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exo react to you without make-up for the first time (OT9)

i know i promised a new years version of fluff today, but i didn’t have any ideas on how to make a fluff reaction for new years?? 

please forgive me! 

id also like to thank everyone for supporting me and giving so much love to my blog. i had started around mid-late september and gained followers quicker than i expected! we have less than 10 followers until we reach 500 amazing followers. i hope you guys all spend your time with the ones you love, family, friends… I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <33



immediately as you got in your car to drive home, you took out your makeup wipes. you had the most exhausting day at work and could not imagine keeping on the makeup that was coating your face. you looked into the rear-view mirror and couldn’t help but feel insecure. “it’ll do” you sighed. you headed home to where your sweet boyfriend was patiently waiting, once suho saw you he said softly,

“you look beautiful Y/N”

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as you weren’t expecting to have any visitors at your home today, you proceeded to complete your saturday task, aka finding a new show on netflix to binge watch. you snuggled up on your couch with a blanket clicking through the different shows to find one that caught your eye, little did you know your boyfriend, chanyeol, quietly snuck into your house and saw your cute, little, bare face.

“wow. what a beauty”

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you two, as a couple, were invited to suho’s new years party. you were singing in the shower, and taking your time to get prepped, what’s the rush? you had enough time until baekhyun was going to pick you up around 6. you walked out of the bathroom with your robe (and obviously a bare face), to the sight of your boyfriend laying on your bed with his phone. he looked up and scolded you,

“how long were you planning to keep your pretty face from me? this is unacceptable!”

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jongdae slept over at your house last night after you two had fallen asleep watching a couple movies or so. you two were snuggled closely on the couch, warm and toasty. you had slightly awoken from your slumber once you felt jongdae stirring a bit, as you had decided to ignore it and fall back asleep, chen was carefully studying your face. as much as it sounds creepy, it was the first time he saw it bare. 

“how could you be so perfect Y/N”

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when lay first saw you with a bare face he debated whether or not he should hint at it just incase you would feel insecure or embarrassed. (or both) eventually when you went to use the bathroom you looked into the mirror and realized you didn’t have any makeup on. when lay heard you scream from bathroom after you noticed you were bare faced, he lightly chuckled and yelled,

“you look cute princess!”

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your relationship with kai was at the stage of trusting each other enough for you to be exposed without makeup in front of him. once you built up the courage to walk out to the living room where your so sweet and loving boyfriend was, you chickened out. you sat back down in front of your vanity and as you were reaching towards the foundation jongin barged in and forced your hand away.

“your face is worth a million bucks, don’t ruin it with this junk”

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you walk out of the bathroom not giving a damn whether or not sehun sassed you about your acne or bare face, you just wanted to cuddle with the noodle boy and take a nice, long nap. once you walk out sehun stares at you, honestly stunned by your natural beauty. being the maknae he is, a little inexperienced with relationships, he doesn’t how to explain with gentle words how beautiful he thinks you are.

“your face is as pretty as mine!”

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kyungsoo: (im so soft for this gif help me)

you knew kyungsoo wasn’t one for judging you, so when he was sleeping over at your apartment you removed all your makeup, feeling much more relaxed. kyungsoo set up the couch with a whole bunch of pillows, blankets, snacks, and your guys’s favorite movie. at first he didn’t really notice whether or not you had makeup on or not because his mind wasn’t usually focused on that kind of stuff. but once he noticed he leaned into your face staring at you with his signature owl eyes. 

“why do you wear makeup?”

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you two had gone to a new years party, while you had gotten very drunk enough to rub your makeup off in front of your boyfriend, (you were always insecure about your naked face) minseok wasn’t able to drink because he had to drive home. after he carefully laid you down on your bed, you started mumbling something among the lines of “i fucking hate makeup” and rubbed all of it off, once xiumin saw your bare face he couldn’t contain his smile and gave you a light peck on the cheek.

“you’re so precious Y/N <3″

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2016 carat survey! + fans’ favorite seventeen moments


After I took “Coptic Binding: Focus on Stitching” through the Minnesota Center for Book Arts a week or so ago, I figured I needed to practice before I forgot everything from the class. I started out by using two of my gel plate prints (stencils and acrylic paint) with a few coats of matte medium for the covers. And that there is a six-needle coptic binding. O.O There was quite a bit of swearing involved, but rather less blood than I was expecting, so! :)

(And that’s Mayhem, “helping”.)

