settles into the swerve of her impossibly small waist, and she covers it with her own, ensnaring his fingers with hers.

The first drops of rain begin to patter on his window, and the wind fervently whispers through the leaves on the trees outside.  He stares at her, is half-afraid to break the silence, wondering if speaking would shatter the calm that she seems to be content to luxuriate in with him.  They never talk about things, least of all this unspoken, ubiquitous thing between them.  Why should tonight be any different?

“I know you want to talk about this, Mulder.  So, let’s talk about it.”  Her voice cuts through the darkness of his room, thickened by a tranquil content.  So this is her bedroom voice, he thinks.  He’s listened to her recite the most outlandishly rational theories, regurgitate facts and oversimplify statistics that no one should have the brain capacity to retain, and yet he doesn’t think he’s ever been more awed by her than he is in that moment.

He grins and shakes his head, for the first time finding himself on the incredulous side of disbelief.  Why would tonight be different?  Because she is different.  Something had happened to her in that temple, in his absence.  Of course she had only been able to find herself while he was gone.  He meddles too much.  

“You always keep me guessing, Scully.”

She blinks and smiles, tsking softly.  “Oh, come on.  You knew I’d come around eventually.”

His hand squeezes hers, assenting.  He knew.  “Wouldn’t have guessed it was going to take seven years, though.”

Her smile widens, her rarely-seen dimples flashing before she ducks her head, beautifully bashful.  

Mulder’s eyes slide down the length of her as she shifts, drinking in the contours of her body, naked and bathed in sable shadows.  She’s never been more stunning.  

“Sorry to disappoint.  Were you expecting it to happen sooner rather than later?”

He shakes his head again.  “Doesn’t matter.  I knew it would happen when you were ready.”

She hums again, her thumb gently nudging his where their hands are still tangled in the curve of her hip.  The rain batters a bit harder against the window, and the wind starts to howl.  The late summer storm is gathering momentum.  Her brow creases as she stares down at the way their fingers merge and push and pull against one another.

“If we do this, Mulder, we can’t let the work suffer.”

“It won’t.”

“How can you be sure?”

“I won’t let it.  And this time, I’ll be able to walk away if it does.”

Her cinnamon eyebrows lift suddenly, the furrow between them deepening. “You’d walk away from me if the work started to suffer?”

He holds her gaze, lifting her hand to his mouth and pressing his lips against her knuckles.  “Never, Scully.  I’d walk away from the X-Files if what we have started to suffer.”  

She opens her mouth, but when no words came out, she closes it again, unsure of what to say.  In that momentary pause, he breathes deeply, gathering the courage to say what he knows she needs to hear.  “Nothing in this universe is more important to me than you are, and nothing else ever will be.”

Her breath hitches, and she automatically readies herself to spar with him, to argue him out of his position before he stubbornly digs himself in.  He’d be willing to leave his life’s work behind, for her.  For them.  Impossible.  She won’t let him.

“You told me once that nothing was more important to you than your search for the truth, than finding your sister.”

He shrugs, lifts a finger to trace the sculpted line of her jaw, then the bridge of her nose.  “I lied.”

She pulls away, fixing him with a pointed stare, and he lets their twined hands drop to the bed between them.  A deep sigh shudders through him, and he rolls away from her and onto his back, but pulls her into the crook of his neck just the same.  The rain falls harder, and thunder grumbles in the distance.

“Scully…I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to want to devote myself to something that could be taken from me or leave me again whenever it wanted to.  Whenever it decided I wasn’t good enough, or smart enough, or whatever. Not after Samantha.  And not after…”  He swallows, closes his eyes.  “I was married, before.  Before I found the X-Files.  Before you.”

She tenses, yanks her hand from his.  The room is suddenly too small, the air too thick.  Lightning strobes across the sky, and she’s already righted herself and is starting to reach for her underwear and bra that have been haphazardly discarded at the foot of the bed when he grabs for her hands, stilling them. The clap of thunder echoes overhead.

“I think you already know…”

Scully turns from him, offering him the exquisitely pale stretch of her back to stare at while she collects herself.

“Diana.”  It’s not a question.

He bites his lip, his silence a confirmation.

