it took forever to get a pic i like

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do you know any photos where youngjae is drinking boba or a drink or just him being a qt outside? any favs? (: lov u!! (and youngjae)

aaaaa sorry I took like forever to reply but I was collecting my favorite pics of him (gifs and pics are not mine)

but he’s always a cutie so this was a hard task

hes the most adorable human being

hes so cute ;-;

like can I hug him I beg


hes still a baby

oops this is getting a little longer than I expected it to be

its always too sour

now the outside pics

he’s such a boyfriend lol




this took forever and i feel like im dead inside but luke would probably love snapchat and love snapping anytime he and the boys go out…..he tries to get pictures of himself or of him and Just One Friend but everyone hijacks the pic.

full view for full beauty

im dead

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(yay! you liked the Shu pic, i'm glad you did since it took me FOREVER to decide on the proper face Shu should make, omg. Also, I did draw more. I made a cute, blushing Subaru chibi for an ask from an anon.) please respect my personal space! (>////<) *push them away* and don't say any secrets, please. I don't know how much you know but I'm not risking it! And pictures too, Subaru? How would you even get those? I know you guys like me but I didn't think you liked me THIS much..

(Diaplushie RP :3c)

Subaru: *blushing* you don’t have to know how much or the detail of why and how I have your photos ….

Shu: you are the one who wants to get our attention… I didn’t approach you..

Ruki: *lil meeting between Shu and Subaru* looks like forcing her is helpless, how about we use opposite way instead?

Subaru: what you mean…?

Shu: it means to get her trust first and then do whatever we want?

Ruki: that is right Sakamaki Shu.

Subaru: you sure after all we have done to her Sh still would trust us?

Ruki: if we pretend to be cute and innocent plushies, she will I bet.

Shu: I will go first…let me show you how to get that woman’s trust.

Shu:*climb to your shoulder* *snuggle your cheek* mmm..chu..*kiss* *watery eyes* Why don’t you play with us….?


Soooo here’s week old pics of my blue pearl cosplay ,, unfortunately I didn’t take any selfies or pictures when I put the face paint on wtf


The Soham Murders

The Soham Murders was a very widely publicized double murder of 2 young girls which occurred in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England, on 4 August 2002. Holly Wells (left in pic above) and Jessica Chapman were 10 years old when they were murdered. The image of the 2 girls above was taken just an hour or so before they disappeared. At around 6pm they went to the shop to get some sweets, they were captured on CCTV passing Soham sports centre with their arms linked, at 6:13pm.

Police were already working on a lead before the girls’ bodies were found. The girls’ teacher assistant in school, Maxine Carr (25) (pictured 3rd above) had been talking to the media, showing them a card Holly had given her on the last day of term, she said “she was just a really lovely girl, just really lovely”. It wasn’t until after the interview was done that one of the producers said “wasn’t it weird how said she was a nice girl?” (this can be viewed here). Maxine’s abusive boyfriend Ian Huntley (28) (pictured 2nd above) had also been talking to the media, infact he was open about the fact he saw the girls on the day of their disappearance, he spoke to the media on various occasions (one of these times can be viewed here). Police brought the 2 in for questioning & to give witness statements then let them go, shortly after this police searched Ian’s storage unit and found the burned remains of Holly and Jessica’s clothes (pictured above). Police arrested Ian and Maxine on suspicion of kidnap & murder. The girls’ bodies were found near RAF, Lakenheath in Suffolk in a ditch on 17th August 2002. The weather was very hot and because of that reason the girls’ bodies were quite badly decomposed and partially skelotinized, it was noted that their bodies were attempted to be burned. DNA and some jewellery on the bodies led to a positive identification it was the 2 girls. Their cause of death was never found out. What is known is that Ian had saw the girls walking by his house and invited them in to see Maxine, their teachers assistant, but she was’t there, she was really out of town visiting family. It’s unknown exactly what Ian did to the girls next, but we do know he killed them. It is said Ian came off an angry phone call with Maxine only minutes before the girls walked by his house. Ian came up with the bizarre story that the girls had came to his door, one with a nosebleed, and went to his bathroom to clean up, he claimed one fell into a bath of water, drowned and the other screamed and was “smothered in mid air”.  Ian was sentenced to life in prison, Maxine was sentenced to 42 months in prison, she insists she knew nothing about the girls’ murders. 


