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since a lot of my peeps still aren’t all down with their classes yet, I decided to dig up my old DnD manual and make a list of the best classes and backgrounds I could find! if anyone likes, they can select and go with it!









whoever the fuck else in involved… Jesus, this took forever…

barbarian- In battle, you fight with primeval ferocity. Rage is a key factor when it comes to your combat style. You can take a hit, and dish one out, too. You are a moving mountain fueled by rage and hatred, but your party takes care of you, and you protecc them. So whether you fight with your fists or a giant axe, know that your team can always count on you for a bloodbath!

bard- you’ve wandered the lands, playing music, telling tales, and entertaining audiences with your talent. Rarely does a community not welcome you in, as you bring the news of distant lands to the common folk. You can always find a spot to preform, usually at an inn or tavern. At such a place, you receive free lodging and food as long as you preform each night. In addition, your performances make you something of a local celebrity. When strangers recognize you in a town where you have preformed, they typically take a liking to you.

Oh, by the way, you can hypnotize people with music. Just sayin’.

bounty hunter-However fine and noble at first glance, know that a ruthless jailer lies beneath. You’ll hand anyone over… For the right price.

charlatan- you’re a liar, a thief, a cheat, and a sneak. But you do what you can to do the right thing… the wrong way…

city watch- you have served your Community  where you grew up, standing as the first line of defense against crime. You’re no scholar, directing your gaze out toward possible enemies. Instead, you devote your service to your hometown, or in this case, your base. You’re basically the cop of the party. (talk to your DM about the services preformed as a city watchman)

crafter- you find trash and build stuff with it.

cleric- you’ve always had a thing for healing people and making them feel better. You feel like it’s your calling, the thing you were put on this planet to do! Guided by the hand of you deity, you can wreak havok, or weave miracles. As the paladin or monk, should you wind up in a temple or place of worship, you’ll be granted with healing, food, spells, items, and maybe even a chat with you God or Goddess.

cloistered scholar- as a child, you were inquisitive while your playmates were possessive and raucous. In your formative years, you found your way to a great institution of learning… and never came out. You stayed in school forever and now, you’re a genius. That’s pretty much what this whole class entails. Smart. As. Fuck.

commoner- you came from a humble social rank, perhaps a working as a farmer, or an average joe. Although your background may not be a glamorous as others, you find it easy to blend in wherever you go and have some sort of folksy wisdom that can sometimes help you out of a jam.

courtier- in your early years, you were the personage of some significance in the noble court or organization. You may or may not have come from an upper-crust family; your talents, rather than the circumstances of your birth, could have secure your position. You might have been one of the many functionaries, attendants, and other hangers-on in the court of the nobles, or maybe even a behind-the-scenes lawkeeper!

Even if you are no longer a person of importance, your relationships with your party members can be an advantage for you. You might undertake missions with your new companions that further the interests of your organization that gave you a start in life. In any event, the abilities that you honed while serving as a courtier will stand you in good stead as an adventurer.

criminal-you have a knack for breaking the law, and you’re awfully proud of that. You’ve spent a lot of time among other crooks, and may or may not still have contact with your criminal buddies.You’re far closer than most to the world of murder, theft, and violence that pervades the underbelly of civilization, and you’ve survived up to this point by bending the rules and regulations of society. (talk to your DM about your criminal specialties)

Druid- you love the world around you, and all of its creatures! You speak the ancient language of the druids, allowing you to communicate with animals, as well as races outside of your own. Your magic comes from the divine essence of nature itself, that you can cast at your will. Creatures, as well as some monsters are more inclined to listen and help you if you ask.

far traveler- almost all of the common people and other folk that one might encounter here have one thing in common: most live out their lives without ever traveling more than a few miles from their homeland. You aren’t one of those people. You are from a distant place, one so remote that few even know this place exists. You have come to this part of the world for your own reasons, which you may or may not chose to share. Although you will undoubtedly some of this land’s ways to be strange and uncomfortable, you can also be sure that some things its people take for granted will be to you, a new wonder that you’ve never seen. By the same token, you’re a person of interest, for good or ill, to those around you almost anywhere you go.