Edmund x Reader: A Distraction He Didn't Mind

Anon asked: Your imagines are everything. omg can I have an Edmund X reader where Susan recruits you to keep Edmund away from her and a date. Edmund was very protective, but she knew you would be able to distract him easy enough? Narnia or England. Doesn’t matter. ^_^

Loved this idea a lot! Took me longer than expected but here it it! 😊

-Golden Age-

Susan huffed in annoyance when she kept hearing Edmund argue she shouldn’t go and meet the Count.

She was touched at her brother’s overprotectiveness, but also annoyed by it.

Edmund was making it very clear that she shouldn’t have even told him she would keep it it mind. He kept arguing that she shouldn’t even be let alone with him, much less go on a date with him.

“You know what?” Susan stood up from the armchair she had been sitting in and continued, “I’ll see you later, Ed.”

She left the room with Edmund arguing more behind her.

Susan however was not going to give up and had an idea in mind.

She walked outside to where she easily spotted Lucy, Peter, and (Y/N). Her siblings and (Y/N) smiled when they saw her coming.

“Susan! So great of you to join us!” Lucy greeted her older sister with a grin.

“Yeah well Edmund was getting on my nerves.”

“He still blabbering about denying you the freedom to go out with the Count?” Peter smirked. He had been hesitant at first, but after Susan argued for a bit, he let her.

“Yes, but…” Susan gave a smile towards (Y/N).

“Why are looking at me like that?” (Y/N) nervously asked.

“The Count and I were planning on going down to the beach tomorrow evening. I’m sure Edmund wouldn’t be able to interfere if he’s with you,” Susan told her hinting at what she had in mind.

“You want me to distract him?” (Y/N) rolled her eyes by smiled none the less.

“Not a bad idea,” Peter said thoughtfully.

“It’s not a bad idea at all,” Lucy laughed. They all knew Edmund was quite taken with (Y/N). In fact they had been in courtship for a couple of months now.

“Please,” Susan pleaded. “I really like him.” She told (Y/N) referring to the Count.

“And you really like Ed. So it’s a win win situation,” Lucy added.

“Fine,” (Y/N) nodded and agreed.

Susan clapped her hands in delight and hugged her dear friend which caused them all to laugh.
“Where are you going?” Edmund called out. He had just come out of his own bedroom and noticed Susan come it of hers. All the royals’ bedroom where located in the same wing of the castle.

Susan turned around and with a smile said, “To the beach with the Count.”

Edmund was about to protest when (Y/N) and Lucy came out of Susan’s bedroom. They had both helped Susan get ready and now we’re ready to initiate the plan.

“Edmund,” (Y/N) smiled and walked up to him.

“Hello love,” he turned towards her with a smile. He didn’t notice both Lucy and Susan walking away in a rush.

“I haven’t seen you all day,” he placed his hands on her waist as she placed her’s in his shoulder.

“Well I’ve been quite busy,” she told him against his lips. He was about to kiss her when she pulled away with a smirk. He frowned and she laughed.

“Come on,” she pulled his hand she had locked their fingers with, “I’m sure Phillip won’t mind taking us on ride somewhere.”

Edmund allowed her for her to pull him outside towards the stables. He got a glimpse Susan with the Count. He glared as the man took Susan’s hand in his and was about to walk up to them, but he felt soft lips toward him. Completely forgetting his sister and the Count, he kissed her back with much intensity.

She pulled away and continued pulling him towards the stables.

They ended up riding a long way to a river that ultimately ran to the sea.

There (Y/N) made sure to keep Edmund quite occupied. He didn’t seem to mind since he got a lot of stolen kisses from her. They walked on foot for a while where he would steal these kisses behind the trees; Susan and The Count far from his mind.

It started to get late so he kissed her forehead and said, “We should be getting back.”

She agreed and thought it be best. She was certain by the time they got back Susan would’ve gotten back to the castle.

