it took like 4 days of sewing


I forgot that my phone isn’t uploading pictures to tumblr right now, so I’ve been merrilly talking to you guys all morning and you haven’t even noticed.

Around Christmas, Kaylee found this awesome Legend of Zelda fabric in the remnant bin at Joanne’s and she wanted to make a pillow out of it for her dad BUT she needed me to teach her how to machine sew first.  I have been putting it off for ages because it just seemed like she wasn’t ready and polar fleece is SO tricky to start with.  But the girls are off for President’s day (so I took a vacation day) and I’m out of excuses.

Anyway - up there you have Kaylee practicing on some extra fabric, ripping stitches, and the awesome fabric that started this whole thing.  She’s on side 4 of the pillow and is doing so well!  No snapped needles (my biggest fear - Kaylee has such anxiety that I was sure a snapped needle would stop her for good!), only having to rip out 3 times.  We’re good.