it tastes like shit but what ever

The dicomony on here of “this media I like is actually so progressive and the best thing ever you should shut your mouth and be grateful” hero worshippy shit of media and creators vs people basically waiting for popular things to be “problematic” so they can complain about seeing it and show that they were right for not liking it always felt like two sides of the same coin. 

People wanna moralize their tastes and preferences and build up what they like as being morally superior/things they arnt big on as lesser instead of just being critical of and thinking about stuff in the media we consume

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do you love hotdiggetydemon like i love hotdiggetydemon because he's honestly great sometimes

as an artist/animator, his content is cool, but as a human fuckin no dude hes kind of a fuckin prick. like, i dont know if theres a single thing hes made thats not tainted with cringy edgy racist sexist tryhard jokes. i rly like his animations but his whole .. personality, i guess? ruins it for me

The signs as self titled Harry Styles album lyrics

Aries:  She sits beside me like a silhouette, hard candy dripping on me ‘til my feet are wet"

Taurus:  “This thing upon me, howls like a beast. You flower, you feast”

Gemini: “But we’re still young, we don’t know where we’re going but we know where we belong “

Cancer : “I’ve been praying, I never did before, understand I’m talking to the walls”

Leo: “Open up your eyes, shut your mouth and see that I’m still the only one who’s been in love with me”

Virgo: “She’s got a book for every situation, gets into parties without invitations, how could you ever turn her down?”

Libra “Just stop your crying have the time of your life, breaking through the atmosphere”

Scorpio: “ I’m selfish, I know. I told you, but I know you never listen”

Sagittarius: “Tongue-tied like we’ve never known, telling those stories we already told, 'cause we don’t say what we really mean”

Capricorn: “We don’t talk about it, it’s something we don’t do. 'Cause once you go without it, nothing else will do”

Aquarius: “ Why won’t you ever say what you want to say? Even my phone misses your call, by the way”

Pisces: “Taste so sweet, look so real, sounds like something that I used to feel, but I can’t touch what I see”

i took a nap when i got home from work today and dreamed about me asking my cat if grooming himself tasted bad and he responded with, “there is no such thing as bad tastes, only tastes our mouths do not like” and if that ain’t the most surreal shit ive ever heard then i dont know what is

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What the ever living shit Spidey, I just had an all-dressed potato chip for the first time and now I'm concerned. What other shit are you crazy canucks hiding from us?


Real poutine!  A mix of fresh cut fries, specifically spiced poutine gravy and cheese curds.

Hawkins Cheezies!  You like Cheetos?  Well buckle up because Cheezies are better in every way.  They’re crunchier, more cheesy, made with corn and don’t look/taste artificial.

Smarties!  Think M&M’s but bigger and with a harder shell more solid chocolate inside.  In fact, most Canadian chocolate is different (better) as it is smoother, sweeter and creamier.  Which leads us too…

Coffee Crisp!  Foam coffee filling between wafers and covered in chocolate.  

And Aero bars!  Super sweet, Canadian milk chocolate, aerated with little bubbles so the bar feels like it was made out of a chocolate cloud!  

Fudgee-O’s!  Made by the same company, think Oreos but with a fudge icing inside!

Hickory Sticks, goddamnit!  Slivers of hickory smoked potato chip slivers.

Tourtiere.  Spiced meat pies!  Pork or beef, nothing quite compares.  Crisp on the outside, savory on the inside.  The best meat pies.  Period.

Kraft Peanut Butter.  Apparently Kraft doesn’t make this peanut butter for you Americans.  Probably for the best, since it’d put all other peanut butter brands out of business.  Also, LOOKIT THE CUTE BEARS.

Tim Hortons, sweet baby Jesus.  From donuts to timbits to bagels to coffee, you can’t go wrong with this chain.  I cannot even begin to describe what you’re missing out on if you haven’t had their coffee or donuts.  Rows upon rows of donuts of all assortments, with the smell of brewed coffee in the air.  Holy shit.

Oh and the annual Roll Up the Rim to Win.  Which beats the crap out of whatever monopoly scam McDonalds pulls.


Just a reminder that I’m still pissed that both of Dick’s main ships broke up with him because he was sexually assaulted!

Babs broke up with him because Tarantula forced a kiss on him when he was fighting her. Legit in her own words, she partly broke up with him because “he still looks surprised when a villainess plants a wet one on him” like its his fault somehow,

And Kori broke up with him because a character named Mirage shapeshifted into Kori and slept with Dick. Which, btw, is rape, because he wouldn’t have consented to sleeping with Mirage if he knew she wasn’t Kori. Mirage later laughed in his face when she told him, and Kori broke up with him for “‘cheating”’ never caring what her boyfriend was trying to explain and what he had just been put through.

I’ll be salty about this shit till the day I’m put in the ground. Neither was ever fucking resolved, either, and it doubly puts a bad taste in my mouth that Tarantula, the one that forced a kiss on him, also went on to rape him after the fiasco with Blockbuster. Which was like, also never addressed.

For all my complaints about that never being addressed in canon though, I have to wonder if it’s in character for Dick never to mention it or want resolution. After all, two girlfriends broke up with him for being assaulted. Why would he ever think it was important for him to get resolution– more than that, with his history, wouldn’t he be blamed for what happened to him?

Anyways, fuck DC.

Current Underrated Boy Groups [Part. 1]

F.T. Island 

Fave Songs: “Pray”“To the Light”“Puppy”“Memory”

Reasoning: Honestly bands aren’t acknowledged enough in the Kpop world, not that there are many to begin with. They are an extremely talented group. And Hongki’s voice is amazing. It’s so unique and different. You really need to listen to him. 


Fave Songs: “Don’t Flirt”“She’s Mine”“Someday”

Reasoning: Seriously I feel like so much could have been avoided had U-Kiss had more popularity. I mean I won’t talk about all the member line up changes and stuff here but honestly I think things would have turned out better for U-Kiss if people didn’t sleep on them all the time. Their vocals were/are really good and their songs are good too. [Well maybe not so much their earlier stuff but you know..]

Highlight/previously Beast

Fave Songs: “Beautiful Night”“Yey”“Good Luck”“Breathe’“12:30″“Shadow”“Gotta Go to Work”“How to Love”“Plz Don’t Be Sad”

Reasoning: Seriously if you are still sleeping on Beast/Highlight…I don’t know what to say to you. Amazing songs, amazing talent like….what else could you want. Sadly Beast is no longer Beast and now only 5 members but in my heart Beast is still Beast and I’ll forever be a Beauty. 


Fave Songs: “The Eye”“Bad”“Back”“Last Romeo”“Be Mine”“Before the Dawn”“Destiny”“Request”“Man in Love”“That Summer”“Hey Hello”“Paradise”“Come Back Again” [I have second hand embarrassment from this last song though….like why did they debut this way hahaha]

Reasoning: UGH WHY SLEEP ON INFINITE!!!??? They are amazing, all members can sing well. They are literally known for their synchronization. Their songs are amazing. Like what is there not to like? And all their personalities are different so I promise there will be one that you like. Also check out their non title songs as well. I swear that list of fave songs is so long like I can’t even put them all on there. LOVE INFINITE I’M BEGGING YOU! Also check out their sub units: Infinite H, Infinite F, and Sunggyu’s solo albums and Woohyun’s solo album. 

Teen Top

Fave Songs: “Miss Right”“Rocking”“Ah Ah”“Crazy”“I Wanna Love”“Love Fool”“Walk By”“Snow Kiss”

Reasoning: Honestly Teen Top is so underrated. Like they are super talented, their songs are really good and like still they hardly ever get noticed at all. 

The Boss/DGNA

Fave Songs: “Lucky Man”“Rilla Go”“Why Goodbye”, “Love Power”

Reasoning: Well….have you heard of them? I honestly happened to just stumble upon them and fell in love with them. Sadly their sales are pretty much shit in Korea and so they mostly promote and release songs in Japan which unfortunately are not as much of my taste. I like that one that I listed. But their Japanese singles don’t fit them as well as their more manly Korean ones. But whatever money talks and they do what sales. That’s why you won’t see them promoting much in Korea.Sigh….if only they were more popular. 


Fave Songs: “Breathe”“The Ghost of Wind”

Reasoning: Honestly has anyone even heard of them? Do you know them? Most people don’t. Except maybe now with Hyunsik making waves in the acting world. But still….they are relatively unknown. Unfortunately they are on hiatus, there was a statement that the group disbanded but members themselves have said that’s not true. So maybe when they eventually come back more people will know of them. 


Fave Songs: “Solo Day”“A Lie”“Lonely”“Beautiful Target”“Sweet Girl”“Tried to Walk”“What’s Happening”“Baby Goodnight”“Baby I’m Sorry”

Reasoning: Truthfully they are much more popular than most that will be on this complete list. But they honestly don’t get the amount of recognition they truly deserve. They are so talented; Sandeul and Jinyoung’s voices are so beautiful. CNU and Gongchan are talented as well despite not being the main vocals. Baro’s rapping is great as well. Their songs are all amazing and a lot of them are upbeat and cute and playful and I love it. They are so adorable you should honestly listen to and love them. 


Fave Songs: “Witch”“Bounce”“Janus”“I-Yah”“On & On”“White Out”

Reasoning: Boyfriend is one of the most looked over 3rd generation idol groups. [that’s debatable but in my own little system they are 3rd generation] Anyway point is they aren’t very popular, you hardly ever see them on any variety shows, they haven’t even had a proper comeback since 2015. Their company screws them over and has basically thrown them in the basement not to see light of day while they focus on their other more popular groups. Someone support Boyfriend please omg! 