Another rumble of thunder and a crack of lightening forces Scully to close her eyes, imagining the ghost of a woman long-since dead staring out at her from the corner of his room.  In her mind, Diana smiles sadly, looking over at him before she turns and vanishes, like a fog dissipating in the sudden scarlet flash of dawn.  

“I’m sorry you lost her, too,” she says quietly.  And she is.

From behind her, Mulder’s finger tentatively circles the ouroboros before grasping her arm to pull her back down to face him, prone on his bed. “Doesn’t matter,” he whispers.

Scully closes her eyes, trying to conjure a much younger, much less jaded version of him.  That younger version of him, she imagines, must have been so eager to love something, anything, that showed him even the slightest bit of affection.  Not for the first time, she wished to God that it had been her.  

But it hadn’t been.  First, he’d fallen in love with a possible path to the truth about what had happened to his sister.  Then, he’d fallen in love with the woman who’d promised to light the way down that path.  Now, it was her turn. He had fallen in love with the woman who had promised to travel that path with him, wherever it took them.  

“It’s so much better when a light goes out,” Scully breathes, her hand snaking up around his neck to pull him down to her, bringing her mouth to within a hair’s breadth of his and never breaking eye contact, “than it would have been if it had never shown.”

When he kisses her, pushes into her for the second time that night, languid and slow, he remembers what it feels like to recite your vows, to swear to love someone forever, come what may, until death parts you.    

When she arches into him, her fingers digging into his shoulders as she kisses him back, he finally knows what it feels like for someone to return that promise, to love him unconditionally, for eternity, and actually mean it.     

If You Ever Want To Be In Love // Michael Clifford

Requested; Yes
Summary; Based on “If You Ever Want To Be In Love” by James Bay.


“I’ll be back in a bit!”

‘A little bit’ was code name 'don’t wait up for me because I’ll be back tomorrow *wink* *wink*’. You were happy your roommate finally left, you had the entire flat to yourself so you decided it was the perfect time to do some cleaning. You were organizing your room when you found a box of old magazines and you decided you were going to throw them out but not before take a look at them. The box was filled with old AP Press magazines and even some J-14, you cringed when you found some of your 'old’ best friend’s Playboy magazines and MAD issues. About to pull out some magazines to reminisce, you heard a knock at your door.

“What does she want now?” You groaned abandoning the magazine to open the door, thinking it was your roommate. “I’m coming already!” The knock on the door continued, your roommate was being really annoying today. “What did you forget the condoms?”

“Excuse me?” Flinging the door open, you were surprised to find your 'old’ best friend standing there with a raised eyebrow a smug smirk playing on his lips.

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So, I remember like a year and a half ago during the Red Era, when everyone took digs at Taylor all the time still, I was at a party, and there were a load of cool kids there.
One of them was like “ew, Taylor Swift? She’s such a dork.”

They weren’t even talking to me, but I just went “That dork’s my friend, so please shut up” and they literally did.

And now look where we are. They’re the first to come up to me and suck up about how cool it is TAYLOR follows me. Started from the bottom now we’re here.
Fair Play

anonymous asked: Hey! If you’re still making nalu prompts is like to ask you if youd like to make one when Lucy and Natsu is in our time and a tivoli or carnival comes to the town, and the two of them goes there having a good time.:3

This one was waaaaaay too much fun, and it’s written in a slightly different format because I couldn’t decide which would be better, so I kinda combined the two. Hope you guys like it! 

NaLu, Gajevy, and Gruvia… so a little something for everyone!<3

  • -high school AU again where the gang goes to the school fair. A graduated Gajeel with his hands stuffed in his pockets and complaining about how lame it’s gonna be.

The tallest of the group of friends stood with his shoulders slumped and his hands stuffed deep in his jean pockets, playing with the lint found there as he tried his best to keep a stoic expression. He doesn’t know why he always allows his friends to talk him into doing lame shit like a school fair. For the most part he blamed the shrimp for him even being here… Those damn eyes of hers. Now he was stuck in a long-ass line waiting for over-priced tickets to an overrated park full of lackluster attractions. 

“Aww, cheer up would you?” Natsu huffed from beside him, glaring at the taller, graduated teen. “You’re bringing down the mood." 

