it takes two honey

you have no idea how incredibly reckless i would be if i didnt spend all my time stopping my best friend from being incredibly reckless

i wish nct stans could understand that having several comebacks within a year is exhausting we should be patient and want our boys to rest, also sm has over 9 active artists who’s comebacks they have to focus on (ex: snsd, shinee, tvxq, f(x), etc.) and cannot give comeback after comeback to nct that is too demanding to expect and we should be grateful we’ve had more than enough already

weird shit my professors have said and sometimes I wish I was joking.

I’m half way done with my second year at this small community college near my hometown and let me tell you, I love every single on of my professor’s.

“Have you ever been so tired that you want to vomit?”

“Screw it let’s just watch star trek.”

“I’m sorry if I seem a little frazzled, I slept underneath my desk last night.”

“Context is everything with history, so let’s talk about star wars." 

"I would have gotten to it more thoroughly, except I was captured by pirates in Belize. I was forced to be a love slave.”

“I usually think I know what’s going on, but I’m usually wrong.”

“Lets talk about the lesbians!”

“Race and gender are social constructs and i am tired.”

“Wal-Mart is the epitome of capitalism and I despise it.. I avoid it at all costs.”

“Before we go on to small group discussion I’d just like to say what the fuck happened in chapter 4 who saw that coming?”


While Kennedy and I completely appreciate what these kids are trying to do with their modern take on drag: old school is the only school, honey! The two of them are in the corner playing dress up, like it’s kindergarten. 

Medicinal uses for common culinary herbs

(Found this useful and figured I’d share it)

 Category: Herbology Published: Wednesday, 19 September 2012 Written by Super User

Medicinal Uses For Common Culinary Spices

ALLSPICE - Active ingredient is eugenol, same as cloves. Topical pain relief, tea and mouthwash.

ANISE - Seven tsp. of seed to one quart water, boil down by half, add 4 tbsp. of honey, take two tsp to calm a cough. Drink tea for memory, aid digestion, and a wash for oily skin.

ANNATO - (Lipstick tree)- Lightly crushed seeds added to food is like natural gas-x.

ARROW ROOT POWDER - One tbsp in a cup of juice every few hours to relieve diarrhea. Poultice to soothe skin inflammations.

ASAFOETIDA - Buy the tincture in Indian shops. They add a drop to many dishes to relieve stomach pains (gas). Insect repellent. Topical use to heal ulcerated sores.

ASPARAGUS - Boil in water and drink the water for kidney problems. Dissolves uric acid deposits and promotes urination.

BASIL - Add fresh herb or seeds to boiled water to make tea for migraines and bed time restlessness. Douche for yeast infections, eliminates candida, gargle and mouthwash. Pregnant women should avoid medicinal use of basil.

BAY LAUREL - Heat leaves in a little olive oil to make a bay oil salve for arthritis and aches.

CARAWAY - Bring 2 cups of water to a boil and add 4 tsp lightly crushed seeds. Simmer for 5 minutes, then steep 15 min. Drink with meals to prevent gas, even for infant colic. Promotes menstruation and relieves uterine cramping.

CARDAMON - Digestive aid, eases gluten intolerance (celiac disease). Sprinkle powder on cereal.

CAYENNE PEPPER - Capsicum speeds metabolism. Capsicum cream and oils relieve arthritis and aches, not just by warming and stimulating blood flow, but also by blocking pain transmission by nerves. (blocks substance P) Prevents blood clots, heals ulcers. Cayenne and garlic in chicken soup really IS as effective as antibiotics after the onset of cold or flu. Cayenne dramatically drops blood sugar levels and should by avoided by hypoglycemics. Cayenne promotes excretion of cholesterol through the intestines. It increases energy levels and aura brilliance.

CELERY - Sedative. Active ingredient thalide. Seed and stalk, reduces hypertension. Celery seed tea for the kidneys as a cleanser.

CHERVIL - Steep in boiled water and apply with an eye cup for a wide range of eye complaints.

CHICORY - Liver cleanser, fat cleanser, dissolves gallstones. Prepare like coffee.

CILANTRO - Leafy part of coriander plant. Food poisoning preventative.

CINNAMON - Mouthwash, good for upset stomach. Simmer sticks with cloves for 3 min, add 2 tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp honey, 2 tbsp whiskey - as cold medication. Cinnamon is good for yeast infection and athlete’s foot. A 2% solution will kill both of these conditions. Boil 8-10 sticks in 4 cups water, simmer 5 min, steep 45 min, then douche or apply to athlete’s foot. Cinnamon reduces cancer causing tendencies of many food additives.

CLOVE - Use oil for pain relief for sore gums and toothache. Add clove oil to neutral oils for topical pain relief of arthritis. Small amounts of clove in a tea for nausea. 3 cloves in two cups of boiled water, steeped for 20 minutes, as an antiseptic and mouthwash. Former alcoholics can suck on one or two cloves when the craving strikes to curb the desire.