Fave Songs: “Just Tell Me”“Too Very So Much”“Baby I’m Sorry”“Just That Little Thing”

Reasoning: Have you heard of them? Probably not. They aren’t very popular, aren’t promoted well. And basically no one hears of them. But I really like their songs and they are really talented so you should at least give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Excalibur”“Black Out”

Reasoning; I’ll be honest I’m not like stanning them in the sense that I know their names or personalities or anything like that. But I do enjoy their music and when they do come out with new stuff I always make sure to check it out. You should too. Honestly they deserve more popularity. 


Fave Songs: “Hey You”“Still 24K”“U R So Cute”“Secret Love”

Reasoning: Again I don’t know their names and all but seriously they are worth a listen to. At least one good listen. They are far more talented than they get credit for. 

Big Star

Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Moonlight Sonata”“I Got the Feeling”

Reasoning: I swear no one has heard of them, they are never on any shows. I seriously only know one member because I’ve only ever seen them on one show. So I haven’t really got to know them. But what I do know is they are talented and I like their music so you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Movie”“I’ll Be Your Man”“Wow”“You’re So Fly”“The Winter’s Tale”“Insane”“2nd Confession”“Remember That”“When I Was Your Man”“You Can Cry”

Reasoning: Seriously BTOB gets mistreated and underrated all the time. Even some music shows don’t like to have them because of their unpopularity. It’s so ridiculous I just don’t understand why they aren’t popular. They are adorable and cute and sweet and talented. They are versatile too. Originally being a normal kpop group but they have transformed into an absolute beautiful ballad/pop group. Honestly they are amazing you should love them. Everyone should love them. 

Lup and Taako notice one day that Barry will eat legit anything, so they decide to test it with the spiciest dish they’ve ever made.

Barry takes a bite and instead of registering the spicy taste, he only notices that holy shit does his mouth hurt, is he allergic to… what is this? Spicy??

The twins realize that Barry just has… no sense of smell, meaning he cant taste anything. He never told them because he was afraid they would be disappointed. He eats anything they give him to make sure they’re happy, even if he doesn’t really know what it is

partially inspired by @whyisbarrybannedfromthekitchen  and Barry’s horrible, horrible food choices.

Full story under cut!

“Taako, you ever notice how Barry will just eat, like, anything we give him?”

Taako is busy with his newly polished manicure Magnus gave him not ten minutes ago. Staring at his cuticles, he responds, “isn’t the whole uh, the whole goal of cooking to like, to have them eat everything? Cuz its good?” Lime green is a good color for him, he thinks.

“Dude Barry is different though. He’s like a trash compactor with the decency to take it’s time and thank the chef. He’s never turned anything of mine down, I think he’ll eat anything, really.”

“I’ve heard your bedroom at night, that man will eat anything.”

They both high five, Taako doing so carefully as not to smudge the fresh polish. Not really like they had a UV light on this tin can.

“But seriously, it makes me wonder-”

“-If he has a limit?” Taako grabs the second half of her sentence. “Lup I may be dense, but I can read your face like an open book cuz we got the same mug dawg. You’ve got an experiment churning in that noggin so spill.”

Lup spends the next ten minutes describing all the meals she’s made within the last week for Barry. One included chocolate pudding with cilantro and garlic in it, to which he ate and complimented its smoothness. Second was a light salad with maple syrup dressing, which was slightly difficult but he didn’t complain. The next was a pasta dish where she substituted marinara for hot ketchup, which he adored the consistency of. And lastly,

“No… No he DIDN’T…!” Taakos eyebrows are raised and he sits back a little, hand to his chest and mouth agape.

“Yep, he ate oreos with toothpaste instead of creme in the middle.”

“That sick bastard…!”

“Taako he didn’t even flinch! I was terrified of the man I love as he proceed to eat my three trick cookies from the sleeve I gave him, then continue to the others without a reaction! So that got me thinking. Is it like a switch? Has he just never learned whats right and wrong on the food spectrum? Is there an end to this?“

“You wanna figure out how much he can take?”

“But what could be worse than what I gave him? The ketchup and pasta one was the most heinous creation I’ve ever concocted.”

“What, uh. What about reactions to, to food that are like the extreme of the spectrum?”

“What, like give him something super sour? He eats lemons instead of an orange with his cereal.”

Taako gags but continues, “nah nah sour is hard to work with. What if we… turned up the heat a little bit, eh?” THAT gets her attention.

That night the twins cook the spiciest meal of their lives. Every chili pepper under the sun go into this curry they’ve made, skipping over caution labels of bottles and suggestions. When they’ve finished, they can’t even look at it without their eyes watering.

Lup calls for Barry in the lab that dinner is ready. She knows he’s been busy so he usually eats while working, but he always makes sure to try a few bites before leaving to show Lup how much he appreciated everything she does.

“Hi Lu, hey Taako, this looks lovely! You’ve both been kinda quiet and Taako doesn’t usually help with one person meals, is something up?”

“Nah honey bunches just some good family bonding. I know you’re busy, but make sure you eat it while it’s hot.”

Taako snickers, vaguely whispering about how it’ll take a lot more than a few minutes to have it not be hot. Lup gives him a swift elbow jab to the ribs and he stifles his laugh into a cough.

“Sure, thanks babe.” He smiles warmly at her and gives her a long kiss to the cheek, and for a moment doubt flashes in her mind. As he pulls away though, the fork is already to his mouth.

Taako leans across the counter to watch and Lup almost tells him to stop, but her curiosity overwhelms her as Barry makes no reaction to the spice.

“As always Lup you never fail to make a delicious- hey why does my mouth… my mouth, hurts?” He looks at them, talking with his tongue hanging out and gasping for air, “guys my mouth kinda huwts, it might be an allergic reaction? Is my epi pen anywhere close by?? Or something cold at least, it feels like I’ve been burned!”

“Barry have you never had spicy food before?” Taako asks wide eyed and unblinking, making no motion to help him. Lup has already rounded the counter towards the fridge for some water.

“W-what no, I l-love spicy food, haha that’s like my favorite stuff! Not sure what this is though, is this made of pop rocks?” His tongue still hangs out of his mouth now as he’s sweating.

“Barry, you’re EATING spicy food.”

There’s a pause as Barry looks down at his plate. Lup has stopped pouring him some water now as both twins look at him with concerned eyes.

“Babe,” Lup starts, “do you have a sense of taste?”

“I…I, yes? Technically, yes. Yeah, I’ve got a sense of taste, how else could I… love your cooking?” He’s breathing is a bit heavier now, “I…I wouldn’t be able to compliment or love it otherwise… see? Like this…” Barry goes to lift his fork again and Lup stops him, holding his hand down and looking into his eyes.

“You could have told me, babe why didn’t you say anything?” There’s no hurt in her eyes, only concern for the human.

Barry sighs and puts the fork down. Taking the glass of water he hands her, he finally says “because I CAN taste things, I just don’t have a sense of smell. This curry is the first thing I’ve actually tasted in a long time, but it was kinda overridden by… pain? I think it was just pain, not really a flavor… But Lup I loved it, really I-“

“Barry.” He shuts up. “You not being able to taste my cooking isn’t anything I care about. I cook because you look happy when you eat it. I just want you to be happy and that’s it, babe.”

Barry looks like he’s going to say something when he’s overwhelmed by the spiciness again and takes a sip of water, prompting them both to laugh again.

“So no WONDER he kept eating all that weird shit! He didn’t know it was weird!” The happy couple is reminded they’re not alone when Taako interjects, “oh thank god, now I don’t have to disown you for eating salad with maple syrup!”

“Wait, I ate what?” He looks up at Lup through the corners of his eyes.


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Something more from divorcee au please??? my family is starving the crops are dying

You know I stop working on everything else to update this right lol

Tony heard a knock on the door and froze, unconsciously clutching Peter tighter to his chest. He’d just—just recently gotten a vile voicemail from Stone saying he was coming for Peter. Tony had, of course, sent the voicemail to Pepper who had passed it on to Natasha, but then Natasha had called him with an ominous, ‘Batten down the hatches, Tony,’ and he’d been a nervous wreck all day. And now someone was here.

“Daddy, huwts!” Peter whined.

Tony gasped quietly and loosened his grip. “Sorry, Petie-Pie.” He pressed a few kisses to his cheek for good measure, and the toddler giggled reluctantly. Tony looked around nervously as the knock came again. “I’m—I’m coming, just a second!” Spying the closet, he hurried toward it. “Okay, Peter, you know how we talked about how bad people might be coming after us?”

His heart broke when Peter’s face went from a reluctant smile to a furrowed brow and frown. “I gotta hide and be quiet.”

“Quiet as a mouse,” Tony agreed, opening the door and carefully setting him on the floor. “And what do you do if someone who isn’t me finds you?”

“I scweam.”

“You scream so loud,” Tony said as Peter crawled to the back of the closet. “And then you keep screaming. I’m going to leave the door open a crack, honey. Remember, be quiet!”

Peter nodded and covered his mouth with both hands. It killed Tony a little to close the door on his face until the tiniest sliver of light caught his eye. Peter should have never had to deal with this, have to be taught to be quiet and hide because someone might come and take him against his and Tony’s wills.

The knock came a third time, and Tony took a shuddering breath before he went to get it. His heart leapt into his throat when he found a tall, broad man standing on the stoop, face set in a scowl. He looked like he could tie Tony into a pretzel and then throw him across a football field. Tony wished he’d thought to grab his gun before he’d answered the door.

