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So, I finally noticed someone else talking about these, so I’ll go ahead and post my thoughts on them.

In almost every episode of OK KO, I’ve noticed a set of three symbols that appear in the background at some point.  They always appear in threes, and it seems to be the same symbols in different combinations – there’s a pool they’re taking them from.

My first thought on these is that they may be a way of signifying who worked on a particular episode, but it didn’t really match up, plus the fact that the symbols are completely different each episode completely kills the idea.  Or, they could possibly be a code, or a cipher…but, then, some of them are three of the same symbol in a row, and that really kills any direct translation since three of the same letter does NOT happen in English at all.  I’ve seen @doekawaii​ ‘s post on them speculating that they may be symbolic of events, which I kinda like.

Can we seriously get the Gravity Falls fandom in here?  This is right up their alley!

I have found the symbols in almost every episode so far, except for Legends of Mr Gar, One Last Score, TKO, Rad Likes Robots, and The Power Is Yours.  (Would really appreciate if anyone could find the ones in those episodes and point them out!)  There’s a pattern to when they appear, if it helps – usually they’re in a shot where the background will not be moving (like, no camera pans or action scenes) and where it’ll be clearly visible without a character in the way.  It’s really amazing how hidden in plain sight these symbols are!  I have found them right behind the CN logo though, which is always frustrating.

(BIG masterpost with screenshots of every single one I’ve found to follow after the cut – enjoy!)

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This took forever and a half but I finally finished this beast. all hand drawn symmetry is h a r d, and i couldn’t fit all the bosses in the game, but i’m really proud of i this!! I did it for an art project in school and went way too far with it but i figured everyone would enjoy seeing it here as well!

Update: the watermark felt mega invasive and it was irritating me i made it smaller but just as hard to ignore

Thanksgiving with the Hollands (Tom Holland Headcanon)

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Summary: A look at what Thanksgiving is like for you and Tom’s family.

Authors Note: So I sort of modified this request and sorry it took forever but I wanted it to be out on Thanksgiving. I love this a lot and think it’s adorable and makes me long for Thanksgiving while having a family with Tom. I hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful holiday! I am thankful for all of your love and support and don’t know what I’d do without you guys.

Requested: “Can you do a tom x reader thanksgiving headcanons? Like how current and future thanksgiving would go? Thanks!! I was going to do Halloween but that passed lol”


Word Count: 1799


Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask @ttholland @johnmurphys-sass @harperislit @annoyingasskid