She pecked his lips and accepted his help to mount Phillip. Once they got to the castle it was already time for dinner.

They all ate dinner calmly and Susan smirked when Edmund didn’t question her. Not till later when they were in the hallway did he remember.

Edmund stopped and in front of Susan. “Wait! You two went out together?”

He was about to continue but (Y/N) pulled him toward her. He was about to protest but she put her arms around his torso and kissed him. He didn’t respond at first but then melted into it. He pulled away with realization in his eyes.

“You were distracting me from them,” it wasn’t a question but a statement. He was glaring at her, but he was not at all angry with her. The softness in his eyes told her so.

“You didn’t seem to mind earlier,” she smirked.

The others snickered which caused Edmund to roll his eyes.

“Come on, Ed. Susan deserves a shot at happiness,” Peter told his younger brother.

“Yeah, she does. What if she hadn’t allowed you and (Y/N) to get courted? You shouldn’t deny them the chance of attempting to get there,” Lucy argued.

Edmund but his lower lip and looked at (Y/N) in his arms. He didn’t know what he’d do if any of siblings had told him not to court her. He would’ve cared too much of their blessing and would’ve ended up not courting her. He knew he would’ve been terribly upset and empty without (Y/N)and sighed.

“Fine,” Edmund mumbled. “You have my blessing.”

Susan smiled and tackled her brother in a hug. “Thank you!”

He rolled his eyes. He caught sight of (Y/N) smiling at him and her eyes shone his her bring very proud of him.

Susan left to go tell the Count the news. Lucy accompanied her and Peter left Edmund and (Y/N).

“I’m proud of you,” she smiled and hugged his torso again.

He smiled at her and gently kissed her lips. “You weren’t just spending time with me to keep me distracted right?” Edmund cocked an eyebrow.

“Of course not,” she smiled.

“Well…in that case how about we have lunch tomorrow, just the two of us?”

“I’d love too,” she accepted his request.

“Well, I love you,” he smiled and kissed her forehead. He put his arm around her shoulder. She hugged his side and put her heat on his chest as he lead them to where her bedroom was that happened to also be in the same wing as his and his sibling’s.

“And I love you too, King Edmund,” she looked up at him and kissed his cheek.

He chuckled at her use of his title. She would many times do it to annoy him, but this time all it was to them was endearing.

I didn’t want to make this post, I really didn’t. But, when I go into the tags of a ship I like, I expect to see good content from wonderful artists and writers.

But lately, it’s just this:

It literally took less than minutes to see all these posts. I didn’t have to look hard AT ALL.

Honestly I was debating whether to mark out their names or not, but I’m going to be the mature person here, since clearly these people are not mature enough and let their hateful and disgusting content be seen by those simply wanting to enjoy McHanzo content. I see these posts ALL the time about how the McHanzo fans are the only bad fans of the overwatch fandom and it’s just the ‘Bitch Where?’ meme to me.

Believe it or not guys, I have some overwatch ships I don’t like! And you know what I do? I put on my big kid pants and ignore the content and go about my day. ;DD 

Just…Gawd. Put that energy towards different use and let people enjoy whatever fucking ship they want. You know what you look like when your posts show up in a ship tag and you’re hating on it? 

^^^That guy. 


Pre-serum Steve Rogers x reader

Smut : Brown (My muse pins your muse against a tree while hiking)

I’m sorry this took so long to post anon! And also it’s very short. (876 words)

It’s the perfect scene for fluff, but I assumed you were expecting smut -the colors were called “smut starters” after all- 

Enjoy ;) ♥

Steve was the kindest, most amazing guy you had ever met. He was shorter than you and skinny. But you couldn’t care less. His warm blue eyes poured into yours as you talked about your mutual interest in art, nature and books. He was surprised when you said you hadn’t danced either. You explained why as you were tired of brutes. I don’t like bullies he had said. You started dating after that night and you were having the happiest time of your life with him.

You and Steve would often go hiking because you both enjoyed being in the nature and the fresh air helped with Steve’s asthma. In a particularly lovely and sunny day you two were wandering in the nature again. Steve had picked up some beautiful flowers for you and he placed a daisy behind your ear. With flowers in your hands, your eyes squinted because of the sun shining on your face and the loving smile you had, Steve thought he had to sketch you.