“These are for you,” the man said gruffly, shoving a plate at him.

Tony had no choice but to grab them. Well, at least he could use the plate as a weapon now. “I—Oh, cookies. Um. Thank you.” Maybe this guy wasn’t a thug.

“Gluten, egg, and nut free,” the man grunted.

Tony frowned. Maybe this man was a thug and was actually trying to kill him via bland food. “You just sucked all the fun out of these cookies.”

“Steve didn’t know if Peter had allergies,” the man grunted.

Tony stared at him, confused. Then it hit him—Steve. Rhodey’s hot blond neighbor. And this—this must be Steve’s grumpy boyfriend. It figured that Steve’s boyfriend would be equally attractive. What had Steve said his name was? Something kinda dumb, if Tony was being honest.

“I’m Bucky,” the man said, thrusting his hand at him.

Tony took it mostly on instinct. Right. Bucky. What an awful name. “I’m Tony. Oh!” He shoved the plate back at Bucky and rushed back over to the closet, pulling the door open hurriedly. “Peter, it’s alright. It’s just one of our neighbors.”

Peter wiped at his eyes and sniffled a little before holding his arms out to him. Tony plucked him up and clutched him to his chest, running a hand up and down his back and murmuring apologies.

Once Peter had calmed down, Tony turned, embarrassed. Bucky looked like he’d swallowed a lemon. “Sorry.”

“Jesus,” Bucky said, appalled, and Tony flinched a little. “I just—No wonder Natasha hired me.”

Tony blinked at him. “What.”

“Natasha, your lawyer?” Bucky replied, raising an eyebrow. “She hired me to protect you.”

Tony narrowed his eyes at him suspiciously. “Natasha didn’t tell me anything about you.”

“Yeah, that mighta been a secret,” Bucky said after a pause. “But man—you have your kid hiding in the closet in case someone comes after you. No wonder she texted me and told me to introduce myself to you.”

Tony stared at him warily, unable to help his disbelief. Why hadn’t Natasha told him about Bucky? Why hadn’t Steve?

“Listen,” Bucky sighed, rolling his eyes. “I can prove it. I’ll call Natasha and put it on speakerphone.”

“Auntie ‘tash!” Peter exclaimed, throwing his hands up.

Tony sputtered. “Wha—Peter, not every woman named Natasha is going to be your aunt!”

“What,” came Natasha’s sharp voice through the phone.

“Except this time she is,” Tony added, confused, as Peter cheered.

“Tony? Peter? Bucky what the—” There was a cough as Natasha caught herself. “…heck. I said introduce yourself to Tony, not spill that I hired you to be his long-distance bodyguard.”

“He had his kid in the closet,” Bucky replied, and Tony fought the urge to wilt. He wasn’t sorry for trying to protect his son, even if it sounded bad.

“Auntie ‘tash!” Peter exclaimed, leaning toward the phone, and Bucky gamely held the phone closer to him. “Auntie ‘tash, I was reawy quiet! As a mouse!”

Natasha’s voice softened into a deep, sweet coo. “Did you, darling? I’m so proud of you. You’re a good boy to listen to your daddy.”

Peter blushed and covered his face.

“Aw,” Tony said, smiling reluctantly. “What do we say when people compliment us baby?”

“Thank you,” Peter mumbled, embarrassed.

“Well,” Natasha said after a moment. “I wanted Bucky’s involvement to be secret for a while so he wouldn’t spook you or anything, but…” She sighed. “But I guess Stone spooked you more. Listen, Bucky’s good. He’s great. He hasn’t failed me yet and he’s not going to fail me now.”

“Yeah?” Tony asked skeptically.

“I’ll kill him myself if he fails,” Natasha told him seriously.

Tony stared at the phone. “…I think you’re a mafia don,” he decided.

Natasha snorted. “You always think I’m a mafia don. I’m not. I don’t have time to rule the criminal underworld.”

“It frightens me that that is the only reason why,” Tony admitted.

“Listen, I have a client meeting that started a few minutes ago. I should probably get to them since they’re paying me. If Stone leaves you anymore voicemails, send them to me,” she ordered sternly. “Especially if they’re threatening like the last one. Worst case scenario, I move in with you guys and commute.”

“Yaaaay!” Peter crowed, flailing. “Auntie ‘tash!”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, зайчик?” Natasha cooed. “Once this big dumb trial is over, I’m taking you and your daddy out on a picnic and stuffing you with sweets.”

Tony’s groan could just barely be heard under Peter’s cheering.

“Take care of them, Barnes, or I’m going to skin you alive,” Natasha added cheerfully.

Tony was appalled, but Bucky didn’t look fazed in the slightest.

“G’bye,” Bucky said, then hung up, and then thrust the plate of cookies at them again. “Please don’t make me eat these.”

“I don’t want them!” Tony exclaimed, before his manners caught up with him.

Peter grabbed two cookies and jammed one into his mouth. Then he let out a disgusted ‘bleh!’ and spit it out, dropping the other to the floor. He looked up at Bucky, betrayed.

“It’s not my fault!” Bucky defended immediately. “Steve didn’t want me to kill you with allergens!”

“You’ve made sad disks is what you’ve done,” Tony said, the corner of his lip quirking up. He took a cookie just so Bucky would stop looking so constipated and bit into it. “…This is the driest shit I’ve ever tasted.”

“The batter was awful, too,” Bucky admitted. He stared at the plate of cookies before turning it over, watching them fall to the ground. “Oh no, I’ve dropped them.”

Tony covered his mouth to hide his smile.

Peter pointed at him accusingly. “You did that on puwpose!”

Bucky seemed to ponder this. “…Yeah, but they tasted like dirt anyway.”

Peter pointed at him a moment longer before letting his hand fall, conceding reluctantly.

Bucky stared at him for a long time before he asked, “Do you have any allergies?”

Tony opened his mouth, then closed it when he realized he was talking to Peter. When Peter looked up at him unsurely, he quietly said, “You know your no-no foods, Peter.”

Peter nodded sharply and turned back to Bucky. “Twee nuts.”

“Tree nuts?” Bucky’s brow furrowed. “Glad I didn’t make peanut butter cookies then.”

“Oh, he can have peanut butter,” Tony cut in, bouncing Peter so he’d laugh, and smiling when Peter let out a happy shriek. “Peanuts are a ground nut. He can’t have nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans. Can’t have pine nuts either. I tell you, my mother rolled over in her grave when I adopted a kid that can’t eat pesto.”

“Pwesto!” Peter exclaimed, throwing his hands up, then patted at Tony’s face. “Down, Daddy! Down!”

“Okay, okay,” Tony said, setting him down, and watched as Peter toddled off to the coffee table to continue their puzzle. Once sure that he was occupied, Tony turned back to Bucky, belatedly adding, “Oh, uh, did—did you wanna come inside?”

Bucky looked down at the cookies on the floor, then back up at him. “No.”

“Alright.” Tony stared up at him for a moment before he asked, “Are you really as good as Natasha thinks?”

“I taught her everything she knows,” Bucky began, then stopped himself. “I taught her most of the things she knows. The rest she developed to kill me and take my power.”

Tony giggled reluctantly. “That’s awful.”

“Well, she’s a lawyer.” Bucky fiddled with the plate, frowning down at his shoes, before looking back up at him. “Listen, I just—I want you to know, I’ve got your back. I’ve done this for years, even worked for Rumlow for a while, so I know what to expect from him. I’m gonna take care of you guys.” He glanced at Peter, turning the plate in circles in his hands. “You won’t have to hide your kid in a closet ever again.”

Tony flinched and turned to look at Peter again. Normal kids didn’t have to learn how to hide and be very quiet. Normal kids didn’t have to worry about someone other than their daddy grabbing them and taking them away. Peter deserved better. And he didn’t even know it.

“Hey,” Bucky said quietly. “You’re protecting your kid. I’m gonna protect both of you.” He reached out his hand, and Tony held his out dumbly, jumping when something cold was pressed to his palm. “You think you’re in immediate danger, you come over to hide. It’ll buy you some time. Steve knows and he’s ready for you. He stays home most days anyway. Okay?”

Tony stared at the key in his hand, then curled his trembling fingers over it. Who knew that when he’d served Tiberius with divorce papers, he’d have to go hide in his best friend’s neighbors’ house? God, he wished he could just go back and change everything.

“Hey,” Bucky said, reaching out to put a hand on his shoulder. “Hey. As bad as this may sound, you’re not he first guy whose spouse is a complete psycho. I’ve worked a lot of these types o’ cases.”

That did make him feel better, in a strange way. Sometimes Tony felt like he was the crazy one, with the way Tiberius treated him, like he somehow deserved it. Logically, he knew that that wasn’t the case. He’d—he’d suffered a lot of gaslighting in the relationship. His therapist said so. (And it hurt to know that he’d needed a therapist to get away from Tiberius; that his therapist might need to testify on his behalf. He felt so weak, that he’d needed someone to tell him ‘you don’t deserve to be hit, Tony.’)

“I’ve got your back,” Bucky repeated, patting his shoulder, then turned to leave.

Tony sniffed and hurriedly wiped a tear from his cheek. “I hope—” He cleared his throat. “I hope you don’t have too many of those awful cookies left.”

Bucky looked pained. “I’m gonna make Stevie eat ‘em.”

Tony couldn’t help a laugh at the image that came to mind of Steve trying to choke down those dry-ass cookies.