COFFEE - Although not a spice, it is commonly available in the kitchen. The caffeine in coffee can be used to alleviate headaches (particularly those caused by caffeine withdrawal.) Coffee enemas with olive oil are used to cleanse the bowels and are one of the safest and most thoroughly cleansing enemas available. Caution and common sense must be used to avoid dependency. Hot black coffee sipped through a straw helps break up mucus congestion in the lungs.

CORIANDER - Coriander tea can be used topically to remove unpleasant odors in the genital area for men and women. The tea can be held in the mouth to relieve the pain of a toothache. Can also be drank to relieve flatulence and indigestion.

DILL - Bring one pint of white wine almost to a boil, remove from heat and add 4 tsp of dill seeds, let steep 30 minutes and strain. Drink 1 ½ cups a half hour before retiring to sleep well. To the same directions, but substitute for the 4 tsp of dill, instead add 1 tsp each of anise, caraway, coriander and dill to stimulate the flow of breast milk in nursing
mothers. Chewing dill seeds removes bad breath.

FENNEL - Chewing fennel seeds relieves bad breath. Fennel seed tea sweetens breastmilk. Fennel tea relieves colic in infants.

FENUGREEK - Use as a tea as an excellent relief for colic and fever in children. 1 tbsp ground fenugreek seed taken in the diet daily can reduce cholesterol. 8 tsps of seed presoaked in 4 cups cold water for 4 hours, then boil for 2 minutes, strain and drink 1 cup a day to ease hay fever attacks.

GARLIC - Ultimate antibiotic. Useful even for sexually transmitted diseases. Strongly recommended for hypoglycemia, and diabetes. Destroys intestinal parasites. Reduces cholesterol. Repels insects, and reduces sting effects of insects and red ants.

GINGER - Anti-nausea tea, blood thinner, substitute for coumadin. Boil 2/3 cup of freshly chopped root in 1 gallon water, wrapped in cheesecloth (or old nylon stocking) until the water is yellow. Then soak towel and lay on bruises and sprains while still hot, to ease them. Stimulates a delayed period. Warm ginger tea is good to break up congestion and fever. Ginger is one of the few herbs that easily passes the blood/brain membrane and is used in conjunction with other herbs that are meant to have an effect on the mind. Pregnant women should avoid medicinal concentrations of ginger.

HORSERADISH - Freshly dug root is added to a cold-pressed oil of choice (such as safflower or olive) to make a massage oil for muscle aches and to break up chest congestion. Grate fresh ginger and horseradish together and make a tea to stop post nasal drip.

LEMONGRASS - ½ cup dried leaves to 2 pints of water, simmer for 10 minutes, and sip to bring down fevers.

LICORICE - Tranquilizer. Balances nervous system, stimulates liver functions. Long term usage (over 3 months) could cause liver damage.

LOVAGE - Steep root for 15 min in a cup of boiled water, drink after every meal to prevent flatulence.

MARJORAM AND OREGANO - Over 2 dozen related species. Use as a tea to help reduce fevers and break up bronchitis. Drink tea to relieve cramps and irregular menstruation. Eases suffering of childhood diseases like mumps and measles.

MINT - (Peppermint and spearmint)- Peppermint tea for migraines, nervousness, stomach disorders, heartburn, and abdominal cramps. Herpes sufferers can take 2 cups of tea a day to ease the symptoms when the virus is active. Mints are used to buffer the action of other herbs that have uncomfortable effects on the stomach and intestines. Can be used in any combination for flavor.

MUSTARD - 1 ½ cups of dry yellow mustard in a bathtub of water for sprained backs. Make a paste with water and apply to knee and elbow sprains till blisters appear! Mustard and ginger plaster for deep rattling coughs - 1 tsp each mustard and ginger powder mixed with 2 ½ tbsp of olive oil. Rub over chest and back and put on an old T-shirt (or cover with cloth diaper).

NUTMEG AND MACE - Gas, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and kidney problems - make a paste of powder with cold water and then add to boiled water. 1 tbsp of powdered nutmeg produces a floating euphoria for between 6 and 24 hours. Can cause near constant erections for men during that time. Side effects are bone and muscle aches, burning eyes, sinus drainage, and limited diarrhea.

ONION - Egyptians swore their oaths on onions; Grant refused to move his army until he got 3 railroad cars full of onions; interviews with hundreds of people who lived to 100 plus all indicated a heavy intake of onions in the diet. Onion is an excellent dressing for burns. Crush sliced onions with a little bit of salt and apply to burns. Apply sliced onion to bee and wasp stings. For asthma: puree an onion, cover it with brandy and let sit overnight, strain it, filter it through a coffee filter, and refrigerate. Take 2 tbsp 20 minutes before expected onset or before going to bed.

