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It’s on the hot summer nights when the stars seem to shine their brightest and the air seems its freshest that Stiles and Derek take the opportunity to go down to the lake. No pack around, or worries of monsters lurking around the corners, and no fears about the risk of losing someone you love as you sleep restlessly that night. On those hot summer nights, Stiles and Derek strip out of their clothes and dip into the cool lake hidden deep in the Beacon Hills Forest.

They pepper soft kisses on their exposed skin with soft spoken words of love, and remind themselves that they are here and they are alive with a purpose of appreciating every small moment they have with each other.

And in the peak of these soft moments, Stiles’ back pressed on Derek’s warm chest; with the night sky that seems so dark but their bodies are still illuminated by the milky full moon that shines down on them.

They are reminded that they are alive.

And with the glide of wet skin against each other, the comforting lull of their breaths mingling with the air around them, and their hands intertwined with each other.

They are reminded that they are allowed to love and be loved.

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I've been looking at previous articles and whatever else I can about CA 3 for some answers. Without Iron Man, was it always going to be about Civil War or was there any rumors about a different storyline that would have picked up after Winter Soldier? Or without Iron Man, would a different character be in his place? I just feel to this day, that movie was hijacked from so many outside influences that it took away from what could have been a better follow up to CA forever bitter tbh

No it wasn’t always supposed to be CW, it became CW when DC announced BvS and Feige - who always makes more money vs DC - decided that he had to have a superhero spectacle to rival BvS. Prior to that, there was supposed to be an actual Cap 3, I’m currently lounging by a pool with like, really poor wifi, so i can’t find the sources, but originally the writers and the Russo’s had a different plan for the film, and it was only whilst they were filming AoU that the plan changed.


“he was too quiet, or he was too loud. he took things too seriously, or not seriously at all. he was too sensitive, or too cold-hearted. he hated with every fiber of his being, or loved with every piece of his heart. there was no in-between for him. it was either all or nothing. he wanted everything but settled for nothing” (inspired by)

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Another AU in a far, far away land…
Deepground had another layer. A couple of thousand feet below the ruckus of the Tsviets’ jurisdiction was another secret lab unearthed just because he found another passageway whilst scavenging for things that he could use. It most probably was top secret, the door hidden behind layers of rubble and easily opened only because the lack of electricity from above supplied to work the security systems.
It was a dark journey, the air getting rigid and colder as he moved forward. Mako enhanced eyes made it possible to see somewhat in this pitch darkness and the out of commissioned rails beneath his boots showed tell-tale signs of an escalator sort of contraption that would be used to transport personnel and things from above to this underground location. He was willing to bet that it would be another underground lab. With how obsessed ShinRa and its less than ethical scientists were about creating weapons and super soldiers, he wouldn’t be surprised if he were to find more mutated beings down here.
As he walked further, he could sense some sort of vibration under his feet. It was at random intervals, but he was quite certain whatever it was originated from down below. Whatever they left down there was still… alive and likely in quite an unhappy state. What was it? A Behemoth? A Dragon? A Morbol? No, those tentacle riddled things wouldn’t have such mass to create this much of tumult from deep underground.
Half of him wanted to just turn around a leave. Whatever it was down there seemed safer to be left alone for the sake of people above. In time, it would run out of sustenance and would die out. But half of him was curious enough to want to know what else those greedy people had cooked up in their pot of shame. And what if, it was something that he couldn’t contain?
While dwelling in his thoughts, his legs had hastened their steps and before him was a heavy lead door. Again, without a working security lock only held on by a physical latch from the outside. His fingers flicked the contraption and it opened inward, making way to an observation deck, lined at the walls with faintly beeping machines – obviously running on power saving mode. It was otherwise non-illuminated. And its main source of light came from a glass panel on the floor in the middle of the room.
His brows furrowed, hands catching the door frame as another tremor waved through his body.
Whatever caused that, he was sure originated from just underneath. And he would be able to see what it was through the glass that he was sure of. He took one step forth then retreated. His body was reluctant to find out what it was, wanting instead to go back out, close the door and forever seal that monstrosity down there. He’d worked so hard, to return some sort of balance to this world. His friends too, had sacrificed so much and it wouldn’t be fair for them if he’d unleashed yet another—
His thoughts stopped as did his feet, now standing at the edge of the glass panel looking down into it. So much green and blue that his eyes had to readjust to curb the glare. Inside was a living space. Well, was a living space if everything wasn’t trashed and destroyed. He noted that the utensils were made of stainless steel and there was an upturned table, a broken chair a metal trolley, most probably for the subject to put things on should it feel the need to… be organized.
Now it was harder to leave. If it was a monster, they wouldn’t have provided things like that for them.
And Cloud jumped. It would seem that the test subject down there had found him first, yet he still hadn’t had a glimpse of what – or rather who it was. He took a couple of steps back and stared at the webbed crack that was on the glass. Whoever it was was strong enough to hurl something at him and it had hit the tempered glass.
Then he heard wails and desperate cries. The sound was muffled through the floor but he could still hear it clear as day. Let me out! And a bunch of violent promises…
“I’m sorry, I can’t let you out.” he whispered softly before turning around. Whatever he was, he had passed the point of no return.
Another crack sounded and Cloud frowned, the bottom side of the glass now riddled with blood. Had the thing jumped up only to smash against the weakening glass? This rekindled some sort of inner turmoil within himself and he got angry at him for bringing those back to his consciousness. “Stop it!” he hissed as another bang came. The blond could see something dark before more blood splattered against the glass.
“Stop it!” This time, he trudged forth to stand atop the glass, fully intending to end whatever it was that was throwing a fit below. But it was hard, he could see someone with jet black hair but he couldn’t see features since there was too much blood on the glass to see how the person looked like. The banging stopped and Cloud was feeling too emotionally vulnerable now to leave it alone. He wanted to destroy it. No more of these poor things left to suffer. They should return to the Lifestream and start anew with her guidance.
He moved away from the glass and looked at the panels of the machine, browsing through them, looking for a possible button to release the air-lock. He would open it, go down there and atomise who—no, whatever it was. He refused to think that thing was a person. Hand slamming against anything that could be pushed, he continued until a satisfying hiss sounded and a section of the floor opened. The monitor closest to it showed a view of a spiralling stairs extending downwards, into the monster’s lair. Sword unsheathed, he made the couple of steps to the opened entrance and stepped down.
But he only took a couple of steps before he could feel the tremors of something coming up and with a hard kick of his boots they both landed thirty feet below. Getting back to his feet, he saw the other person from the corner of his eyes – curling against his body yet at the same time trying to regain balance. Before anything else, the blond destroyed the stairs that brought him down, their only route of escape. He’d think of something later. For now, he wanted to prevent easy escape for the other.
Once the stairs were reduced to chunks of metal scattered across the rather large space, he turned back to face his opponent. This was it. He was going to destr—
“Oh, Gaia… no…”
Destroy it—he told himself he would destroy it. Now move, cut him it into half! Burn him to ashes!
But how could he?
When this person looked so much like the person who saved him? Who supposedly sacrificed himself for him? Why was he here? Wasn’t he dead? Did someone picked him up and… brought him here? Was he still himself? Or was this person just someone who happened to wear his face?
“Who are you?” he asked, sword promptly aimed at the raven.