Sick Boy - Steve Harrington imagine

Requested by @hidefromeveryone

Request : stranger things & steve harrington & 7 & 29 please <33

Warnings : none, BUT A FLUFFY SICK STEVE

Request box is open!! Send in your requests here

I exit my last period class and dash towards the parking lot, usually I’m not in this much of a hurry to get out of school but my poor boyfriend is at home sick and there’s no one home to take care of him. I get to my car and throw all my books and Steve’s into the backseat, I grabbed his homework and assignments on my lunch hour - not like he’s going to do them anyway. I start my car and make my way to Steve’s house.

I get to his place within 10 minutes and park my car in the driveway, his parents won’t mind cause they’re out of town once again. I walk up to the front door and let myself in with the key Steve gave me and make my way upstairs to Steve’s room, I open his door and my heart breaks at the sight of him. He’s wrapped up in what looks like 3 blankets with tissues all over his floor and bed, I watch him turn his head and he sees me and gives me the saddest smile I’ve ever seen.

“Hey baby, how are you feeling?” I question as I walk to the edge of his bed and sit down, he sniffles and before he can answer he lets out some rough sounding coughs.

“I’m okay.” he says with a raspy voice, clearly he’s not okay.

“Awe my poor boy, I’m gonna take care of you, okay?” I say in a concerning voice, he smiles at me and nods his head, completely content with being babied.

“Do you have a fever?” I say as I reach my hand to feel his forehead, he feels a normal but his head is all sweaty. “No fever.” I say pushing some hair out of his face. “Have you taken any medicine?” I ask, knowing fully well he’s going to lie and say yes.

“Yes I did.” he says nodding his head, I give him a skeptical look and stand up putting my hands on my hips.

“Steve Harrington don’t lie to me.” I say sternly, he just stares at me biting his lip knowing he got caught. “I’ll be right back.” I say as I leave his room and head for the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, Steve doesn’t get sick often, since he’s an athlete he takes pretty good care of himself but when he does get sick he’s the biggest baby I’ve ever met. I grab some Benadryl to help his sore throat and head back to his room, when I get back he’s still in the same position watching the door to see what I brought. When he sees the bottle of Benadryl his eyes widen and he covers his head with a blanket.

“No! I’m not taking that! It tastes like shit!” he yells from under the covers acting like a child.

“Babe c’mon. Please don’t do this.” I whine opening the bottle and pouring some liquid into the lid. 

“Nuh uh, no way!” he protests from under the sheets.

I huff out a loud groan knowing he’s going to be stubborn about this. 

“Alright fine, you wanna be a baby? Fine with me.” I say pouring the medicine back into the bottle, “I’ll just leave since you can clearly take care of yourself, hey I wonder what Billy’s doing tonight.” I say sarcastically.

“Alright! I get it, give me the stupid medicine!” He whines as he takes the covers off his body, crossing his arms like a child.

I smile at him and reopen the bottle pouring it back into the lid once again, I take a seat in front of him on the bed and he pushes himself up to receive the medicine. I hand the lid over to him and he takes it glaring at me, he stares at the lid for 10 seconds before taking a deep breath and downing it. He scrunches his face in disgust and I can’t help but laugh, he then shudders his body and makes gagging noises, now he’s over exaggerating.

“Oh stop it’s not that bad you big baby.” I say mocking him, putting the lid back on the bottle.

“Oh yeah?” he questions, “Lets see you take a swig and see how macho you are princess.” He says taking the bottle from my hands.

“If I hang out with you any longer I may have to.” I joke taking his sweaty hand in mine, he gives me a glare and places the bottle on his night stand. “How about I make you some soup?” I say trying to make him feel better. 

“Maybe later, can we just cuddle for a bit?” He asks extending his arms out to me, I tilt my head in awe and nod my head.

“Of course baby.” I say, he pulls his blankets down and pats to the empty space next to him. I shuffle over to his side and wrap my arm around his torso, resting my head on his chest. 

“Thank you for coming over and taking care of me.” he says, “I love you so much.” he whispers into my ear holding me tighter to his body.

I smille and look up at him, “I love you to my sick boy.” I say and I kiss his cheek. I fall asleep to the sound of his heart beating, as stubborn as he is - I love taking care of him.

Omg I live for a sick Steve!!! Hope you like it! 

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And in the immortal words of Jared Padalecki:

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What hurt you anon? What makes you hate the idea so much? Why do you feel the need to come to peoples inboxes to spew your hateful bullshit? Honestly you are the one who is pathetic. Go get a life outside of hate.

Its not about buttsex you ridiculous cretin (if that’s all it is to you then that’s called homophobia. The rampant sexualisation of queer love and couples is a major scorn on society and you are in the midst of it. Grow up and learn to differentiate between love and sex.)  

Anyone with any ability to analyse and study media can see the romantic tropes. We have countless comparisons between male friends in story telling and destiel and one is not like the other. You are the delusional one. You and all your anti cretins in your hateful little tumblr hole are so hilariously pathetic at this point your tantrums bring us quite a lot of glee (when we can be bothered to even bat an eyelid at you that is). Unlike you we actual prefer to revel in the ideas of love and goodness and decent story telling and character development. We devote our time to creating art and fantastic works of fiction and we bond and share in our LOVE of this show AND this ship AND the characters and there is no hateful nastiness in our midst. I honestly pity you.

What do you do on tumblr? You go into people’s inboxes to rant and attempt to bring them down? All because you don’t like the fact that countless numbers of people share in their love and passion for this show and this ship? That it has support from lots of media sources as well as the cast and crew of Supernatural itself? Is whats bothering you the fact that destiel has been building up so much traction in media and getting so much publicity nowadays that you are fed up of seeing it everywhere? That the show itself is making a huge deal out of Dean and Cas’s relationship that you have to watch it blindly hidden behind your delusion to deny what is clearly a deep and profound relationship built on foundations of love that has been made VERY clear in the text that it is far different to the love between Sam and Cas (whose love is canonically, textually, a brotherly love?)

Is THAT what bothers you? The fact that all this build up is making you so uncomfortable that you have to storm into a meta writers inbox to try to make them see the ‘light’? Call them deluded and path’a’tic because you can’t bare the truth that they are most likely correct in their assessment? Exactly what did you expect to gain from this? Did it make you feel better to send that ask? If so then I REALLY pity you. Go get yourself a Snickers or something, and maybe watch a different show. Because you are REALLY not gonna like where this one is going.

“All of You” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 1,904

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request: Do you think I can get a Daryl x Plus Size Reader where she is in love with Daryl but pushes him away because she feels that she’s not good enough for him?

Warnings: Some self-hatred, language, alcohol, fluff, implied smut

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You stand in front of your mirror, just having got out of the shower. Your hair is still wet and its clinging to your shoulders, but you don’t mind. At least you guys have showers again. You don’t look as tired anymore, and you’re looking a whole lot more healthy since you guys arrived to Alexandria. You don’t like to admit it, but going here probably saved your guys’ lives.

You stare at yourself in the reflection. There’s no hiding that you’re plus-sized. You have been your entire life, even when you were a kid. Even during the outbreak, when you would go days without food, you still looked about the same. You don’t mind, not really- you have come to terms with it and you usually don’t let it affect you. You know you’re a great, beautiful person regardless of your size, and you’re a good asset to the group.

The only time that you let it bother you is when it came to one specific person. Daryl Dixon.

You’re in love with him, and you have been ever since you met him on the farm. You were entranced by how much he cared for that little girl, even if he failed to admit it. You could tell he was a good person underneath his hard exterior. Plus, it helps that he is attractive as hell and his arm muscles are god-worthy. Not to mention that you really like his hair now that it’s longer.

You’ve never told him how you felt. Not only because you two are friends and you treasure your friendship, but because you’re afraid he’ll shoot you down because of your size. You feel like you aren’t good enough for him. That he’ll want someone like Rosita, who’s not only beautiful, but thin.

Snapping yourself out of your self-degrading thoughts, you wrapped your towel around your body and walk over to your room to pick out clothes for the day. Even though you had access to wear better clothing, you much preferred your normal jeans and t-shirts. They were more comfortable and easier to move around in.

Throwing your wet hair into a bun, you slide on your shoes and head out the front door. You spot someone coming in the main gate, and you recognize the mysterious person as Daryl.

“Can ‘ya help me carry this?” Daryl shouts to you from across the street, holding three giant bags that were almost to the point of over spilling.

“Yeah!” You say almost over-enthusiastically. You walk over to him and grab one of the bags, following him to where he was taking them. “Successful run?”


“Good, good.” You try and keep the conversation going. “What all did you find?”

“Some medical supplies, some clothes. Also found a bottle of whiskey. Thought about chuggin’ that down tonight. Wanna join?” He smiles. You know he’s just being friendly- that’s what friends do- but it still makes your stomach turn with nervousness.

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

Daryl nods at you as you two set down the bags in front of Rick’s house, presumably so he can go through everything.

You didn’t see Daryl for the rest of the day, and your thoughts were running wild. You kept telling yourself that maybe Daryl was joking about drinking together later, or that you heard him wrong. Sure, you two had “hung out” before, but nothing like that. And the thought of being alone with Daryl in his house, drinking alcohol, maybe you get butterflies in your stomach.

By the time that night time had arrived, you weren’t sure if you could go through with your plans. Daryl makes you insanely nervous and you have no idea why. After you had finished up working with Maggie, you were a sweaty mess and you were desperate for a shower. You were walking back over to your house, but someone running towards you made you stop.

“Y/N? I thought ya were coming over.” Daryl came into view, frowning.

“I am, but I’ve been working all day and I need a shower.” You scrunch up your nose.

“Fine, I’m startin’ without ya though.”

