it took a while but colours


Yellow as a symbol of hope for the Turners?

Just something I noticed while rewatching 4x05. 

I’ve noticed that the appearance of the colour of yellow in relation to the Turners often comes at a time or after a time of uncertainty and heartbreak. 

In the first two images we see the colour yellow in the form of the sunflower on Angela’s cot. This comes after what was an awful period for the Turners in which they didn’t know how to and couldn’t communicate with one another. There was a divide between them and as they were still learning about one another it took time for them to reconcile. But Hope is what followed when they did. Hope for their relationship, hope for a child. Angela marked a new beginning for the Turners, and what remained was hope. 

In 4x05 we see the reappearance of the colour yellow during a difficult time for the Turners. While awaiting Patrick’s return from taking the Raymond baby to the hospital we see Shelagh stood by the window, wearing the colour yellow. For Patrick it is a time of little hope. He’s lost belief in himself and his abilities as a Doctor, which leads to his breakdown. It’s during this period that Shelagh needs enough faith and hope for both of them. In this scene she has to have hope that Patrick will return to her and hope that she’s able to help him through a difficult period. At the end of the episode we see Shelagh wearing yellow once more, as is Angela. This again comes at the end of a difficult period for the Turners. But in this moment Patrick has restored faith in himself and is back at work, doing what he does best. His face paints a thousand pictures here. Shelagh is his hope. His family and hope saw him through his darkest time. 

In series 6 we see Shelagh wearing a yellow nightgown. In the first scene in which she is wearing this nightdress hope is explicitly mentioned. It’s a time of uncertainty, they are in limbo waiting to find out the fate of their baby. During  this time hope is all they have. Hope that their baby is alive and healthy but also hope that if they do have to face the worst they need hope that they can get through it together. In the final image Shelagh is once again wearing the yellow nightgown and this is the scene in which she hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Hope got them through another tough period, and though “happy ending” is cliche in this moment that is what yellow symbolises again. They never gave up hope.


Triple collab with @mangaken and @chora-art !!♡

ALRIGHT LOL took me a while to post this but yeah heres a ‘switch’ collab we did a few days ago! We somehow made it so that the theme was pairings HAHA



kagehina wallpapers part 2 (640 x 1136 px)! ☆ | part 1 

do not reupload or claim as your own but feel free to use them! (`・ω・´)” 

This blouse from the Vampires pack was really, really nice, but the weird mesh panels just absolutely ruined it for me! I sat down with Photoshop and made this edit. It… took a while.

There are four versions of this - a coloured body with black and white trim (seen above on the left and right), and coloured trim with either black or white body (black version seen above in the center). Each version comes as its own package, but I’ve included a merged version with all four.

  • Requires the Vampires game pack
  • Available for Teen-Elder females; will work on any other gender/frame combination
  • Enabled for Party and Formal
  • Custom thumbnails on first swatch of each package (sorry, I didn’t feel up to doing 114 of the things) with a label to identify them
  • Tag me if you use this on a sim! I’d love to see your pictures :)

Download under the cut!

