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I love all your pollyagomy headcanons for The Voturi it's #1 of favourites so far! It make me curious Though TBH & I was wanting what the thought process was for that headcanon (I hope that makes sense I am bad at talking to amazing people like you lol XD)

[No, don’t worry, your question makes perfect sense!]

Right off the bat, I have to mention @alilaro, who talked about the coven being polyamorous first. (The post that started it all, I believe, is this one.) Anyway, I loved the headcanon and decided to adopt it. 

Also, I’m a multi-shipper. I will ship all kinds of characters in various combinations, and it took me forever to realize that there’s a name for that kind of dynamic and that it could be shipped without cheating or heartbreak. But, once I did figure that polyamory existed, I never looked back. 

And finally, the relationships that I imagine between the Volturi translate well to romance. They’re enmeshed and committed to one another and scarily close after so many years together and affectionate beneath it all. I didn’t have to rewrite/reimagine their characterization at all to make polyamory work.

{ TF2 } Heavy/Medic mood board

“I love this doktor!”
A German field medic and a Russian tank fall for one another amidst a heated war, bonding through their partnership and compatibility. 

Art credits: top left - kanatariaaaa / bottom right - Ihlosih

So I went to the Bob Morley panel at Ottawa Comic Con (yes I’m still screaming internally) and based on what he said I doubt Bellarke is happening this season (meaning anything romantic being confirmed). I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. Bob was saying that especially after what happened in 4x11 their relationship/partnership is gonna need a lot of work to repair. And that Bellamy, in Bob’s opinion, needs the chance to find himself and develop his own strength before he can lean on someone else in a romantic sense. Bob doesn’t think it would be healthy for Bellamy to put that on someone else and hopes that Bellamy can find his own way to deal with what he’s done and who he’s become without having to lean on Clarke or have her around to be that person. And as much as I love Bellarke, I love Bellamy more, so I completely agree. Now he did joke around saying it’s hard to answer Bellarke questions cause he doesn’t want to give away too much, and when asked who he thought Bellamy had the strongest connection with/who influenced Bellamy the most Bob said Lincoln because their shared love for Octavia, but then said - Well there’s also Clarke, but kinda left it there. So that might just be Bob’s feelings, and certainly doesn’t dispel any Bellarke stuff from happening ie. love confessions or almost kisses (cause I totally want an almost kiss before anything real cause I love that slow burn) but that’s just the vibe I got.

Other things Bob said were:
- what he’s learned from/ found most inspirational about Bellamy (my question yay) is his persistence. His ability to go on even in the face of all the horrible things that have happened to him and all that he’s done. The fact that he keeps working to do what’s best for his people and to gain back Octavia’s trust is what is inspiring about him and when he (Bob) is doing tough scenes or is really tired he thinks about the fact that Bellamy probably hasn’t slept in days and thinks in comparison to that he personally doesn’t have it so bad
- His hardest goodbye on set, which took him forever to decide on, was Devon cause apparently they lived together and hang out all the time. So he said that although they’re gonna still hang out, Devon is off doing other projects so it’s going to be sad to not have him around all the time and on set
- Bob says the person that most influences his portrayal of Bellamy is his older brother. He said his brother had always taken care of his family and continues to put his loved ones first and that kind of passion is what he takes from his brother and puts into Bellamy
- Bob also said that in general the people that inspire him most of all are his family. He said specifically his brother and his mom, but in general his family. He said he never had posters of famous sports people on his wall, but apparently growing up his dad owned a gym and they had posters of Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger up on the wall. Professionally he looks to Scorsese, Woody Allen, and some others I didn’t write down sorry!!
- The hardest part of the job he said is that everything is so high intensity all the time and so when you’ve been on set for hours and it’s 4am and you’re exhausted its hard to remember that these are life or death decisions. He said it’s difficult to demand that level of emotion all the time and for hours on end.
- he said that he would bring back Wells just to see how different their lives would be. He said it would be interesting to see how Jaha was if his son was still alive. He also said it would be an interesting dynamic if Finn was still alive as well. To see the effect on Raven and Clarke and how that would change their journey. But he specifically said Wells, and was all dramatic saying he wouldn’t even know what the show would’ve been if Wells hadn’t died.
- Bob said that if he could play any character he would be Jaha, for a while he was choosing between Murphy or Jaha but then said Isaiah and Richard portray them so well and bring so much to their roles that their performances are what make them such compelling roles that he wishes he could explore. But mostly he wants to play Jaha to get into that mindset and figure out what motivates him to be so crazy
- some one asked what kind of father Bellamy would be and how his children’s lives would be different than his life on the ark. He laughed about Bellamy being a dad in a sort of ‘oh god no’ kind of way, but then said in a sort of, pretend their living off the land out of the bunker kinda of scenario, the next generation would have more respect for the earth since humanity is what destroyed it in the first place.
- Another question was what Bellamy wanted to be when he was 5 years old, and Bob said that because he didn’t know who his father was Bellamy would have liked to have imagined his dad was someone other people looked up to. So Bellamy would have thought that he could be a leader too, like captain of guards, or whatever he wanted to be. But as he got older that dream to be whatever he wanted was crushed by the harsh class system on the ark and he settled into the realization that he wasn’t special and that he was kind of stuck in a lower class life and that’s why he was so resentful of Clarke and Wells trying to take over on the ground
- And lastly cause I can’t remember anymore right now - He said in order to take on a new character he needs to really physically get into their head space and their physical space, so he will go around and touch the walls and makes sure he feels comfortable in that place. He said he needs to find where that character’s energy sits (which makes my actor heart glow with joy omg what an *artiste*)

