it takes strength to be gentle and kind

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Try Toriel!

 Send me ‘Try’ and a character and I will write how I would play that character

To me, Toriel has a lot of strength in her soft, loving nature. She’s tactical, she’s headstrong, and she prefers to take action when confronted with a conflict. As such, while I would make sure to show how she’s kind or gentle in an absolutely motherly way, I’d also want to portray that she’s a particularly strong lady and once led armies into battle. 

I also would incorporate that Toriel’s a bit of a closeted dork, too. She may seem regal (and in many ways is) but she’s also a bookworm, a snail lover, a pun enthusiast—she snorts when she laughs and buys the stereotypical “old person” gifts without even a hint of shame. 

”Look! It is an overly large wine glass which reads “My doctor says I may have only one glass a day”. Hahahaha, oh my, how clever! Well. I suppose I could give myself a little treat!” 

She takes a somewhat blurry picture of it and posts it on Undernet with the caption: I believe this would indeed count as my one glass, would it not? ] ; ) 

She would then add an additional comment: 

“The semicolon in my “smiley” face is meant to look as though it is winking! Please do not be confused, as it is very much intentional! ] : ) “

What Dean Wants

Castiel was a gentle lover, to a fault really, clearly terrified of hurting Dean. He supposed it was hardly surprising, with the strength of an angel all it would take was one moment of carelessness and he could destroy Dean. After all, before Dean, Cas had never had sex while in possession of his grace. Dean bore it out for as long as he could, but soon he couldn’t take it. Every kind word and soft caress sent agonising shards of guilt radiating through him, far worse than anything he had experienced in hell. He didn’t deserve this, couldn’t.
“Cas?” Dean spoke into the sheets as Cas softly topped him from behind.
“Yes Dean?”
“Can we…” Dean trailed off, he couldn’t say it out loud, couldn’t vocalise something as personal as this.
“Can we what? What do you want?” Cas walked around the bed to where he lay, kneeling down so his face was level with Dean’s, concern creasing those beautiful features. Dean sat up slightly.
“I just… It just…” He couldn’t find the words.
Cas reached a hand out to stroke Dean’s cheek, no doubt feeling the tension in his jaw, seeing the fear of rejection in his eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Dean looked down, scared that Cas would read his thoughts, and be scared away. Cas leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Dean’s lips. “You know you can tell me anything.” He said quietly, eyes conveying the heartfelt conviction of his words, the honesty of an angel.
“You’re being…Too nice to me.” Dean looked directly at him with those last words. Too late to turn back now.
He could see confusion cloud Castiel’s expression, he wondered if the angel would even have the human knowledge to understand his meaning, then it cleared.
“I don’t have to be.”
With that, he slammed Dean back down on the mattress, holding him down with a firm hand pressed into the small of his back as he moved to straddle him. He thrust into Dean, hard enough for the headboard to crash against the wall.
Dean cried out. He felt Castiel falter for a moment, lessening the pressure on his back with the hint of a question. Dean nodded his head a fraction of an inch, and that was all the confirmation Cas needed. He resumed fucking Dean, each thrust somehow harder than the last, reaching depths Dean didn’t know he had.
Dean grabbed the sheets, fists curling around the material in an attempt to ground himself. Cas noticed his movements, then in a single smooth motion, pulled his arms away from the bedspread and pinned them to his lower back, effortlessly holding them there with one hand as the other grabbed a fistful of hair and shoved his face down hard into the mattress.
Dean shook as an orgasm was wrenched from his soul, his hips violently bucking beneath Castiel’s punishing weight. Castiel’s own orgasm following close behind.
Cas collapsed on top of Dean, releasing his hands and his hair as he did so. Dean just lay there as Cas planted tender kisses across his shoulders and the back of his neck. It was only when he moved up to kiss his cheek that Cas realised he was crying, tears streaming down his face and soaking the mattress below, his shoulders starting to shake from the silent sobs. Cas hurriedly rolled him onto his side, horrified that he had caused such pain in the man he loved so much.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The words rushed out, the panic increasing as Dean only seemed to cry harder, his sobs vocal now. “Dean I-”
“Thank you.” Dean spoke hoarsely, the tears not letting up despite his words. Cas was utterly confused.
“I can heal you if you’re hurt, let me-” he reached out a hand to heal whatever damage he had done, but Dean took hold of his wrist and gently moved it away.
“I’m not hurt Cas. I’m… I’m great. I just… I’d needed that for so long…” The tears that had begun to let up flowed down his cheeks once again. Dean turned his face away, feeling shame redden his face as his senses returned. Cas sat back down beside him, pulling him up with the lightest of touches, then brought his face to his and kissed the tears away. Dean leant into the angel’s touch and kissed him softly, slowly, and completely honestly.
“Thank you.” Cas murmured against his lips, his voice deep and emotional.
“What for?” Dean asked, feeling that he should be the one doing the thanking.
“For letting me see you, the real you.”
Dean responded with a deep kiss, not knowing the words to describe all that he felt in that moment, he didn’t need to. Castiel knew all he wanted to say. He let out a blissful sigh, and lay down to rest in the warmth of his angel’s arms, at complete peace for the first time.

