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I’ve made several attempts to make a birthday reply post, but each time I get too overwhelmed and emotional and paranoid I’ll forget somebody to continue. So please accept this as my heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday, and please know that I will treasure your message forever in that little heart-shaped box I keep under my pillow (the one I take out and caress from time to time, usually during a full moon with a really maniacal look on my face). Tumblr birthdays are the best. Thank you all you dear sweet people, I love youse all!!

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My Debt to Fanfiction

I’ve written more than 200,000 words of fanfiction across multiple fandoms under multiple names. 100,000 of those words were in the last few months.

And I’ve consequently taken a ton of crap for it.

  • Other writers who tell me I’m not allowed to bear the name.
  • Friends and family who ask when I’m going to do serious writing.
  • Readers who ask for stories churned out like clockwork because its ‘just fanfiction’.

And that gets to a girl. Because I do want to write. I love telling stories. I’ve always worked on my own stuff in tandem with the fanfiction.

So, in order to be a writer, I gave up the fanfiction. I stopped my two ongoing stories and peaced out to write real fiction. I stopped reading it. I dropped out of the forums and boards where I’d made fanfic writer friends.

I wrote more ‘real fiction’. For three years.

And the result was nothing more than a string of rejection letters. Not even personalized letters (the holy grail of rejection letters). Just 'sorry this doesn’t fit our needs’.

I bought the biggest nail the hardware store sold and skewered them one by one.

And there is a moment that perhaps some will recognize, where you stare at the pile of rejection and just. Stop. The stories trickle off and you slowly stop submitting until you can’t remember the last thing you wrote.

I gave up. Plain and simple.

If I couldn’t learn to write with three years of focus and reading all the right books and trawling literary boards then I just wasn’t cut out. Just wasn’t a writer. The stories would have to stay locked in my head. I didn’t have the talent to get them out. I wasn’t going to learn. 

Eventually I fell into a smallish fandom with an OTP that I loved and not a lot of pressure. I figured, meh, why not. So I wrote a story, gave it a few chapters. And it did okay, couple of comments, couple of kudos.

But those comments. Oh those comments. All maybe 6 of them in 7 chapters. They spoke of tone and snark and sass and how well I wrote it.

 And I got a stupid idea. One last hurrah. 30 weekdays straight. One new story a day. 

An insane pace. But screw it, I’d started with fanfiction. I was going out the same way. And so began the experiment in insanity. 30 days. 30 stories. Ended up being 100,000 words. 

I wrote first person and third person and straight AUs that required intense re-watches of the actors and dialogue heavy pieces and pieces drowning in description and sassy tones and sad tones and crazy tones and train of consciousness and letters and I turned music into words without losing the emotion.

I aged the characters up and aged them down and wrote love stories where the key couple never interacted once and wrote fluff and heartbreak and situation comedy and I tackled issues like commitment or lost music or lgbt or religion or the meaning of a hero or the ways love means giving up ourselves and hoping to get something back. 

I watched the show a hundred times to write about the time between the snapshots we saw and I stretched character voices to be believable as the same characters in multiple situations and I learned to write happy and I learned to write sarcastic and I wrote dialogue that didn’t sound like everyone spoke the same and i took the characters made by another through their paces as superheroes or fake married couples or fairytale characters or cops or door-to-door salesmen or with clockwork companions. 

None of it was edited and it was published as quickly as it was written. I didn’t have time to think, only to keep going, keep writing, look at what I’d written yesterday and try something new, something fun. 

And people responded. 30 Days. Almost 800 comments. 700 bookmarks. 8000 kudos. I responded to every comment. Nearly in a daze as I tried to comprehend what had happened. 

eighty thousand hits. 

And I finished. I took a long nap. And i cried. 

I cried because I’d given up on writing and somehow this magical thing had happened and people had responded to my writing and I had 800 comments telling me that they liked my work and wanted more chapters and some had truly constructive feedback that I could use to get even better. (also, i was so tired)

So I went back. Tentatively, I decided to try again. I wrote a brand new short story. I severely dismantled and redid my favourite of the old pieces. 

And I sent them out. 

One market each. 

The new piece came back 20 days later with a request to hold the story because they were moving it to their second round of consideration. Something I’d never had once in the 3 years previous. 

Two weeks later, the same thing happened to the edited piece. They sent real feedback, two paragraphs of it, and said they were seriously considering it for publication. 

About a month after that, I got a second email that unfortunately, they weren’t going to be publishing my piece. But they sent more feedback. This wasn’t just a rejection. This was progress. So much progress. Feedback twice to help me improve and finally getting to that second round, something I’d never done before. Nearly published. 

