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not too long ago, I made my first follow forever when I reached a milestone of 5,000 followers, but here I am making my second after hitting another big milestone, which I didn’t think would come so quickly

as a thank you for following my dumb ass constantly screaming, I decided to make a second follow forever after I swore to myself I would never make one of these again because it took too long the first time;; alas here I am again, making another.

it honestly never ceases to amaze me that so many of you decided to follow my blog, or the fact you guys find me interesting enough to message me or send in asks everyday to talk and know how my day has been going. these little things makes all the time I spend on photoshop making gifs worth it. speaking of which, I want to seriously say thank you to everyone who likes/reblogs the stuff I make, or those long written posts I make about me crying over namjoon or about how far bts has come

I’ve come to make some amazing friends on here, people I would have never otherwise met unless I talked myself into starting a bangtan blog

and lastly I want to say thank you to all those to @ me namjoon/yoongi posts whether we are mutuals or not, seeing the things you tag me in make my day and seriously just means the world to me

my first follow forever consisted of various kpop group/idols blogs, however this time I wanted to make it be only bangtan. what you’ll find is a list of basically every bangtan blog I follow, which post bts/mainly bts content 

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Hey!!! I love your Imagines and you’re AMAZING and don’t stop doing imagines never. And can you please do an imagine where You are Liam’s 14 year old daughter and Harry is your boyfriend and you both try to keep it a secret but then Liam find out and then you can do anything you like. I would love you forever(I love you already anyways 😛)
{thank you baby cakes! You’re too sweet 😍. I’m so so sorry it took so long!! I hope you like it and I hope it’s not to short!}
WHAT DADDY DOESNT KNOW (Harry styles imagine)

“Hey daddy I need a ride to a concert. Me and some friends are soposed to meet up there.” You smile giving your dad, Liam, the puppy face.
“what time?” He asks looking at you skeptical.
“7, daddy. And it will be done by 9.” You smile.
After convincing him you got ready and he dropped you off at the front.
“be safe y/n I will be right out here at 9.” He says before you get out.
“Okay bye love you dad.” You say before jumping out and finding Harry waiting for you.
“Hey babe.” He smiles showing off his dimples. He wraps you in a hug as he places a kiss on your lips.
“Hey.” You smile back before getting on your tippy toes to kiss him again.
“Hey y/n-” a too familiar voice calls behind you.
“Shit” you whisper before spinning around to see your dad standing with your purse.
“Hey daddy..” You try to smile.
“Uh.. You know Harry right? Came to dinner with us one time.” You say awkwardly.
“Yeah.. Hi Harry..”
“Mr. Payne..” Harry says to him.
“Y/n, you left your bag so umm here” he hands you your purse. “Have fun you two. I will pick you up after y/n” he smile before walking away shocked.
“That went better then expected..” You laugh slightly before kissing Harry’s check.
After the concert you and Harry leave holding hands. Just like promised your dad was sitting in his car waiting for you. Harry walks you to the car and kisses you on the forehead before waving at your dad. And your dad telling him to have a good night and get home safely.
From then on you and Harry openly where a couple and your dad although shocked at first, took a liking to Harry.
Sorry if it’s not good I’m half asleep rn


Pietro Imagine: It’s a cake… I think.

It was your birthday today and Pietro had decided he was going to bake a cake for you. After warning you to not come out of your room he got to work locating a cook book.  It took Pietro almost 15 minutes before Pietro could even find a decent recipe and once he did he had no idea what half of these words meant, I mean his English was almost perfect but he had no idea Drizzle was a word.

“Prikhodi Odin (Come on)” he spoke in his thick accent, running a hand through his hair before cursing slightly. Pietro just wanted to make your birthday special, this was your first birthday with Pietro and you together, so he wanted to make it one everyone would remember forever.  

Putting down the book he noted the ingredients needed and sped of down to the giant kitchen. This was SHIELD of course, there was s a giant kitchen filled with many ingredients the staff used to cook daily. SHIELD had given them their own small apartment for all the Avengers but Pietro refused to shop.

Pietro had to plan this through completely. In his head he was reciting the list, there was no chance he was gonna ‘borrow’ all these ingredients without getting caught. Grabbing one of the small boxes that were discarded outside of the door, Pietro took his shot, grabbing as many items as he could, throwing them carelessly into the box before dashing out, leaving a thick trail of flour.

Placing down the boxes he let himself have a moment to regain his breath.  Looking around he saw a long trail of flour all across the floor, oh well. He was sure when y/n saw what he had made for her, she wouldn’t mind a little bit of flour.

Pietro soon realised however that this was hopeless. He was terrible at baking. Shutting the oven door that was caked in eggs and flour he went over to the flour stains on the floor and began to scrub for a good 10 minutes until the smoke alarm went off startling him.

“der’mo! (Shit!)” He yelled running over to the oven and removing the cake wafting at the smoke above.  As soon as the smoke appeared his yes landed on an unimpressed y/n. “Babe, I am so sorry I was trying to make you a cake and-“ y/n cut him off with a small kiss onto Pietro’s lips.

“I think we can still make another one if you want” Pietro offered as you both began to giggle, “Do you think you can grab some chocolate powder from the kitchens?” you questioned as Pietro nodded before sprinting off. Getting to work on the flour stains by the time he was back holding a box of chocolate powder you had cleaned the floor and the counters, the oven the only thing still caked (literally).

After one or two small flour fights you and Pietro had made one kick-ass cake. One you were extremely proud of. “Come here princess” Pietro spoke wrapping his arms around your waist. “Love you” he chuckled placing a small kiss on your lips. “Love you too” you smiled cuddling into his chest as he rested his head onto yours.


『You are fanatical like a demon.』