Let’s just take a second to appreciate the three main ladies of Star Wars. They were not stereotyped as stoic, unemotional, action girls. They were not stereotyped as the most emotional, sweetest, and softest member of the group, because they definitely weren’t compared to the guys around them.

Padme Amidala, the young girl who saw a child who needed comfort and covered him with a blanket was the same Padme Amidala who announced she wasn’t afraid to die, who was not afraid to take action. Padme Amidala, who believed in the good of people was the same Padme who strode away from assassination attempts and confronted the Senate.

Leia Organa, the teenage girl who stood toe to toe with Governor Tarkin and practically spit in Darth Vader’s face was the same person who was so patient with a jittery ewok and so kind towards Luke. The woman who decided to take charge and save her own skin, who could have a glare so dark and make her words so scathing, directed her focus on a better future, on hope for people. Leia Organa, who loved and hated so fiercely.

Rey, the lone scavenger, who learned to deal with harshness and could take down thugs faster than you could blink an eye, was so in awe of greenery. Rey, who so desperately needed food, who knew the rules of survival better than anyone, refused to sell BB-8. Rey, who could be gentle and kind could also be outspoken and tough and so much more powerful than anyone imagined.

They all have more than one kind of strength. They are both hard and soft and they cannot be defined by just one trait, because they’re so much more than that.

I’m turning 21 tomorrow and I’ve always wanted to make one of these posts so here you go

Important things I’ve learned:

1) Not everyone’s going to have the same intentions you do, be careful.

2) Failing an exam isn’t the end of the world, keep trying and move on.

3) Your self worth isn’t tied to your grades, or your appearance.

4) No one in the world can tell you you’re ugly but yourself.

5) Ugliness isn’t skin deep.

6) Cleaning helps unclutter your mind, change your sheets, wash your clothes, throw out old makeup and hair products.

7) Having days off is ok, your mental health is so fucking important.

8) Yes have that slice of cake.

9) Just because they’re pretty it doesn’t mean you’re not.

10) Leave your room sometimes, don’t spend days in the same small space. Go for a walk, sit in your garden. Just leave.

11) Crying is ok.

12) Be kind and patient with people, everyone has their own shit going on, don’t make it worse for them.

13) Stop comparing yourself to them, it’s not helping.

14) Don’t force a life you don’t want, don’t get stuck in a job you hate but your parents love, it’s your life, if it’s not right for you that’s ok but have the strength to leave and lead the life you want.

15) No one can love you more than you can love yourself, so take care of yourself be gentle and patient just as you would be to someone you care about.

16) You’ll make it to where you’re suppose to be in life, give it time.

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I know you're busy so take your time with this ask! I was curious what you think everyone's spirit guardian would be (for the RFA plus maybe the minor trio?). A spirit guardian is usually in animal form, so it's kinda like a spirit animal in simple terms. It's a guardian that doesn't have to match the personality of the person, per se, but compliments them and challenges them to grow in some way.