  • By the time you started your own family you and Tom had become masters of the holiday.
  • Now you, Tom and your children were hosting Thanksgiving for the first time at your home.
    • Your son Tom jr aka TJ was basically a tiny clone of his dad, including personality which made him a handful for you. He just turned 5 and loved Thanksgiving.
    • Your daughter, Chloe was the princess of the house. At 1 year old, she had everyone wrapped around her chubby little fingers. 
  • Living in L.A. the weather wasn’t “ideally fall” but you made it work.
  • You decorated the whole place with warm yellows, rich browns, and pumpkin orange.
  • The kitchen had gourds decorating the table.
  • On the fridge, you had the kid’s turkey handprints that you helped them make
    • It was probably a mistake dipping a babies hand in paint because she got a little excited and reached her orange hand straight to your hair.
  • Tom insisted on making “Thanksgiving cards”
    • You told him that wasn’t a thing but he loved family photos to look at when he was away filming.
      • Now that TJ was in school you didn’t feel comfortable dragging him to set with his father. 
      • Both of you agreed to let him have routine and normalcy was better even though it made Tom even sadder when he knew he had to be away months for filming and couldn’t get random visits from his babies.
    • You took the pictures in your backyard (away from the pool)
      • You added some fall colored leaves and had a variety of pumpkins.
    • The whole crew put on sweaters (WHICH WAS NOT COMFORTABLE BECAUSE YOU WERE ROASTING UNDER THE CALIFORNIA SUN) but they looked cute so you committed to the look.
    • Your favorite picture was of Tom, holding the kids in his lap. TJ looked up admirably at his dad, with a large smile showing his missing tooth while Chloe kissed her daddy’s cheek.
    • Tom’s favorite was of you, holding Chloe nose to nose looking into each other’s eyes.
      • He put it on his Instagram captioning “My girls are natural models.”
  • You constantly had fall scented candles burning, to bring good energy around the house.
    • Fig, pumpkin, cinnamon, berry, etc.
      • Tom’s favorite smelt like rum and vanilla.
  • You were surprised Tom wanted to host this year but he was so insistent.
    • He actually wanted to host last year but Chloe was so tiny and he didn’t want to stress you out.
  • He invited both sides of the family (to give his parents the Thanksgiving experience) as well as friends (aka Harrison).
  • While Tom went to pick up his family from the airport the night before you went to the grocery store to gather supplies.
    • He took the kids with him so you could focus.
    • As soon as TJ saw his grandparents he booked it through the airport almost giving Tom a heart attack.
      • But TJ would just shrug and hug his grandpa harder.
      • “He just loves his family, don’t blame him, Thomas.”
      • Tom would relax, but still, be annoyed TJ thought that was okay. 
        • Also his outburst drew a bit of a crowd.
      • Getting into the car Chloe couldn’t stop giggling at her uncles as they played peek-a-boo.
        • “Where’s Chloe?” Sam would coo while Harry put her blanket over her head.
        • Chloe’s tiny legs would kick as she squealed happily.
        • “There she is!” Sam said, removing the blanket.
        • Chloe thinks this is the funniest shit, her baby giggles filling the whole car.
        • Tom smiled from the driver’s seat, loving when all of his family was together
  • Your family early Thanksgiving morning, but you were already up cooking.
    • “You made it! Feel go to your rooms they’re all made up…or you can help me.”
      • They left you to go sleep.
  • You hummed to yourself as you cooked the feast. 
    • The aroma woke up your husband, making him sleepily come downstairs in plaid pajama pants and no shirt.
      • “Smells amazing darling.”
      • “You can’t get any food yet, Holland.”
      • “Mmm, not even a tiny bite?”
      • “Nope, you have to wait.”
      • “Fine, I know something that tastes even better.”
        • Then he pulls you into a kiss, leaning you on the counter.
        • Quickly it got heated with your shirt almost being tossed into the turkey.
  • Tom’s job was to entertain everyone while you cooked because you did not want him in the kitchen and you also couldn’t focus if the kids were constantly at your feet.
  • The first baby to wake up was Chloe, you heard her over the baby monitor and instructed Tom to get the princess.
    • He returned with a sleepy little one in a turkey onesie.
      • “What have you done to my child?”
      • “What do you mean it’s festive?”
      • “She’s a freaking turkey.”
      • “A cute turkey!”
    • You dropped the argument for now and directed Tom to set up her highchair and feed her breakfast.
      • He attempted to help Chloe feed herself but was met with a firm “No!”
      • She was going through her no phase so she wanted to do everything herself.
        • “Princess, let me help feed you!”
        • “No!”
        • “It’s easier if I help”
        • “No dada no!”