PARSLEY - The purifier. Chew for halitosis. A few sprigs provide 2/3 the vitamin C of an orange, lots of vitamin A, and the important amino acid histidine, which is a tumor inhibitor. Parsley tea is good for kidney problems, painful urination, and kidney stones. One cup of parsley to 1 quart of water makes a strong tea. Two cups of parsley to 1 quart of water, steep an hour and drink warm, as an aphrodisiac. In Spain they have found that feeding parsley to sheep will bring them into heat at any time of year!

PEPPER (black)- Pain relief from toothache, brings down a fever.

ROSEMARY - Flower tea for the breath. Boil water with rosemary in it to make it safe to drink. Diuretic and liver aid, increases bile flow. Two handfuls of flowering tips into 2 cups of good brandy, soak 10 days, strain and seal. Mouthful twice daily. Oil of rosemary is a natural anti-oxidant, and stress reliever; sniff for headaches. Chop a double handful of twigs and put in a pint of olive oil for one week, and use as a muscle liniment.

SAGE - Chew a fresh leaf and put on insect bite to reduce sting and swelling. Sage tea for the throat. Two cups of sage tea a day for a week will dry up mother’s milk. For the itching of skin problems, steep a handful of freshly crushed leaves in a pint of boiled water for one hour, and bathe the area, then sprinkle with whole wheat flour. Sage tea
prevents blood clots.

SAVORY - (the herb of love) One quart boiled water, 3 ½ tbsp fenugreek seed, and steep for 5 minutes. Remove fenugreek and add 2 handfuls of savory leaves, steep 50 minutes and drink 2 cups, as an aphrodisiac.

TARRAGON - 1 ½ tsp cut dried herb in 1 ¾ cups boiled water, steep 40 minutes, drink warm for insomnia, hyperactivity, depression, or nervous exhaustion. (or anything “jittery”) For digestion steep a handful of dried leaves in a jar with apple cider vinegar, stand 7 hours, strain and seal. Take 1 tbsp before each meal.

TEA - Caffeine relieves migraines. Tea drinkers suffer less hardening of the arteries than coffee drinkers. Black tea kills dental plaque.

THYME - Antibiotic. A tsp in ½ cup boiled water to make a gargle or mouthwash, to prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and cold sores. Drink for cold, flu, fever, and allergy symptoms. As a bath for nail fungus and athlete’s foot, and also as a douche. Compress for bumps and bruises. Health liqueur - 6 sprigs of thyme in 1 ½ cups of brandy for 5 days, shaking daily. Take several times daily when you feel a cold coming on. Thyme is good for killing bacteria and for relaxing tense muscles. Relieves migraine headaches and stomach cramps.

TUMERIC - Anti-oxidant. Powdered turmeric on any ulcerated skin condition or mix with enough lime juice to make a paste and put on herpes sores, mumps, chicken pox, etc. Dip a cloth in turmeric solution to wash away discharges from conjunctivitis and opthamalia. As an anti-inflammatory, turmeric’s properties are as good as 1 % hydrocortisone and phenylobutazone. Take ½ tsp in juice in the morning and evening to aid in removing fat around the liver. Turmeric, bay leaf, clove, and cinnamon all tripled insulin performance in metabolizing blood glucose in a test tube! Field tests proved to greatly enhance production of insulin by the pancreas. “Spicecaps” from Great American Natural Products have a pinch of cinnamon, 2 cloves, ½ bay leaf, and 1 tsp of turmeric per capsule.

VANILLA - Sexual stimulant. Soak a cotton ball with vanilla extract, squeeze it out, put it under the tongue and it will quickly calm hysteria.

VINEGAR - Naturally brewed apple cider vinegar deserves a course all on its own. It is one of the finest blood cleansers and arthritis cures known. Take 1 tbsp per day of equal parts vinegar and honey in water to taste to cleanse the blood and reduce inflammation from arthritis. Be sure to use naturally brewed vinegar, as the white cheap stuff in the grocery store is actually acetic acid, a petroleum by-product, and pretty well useless. (except as a window cleaner!)

BAKING SODA - Although not an herb or a spice, this is especially recommended for people who are allergic to MSG. Many people will use a meat tenderizer for bee stings,
but it contains MSG which can cause some people to swell. Instead, make a paste and apply directly to the insect bite to reduce swelling. You can also mix 1 tsp with water and take for relief of indigestion.

The above information was obtained from the following sources: 
The Herb Book, by John Lust.
“Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Herbs and Spices”, by John Heinerman.
“The Healing Herbs: The Ultimate Guide to the Curative Power of Nature’s Medicines”, by Micheal Castleman
“The Vinegar Book”, by Emily Thacker

As a reminder, the above listed information should not replace the advice given to you by your health care professional. 

Rowan Morgaine

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How about the SDR2 guys reacting to their s/o dancing and singing to "candy store" from Heathers? I'm heathers trash rip :')

Anon, that is an excellent song I must say, I totally don’t listen to it like.. All the time along with Meant to be Yours >_>

For those who are not sure what the song is, here you go!