What an interesting ask! Haven’t seen anything like this before

Zen:  A bear

Originally posted by naturegifs

  • The bear stands for strength and confidence
  • Its for taking leadership, and take action without fear
  • Although Zen is often stereotyped as a confident narcissist, there is more to him than that. Because of his past, he needed to get more confident in himself, and a bear spirit would help to give him confidence and inner strength
  • This spirit animal can symbolize healing abilities, whether it’s at the physical, emotional or spiritual level
  • I think this would suit Zen, so he can grow into a more content and confident person on the inside as well what he shows people

Yoosung: A deer

Originally posted by naturegifs

  • The deer stands for gentleness, sensitivity and being able to get through obstacles in life
  • With its gentleness, grace and innocence, it would connect Yoosung to his inner self, and show him that he doesn’t have to be more “tough and manly” to be an adult, but rather accept his nature
  • With its ability to get through the bad times your life and move into a new “terrain”, it would help him come at ease with the whole Rika situation. Learning to accept that there are several different stages in life and not just focusing the one you’re in right now can be difficult, but the deer would show him how to do so without necessarily forgetting the other stages

Jumin: A panther

Originally posted by elfmaiden

  • The panther stands for understanding of death, knowing the dark, and power
  • Even though he doesn’t act upon it, the whole situation did leave some impact on him. Seeing his best friend and leader of the group fall, and everything that happened before and after, must have made him somewhat closed off
  • It would help him understand what he really wants, what position in life he’d rather be in, and accept how things were before
  • It would help him really take the lead, and stand up for what he thinks is right

Seven: A fox

Originally posted by sunrise-mystifies

  • The fox stands for physical or mental responsiveness, seeing through deception and ability to find your way around
  • The fox is ofter seen as a trickster, but there is more intelligence and observation behind that than people thinks
  • It would help him to be more observant, and help him take wiser decision on an everyday basis
  • It also challenges him to move quick and swiftly, having confidence in that there is nothing more to do with what lies behind you. Of course, this doesn’t mean he should ignore his brother, but rather think more about what is really the best choice to make at the given moment

Saeran: A wolf 

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  • The wolf stands for sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, and wanting freedom 
  • It would help him trust his instincts and accept the current situation. The wolf is similar to Saeran in that it wants to be alone, and has a hard time trusting people
  • However, it would help him be more free in a good way too, and help him be more sure of himself and what he wants
  • The wolf is known for being alone, but rather than just that, it could stand for knowing your personal boundaries and learning to accept that people are different in that area

V: A butterfly 

Originally posted by maydaymarina

  • The butterfly stands for powerful transformation, renewal/rebirth, and
    the world of the soul
  • A butterfly helps with important changes in your life. It would help make the impact a bit milder, and help him with the obvious pain the situation has led him to
  • It also stands for a certain innocence and lightness in life. It would help him see the world from a slightly different point of view, and remind him of his beliefs and peacefulness 
  • It helps him show his true colours, and supports him in times of personal transformation

Vanderwood: A panda

Originally posted by thisisnotapandablog

  • The panda stands for gentle strength and nurturing ability
  • It would help him come at ease with himself, and accept things how they are. With its heart-centered energy, it would remind him to properly take care of himself and let him be at ease with who he is
  • As opposed to Vanderwood, the panda has a soft and kind-looking outside while being strong on the inside. With this contrast, Vanderwood being tough looking on the outside while maybe not so strong all the time on the inside, it would remind him that it’s ok to not always keep a strong mask while still being confident with himself and his choices 
  • The panda also teaches the importance of personal boundaries, letting him know that its fine to keep his distance in order to be comfortable and gain healthy relationships with other people

some of y’all: allura is a strong buff violent butch woman always ready to kick ass and take no shit!!! she’s so ghetto!!! no words only FISTS!! she can beat my ass into a coma and rob me oh yeah!!!

others: no no no!!! allura is a dainty fragile princess uwu,,,so soft,,,,she never uses physical violence she’s a smol bean cinnamon roll uwu,,,too pure,,,don’t u ever make her use violence that’s racist

me, an intellectual: much of allura’s appeal lies in the fact that she is kind, gentle, and diplomatic, but also has the ability to be extremely powerful. when faced with enemies that words will not work against, she uses amazing amounts of physical strength against them. she shows that one can be feminine but strong at the same time, and kindness does not equal weakness, which is frankly inspiring and makes me so happy little girls have her to look up to. people can and should appreciate both her femininity and her strength, and while they should be wary of language they use for black characters, doing so is not necessarily antiblack if they’re speaking indiscriminately. but it’s easier for me to just say allura’s pretty and i’m gay and would be honored if she beat me up, cause i like pretty girls that can beat me up