      • Her festive pumpkin baby mush was flung all across the counter and in her little curls.
        • “You should have fed her yourself.”
        • “She told me no!”
        • “You let yourself be bossed around by a baby Thomas, a baby.”
  • Tom grumbled profanities under his breath and took his little turkey upstairs to the bathroom.
  • He saw his mini, was also now up and decided to give them both ready.
  • The day was mostly spent with your two families lounging on the couch, watching movies and football while talking about what’s happening in their lives.
    • “When Y/N was little she smashed her hand in the middle of the pie. Everyone was annoyed but she was so cute we couldn’t get mad at her. She tried to offer some of the pie from her tiny hands.”
  • Tom didn’t have to do much entertaining for the kids because the uncles had taken care of that situation.
  • Chloe hung off Sam as if he was her best friend. 
    • He had a gentleness with her that she loved.
    • He would tickle her sides, give her little cheek kisses, or play with her curls.
  • She loved the twins together because they would play little games with her.
    • Got your nose was a real hit especially when the twins pretended to throw her nose back and forth, driving her crazy.
  • TJ liked spending time with his Uncle Paddy because Paddy still remembered what it was like to be that age.
    • He played Nerf with him, the two running around in the backyard shooting foam at each other.
    • Paddy went gentle on TJ, but the little boy was out for blood and aimed at the face 99% of the time.
  • TJ talked to Uncle Harry about superheroes a lot.
    • “Did you know my daddy is Spiderman?”
    • “What that’s crazy?”
    • “I know! I’m gonna be Spiderman too!”
    • “Do you protect the city with him?”
    • “No, he says I’m too little but he says when he’s gone I can protect Chloe and mama!”
    • “I’m sure you’re terrifying to bad guys.”
    • “Yeah, I am.”
  • Harrison was their cool godfather, but they saw him all the time so they didn’t fawn over him as much.
    • “Gaw-fader,” Chloe attempted to say.
  • The Uncles and the godfather teamed up to play a badass game of hide and seek.
    • Harrison picked up Chloe since the little one wasn’t the most talented in walking.
      • “Chlo, we’re gonna win because we’re the best and most attractive and you’re my goddaughter so that means you’re better than your uncles. I’m your favorite Chloe, remember that.”
      • “Can you stop rambling div and just count!” Harry shouts.
      • “Div! Div! Div!” TJ joins in.
      • “Harry, don’t teach him how to say div, Tom is gonna lose his shit!” Harrison shouted back.
      • “Shitty shit!” TJ laughed.
        • The two had to begin bribing TJ with toys to not repeat either of those things to his parents.
  • Eventually, the kids got tired out and went down for a nap allowing all the guys to have a “bonding” session
  • Harrison bought bourbon and cigars which the brothers and Harrison went onto the back porch to indulge in since you didn’t want the smell lingering around the kids.
  • Tom sighed out a plume of smoke looking out in his gorgeous backyard, thinking about how it was possible he had this life.
    • “Damn I’m lucky.”
    • “No need to rub it in,” Harry joked back.
    • Tom laughed taking another puff of his cigar. “Don’t be jealous you’ll have it soon enough.”
    • “Do you think you’ll have more kids?” Harrison asked.
    • “I want a whole football team, an army of Hollands.”
    • “Sounds like Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s nightmare,” Sam joked.
    • They all laughed.
    • “Can’t help that Holland’s are kickass, it’s in our genes.
  • A couple of hours later, you had the table set and prepared for the dinner.
  • You changed into a fitted purple dress with your hair flat iron.
    • Your ears sparkled with diamonds given to you as an anniversary present form your husband as well as the large rock gracing your left ring fingers.
  • TJ wore an adorable little black sweater while Chloe wore a dress similar to yours. His hair was slicked back like his father’s (because ever since he found out his daddy wore hair gel he had to have some himself) and her’s was accompanied with a lovely white bow.
  • Tom wore dark was jeans and a loose fitting sweater. He wore his normal chain around his neck and even had in his earring.
    • “Ah the pirate is back.”
    • “Oh don’t you start, you know you love the piercing.
    • “Mmm, I always had a thing for Captain Hook.”
    • “Seriously!?”
    • “No you idiot, but I do like the piercing it’s sort of cute.”
  • You put the finishing touches on everything, making sure everything was presentable before calling everyone in for dinner.
  • The whole crew stampeded in, making plates while you stood back and admired your work.
    • Tom came up to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you in close.
    • He placed tiny kisses on your nose.
      • “You’re so talented, darling. Thank you for doing this.”
      • “Of course, babe. I love having everyone together.”
      • “Does this mean hosting Christmas is on the table!?”
      • “Oh boy.”
I’m Here Eddie x Reader