Sorry this turned into a really long post, but it’s only been like 12 hours since I saw him and I’m still putting all my energy into not crying every second of the day. Also just a reminder I didn’t record this, I just jotted things down, so none of this is quoted from Bob word for word. This has all been paraphrased and interpreted by me!! I didn’t change any info, or answers, just reiterating.

Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

(Continued under the cut.)

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Hey dudes! Sorry I haven’t drawn in a bit, just wasn’t feeling it. But to make up for it I drew these guys with finger guns because that just needed to happen.

How many of you have read the Eddsworld Wiki (or just watched the episode) that states Tom and Tord would be partners if Edd didn’t exist? Making “Adult Movies”? Well I have and it kind of inspired me to make this thing. Whatever it is. I tried to make them look like buddies or… “Partners in Crime” if you will.  I thought it was kinda cool and it took me forever to make so I hope you guys think it’s alright. *Thumbs up because I don’t know how to get to emoticons on computers*

I couldn’t decide which one to post so here have both 

Of Loyalty and Duty

Prompt: In an effort to save two kingdoms, an arranged marriage was made. At his request, Prince Lin-Manuel Miranda was to be wed to you, the youngest daughter in your royal family. RoyalAU. Written for the hamwriters write-a-thon Day 1.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: a whopping 5,803.

A/N: Hate me if it’s too AU, it’s okay. I was nervous as hell to post this, but thanks for several special people (you know who you are) I continued and went along with the idea. I didn’t realize it would turn into this monster. I had too much fun writing this and I WILL continue it after the write-a-thon. I didn’t send this to my beta to proofread because I’m stupid and I get too excited to share my work, especially when I feel really proud of it. Cheers to @hamwriters for setting this whole thing up, letting me explore the limits to my writing, and bringing the community together as a whole. I will try my best to finish out the week without my brain exploding. As always, let me know what you guys think. <3 Lola

You blinked back the tears that threatened to fall as you surveyed the scenery outside the carriage. You had to admit that it was beautiful -  you’d never seen the leaves in such various colors nor fields of farms that expanded beyond the horizon. While the Miranda kingdom focused on agriculture, industry was predominant in your kingdom so the view was unfamiliar to you.

You angrily swiped at the tears that escaped your treacherous eyes. In less than two weeks, you were going to be ripped away from the place that you’d called home. The population of the Miranda kingdom was increasing exponentially and they lacked the technology to produce enough food for their people. Your parents, despite their indifference to the Miranda’s, offered them an accord: in exchange for the industrial secrets that would help them prosper, the Miranda kingdom must give them military aid if the hostile empire from the North decided to attack. The treaty took days to settle, but in the end an agreement was made.

However, there was one caveat: Prince Lin-Manuel Miranda was to be wed to you.