SDR2 Boys reacting to their S/O dancing and singing to Candy Store from Heathers

Hajime Hinata:

- It was just a normal afternoon, he was just lazily sitting on the sofa until you slid into the room

- “Are we gonna have a problem?”


- “You got a bone to pick?”

What are you talking about? 

- “You’ve come so far, why now are you pulling on my dick?”

What the f-

- “I’d normally slap your face off”

“S/O what are you on ab-”

“And everyone here could watch!”

“S/O we’re alone in here.”

-  You lean towards him

“But I’m feeling nice, here’s some advice, listen up biotch!”

You then do that dance move they do in the actual musical and that’s when he notices, you have earphones in

Is this that Goddamn musical again?

You point to him “I like!”

He sighs before pointing back to you and half mutters, half sings “Lookin’ hot, buyin’ stuff they cannot”

Kazuichi Soda:

- He’s in his workshop as usual but you just jump in with a “I like!”

- “Woah! H-”

- “Drinkin’ hard, maxin’ Dad’s credit card!”

Wait what? This took a sudden turn

“I like!”

Wait again?

“Skippin’ gym” You take out a picture of Saionji “Scaring her” You then point to Soda “Screwing him”

Uh? Thanks? Wait why are you singing and dancing?!

- “I like!”

He’s just kind of staring at you really confused

“Killer clothes, kickin’ nerds in the nose!”

You then do a little kick and he quickly moves out of the way

- “Hey! S/O! St-”

- You point to him again “If you lack the balls, you can go play dolls, let your mommy fix you a snack (woah)”

Wait did you just offend him? What is happening?!

Nagito Komaeda:

- You’re hoovering the room whilst he’s just reading on the sofa

- You suddenly turn to him with the hoover

- “Or you could come smoke, pound some rum and coke” 

He closes his book and looks at you

- “In my Porsha with the quarterback!”

He instantly knows what you’re singing so he just smiles and sings a “Woah, woah, woah”

He then stands up and the two of you begin to dance together and take turns singing

- “Honey whatchu’ waitin’ for?”

- “Welcome to my candy store!”

- “Time for you to prove you’re not a loser anymore,”

And then together the two of you sing “Then step into my candy store!”

Nekomaru Nidai:

- He’s just at the gym getting some valuable TRAINING when all of a sudden you just stand in front of him and sing to him

- “Guys fall, at your feet, pay the check, help you cheat”

- Cheat? Guys falling?! Checks?! What?!

- “All you, have to do”

- You point to him

- “Say goodbye to Shamoo.”

- Who the hell is Shamoo?! Is that a new nickname for someone?!

- “That freak’s not your friend I can tell in the end”

- Wait what? Who are you talking about?!

- “If she, had your shot, she would leave you to rot!”


Gundham Tanaka:

- He was just feeding his Four Dark Devas when he heard the door unlock

- “Ah, S/O, you’re b-”

- “’Course if you don’t care, fine! Go braid her hair, maybe Sesame Street is on! (Woah)” You do a little dance as he watches you

- “Or forget that creep” Are you talking about Soda “And get in my Jeep, let’s go tear up someone’s lawn! (Woah woah woah!)”

- Tear up someone’s lawn?! Are you suggesting vandalism or something?!

- You tug at his scarf and kinda force him to dance/sway with you “Honey whatchu’ waitin’ for? Welcome to my candy store!”

- Huh? There’s no s-

- “You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy anymore”

- Y-You fiend! You offended him right now didn’t you?!

- You can clearly see he has no idea what is happening so you take out one earphone and put it in his ear instead

- “Then step into my candy store”

- Oh… You were.. Singing… Oh that’s embarrassing… 

- He just pulls his scarf a bit higher up his face

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- He was busy lately but you managed to spend some time with Peko so of course you made her watch the whole musical

- You even convinced her to do a duet with you!

- Peko: “You can join the team,”

- You: “Or you can bitch and moan”

- Peko: “You can live the dream,”

- You: “Or you could die alone!”

- Peko: “You can fly with eagles or if you prefer,”

- You: “Keep on testing me, and end up like her!”

- It is then that the pair of you notice Kuzuryuu standing in the doorway with a shocked but kinda impressed expression

- “What the fuck did I just see.”

- “Um… A musical…”

- “Gotta say that was pretty impressive, you two have nice singing voices”

- He walks off and both you and Peko start blushing

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He hears muttering from your room so he decides to investigate

- “Veronica look! Ram invited me to his homecoming party. This proves he’s been thinking about me!”

- You then step to the right and change your facial expression slightly

- “Colour me stoked”

- You then step to the left and resume your previous expression

- “I’m so happy!”

- You then begin to dance slightly “Woah! Honey whatchu’ waiting for-”

- You then turn towards the door “SHUT UP HEATHER!”

- It’s at that moment you notice Twogami staring at you

- … “How long have y-”

- “If you’re trying to impersonate people, you’re doing an awful job”

- He then shakes his head and leaves

- That’s going to need a bit of explaining…

Teruteru Hanamura:

- He’s just cooking when he sees you happily dancing your way towards him

- “Ah S/O - san!”