haunted one- you are haunted by something so terrible that you dare not speak of it. You’ve tried to bury it and flee from it, but to no avail. This things that haunts you can’t be beaten with a blade or banished with a spell. It might come to you as a shadow on the wall, a bloodcurdling nightmare, a memory that refuses to die, or a demonic whisper in the back of your mind. The burden is only now starting to take it’s toll, isolating you from others and making you question your sanity.

hermit- you lived in seclusion- either in a sheltered community like a monetary, or entirely alone- for a formative part of your life. In your time apart from the clamor of society, you found quiet, isolation, and perhaps some of the answers you’ve been searching for.

jester-You were employed as a jester by a noble. You preformed acrobatic stunts, told jokes and stories, and provided entertainment for your employer and his guests. However, you also served a key role, lacing your entertainment with criticisms and observations too controversial for others to say aloud. You enjoy the rare privilege of speaking your mind with little or no repercussions.  As a jester, it id your duty to use comedy as a way to point out the absurdities of the world. You can criticize through a lens of humor without offense. In addition, you gain access to other nobels in order to preform.

monk- you were raised in a monastery, far from the reaches of your peers. You’ve been devoted to a combat style and way of life ever since you were born. The discipline you’ve received from your time in the monetary will stick with you forever. The force in which you use to cut down your foes is called Ki, and you’ve learnt just how to use it.

noble- you understand wealth, power, and privilege. You carry a noble title, and your family owns land, collects taxes, and wields significant political influence.You might be a pampered aristocrat unfamiliar with work or discomfort, a former merchant just elevated to the nobility, or a disinherited scoundrel with a disproportionate sense of entitlement. or, you could be an honest, hard-working landowner who cares deeply about the people who live and work on your land, keenly aware of your responsibility to them.(talk with you DM about the connections and deeds of your family)

outlander- You grew up in the wilds, far from civilization and the comforts of modern technology. You’ve witness the migrations of herds larger than forests, survived weather more extreme than any city-dweller could comprehend, and enjoy the solitude of being the only thinking creature for miles in any direction.  You’ve been to strange places and seen strange things that other could not even fathom. Consider some of the distant lands you’ve visited and how they’ve impacted you.

 paladin- the presence of strong evil registers on your own senses like a noxious odor, and powerful good rings like heavenly music in your ears. As an action, you can open your awareness to such forces and detect them. You know the locations of any celestial, undead, or fiend within a 20 mile radius. Angels adore you, demons fear you, and your team all look to you for protection and valor in times of need.

priest- you have pledged your life to serve a god, pantheon of gods, or philosophy. You serve as the intermediary between your chosen power and the mortal world, conducting sacred rites, offering sacrifices, and expounding the teachings of your faith to those you’ve met. Your knowledge and experience are drawn from the time spent as a priest.

When you are in a temple, or holy place, you can expect to receive free healing, acre, and religious services for yourself and your party, assuming your friends are aligned with your faith.

ranger- you have significant experience in hunting, tracking and trapping. The outdoors are your home, and you are particularly familiar with one type of natural environment, and are adept at traveling and surviving in those regions.

rogue- during your training, you learned the stealthy, silent way of the knife. You’re quick on your feet, and lighter still. Nobody will ever hear or see you coming. You know how to strike subtly and exploit a foe’s distraction. Being the quiet type, you can hear, and are aware of other creatures locations within 10 feet of yourself. Oh yeah, did I mention the knives?

sage- you’ve spent years reading up on the lore of the multiverse. You soured manuscripts,studied scrolls, and listed to the greatest experts on the subjects that interest you. Your efforts have made you a master i your field of study (discuss your skill with your DM).

sailor- you’ve sailed on a seagiong vessel for years. In that time, you’ve faced nightly storms, monsters of the deep, and those who wanted to sink your ship to the bottom of the drink. Your first love is that distant line of the horizon, but the time has come for you to try your hand at something new.(discuss the nature of your ship with your DM)

Was it a merchant ship? A naval vessel? A pirate ship?