Your hands balled into fists at the thought of the Prince. You’d met him on several occasions, but your most recent encounter with him was forever burned into your memory. You attended a wedding with your two older sisters at a neighboring kingdom and the celebration feast was just as glamorous and lavish as the ceremony. Prince Lin-Manuel was the life of the party, batting his long lashes while he flirted and danced with the women on the ballroom floor. When he came to greet you, you felt woozy, having consumed endless glasses of wine, and he managed to convince you to dance. He twirled and chatted you up the rest of the night, shooing away others who wanted a chance with him. Before you knew it, he was tugging you along the corridors of the castle, hands fumbling against the corset of your dress and his lips hungrily kissing yours.

Heat crept up your neck, still vividly remembering when another guest stumbled upon the two of you. You were mortified – you were a good girl, you didn’t do those types of things, especially with a playboy like him – and promptly shoved him to the ground. He lets out a shout of surprise and you turned and ran back to the ballroom, begging your sisters to leave with you.

When your parents broke the news of the treaty to you, you were furious. How dare they choose who you married?! You wanted to marry a man that you loved, not some fool who chased after women like it was his profession. You became even more angry when they told you that he gave his parents an ultimatum, demanding that he was to be married to you and not either of your sisters. You were convinced that he only did that to infuriate and toy with you, a payback of sorts from that night.

The carriage slowed, pulling you out of your thoughts. You craned your neck out the window, staring as the gates to the castle swung open, allowing your carriage to enter.

“All I’m asking of you is to be on your best behavior tonight,” you father murmured across from you, “It would be beneficial to you if you treat them kindly, considering that you’ll be living with them from now on.”

Your mother, who sat next to him, reached over and placed her hand over your clenched fists. “I know this isn’t the most ideal situation for you, but please, think of the future of our kingdom. We would be doomed if it wasn’t for you.”

You stayed silent. You had fought a long and futile battle with your parents about the arrangement. As the youngest of three, you were less involved with politics and lived life as freely as you liked within the castle. Your eldest sister had the daunting duty of leading the people of the kingdom, a position that you were not jealous of. But now that you were to be wed to a future King, your dreams of being free from the responsibilities that came with royalty were shattered.

But your parents were right.

Your people would die if you chose to refuse the engagement. The military was too small and would be outnumbered and overpowered if the North attacked. You needed the help from the Miranda’s.

You took a deep breath. “I will try my best.”

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40+15 from the new promts list with yoongi pretty please

I Bust the Windows Out Your Car (Yoongi x Reader)

Prompt request: “This was a dumb idea.” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” + “Because I love you!” 

Summary: Long story short, you’re trapped in Yoongi’s car and you need to escape. 

Word count: 804 words

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“This was a dumb idea,” you grumbled, pulling yourself up from where you were lying on the floor of the car. 

How your stupid plan worked–you were baffled. In some ways, you wish it hadn’t worked at all. Because now you were trapped in your boyfriend’s car in the middle of nowhere.

A few weeks ago, you and your friend Taehyung thought it would be hilarious to prank Yoongi. He drove home from school every day, so Taehyung decided you would sneak into his car and hide in the backseat. Jump out and give him a good scare.

So you decided to play along. After school, Taehyung distracted Yoongi once he unlocked his car, and you slipped into the car without him noticing. Unfortunately, the drive to Yoongi’s house was longer than you expected, and you ended up falling asleep on the way there.

Thus, you missed the opportunity to give Yoongi a jump-scare. Around two hours after school ended, you woke up, completely disoriented, on the floor of Yoongi’s car. 

And that’s where you were now. 

You rubbed your hand over your face tiredly. Yoongi’s car was fairly small and quite old. It wasn’t that clean, either, but at least it didn’t smell. You were pretty sure the car was still alarmed despite its age, and you worried that if you opened the door, the car would start blaring.

It had happened to you before.

“I’m going to kill Tae,” you hissed, reaching for your phone you kept in your back pocket. You pressed the power button, but your screen didn’t illuminate. Dead. “Fuck my life.”

You glanced around the car, looking for an escape. You figured that if there really was no way out, you could honk the horn and notify Yoongi of your shame. But he would make fun of you forever–or be really mad–so you decided to escape stealthily.

Suddenly, your eyes jumped to the window. The car was old as fuck! It still had window cranks!