Over the moon does not describe my emotions. 

And then yesterday.

And then yesterday.

Yesterday I got an email. An email about that new story I’d written right after finishing the crazy 30 days. The one I’d first thought up in the haze of 20 days in to the madness. 


They’re going to publish it. They’re going to publish it. They’re going to publish my story. 


I went from a pile of form rejection letters to a personalized rejection and an acceptance. 

And that’s why I had to write this long post (sorry, I’m too excited to moderate my word blab). Because I was thinking about all those people who mocked the fanfiction I wrote and who told it was stupid and pointless and a waste of time. 

I disagree. Fanfiction taught me how to write. 

Playing in ‘someone else’s sandbox’ gave me the chance to write freely and quickly without having to constantly devise characters and personality and backstory. Without the overwhelming task of writing those traits, I could learn how to write. Snappy dialogue. Cut the fat. Keep it in character. Theme without overbearing. 

You can see it in the writing. 

Here’s an old fanfic I wrote. It’s self insert and cringe-worthy. I probably edited this five times before I published it. It’s not even the worst thing I’ve written.

Here’s Day 30 of my 30 days writing streak. It was never edited. 

I’m not a writer because I’m getting something published. I’m not a writer because I got a bunch of comments. I was a writer way back when I wrote that crummy self-insert Justice League fanfiction. 

You’re a writer because you write. Doesn’t matter what. You get better when you keep practicing. 

I’m going to be a published writer because I wrote a butt-ton of fanfiction. 

So please stop giving fanfic writers crap for simply writing. Please. And your support and comments and constructive comments really do matter.

If only because of my incredibly red face of happiness and nose squeeze reflex when I got the approval letter. 

Now this part, this part here is for my creampuffs and cupcakes. The wonderful Carmilla fandom for whom I wrote the 30 days of fanfiction and who responded so amazingly:


I cannot thank you enough. I mean, I’m also super thankful for the cast and the crew and the amazing writers whose show and talents I analyzed within an inch of its life and I’d happily take out for lunch or buy a pizza or something. 

But mostly, right now, I’m thankful for you, creampuffs. Because you are amazing. Your comments and your kudos and your clambering for more was simply stupendous and you had no idea that the stories were supposed to be my last hurrah and you saved me anyway. 

I learned what worked when you quoted your favourite lines or told me that I nailed the characterization here or the dialogue there or that this resonated or that this didn’t or that the subtext was great here. 

And I am so so so honoured that you took the time to do that. 

You saved me. 

You taught me to write and then gave me the courage to take a second shot. And I will forever be thankful to the tiny fandom that could. To every comment and tumblr stop in and kudos (yes, even kudos. I love them too. Those emails saying ‘x y and z and 56 guests gave kudos’ are amazing). And it’s been amazing getting to know you through your comments and on tumblr. 

So, unlike the cast/crew, there are so many of you that I couldn’t possibly buy you all pizza. So I asked myself, ‘what can I do?’

How about 10MoreDaysofCreampuff ?

Two week revival. 1 story a night, every weeknight for 10 days. Just like last time. Work is crazy cause my boss quit and I don’t care. I’ll make it work. It’ll be a mix of chapters 2s to the original stories and more one-shots and maybe I’ll even fill some of those prompts I didn’t get to for prompt week. Assuming this is something you want (y/n?), we start Monday, September 14.

It’s the best way I know to thank you. 

Because I am so thankful and I’m still sitting on a haze of pure joy. And when it comes down to it, it’s all because of you. I wouldn’t even had thought of the topic of the soon to be published fic if I wasn’t a part of this fandom.

If people are interested, I can post a link to the story whenever we finish contracting and it finally goes up.

My brother jokingly asked if ‘when I become famous’ (he’s a dreamer) I’ll credit my success to him. 

Unfortunately for him, the truth is that I’d probably have to say that it’s credited to a ‘lesbian vampire fanfiction fandom’. 

And I’d say it proudly. 

Stay stupendous cupcakes. <3 Aria

“Behind Masks” 1st April to 24th April Treasure hunt! SIGNAL BOOST! THIS IS THE MAIN POST!