I never went to a Linkin Park concert. I don’t own all of their albums. There are songs they made that I don’t like. Some might say I wasn’t really a fan. It’s true, I wasn’t a fan per say. Sometimes I didn’t listen to their songs for months. I didn’t even think about them. But somehow they were always there in me.

At 12, as I was becoming aware of what dying and living meant, of what was the meaning of “legacy” was, of the person I wanted to be, Leave Out All The Rest played on repeat in my head 

At 13, when I started to realize I had been and still was a victim of verbal and emotional abuse from my father, it was Numb who helped me get through it

At 15, when my first wave of depression hit, my heart cried but also rested on Shadow of the Day on my way to and back from highschool

At 16, I became aware of both the terrible and beautiful things humankind could do willingly; thank you What I’ve Done and Hands Held High for keeping me steady against this madness

At 17, when depression hit me real hard, when all I wanted was for everything to end and I was ready to take my own life, Iridescent told me to let it go 

At 19, One More Light was there to help me accept that caring as much as I did was a strength and not a weakness and that gentleness and kindness were very much needed in the era we live in

Throughout my teenage years and at most defining points of my identity, Linkin Park was there. Chester Bennington’s voice was there to tell me that it was okay, that I wasn’t alone or that I should move my ass.

I truly feel loss today.

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What do you have to say about kind, gentle Slytherins who are are often told that they aren't true Slytherins?

That the people telling them that have no clue what they’re talking about. Kind Slytherins are just as much, if not more, Slytherin than the rest of us bloody bastards. It takes cleverness to be kind, cunning mixed with a personal strength so the darker people in the world do not use those who are gentle.

Not to mention gentle Slytherins are the most unexpected. It sucks, to be told you’re too nice to be a Slytherin, but that’s also one of their greatest possible tools. No one expects it from them. The kindness provides a ‘naive’ person for the world to see, a cover for ambitions and what must be done to meet them. And that is rewarded with a greater likelihood of support from others.

And if their ambitions are to help others, well, that is as admirable and important and Slytherin as any other ambition. Being gentle in no way diminishes the Slytherinness of a Slytherin, what matters is if they feel their ambition or cunning or other characteristic of our house is an important trait to them, not how or why or what the focus of those are.


Title: Comfort

Code: JD0001

Requested by: anon

Words: 784

Note: I don’t know if this fits what you were looking for, but here ya go! Let me know what you think :)

You could feel the blood on your wrists. You struggled and struggled against the rope that was tightly holding your wrists, but it was to no avail. You were bound, and you weren’t going anywhere. You did your best to hold your head high throughout the experience, but being kidnapped wasn’t really in your list of fun-weekend-activities. You’d much rather be at home, in bed, with your favorite little pet to cuddle with.

 You heard the door creak, and your captor enter the room. You heard his feet stalk over to you. He walked around and then chuckled deeply. “You’ve been quite busy in here, haven’t ya, dear?” He moved in front of you. Your sight was hazy from your dehydration. “We’ll just have to fix that, now, won’t we?” He laughed as he held a rag over your mouth and nose. You struggled, but your lack of energy was no fight for him. You closed your eyes, and drifted off.

Your eyes hurt and your head was pounding. You didn’t understand why the light was shining so bright. The first thing that you noticed was the warmth that was encompassing your hand. Faintly, you heard your name.

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[SUMMARY: Negan finally has sex with Lauren after dropping his wives for her. But instead of it being sweet and romantic the way she imagined, he’s a little too rough at first.]


Negan and Lauren.

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Dear Zodiac Signs,

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DEAR ARIES, One word, protective. You are protective, dear Aries, and you simply find that this is the only way to go on moving throughout life. Without anything to protect, you feel stagnant, lost, and possibly have accepted a spiraling descent into an abyss. You will protect what you hold dear to your self, your thoughts, morals, friends and families. You’ll attack anyone who you feel is attacking something you’ve given your soul to protect. You are what others wish they have as a dear friend when hell breaks loose. That’s when you destroy to protect.