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things that are canon in ace attorney (spirit of justice edition)
  • apollo instinctively cleans whenever he sees a mess because he’s the only one who cleans the WAA office
  • apollo’s father was a musician. apollo’s mother is also a musician. i’m not saying singing genes but singing genes
  • apollo and nahyuta used to run around in fields butt naked and get leeches on their butts
  • dhurke has photos of this
  • apollo and dhurke had an airplane vs bird argument very reminiscent of the stepladder vs ladder debate
  • maya informed phoenix that she had outgrown said debate. the two proceeded to have the debate anyway.
  • phoenix believes in apollo justice
  • apollo owns a red suit jacket
  • upon seeing said suit jacket, trucy recommended that he, phoenix, and athena start a stand-up comedy troupe named “primary colour punch-lines”
  • phoenix took a camera to khura’in and took photos of everything, like a dumb nerd
  • edgeworth missed phoenix while he was in khura’in and denied it vehemently, like a dumb nerd
  • edgeworth had his cravat attacked by a dog
  • apollo thinks edgeworth’s cravat is a strong fashion statement
  • phoenix believes in apollo justice
  • simon stood as athena’s co-counsel in court
  • athena has succeeded in co-ercing apollo into buying her juice four times in one month, just because he hates running and refuses to race her
  • phoenix never forgets to water charley, even though his desk is a mess
  • sometimes phoenix looks at charley and smiles
  • most of the law books in the WAA are magic books in disguise
  • apollo is actually trucy’s magic assistant (albeit a somewhat unwilling one)
  • the detention center guard is better than athena at trivia
  • apollo keeps manga on his desk because “manga these days are super realistic and informative. i need them for research…”
  • according to athena, apollo gets prickly whenever klavier gavin comes up
  • athena’s theory about said prickliness is that apollo hates klavier because he’s beautiful
  • ema skye is finally a forensic investigator!!
  • she gave up snackoos. unless she is stressed, and then she does not give up snackoos.
  • apollo thinks trucy’s smile has a magical power that make it impossible for him to say no
  • as a result apollo spent hours making a dragon prop for her show
  • apollo is afraid of heights
  • i mentioned that in a previous post but guys. it’s really important. he’s really afraid of heights. poor darling
  • he had to get athena to hold his hand while they were investigating a high place because he thought he might faint
  • when apollo was told to say something snappy to the camera, he pointed and yelled “T-talk to the hand! KA-POW!”
  • phoenix. believes in. apollo justice
  • athena said that simon looks like a panda
  • dhurke had a cactus named apollo
  • apollo can’t swim
  • athena and apollo call phoenix “the turnabout terror”
  • pearls calls apollo “mr apollo”
  • apollo calls maya “ms fey”
  • phoenix “ninja’d” some back medicine into his pocket
  • edgeworth got sentimental because he was investigating a case side by side with phoenix
  • he then got very offended when phoenix pointed this out
  • phoenix suggested that edgeworth dye his hair black
  • edgeworth got very offended at this too
  • the return of the NGHOOOOOH
  • ahlbi described “a guy with two crops of hair sticking out of his forehead like antennae” and “this lady with a long bunch of hair that looked like a big, orange spider leg” and phoenix immediately identified them as sounding like apollo and athena
  • athena later got very offended at being called “spider hair”

i haven’t done art / realism art in a while but ahh i’m so so happy and proud of the progress i’ve made –in this drawing alone!!!

i’ve only used this one reference image and from the first pic to the second…it took me about 4 hours apparently. christ. my hand hurts. kudos to realism artists out there this shit is tough.

Still a work in progress btw! Gonna draw phil and add colour another time!

PLEASE DON’T save/crop/repost and/or claim as your own… or trace….

phan doodles | all art | redbubble

i forgot i was redoing that hideous old musain piece until it cropped up on my dash again yesterday and i went into overdrive and did the lineart 


This took me a while, oh well, enjoy. Couldn’t be bothered to put in a proper background because I’m lazy so I just put the BONUS BIG ICE version instead.

This drawing was truly a nightmare but I think I got better since last time I did a colour.

Also please do visit my Twitch channel if you ever feel like watching me draw for whatever reason -


So… I took a bit of an ‘unannounced vacation’ for a few weeks while I tried to regain my sanity but everything’s cool now and I’m going to get back to drawing responses.


Ho-kay, firstly I think Aaron is Hufflepuff:

Hufflepuff values hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play.

Though happy to be challenged on this -  either nice healthy debate or a fight to the death, I’m easy x

Secondly, ha! I made Aaron a Hufflepuff hoodie… wanted to challenge myself on colouring in PS and this is the result - first go so not great, Roberts scarf was much easier… have some ideas for some other stuff they wear so hopefully will improve x

I COULDN’T HELP IT! :’DD Since I had the day off today and it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to lineart and colour them, actually I didn’t do that since 2012 sooooo it took me a while to do it as I did back then, Thanks godness I still had my old colour pallete for them

As I’ve said in my previous post, Once Arnold knows Helga’s secret, he’s not falling for his threats anymore, he’s like “Yeah yeah Helga, keep yelling, I know what your actual feelings are” I can’t wait for that freaking jungle movie hahaha

And I haven’t forgotten about the rest of my meme requests! I’ll be drawing them tomorrow :D