soldier- war and battle have been your life for as long as you care to remember. You trained as a youth, studied the use of weapons and armor, learned basic survival techniques,including how to stay alive on the battle field. You might have been part of a standing national army, or a mercenary company who rose to prominence during a recent war. (Work wit your DM to see what military branch you may have worked with.)

sorcerer- An event in a past life, or in the life of a parent or ancestor, left an incredible mark on you, infusing your blood with magic, be it angel or demon. The font of this magic fuels your spells. Charisma and intelligence are your spellcasting ability check. Be warned, however. Sorcery comes directly from you. You only have so much power to give, and that power can be taken away. It’s not a pretty process. It can kill you.

spy- At some point or another, you secretly gained information on a group of people or maybe one person. You were hired by a rival or political enemy, maybe searching for information that could hurt the other party. Maybe you were trying to fulfill your own agenda, but regardless, you’re good at finding things out and hiding your true self. You’re a master manipulator; years of stealth and trickery taught you how to not draw attention to yourself. The way you walk, talk, and move are deliberately forgettable, and utterly extraordinary. You dress in a  way that is easy to forget, no one will easily recall your characteristics or features unless they make an effort to do so.

In addition, you can read and write in a code than no one else is able to understand. Only someone trained in deciphering it.

thug- Years of living in the streets have given you an aura of menace. Your look conveys a basic message to your foes: you’ll as soon break their jaws as receive an apology.Threats and bullying tactics come easily to you. Your demeanor has landed you jobs with less-than-reputable organizations in the past, where you’ve provided the protection and muscle.

urchin- You grew up on the streets alone, orphaned, and poor. You had no body to watch over and protect you, so you learned to do all those things for yourself. You’ve fought fiercely over food and kept a constant watch out for other desperate souls looking to steal from you. You’ve slept on rooftops, in alleyways, exposed to the elements, and endured sickness without the advantage of medicine or a place to recuperate.

You’ve survived despite all odds, and did so through cunning, strength, speed, or some unholy combination of each. You know the secret patterns and flow to cities and you can find passages through the urban sprawl that others may miss. When not in combat, you can travel fast between any and all locations.You as a lot of questions. You hide food and other tools and trinkets in your pockets.You’re driven by your commitment to your squad, and the will to stay alive and fight.

warlock- As a warlock, you’ve made a bargain with an otherworldly being of your choice. For some, it’s as simple as giving a few years of devotion and faith, but for other, a greater sacrifice is required… The more you level up, the more you start to take after your deity; if you’re associated with angels, your hair will turn white, eyes will turn gold, and perhaps you might grow wings. If you’re associated with demons, however… Well, let’s just hope you decide to serve the light…

wizard- as a wizard, you practice and train for years and years to master the arcane arts, as well as arcane recovery. As a student of the mystics, whether they be angel or demon, you have a spellbook containing spells that show the first glimmerings of your true power. The more you level up, the better those spells become.

How could you stopped loving someone who you promised to love endlessly?” she asked. “Was it a sudden realization? I mean, have you just wake up one morning and decided to stop loving them? Have you just seen something that hit your mind and you thought of not spending forever with them anymore? I do not understand. And I knew, some people wouldn’t also understand why I need to ask these questions. But I am lost, that’s why I am seeking for answers.” she took a long sigh, and stared down at her hands. She moved her fingers as if waiting for them to show her the answers. After a minute, she continued, “Was it like cutting a rope with a knife? Was it like—you ended a sentence with a period?
—  ma.c.a // Question Marks

Okay but listen y’all.

Izuku and Bakugou attend a 5-year reunion for their 3rd-year junior high class!

So they’re like, 19/20. Only a year or two out of UA. Haven’t really established names for themselves in the hero world yet. Probably still working as sidekicks at other heroes’ agencies.

And it’s not like, an official reunion or anything.

More just a bunch of old friends hanging out, wanting to see how each other are doing.

And they invite Deku because like, lol they need entertainment, right? And what could be better than harassing the kid they used to bully all the time in school. It’s not like he could’ve done anything useful with his life.

So imagine, it’s like half an hour past the established meeting time. Almost everyone they’re expecting has already arrived.

Then, Bakugou walks into the restaurant they’re all at, and he’s talking and laughing with someone his old classmates can’t recognize.