“You could always ask someone else if they want to join, I’m sure-“

“Nah, wanna be with you.” Daryl interrupts, smiling, before leaving you alone on your doorstep.

As you shower, you remind yourself that he’s just being friendly, and that you shouldn’t look so far into things. He wouldn’t like a girl like you, you thought, so there is no need to be freaking out so badly. You don’t bother to wash your hair, as you cleaned it this morning, so the shower is quite quick.

You step out, and frown as you look into the mirror again. You’d come so far in terms of building self-confidence, but Daryl made you feel like you were in high school again, dripping of insecurity.

You put on a different pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, not even bothering to put on shoes as Daryl’s house was just next door. Maybe if he got drunk enough, he wouldn’t notice if you just didn’t show up? You shake your head, knowing that you’re being completely ridiculous. It’s Daryl. You’ve known him for years- you’ll be okay.

When you get to his house, you can see him sitting on his couch, holding the bottle of whiskey in his hand as he stared intently at the TV. You knock on the window, and he smiles when he sees you there, getting up immediately to let you in.

“Was startin’ to think you weren’t gonna show up.”

“Nah.” You go inside.

“Look, if ya don’t wanna be here, you can go.” Daryl looks at you, obviously noticing your tension.

“No, I want to be here, I promise.” You smile at him.

“Alright, good, ‘cause I want you here.” He leads you over to his couch, making you blush. He pours some of the whiskey into a cup and hands it to you.

“I have no idea how you managed to find an entire, unopened bottle of this stuff.” You take a sip, making a face at the burn in your throat. You haven’t had hard alcohol like this in a long time.

“Just got lucky I guess.”

“Real lucky.” You commented. “How did you manage to get this back without Glenn finding out?”

“I have my ways.” Daryl smirked, taking a drink straight out of the bottle.

The next few hours was spent talking about random things, and it made you feel at ease. You weren’t so nervous anymore (probably a mixture of being slightly tipsy and just having normal conversation with Daryl) and you were truly enjoying yourself.

You were setting yourself back down on the couch, having got up to go pee. Your buzz was wearing off and you were growing tired, and were thinking about heading home soon.

“Y’know, I don’t know why ya avoid me so much.” Daryl says, scooting his body closer to you as you sat down. You tense up, taking another drink of your whiskey to help calm your nerves. He was definitely drunker than you were.

“I don’t avoid you.” You say simply.

“Yeah, ya do.” He frowns. “I try ta hang around ya more, and the minute ya see me, ya go runnin’ off.”

“Must have not noticed.” You take a bigger drink of your alcohol.

“I used to think ya liked me, and shit, I think I like ya too, but now I’m startin’ to think I was wrong. I’m startin’ to think ya hate me.” He frowns.

“You like me?” You look at him dumbfounded.

“Well, I thought that was obvious.”

“You’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.” You put it off, not believing what you’re hearing.

“I’m not as drunk as ya think I am. Regardless, a man’s most honest when he’s drunk, aint he?”

You’re silent for a while, not sure how to respond.

“You’re right about what you said.” You admit, sighing.

“That ya hate me? I fuckin’ knew it. I’m an idiot, I’m sorry.”

“No!” You yell, startling him. “About the other thing. About liking you. You’re right.”

“Oh. Good.” He smiles down at you. “If I hadn’t drank tonight, I wouldn’t have told ya how I felt. That’s why I wanted ya to come over.” He admits.

“Why do you like me, Daryl? I’m… Well, I’m not like the rest of the girls here. I’m not as thin or as beautiful as the rest of the girls. I’m no Maggie or Rosita. I’m not good enough for you.” You pour your feelings out, a sure sign that the whiskey was starting to work.

“Y/N,” Daryl grabbed your shoulders so you were facing him. “I don’ care about your size. That shit don’ matter to me. I like you for you, not for what size of jeans ya wear. You’re beautiful, hell, you’re prettier than Maggie and Rosita combined. I don’ want to hear ya ever talkin’ down about yourself again. Is that why you’ve been pushin’ me away so much?”

“Yeah. Didn’t think you’d want me.”

“I.” Daryl brings you into a kiss. He tastes like whiskey, but you don’t care, you melt into the kiss anyways. “Love.” He kisses you again. “You.”

Your heart was beating out of your chest. There was no way this was happening. You bring your fingers to your arm, pinching yourself to make sure that you weren’t dreaming. The pain that ran through your arm alerted you that, no, this was real life. Not only was Daryl kissing you, but he was saying that he loved you.

You kiss him back, the shock finally wearing off. He’s an amazing kisser for someone who hadn’t been with anyone since you met him, and that was a long time ago.

“I love you too.” You pull away.

“I love all of you. I love your face,” Daryl kisses your lips softly. “I love your chest.” Daryl trails his kisses down your neck, giving you chills. “I love your stomach.” Daryl lifts up your shirt, kissing your bare stomach. You go to cover yourself up, but Daryl moves your hands away. “I love your thighs.” He starts kissing down your thighs, his lips lingering a little longer on your inner thighs. You can feel yourself weakening under his touch, desperate for more.  

“But most of all,” Daryl brings his face back up to yours. “I love your personality. I love everythin’ about ya. I don’t want ya to ever think that you’re not good enough for me ever again. You’re perfect.”

You answer him by crashing your lips onto his. He lays you down on the couch, bringing himself on top of you as he continued kissing you.

“Can we go up to your bedroom?” A burst of confidence ran through you, your body on fire.

“Yes, baby.” He grabs your hand, leading you upstairs to his room.

The night was spent well, and you had never felt more happy in your life. You finally had the man of your dreams. He loved you, and that was the best feeling in the world.


The other day I made some jams based on the jam fic chamomile, rose water and other unlikely intoxicants by @callmearcturus,​ who is the unfortunate recipient of Frequent Hare-brained Ideas By Me. There is a Dirk themed and Jake themed jam, with ingredients based on ingredients associated with the characters as mentioned in the fic.

Without further ado, a recipe for a fan recipe based on a fanfic. Of Homestuck.

for the winter king

[ peach + rose water + orange blossom ]

  • 2 white peaches, diced
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 2 tbsp pectin
  • vanilla extract, to taste
  • rose water, to taste
  • orange blossom extract, to taste

for the handmaiden

[ mulled wine + red berries ]

  • 1 white peach, diced
  • 1 pluot (or plum), diced
  • 1 box each raspberries, blackberries and strawberries
  • 1 cup red wine
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 3 tbsp pectin
  • vanilla extract, to taste
  • cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove to taste
  • brandy, optional
  • honey, optional

Directions are similar to typical pectin jam making, dice all ingredients to roughly the same size, and bring to a boil with the sugar/spices. Add the pectin once it’s boiling, then remove from heat. The mulled wine recipe is non-alcoholic, the alcohol will burn off during the cooking process. Stir extracts/waters after the jam has been taken off the heat.

I did a lot of this to taste, so remember, you can’t really go wrong w fruit and a fuckton of sugar. If all else fails, there are many jam websites that provide more precise measurements and temperatures.

Thanks for reading what is possibly the nerdiest post I’ve ever made. Tune in next week for more. Like, comment and subscr-

Accidental Kissing

Hi there! I’ve really wanted to start incorporating writing into my blog and this is my first real attempt. I wrote this on my own, and it’s just some phan fluff, but I’d love to write more if you guys want to send prompts or anything like that <3

Summary: Phil has a crush on Dan and during a gaming video Phil might accidentally kiss him.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything in this writing other than the writing itself

Please don't repost this anywhere or claim it as your own <3


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Eyes (l.h. imagine)

Summary: soulmate au where your eyes change color depending on how far away/close you are to your soulmate