Gajeel glared at the pink-haired boy. “I already told you all I didn’t want to come. So put a cork in it-“ 

"It’s fine, Natsu.” Levy spoke up from where she stood in a little huddle talking to Lucy and Juvia as they waited their turn to buy tickets. “Gajeel will pout for about an hour after not getting his way, then he’ll be fine. He’s got about,” the blue-haired student body president looked down at her wrist, checking the time on her watch, “twenty-two minutes left of brooding. Then he’ll be fine." 

Gajeel sneered, “You’re not helping. 

Levy smirked, “And you’re bringing down the mood. Deal with it.” 

  • -Juvia kicking ass in the water-gun-filling-baloon contest with Gajeel cheering her on as Gray wins her a goldfish.

On one side of the park, Gajeel is red in the face as he cheers on the star of the swim team as she aims a water gun perfectly at a tiny bullseye about ten feet away, thoroughly wiping out any and all competition as her balloon fills faster than anyone else’s. 

Juvia is thoughtful after she wins, as she is allowed to pick from any of the prize options, meanwhile her long-time friend behind her is trying to hustle others into playing against her once more. Whether or not he’s trying to start taking bets is unclear to her, but Levy appears shortly after regardless.

Juvia doesn’t know how the small girl managed to reach all the way up to his ear and pull him away, but then again Levy is always surprising her. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the park, a ping pong ball dinks on the side of a glass bowl containing a goldfish once more, and a frustrated boy slams his fist against the wooden stand. A bored attendant rolls her eyes. 

"Dammit,” Gray huffed, retrieving another dollar from his pocket, having long since ran out of tickets. “Another one." 


"Another one." 


"Another one!” ‘


One more!”


“Can I just buy the damn fish from you?” 

  • -Natsu grabbing a fearful Lucy’s wrist and making her go on the rides with him, until he gets sick after trying one of the school carnival’s infamous jalapeños on a stick while waiting in line for another ride

Lucy’s legs are already feeling rubbery, her palms clammy, and she’s even taken on a greenish tint around the edges… and they are only in line for the first ride. 

She stood up on her toes, her Converse digging into the dirt as she used Natsu as leverage. Up ahead the blonde could see the spinning ride that did not look like it passed any sort of safety regulations. 

"Natsu,” she frowned, pulling at his sleeve. “Natsu, I really don’t think I wanna do this.”

The boy took her nerves in stride, wrapping one strong, well-muscled arm (she’d be forever thankful for all the basketball conditioning his coach put him through) around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side. 

“Aww, come on, Luce.” He grinned boyishly at her, “I won’t let anything happen to you. It’ll be fun!" 

"Heh, yeah.” She tried half-heartedly to grin back, but as they got closer to the front of the line, seeing people lose their lunch after stepping off the ride did little to calm her nerves. Meanwhile, it seemed to only fuel Natsu’s enthusiasm. 

However, one very, very important factor didn’t really dawn on them until they were strapped in and ready to go. 

Just as the operator was lifting his thumb and pressing the button did Lucy turn to the boy beside her, a frown on her face and a crease between her brows. 

“Wait, Natsu,” she said, “don’t you have really bad motion sickness?" 


However, even though he could hardly walk straight afterwards and was leaning heavily on his girlfriend, Natsu was hardly deterred. 

"C-come on, Luce.” He groaned, still dizzy as he tried in the direction of the next ride. “The li-line will get too long if w-we don’t get there soon." 

"Are you crazy?” She was feeling a little sick herself, but there was no way she was getting on another one of those deathtraps. 

“Probably,” he said, walking a little straighter now as he grabbed her wrist and began to pull her along. “Come on, the swing one looks cool." 

It looks like death!” 

It still took suffering through two more rides, but Lucy soon found her way out of anymore shitty rides once Natsu finally met his match. A go on the Tycoon after consuming one of the park’s infamous Jalapeño kabobs was enough to make the boy turn to his blonde, a meek grin on his face as he said, “How about sticking to the games from here on out?” 

  • -Levy, as the student body president, stressing over the festivities too much until Gajeel shuts her up by pushing his ice cream cone into her face, to which she promptly responds to shoving her cotton candy in his. 

"This isn’t funny!” The small girl frowned up at the taller boy as she studied her phone furiously, a bag of cotton candy stuffed under her arm. “They haven’t answered me yet and they’re late! How is this supposed to go off without a hitch if they don’t even pick up?" 