He’s tall, with short black curls and a friendly face. He’s built sturdy, and looks to be well on his way to All Might’s physique. He walks with an enviable confidence that matches Bakugou’s, and his shining green eyes are friendly and intelligent.

He’s probably one of Bakugou’s heroics friends from school or from the agency he works at, they all assume. Which isn’t bad or anything, a lot of them have brought significant others or close friends along with them. The more the merrier, right?

They turn out to be both right, and horribly wrong at the same time.

“What’s up, asshats?” asks Bakugou as he walks up to the group, a shark-like grin on his face. 

A couple of people roll their eyes at his language, but let it go with mutters of “classic Katsuki.”

“So, what took you two so long?” asks one girl from the table next to theirs after they’ve both sat down.

Virtually everyone is listening in, because as rookie heroes, the two of them are by far the most interesting ones there.

Bakugou just rolls his eyes.

“Work ran late,” he says. “Nothing super exciting or anything, just villain cleanup. And then when I went to pick this asshole up, he decided to be a diva and take forever to finish getting ready.” And then, with an eye roll and a conspiratorial stage whisper, Bakugou adds, “He has a date after this.”

“Oh fuck off, Katsuki,” the other guys says, shoving at Bakugou’s face with one hand while he texts on his phone with the other. “Or did you forget you and Kirishima are coming with us?”

Bakugou just snickers, batting his hand away. “The difference between us, Deku, is that I don’t still get like a nervous schoolgirl whenever my boyfriend so much as looks at me. How long have you and the ice bastard been going out now?”

Suddenly, there’s an audible gasp from everyone in their group, the revelation of Bakugou being not-straight taking a backseat to the fact that, holy shit, the guy with him is fucking none other than-


Izuku flinches a little at the volume of the outcry, then turns to look at them all with a bewildered expression.

“Yeah…?” he asks, confused.

And meanwhile Bakugou just bursts out laughing because damn, he had expected this, but it’s still the most hilarious thing ever.

“Since when did you get…” one of them starts to say, only to be elbowed in the ribs by a friend, and they immediately shut up as their brain catches up with their mouth. “…get to be so close with Katsuki?” they improvise, smiling awkwardly. Bakugou, whose expression had suddenly gotten dangerous, relaxes then, and they thank god that they hadn’t blurted out their original thoughts after all.

“Uh…when he suddenly became a decent person?” asks Izuku, grinning cheekily at his friend.

Bakugou rolls his eyes and huffs sulkily, but doesn’t do anything to deny that he used to be…not so good.

Izuku laughs.

“It’s amazing what good role models and supportive friends will do in improving someone’s shitty, toxic attitude. Now, Bakugou’s at least a lovable asshole instead of just an asshole.”

Bakugou still doesn’t say anything but he’s starting to look like he’s pouting.

Izuku seems intent on trying to rile him up.

“It’s such a relief too,” he says, eyes mischievous. “I mean, we wouldn’t another Endeavor on the loose, am I right?”

“YOU FUCKING SHUT THAT WHORE MOUTH, DEKU!” Bakugou immediately shouts then, little explosions going off in his hands as he slams the table they’re sitting at. “You can say whatever you want about me, but don’t you fucking dare compare me Endeavor ever again or I swear to All Might I will-”

And his old classmates just stare at him, mouths agape.

Not because he’s shouting at Izuku or anything. That’s not anything new.

But because Izuku is just laughing at him, not looking the least bit tense.

Bakugou’s voice may be loud, but there’s nothing aggressive in his body language and even when he’s shouting, the way he says Deku has changed so drastically.

There’s none of the scorn or contempt from their junior high days.

The way he says Deku is less like an insult, and more like a fond nickname.

And that, more than anything, shows just how much their old classmate has changed.


Fairy eyes

Part 2! Or something like that. This is a remake of the one I made in 2014(?) I think it turned out pretty good! (I rushed a bit on Wendy, got tired and had no motivation for this drawing left. So I’ve finished her within an hour)

I did get motivated for more Legend of Zelda eyes tho! (I watched some speedruns of it while drawing). For example drawing Midna’s eyes or Majora’s mask’s!