Warnings: some swearing
You lived in a world that seemed to hate you. Meeting your soulmate is supposed to be difficult, but you had a more than difficult time finding yours. At birth, your eyes are a normal color. By the age of five, your eyes turn a different color depending on how far away you are from your soulmate. Yours have always been a dark brown since then. Brown means that your soulmate is far away and gray means that your soulmate is close. They’ve started changing before, but it was just a trick. You could be in an empty room and they would change, getting your hopes up about something that won’t happen. You’ve pretty much given up hope of ever finding your soulmate at this point.
“Come on!” Your best friend yells, running towards the stadium. You sigh and run after her, getting in line behind lots of other girls. She wanted to see 5 Seconds of Summer and has dragged you along with her. You weren’t a huge fan of the band. Sure, they were good but you weren’t crazy about them like she was.
“Remind me again why you brought me along?” You ask as she hands the guard the tickets to get inside the venue. She grins at you. “Because you’re my best friend.” You laugh and say, “lucky me.” This makes her laugh, knowing you’re just kidding.
The sun is still shining bright outside, but it’s getting ready to go down. Colors of red and orange strike across the sky. It’s warm, but not too warm. You close your eyes and soak up the sun, then open them when you hear girls screaming. The band is walking into the venue from the side entrance, and they’ve been spotted. You lock eyes with the lead guitarist, Luke for a quick moment. He smiles a little at you and you wave.
“I love you, Ashton!” Your friend yells, trying to get the drummer’s attention. He grins and waves at her, and you swear she almost faints. You wince as a burning pain starts in your eyes. You cover them with your hands, biting your lip as the pain increases.
“(Y/N), are you okay?” She asks, concerned. You look at her after the band is gone and the pain fades. You smile and she smiles back at you, but her smile fades. “What? What’s wrong?” You ask, confused. Two seconds ago she was nearly jumping ten feet high to get the attention of the boys and now she seems worried.
“Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that… (Y/N), your eyes changed.” She admits. Your eyes widen. “Are you serious?” She nods, handing you her phone so you can look at the camera. Your usually dark chocolate orbs have now turned a light amber. “Your soulmate is here!” She whisper-yells. You bite your lip.
This isn’t the first time this has happened. Your eyes have changed color before in an empty room. They had a habit of playing a joke on you; making you think your soulmate was around, only to reveal that he isn’t.
“They do that a lot. Don’t get your hopes up.” You mumble, handing her the phone back. She frowns. “Oh. Okay.” You give her a small smile. “Come on, let’s go find our seats.” She smiles and follows you inside the venue. It’s starting to get crowded, teenage girls standing around everywhere. You can feel the good vibes going around and it actually makes you excited for the show.
“Here they are!” Your friend says, pointing to two seats in the front row. You both sit down and take a few selfies while waiting for the show to start. “Is this your first time seeing them live?” A girl behind you asks. You smile and nod. “She didn’t want to come, but she’s going to love it.” Your friend says, giggling. “You will, the boys make sure you have a good time.” The other girl says. You look up at the stage as the lights go out and a black and white screen pops up. A countdown begins and your friend jumps up from her seat, pulling you with her. You laugh as the crowd starts to chant, “5SOS, 5SOS, 5SOS!”
You can feel the excitement building in your body as you begin to chant along with them. Your friend is jumping up and down and is screaming inaudible things, and her happiness makes you grin. She saved up for a whole year for these tickets and you’ve never seen her happier. The boys run on stage as guitar riffs scream through the stadium. Your seats are in front of Luke and you can see him up close. He’s wearing black skinny jeans and a black v-neck. A silver necklace hangs down from his neck. His hair is flat, unlike in all the posters (Y/F/N) has in her room. However, it’s getting a bit long and has started to curl on the ends. His lip ring is gone, which makes you a little disappointed.
He makes eye contact with you again and time seems to stop. Your friend is dancing beside you to whatever song they’re playing, but you’re too focused on Luke. The burning sensation is back in your eyes, and you rub them to try to get it to fade. You get some relief when Luke looks away, so you sing along to End Up Here as best as you can, not knowing all the lyrics completely.
“How you guys doing tonight?!” Ashton yells into his mic after the song ends. Screams erupt from all around you. “We’re here to make sure that you all have the best time of your lives tonight. Are you ready?!” Calum yells. More screaming. He laughs. You smile and look at your best friend, who throws her arm around your shoulders.
“(Y/N), your eyes are gray.” She yells in your ear, so that you can hear. You frown. They’ve never gotten gray before. “My soulmate is here.” You tell her, turning around to look all around you. You feel anxious, biting your lip so hard it feels like it could start bleeding. “Are you okay, miss?” A guard in the aisle asks you. “She’s fine.” Your friend tells him, looking around with you.
You eventually give up on searching after missing half of the concert. “He has to be around here somewhere.” Your friend mutters, but you shake your head. “Just forget it. My eyes are just playing a trick again.” You say quietly. She manages to somehow hear you over the screaming girls and hugs you. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).” You give her a fake smile. “They’re about to play your favorite song.” You tell her.
She screams, looking up on stage. “Luke, how are you doing, man? Are you good?” Michael is asking. Luke grins. “‘I’m doing pretty good, Michael.” Michael chuckles. “That’s good, because if you weren’t good then we probably wouldn’t be good.” Luke laughs and the sound makes you smile.
“You guys wanna know something?!” Ashton asks. The screaming erupts again. “Luke is very giddy tonight because he saw a cute girl outside before the show and now his eyes are gray.” Ashton tells everyone, which makes Luke turn a light pink. “Ash!” He yells, making everyone laugh.
Your friend turns to you slowly, her eyes wide. “No, it can’t be.” You tell her. “Your eyes are gray. His eyes are gray. (Y/N), Luke Hemmings is your soulmate.” She whispers. The girl behind you from earlier hears. “What?! Luke, your soulmate is right here!” She screams, desperately trying to get Luke’s attention. Your eyes widen as you shake your head.
Michael hears the girl and motions at you to Luke. Luke looks over as a spotlight hits your face. His mouth opens slightly as he sees your eyes. “Hi. I’m Luke.” He murmurs into his mic, smiling softly at you. His hair is sticking to his forehead but he looks like an angel. You swallow hard and run out of the aisle.
“(Y/N)!” Your friend yells, running after you. You run out of the stadium, kneeling over to throw up on the sidewalk. She appears beside you and holds your hair back. “Are you okay? What’s going on?” She asks, confused. You look at her.
“Don’t you get it? I’m not his soulmate. Luke is a beautiful human being who has so much talent. I’m not like him. This is just my eyes playing a joke again and getting my hopes up.” You say, sitting down on the curb. By now, there are tears running down your cheeks. She sighs and sits down beside you, wrapping her arms around you in a hug. “What if that’s not what it is this time?” She asks. You sniffle, lying your head on her shoulder.
“Your eyes have never turned gray before. That’s a sign, (Y/N). Your eyes burned when you saw Luke earlier, that’s never happened either.” She murmurs. “He’s just so great and I’m not.” You mumble, wiping away some stray tears. She glances behind you.
“Yeah, he’s pretty great.” You look behind you to see Luke standing there, a concerned look on his face. “I’ll wait inside.” Your friend mutters, running back inside. You stand up.
“Okay, I know you think I’m your soulmate. But my eyes change color a lot. It’s like a curse. This could be false.” You explain to Luke, who walks over. “What if it isn’t?” He asks. “Why does everyone keep asking that?” You mumble to yourself before sighing. “I mean, look at you. You’re a rock star. You sing and tour and have millions of girls thrown at you every day. You’re really talented and fuck, you’re also really good looking. I’m not really talented or good looking. This wouldn’t work. This can’t work.” Luke smiles a little and cups your face with his hands. “You’re cute when you ramble.” He murmurs. “I’m not rambling. Am I? My bad.” You say. He leans in, and you can feel his breath across your cheeks. “Luke, what are you-”
“Stop talking. God, you’re beautiful.”
“Thank you, but you-”
“Shut up.”
His lips touch yours and it’s like magic. Your body has a feeling of pure euphoria. You wrap your arms around his neck as his lips move against yours. Your eyes are burning, but you don’t care at this moment. His lips are soft and taste like mint and some kind of alcohol. Corona, maybe? Whatever is it, it’s delicious. The kiss is amazing and the feeling you’re having is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Luke pulls away after a moment.
“Shit, you’re a really good kisser too.” You mumble, which makes him laugh. “You’re my soulmate. That kiss proved that. Wait here for me after the show, okay? I’m taking you to dinner.” Luke tells you, kissing your forehead. You nod, giving in to the blonde angel.

Oh! Oh! Can I request a Negan x reader fic where the reader just turned 18 and Negan shares her first drink with her which leads to the bedroom? I got my fingers crossed for a little freaky-Deaky. 🤞🏻❤️ @fandomfreak202

sorry this took a decade to get out! hope you enjoy! x 

“23rd February. Red circle? Shit. Why did I circle today?” you thought curiously, looking up at your calendar, you had purchased from the sanctuary’s ‘store’ with your hard earned points. You had the job of laundry, mostly just the wives dresses and lingerie. They frequently needed them washing, considering Negan got through at least a minimum of two wives a day. You couldn’t deny your jealousy, sitting on your ass all day and getting anything you wanted would be nicer than having to go outside and deal with the post-apocalyptic world. You knew Negan would never offer you the chance to become a wife, his pet names for you were ‘kid’ or ‘little one’, making you feel like a three year-old. He would never see you as a woman, always that kid.

You got ready for the day, grabbing your point’s sheet and heading down to the washroom. Your friend, Malia was already down there, working away without you. “Trying to get some extra points? Your a half an hour early.” She quizzed, looking confused. “No, I’m just a little forgetful today. I circled today on my calendar and I can’t remember why. Did I ever mention it to you?” Malia shook her head, folding the top she was holding. “No. I can’t remember you mentioning anything.” You sighed, feeling stumped. You knew that it would annoy you until you remembered why today was so special.

 You finished your 7 hour shift, placing the washboard back in its holder.  Malia had finished about an hour ago, saying good night to you as it was getting dark when she left. You wiped your face with a flannel, a slight sheen of sweat on your forehead.  You locked the door to the washroom behind you, placing the key in your back pocket. You began walking back to your room, located on the other side of the sanctuary. You took a turn to the left, walking down the corridor that had the saviour’s rooms along it. Going up the stairs, you came to the floor that housed the wives and their rooms.  A pain of jealousy hit your heart, knowing Negan was probably with one of them right now.

You came to your door, before Simon sneaked up on you from behind, wrapping his arms around you in a hug. “Happy birthday, sweetheart!” he exclaimed, as you turned your head to look at him. That’s what you had forgotten; it was your birthday today! You didn’t really see the point in celebrating birthdays anymore, but you didn’t want to put a damper on Simon’s mood. “Thank you Si. What did you need me for?” You asked, just wanting to get a nice bath. “Negan wants to see you in his room, asap.” he said, giving you one last hug before walking off back to his duties. You started to worry a little, if Negan asked you to visit him, it wasn’t normally good. Last time, Dwight had been burnt by Negan. You couldn’t think of anything you might have done to piss him off, so you hoped it wasn’t anything negative. You walked further upstairs, onto the floor of Negan’s room. This floor was reserved for Negan and his top guys, making you intimidated and not worthy of being here. Negan’s door was placed at the end of the hallway, every step you took felt like a mile. You approached the door, breathing in and out before knocking firmly on the door.  