As Steve depicted your beautiful features on his sketchbook, you found yourself longing at him. He was rested against a tree. His brows were furrowed in concentration as his baby blue eyes flicked between you and the drawing. His blonde locks had fallen on his forehead. He licked his lips. Oh those plump, pink lips. You loved the way they felt on yours each time you kissed. Your mouth fell agape as you thought about him kissing your neck, down your body. You imagined him making love to you right then and there.

Steve lifted his head to look at you. He frowned a little when he saw you were breathing fast and your cheeks red.

“(Y/N)?” he asked worriedly.

You snapped out of your thoughts and leaned down to kiss him quickly and passionately. He was surprised for a second but he recovered and kissed you back with equal passion. You moved your body forward and placed your hands on the tree that Steve was leaning against, pinning Steve between you and the trunk.

After a while you broke the kiss to let Steve breathe, as you moved to straddle his lap. You took the sketchbook and pen from his hands and placed them on the ground. Steve’s hands went to hold your hips gently as you leaned down for another heated kiss. Steve’s arms circled your waist and yours went to the nape of his neck to tangle in his hair. You rolled your hips and feel his hard on under you. Moaning, Steve pulled away.

“(Y/N)” he said in a warning tone.

You bit your lip and roll your hips once again in response.

“Are you… Are you sure? S-someone might see darling.” He mumbled.

“Steve we’ve never seen anyone walking this far up so far.” You cooed.

You looked at him through your eyelashes and Steve squirmed underneath you. A dark blush had crept up his neck and you felt like your own face was on fire.

Without breaking eye contact, Steve glided his hands down your legs, and then up, taking your skirt up too. He let his hands wander on your skin before he squeezed your ass a little. He brought his left hand on your aching sex and started rubbing through your panties.

You gasped and arched. Steve attached his lips on the sweet spot on your neck as you panted softly.

“Steve” you breathed out as you dealt with his belt buckle. You quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper.

Steve leaned back to let you free his length. You took him in your hand and pumped a few times. You kissed Steve’s jawline while you moved your body forward to line yourself up with him. You stroked his cock on your wetness and moaned when it touched your swollen clit. Steve silenced your moan with a kiss as his hands went to hold your ass again.

You bit your lip and Steve groaned with pleasure as you lowered yourself on him. His thick cock stretched you so well. You didn’t lose time to start moving back and forth. You sat up and sat down, rolling your hips as you rode Steve to pleasure.

Steve pulled your dress neck just enough to free your breast. He caressed, nipped and sucked as your hands tangled in his blonde locks.

He felt he was close so he brought his hand to your clit under your dress and stroked with this thumb. No longer able to contain your moans, you felt your waves of orgasm wash through you, taking Steve with you. You wrapped your arms around Steve as he pumped slowly a few more times, until he was done. You held onto each other for a while as you both came down from your highs.  

After a few moments you detangled yourself from Steve and started fixing your dress as you laughed. Steve laughed along and looked around just to make sure nobody saw. He started laughing too as he realized you just did it, out in the mountains.

You two decided to lay there for a little longer, to watch the sunset together, in each other’s arms with blissful stupid smiles on your faces. ♥


This weekend was good in the way that a really hard, barf-inducing workout or long sob session are good. Needed. Headache inducing and painful. But needed. 

On Saturday I broke up with Michael. And it was fine. He took it better than I expected, which is either a testament to how good he is at compartmentalizing his emotions or how little he actually cared about me. Either way, I cried. But not because I was sad about no longer being with him. I was mourning the six months I spent trying to convince myself that this pedestal was where I wanted to live. I don’t belong in someone’s museum. I am meant to live in the forest or the mountains, with my partner unafraid to maintain equal footing. Or something less cliche sounding. Either way, I am no longer at risk of losing myself to being someone’s manic pixie dream girl .

After the breakup, I went to Ellie’s. I wanted to cry on my sister and gain forgiveness for being so untrue to myself. She and Dave and mom were having a barbecue for a friend’s birthday, so I held the new baby and let tears silently fall but didn’t kill the buzz. Went home. Haley brought pizza and ice cream and wine and cigarettes. More tears. But mostly laughing and finding my center. 