You almost shouted with glee. Scrambling to one of the side doors, you began to roll down the window. It took great strength–it wasn’t something you had down in years. Modern technology, you know. 

Eventually, it was all the way down. You paused, unsure of how to approach it. You pondered putting your legs through first, but you didn’t have the upper body strength to propel yourself through the window. Headfirst it was.

Unceremoniously, you dove out of the window. Your upper body went tumbling out, and your legs flipped over as you tumbled to the ground. You landed on your back with a loud thud, the breath rushing out of you.

“Ouch,” you groaned, sitting up slowly.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” a voice suddenly called out.

You screamed, then slapped your hand over your mouth. Glancing up, you saw Yoongi casually leaning through his bedroom window. 

“Uh, because I love you?” you replied, trying to keep the guilt out of your voice.

“Really,” Yoongi responded, his eyebrow raised and his entire face saying, ‘you’re an idiot if you think I believe you.’

“Taemademedoit!” you admitted, throwing your hands up in defeat. 

“What?” Yoongi called down.

“Taehyung, your friend, made me do it!” you yelled. “He was mad that you wouldn’t let Soonshim play with Holly last weekend. Tae promised me food if I pranked you.”

That part was a lie. Taehyung was offended by the whole dog thing, though.

“Is that so,” Yoongi responded, unimpressed. 

“You’re not upset, are you?” you asked nervously. You stood up awkwardly, brushing the dirt off your jeans.

“No,” Yoongi replied eventually. “Just in disbelief that I’m dating such an idiot.”

“Excuse me?” you spluttered, narrowing your eyes at Yoongi. You were ready to go off.

“You think I didn’t see you in the car?” Yoongi laughed. “If you didn’t notice, the car is tiny.”

“What!?” you exclaimed. “You knew I was in there? Why did you leave me in there for an extra hour then?”

“I dunno,” Yoongi shrugged. “Thought it was kinda funny. Wasn’t sure what you would do. Good idea with the window, by the way. My alarm doesn’t work, though, so you could have just opened the door.”

“You want to fight, Min Yoongi?” you demanded, stomping your foot. “That was so stressful!”

“Then don’t sneak into my car next time,” Yoongi smirked. He paused for a moment. “Since you’re here, wanna come in?”

“Yeah, of course,” you replied.

In a few moments, Yoongi opened the front door and beckoned you inside. When you leapt into his arms and sent both of you tumbling to the ground, Yoongi realized he was already accustomed to your wild antics. He wasn’t going to tell you that, though.

He was just the kind of guy who liked seeing you get nervous. 

- Girl in Luv

Oh my gOD I RETIRE I’VE DONE PROMPT #15 ONE MILLION TIMES. How many window-climbing situations can I think of? And how come Armygirl doesn’t get any window prompts? #injustice. But more seriously, thanks for requesting I don’t really mind writing the window-climbing prompt. I hope you enjoyed this one! Happy reading 🤓

“We’ve all lost someone, Doctor.”

Chapter 6

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Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 1,312

~Yep, that’s right. Another chapter. I told you I’d write more! Hm? Didn’t believe me? Well…I guess I don’t blame you. It’s been forever, after all. Haha. Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoy. I think from here on out I can go one of two ways. I can keep the ending how I originally planned…OR I can kinda experiment a bit….with something I’ve been testing recently. I haven’t quite decided yet. Regardless, stay tuned! I really hope you guys like this chapter^^ 

Your hands grasped the fabric of the hoodie as you smiled. Saeyoung took the seat in front of you, the moonlight reflecting off of his glasses.

“It’s a beautiful night,” you finally spoke up in an effort to break the silence.

“Ya,” he smiled momentarily before turning back to the sky, “these are some of my favorite nights. You can really see the stars.”

Maybe it was the alcohol in your system that had you feeling so bold, or the feeling of happiness flowing through you? You couldn’t remember the last time you had a night as fun as this. Being away from home, surrounded by people who all seemed to be having a good time, really filled you with a strange sense of warmth and comfort. And of course…being around people you had started to feel close to. People like Saeran…and Saeyoung…

“Do you like Astronomy?” you took another sip of your wine, not wanting to slow down despite that dizzy feeling.