“Come in!” you heard him shout through the door, firm and blunt. You pushed the handle down, opening the door with a slight creak.  You popped your head around the door, seeing Negan sat at his desk, leather jacket placed on the back of his suede desk chair. “You wanted to see me, sir?” you addressed him, not knowing what your words did to him. “Come on in sweetheart.” He beckoned you in with his fingers; you feeling yourself swoon at his nickname. You walked further into the room, his eyes watching your chest swell in the tight tank top you had on. “Don’t be nervous, darlin’. I brought you in here because…” he started, opening one of his wooden desk draws to reveal a bottle of whisky. “I want your first drink to be with me.” He pulled the lid off with his teeth, grabbing two small glasses. He guided you to the couch, sitting at the side of you. He placed the glasses on the glass coffee table in front of the couches.  He passed you one, clinking the glasses together before you both gulped them down. You heaved at the taste, feeling the alcohol burning your throat. “Don’t worry darlin’, you get used to the taste.”

“So you were a teacher? In a school? With children? And you didn’t get fired, ever?” you asked in disbelief, feeling tipsy from the whisky you and Negan had been sharing. “Hey now, I was a good fucking teacher. I do wonder what happened to my students sometimes though, some of them were fucking good but others were fucking shit.” He confessed, downing the leftover contents of the glass. “Did they call you coach Negan? Or Mr Negan?” you giggled, picturing Negan in a sports outfit, playing soccer or basketball. “Always fucking sir, sweetheart. They showed me respect, just like you do doll. I like that about you.” He smiled, edging closer to you. 

“You know, being 21 now. I don’t feel any different; I don’t feel like a woman. I mean, what 21 year old hasn’t had sex before?” you sighed, not realising what you had let slip to your crush.  “You’re a virgin, doll? Oh my goodness.” He said, getting up from the seat. “Please, don’t treat me like a kid. Negan.” You sighed, walking over to him, grabbing onto his t-shirt to make him stay. “I want this, I want you. I have for a while but you see me as some dumb kid, don’t you?” you cried, letting the alcohol mess with your emotions. 

“No sweetheart, I don’t see you as a dumb kid. I see you as an independent, sexy grown woman. I’ve always wanted you, hell more than my fucking wives. I’ve imagined you in every position possible, but I didn’t want to act on it because of your age. I didn’t want to be the creepy old pervert.” He explained, his eyes burning into yours. “Well, lucky for you. I’m into older guys anyway.” You whispered into his ear, beginning to kiss under his earlobe. You heard him give a low growl, picking you up, walking towards the couch again. He put you down, spreading your legs so he could get in-between them. He placed his lips on yours, his beard rubbing against your cheek. Your fingers ran through his slicked back hair, as his hands grasped your waist. You ran your hands down his chest, and put them up his t-shirt, silently begging for him to take it off. He whipped it off, disregarding it on the floor, his full attention on you. He placed his hands on his belt, undoing it so he could get to his zipper.  

He began to slide his trousers down his legs as you took your top off, throwing it down near his t-shirt. You straddled him, feeling his hardening cock through his boxer shorts. He ran his hands up your back, unclasping your bra. As soon as your breasts were exposed, he took your right nipple in his mouth, sucking and teasing. You moaned, grabbing onto his hair. You broke away from him, so you could take off the rest of your clothes. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this babygirl.” He gasped, pulling your naked body back on top of him. You put your hands down his boxer shorts, grasping onto his hard cock. He moaned, bucking his hips slightly as he lifted himself so you could slide them off his body. They fell like a pool at the bottom of his feet, kicking them off before climbing back on top of you.

 “Fuck, are you ready sweetheart?” he asked, you dripping with anticipation. “Yes fuck!” you begged, Negan admiring you from above. He slid into your opening, you fitting him like a glove. You felt a tight pain as he began at a slow pace, knowing he didn’t want to hurt you. The pain started to subside the faster he went, you easing more into it. “Fuck, Negan harder!” you moaned, wrapping your legs around him, allowing him to go deeper. “Fuck, sweetheart. You feel so fucking good!” he said, grabbing your legs from around him, placing them on his shoulders. You gasped at the new feeling, pleasure building up in your core. Negan could feel himself getting ready, not wanting to release before you.

 “Come on baby, let me see that pretty cum face of yours.” He growled, hearing your whimpers and moans bringing him closer to his own climax. You felt yourself let go, along with a loud shout of Negan’s name. “Fuck, sweetheart. Shit!” he swore, feeling him release inside you. He fell on top of you, making sure not to crush your body in the process.

“Fuck, baby. Can I propose to you now?”

What Our Dead Teach (p1)

(Alpha!Derek, werefox!Stiles, canon violence, mild gore, spoopy stuff, some pack angst, some post nogitsune and other stuff angst, anchors.)


This shouldn’t have happened.

His nail breaks when he sinks his fingers into the earth like claws, and pulls himself forward as far as he can. There’s no point in holding in the loud hiss of pain that leaves him, or the long, drawn out groan as he drags himself across the ground at a snail’s pace. He’s been in the woods since nightfall, and by the look of the sky right now, Stiles would say it’s just about time to get up and go to school. For normal teenagers, anyway.

In times like this, he misses being one of those teens. To get up, eat a Pop-Tart, find that missing sock, run out the door with a quick hello-goodbye to his dad coming home, and off to school in his Jeep. Totally average high school student stuff sounds marginally better than crawling around in the dirt, bleeding, bruised, there’s definitely some snot and tear action going on here, maybe some broken bones, too.

Stiles drags himself forward another inch, and tries to remind himself that this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to him. It’s not, there are worse things. He just can’t… think of any of them right now.

“Really fucking helpful, brain.”

His brain reminds him that talking to himself isn’t a good sign. It also comes up with a worse thing: Gerard. Murdered friends. Nogitsune.

“Good one,” he mutters to himself, reaching out with his now-bleeding hand and fastening his fingers around a tree root. It provides him with much better leverage than the stupid dirt, and Stiles manages to actually pull himself into a half-reclining position. It’s not ideal, but it will do.

It’s almost light enough to see the body he left behind in the clearing by the time he realizes he’s been leaning against a tree doing nothing for at least twenty minutes. Swearing under his breath, Stiles sticks his—Ow ripped off finger nail shit—hand into his pocket to pull out the small vial he shoved in there before leaving the house. Inside, the thick, ink-like substance seems to shudder and look at him as he swirls the stuff in front of his face. He grimaces at the smell when he pulls the top off, and tries not to think too hard about where it came from. This is not what he wanted, not the way things were supposed to go. No one’s supposed to do this, and for, like, twenty different really good reasons.

But, Stiles can see the body through the trees.

He can see a leg twitching.

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Preference #16 Stuff he says in bed

Stuff they say during sex:
Bellamy Blake:
“Oh fuck baby. You feel so good.”
“You’re so damn tight princess.”
“So beautiful. So hot. You’re so amazing.”
“Who do you want to fuck you into this bed?!”
John Murphy:
“You take me so beautifully princess.”
“Don’t. Don’t stop princess. Oh shit.”
“You’re so fucking tight. It feels so damn great. Oh my god.”
“You taste fucking great baby.”
Jasper Jordan:
“H-holy shit. That’s so hot. Oh god.”
“I-oh I can’t. I’m not gonna last much longer baby-Fuck.”
“Ah shit. Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum. Cum for me princess.”
“Oh my god I’m so fucking close.”
Monty Green: (he is not vanilla my friends just sayin)
“God you feel so fucking good. I don’t ever remember you being this tight.”
“God babe don’t tease me.”
“You’re so needy. What happens if I tease my poor princess?”
“So damn beautiful when you’re under me.”
“Let me treat you like the princess you are.”
“You’re so beautiful. So. So beautiful when you’re under me baby.”
“You’re a goddess. Cum for me my goddess.
"Are you sure you’re ready?! I don’t want to hurt you my princess.”
“Cum for me my gona.”
“You gonna cum for me or do I need to keep teasing you?”
“Fuck you feel like heaven. Oh. Oh gona. So close.”
“You look so beautiful when you’re bouncing on top of me.”

rikkachloechan  asked:

I just read tha angsty Christmas request and I LOVE angst, but I also love good endings so... Maybe like a sequel where few weeks later, MC goes to see them and tell them she left her s/o because she realized she fell for them (for RFA + V + Saeran) ? Fluffly the time x)

(Combined for similarity!)