Aria Nook Violet first role-playing treasure hunt! (hopefully not the last!) This is a big post so you were warned.
Please read everything! I did an announcement thing to see how people reacted and I noticed people didn’t read details and got confused. If you still get confused let me know! Since this is quite a new thing for me and for the AC fandom this will work like a test. Hopefully this won’t be the last. So any doubts or suggestions make sure to let me know.Now for the prizes you can get ;) There will be two winners. If this reaches 1,000 notes I will add a third winner. I really need lots of people to know about this and participate that’s why I say 1,000 notes :p. I doubt it will get there but if that’s how it is. Sorry. I will only work extra for that many notes. So signal boost it even if you don’t care about this! Please! Me plus two people worked really hard on this already. Don’t let this fail!
1st 10mil bells Sloopy series, Rococo series, Princess series, Ice series, Creepy series. Pick three sets only. Hair-bow wig Yellow and jack pumpkin head Snowman Matryoshka Mammoth model

Sailboat model

Royal crown

Snow bunny

Blue wand


world map

twelve-grapes plate

coffee cup

Witch robe

K.K. Slider, Fauna, Marshal, Muffy, Lucky, Olivia, kiki, Chevre pictures. Pick four only!

A Music Box of choice (this might not be available on the date if you ask me for a box that I don’t have but you will get it as soon as possible)

Plus a drawing of your mayor with your favorite villager drawn by me. Check my art and see what I could do for you. I want to thank the winner for participating and drawing it myself is a great way to show a sincere thanks. :)
A warning that it will take time to complete so you won’t get it right away.


1mil bells Hair-bow wig

Sloopy series, Rococo series, Princess series, Ice series, Creepy series. You keep what the winner didn’t choose.

Purple and green pumpkin head


Ptera model


Small igloo

Piggy bank


Patched clothes

Aluminum briefcase

Tiara Hair

Black veil

K.K. Slider, Fauna, Marshal, Muffy, Lucky, Olivia, kiki, Chevre pictures. You keep the four the winner didn’t pick.

A Music Box of choice (this might not be available on the date if you ask me for a box that I don’t have but you will get it as soon as I can get it)

Plus a drawing of your mayor drawn by me. Check my art and see what I could do for you. I want to thank you for participating and a drawing with my touch is a great way to show a sincere thanks. :) A warning that it will take tame to complete so you won’t get it right away.

For the rest of you. Oh not done! I have a room full of music boxes so since I won’t do a giveaway any time soon. For the people that get it right besides the winners will get a random music box. Only a select few though. Wish I had unlimited music boxes but I don’t.

Have I convinced you yet? ;) Now I will explain how everything works. It might be confusing so pay close attention. If you have any doubts let me know please! I will create a f.a.q post and add a link with people’s question if I get them.

PLOT You will discover more about it through posts that will appear as April goes by. For now I can only tell you this.

After April Fools day weird things happened in Lua. Right after Blanca left time started to backtrack to 4am and it also started to rain. One of villagers started to act like Blanca and then mysteriously disappeared. This villager was pretty dear to Aria so she left Lua with Tom Nook to find the missing resident only to fall right into a trap. A fake her took her place as mayor and started to spread rumors of a false plague that was affecting the town. Mayor Aria found the truth too late and wasn’t allowed inside her own town and was called a fake. Worried by the people trapped in Lua Aria eventually decides to visit Katrina. She tells her that maybe through a dream she could contact with someone inside Lua. Maybe a third party could influence that character to bring fake Aria to justice.

Luna helps Aria creating a gate to a dream town of Lua. All they need now is some outside help and that’s where you came in. In the dream town you will find someone that is determine to expose Aria and your mission will be helping that animal out so he can show Booker proof he’s right. ;) I wonder who it is.

Your goal is to find who’s the fake Aria wandering around in the dream town of Lua (who is this person pretending to be her and why?). This will work very similar to a treasure hunt. You only need to discover who’s pretending to be Aria. Why did the time stopped and why are the villager in deep sleep? Not for now. Focus on the fake Aria.


If you don’t know what a treasure hunt I will explain. I buried 20 stationaries around Lua and in hidden places. Now your part is to visit Luna, register Lua dream town code. When you’re in the dream ask Lloid for a shovel. Then start searching for holes you can dig marked by the cross thing you know same as you dig fossils. I will tell you ahead there is one clue at the cemetery but the majority of it just has gyroids but you have to keep searching. You will notice you will only find papers but they are all different types of paper: rainbow paper, weathered paper, nook paper and so on. I will do a post where a character will tell you how many hidden papers are out there. I just can’t spoil everything in this post.

The character in that post I will make will say “This week there are 20 hidden letters” for example then it means you have 20 letters to find before the week ends because fake Aria will notice you. You think fake Aria is stupid? No! She will notice you digging around and when the week ends she will destroy some of the letters meaning next week the old letters are gone forever! The old will be replace by the new at new locations so Lua will always be changing. If the letters disappear or change a character will let you know like “I saw fake Aria digging around. I think she took some important clues with her we won’t get again” this in a tumblr post I will create.