DEAR TAURUS, That patience you are so proud of that gives you your calm demeanor is so exotic to so many people. It gives you your mystery, your sensuality, we are like moths drawn to the light emitting from you. But, that very same patience can burn. When we have taunted and teased and poked at you enough times your patience we were once drawn to like light becomes a burning flame that singes its surroundings. You give fair warnings though, your flickering tells us to watch it, be careful.. don’t go further.

DEAR GEMINI, So what if your passion changes from day to day, the most important thing is that you were wholeheartedly passionate about something! So many people just do things halfheartedly or because they have to or because some competition was set, but that’s not what you do. When you do anything, you put your heart into it intimately and passionately even if it’s just for a day or two. Not many people can say their heart was beating just so they can do what they are doing right now.

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just read a post where you said the big differnce between varys/littlefinger is V has an ideals and littlefinger is just out for revenge.felt like I had say that's kind of my fav thing about L- he eschews grandiose ideals. His own outlook on life is that serving concepts like honor and duty, or even serving peace like Varys with his elaborate plans, is useless and one should go after what one wants. Only caring about personal goals makes life easier ('It's a good thing I thrive on chaos').

Littlefinger doesn’t eschew “grandiose ideals,” he eschews any concept of the greater good. I fail to understand how giving a shit about anything beyond your own satisfaction is “grandiose,” or why his outlook is admirable or endearing. Yes, being selfish and exploitative is easy. It’s also awful. And on the flipside of that coin, it takes strength to be gentle and kind. I’ve argued before that this is the core idea of ASOIAF: being the hero is hard. You won’t always succeed. You won’t always get rewarded for it. The triumph might be purely internal. 

Littlefinger looks at that, decides “life is not a song,” all is chaos, and so he can just do whatever he wants. Sansa looks at that, and decides (bit by bit, over the course of the series) that she has to live up to her ideals even–especially–if the world does not reflect them. The same idea runs through Brienne’s story, and Stannis and Davos’, and of course Sandor’s. 

Also, it matters what Littlefinger’s “personal goals” are, and what he does to accomplish them. It involves murder, betrayal, corruption, ruinous manipulation, sexual exploitation, and constant projection of Catelyn onto Sansa. I despise the attitude that pursuing your own desires at the expense of all else somehow reflects a deeper wisdom or perspective that society just doesn’t get. It doesn’t. It’s just cruel. 

UPG. Things you need to know about Anubis - for his devotees/followers and anyone working with him

Lets start with what you do know or probably know from all the things you might have seen while digging info about him in tumblr or from your personal experience with him.

His positive traits are:

  • Patient af
  • Generous/ Giver
  • Nice puppy
  • Dorkdog ( according to some… )
  • Polite/modest
  • Super Silent/Quiet
  • Empathic ( very important to remember )

But there is more to him than that. I’m not writing this to scare you but you must acknowledge even deities have “dark” sides to them. If you are familiar with Shadow/ Shadow work I’m sure you understand what I mean.

What you might not know about him due to these negative traits being so rarely seen or even mentioned/talked about.
He can be:

  • Very impatient
  • Pushy
  • Dominating/controlling
  • Stubborn / relentless/ resilient
  • To a bad extent, self-destructive when agitated/distressed/feeling extreme emotions/very confused

But remember, at his core he is a Kind, Generous, Understanding, Empathic and Caring deity.

He just channeled his aggression in the wrong direction cause he feels a lot. Don’t take it too personally sometimes his strength ( his heart/ empathy) can be his flaw and thats okay! Anubis is still the kind and caring deity you know and love.

When you see this negative traits surfacing do not panic. Do not react to fear and panic ( i know it can be hard. fear and panic are hard emotions to handle but try your best ). Don’t hate him and don’t react or lash out with hatred as it will further distress him.