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Request: Hi! I think your imagines are just hella cute and I have an idea for one I think you’ll run with. So can you do an imagine where Eddie’s taking care of the reader when she’s messed up(hurt) and/or sick after the boss battle? Eddie is my child and need more appreciation😂👌 Please and thank you!

Author’s note: Im sorry it took me forever to write this and Im sorry its short but i hope you enjoy this!

Reader’s pov:

“We’re going upstairs so be quiet. If my mother found out I was sneaking you in, she’ll have an heart attack.”

I nodded silently as Eddie took my hand, guiding me upstairs.

“Wait here.” He ordered.

I sat on the edge of the tub, waiting for Eddie to come back.

Everything ached, I couldn’t help but think about the long and scary day we had. I couldn’t help but be paranoid. There were things I saw today that are burned in my memory. Stan after he was attacked, he was in such distress, it was just hard to watch. When Bill shot Georgie, my heart shattered even though I knew he wasn’t real. Then when Bill found the raincoat he was wearing the day he went missing, it was hard. It was difficult seeing people you care about in such pain.

“Y/N?” Eddie asked, catching my attention. “You okay?”


“Are you sure?” He asked, unconvinced.

“I was just thinking.” I answered, watching him look in the first aid kit.

Eddie carefully laid out all the supplies he needed to stitch me up. I had a few small cuts that would be fine with some bandages but the cut on my hand was significantly deeper than it should’ve been.

“You can talk to me you know.” He responded. “This is going to sting a bit.”

I nodded as he took my hand, cleaning the dirt and dried blood. The pain numbed itself, the peroxide didn’t make any difference.

“Sorry.” He mumbled as he continued.

Eddie’s hands shook as he tried to thread the needle, finally after a few attempts he was ready to go.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” He asked.

“Do it Eddie.” I answered.

He nodded, silently he began stitching my wound. I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt because it did but I knew I probably wouldn’t end up going to the hospital anyway so at least it’ll be taken care of.

“Sorry.” Eddie commented. “I’m almost done.”

“Thank you.”

Eddie wrapped my newly stitched hand, and it was good as new. I examined my hand as he cleaned up the supplies he had used.

“Do you want me to walk you home or..” Eddie trailed off.

“I don’t want to be alone.” I mumbled.

Eddie nodded, carefully taking your hand and guiding you to his bedroom. His room was tidy but it felt like home to me. Pictures of us and our friends carefully pinned on the cork board at his desk. Things would never go back to normal, not after this summer. He gave me a pair of neatly folded shorts and a shirt to sleep in.

“You can change in here.” Eddie nodded, giving me privacy to change while he changed in the bathroom.


Eddie had insisted I take the bed and he’d sleep on the floor. I tried to sleep, I was exhausted but I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried. Every time I closed my eyes, it replayed in my mind. Every thing, getting attacked, watching Bill shoot ‘Georgie’ in the head, fighting pennywise. After staring at the ceiling for what felt like hours, I rolled onto my side.

“Eddie?” I asked quietly trying to keep myself calm.


“I need you.” My voice cracked.

Without another word, Eddie climbed into bed beside me, his arms hesitantly wrapped around my waist. I held his arms tightly as if I were afraid he’d leave me alone.

“It’s okay, I’m right here.”

Drifter (Undercast)

So @anrez-op-skele told me that people might be wondering how Blu became a part of the crew. And since something like this would take a very long time to draw. I Thought what better way to tell you how Blu became a part of the wacky crew than a story,

So here you go everyone ^^

This is the story of how Blu met Anrez and the crew.


She was running. Like always.

Running from those that have or could hurt her. Running for her life. Running from those she could put in danger. But she wasn’t just running away for her sake, she was running away for every living being, that she could pose as a threat to.

She was not going to let anyone be in danger because of her. Not again.

But sadly, she was not so lucky today.

Today she was chased. Sought after by greedy pirates who wanted her just for the reward money the authorities put on her name. The same authorities that wanted her dead.

Though she was quick in thinking, and though she was fast, there were too many of them. Every corner she came around, every gap she jumped, they were there. Ready to take her and turn her in.