Gajeel licked his strawberry cone. 

"I mean,” she continued. “I’m the class president, and what kind of president am I if I can’t even pull off something as simple as this?” She gestured wildly to the commotion around them. 

The boy’s tongue took another swipe of the pink frozen treat, letting the shrimp get everything out of her system. 

"You done yet?” He asks, as she played with her headband, sliding it back into place. 

“Yeah,” she sighed, shoulders slumping forward. “But honestly the grand finale for tonight-" 

Levy shrieked when Gajeel’s ice cream cone is smushed into her nose and cut her off. 

"Gajeel!” She squealed, “You ass!" 

The boy’s laughing was then interrupted as a wad of cotton candy was then promptly shoved into his face. 

  • -Natsu and Gray getting super competitive and almost putting a hole in the inflatable obstacle course, which was aimed for children 12 and under… but try telling them that.

"Is that the best you can do, foot fairy?” Natsu huffed as he hurried over the inflatable course, practically flying through the “obstacles” with Gray practically neck-and-neck with him. 

“Nice try, basket case,” the soccer player huffed as he raced his all-time rival, regardless of the fact they didn’t even play the same sport. 

They both ducked under foam beams, scrambled up the ramps, and practically tucked and rolled through all the slides. 

Meanwhile, Lucy and Juvia watched on, unimpressed. 

“They do realize that thing is meant for kids half our age, right?” The blonde asked. “Like, they had to take their shoes off to go on that thing. They’re racing in their socks.” 

"Always the competitive ones, those two.” Juvia murmured, shaking her head as her eyes followed the little fish swimming from side to side in the tied-off plastic bag she held in her hands. 

  • Meanwhile, Levy is helping Gajeel pick out the best temporary tattoo. He, and Natsu- who freaked out when he saw it- end up with matching dragon ones before the night is over. 

“This is so stupid,” the long-haired boy grumbled, kicking his feet in the dirt. “No one cool gets one of these." 

"Aww, of course they do.” Levy grinned, flipping through a book displaying all the different choices. “Lots of cool, tough dudes have tattoos." 

"Yeah, but not temporary ones! Honestly woman you- wait, back up a page. Is that a dragon?” 

An hour later, once the six had all met up again and Gajeel has smugly shown off his new ink, Lucy shoots Levy a sarcastically thankful glance after Natsu begins pulling her away, demanding that he now needs a dragon tattoo as well. 

  • -Everyone participates in the Photo Booth 

"Gray, your hand is literally in my face." 

"I’m doing the camera a favor." 

"Natsu you’re elbowing my boob you’ve gotta move." 

"Well your boyfriend’s got me pinned against the wall. Can’t really breathe." 

"Don’t you dare poke Bubbles’ bag! Were you raised in a barn, Gajeel?" 

"Who the hell names a fish Bubbles?" 

"I wanna know who the hell thought it would be a good idea to try all six of us in one photo booth!”

  • -Natsu and Gray getting competitive again over the rubber duck race, nearly getting disqualified for trying to cheat. 

"My rubber duck is going  so much faster than yours, twinkle toes!" 

"Please, mine just passed yours! 

"That’s because you hit the water!" 

"You nudged the table earlier!" 

"Again!” Lucy watched unamused from the sidelines. “Find something not meant for six year olds!" 

  • -at some point during the night, once they break out the sparklers, Lucy ends up having to drag Natsu by his ear over to one of the stand-by paramedics because he burned his hand and nearly caught his shirt on fire. [nothing serious, they just end up wrapping a little gauze around it and telling him to be more careful. All the while Lucy is glaring because her friend is an idiot]

The stand-by paramedics shut the doors to the ambulance, smiling at the two teens and waving goodbye before pulling away slowly to drive back to their post. Natsu takes it easy on a nearby wooden bench, his hand wrapped up nice and tight in a stiff, white gauze and bandage. It itched a little, but he was more so concerned about what his coach was going to think of his little stunt. 

His shirt was a little charred as well, but luckily Gray had been able to douse him with his own shirt, still soaked from the duck race earlier, before the fabric could flame up completely. 

His free arm was wrapped around his blonde’s shoulders as she had her face buried in his neck. 

"Idiot,” she kept mumbling. 

