it tingles a little

I came across gifed scene of Qui-Gon introducing Anakin to Obi-Wan and maybe because of lack of audio I actually looked more at their facial expressions than what they are saying.

Those are *very* weird faces to make when you introducing/are introduced to someone. It looks like there is something very profound happening.

And since my head is full of lurking plunnies, one decided to bite me. Hard.

Obi-Wan doesn’t know what is happening, at first. Mostly because his Master just brought with him a freaking Force supernova in form of very polite youngling. It’s hard to notice this message from the Force happening when the Force screams all around him. He takes Anakin’s hand, feels a little tingling of contentment, and there is that.

Qui-Gon “I follow the will of the Force” Jinn, on the hand, experiences something akin to sledgehammer in the head. There is no doubt in his head that Obi-Wan and Anakin are meant to be.

With this certainty comes a sinking realization he fucked up.

You see, he knew Obi-Wan is ready to be knighted. However, he wasn’t ready to knight him. For a year now he was telling himself “just one more mission, then I will recommend him for trials”… And then never did. What could it hurt anyway? At least Obi-Wan will have more practical experience than most freshly-knighted Jedi. It will give him a better chance for survival.

Except now he has a little boy who needs the Master now, otherwise the Council will refuse to train him, a man who should be his Master but is still a Padawan himself, and the Force insisting this is a match made in heaven.

He needs to do damage control. Make sure Anakin will be in the Order’s custody long enough for Qui-Gon to knight Obi-Wan, and then for Obi-Wan to take him as a Padawan learner.

He needs to call dibs on Anakin for Obi-Wan.

Fast forward to the Council meeting and Qui-Gon fucking up even more…

Your brown eyes were like two pieces of chocolate and the sweet look you gave me made me tingle. You made me feel like a little girl and maybe that’s why I forgot to be careful. For better and for worse, you made me forget all the the things I’d been through.
—  You were dangerous, love.

For the anon who requested some Christmas Cancer Crew :)

When you talk to me, repeat everything twice.

For the first time I’ll just watch the way your eyes light up when you’re passionate and how your head tilts as you laugh at your own joke.

I’ll see the dimple in your cheek and be captivated by a simple flick of your wrist as you pass through your points. That cheeky half smile as you know you’re right and are just waiting for everyone else to catch up with you.

When you talk repeat everything twice because the first time I’ll be trying to contain the blood flow to my head as my cheeks flush and my palms sweat.

The panic rises inside me as I wonder if you can notice I'm flinching as you come a little closer.

I can feel the tingles around my neck and down my veins. I tremble ever so slightly. I can’t concentrate on a word you’re saying.

When you have finished you ask me for my humble opinion.

Of course I ask you to repeat the question. I wonder if you notice why.

—  Each time you touch me, I think I’ve found heaven // A.S

You laid on your side, hand tucked under the pillow. His arm lazily wrapped over your waist, hot breath against your shoulder. You watched a flock of birds fly across the sky from the window. “What are you thinking about?” His soft lips moved gently across the surface of your skin, leaving a tingling feeling in it’s path.
“Nothing much. Just little things.” You hummed. He chuckled and turned you over so you were facing him. His fingers dancing on your hip. “Can you guess what I’m thinking about?” He asked, eyes brightening.

“How Jungkook and Taehyung ate all of your food from earlier?” You asked innocently. He broke out into a fit of laughter. “Well that’s not exactly what I had in mind.” He replied with a smile while caressing your innocent face. “I was thinking about how this one girl waddled into my life. You know she was a thief?” He asked with his eyebrows raised. You crossed your arms. “A thief? What did this girl steal? You asked, unamused.

A giant smile stretched on his lips. “She stole my heart.” He answered with a giggle. You pushed his shoulder back with a frown. “I swear you are so cheesy.” You cringed. He laughed again and kissed the top of your head. “You know you love it baby.” He cooed against your hair. You shook your head with a smile. The room grew silent again for a few short moments before you felt him shift. “Wait did you say Jungkook and Taehyung ate my food?” He sat up on his elbows and looked around the room questionably as if they were secretly there. You laughed and poked his shoulder. “Can’t believe you just now caught up on that. Is someone upset?” You said teasingly. “But I didn’t even take a bite out of it yet…” He pouted and slumped back into your arms. “I’m going to get them back for this.” He whined. You patted his back soothingly. “You are such a big baby.” You teased again. He stuck his tongue out at you and pinched your cheek. “Says the girl who can barely stand in the dark for 2 seconds without screaming her head off.” He responded. You jabbed him in his side making him yelp. “That’s different.” You narrowed your eyes at him. He smirked and smuggled your face with sloppy kisses. “YAH! PARK JI-” He cut you off with his lips. Hands roaming from your sides to your fidgeting arms, trying to push him off. “Did you forget I’m stronger than you?” He whispered against your mouth. You gave into the warm sensation flooding throughout your body. “I hate you.” You mumbled into his ear. He laughed and squeezed your small body, smiling widely as his reply left his lips.

“Yeah I hate you too.”


When the naughty gleam in my eye sparkles a little brighter, when my fingers twitch, tingle and wiggle at you with an urgent craving for your vulnerable, sensitive body, when I slooooowly crawl towards you on hands and knees like a lioness on the prowl for her prey, when our eyes finally lock and you notice that familiar, evil smirk begin to play on my lips as the first few growls begin to slip out…..

You know you’re screwed, and you know you’re mine. 😈😘