She could’ve attacked, she could’ve fought back. But she barely did so. She didn’t need the authorities to hold something else against her.

They pinned her to the ground and tied her up, and laughed greedily and arrogantly as they took her back to the ship. The whole time she just made sure her charm wasn’t showing.

She struggled to get free as the men carried her onto their ship, but their tight grips prevented her from escaping. The captain grinned at her evilly as they brought her on board.

The captain looked at his men, “Get ‘er in the cell lads. This girl will make us rich for sure.”

Blu glared at the captain as she was brought down to the cell. They opened the door and threw her in. She winced as she hit the hard wooden floor, and grumbled at the men chuckling as they shut and locked the door.

Blu sat up and put her back against the wall as she look around for any way of escape. There was no water. And ice magic won’t work on rope. She could’ve used the ocean but there were lots of ways that could’ve gone wrong.

So she sat there and sighed, leaning her head against the wall, and closing her eyes.

She’s pretty much dead now….right?


She didn’t notice that she fell asleep, it just sort of happened. But when she woke up, she heard the shouts from the crew on deck and felt the ship rocking quite harshly. She looked out the window and saw why they were shouting.

The waves were rough, and the skies rained down on the ocean, the sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning clashed through the storming skies.

Blu gasped. She had seen the ship before they brought her down her. Seeing the size of it and how the crew cared for it, it clearly couldn’t last a storm like this.

She looked around, knowing she had to get out of there before the ship goes sunk. She saw the puddle of ocean water before her from the waves splashing water through the window and smiled.

She blinked a few times and her eyes glowed a faint dark blue. The ocean water from the puddle rose and formed a sharp ice shard. She carefully used it to cut the ropes that kept her bounded, and in a few seconds she was free.

She chuckled in triumph before grabbing the bars on the window that kept her from leaving. She froze the old, rusty bars and they shattered onto the floor or into the ocean. And there was now an opening for her to escape.

Blu heard quick footsteps coming down below deck and she quickly climbed out of the ocean, the men that came down to get her, only got a glimpse of Blu, and her dark blue eye before she got out and dove into the ocean.

Blu laughed as she rose out of the water and stood right on the surface of it, thanks to her magic. Then she took her charm out of her shirt, the red and blue gen in the center of it, glistening from the flashing lightning, and she ran. Across the water’s surface, away from the ship. The Captain and his men shouting at her from the ship.

But neither Blu, or the crew on that ship were lucky. A huge wave rose from the water and engulfed the ship. Along with the crew, and Blu.

Blu desperately tried to fight the current and get to the surface again with her magic. Only to get hit behind then head by a large object from the ship.

And she blacked out.


It was a clear day the next day as Anrez and his crew sailed the high seas. The sun rays shined down on the ocean’s surface and on the deck of the ship. Cherry and CTK sat up on the look out joking around as usual, having conversations about who knows what.

V looked up at the look out with her hands on her hips, shaking her head and laughing a bit ,

“What are you two goofs up to?”

“Oh nothin’” CTK said up from the look out, “just ‘Lookin Out” at the view, heheh!”

“Hahah,” Cherry laughed, “yeah, you can ‘Sea’ everything from up here!”

The three of them laughed at the cheesy puns CTK and Cherry had been making and V shook her head again,

“Man, I don’t even know what to make of you two. Heheh, anyway, the Cap wants to know if you guys can spot anything around us from up there,” V called up to them.

CTK sat up and look around at the ocean, and around the area of the ship, there was nothing, “nothin’ out of the ordinary. Just the ocean, and the-“

Before he could finished, he saw something. He sat up more and squinted his eye socket to get a better view of what he thought he saw, “what the..”

“What?” Cherry asked sitting up as well. She looked in the direction he was looking in and saw something in the water as well. But she couldn’t tell what it was,

“what is that?”

“What? What do you see??” V asked from down on the deck.