Letter will not change place for a week! So you have a week to collect them all! Except this week that you have until 4th April.

If you found all of them (or just some, better than nothing) just place all the items near the tree, take a screenshot and post it. After that send me an ask! So I can send you the clues. You should tag that photo with agentkklua I will check if you posted the photo so you must post it. This is to avoid cheaters. You only found some you have to let me know which paper you found. Why? Because each paper has a clue associated with it so I need to know which clues to send and which not to.

When you send me an ask you will receive something like this.

I just wrote an example that has nothing to do with the plot so you see what you can expect. These letters will have clues to the fake Aria real identity! Beware that some letter are fake and other don’t even matter!

But that’s going to be tricky you say. Well this is where role-playing part comes in handy. Meet the first two characters you will be able to role play with! Agent K.K. and the real mayor Aria XD Those are the icons that are going to be used in the role-playing

Agent K.K. is trapped in Lua’s dream town. Why? That’s a good question to ask him not me. I don’t want to prolong this post so go the arialuainfo tag!. I need to fill it yet but I will inform people when the tag has all the info it needs. In that tag you will find everything you need to know! Agent K.K. will serve as your companion through this. You want someone’s opinion about a letter? I think you should ask him. Tell me more about this town so maybe I could connect clues? Ask him again. He knows Lua town quite well not as well as Aria but mayor Aria will be harder to get to.

If you have any doubts concerning clues you should roleplay with agent K.K. and he will help you alot! If you don’t want to roleplay you can still ask me for help but I won’t answer as Aria. If you question me about clues I will reply as Agent K.K. The only times I might reply as Aria are during random events that are explain on that info tag or someone needs help to understand what’s the contest all about.

I encourage roleplaying but you don’t need to! You can easily participate without roleplaying if you have doubts you can just ask me but I would love to see some post about your characters stories through Lua. You could even create a story inside this story feel free to do what you want. It would be super interesting to see the various fandom reactions. The roleplaying should be tagged Luadream so Agent K.K. or other character can see the post and reply to them. If you want to roleplay directly with Agent K.K. let me know so I can put your username on the list and he will keep a closer look to your post and interact more frequently with them.

After a few weeks of collecting letter from the dream town, sending me asks for the right clues, interacting with Agent K.K. and others you finally will start to figure out who’s pretending to be Aria. You can discover who’s the fake right away actually :P but only if you’re a genius. I would be impressed.

When you think you sure you know who it is comes the creativity part. Besides finding who’s the fake you will have to write or draw about your journey or if you don’t want that just describe the culprit (this is why the roleplaying can help you out :P). Through drawings, story, diary. From what you will learn about the plot you’re free to express it however you want to. The big rule is be creative. You don’t need to only draw the culprit for example but the drawing must include it in someway that I understand. You could even create a diary for your character with your findings for example. You’re free to do what you want but it’s important that the culprit identity is present and it’s well explained how you found out and to be creative. Avoid luaculprit if you don’t want to be possible spoiled by other people’s findings. You don’t need to be skilled in writing or drawing I won’t evaluate that. Tag your drawings, writings, songs as luaculpirt when you’re work about the fake aria is done.

In the end of this contest I will not pick you based on your talent so a simple drawing could win this. So talent doesn’t come into play what’s important about what you create and how close you are to the truth. The closest to what the culpirt is and why he/she is doing this wins! The more interesting your journey is also counts meaning if you add more than you’re supposed to it will help your chances of winning. For example you found the culprit and are ready to draw it. But that’s so simple just making a character why not create a comic about what your character had to go through. Create your own story inside this one? Explain everything that happened in the week and talk about your character for example. You know adding more to the “This is the culprit” formula helps you being picked.

For the drawing, story, music you have to create to win. You have from 4th April to the 24th to do it. Important clues will stop appearing at 20th. The last days are only really for people who noticed this contest late and need a second chance. So you can start working on the 20th if you want to explore Lua until the end but you can find who it is mainly during the first days :P

There is alot more to learn but the post is getting really big. If you’re interested I created a tag. Arialuainfo. In that tag there will be all the info you will need to know. You should check it out before asking me anything really. When the tag is ready for use I will let you all know.

I hope you all have fun with this and that some people participate. I want to give the great prizes to someone but we need some competition

Now I want to thank these two people!

Thanks to for helping me with the drawings brightcea (she made the Lua town background, katrina and her mayor that’s on the left) and kyocaz for helping me with part of the plot and prizes!

So Sorry for the long post I hope this time everyone understand. The town is already open! Here’s the dream address! You can start digging! Good luck! Next post with more info will be coming soon!

The dream address is 6000-3475-0898