EDIT: decided to add the older one to compare. My god tho, Natsu’s hair is so pink! hahahah I was quite proud of that piece :’)

{ TF2 } Heavy/Medic mood board

“I love this doktor!”
A German field medic and a Russian tank fall for one another amidst a heated war, bonding through their partnership and compatibility. 

Art credits: top left - kanatariaaaa / bottom right - Ihlosih

Game of Thrones Preference: They're attracted to you

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Joffrey liked keeping you in his company all the time, if it was possible. But a fact he loves you – it was something he never allowed himself to admit. Moreover a fear of rejection was too big. What if you laughed at him? He was a king and such shame would be hard to handle. It would hurt his pride. But when Cersei started to arrange marriage with Margaery he knew he must tell what he felt for you. Or he’ll lose you forever.



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Sansa was your very close friend. So it took some time for her to realize what she felt for you was actually something more than friendship. She decided to keep it as a secret because she was unsure how would you react. If you didn’t take a first step and confess, your love would probably stay only platonic.



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Jaime was surprised he could be so attached to someone else than his sister. True, you had blue eyes and blonde hair but it was all new for him. You started spending more and more time together and it meant getting closer. One day Jaime found you crying in the garden. You refused to tell him what happened and he let it be. But he promised to himself he’ll never make you suffer like this.



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Ramsay eliminated every man who just looked at you. What if one of them confessed before him? And steal you away? You belonged to him. You were his, you’ve always been. You just didn’t know yet. But it was a small detail. Something he didn’t have to worry about. He already had a plan in his wicked mind how to make you officially his. How to make you his lady.



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Daenerys always stared at you. She could stare for a couple of minutes which was very uncomfortable. But she had a reason. She was wondering why did she feel affection towards a woman. On top of that towards someone like you. She was aware there was nothing special to be so amazed by you but she simply was. Once she was sure what she felt was really love, she went straight to a point and confessed to you.



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Tyrion showed he cared for you more than for anybody else in a very specific way. Whenever Joffrey tried to raise a hand to you, Tyrion showed up and saved you. Even when Joffrey was insulting you, he slapped him without any regret. He didn’t mind he’ll be punished later. All what mattered was he defended you successfully.



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Oberyn had many sexual interests. And he didn’t try to hide it. You were also one of them. But unlike others, he never had you. You knew who prince Oberyn was and you weren’t interested in one night stand. Everytime he got close to you, you avoided eye contact and walked away. And exactly your ‘‘playing hard to get‘‘ (how Oberyn liked to call it) moved his heart and for the first time in his life he felt something.



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Tommen didn’t know how to tell you. Everytime he tried to confess, he got nervous and lost his words. Like this, he failed countless times. It was enough for him. So instead of telling you he loves you, he was surrounding you with presents. Usually with beautiful dresses or expensive jewels only a king could afford. He just needed to wait for a right time which didn’t come yet.



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Yara didn’t hesitate to show she was highly interested in you. Not even in a middle of a crowd of people. Whenever you appeared in her sight, she whistled, checking you from head to toes. She also tried to get you with pick up lines but you just blushed and looked at the ground. Yara knew you were shy but it was what made teasing you even more fun.

“We’ve all lost someone, Doctor.”


I finally finished my set of RWBY semi-silhouettes! I made the one of Ruby almost 3 years ago, and I finally got around to completing the set. I’m super happy with how these turned out! All were done with Adobe Illustrator.

I’ll have prints of these available real soon. I’m also working on a “group shot” of all of them.

hey!! lately i’ve been seeing tons of resource masterposts and i decided that i’d be easier if all of these masterposts were combined into one mega masterpost!! i couldn’t possibly link them all but i also added tons of my own links, this took absolutely forever so please, enjoy! :~)


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  • fall out boy (not the newest album)
  • sleeping with sirens
  • imagine dragons
  • darren criss
  • green day
  • ke$ha