On Sunday I drove for an hour with Haley to the impossibly small town of Everest, Kansas. She teaches yoga at a church there every week. And so I yoga-ed. And it felt good to only think about myself and my breath and my dang hypermobile hips. On the way back we stopped at an abandoned house on the Kickapoo reservation to do some exploring and made a list of other spooky spots to explore next. Maybe my Sundays need to be about restoration for the next few weeks/months/years. Yoga and road trips and re-discovering abandoned places. 

I fed and fertilized all my plants, washed all my bedding. power washed my back porch, and scrubbed my skin with a pumice stone so hard that my body is raw and red today. But it’s good. I need to be raw right now. 

My mom keeps telling me, “you have found the best friends for your new life.” My new life. I don’t know where that demarcation is, between old and new. But I do know that being alone with my plants and my cats and my daughter is not an unfathomably fate for me now. I have only ever been in love with one man. And I will be in love with him forever. God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll find our way back together somehow. If not, I can be the spinster who knows how to cure root fungus in succulents and weaves coyote jawbones into grape vine wreaths because I have an amazing support system of friends helping me protect my magic. 

just had a phone interview for a position I really want. The phone interview would be the only interview, it wasn’t a screening or anything.  i was told to expect it to take 30 minutes.

it took less than 3.
……I need ice cream.

OOC: Blog Update

I think….I think…

With the exception of the modern!verse side blog (which isn’t too important at the moment) and some promotional material…I think that I have more or less done it. It took much longer than expected due to my preoccupation with midterms and having to deal with a few stressful surprise irl crises but everything should be good to go. 

I will reblog the url here shortly once I’ve gotten the promo ready, but thank-you so much for being patient with me. I am so excited to finally be able to roleplay with everyone again.

More Critical Role fan art!

From Episode 18, Trial of the Take, the party is awoken by a nightime attack and Percy goes on a critical shooting spree, button flap pajamas and all.

I decided to try going directly to digital from the sketch I had, and start coloring almost immediately. It took less time than I expected. It’s also my first time working with color outlines, which I think worked well.


I think this whole anti thing is really funny and interesting at the same time, so when I saw that  @cartoonjunkie was having a contest or whatever with anti, I thought, eh why not?

Now, I don’t normally draw people especially people that I like, even though anti is a fictional character, it’s still jack.

I am not happy with it…HAHA what a surprise…I am not happy with one of my drawing….you weren’t expecting that weren’t you?(*extremely sarcastic voice)…. I think I could’ve done way better especially with the pose….but I mean it’s a very rushed drawing, it took me I think less than an hour.

I have no idea what anti’s sam looks like, so I just drew that thing over there…I imagined it much more evil and well just like anti, but it turned out like a thing that you would normally see in horror movies.

I don’t think I will draw jack in the near future, simply because, it’s not like I would draw chara or altair or any character, he’s a real person, so it’s not real opened to interpretation.  You could argue about that, but I am just not confident enough…

I did not enter in this contest to win or anything, I just got in because it was an opportunity for me to draw something new or someone new, and someone that I really like…well, I mean, almost, since this is anti

also..yay for Jack!

Inktober 6: Pumpkin Heads

when i saw this prompt, i wondered what mood i wanted to go for and finally decided on 19th century portraiture. what i didn’t expect was that when i looked up inspiration for a pose/composition that i’d find so many delightfully silly portraits. upon further research, tricks of editing–such as headless portraits, or ‘impossible figures’–were a popular thing, but took lots of forethought and effort to achieve at times. so a simpler, but equally fun option was to swap clothes.

here’s the photo i used as reference, and while i am sad that i couldn’t find its origin, it is one of several ‘crossdressing’ portraits that exists from the victorian era. i highly recommend checking them out, everyone looks INCREDIBLY dapper, and i adore that in each of them you can see the humor in their suppressed smiles.


When going this path gets tough,
Turn the next corner
Turn the next corner

If you don’t get an answer after walking so long,
Turn the next corner
Turn the next corner

Walking straight forward isn’t everything
There are paths that are horizontal and diagonal