Here are things you can do, to make the situation peaceful:

  • Negotiate/Talk in gentle and kind words
  • Help him understand cause he might just be very confused and very tired ( use simple straightfoward words/ sentences and don’t muddle up your sentences )
  • Be Emotionally Mature ( he will appreciate that )
  • Give him a chance to voice his side instead of just blocking him off
  • When he’s being Self-destructive ( or the aftermath of it) be firm that he takes a break or go rest. This is a bad and concerning condition for him to be in. ( Tell Set ( his dad ) if you have to tho this might be best as a last resort )
  • It’s best to approach him with kindness and understanding when He’s in this state

You guys will come to a mutual understanding and this is healthier for both of you. I’ve made some harmful mistakes due to fear and panic. I’ve hurt him and I’m hoping telling this to you all will help your relationship with him be healthier and happier and loving.

Confusion and blocking him off will cause him to be very agitated and may cause him to abuse himself because of his high empathy.

You might wonder “ Huh why? He’s a deity. I’m just a human. he’ll get over it”.

His strength and traits are linked to his high empathy ( which is why he’s pretty charitable). And more importantly He is a giver. He gives and he gives and he doesn’t ask much or anything in return.The best thing you can give freely to him is love/ affection/ kindness/ concern/ consideration/ respect/ empathy. ( apart from all the rich dark chocolates you guys say he loves )

Tips on how to butter him up. ( Probably the part you guys will love after the heavy stuff up there )

  • He might be really modest or polite about it, but I don’t think He’ll turn you down if you ask “ Can I call you LORD Anubis - smile smile grin grin -“
  • Be interested in what he does, ask him about what he does. He will LOVE IT. It will encourage him to talk to you more and more! In no time you and him are gonna be besties!
  • Do friendship stuff, he seems to like those. He’s very polite, will watch stuff with you even if he doesn’t like it.

To you, his devotees, please fill your minutes/ hours/ days/ weeks/ Months/ Years/ Life with him with love/ affection/ kindness/ concern/ consideration/ respect/ empathy

He deserves all the love. Chat/talk with him, care for him. ( And heres a bonus! he says it gives him Ma’at! )

You are all blessed to be able to have him in your life! So please treat him well.

So you might be wondering Why I’m doing this and emotional reasons are under the cut. you can stop reading here.

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Take a trip to Alola with Rowlet!

This Rowlet is a fully handmade posable art doll. No molds or premade patterns went into his creation, so you can be sure he is an entirely one of a kind creation. He features a sculpted face and feet, hand flocked details, and is supported by an aluminium wire armature for strength and posability, allowing him to freely stand. A great gift for yourself or the Pokemon fan in your life!

Please be aware that this doll is intended for gentle handling and display, and is not a children’s toy. Made in a smoke free home with no animals.

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What would a snapped!Hanzo be like? Would he become violent? Would he be forceful? Would he make his S/O bag for forgiveness?

Hanzo has an incredible amount of patience. If you were somehow to break it, it would be all too sudden and surprising. He can take your screaming and violence against him, it hurts but he can take it, for weeks on end and he could still hold his composure without complaint. It’s been a tough few months but he tries his best to stay strong. You’re having another one of your fits and he has to force you back into your room, kicking and screaming. With a newfound strength you slap him hard across the face and seethe with rage. 

“Let me go!” You snarl, all unearthly beauty and gentleness he once saw in you perished, “You’re nothing but a monster!

Without warning he drops you hard onto the ground and you glare at him. He had been nothing but gentle and kind to you but you saw him as nothing but a monster? No, you were the monster. Tricking him into thinking you were divine and an angel walking among humans. Your lip starts to tremble and you scoot back but he scoffs at the pitiful attempt to get away from him as he grabs your ankle with a bruising force. You shriek in pain but he pays no mind to it. He’s done being gentle. 

“I suppose it doesn’t matter if it hurts.” He mutters to himself as he tosses you onto the bed. He easily holds you down with his body weight as a strong hand wraps around your neck. You dig your nails into his hand in an attempt to pry his grasp from around your throat to no avail. He squeezes the breath out of you, nearly knocking you unconscious, leaving you light headed and your mind muddled. You can barely comprehend what’s going on when he removes you of your clothes; your mind spinning. You’ve lost your light and he’s going to give it back by filling you with his love.