it tells so much

Maxine: Shut your mouth there could be other women in here!

Susan: Hey is there anybody else in here?

Rachel: …just me

Maxine + Susan: Who is that?

Rachel: Rachel…

Maxine: Rachel you don’t say a word about this do you understand me?


There's no place where we can go now

“I can’t do this anymore.” Luna snaps, she finally snaps, all the secrets, all the lies have finally catched up to her and she realizes that there’s no way she can do this anymore, there’s no way she can’t stand it.

“What do you mean?” Matteo asks, turning around because for the ten thousandth time he was going to walk away, he was going to let her standing in the middle of a street with tears on her eyes and her heart aching.

“I can not deal with this anymore.” She exclaims and her voice breaks on that last word. “The lies, the secrets, there’s so much stuff you are not telling me, so much stuff you are letting me out of and that’s not okay, we are supposed to have each other’s back.”

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i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)

“why can’t you just admit that you like me…haha…ha..”

i’ve been trying to tell u for the past 74 years smh

Congrats on this crazy huge milestone, Jack!

I want to say something, because I haven’t ever properly done it before… so uh. Jack, if you see this. I want you to know that you honestly saved my life. Probably several times. I can’t remember when I started watching your videos, and I don’t know if that’s just because I feel like I always have been or if my sense of time is really that bad. But in any case… I can say with confidence that you have been a beacon of light at my darkest moments. I don’t watch your videos as much as I’d like to, because I’m sorta convinced that I’ll ruin it for myself somehow, but every time that I do watch I can’t help but feel happy at least for a little while. Thank you doesn’t seem good enough, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And thank you to everyone in the community that has ever given me support as well. I appreciate it more than you could ever know.

altean lance and galra keith for tessa!

this was supposed to be just a quick sketch but then i had to ruin everything with details and color  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

at a celebration for a galra and altea peace treaty, prince lance, princess allura’s younger brother, is immediately heart eyes for the cute galran boy he sees and keith is literally swept off his feet


we are living proof of a world gone mad
but this is all we have, we spin in cycles
we drift in the dark, our world falling apart
chance made us brothers, loyal to the last breath i take
our legacy won’t be wasted on me

our legacy, while she sleeps

Some US Presidents as @dril tweets
  • FDR: christ.. ive done it again.. ive posted the absolute good truth shit that every1 has been waiting to hear in this sea of lying crap nonsense
  • Truman: please remember that im in charge of this website before you try to drag some toughguy shit all over my good page
  • Eisenhower: Q: What is your Passion Sport? A: My Passion Sport is football and golf
  • JFK: when you do sutuff like... shoot my jaw clean off of my face with a sniper rifle, it mostly reflects poorly on your self
  • LBJ: just give me one hour and no swear filter and i can literally completely destroy anyone psychologically with aim instant messenge
  • Nixon: im an exhausting person to be around but once you get to knnow me im actually a giant shithead with irredeemable mouth
  • Ford: ive trademarked the term "The guy who fucks up" so if you see someone else using it pleaase stick my Fair Use brochures to their car
  • Carter: i attribute the complete failure of my brand to the actions of detractors, oor my "trolls", as it were, as well as my own constant fuckups
  • Reagan: incredibly handsome , charismatic famous boy credited with ending income inequality after saying that slumlords should be called "dumblords"
  • H.W. Bush: looked at a newspaper today. looks like we're getting taxed out the wazoo, with this president. anyone else see this shit? tax out the wazoo
  • Clinton: every now and then i like to treat myself to a bit of "Lying under oath"
  • W. Bush: PLEASE look up "Event Horizon" on wikipedai before you chastise me for screaming it on 9./11
  • Obama: The absolute shit Im forced to put up with as a content Producer. Ive sacrificed my basic human rights in order to placate U fucking people.