- “Step into my candy store!”

- Huh? Candy store? Is that some sort of innuendo?

- “Time for you to prove you’re not a lame ass anymore!”

- Huh? Lame ass? Is that directed at him?

- You point to him “It’s my candy store, it’s my candy”

- “It’s my candy store, it’s my candy”

- “It’s my candy store”

- “It’s my candy stooore!” You then lift your hands above your head like you just did the greatest performance ever, he notices you’re holding your phone

- Oh so you were listening to music, but he’s not going to let this chance slide by

- “Hm~ S/O - san do you still want me to step into your candy store?” ;)

- Hanamura no

Witches’ Remedies & Painkillers




(IMPORTANT: Herbal preparations should never be boiled in aluminum vessels! Use only copper, earthenware or pyrex to avoid contamination of the medicines. Please follow all directions carefully!)

ANIMAL BITES (MINOR WOUNDS) - The powdered root of angelica (gathered when the moon is in Leo, preferably)mixed with a bit of pitch and laid on the biting of dogs, or any other creature, helps to cleanse the open wound and makes it heal more quickly.

ANXIETY - A tea made from catnip, chamomile or skullcap helps to relieve anxiety and nervousness.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS (HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES) - Combine one pint of grain alcohol with one ounce of powdered dried Hawthorne berries. This tincture should be given in doses ranging from one to 15 drops. (NOTE: Although hawthorne is non-toxic, it can produce dizziness if taken in large doses)

ASTHMA - Place the soft fuzzy leaves of the mullein plant in a teapot with hot water and inhale the steam through the spout to relieve the symptoms. Another preventative against mild attacks calls for one tablespoon of sunflower oil taken at night before going to bed. A brew of skunk cabbage, garlic, onion and honey was favored by many witches as a remedy for bronchial asthma. A very old asthma remedy used by the Native American calls for the smoking of ground red clover blossoms. The leaves of the California gum plant combined with those of the stramonium were also smoked.

ATHLETE’S FOOT - Rub onion juice between the toes two or three times daily until the condition disappears.

BACKACHE - A tea of nettle or rosinweed is recommended for aching backs by many witches.

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Papa Don’t Preach

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word Count: 1531

Warnings: Angst, unplanned pregnancy, angry/hurt Dean

A/N: Hello all! This is my entry for @whispersandwhiskerburn ‘s MUCH ADO ABOUT SPN Challenge   I got the letter F and the Shakespeare quote  “What’s gone and what’s past help should be past grief” (Winter’s Tale III.2). I hope i did this justice and to be honest i had a great time writing it . 


Y/N brought her fingers to her mouth, absentmindedly chewing on the tips of her nails. It was an awful habit, that she knew. It wasn’t like she did it all the time, only when she was especially nervous, or stressed. And at this moment she was most certainly both.

She paced inside the small gas station bathroom. Reluctantly, she had decided this was the best place to complete her task. She couldn’t take this back to the bunker, not with the brothers breathing down her neck. They always worried too much.

Y/N jumped as the timer on her phone went off, signaling the end to five minutes. She shut the alarm off and returned the phone to her pocket. Closing her eyes, she took a few deep breaths, willing her heart to stop racing. She felt lightheaded and nauseous and so scared.

“Jesus Y/N, pull yourself together.” Y/n whispered to herself. She opened her eyes, finally picking up the first test from the sink. She flipped it over to reveal two lines. Her stomach flipped and she reached for a second one; two lines. She combed through the last four and they all gave her the same definitive answer.

She was pregnant.

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do u possibly think that any of the guys would have a daddy kink? (besides darry obviously)

omg “besides darry obviously” YAAAAASSS oh fuck me man <33

I think I’ve posted this before, but definitely Johnny and Dally, and ((lowkey but mmmm honey)) Steve and Soda

Two-bit would never take it seriously and only says it as a joke and the idea just gives Ponyboy the creeps, so like- a def turn off for that boy

The signs as lesser known Lana Del Rey songs

Aries: Driving In Cars With Boys
“They say I’m wasting time, they said that I’m no good
Summer of my life, not doing what I should
Call me poison ivy ‘cause I’m far from good
Pretty from afar, like a dark star”

Taurus: Hit and Run
“You know this world is mean.
Nothing’s for free,
It’s money and technology.
Together we’d be deadly.”

Gemini: Last Girl On Earth
“No one lives forever,
But that’s no reason to give up
Don’t you wanna fall in love?”