  • how to draw ears
  • how to make an animated film
  • learn how to draw anything
  • turn your paper art into digital
  • skeleton practice drawing tool thingy
  • how to draw semi- realistic eyes
  • how to make pixel art
  • good reference for drawing water
  • free digital sculpting tool
  • silk - interactive generative art
  • Painting tutorial
  • Female/male arms
  • Kneeling + Sitting ref
  • Dragon head view tutorial
  • SAI brushes 86786
  • Drawing expressions
  • Sai Brushes 
  • NGE colour palette 
  • 100+ colour palletes
  • Avoiding same face
  • Face contours/highlighting 
  • free art MyPaint
  • Body anatomy help
  • How to shift images using blur in PS
  • Drawing clothe folding
  • How to draw ice
  • Colour palette 
  • Colour palette 
  • SAI brush settings 
  • SAI/PS pixel brushes
  • Warm/Cool gray
  • Flower crown tutorial
  • Skin colour palette
  • Pink colour sheet
  • How to draw butts&thighs
  • The male torso
  • Drawing glowing stuff in SAI
  • Drawing horse/animal legs on humans
  • Drawing clouds
  • Muscular male with bow stock photos
  • Pastel colours
  • Drawing grass fields in SAI
  • Expressions&Legs
  • All about the human body
  • 20+ colour palettes 
  • Colour conversion
  • Kissing ref
  • Creature design 
  • Colour meanings
  • Creating expression
  • Tutorial masterpost (100+)
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  • Canine
  • How to colour
  • Pose studies
  • Feline comparisons
  • How to draw penis
  • Leaf pressing
  • 100+ anatomy references 
  • How to draw folds
  • SAI brushes 3
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  • How to draw 3D rooms
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  • Paint tool SAI masterpost
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  • hands and forearms


  • Boredom masterpost 
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  • free hugs
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  • play some dumb games
  • color matching game
  • games you played back in the day
  • really cute online games
  • cards against humanity pdf (a must!!)
  • sushi cat 
  • takes you to a random location and you have to guess where you are
  • akinator, the web genie (like guess who!!)
  • create a fake tweet

Feeling down?

  • cutting
  • suicide
  • talk it out
  • venting
  • alternatives
  • the quiet place
  • need a hug?
  • just breathe.
  • cute yahoo answers
  • emergency compliment
  • draw a stickman
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  • calming gif
  • givesmehope (so adorable!!)
  • break something
  • cut something (blood) (trigger warning)
  • get a hug
  • play cute games
  • Receive Compliments
  • see something cute
  • how to love yourself 
  • Stuff to do if you’re having a bad day
  • Stuff you can do to help someone smile
  • Alternative to self harm 
  • Basic ED recovery help
  • Alternative to self harm (2)
  • Alternative to self harm (3)
  • Someone to talk to
  • How to deal/talk with bipolar and depressed people
  • If you’re having a bad night
  • Movies to watch when you’re down
  • Confidence


  • watch tons of tv/movies
  • movies for when you can’t sleep
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  • disney movies (so good omg)
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  • A list of teen movies
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  • One of the best movie selections
  • tumblr dedicated to find finding movies
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  • Hannibal ( back-up link )
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  • Bob’s Burgers (1-3)
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Who’s Line Is It Anyway
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Teen Wolf
  • Bates Motel
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Misfits
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Ghost Adventures
  • Orphan Black
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • American Horror Story
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
  • Criminal Minds
  • Supernatural (season 1) (season 2) (season 3) (season 4) (season 5) (season 6) (season 7) (season 8)
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Dexter
  • Bad Girls Club
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Whose Line is It Anyway
  • Breaking Bad


  • thousands of quick and easy snack recipes
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  • Why you should go vegan
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  • Website for lack of ingredients 
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  • Deep-dish cookie for one


  • daily workout 
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  • abs all night challenge
  • bye bye muffin top 
  • 1-2-3 ab work out
  • get a flat stomach
  • What Makes You Bootyful Challenge
  • Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge
  • Your Best Butt
  • lean legs pyramid 
  • dancer’s legs workout
  • legs like eleanor calder
  • 8 minute morning work out
  • cardio/strength workout
  • fat blaster workout
  • Burning stomach fat
CEO! Daniel

[credit to owner of pic!] (also bless ur soul because wow this photo wrecks me every time i look at it)

should i make a part 2???