He was wrong to ever trust people.  He was wrong to trust the people who had told him that they would make him better. They only made him worse.  He was wrong to trust those that told him one day when he was fixed he’d be safe to go around as he pleased.  They’d strapped him down, used things on his body that still caused electrical tastes in his mouth.  They’d injected him with so many things his back ached when feathered wings were forced to unfurl in times of great distress.  They’d held him down and cut the feathers so those wings couldn’t take him anywhere.

In a way, the creature would be considered a pet.  He was fed through a door, and his bed used to be kept nice by the good Doctor.  Once he might have been considered handsome—he liked to think of himself that way, but he couldn’t recall or see currently what he looked like.  He couldn’t recall a lot.  The treatments made his mind go abuzz—leaving him often questioning how exactly he’d gotten here behind this glass in the first place.

But soon there wasn’t anyone there to take care of him.  No Doctor. No other faces that pressed against the glass.

It was lonely.

Why would they leave him here when he couldn’t take care of himself?  He was being kept in a giant glass jar, for all it mattered!  He couldn’t get out. It had been so long since anyone’s face had pressed against the glass.  He was, heartbroken to say the least.  Why didn’t anyone come?

Habit had started to kick in.  It was as if he’d been caught in a situation like this before and he’d immediately known he could try to break the jar—let himself out of the container.  If he could do that much, he could feed himself couldn’t he? Maybe even if he was lucky, with nobody to stop him he could go outside.

The lumbering creature whammed himself into the glass. Oh.  God. Maybe it wasn’t habit.  Maybe he was just stupid.  That hurt so much more than he expected it to.  But seeing that this was his only option, the creature whammed himself into the glass a second time, a third…He tried to climb to the top of the chamber and beat himself against the spot until—

There was a shape on the other side of the glass.  “Out!”  He pleaded. “Out! Out! Please—“  He smiled, unaware of how dangerous his canines now made him look.  He leaned closer to the panel, trying to make out who exactly was the person on the outside.  He couldn’t.  And when that person disappeared from sight, the creature could only bring himself to continue to bash himself against that cracked place, a chip coming out of his goal and lodging itself into his scalp.  He cried out, bashing, continuing to hit with head, shoulder, fist until—

Ahnn…”  he whined softly, picking the bloodied glass out of his hair.  Why was this so hard?  Wasn’t he supposed to be the strongest out of everything?  Maybe it was because he’d not eaten.  The pondering didn’t last very long as a set of steps spiraled down into his container.  Of course, he’d immediately been met with a boot to the face on his way up—resulting in an even louder whine as it had brushed the tender part of his skin, a new gash from his efforts against the walls of the jar.

Was this the shape?  The person destroyed their way out.  He supposed if worst came to worst he could eat this yellow-haired person.  He wouldn’t enjoy it, since this angry small thing was his only company at the moment.

Who are you?

The creature responded with a smile and a shrug.  “Dunno.”  Only the Doctor knew his name.  The Doctor was gone, like everyone else.  Others usually referred to him as the SOLDIER specimen, but that was probably apparent to this person.   “On file,” he tipped his chin to a monitor outside.  “You’re smart?”  But immediately, the creature shook his head.  Obviously the angry person was not very smart at all.   Destroying the stairs like that. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to find his way around the computer system all that well.  Maybe if they were both lucky it would be written as a backup copy in a desk somewhere.

He was curious as well.

“You’re strong,” The creature noted,  raking the long, untended dark hair out of his face with a sigh. He held the flat of the multi-bladed sword between his hands, and tugged backwards so it would come out of the other’s grip.  He was very cautious as he wielded it—afraid something might fall off of it.  It seemed to have a lock system that worked nicely.  He twirled it over his hand comfortably and put it by the trolley.

“Help out.  Won’t leave side. “  He looked between the bloodied panel of glass and back at the broken stairs.  He rubbed his scalp and looked at the dark streak of blood on his fingers.  “Wanna eat somethin’. N’ go outside.  If I’m bad, you can kill.”