“Mmhm,” he nodded, “always have. When we were younger…well, Saeran and I could never afford telescopes. So, we would use the rolls from paper towels and pretend that it helped us see closer. We’d look out of our bedroom window and try to identify the constellations.”

He seemed to look away with this sudden admission, was he blushing? It was hard to imagine him and Saeran as small children, peering out of their windows in hopes of a glimpse of something greater.

“So, you know a lot of constellations, then?” you asked.

“Of course,” he chuckled lightly.

He urged you to the side of the yacht, his hand lightly pressing at your back to guide you. For some reason your heart was racing at his touch. This was different than working with him at the ice cream shop. His long arm pointed up to a series of stars above you.

“See that? It’s Ursa Major,” he says proudly.

You’re extremely aware of how close he has gotten to you. For the rest of the night, despite the noise and uproar of the party behind you, you spend the majority of the evening quietly looking at the sky between Saeyoung’s refills of your glass. You just listen to him talk as he points out various things. It’s pretty obvious that he likes to show off his knowledge and this makes your smile beam for him. It reminded you of Saeran when he talked about art. They were both passionate in their own way. What a pair they made…Before you knew it, you were starting to teeter backwards on your heels.  

“Woah, there!” Saeyoung grabbed you to hold you steady, “maybe we should sit down?”

“I’m sorry, I guess I’ve had a little more than I anticipated,” you say as he helps you into your seat again, “hey! I wanted to ask you though…”

“Hm? What about?”

It felt like the right time of the night to bring it up. You clumsily set your glass down and looked at him as you spoke.

“Is Yoosung always so careless like that?” you asked.

“Says the girl who almost just fell on her ass, drunk,” he let out a deep laugh.

“I’m serious!” you tried to be mad but ended up laughing along with him, he was right…after all.

“For real, though…” he got more serious, “he’s been a little more reckless lately.”

You leaned in a bit…eager to hear more out of concern. Saeyoung let out a sigh, pushing up his glasses onto the bridge of his nose as he thought about what to say next.

“He was really close to his cousin and…she passed away not too long ago,” he continues, “Yoosung has been a bit of a mess ever since. Saeran and I take turns kinda watching over him. But, the old Yoosung would have never acted like he did tonight,” Saeyoung looked away with a hint of sadness in his eyes. “He’ll go back to his old self one day though. I know it. He just needs to get passed this,” he said brightly.

“He mentioned something like that to me the other day,” you replied, “not about his cousin though…that’s so sad. Anyway, it’s why I asked. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was prying.”

“Nah, don’t worry,” he waved it off like it wasn’t a big deal, “anyway, we know how to deal with him. So don’t worry, okay?” he smiled.

You nodded back and continued talking about work and your various school projects you both had coming up. It was really nice to get to know him better, and to know more about Yoosung, too. You never would have guessed.

Picking up your wine glass and bringing it to your lips, you made an effort to drink what was left in the glass.

“Okay…I think that’s enough,” Saeyoung laughed.

“What? Why?” you asked as he pulled the stemware out of your hand.

“Because half of that sip ended up on your shirt,” he replied while taking a photo with his phone.

He was right. Shit. As you looked down you saw a bright red stain on your shirt. Wiping your face in embarrassment you tried to fight him for his phone.

“Erase it!” you yelled as your hands grabbed at his cell.

No matter how hard you tried, he was beating you with ease. Your every move was batted away with one of his hands, all the while he had a shit-eating grin on his face, enjoying every second.

“I’ll delete it if you let me take you home. It’s a school night and it’s already pretty late.”

All you could muster was a nod.

“Are…you okay to drive?” you asked.

“I haven’t had anything but water and some soda,” he replied.

Helping you to the car, he was careful not to drive too fast.

“If you throw up in here, V is going to kill me,” Saeyoung nudged you.

“I’m not THAT drunk,” you slapped his hand away, “just sleepy…”

Saeyoung watched you nod off in the passengers seat. The street lights flashed over your face rhythmically. Every now and again he would glance over, reveling in your soft features and peaceful disposition.

He hadn’t even opened the passengers side door from the curb when he heard your parents arguing inside. Their shouts were clear as if they were on the lawn. His heart was stuck in his throat. He knew all too well what it felt like to live in a household like this. His eyes peered down with sadness as you slept.

“Hey…” he tried to wake you up,” your parents sound like they’re fighting?”

