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Lance x reader x Keith? Maybe both of them pining for the same crush??

ohh noo, such angst but much wow wait for that twist at the end

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in the middle

pairing: keith x lance x fem!reader

words: 1078

Lance admires the way how the stars shine in your eyes, how your hair seems to capture the essence of moonlight in its silky strands. The team were in the observatory on Allura’s request (”more like she threatened us with extra training if we didn’t do this,” he grumbles) to watch a rare meteor shower that the Altheans worshiped.

It was to know more about their alien culture, and Lance had only gone because he wanted a chance to sit close to you. But of course, Keith had to come and ruin things–like he always did. The Red Paladin was seating too close to you, close enough that Lance could see his face flushing under the dark light when you turned to smile at him. 

He scoots closer till your shoulders are touching. “The stars are beautiful, are they not Y/N?”

“Yeah,” you enthuse.

Keith catches up to his game and grimaces. “But it ain’t as beautiful as you.”

You chuckle, blushing and secretly screaming on the inside. You’ve had a crush on Keith since you could remember. He was the prettiest Paladin in the group, and his violet-grey eyes had the ability to turn your thoughts to mush.

“I was gonna say that they sparkle like your eyes,” Lance retorts, giving you a flirty wink. Your heart quickens, because you had a crush on the Blue Paladin as well. Lance and Keith were like fire and water– different with their own intricacies. You wanted the heat and sharp coolness at the same time.

Shiro chuckles somewhere behind you as he shakes his head. “Slow down, boys.”

Keith turns to give him a glare, and Lance who was more respectful of the Leader, merely rolls his eyes. 

“Hush, the show is starting!” Allura cries as she turns her pretty face towards the observatory dome. The first streaks of light sparks through the sky, illuminating the dark deck. Lance spares you a look, at the same time Keith glances at you.

You were too busy with the spectacle, entranced by the bright flames of stars lighting the sky. You had never seen a meteor shower this close before. Lance inches his fingers closer to yours and you’re pleasantly surprised when he grasps your hand. You flush, giving him a smile, and feel Keith taking your other hand. The Blue Paladin glares at his rival and painfully wishes that the show was over so he could confront Keith. 

The Mullet is always taking everything from me, Lance thought bitterly. He wouldn’t give you up to Keith, not in a thousand years.

The show ends with Coran and Allura muttering something in Althean, and soon, the observatory is covered in darkness once more. Pidge stretches and says they’re going to work in the laboratory and Hunk follows quickly behind them. Shiro retires to his room, worn out from today and the Altheans move to the kitchen to prepare a religious drink that they have to consume immediately after the meteor shower.

That left you, Keith and Lance together in a room.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Lance grits his teeth as he sees Keith helping you up and mentally berates himself for not thinking of that. You extend a hand towards him, breaking through his thoughts as you pull him up from the ground. He throws a shy smile, and your heart beats wildly in your chest.

“I’ll take Y/N to her room,” Keith says, and Lance butts in.

“I can do it.”

Keith bristles, “No, I’ll do it!”

“No, I will!” he growls and just like that, they’re literally butting heads with each other.

“Boys.” Lance blinks when he hears the worry in your voice and he’s the first to back down. Keith follows soon, frowning at you.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something for quite awhile now,” you start, twisting your fingers together.

“Of course, darling, go on,” Lance says and Keith makes a sound of agreement.

You take a deep breath. Here goes nothing. “I know you both are having a silent competition to see who I’ll get with but I want you to know that I like the both of you. Equally.” You turn to Lance. “Lance, babe, I like you because you’re incredibly selfless and kind; you know what’s best for the team and you willingly put yourself at risk for strangers you don’t know. I love that about you.” 

You turn to Keith, not wanting to leave him out. “And Keith, I like you because of your tenacity and your stubbornness. You never take ‘no’ for an answer and you fight even when the odds are stacked against you. You inspire me everyday with your courage.” 

The two boys are stunned into silence, and you deliver the final part of your speech, hoping that your plan will work. “I love the both of you and I was hoping – praying, actually – that we can have a relationship. Together. All three of us.”

Lance breaks the ice first, his voice cracking on the question. “You…you want to have a p-poly relationship?”

“Yeah,” you say, and quickly reiterate, “if you both want to, of course.”

Keith heaves in a deep breath. “I…I have to think about this.”

Lance agrees with him, for once. “Me too. I like that you had the nerve to not lead us on and were clear with your wants, Y/N.”

“Yeah,” the Red Paladin echoes, and you see them both walking towards the end of the room, where the two boys lean their head close, discussing in low tones. You’re surprise to see Keith cracking a grin after awhile, and Lance reciprocating. 

The boys come back to you with an unanimous decision.

“Okay, Y/N, we’ve considered your proposal,” Lance starts. 

“And we want in,” Keith finishes. You beam at them, heart doing crazy cartwheels in the cavity of your chest. 

“R-Really?” Part of you thinks that this is a joke.

“Really,” Lance says and reaches for your hand. Keith does the same and he stretches his hand out to Lance.

“Yeah. Really,” Keith mutters, sincere, and you have to smile. 

You not only had one Paladin as a boyfriend, but two and you were beyond giddy. They pull you into a hug, and you melt in their arms, content as two sets of hands squeeze your waist and a cacophony of their breaths brush your hair.

You were honestly, the luckiest person in the whole of the universe.