Cancer: Velvet Crowbar
“Styrofoam on the microphone
Can’t give it up, can’t go it alone
Flame colored paradise for you darling
But death doesn’t come with a warning”

Leo: Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight
“I’m the sweetest girl in town so
Why are you so mean?
When you gonna ditch that stupid bitch you got?
It’s me you should be seeing”

Virgo: Queen of Disaster
“When I saw your face it was incredible,
Painted on my soul, it was indelible.
We celebrate our twisted fate,
We’re the broken ones”

Libra: Every Man Gets His Wish
“I learned how to make love from the movies
He found me waitressing at Ruby Tuesdays
He said I wanna buy you a classic white milk shake
I said I’ll serve you up a special side of heartbreak”

Scorpio: Kinda Outta Luck
“I was born bad
But then I met you
You made me nice for a while
But my dark side’s true”

Sagittarius: Jealous Girl
“Baby, I’m a gangsta too and it takes two to tango
You don’t wanna’ dance with me
Honey, I’m in love with you if you don’t feel the same,
Boy, you don’t wanna’ mess with me”

Capricorn: Prom Song (Gone Wrong)
“So far we are safe in the dark
And I never dreamed that I’d be the queen
And I’d be so happy that I could die.”

Aquarius: Heavy Hitter
“I’m the Queen of Alchemy
I know a way to make gold by mixing our souls to escape reality”

Pisces: Serial Killer
“Baby, I’m a sociopath,
Sweet serial killer.
On the warpath,
'Cause I love you
Just a little too much.”

I got prescribed a lot of new acne medication today and my dermatologist was so nice she thought I was out here gettin laid on the reg and was like “some of these medicines can cause birth defects so I really recommend you be on two kinds of birth control while taking these” like HONEY… YOU’RE TOO SWEET BUT THAT WON’T BE NECESSARY

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Why do you hate Taylor Swift? or why are you so against her?

She’s so problematic. I mean her music is catchy and all that, but she constantly slams other people and blames them for things disregarding what she may or may not have done to enhance the problem. 

Taking for instance this situation where she told Kanye that she loved his line in the song and that she was so happy and then slammed him at the grammy’s. Now I am not saying I am a Kimye fan because they’re crazier than her at times, but Kanye did not deserve all the hate he got when to his understanding Taylor okayed the lyrics. So many artists wouldn’t have given her that respect and he did. He didn’t deserve to be treated that way. 

Now you may say Katie that is an isolated incident but let’s take the Harry Styles debacle of 2012/13 into some consideration. Now I get that when you are broken up with there is going to be some hurt and anger, however storming off on a little boat by yourself and then repeatedly slamming your ex and the relationship in the media is overkil. Harry has never said a bad word about her, he has defended her writing songs about him, and has talked about her being talented. Taylor however continues to talk about how toxic the relationship was write slamming songs about him, and generally paints him as the bad guy when honey it takes two to tango. 

Even this whole mess with Calvin Harris, if you didn’t want song credit then don’t use a psuedonym, and ask to taken off of the credit of the song. And now a lot of people are saying that Calvin Harris is being petty lately while that may be true how would you feel if the girl you loved was flaunting her new relationship everywhere within a week of breaking up with you pretty shitty that’s how. I get that she’s allowed to move on but it was pretty selfish of her to not allow Calvin some time to either. There’s a differnce between the media storm she’s been bringing with her new beau and quietly starting to date someone else. 

Now like I said before her music isn’t bad it’s quite catchy and I even bought some of it. I’m also not disregarding all of the wonderful things she does for her fans and for charity, and how respectful of her parents and family she is. What I am saying is that people overlook that she IS problematic.She has let fame make her feel invincible and she’s burned quite a few people on the way. She just needs this dose of humble pie to make her realize a few good chords on a guitar and some eloquently sung catchy lines aren’t enough to make you better than anyone or indestructible. 

It Only Takes One Time (Part 2)

This imagine was a request :) thank you guys so much by like supporting my other two so much, as they were my first official pieces of writing on here. If you want to request an imagine, feel free. I would personally prefer if you guys were better off without them being personal, but I will do personals if they are requested. 

You can read part one here

Warnings: Swearing


The first month after I found out about the pregnancy was torture. People are literally not joking when they say that morning sickness is the worst. I was up at all hours in the early morning, running to the bathroom and emptying my stomach contents, while also trying not to pass out from being so dizzy.

The second month wasn’t much different, considering I was still in my first trimester and everyday seemed like hell. I was so hot every second of everyday that it felt like I was in a big, oversized oven.

“It’s literally freezing in here. How the hell can you even be sweating?” Catherine would say as I tried to turn up the heat. Every. Single. Day.

Dan hadn’t contacted me at all since I’d told him. To be fair, it wasn’t completely his fault. Maybe he wasn’t fully convinced the child was even his. I’d told him it was, but I ran out in fear before I could even fully explain what had been happening.

I was three months by this point, and only now starting to show. The baby was well on the way, and although the pregnancy made me want to stab myself with a fork, I was starting to understand the joys of motherhood. Catherine and I stayed up late at night, discussing baby names, room decoration ideas, and about how we would remain roommates even after the baby came. Having supportive friend was truly amazing, especially since she was really the only person I knew and trusted in London.

 After coming home from university, I was exhausted and just wanted to get my homework done and lay down to take a nap. Nobody besides Catherine and Dan knew about me being pregnant, which was tiring in itself.