A/N: hI GUYS HERE’S THE HAPPY ENDING TO THE CHRISTMAS ANGST I WROTE A WHILE BACK (and thank u 404 for helping me wit dis <3) low key didn’t wanna write it because I’m a hoe for angst but here it is babes ~Admin 626

404 IS A HOE FOR FLUFF SO I MADE SURE THIS REQUEST GOT DONE (626 can’t tell me no) ~Admin 404

- When you realized you loved Zen, it hit you so hard you ran out of breath actually you probably out of breath because you were running but whatever
- But you felt so guilty because you had a boyfriend??? Like how you were gonna break it to him?
- Turns out your boyfriend was cheating on you anyway (but at least he was decent enough to tell you)
- and you cried and you cried and you didn’t know you could stop (maybe you didn’t love the guy but you still thought the time you spent with him was precious_
- but Zen was with you the entire time, he literally never left you
- he stayed overnight at your place with you, comforted you when you needed it, gave your space when you needed it
- They say no one can be perfect but Zen is pulling it off pretty well
- But it all got better in time, it took awhile, but you were okay
- and now you’re ready for zen ;;;)))
- but you needed to tell him you loved him with flare
- you couldn’t give Zen a normal confession, nah, you needed to be over the top
- your solution???
- you rope  the rest of the RFA into this bc they’re friends so they have to duh
- So of course, when the fireworks are going off the first night of your trip,  and you guys are in front of Cinderella’s castle, the RFA spells out “BE MINE?” while you’re on one with flowers
- and Zen has to choke back sobs bECAUSE HOLY SHIT WHAT
- he picks you up, spins you around, and kisses you!
- he’s not crying you’re crying lEAVE HIM ALONE
- you two end up going to a hotel room because you two really need the time to talk and make out <3

- she’s absolutely livid when she finds out about your boyfriend cheating on you
- who the hell did he think he was? You’re utterly amazing and anyone would be lucky to have you
- it takes Saeyoung and Saeran to hold her back otherwise she was going to go over to his place and hit that guy so hard omg
- this is really the first time anyone has seen Jaehee lose her cool like this???
- but you calmed her down, you told her that you figured out you didn’t really love him anyway, the cheating still hurt but you’d be okay
- her heart totally didn’t do a flip when you said you didn’t love him
- But she obviously gave you the space you needed, you needed to recover and honestly, she could wait for you forever anyway
- she tried to help you as much as she could though
- she’d bake you little cakes on tough days, make you coffee on days when you’re especially tired
- on your days off you’d actually just help out at her coffee-shop because you wanted to help her <3
- one day, when the shop is closed and you two are cleaning up, you decide to play some music to make the cleaning go faster
- and omfg all the songs that came on had to be sappy songs
- You absolutely lose it when “I See the Light” comes on because that’s exactly how you feel about Jaehee
- You dropped the cups you were holding and Jaehee rushes over to make sure you’re okay
- and you just kiss her, you don’t care if she doesn’t love you, she needs to know how you feel
- and you absolutely die when you feel her kiss you back
- when you pull away she has the dopiest look on her face and she’s so adorable omg
- and she faints

- when he finds out your boyfriend cheated on you, he actually cries for you
- you actually end up comforting him instead
- You guys have a heart to heart and there’s so many tears but you confess that while it does hurt that he cheated on you, you realized you were in love with someone else
- Yoosung freaks out a little bECAUSE IS IT HIM
- of course he gives you your space, he wont push you to tell him who it is
- so he spends his time comforting you the only way he knows how, teaching you to play LOLOL!!!
- and it turns out, you’re really great at it???
- you spend the weekends gaming with him!!!
- and Fridays become Froyo day for you two because um, froyo is amazing
- one day when you two are having froyo, you see a little bit on his cheek and you can’t help yourself
- you wipe it off with your finger and then taste it
- Yoosung is dying of a nosebleed wTF JUST HAPPENED
- but you totally act normal, you’re dying on the inside but he can’t tell so it’s a-okay
-he doesn’t sleep that night
- omfg the next day though, you’re playing a level Yoosung created in Super Mario Maker (y’all know where this is going)
- Suddenly the blocks start spelling out your name??
- what is this sorcery
- you’re lowkey crying but you grab that boy and u mAKEOUT WITH HIM SO HARD
- he’s crying too
- TONS of snuggling that night omg, he won’t let go <3

- he doesn’t know what to do when he finds out? Because on one hand he’s a gentle dude but on the other hand he wants to rip that guy’s head off
- but he keeps his cool somehow because he realizes he needs you
- one of your friends told you that someone punched your ex boyfriend but no one knows who it was because he won’t tell
- to cheer you up, he starts taking you out on his photography trips! He thinks the change in scenery probably helps you
- you’re too embarrassed to tell him you just really like spending time with him
- but soon this becomes a regular thing for you and sometimes he actually uses you as a model!
- “I prefer you for my pictures because you have an amazing smile”
- you can’t sleep that night because holy crap did he actually say that to you???
- as a treat for him taking you out all the time, you decide to take him to the movie theater <3
- you don’t tell him what movie though bECAUSE HAHA YOU HAVE A PLAN!
- you take him to an “old” movie theater (AKA it’s new but it mimics the style of old movie theaters when they used to have what movies were playing over the ticket booth)
- you ask him what he wants to see and he’s confused cause like??? You invited him out, how do u not know what you wanna watch wtf
- “Just look V”
- haha get it cause he can’t see
- just kidding in this headcanon he can see

- when he looks up to see what movies are playing,  he actually reads “Will you be my boyfriend? - MC”
- he’s dead omg
- you did not just do this
- this is so sweet
- he just turns to you and gives you a quick kiss
- “I would be honored to be your boyfriend”
- you guys end up making out through the movie cause y’all are hoes

-He may have told you he couldn’t be your friend anymore, but??
-He’s a civil person, he will still talk to you in the group chat
-But inside, it’s KILLING him that he can’t talk to you one on one
-Or invite you to dinner, or ask you to come over to play with Elizabeth
-He noticed your messages sounded… sad, like you were upset
-So he asked if anything was wrong, he’s still a gentleman
-Your boyfriend??? Cheated on you??? YOU????
-He’s wonders if he’s even more pissed off about it than you are
-Honestly considers hiring hitmen jumin dont do that
-Throws the idea of not being your friend straight out the window
-Asks you to come over, he’s read that petting cats helps deal with sadness and he’s offering up some Prime Elizabeth Petting(™)
-You tried to stay collected and calm but the moment he put his hand on your shoulder, you lost it and started bawling
-It had been a while since you found out, but it all just finally boiled over, and you just couldn’t stop
-Obviously Jumin freaks out because??? How the hell does he comfort???? What do????
- MC, do you want me to dry your tears with a 100 dollar bill?? Will that help???
-He finally turn your whole body to face him, which obviously surprised the hell out of you
-”MC, I’m not very good at comforting others, but I’ll always do my best when it comes to you. You deserve much better than what your ex gave you, and I can give it to you.”
-Suddenly, realization hit you like a truck. ‘Holy shit Jumin likes me and I like him too and wow okay this is happening’
-You were brought back to the world when he asked if you were alright, and if you had heard him
-”Yeah, I um, I did. Jumin, I just want to say that I really like you and I-”
-But you were cut off?? With a sudden taste of wine??? Jumin Han’s lips, everyone. Soft and amazing
-”I’ll take care of you better than he ever did, I promise you, MC”

-He’s very good at hiding the fact that he likes you in the first place so it isn’t too hard for him to continue
-Or so he thought???
-He had to keep holding himself back, and it always killed him
-He was always looking out for you, he was like your own little guardian angel
-So unfortunately, he knew about your boyfriend cheating on you before you did and he didn’t know if he should tell you or not…
-He finally worked up the courage to go to your house, in person, and Expose(™) your boyfriend but when you opened the door you were already a crying mess
-Caught completely off guard, the only thing he could think to do was hug you extremely tight and hold you
-The two of you stood in the doorway until you were finally able to breath, and your tears at least slowed down
-Without another word, he took your hand and walked you to his car
-No idea where you were going, what you were doing, or how long you’d be gone, but at this point you didn’t care
-You were happy as long as you were with him
-You started to realize a while back that he was your best friend, and you couldn’t get him out of your head
-Why did it take you so long to realize that you were practically in love with this dorky redhead? No idea, but you knew it now and that’s all that mattered, right?
-He was very good at distracting you. He’d turn on your favourite songs (he made you your own playlist) and sing at the top of his lungs, trying to make you laugh
-You also laughed when he put the top of his car down and immediately swallowed a bug (and he complained for about an hour afterwards)
-Finally, after nightfall, he parked in a nice, open area, where the two of you could just chill out, talk, enjoy fresh air, and (surprise not) see the stars
-The two of you got to talking about the last movie you two saw together, and you couldn’t take it anymore
-”I loved the part about the-” “I love you”
-Jesus CHRIST he’s more red than his HAIR he practically glows in the dark
-At a loss for words actually??? He just kinda holds you hand and looks away but you know that he shares your feelings based on his gesture alone
-No words were said about it but once you were comfortable and ready, he took the next step and the two of you shared a kiss <3

-Yo, fuck your boyfriend tho, he hates him anyway??
-He doesn’t think anyone, even himself, is good enough for you
-But when you didn’t answer his texts one day he was really concerned??
-Like, MC??? Are you okay??? What’s happening??? Tell me?? WhO AM I FIGHTING??
-So, Saeran being Saeran, just walks straight into your house
-When he saw you crying on his couch he immediately turned around and went for the door
-”Saeran, where *hiccup* are you going?” “Killing your boyfriend”
-You talked him down from going out and assassinating your (now ex) boyfriend
-When you told him that you caught him cheating, he attempted to get up again and head for your ex
-He wasn’t sure really what to do? You’re leaking from your face and he’s so fucking lost
-*Insert gif with someone patting the other person with a broom*
-But if you even ATTEMPT to blame yourself he slides into the room like
-He finally just kind of shoves your head onto his shoulder and he runs his fingers through your hair
-Without thinking, he kissed the top of your head, and immediately froze when he realized what he did
-You look up at him to see that he’s mortified. He mutters to himself, saying how much he cannot believe he did that
-He looked you in the eyes, slight glare on his face
-”Yeah I mean, I guess I like you… like actually like you…. Stop looking at me like that! I’m gonna take it back if you don’t get away from me” he says, as he pushes your face away when you smile at him
-The rest of the night he just kind of holds you closer than he normally would, trying to show you that he does care about you, and wants to be there for you in a better light than your ex
- still wants to stab your ex though