“I know,” he kept replying, softly. “I’m sorry, Luce." 

"That,” her voice was shaky as she sniffed, “was terrifying.” 

"It won’t happen again,” he promised, rubbing her arm up and down to soothe her. 

“Please never say you’re getting all fired up again." 

"Aww,” the boy squeezed her shoulder, a soft grin on his face, “but that’s how I get pumped up before a game. I have to have my motto. I’ve gotta be at least a little intimidating, after all.” 

"Fine,” she pulled away slightly to grin weakly at him. “But can you at least keep it as a figurative thing? The literal meaning is a little scary.” She proved her point by gesturing to his bandaged hand and how his shirt almost caught fire. 

He grinned at her again, kissing her cheek. “I love when you talk all nerdy to me.” 

Lucy hugged the white, stuffed dog that her idiot had won for her earlier close to her chest.

“Whatever,” she blushed, standing and pulling him- by his good hand- up with her. “Levy’s been freaking out about the ‘grand finale’ all night, and we’re gonna miss it if you don’t hurry.” 

  • The gang all settles in on patched blankets with popcorn and fair foods, faces illuminated reds and blues and greens by the explosions of colors in the sky. 

Natsu’s head is in Lucy’s lap as he half-heartedly tosses stray popcorn kernels at the back of Gray’s head in between fireworks. To which the raven-haired boy flicks powdered sugar from his funnel cakes as revenge. 

And as Gajeel has Levy curled up against his side under his arm, he figures that maybe the fair isn’t such a lame idea after all. 

No way in hell would he ever admit it out loud though. 

But that was okay, the others knew it anyway. 

So here’s the thing:

I am an overweight and not conventionally attractive, I have anxiety disorders and weird character flaws up the ass, and yet, I really really like me

Like it took me forever but I love the way I look and who I am. I’m losing weight for health reasons, but I’m hot either way. I dunno I really dig me now

What hurts the most - Olicity

Alright so as I posted I wanted to write a one shot with Felicity giving Oliver hard time. This is how it turned out. I am open with writing a part two to this if you only show an interested in that :) please be aware that there might be mistakes, I am not master in writing and grammar but yeah other that that enjoy! <3

For the past two days Oliver noticed the changed in Felicity’s behavior. He thought it was because of what she told him about his mother and Robert not being Thea’s father.

He didn’t understand how she could be thinking he would hate her or be mad at her as anything he was thankful she told him the truth when his own mother wasn’t able to do that.

When he asked her what was wrong with her like always she said nothing but this time she didn’t give him time to push her a little bit, she turned around and walked away from him.

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                                                                  the thing about a hero,   is even when it doesn’t look like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,   he’s going to keep digging,   he’s going to keep trying to do right and make up for what’s gone before,   just because that’s   who he is.

Stupid Vase

A Sam x reader one shot where the reader is real geeky and into anime and books and fandoms and stuff and she always wears like her themed t shirts and jeans but on a case she has to dress up real pretty like and Sam and dean are both like WOAH. And it’s at this party and Sam sticks to her like glue and lots of fluff pls?


Raising your arms over your head you leaned over the back of the couch, stretching your muscles. The last hunt tired you out so lounging around in an old Doctor Who t-shirt and jeans with some snacks was heaven. Well not the heaven full of angel dicks, but heaven nonetheless. 

Flipping through the channels finally you landed on Game of Thrones, an old episode but one of your favorites. 

Minutes into the episode Sam burst through your bedroom door with a newspaper in hand, with the “we’re going on a hunt” face. 

“Really?” you groaned, rolling your eyes while Sam chuckled. 

He tossed the paper onto your bed, and you looked at the title, circled in his blue pen. 

“Gala dinner? Really?” you asked in disbelief, finally a hunt with some class. Your fingers picked up the crumpled paper, rubbing the ink onto your fingers as you read about how it was a charity event where they’d auction off antiques.

“Wait, what’s the problem? It’s just a charity” you asked Sam, who crossed his arms before saying, “Well one of the items, an old vase is actually ancient. I mean demonic ritual ancient and we have to get it before any demons realize it’s still intact” he informed you, furrowing his brows. 