“Y/N? Are you home?” Catherine called from the front door.

I sighed, not looking away from my laptop and responded. “I’m in the living room!” I sighed and put my head in my hands, shutting my eyes and rubbing my temples. My frustration with work, and school was getting to me and I was ready to explode. My mind was all over the place.

“I um-brought someone over…” Catherine trailed off as she creaked open the door into the lounge. I took in a deep breath.

“Catherine, if I see a dog I’m literally going to smack you.” As soon as I looked up, I regretted every choice I had ever made in my life. Well, not every choice, just my hair and my outfit and how Id thrown all my books all over the table. Dan stood before me in all his glory, smiling enough to show his prominent dimples.

“No dog. Just me.” Dan shrugged. Catherine decided this was her cue to leave and awkwardly shifted out of the room and shut the door, leaving Dan and I alone.

“Hi…” I bit my lip, anxiously playing with my hair, trying to make myself look good without seeming like I was trying too hard.

“I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room…” Dan trailed off, taking a seat next to me. My breath started to get heavy as my anxiety rose. The idea of having a full blown conversation about my baby with its father-was terrifying. Especially since it’s father was a basic stranger to me. “You know for sure that it’s 100% mine, right? I believe you and all, but I just want to make sure that you’re sure.” Dan asked, playing with his fringe.

“Yes, Dan. You’re the only person I’ve had unprotected sex with that matches up with the timeline of my pregnancy.” His hands were fiddling around, signalling that he was probably just as nervous as I was, which actually made me feel more relaxed. Knowing he was stressed about this meant that whether or not he wanted to be involved, he obviously cared about the situation.

“Wow, okay,” he cleared his throat and looked at me. “I know it took me a while to get back to you, but it really hadn’t hit me that I had-you know, gotten you-“

“Pregnant. That you got me pregnant.” I finished for him, still biting at my lip. He awkwardly nodded, and crossed his legs. He stared at the floor at tapped his fingers on his lap.

“Yeah. That.” He nodded. “And I want to be involved-I do, but there’s something you should know, Y/N…” His voice suddenly got low and I cocked up an eyebrow, my heart beginning to beat faster and faster.

“What is it? You’re not being forced into being it’s father. I mean biologically you are, but you don’t have to raise him or her. If you’re afraid or whatever, that’s fine. Just tell me. I really don’t have time to wait for you to make up your mind.” I wasn’t in the mood to wait for him to debate with himself over what he wanted to do.

“No, that’s not it. I want to be his or her father. I want to be there.” Dan nodded, his eyes turning back on me. “We both messed up, you know? It takes two to tango.”

“Honey, if you didn’t notice, we didn’t tango.” I rolled my eyes. My hormones were all over the place, and I knew I shouldn’t be so rude because he was trying to be honest with me, but he kept steering away from what he had to say.

“Oh-yeah.” He gulped back. “But like I was saying, you and I didn’t really know you, I mean we still really don’t know each other well, besides like what we like sexually-“ he slapped himself in the forehead. “Why did I say that? Anyways-“

“Get to the point, Dan.” I sighed and put my head in my hands.

“Y/N, I have a girlfriend.”


K so I kinda went into a little bit of a different direction than the original request, so I’m sorry to the anon who requested, but once I started I couldn’t stop. What do you guys think? Should I do a part three?

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paradigmed  asked:

do u do ur makeup in a way to make ur face look more masculine? i want ppl to see me as more masculine but my face is not working with me :~( pls help

This is an excellent question anon ! Thanks for asking.

There’s a few ways to to make yourself look more traditionally masculine with makeup. These are just the techniques I use but there’s a lot more out there. Note that this guide is mostly for cosplay but a more subtle version of each technique can be used for the daily.

Eyebrows: Fill em in ! The darker the better usually unless the character you’re representing has specific or lighter eyebrows. I usually use a dark brown eyebrow pencil or dark brown eye shadow (that you want to apply with a thin brush to allow for more dexterity). Black can over state and look very unnatural when drawn on so I typically avoid it. Men typically have full eyebrows too so don’t just fill in your brows but make them thicker too !

Lips: In most anime and manga female characters have very small centered mouths. The opposite masculine version of this would be a longer mouth ! Using brown eyeshadow or a eyebrow pencil carefully extend the corners of your mouth by drawing a small line on each side. You don’t want to make this too long cause it’ll look unnatural ! It’s subtle but it helps.

I like I avoid the look of really pink or rosy lips so I use a brown lip balm by Two Faced called Honey Chocolate ! It takes away the pink from my lips and gives it a darker more masculine color without over-exaggerating. I see other cosplayers use nude lipsticks (MAC sells a few good ones !) but personally I’m not a huge fan of this look because my lips aren’t very thin and it brings more attention to them/makes them look bigger. I like the look of nude lips but it doesn’t suit my lip shape well. You slowly discover what works best for you.