I’m back from Ireland! GUYS it was AMAZING. I’m so sad my trip is over but I took a ton of pictures that will keep this wonderful memory with me forever. Here’s some of my favorites (I loved the cities I visited but I took more pics of nature).

**Bonus** My super cool tour guide:

xD i love him to death and this was my fav pic of him cause he was so drunk and just looked so DONE here. I swear like a minute after I took this pic he was all better and dancing like no one was watching. Irish ppl don’t get drunk. Bless him.


my grown up gremlins :y (sorry this sucks, I’ll finish that other pic later) So Chara and Frisk and Asriel were happy to be alive and everyone was happy they were there but it took them forever to get used to it. They grow up to get a nice flat together and live a cozy life being terrible roomates and helping eachother deal with their isshes.

Chara still struggles with things like anxiety and depression and self-loathing and fear of humans but they’re do a lot better since they have so many people that gathered around to love them (even if that itself took a while to accept too). They get even sassier and work from home as an artists and crafter with painting and knitting and doing fanfiction commissions. When Asriel and Frisk are too busy, they hang out with Toriel or Undyne or duncle Sandbags. 

Frisk waited a bit after the barrier breaking to accept the responsibility of ambassador and has been one since. They get pretty busy so they milk whatever free time they have for all it’s worth, mostly by spending it with Chara. They’re still a master flirt, even Mettaton’s impressed. They will usually focus on Chara dealing with personal stuff before opening up about them, which drives Chara nuts of course. They emote and use their face muscles more now but can still work dat -_- faic.

OH and they have a dog named Poppy and a cat named Truffle.

It’s great thinking about Chara and Frisk getting to grow up and be happy, huh? :’y

This is Day 3: Adults


*insert cute inspirational quote here*

Hello everyone! I’ve been tagged in these ‘bias selfie/selfie like your bias/idk the name for sure but y’all get it lmao’ by @dokyumswife (I think? I’m pretty sure it was you who tagged me Meey, sorry i took forever!!) so here it is! I know those seokmin pics aren’t selfies but seokglasses >>> everything (also he’s the cutest in those round specs i love it so so much) and i look mildly decent so yeah~

tagging: @cinnamingbao, @puppyjinjin, @mamaastro, @lacebowsanddoilies and @scoups95~ as always, no need to do it if you don’t want to! Have a nice day everyone <3

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ok so like what do you think would happen if you were a fan and were like asking him for a pic or smth and then you kinda starting chattin and he really took a liking in you and wanted to get to know you more :)))) a girl can dream right?

Darling, a girl can ALWAYS dream. And does. 

I went a little off script, and I hope you don’t mind! (also it got wicked long and I took forever and I’M SORRY but I really hope you like it cause I do.)

(Requests are Open)

* * * * * * *

They weren’t moving. Hadn’t moved for three minutes. Three minutes and twenty five seconds. Twenty six… You rested your hand on the horn, but didn’t press. Move, you ass

It was 5:18 in the morning and you were dangerously close to being late for work. You’d taken the side road- the one that wound through the back of town- to avoid stop lights, which were a nuisance so early in the morning when there was no traffic and a red light meant minutes wasted. Usually this route was faster. Usually there wasn’t a goddamn rover parked in the middle of the street. The road was barely one lane wide- basically a glorified alley- and you’d never seen anything larger than a jeep navigate it. Until now. Although, navigate was probably a slight exaggeration. The mammoth vehicle hadn’t gone any faster than a crawl the entire time you’d been behind it and it finally appeared to have given up.

Five minutes. You shit

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I got tagged by avatarsarny to show my face. Thank you so much for the tag! (you look amazing btw :3 :3 :3).

Also, yes, I was in a gym when I took the picture, but no, I wasn’t working out like most people do when they take these awkward gym selfies. I was walking past the gym to do my laundry. *shrug* Oh well. Those stick arms are just going to be sticks forever!

I’ve seen so many people get tagged that I’m not going to retag. But if anyone wants to share their face, you’re free to do so and tag me. It’s really cool to see the faces of the community.