“What do I wear?” you asked as sudden realization dawned on your face, the last time you wore a dress was before you even knew the boys! Years ago! Once Sam left you dug through an old duffel you used to bring from motel to motel before you and the brothers found the bunkers. At the bottom, lo and behold a dress. Well not exactly the fanciest, but i t was quite easy to dress us into a sleek and sexy look. 

“One hour!” you heard Sam shout as he passed your room to go into his, probably to change into his suit and wake Dean up. 

The dress reached mid-thigh, and was quite tight. It was a plain black, but once you put on the pearl necklace and earrings the look went from plain to classic. 

You softly patted down the sides of the dress, feeling the material hug your body as you twirled in front of the mirror. 

Normally you’d be wearing a pair or jeans and a baggy t-shirt, possibly with a book in either hand. Looking at yourself in the mirror you beamed at your reflection, a smile from ear to ear. Perhaps this was the closest you could get to a normal event in a hunter’s life, so you couldn’t let it pass. 

“Onto makeup!” you happily said to yourself, pulling out an untouched bag from a couple months ago. You pulled out foundation, applying around your face and down to your chest. Still a makeup amateur you looked up some eyeshadow ideas, and decided on a simple yet sparkly champagne color, with a thin line of black eyeliner. After you applied the blush you put on mascara, doing your makeup completely out of order. 

“Damnit!” you muttered, as two eyelashes began sticking together. Quickly you fixed that by running your nail in-between the both of them. 

Finally it was time to do your hair, and you decided to leave it down, just curl the end tips after fixing up your frizz. 

Although you burned yourself more than once…alright maybe three times, the result was stunning. Quickly you slipped into your heels, high black and patent leather. Looking at yourself in the mirror you looked sleeker than Natasha Romanoff you thought, looking at the Avenger’s disk laying on your desk. 

You decided on taking a clutch with you, just so you could bring your gun without getting kicked out, or arrested. 

“We’re gonna be late!” you heard Dean shouting, obviously agitated and in no mood to screw up a hunt. 

“Y/N!” Sam shouted a minute later since you still couldn’t leave your room. You didn’t enjoy attention, but even you had to admit you looked nice, and since you weren’t wearing your usual hunting clothing you knew the boys would double take you. 

Finally you turned the knob and began walking, hearing the heels click against the bunker’s floors. 

“Well?” you asked, once the boys came into view. Dean still didn’t look up, too busy with his drink. 

“You- uh- woah” Sam stuttered, and you could swear you saw him blush. Dean finally looked up, choking on whatever alcohol he was drinking. 

“You’re one sexy lady” he said and winked, making you gag. He was like an older brother! Sam on the other hand…well you couldn’t deny you had some feelings for him. But hunters don’t have relationships, so you’ve always buried them deep. 

Sam was by your side, and you linked your arm in his, blushing furiously. 

Dean snickered behind you, earning a look of death from Sam. Dean knew how much his brother already liked you, and going out for a nice dinner was the best opportunity little Sammy has had in a while. 

Sam smiled at you before you slid into the backseat, feeling the dress ride up to your butt. 

“So how are we gonna get that vase thing?” you asked, picking at the little beads on your clutch. 

Sam turned around and began explaining how they’d just grab it before it got on stage, try and make a run for it. Or if worse comes to worst just “accidentally” knock it down and run. Both plans involved running, which was bad news for your tight dress. 

“Damnit” you whispered, hoping you wouldn’t end up ripping your dress. 

“What?” Dean asked, looking at you through the rear-view mirror.

“This dress is uh…” you laughed before saying, “too tight to run in” making Dean clear his throat from awkwardness.

“Really? That made you feel uncomfortable?” you asked and Dean cocked his head as a “yes”. 

“Alright then how about this dress rode up to my butt and I’m sweating. Turn up the damn A/C! Oh and this bra is so uncomf-“ Dean cut you off by blasting his music, Black Sabbath filling up the car. 

You burst out laughing, Sam followed suit, making Dean roll his eyes.

“Let’s go” Dean muttered as the Impala rolled into the parking lot of a beautiful venue. 

There were huge fountains outside, and beautiful trees lined the edges, each one probably a hundred years old by the looks of it. 

“Woah” you whispered and Sam smiled, “It’s gorgeous” you said and Sam agreed. 

“Too bad we’ll have to disappoint whoever wanted that vase” he said, and again stuck out his arm for you to take. 