“What else is new,” you said in your sleep.

‘Hah, sarcastic as ever’, he thought. 

He couldn’t let you go home like this. Not with them arguing…And Saeran’s room would be free since he was staying with Yoosung…

He knew his mom would be passed out by now, so she wouldn’t even notice.

Getting back in the car he continued a bit further until he reached his house. Hopefully you wouldn’t freak too much when you woke up.

“Come on,” he encouraged you to get out of the car, “do you mind staying in Saeran’s room for the night?”

You shook your head ‘no’ and he helped you inside while carrying your bag. Luckily, Saeran’s room was pretty clean. He pulled the blanket up over you after you lay in bed.

“Thank you…I’m going to bed now,” you spoke in a soft voice.

He couldn’t help but caress your hair back a bit as you sighed in your sleep. He was used to taking care of Saeran. And now, even Yoosung…but this was different. He pulled his hand back, remembering Saeran’s feelings for you.

Damn it,” his hand balled into a fist.

Why did it have to be this way.




We at team brac decided it was time to try to do some comic dubs. It took forever but we did one, yes…. one.. BUT WE STILL DID IT. More are on the way! Please tell us what you think of it! Yes, we did ask for permission to display this beautiful comic. I also have sent a message to the artist about the publication of the video to our channel. ALSO TODAY IS OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Find out the latest information at our instagram.! 

Voice actors: Myself @gagesol and Cole @pkstarstorm64 

Editor:Nathan @flipixel

Characters belong to: @roosterteeth

Artist: @dashingicecream 

Have an amazing day! ♥


It’s like a photographer went out on the island, La Grande Jatte, and took a picture of a lot of people strolling in the park. The humanity of it, I thought… These people don’t know they’re gonna be immortal. And so I’m gonna write a song about that. That it’s gonna be outside of themselves, and they’re gonna be singing about what themselves and they’re doing. But they’re gonna be acknowledging that they are immortal. It all leads to the word forever. Which is- when I wrote that word, I cried, because I thought, that’s what it’s about. And I then decided, that I would do it all in one sentence. It’s a lyric that’s in one sentence. Uh, because there is a kind of… I don’t know how to put it. It’s like it’s eternal, it’s infinite, whatever, whatever- it’s what I feel about art… It just has no beginning and no end. It’s just one thing. Then I could see that they would all be singing that one idea. Um… That here we are in a park. And we’re gonna be here forever. That’s why it has that… It’s got an almost funerary beat to it, you know, it’s almost a funeral march. But it isn’t quite. It’s a triumphant march

 -Sondheim on Sunday from Sunday in the Park with George

Game of Thrones Preference: They're attracted to you

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Joffrey liked keeping you in his company all the time, if it was possible. But a fact he loves you – it was something he never allowed himself to admit. Moreover a fear of rejection was too big. What if you laughed at him? He was a king and such shame would be hard to handle. It would hurt his pride. But when Cersei started to arrange marriage with Margaery he knew he must tell what he felt for you. Or he’ll lose you forever.



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Sansa was your very close friend. So it took some time for her to realize what she felt for you was actually something more than friendship. She decided to keep it as a secret because she was unsure how would you react. If you didn’t take a first step and confess, your love would probably stay only platonic.



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Jaime was surprised he could be so attached to someone else than his sister. True, you had blue eyes and blonde hair but it was all new for him. You started spending more and more time together and it meant getting closer. One day Jaime found you crying in the garden. You refused to tell him what happened and he let it be. But he promised to himself he’ll never make you suffer like this.



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Ramsay eliminated every man who just looked at you. What if one of them confessed before him? And steal you away? You belonged to him. You were his, you’ve always been. You just didn’t know yet. But it was a small detail. Something he didn’t have to worry about. He already had a plan in his wicked mind how to make you officially his. How to make you his lady.



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Daenerys always stared at you. She could stare for a couple of minutes which was very uncomfortable. But she had a reason. She was wondering why did she feel affection towards a woman. On top of that towards someone like you. She was aware there was nothing special to be so amazed by you but she simply was. Once she was sure what she felt was really love, she went straight to a point and confessed to you.