  • you looked up at your new job with a long sigh
  • it wasn’t too long since you found out that you got a job that you’ve always wanted 
  • the thing was that
  • it was working under someone that you didn’t really feel comfortable working with 
  • see
  • you were the secretary for the CEO and that person so happened to be Kang Daniel, who was widely known in your years of high school to be the one to kind of drift around girls 
  • he didn’t even date them, he just flirted with them and made them think that they were one day going to date him 
  • you didn’t have any of that though 
  • one random day through out the year you went up to him while he was sitting around during lunch and said 
  • “kang daniel if you break one more of my friend’s hearts i’m sure you’ll see a heart in the shape of my fist coming in contact with your face” 

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anonymous asked:

Can I request drabble/fanfic for Shiro, Soulmate AU, where you have first words of your climate said to you tattooed on your hand. And for Shiro I would be on arm that he lost, and the would be so much angst with fluff at the end

i hope you like this!

being back on earth was over whelming for Shiro. he thought being back would give him the peace he deserved but no it didn’t, he fely lonely. oh sure he had the rest of the paladins but one by one they found their special someone, their soulmate.

shiro would do anything to find them. if he still had his arm it would be easy. the first word they’ll ever say to him was delicately tattooed on his wrist, he used to trace it every time he felt agitated. he stopped ever since galra took his hand. it tore him apart, it was the one thing that kept him going on through tough times. but even though he lost his hand the sentence was forever inked on his brain.

“i think your arm is pretty”

it made him smile.

it was late and he couldn’t sleep. his bed felt cold and his brain wouldn’t shut up, even the dim comforting purple glow on his arm couldn’t give him comfort. shiro decided to go out for some coffee. he stumbled apon a 24 hour diner, the blue light glowed kindly against the dark night. shiro parked his motorcycle and entered the diner. he took the seat at the corner of the diner and ordered an expresso.
he took a sip and sigh contently. it was another sleepless night but at least he got a great cuppa.


he looked up at the door and his breath hitched. they looked absolutely breath taking. they looked over at him and met his gaze. he gave them a shy smile which they returned with a bright one. they went over to the cashier and ordered something. shiro studied them from across the room, the way they carry them self impressed him. he teared his eyes away from them when his robotic arm started to make a weird sound. he sigh and took it off revealing a stub on his arm. as he tried to fix it he met their gaze,
“they must think that i’m a monster” he thought silently.
he gave them a small smile before putting his hand back on again.
when he looked up he saw them sitting in front of him.
“i think your arm is pretty”
and the world seem to stop.
“i think you’re pretty”
and their eyes widened.
“i’m shiro” he breathed out, taking their hand in his.


shiro pulled (y/n) closer to his chest when they tried to wiggle out. he buried his head in their neck and whined,
“i’ve got to go to work shiro” they sigh, threading thier fingers in his hair.
he leaned in and kissed them deeply, his hand cupping their cheek.
“five more minutes please?” he breathed out, stroking (y/n)’s cheek.
they gave him a skeptical look.
“i promise” he smiled cheekily.
(y/n) nodded and pressed a kiss on his forehead.
“okay, five minutes”
shiro eyes lit up and his lips tugged into a huge smille.
this felt like absolute bliss.
shiro tucked (y/n)’s head under his chin and they hummed in delight.
he gazed lovingly at the figure that was wrapped in his warmth.
“i guess the universe doesn’t hate me at all then” he thought, smiling to himself

anonymous asked:

40+15 from the new promts list with yoongi pretty please

I Bust the Windows Out Your Car (Yoongi x Reader)

Prompt request: “This was a dumb idea.” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” + “Because I love you!” 

Summary: Long story short, you’re trapped in Yoongi’s car and you need to escape. 

Word count: 804 words

Originally posted by wonhobe

“This was a dumb idea,” you grumbled, pulling yourself up from where you were lying on the floor of the car. 

How your stupid plan worked–you were baffled. In some ways, you wish it hadn’t worked at all. Because now you were trapped in your boyfriend’s car in the middle of nowhere.

A few weeks ago, you and your friend Taehyung thought it would be hilarious to prank Yoongi. He drove home from school every day, so Taehyung decided you would sneak into his car and hide in the backseat. Jump out and give him a good scare.