Gladly you took it and began walking up along the brick pathway. Looking up at Sam you saw him smiling, a dimple digging deep into his cheek. Flustered you looked down and blushed, and realized Sam just pulled you in closer. 

It seemed like forever until you reached the door, but Sam took your hand and led all three undercover-hunters to a table. He pulled out your chair and took the one next to you, leaving Dean to sit across you both. 

Throughout the night Dean threw smirks at both of you, or would smile slyly at Sam. Neither of you knew why, but decided to leave Dean in his thoughts. 

“Wait sh” you whispered, pointing towards the far end of the room. “Is that it?”.

A small case, no bigger than maybe ten inches in height stood on proud display upon a rolling table they were trying to get center stage. There were sigils all around the vase, and if your vision wasn’t letting you down you could swear there was one to ward angels. 

Dean was up on his feet and walked over to talk to the two men moving the table. 

“Now’s our chance” Sam grabbed your hand without even thinking about it, it just felt right; and the two of you walked quickly towards Dean who now managed to get the men to leave.

“What did you tell them?” Sam asked, looking confused.

“That someone stole a watch or something” Dean said, “They wouldn’t even realize it since this isn’t their inventory. Just here to move it”. 

You nodded and without thinking twice grabbed the vase, it was quite obvious but everyone was focused on the speaker at the front of the room. 

“Run!” you passed it to Sam, as again your dress wasn’t made for a hunter. He stuffed it under his coat jacket and looked very suspicious running out, but at least no one noticed. Dean followed behind, and then the two men returned, obviously going to realize a vase was missing. 

You ran quickly, heels hurting your feet but damn you looked like a bad-ass. Quickly you were able to unlatch the back door and run around, through the potholes of the disgusting alleyway in the back to the front of the building where the Impala was waiting. 

Sam and Dean gave a round of applause, making you blush. 

“What?” you asked and Dean laughed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl run like that in heels, and manage to still be in one piece after” Sam smiled back at you and you laughed. 

The ride to the bunker was long, your stomach filled with butterflies the entire time. Sam kept looking back at you, although he seemed more nervous than happy by the end of the ride. 

Finally Dean parked baby in the bunker’s garage, and you looked over at a free motorcycle you’ve always loved before rushing into your room to change. 

If there was a book of tips for hunters you’d definitely include “never wear five inch heels” at the top of the list. 

Stripping out of the dress you put on a plain grey v-neck and leggings, and slipped on some fuzzy socks to cushion your feet as you’d walk. 

“What do we do with this?” Dean asked as you walked into the main room. The vase was sitting atop the table lit up by a map, and it was a beautiful vase. “We can’t give it to Cas, it’s covered in sigils” he said and you spun it in  your hands.

“We should keep it, I think it’ll look pretty with some daisies in it” you smiled and propped it back up on the table. Sam walked in, wearing a white t-shirt showcasing his arms that made the butterflies in your stomach wake up in time to start again. 

“I think it’ll be safest here” he pointed to the vase. 

Us three hunters all sat down and nodded, sitting in silence for a few minutes. 

“I’m out” Dean announced after checking his phone, “time for me to go to a bar. I think I deserve it anyhow” he said, more to himself than to you. Smirking you tossed him his gun he didn’t bother picking up off the table and you shouted “Stay safe!” as he closed the door behind him.

Your immediate reaction was to look at Sam, but he was already looking at you. 

“Yeah?” you asked him, wondering what could be going on in that beautiful head of his. 

“Uh, actually” he fumbled for words, “I was wondering if-“ he stopped and smiled at you, making you tilt your head in confusion. 

Within that same second sudden realization took you and you exclaimed “I’d love to” making him break out in a smile, exhaling. 

“Really? I just thought you didn’t feel the same way, and I always got nervous, and just-“ he started and you cut him off.

“Sam. I really like you and it’s about time I finally said it” and he grabbed you, pulling you in, pressing his lips onto yours. And for the first time you knew what other girls meant by “he’s the one” because every spark in you lit up, creating a fire around the two of you as you moved in sync. 

“I think I love you” Sam whispered once he pressed his forehead against yours.

“I think I love you too” you smiled, and ran your hands through his head. “Nice hair by the way” you laughed, making him pull you in again.