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Tyrion showed he cared for you more than for anybody else in a very specific way. Whenever Joffrey tried to raise a hand to you, Tyrion showed up and saved you. Even when Joffrey was insulting you, he slapped him without any regret. He didn’t mind he’ll be punished later. All what mattered was he defended you successfully.



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Oberyn had many sexual interests. And he didn’t try to hide it. You were also one of them. But unlike others, he never had you. You knew who prince Oberyn was and you weren’t interested in one night stand. Everytime he got close to you, you avoided eye contact and walked away. And exactly your ‘‘playing hard to get‘‘ (how Oberyn liked to call it) moved his heart and for the first time in his life he felt something.



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Tommen didn’t know how to tell you. Everytime he tried to confess, he got nervous and lost his words. Like this, he failed countless times. It was enough for him. So instead of telling you he loves you, he was surrounding you with presents. Usually with beautiful dresses or expensive jewels only a king could afford. He just needed to wait for a right time which didn’t come yet.



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Yara didn’t hesitate to show she was highly interested in you. Not even in a middle of a crowd of people. Whenever you appeared in her sight, she whistled, checking you from head to toes. She also tried to get you with pick up lines but you just blushed and looked at the ground. Yara knew you were shy but it was what made teasing you even more fun.

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Can I request drabble/fanfic for Shiro, Soulmate AU, where you have first words of your climate said to you tattooed on your hand. And for Shiro I would be on arm that he lost, and the would be so much angst with fluff at the end

i hope you like this!

being back on earth was over whelming for Shiro. he thought being back would give him the peace he deserved but no it didn’t, he fely lonely. oh sure he had the rest of the paladins but one by one they found their special someone, their soulmate.

shiro would do anything to find them. if he still had his arm it would be easy. the first word they’ll ever say to him was delicately tattooed on his wrist, he used to trace it every time he felt agitated. he stopped ever since galra took his hand. it tore him apart, it was the one thing that kept him going on through tough times. but even though he lost his hand the sentence was forever inked on his brain.

“i think your arm is pretty”

it made him smile.

it was late and he couldn’t sleep. his bed felt cold and his brain wouldn’t shut up, even the dim comforting purple glow on his arm couldn’t give him comfort. shiro decided to go out for some coffee. he stumbled apon a 24 hour diner, the blue light glowed kindly against the dark night. shiro parked his motorcycle and entered the diner. he took the seat at the corner of the diner and ordered an expresso.
he took a sip and sigh contently. it was another sleepless night but at least he got a great cuppa.


he looked up at the door and his breath hitched. they looked absolutely breath taking. they looked over at him and met his gaze. he gave them a shy smile which they returned with a bright one. they went over to the cashier and ordered something. shiro studied them from across the room, the way they carry them self impressed him. he teared his eyes away from them when his robotic arm started to make a weird sound. he sigh and took it off revealing a stub on his arm. as he tried to fix it he met their gaze,
“they must think that i’m a monster” he thought silently.
he gave them a small smile before putting his hand back on again.
when he looked up he saw them sitting in front of him.
“i think your arm is pretty”
and the world seem to stop.
“i think you’re pretty”
and their eyes widened.
“i’m shiro” he breathed out, taking their hand in his.


shiro pulled (y/n) closer to his chest when they tried to wiggle out. he buried his head in their neck and whined,
“i’ve got to go to work shiro” they sigh, threading thier fingers in his hair.
he leaned in and kissed them deeply, his hand cupping their cheek.
“five more minutes please?” he breathed out, stroking (y/n)’s cheek.
they gave him a skeptical look.
“i promise” he smiled cheekily.
(y/n) nodded and pressed a kiss on his forehead.
“okay, five minutes”
shiro eyes lit up and his lips tugged into a huge smille.
this felt like absolute bliss.
shiro tucked (y/n)’s head under his chin and they hummed in delight.
he gazed lovingly at the figure that was wrapped in his warmth.
“i guess the universe doesn’t hate me at all then” he thought, smiling to himself

@juminvweek day 7: Spring

featuring sassy pose Zen RFA

 A beautiful day for the oldest friendship in RFA. They decided to celebrate it together, Seven being the one that organized everything (the proud hacker is proud) despite Jumin’s complains.

this took forever and the background took even more than forever and I’m so late. I’m sorry guys, but I hope you’ll enjoy it