If you have fuller lips like me when applying your foundation feel free to use some on your lower and upper lip to conceal a little !! And then follow through and add your lipstick or balm.

Contouring: My favorite part ! It definitely makes the biggest transformation in your face. Men typically have more shadowed faces so what you’re essentially doing is creating shadows and highlights in your face to appear more masculine! I start with my nose and eyes. Contour your nose to appear thinner and then highlight the bridge. For the eyes use a brown eyeshadow and work a little onto your eyelids and into the hallow space below the end of your eyebrow ! You can also apply this eyeshadow beneath your eyes as well~ extending below your waterline to add more definition (always blend my dudes)

Cheeks are next. What you’re doing is defining your cheek bones ! Suck in your cheeks and follow the hallow of your cheeks with a brown bronzer! (Don’t go too dark !) Blend it a bit and then highlight on top of your contour to define it more.

You can also contour your temples if your wig exposes your forehead! Just dot a bit of bronzer on your temples and blend. You can highlight the center of your forehead.

Eyeliner: I don’t usually wear eyeliner so I don’t know a ton about it. But for a masculine look I wouldn’t use much. You can apply it to the corner of your eyes to elongate and define but avoid the top of your eyelids (This will just make your eyes look bigger and more feminine) but if that’s a look you prefer go for it !

Mascara: Although I don’t wear eyeliner I usually go with mascara ! You don’t want a mascara that works really well basically. So any cheap water proof mascara will do. You’re not trying to make your eyelashes bigger, you’re just trying to define them to create the illusion of eyeliner ! I take the mascara brush and sweep my eyelashes outwards (never upwards !!) I do this this on top and very gently on my bottom eye lashes too. It’ll make your eyes pop a bit more !

These are just my techniques and each character is different so feel free to modify your approach accordingly ! Happy cosplaying ✌🏼️

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Hi... So i was wondering if you could do how the hosts (if you cant do all of them, could you do Hikaru, Kyoya and Mori) react to you telling them you love them? Like you tell them as if it was obvious but the host had no idea (they love them back lol :3) ok thank you sorry if this is too much to ask. xx

Of course I can, Nonnie! :) 

Host Club : Headcanons

Tamaki : Tamaki would end up being the most flustered of the group. At first, he’d just mumble, “Oh, yeah? Okay.” Only for the bus of realization to hit him. “Whoa, w-wait a second there, ___-chan!” His precious S/O would without a doubt end up laughing at the poor vanilla member of the host club.

Kyoya : Kyoya wouldn’t need a single second to catch onto what you had told him. He was a fairly fast reactor, after all, and certainly didn’t ever have his head in the clouds. It may have not been the easiest thing to register, but it wasn’t exactly the hardest thing, either. “Do you, ____?” He laughed softly, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, something he’d never do in public. “I love you too.”

Honey : Mitsukuni, too, would take a moment or two to gather what his lover had told him, although not as long as Tamaki. “Wait, really, ___-chan!?” He’d chirp, immediately focusing all of his attention on them. His S/O would reply, and Honey would latch onto them. “I love you, too!”

Mori : Takashi would be quiet for a second, as most of the club would. Although, he wouldn’t waste any time at all asking if his significant other was serious. He’d cup their cheeks in his hands, and say, “I love you too, ____-chan.”

Kaoru : Kaoru would almost be as flustered as Tamaki. Almost. “Uh- U” He’d begin, looking over at his lover, “What did you just say, ___-chan? Because I swear I heard you say…” Trailing off, his S/O would happily finish his sentence, confirming what he had hear. “Oh. O-Oh.” He’d stay silent for another second, only to finally reply to what they had said. “I  love you too.”

Hikaru : Hikaru would be a lot more active, in this situation. No matter where he was, he’d stand up. It could be a fancy restaurant, or just the two of you watching movies on the couch. None of that mattered, this was important. “Did you just?..” He’d question, staring down at his lover. When they nodded, used to his intense out bursts at this point in their relationship, the redhead would stand agape. “Oh my God…” He’d murmur, looking down. “I love you too, ___-chan.” Afterwards, his S/O would definitely tease him about being ‘almost as over dramatic as Tamaki.’

- Sarah

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hi :) can you do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend dancing to Hyuna's song 'How's This' when they get home? thanks and have a nice day 💓

Hello love. I hope you have a great day as well. <3


This could go two ways.

1) Momma Jin would take over.

“Nuh-uh honey, Not in my good Christian household.”

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2) Sexy-time with Jin.

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He’d be into it. He’d probably sit behind you and watch silently.

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We all know this kid would dig it. a lot. A LOT. 

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Again, two ways.

1) He’s disgusted.

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(He’s like “Binch, why?”)

2) He joins.

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We gotta another sinnamon bun on our hands. He’d dig it, but he’d wanna get up in the action. He’d come and dance up behind you and such. 

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He’d come and dance with you. You two just flailing your arms together probably hitting each other in the face.

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Sexy dance time with the Kooks.

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I hope you liked it. <3