So you decided to play along. After school, Taehyung distracted Yoongi once he unlocked his car, and you slipped into the car without him noticing. Unfortunately, the drive to Yoongi’s house was longer than you expected, and you ended up falling asleep on the way there.

Thus, you missed the opportunity to give Yoongi a jump-scare. Around two hours after school ended, you woke up, completely disoriented, on the floor of Yoongi’s car. 

And that’s where you were now. 

You rubbed your hand over your face tiredly. Yoongi’s car was fairly small and quite old. It wasn’t that clean, either, but at least it didn’t smell. You were pretty sure the car was still alarmed despite its age, and you worried that if you opened the door, the car would start blaring.

It had happened to you before.

“I’m going to kill Tae,” you hissed, reaching for your phone you kept in your back pocket. You pressed the power button, but your screen didn’t illuminate. Dead. “Fuck my life.”

You glanced around the car, looking for an escape. You figured that if there really was no way out, you could honk the horn and notify Yoongi of your shame. But he would make fun of you forever–or be really mad–so you decided to escape stealthily.

Suddenly, your eyes jumped to the window. The car was old as fuck! It still had window cranks!

You almost shouted with glee. Scrambling to one of the side doors, you began to roll down the window. It took great strength–it wasn’t something you had down in years. Modern technology, you know. 

Eventually, it was all the way down. You paused, unsure of how to approach it. You pondered putting your legs through first, but you didn’t have the upper body strength to propel yourself through the window. Headfirst it was.

Unceremoniously, you dove out of the window. Your upper body went tumbling out, and your legs flipped over as you tumbled to the ground. You landed on your back with a loud thud, the breath rushing out of you.

“Ouch,” you groaned, sitting up slowly.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” a voice suddenly called out.

You screamed, then slapped your hand over your mouth. Glancing up, you saw Yoongi casually leaning through his bedroom window. 

“Uh, because I love you?” you replied, trying to keep the guilt out of your voice.

“Really,” Yoongi responded, his eyebrow raised and his entire face saying, ‘you’re an idiot if you think I believe you.’

“Taemademedoit!” you admitted, throwing your hands up in defeat. 

“What?” Yoongi called down.

“Taehyung, your friend, made me do it!” you yelled. “He was mad that you wouldn’t let Soonshim play with Holly last weekend. Tae promised me food if I pranked you.”

That part was a lie. Taehyung was offended by the whole dog thing, though.

“Is that so,” Yoongi responded, unimpressed. 

“You’re not upset, are you?” you asked nervously. You stood up awkwardly, brushing the dirt off your jeans.

“No,” Yoongi replied eventually. “Just in disbelief that I’m dating such an idiot.”

“Excuse me?” you spluttered, narrowing your eyes at Yoongi. You were ready to go off.

“You think I didn’t see you in the car?” Yoongi laughed. “If you didn’t notice, the car is tiny.”

“What!?” you exclaimed. “You knew I was in there? Why did you leave me in there for an extra hour then?”

“I dunno,” Yoongi shrugged. “Thought it was kinda funny. Wasn’t sure what you would do. Good idea with the window, by the way. My alarm doesn’t work, though, so you could have just opened the door.”

“You want to fight, Min Yoongi?” you demanded, stomping your foot. “That was so stressful!”

“Then don’t sneak into my car next time,” Yoongi smirked. He paused for a moment. “Since you’re here, wanna come in?”

“Yeah, of course,” you replied.

In a few moments, Yoongi opened the front door and beckoned you inside. When you leapt into his arms and sent both of you tumbling to the ground, Yoongi realized he was already accustomed to your wild antics. He wasn’t going to tell you that, though.

He was just the kind of guy who liked seeing you get nervous. 

- Girl in Luv

Oh my gOD I RETIRE I’VE DONE PROMPT #15 ONE MILLION TIMES. How many window-climbing situations can I think of? And how come Armygirl doesn’t get any window prompts? #injustice. But more seriously, thanks for requesting I don’t really mind writing the window-climbing prompt. I hope you enjoyed this one! Happy reading 🤓