“I don’t know..” CTK responded, as he tried to get a better look at the thing floating in the ocean, “can’t really tell…”

Cherry leaned forward over the side of the look out and had finally gotten a good look at what the thing was. He eye widened and she gasped, before beginning to climb down from the look out quickly,

“There’s someone in the water!” She shouted as she climbed down to help the person.

“What?” CTK asked as he started climbing down along with Cherry.

“???” V’s eye sockets widened and she ran to the side of the ship to see for herself. Sure enough there was a girl, her upper body draped on a plank, floating on the ocean’s surface.

“Shoot, there is someone down there!” V exclaimed, getting Anrez and the rest of the crew’s attention.

“What’s going on here?” Anrez asked as he and the others hurried over. Just when asked that he looked at the ocean and saw just what V, Cherry and CTK saw.

“What the- your right, Cherry get ‘em out of there!” Anrez ordered as he looked at the human floating adrift on the water.

Without hesitation, Cherry used her magic and lifted the Human from the water and on bored gently. They all surrounded the human, looking at them incuriousity.

“It’s a girl…” Mel pointed out.

Senkiller looked at him, “no duh.”

“And, she’s human…” Angel also pointed out as she tilted her head. Then she looked at Anrez, “what do you we do captain?”

“I say we throw her back over board and let the sharks eat her,” Senkiller suggested, Mel agreeing with him.

V had gotten a good look at the human girl before her, and she could’ve sworn she looked very familiar. She step forward closer to her to get a better look, everyone’s attention turning to her.

“V, what are you doing?” CTK asked cautiously.

“Hold on, just…hold on,” V said as she knelt next to the human.

V hesitantly and gently turned the human over to get a better look at her. And once V saw her face, she gasped and stood up as realization and familiarization, struck.

“What? What wrong V?” Anrez questioned, taking a step towards V.

V continued to stare at the human, and took a few seconds to answer his question,

“…I know her…”

Anrez and the rest of the crew looked at her and the human in a bit surprised before Anrez pressed on, “know her? From where? And How much do you know about her?

“Her name is Blu. We met in a town we stopped stopped in while I was on supplie duty. And I caught her stealing things from a stand…” V began, then continued, “she’s a skilled and wanted thief around the lands, so she’s always alone. Has been all her life.”

“She’s was alone for that long?” Angel asked in a bit of shock, “oh the poor dear…”

Anrez looked at Blu curiously after V’s last statement, “how skilled?”

“Could take a whole crate of supplies without anyone noticing,” V answered.

“Woah….” Cherry said in interest.

Anrez thought for a bit before looking at the crew and making his call, “we’ll keep her here and question her when she wakes up, just to be safe. V, take her to your room, Curse, help her out.”

With that, V and CTK went to Blu and gently lifted her from the ground, putting her arms around their shoulders and taking her to V’s room.

Cherry walked over to Anrez and looked at him, “what are we gonna do after that?”

Anrez only smirked, going back to his office, saying one more thing.

“We’ll see.”


Ah geez. So sorry this took forever >~<

But I hope this story on how Blu met Anrez and his crew suffices! ^^

I’m actually pretty proud of this >v<

I hope you guys liked this!!

Anrez, Angel and Senkiller: @anrez-op-skele

Mel: @golzy

Blu: me!

V: @vzearia

Cherry: @domino-doodles

CTK: @perfectshadow06

Common Desk Supplies in Witchcraft

📎 Paper clips - Paper clips are made of steel, which is mostly iron, so it can be used as a substitute for iron or iron shavings. Cut one up and put it in a protection powder. Or, you can bend it into a shape (like a sigil) for a simple window protection spell. Paper clips are known for their elasticity and tension, making them great for change spells, friendship spells, or even curses. They can also connect certain things, or make chains. On a practical note, paper clips can be bent into mini candle holders.

💌 Tape - Tape can obviously be used for bindings. It can also be used for invisibility spells or glamors, if you cover a certain word or object with tape. Using tape on a poppet may help protection or healing, but only for a little while.

✏️ Pencils/Pens - These uses change based on color. However, all of them can be used as wands, or to amplify a spell. You may bless or enhance a pen by washing it with a soap or tea, or cleansing it in incense smoke.

