it took forever to make these omg


(slams hands on table) hoshidan royal fami l y + k i d s

Oh my god I thought I was never going to get this done this took forever. Based off this sketch, but unfortunately I had to cut mikoto and sumeragi because… well, you can see this picture is pretty crowded as is. and they all wear similar colors so it’s really hard to make them distinct from each other. But omg I’m so glad I got this done, I had to do at least one pic of this because I love the family dynamic. Most importantly, it has shiro and kiragi who are always missing from the birthright royal fam fanart and I love them. I need more art of them as a big family because it warms my soul.

other thoughts I had while drawing this:

-spotify randomly opened and started playing different strokes at some pint and it was just like a sign from god to keep going

-”what the fuck is their damage with bows this whole family wears more ribbons than a goddam joann fabric store”

-kiragi and shiro = young takumi and ryoma????

-Hinoka is Um Jammer Lammy


Omg, this took forever XD This is the entire Dragmire family that @quietpastelcolours, @ridersoftheapocalypse, @figmentforms and I have created together :) It’s been a lot of fun making these characters, thanks you guys! ;)

Rinku and Cass @figmentforms

Zarazu and Corsaire @ridersoftheapocalypse

There’s this awesome fic that @blueganon made for Ralnor and Cass, check it out :) Here

And thanks @quietpastelcolours for the awesome fics for Vidar and Kanisa ;3


Arya Meme: 9 Quotes (6/9):

“No one,” she would answer, she who had been Arya of House Stark, Arya Underfoot, Arya Horseface. She had been Arry and Weasel too, and Squab and Salty, Nan the cupbearer, a grey mouse, a sheep, the ghost of Harrenhal… but not for true, not in her heart of hearts. In there she was Arya of Winterfell, the daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn, who had once had brothers named Robb and Bran and Rickon, a sister named Sansa, a direwolf called Nymeria, a half brother named Jon Snow. In there she was someone… but that was not the answer that he wanted.


SOLBY COMIC IS DOOOONNNEE!! (I am bad at making comics man) OMG this took so long, but I wanted to make it so bad! I don’t even know if anyone will get the joke. I just thought it was funny, but then again I am strange lol

I wanted to make something with Sol and thought of this stupid pun. I regretted wanting to color it at first because it took a looooooong time :’D Then lining itself was forever.

Anyway, I hope you like it nonetheless! I recorded the majority of my process, so that will be on my youtube pretty soon! Thank you for reading my short comic of my take on Outertale’s Grillby.

Outertale Sol Grillby Rendered

Outertale Grillby Time-Lapse Video

Solar “Sol” Grillby Character Reference Sheet


baekhyun x black hair for my lovely nicole ♡

Runaway Princess (Sleeping Beauty AU Part 7)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1, 367

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: OMG You guys I finally got this out lmao!!!!! I am so so sorry it took me fucking forever. After much ( and I mean much ) harassment from @oriona75 here is your next part of the Sleeping Beauty AU :D

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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OKay so this took me all day to make. Im not good at animating/making gifs so i put in the two images used for if anyone wants to. anyway yea, im really proud of these and im going to sleep now.


OMG This took forever to do the wings!!!! Sorry if I took forever cause I wanted to finish this drawing to make this as an official art for Melody/Shining!Jenna from ShiningTale!~~

Hope you all like this!~~

Reference Sheet:

Name: Melody(Shining!Jenna)

Nicknames: Gale.

Age: 17

Height: At the ostrich size.(I can’t count height. ;A;)

Weight: like holding a falcon!

Level: ???

HP: 7000/7000
ATK: 50/50
DEF: 30
SPD: 500% faster
MGC: Completely uses Wind Magic!

Element - Pure Wind 100%

Likes: Blankets that are puffy soft and silky soft and will build a fort out of the fluffiness~, flying to feel free, someone who has the best color that their outfit has, really likes to hang out with Diana and her son Shard, cute things that she would want when she wants something, adventurous, and SUN BATHE!!!~~

Dislikes: Being in a bird cage, her wings torn off completely, her feathers cut off or pulled, beaten badly, staying in one place she can barely stay at, hitting into walls when she doesn’t see what’s in her way, mostly fighting.

- Ahri Foxtails
- Darkjira
- Diana(MistyMidDiana)
- Shard
- Ocs!Zane
- Most of those who are her friends!~

- Nightmare!Sans
- Killer!Sans
- Murder!Sans
- Horror!Sans
- Luminous and Descorda
- Demi!Jenna and Umbra!Jenna(UD!Jenna)
- anyone who’s evil!!!

For those I included by their names:

@mistymiddiana @jokublog @godzillaandco @sour-apple-studios