📑  Staples - Also made of steel, staples can be used for wards and bindings. Any spell involving pain can include staples. When you staple, you instill pain; when you remove a staple, you heal. They can also connect certain things, and are good for knowledge or love spells. 

📌  Thumbtacks - These are great for protection jars, banishing spirits and, of course, curses. To see through certain situations, you may use a thumbtack to poke through a paper or bag, representing clarity. However, be aware that clarity obtained this way may not come pleasantly.

📝 Sticky notes - Sticky notes have more flexibility than regular paper, in that you can attach them. Use sticky notes for sigils on the go, or stick several sheets of sticky notes together in order to represent layers. If you would like to expand your knowledge, reveal a secret, or even divine, you can write on the top sticky note with a colored pen that matches the intent. Then place a drop of essential oil or moon water on the top note, and see what shapes it forms in the bottom notes.

✒️ Highlighters - Highlighters can be used similarly to pens. They also add extra light and glow to a design, which amplifies a spell’s power.

🔗 Rubber bands - You’ve probably used rubber bands before to wrap up baggies and such. In magic, they can represent tension, flexibility, binding, or releasing emotions. Stretch a rubber band between two poppets (or other symbols of people, like apples) to represent tension between two persons. In the same way, you can also use rubber bands for love, passion and lust spells.

✉️  Envelopes - Envelopes represent anything that encompasses, compresses, or confuses a person. Open envelops or write inside of them for inner clarity. Seal the envelope for anything you want to forget, trap, or hide. You can also use envelopes to hold herbs as a discreet form of witchcraft.

❌ Erasers - Obviously, erasers can help banish or hide things. They also work for invisibility spells, and release a ton of energy through friction. You may want to consider writing a sigil on an eraser, and then erasing it until the sigil wears off. 

✂️ Scissors - Scissors can act as a magical knife for those who do not yet have one. Scissors can disconnect and cut off regrets, guilt, persons or memories. Scissors can also be used to carve into candles.

📏 Rulers - If you’re into number magic, a ruler is the tool for you. Imagine drawing a symbol in the exact dimensions of a number that corresponds to your intent! 

Feel free to add! .+(´^ω^`)+.

weltyclover  asked:

How do you draw a closed snoot? Amd also how do you draw an open snoot from the front?

I draw closed snoots pretty much the same way as opened ones, as illustrated in this one tutorial i did a bit ago! Same goes for drawing opened mouths from the front. 

for closed muzzles, I tend to do placement lines for where the base of the muzzle connects to the face (and also as a marker for where the bottom of the eyes are gonna go!) and a line down the center of the muzzle to help me place the nose and make the upper lip indent shape! This is something I honestly don’t do too much bc I mostly forget but it helps SO MUCH

end result from using said guidelines hfhfh

as for opened snoots, here’s a lil thing using the same formula as my first tutorial;

Firstly, I start out roughing out where I want everything to go! The purple line in the right image helps me place the top corners of the mouth, where i’ll be dragging the lines for the sides of the mouth in a sec. This is a good time to map out how you want your expression to go, since the corner of the mouth I find makes it easier to connect everything else as you’re going along. 

After you get that sorted, drag the lines (blue lines) down from the corners (it’s perfectly fine if the lines don’t match up with the corners, it doesn’t have to be exact!), which are the rest of the mouth. Now is a good time to go in and tighten up/stretch the mouth shape to however it’ll benefit your character/style/expression. My sona has pretty round shapes, so I keep things rounded for her most of the time. (unless i’m exaggerating her expression, then things tend to get a little bit sharp and asymmetrical)

Annnnnnnd then you go in and start adding details! Teeth, tongue, etc. You can see I kinda shortened the lower jaw shape lines a bit after everything since I noticed the mouth was a bit too wide/sliding to the right.. Just so it aligns with the top part of the jaw a little easier!! this is pretty much how I do all my mouth/muzzle stuff, so I hope it helps a bit!


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